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Realistic or Modern ~ Forever Young: A Youth Club RP | OOC ~

same, also sorry i didn’t respond sooner i was skateboarding.

story time because i’m bored af:
(you don’t have to read it obviously)
ok so i’m a pretty active person alright? if i say so, i mean like i try to go out skateboarding at least once a day. okay so i went out, came back a few minutes ago, and i wasn’t even out for very long, like maybe 5-10 songs? and yes i measure it using songs not minuites not laps it just makes it easier okay? but somehow some random how I come back and my face is red, i’m dehydrated, and i had the best time of my life. and i never, i mean never, get a red face, it always stays the same. i barely even blush and when i do it’s not noticeable unless your looking hard. and my entire face was red. i’m not even sweating that hard -
Interesting story lol
I wonder how I'll play Casey around Luke... They both keep their true selves hidden away, I think Casey could sniff out the BS because it's familiar.

Of course maybe not because Luke looks like the typical popular boy next door that he'd have a crush on lol
Do you know it? I love it. I love political schemers and Nanno's evil laugh tickles the inner Disney villain in me
It's about this mystery girl who constantly transfers schools and when she does she sniffs out peoples inner corruptions and plays with events to teach lessons and deal out brutal justice.
Well there's a set posting order and animeloulou animeloulou is the first and currently only one on it. With luck they have a starter in the works and then will finish the post order list
Hey~ 👋 Was planning have this all set up over the weekend, but we are in the middle of a bout of hot weather in Ireland, so I treated myself to soaking up the sun 😎
Posted my starter~ 😊 Hope it's alright 😊

I'm thinking of swapping out Steven and Geoff in my replies as I need them, so that I'm not forcing myself to write for both of them if the story doesn't need them at that moment

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