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Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch

After the hammer shattered, Benedict contorted his face in rage, “Ah......Josh! These products.....do not have giant turtle demon insurance as promised! Cancel my subscription.” Benedict commanded as Josh wrote a very angry letter to the manager. While the letter was being written, Benedict decided that this was the last straw, Benedict pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke into it. “Ah.....attention agents, we have a....code demon, ah, and use our.......special company upgrades!” Benedict put up the walkie talkie and merely stood there, waiting. But “they” never came, “Ah......Josh, remind me to give a very angry announcement when we return.....Agents should be able to follow me into.....deep space.” Benedict said as he pulled out his pistol, his only weapon that didn’t break, and took more shots at Bowser.


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Ruler of sleep and wool
This was it, through trials and tribulations Ravio, alongside near all of those he’d encountered at that one festival night, had finally done it. They’d gotten to the evil king himself, Bowser. The mutant of a being loomed above the team with a grin of pure malice and eyes burning with pure evil just exactly as their previous brawl. Indeed, the same exact smile as when he ruthlessly torn down the one who was one of the few he’d gotten close to with out the slightest hint of remorse or mercy within. He was a cruel being who needed to be stopped at all costs. Ravio absolutely would refuse to let Mami, the medic, or even anyone else here share the same fate as his friend. Even without the powers, weapons, or plain courage that his comrades relished in, the young boy in purple promised himself that he’d do anything he could to help put an end to the villainous king that’d taken his everything from him. Well, almost taken his everything. The choir of a single voice suddenly erupted from the chaos. A confident, strong, yet all too familiar bellow pierced the battle with a single word.


Was this real? Could this be who he truly thought it was? Not a mysterious stranger who held the same abilities as him, not in the slightest. Ravio had near memorized the tone of his voice and it perfectly fit with what the boy had just heard. He couldn’t believe it, in fact Ravio near thought that he’d finally gone bonkers after all that had happened. There was no way, he should have still been in the land of sleep with the luminary princess and yet here he was, ready to join the brawl as if nothing had ever happened. Ravio stood entranced at the figure with eyes in awe and a gaping jaw. He’d only given a brief but thoughtful glance towards the merchant before continuing his glare directed towards Bowser but to the boy it was far more than enough considering the circumstances. Just knowing that he was alright was enough to make Ravio’s heart flutter. His surprised expression was soon replaced with a smile with eyes leaking of tears, and he cheered for the once lost friend.

“Go get ‘em Makoto!”

Pure unfiltered elation swelled in Ravio as he witnessed the boy call upon another of his many summons before ordering Mami to reign fire on the king as well. With a utter of foreign words the beautiful blonde did exactly that as she fired from a ginormous cannon straight towards their foe. Even with the creature still standing after all of that, it was increasingly apparent that unlike before, their attacks were working! It didn’t feel like fighting an unstoppable mountain anymore, King Bowser was getting thrashed about by everyone’s attacks to varying degrees of efficiency but the point still stood, with just a bit of luck they may just be able to do this.

From all of the excitement Sheerow sprung from out of the boy’s bag with incredible vigor. The bird had waited for far too long in Ravio’s bag. If he’d stayed in there for any longer he might of become irrelevant to the plot! Pleased with his friends arrival Ravio couldn’t help himself to teasing the creature. “And I thought that I took long naps, it’s about time you got up lazy bones!” Ravio jokes as the bird angrily pecked at him in response. Nevertheless he was quite glad that Sheerow was here because the boy had already been planning something which would need the aide of his feathery friend. Motioning for the bird to come closer, Ravio whispered into his ear before setting him free. Sheerow with new purpose dove into Ravio’s sack and grabbed a multitude of bombs from it and Ravio’s Tornado Rod. The bird would hand it to Ravio with his partner soon after summon a flurry of gales underneath the flying thing. Soaring into the air, Sheerow flew right above Bowser’s head and without a moment’s notice let the explosives loose, raining down bombs from above.

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Techmarine Martellus​
SPARK-001, designation Praetorian
Status: In Combat!​
Status: In Combat!
Actions: Opening Fire on Giga Dark Bowser's eyes​
Actions: Launching Blaster Bomb
"So, this is yet another trick of the foul xeno."
Martellus's voice was as calm as always as he finished setting the Tarantula Sentry Gun. The machine immediately took aim at Bowser, and Martellus quickly set it to aim at Bowser's eyes. Yes, maybe Martellus wouldn't be able to do much. The xeno was large, too large for the weaponry the Techmarine had on him. Unless he had a giant mushroom, Martellus was going to have to content himself with shooting at the abomination's eyes.
Bolt shells shrieked through the air at Bowser's eyes as the Tarantula spat shell after shell at the Koopa King. Martellus noted that his Melta gun was far too short range to reach Bowser...
But what if he found a way to get in range?
Martellus wasn't quite sure yet how, but somehow, he would find a way up. But first, tending to allies was much more important-glory would mean nothing if everyone died on the spot.

"HVT has grown in size. Calculating new options..."
"An option has been identified."

Praetorian was diligently shielding Medic (@Sir Skrubbins) from whatever Bowser had to throw at the doctor, and took note that whatever it fired it wasn't going to do much.
Unless... Praetorian registered that its Blaster Bomb was still not fired yet.
Normally, a Blaster Bomb wasn't going to do too much, but if powered up enough...
"Doctor. I have an option available. It requires your aid."
"I have an explosive of my own that I can deploy. If your Kritzkrieg can boost weaponry, I request you deploy a charge on me so that the Blaster Bomb is empowered-potentially able to severely wound Bowser."
"I will attempt to have others further boost the Blaster Bomb before launching it at the HVT. Are you willing to follow through with the plan?"


Top-tier Avian Master

Ben Tennyson

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Looks like going Way Big wasn't overkill after all.

"A big problem requires a big solution! Come on Bats, let's do this, together!"

Way Big taps into the power of his Fire Flower, giving him the advantage he needed.

"I just hope this and the two of us are enough!"

Right after Bowser hit Batman's nose, Way Big crossed his arms in the same T-manner while tackling the left front of Bowser, expecting Batman to tackle the other front. He would proceed to push Bowser while firing a pointblank cosmic ray at him.

At minimum, Way Big was aiming to get Bowser to trample his own throne.​


gta san andreas goes crazy

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    I stare up at the Giga Bowser in utter shock. Yeah, I expected him to power up, but not freaking dwarf us! Agh, no matter. The others attacks' are clearly driving him back already- this is a clear back and forth, a neck-and-neck competition that's beginning to tip in our favor. But we can't let our guards down just yet. He might just be hiding one last nasty surprise! Third time's the charm, as they say.

    Plink! Plink! Bam!

    My eyes widen. I barely roll to the side in time as the reflected bullets return to me, grazing my fur and leaving my entire right side covered in blood. "AGHH!" I choke out, crimson droplets forming tiny puddles on the arena floor. Had I not dodged, I would've had to be carried back to the MPF and my guild in a soup can. Suffice to say, Julia has a lot more healing to do now.

    Darkness shows its face and surrounds me. I force myself awake. No, this is not going to end like last time. I'm going to stay alive. If not for everyone, then for Inazuma.

    N-Ngh... M-Ms. human...? And y-you, Karako, Mami, Inazuma, F-Frank… i-if we can, aim for the eyes. We need to blind him... and you guys...

    I look over, and a small gasp escapes my lips.

    Lu Bu? Makoto? You're... alive...? Or I'm... dead... n-no, I can still feel the pain, urk... Makoto, y-you should go with the Medic. H-he... needs to be kept safe. Praetorian, help them out a-and get Claptrap up. Makoto sh-shouldn't push himself so soon. Lu Bu, y-you need to fall back. Come back and l-let my... guildmaster heal you. Ruby, Thae, Alexis, get her out of there. Medic, pl-please help her out. Build up your charge... ggggh... ahh...

    A whimper. The pain is nothing short of excruciating.

    Zim, Ravio... b-be careful of everyone next to Bowser. Keep laying down the pressure when it's safe. B-Ben, you're our... frontline fighter... keep his attention on you. Guildmaster, please be r-ready to... ah... pull anyone else in danger away. A-and Benedict...

    Keep being yourself, sir...

    Everyone else, keep it up... e-expect the worst.



The Banished One
Seeing the outcome of their combined attacks, Shih sighs, allowing her breathing to return to normal. She saw that one of them was injured rather severely, and seemed to be bleeding. She was no doctor, but she did know a thing or two about helping the injured. Moving to Eric's side, she smiled "I'm not going anywhere" she says quietly, kneeling down and resting a hand against his fur. She furrows her brows as she focuses her breathing, she was slowly attempting to transmute his body into smoke. In that form, it would be impervious to further harm, incapable of bleeding out, and she could even form extra smoke to replace the blood he'd lost. She couldn't heal his injuries, but she could stabilize him.

"Please, get the medic," she says to whoever was nearest to them "I can keep him alive and ease his pain, but I can't do much to heal these bullet wounds" she smiles back down at him "Don't worry about me. I didn't become a hero to watch idly as others fought for justice" she raises her head, spotting the spears and pulling them back to her position, forming them into a wall between her and Eric, and Bowser. "We're in this together, no matter the cost" she chuckles softly, coughing briefly afterwards "Where there's smoke..." she says jokingly

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Vilgax, conqueror of ten worlds
Status: finally dealing with Bowser
Condition: sick of this nonsense.

-Before the Battle-​
Looks as if Manelion has left to look for that girl. The aversion of yet another wacky scenario was not just a relief to Vilgax, but also to the few people who where settling in this corner of the newly received observatory. It was only a matter of time before they would eventually proceed with this final battle against bowser.
After taking on a more rocket-like appearance, the rockets attached to its underside began to glow a bright shade of orange, signifying that, in laymans terms, it was ready for blast-off. It spun around a bit to set its course, and within a few seconds it had shifted towards the northwest. Huge flames that rivaled even Bowser's from before shot out of its engines, and you were all shot towards the Center of the Universe at blinding speeds. Hundreds of airships attempted to block your path, aiming to shoot you down. Rosalina's force-field protected you all, however, and the shots were merely reflected off you all and struck the wooden airships instead. Within mere seconds, you had all successfully traveled millions of miles to your long sought-after destination.
Vilgax remained where he was, unwavering in the immediate commotion nor with the light speed jump to the castle. He has traveled through space plenty of times with and without a space-worthy craft. The same could be said about the initial arrival to the castle, or being face to face with Bowseronce more. He would have considered charging in here on his own, but without any sort of powerup of his own, he is left to simply act as a glorified shield. He simply stood by as he lay witness to the assault, from Ben's multitude of transformations (sooner or later it will run out of power.) to the unexpected scenario of that bat consumed human turning into a giant via a mushroom. He will have to wait and see.

"Guess I'm pullin' out the big guns a little early, then...!" He shouted. Before anyone really knew what he was saying, since this kinda seemed like the 'Big Guns' already, Bowser began to... bulk up, would be the best way to describe it. His muscles grew and bulged out like they were literal basketballs (perhaps even bigger), his teeth extended to the point that they were literally the size of totem poles while being as sharp as swords, and his horns did the same thing. Worst of all, however, was his size. Yes, much like Batman before him, he grew to the size of a skyscraper. The beast before you was no longer Bowser, or Dark Bowser. Instead, he was...

Giga Dark Bowser!
Should he be surprised? Not in the slightest. Bowser may be a bumbling brute, but even he would have some sort of countermeasure for the unexpected. He would have been a bigger joke otherwise. It's now even less likely for Vilgax to even consider attacking the large brute head on. But given his now visible signs of weakness, it may as well be the best time to attack at full force.
N-Ngh... M-Ms. human...? And y-you, Karako, Mami, Inazuma, F-Frank… i-if we can, aim for the eyes. We need to blind him... and you guys...
That's something that Vilagx can do without issue. As he continued to fulfill his undignified role as cover, he proceeds to fire off optical lasers at bowser's eyes. Even with all of the fighting going on, Vilgax can still compensate due to his ability to drastically change the angie of his lasers.
As for anyone who is afraid of getting in the line of fire or needs a place to recover, Vilgax's sheild should suffice.

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I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret

  • IMG_20191009_100920.jpg “Eric!”

    I yelled,the sight of his own projectiles nearly killing him if not for the last minute evade. Without another second to lose,I quickly stopped in front of him before resuming fire.....at least,that we my initial plan. Lu Bu was back,and she's formed a barrier in front of her and Eric,shielding them from whatever Bowser has to throw at them. I think I'll ask how she came back later. Sighing a breath of relief,I heeded his advise and started aiming for the eyes. Although knowing him,he may notice the pattern and shield eyes appropriately,thus I decided to try firing my turrets at his knees and arms before aiming for the head and eyes.

    We're close now. Even with him growing larger,we're still pushing Bowser back,slowly but surely. We're going to end this fight at last,once and for all. It was then...I heard the familiar,soft-spoken monotone voice directed at Bowser's attempts to shrugs our attacks off. Followed by a set of torpedoes falling in the shape of an eagle being rained upon the Koopa King. For a moment,I stopped firing out of astonishment at the realisation of the person responsible for this:

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As Inazuma would turn, she would indeed see someone familiar.

"In the flesh."

The newly-arrived Laffey had assumed her Retrofit form, and her body was burning bright.


"A state beyond Retrofit - Burning Retrofit. Also Laffey has been on fire for a long time now... all this time... probably...

... Laffey is not bothered at all... Mmm... not bothered at all."

The burning Laffey looks at Inazuma and Eric with new armaments.

"... you two have my skills, don't you? Well, let's prepare to use them together... soon..."

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Engineer Of The Deep
Agent 3|Breaking Point

Agent 3 would watch amid her firing (and the subsequent emptying of her ink tank) to make out what was seen before her. Bowser would practically exude intense power, much stronger than prior - as if they were maybe out of their league. This was new alright. "What in the- what's this... power?!" Agent 3 let out in a confused yet shouting tone as Bowser would begin to transform - and no less become far stronger than he was, with the simple motions he would next undertake. "What in the... That must be the ugliest thing I've ever seen...!" Agent 3 said in horror and in honesty, scared silly and thus forgetting to refill her ink tank while she stared at the new power that would stand before them all, menacingly (until it attacked, that is).
Bowser merely balled up his fists and tilted his head upwards, snarling. Suddenly his body began to glow brightly, despite the dark Twilight that surrounded him.

"Guess I'm pullin' out the big guns a little early, then...!" He shouted. Before anyone really knew what he was saying, since this kinda seemed like the 'Big Guns' already, Bowser began to... bulk up, would be the best way to describe it. His muscles grew and bulged out like they were literal basketballs (perhaps even bigger), his teeth extended to the point that they were literally the size of totem poles while being as sharp as swords, and his horns did the same thing. Worst of all, however, was his size. Yes, much like Batman before him, he grew to the size of a skyscraper. The beast before you was no longer Bowser, or Dark Bowser. Instead, he was...

Giga Dark Bowser!
"Sweet merciful crap..." Agent 3 muttered, dropping her weapon as her ink would slowly regenerate thanks to the small ink puddle under her feet, as with shooting (when firing, it always leaves a circle of ink around the user). "How are we... going to... fight 'that'?" She asked herself aloud in fear as she would watch that which next happened. The new Giga Dark Bowser would begin his counter attacks, one after another, and attending to pretty much every last threat in the group there would seem to be - and far stronger than he was over 'both' original 'forms'.
Agent 3's ink bullets would not be reflected, however. Instead, they would simply just splatter, decorating the wall in a new shade of green.
"OK, 'that' is more like it." Agent 3 commented with what little confidence she had left, until all she held was fear, for a while. It still wasn't any good, as that which was now coating the wall was a full ink tank's worth. That's pretty important to the Inkling, as now she is on a low supply - granted it'll regenerate slowly as it is by just hanging around in some ink's way. The fight yet continued, as Bowser yet denied the chance to stay down.
Bowser let out a shriek of pain as, for the first time, blood began to shoot out of the wounds in spurts. It wasn't much blood, but it was enough to let you know that you were starting to wear him down.

A loud, pained roar emit across the battle, every single one of you hearing it. "H-how are you chumps doing this!?"
Agent 3 just laughed a little bit - that was oddly amusing. Bowser sounded genuinely surprised 'and' angry, at the same time. Nobody had an explanation to this off the top of their heads, but it was still somewhat amusing to her.
"H-how are you losers... COUGH COUGH! doing this!? Y-you're not...He paused for a moment, taking a second to sharply breathe inward. "..stronger than me! You're NOT!!"
"Then let 'this' be a refresher!" Agent 3 roared back, seeming pretty angry - though she didn't actually do anything this time, she instead stayed at the back to refill her ink tank and hide in the many ink puddles left from the prior 'ink rain', but if Bowser does come after her, he's got a slim chance of actually finding her, as a immobile Inkling is perfectly hidden in the ink until found or until the ink is gone. So, for now, she's in temporary recovery, as everyone else continues to deal some damage and wear the big boy down some more. 'Just a little bit more... I think we may have this...' She thought to herself, though her terror of this insane power Bowser possesses seems to have impacted her mental tone as well. Probably not long until she goes insane.
Link to CS: Here!
Hex Code: #61BD6D
Status (physically): Fine
Status (mentally/emotionally): Terrified
Location: Bowser's
Powers: Inkling (species abilities and traits)
Items: Hero Shot, Splat Bombs
Active buffs/power-ups: None
Course of action: SHOWTIME, one last time! (Recovering in an ink puddle, hiding)
Interactions: @thatguyinthestore
Mentions: None

In group: Everyone​
Actually nearby: Everyone​
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Owner of your soul

The Espeon instinctively puts up a barrier in front of her when Bowser starts reflecting their bullets back at them, both for herself and everyone at risk of being hit by them. At least, as many as she could manage to protect in time. Bullets hitting it would simply lose all their velocity, causing them to clink on the ground harmlessly. It started to crack from the strain but held long enough to block the last of the bullets.


Unfortunately, it wasn't 100% successful. In particular, the idiot Typhlosion somehow managed to get hit again. She growls under her breath in frustration, reforming her barrier into a repaired one shielding just herself and those next to her. As she attempted to heal Eric again, Lu turned him into smoke, which made it have no effect. While she waited, she allowed her Morning Sun to spread to others that were injured (excluding Thae). It wasn't Medic's medibeams by any means, but it was better than nothing.

"I've got this," Julia tells her, nodding to her own barrier making the other redundant. The Espeon was starting to look tired, but clearly wasn't going to take no for an answer. "Also, I can't exactly heal him when he's smoke."

It was then that she heard a very welcome voice: none other than the formerly-comatose Makoto himself. She wasn't sure if what she'd done had helped him recover, but regardless his return gave her a smile. "He made it!"

The Espeon hadn't been able to help Ben and Batman due to the speed of Bowser's attacks and their size making it difficult to move them or Zim for similar reasons, but that wasn't the case for Shilo. Julia gave her a nudge to the side to help evade the blood waterfall..bloodfall? Be careful with your attacks! His huge size has more effects than you might think.

Similarly, Ruby was pushed away from Bowser's arm and a small barrier briefly appeared in front of Tiny Tina to bounce the grenade back yet again!

Another welcome voice was heard then - Laffey was back. Julia had suspected she would be, but it was nice to see it happen still.
We've got Lu, Makoto, and Laffey back. Don't give up hope! We can do this!

Interactions: @SmallPopTart (Eric) @DapperDogman (Lu) @Nightwisher (Shilo, Tiny) @marc122 (Ruby) @thatguyinthestore (Bowser) and everyone (read telepathy)
Mentions: @Infuriated Infant (Makoto) @Sir Skrubbins (Medic) @Crow (Ben, Laffey) @PolikShadowbliss (Batman) @ManyFaces (Zim)​


Midgardsormr roars in surprise when Batman Grows to supersize, supporting Two massive fighters with his coils. "DID NEITHER OF THOU CONSIDER THE ARENA'S SIZE, OR DOTH THOU JUST TRUST ME THAT MUCH?" The Lord of Wyrms begins to adjust this head and tail out to the sides of the group, instead of behind them, when a THIRD person decides to join the Kaiju club. Dark Giga Bower's claws digging into the coils and platform. Midgardsormr glares at the three, then growls. He couldn't drop Bowser without risking dropping the other two, and the Platform couldn't support the three of them without him wrapped around it anyway. "IF THOU WOULDTH KINDLY, GET OFF!!" Midgardsormr Releases an Akh Morn right into Bowser's colossal face, the massive pillar of light striking four times.
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Ruby Rose
(The Final Battle)

As Ruby was closing in by the second, she overheard Bowser gloating over the basis of knowing her next move. She got found out, yes, but she wasn't going to give up on her maneuvers anytime soon, especially with the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach on the line. She had already taken the plunge, charging in with a loose plan at best, and one that's barely strung together at worst, when Thae'il still hadn't come in yet to help save the day, as she had previously expected. However, this setback would not stop her, nor slow her; after all, a Rose would not give up so easily, so as to go down fighting if it meant saving the day, one more time. So, might as well keep at it, Ruby thought, because what's worse than giving up and letting Bowser continue the unwarranted tyranny upon the Toads anyway?

So, the Huntress-in-Whatever dissolved back into the signature red petals that then spiraled around the recently-transformed Giga Dark Bowser's arm like a rollercoaster as she continued to close up on him with increasing speed. Eventually, she hurled herself towards his face, taking off from near his shoulder, and slammed her feet into it, before jettisoning off and boarding Crescent Rose. She then stepped on the trigger, causing Crescent Rose to fire, its pointy handle homing towards his gigantic kneecap. If she were to land the hit, she would swing around the handle before taking the HCSS off and scattering herself towards the ground, where she is a fair amount of distance away from him. If Bowser saw it coming, and tried to counter accordingly, she would simply scatter into two directions before reforming and attempting to slice at his other kneecap, from which she would then land on the ground.

Nonetheless, Little Red landed, panting, as the invisible Aura flickered around her, as she looked down. By now, the constant use of her Semblance, Scatter Speed Petal Burst, had been eating away at the amount of Aura at her disposal, and as a result, she paid up for it in exchange for posing a threat to Bowser in even his ginormous form. Yet, just when she was about to attack again, Eric telepathically sent a message to her to help out Lu Bu—wait, she thought she was dead... Yet now she's—okay, this is tiring for me just to ponder over tiny things, just lemme—ahem. Anyhow, she turned towards Lu Bu, whom she was genuinely surprised to see return, alongside Makoto, whom she had expected to at least come back crawling and trying to drag Bowser to Hell with him.

"Hold on!"

Ruby shouted towards the endangered warrior, as she started running, transforming Crescent Rose into rifle form and using it to boost herself towards her. There, she quickly sheathed the HCSS and picked up Lu, rushing away to the point where she resorted to Petal Burst to bring her towards the back, despite her considerably drained Aura. Once she was there, she stopped in her tracks and gently laid her down, patting her by the shoulder once Lu's been placed.

"You'll be safe. Just hang on for longer, can you? I just...didn't want to lose you again..."

Ruby, who had gotten emotional from sharing her fear, turned away and faced Bowser again, replacing the current Gravity Dust cartridge in Crescent Rose with the one with normal bullets, as she started firing away at him.

@thatguyinthestore (GM, Giga Dark Bowser), @DapperDogman (Lu Bu), @Necessity4Fun (Thae'il), @SmallPopTart (Eric)
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Karako Pierot

Karako sprung up out of nowhere, stabbing Bowser in the nose with his two knives. Bowser let out a shriek of pain as, for the first time, blood began to shoot out of the wounds in spurts. It wasn't much blood, but it was enough to let you know that you were starting to wear him down.

A loud, pained roar emit across the battle, every single one of you hearing it. "H-how are you chumps doing this!?" He shouted angrily through grit teeth, before his eyes suddenly widened out of seemingly nowhere. Rather curiously, Bowser began to clutch his chest as he stood back up, those knives still embedded deep within his snout. "W-what's this burning feeling in my chest...?" He asked as he began to cough a bit, though he quickly shook it off mere moments later. "Whatever... it doesn't matter." He sneered before his hulking fist moved upwards and grabbed those knives. He ripped them out of his nose with nothing more than a grunt, more crimson blood spilling out of his nose as he did so. He wiped his nose with his forearm before his piercing red eyes stared back down towards you all.
Karako was a tad bit surprised to see that the blood of such a beast was.. red?? It was somewhere between rust and.. mutant red?? Whatever that didn't matter, the clown had landed a hit!! Karako grinned, staring Bowser in the eyes as he backed away, far enough out of reach.

"H O N K!!!"

The troll reached for two more knives, these two a bit smaller than the other two.

N-Ngh... M-Ms. human...? And y-you, Karako, Mami, Inazuma, F-Frank… i-if we can, aim for the eyes. We need to blind him... and you guys...

I look over, and a small gasp escapes my lips.
Karako heard his name, and looked over. It was that lusus creature, from way before... Eric wasn't it... the troll huffed a bit. He probably should have aimed for the eyes the first time... but he had done some damage, which was good. The troll didn't see much of an opening for the eyes, but perhaps he could aim somewhere else... the ankles??

The troll gripped his daggers and rushed forward again, this time a bit to bowsers side. He held his breath and dove forward, thrusting the two knives forward again, this time aiming for one of Bowser's ankles.

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The Banished One
Turning to Julia, Shih nods, releasing her grip on Eric, the pool of blood around him now back inside, but his wounds still open as she looks at the creature intently for a moment "You're overexerting yourself. That was what got me killed before" she smiles slightly "I'll protect you, don't worr-" she pauses as she hears something approaching quickly, raising her head in time to see Ruby, who seemed to think Shih was in mortal danger of once again dying

She raises her hands in protest but finds herself being pulled along in a mess of petals, her body turned to smoke and raced along with them, an arrow of grey mist, reforming as they came to a stop "Thank you for your concern, Ruby but...I'm quite alright" she smiles, straining a little to do so for the pain. Something was wrong with her power, but she didn't know what, or why. She did, however, see that Ruby, like Julia, was pushing herself too far "Please, I know you want to help, but exhausting yourself isn't the answer"

She stood up straight, gathering the smoke that came from each explosive attack, and from Bowser himself, and began to coalesce it in the air, pulling it toward her so it covered the battlefield like a thick fog, several inches thick off the ground. She was sweating from such a simple action, and when she began to form weapons all around, hilts protruding from the ground, her nose began to bleed, a thin trickle of crimson slowly inching down to her lips

She closes her eyes, straining as she lifts the weapons into the air, aiming them at Bowser once more, her brain pounded against her skull and she could hear her heart racing. This was a large scale attack to be sure, but nothing that should have caused this much pain to use. In an instant, she felt her power slip completely beyond her control and the fog around Bowser swept up into a pillar, a tornado of smoke. She balls up her fists, calling off the attack, and barely manages to halt it. Something was very wrong with her body. She wipes the trail of blood from her nose, and closes her eyes again, gritting her teeth as she launches the weapons at Bowser's legs, aiming to immobilize him

The attack left her drained, and she fell to her knees, blood leaking from her nose in a steady trickle now. Her body ached worse than she'd ever felt. Even worse than when her teachers had beaten her for making a mistake in her kung fu routines. This was the kind of ache you'd expect to feel after having fought an entire army off by yourself. She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. She knew she could not pull off another attack anytime soon, or she may be left dead once again.

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And don't you dare go hollow....
  • Info

    ~Shilo Saga~
    Location: Boss Battle
    Inventory: 9 throwing knives (hidden), two katar, a Bowie knife, a Glock .45, Sta-19 Reigner, and a Super Star.
    Power: Light Manipulation
    Stand: Death Valley Queen
    Mood: Enraged

    Condition: Healthy
    As her blade stuck into Bowser’s neck, she twisted the katar through the wound, opening it up more, but digging in in such a way that the rush of blood that threatened to over take her was unable to. The knife acted as a sort of pick on the mountain that was the Koopa King. The energy that she received from the power star was still coursing through her body as she turned her head away to keep the blood from filling her nose or mouth. The assassin could feel her clothes soaking with the sticky red liquid, her hair weighing down. This wasn’t something she wanted to be dealing with, but Shilo never minded laying in the beds that she makes. So, through the weight of the blood she lifted the arm that wasn’t stuck in the Koopa King’s neck and gripped her wrist, using her arm strength to pull herself up. It wasn’t incredibly difficult, Shilo did things similar to this nearly every day as training, that plus the energy and strength granted to her by the power star, all she had to do was hold her breath long enough to get out of the flow of blood.

    Easier said than done, but not impossible. Once Shilo had pulled herself up so that the face was even with her fist, she lowered her non-katar hand to pull out one of her knives. The wounds made by the throwing knife would be much smaller, and not nearly as deep. Without the flood of blood, she’d be able to scale the Koopa, hopefully without issue. However, as the assassin dug the knife into Bowser’s neck, and she pulled her katar free -- which only created a larger blood flow -- Shilo was telekinetically moved out of the blood river that she’d already been powering through with the grace of the Power Star. With her grip around her knife’s hilt, the blade was pulled from Bowser’s neck, so at least she had one in her hand, though whether that would serve to her benefit or her detriment would be proven in the few moments.

    The nudge from Julia was enough to get Shilo out of the blood river, which meant it had to have some force behind it. However, due to the suddenness of it, and the unwantedness of it considering the assassin had used her power star and had told everyone to not worry about her while the upgrade was in effect -- the force of the telekinetic nudge threw the woman’s balance off quite a bit, which shocked her out of her bending and made her completely visible. Moreover, the blood that coated her body made the already smooth area that was Bowser’s shell slick. Shilo’s feet hit the shell, unsteady from the sudden nudge, and her blood slick boots slipped against the smooth rim of the Koopa King’s shell. The assassin fell, arms flailing as she tried to find a place to grip, but she was unable. Shilo slid off of Bowser’s shell, hitting one of his large spikes near the curve with a bone shattering crack. The inertia from the fall left the assassin was sent spinning in the opposite direction, hitting another spike with an equally hard hit. She bounced off of the second spike, finally landing against the ground, face down.

    Despite how harsh, or even deadly, the fall may have seemed the assassin didn’t hesitate to push herself to the side, rolling away from Bowser so he wouldn’t be able to back-step onto her. Shilo could feel the energy boost from the star draining away. She rolled a few feet before fluidly pushing herself up to her feet, unholstering her guns and squeezing the triggers as she aimed for Bowser's feet. Rage was clear in the woman’s eyes, just as palpable as it had been before. The mental connection that she had shared with the group before, that allowed open communication, was gone. While the other may have still been linked, where Shilo was, there was nothing but silence. Not white noise, just an empty spot in the mental link. She’d disconnected from them completely. Shilo had been clear that she was using her item for a close attack, she had been clear to leave her to do that. Not only had that been ignored, any further attacks -- she’d been planning to use the power of the star to gouge the Koopa’s eyes out and leave him completely blinded -- were now nothing. Instead, the power of the star had been used to save her from falling off of Bowser’s back because of someone else’s idea of “help” and ignorance of communication.


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    Indirect Mentions: Eric @SmallPopTart Everyone in the fight
    Acquired Equipment: 700 Points
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    Woods barely gave a shit about his destroyed Fortunate Son- people had managed to blow it up before, so this wasn't new at all to him. As he hopped off the platform that had taken him to the now-useless bone platform, Frank promptly took the time to reload both magazines of the Titus-6, missing an opportunity to shoot the now-giant Bowser who had been severely weakened by everyone else's attacks. Even though Woods saw Shilo re-emerge from her camo and fall off the turtle's neck, he wasn't worried that much for her. As long as that weird superstar was active, she'd be okay.

    People began saying shit about coordinating some more; he was pretty sure that fiery bipedal animal said something about aiming for the eyes, like Frank didn't know how to go after weak spots. He shook his head, pulling the charging handle on his shotgun once again to finalize the reloading process before swapping over to buckshot mode. Without hesitating, he pointed the iron sights at Bowser's left eye, firing off all 5 2-round bursts of buckshot just before switching back to explosive flechettes. This time, he shot the trio of mini-projectiles at the right eye; both would likely feel like being hit in the eye by splinters, and the latter would hopefully create more shrapnel for even further damage!


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret

  • “Not yet!” I responded mentally (using the psychic link letting us communicate telepathically like before) to Laffey, “Whatever we have planned,we reserve it for the final blow,we don't want Bowser being given the chance to adjust to countering our technique!”

    Why Laffey could still be so calmed about being set ablaze till now,I will never know. However,judging by the flaming torpedoes she's unleashed and her comment about her current state probably being an upgrade of her own "Kai-Ni" (Or in her case a "Retrofit" as she calls it) form,her armament's very likely going to deal more damage compared to before. Adding that to the high speed she demonstrated during our first encounter with Bowser......

    “Laffey,try disorienting him with your speed and shooting him from every angle where Bowser's shield won't protect him. Something like going circles around him and shooting at the legs,chest,arms,eyes. Just DON'T shoot wildly like before,you nearly hit Excalibur twice during the shootout after all. One more thing:”

    I "spoke",before giving her a warm smile.

    “I'm glad you're back. Laffey,let's end this fight with everyone else together.”


Huh, I wonder what to do next...?

Time for a high-speed manicure!
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"Alexis, huh?", Thae'il had repeated the lady-fox's name, getting a weight for each of the sylabes it was composed of, "What a different sounding name, I like it! The second part comes out strongly like the sudden cut of a blade. It's fierce, just like I'm convinced you are too~"

He let the compliment hang in the air for a bit, allowing the final notes of his voice to fade before adding a conclusion to it:

"Truly, a fitting name for a lady like you. Whoever has bestowed it upon ya, has done a marvellous job of conveying who you are with it."

Was it flattery? Oh yes, absolutely. But also names were quite an important subject for Thae'il, his own was wore with utmost pride. A title, and also a reminder of his own strength, of his own conquests. He had no attachment to his life, but on the other hand, he had all of the liking, all of the fondness for his name and any subsequent titles derived from that one: Dark Comet, Void Star, Anti-Wishgranter, Mayhem Incarnate... Each more treasured than the next. It was a weird trade-off, for sure.

But he didn't care for it, because to Thae, it just made sense.
A weapon that was given a name had to mean something to the wielder... Right?

"You’re a brave one aren’t you?", the question seemed to come out of nowhere, taking him noticeably by surprise,
"I don’t know many guys who are willing to make a move after seeing all the fire and craziness of Kagutsuchi."

"Brave?", he laughed softly in a mix of shock and amusement, "I guess that's a way of putting it... Though, I'd say it's more like I don't really know the emotion of fear. Comes with not being fazed by death, or the concept of it. Even your own. There's nothing to regret when it is time, I didn't even expect to last this long, to be honest!", Thae'ils tone is very strict, very matter the fact-ly and he laughs after the last line as if trying to ease the mood a bit, "And really, no idea who this Kagutsuchi is but, I have my own brand of 'crazy' so bring.it.on~ Doubt I'm gonna be fazed after all the things I've seen and fought throughout the universe."

"IIIIII'd shoot you a dare, but don't think there's gonna be enough time for that so, maybe a next time we meet... Too bad, I was planning to coerce you into a date that you'd not be allowed to refuse~"

He had winked at her, as if that had been the most normal thing to say. Well, maybe for him, the master trickster, it was. Nonetheless, the two vulpines were having a nice time exchanging light banter and teasings at each other. He had also noticed that the woman didn't seem to have as strong as a reaction to the soda as he had, which, had just been a little disappointing at the start, though he was quick to guess that this was not her first try at it. She already knew the taste, or at least similar ones. Had Alexis been at Earth before? The star animal was smart enough to tell that she was not the same kind as him, though what exactly she was, still lied in mystery. An alluring, puzzling riddle that he'd love to know more about, and yet that would have to get cut short sooner or later...

"Alexis... Who did you kill?"

Perhaps even sooner than expected.

"Huh?", the fox-male had let out confused for a moment, trying to guess just what the skeleton was talking about this time, "Oh yeah! There was one of those koopa things, right?", there wasn't any sort of emotion showing through, more like the impartial re-telling of a story, "It was odd that it blew up like that then zoooomed all around the ship. Weird way that this universe handles death. Rather underwhelming, really."

Still, it was interesting that the bone creature seemed able to notice that. Did Alexis have some sort of death count near her that the other could see? Did he have one? Would indirect death count or only direct inflicted ones? Honestly, Thae had never really thought about the tally of executions that he could have under his name. The idea was, quite intriguing! Would an actual number be higher or lower than his own given statistic?
How efficient was his work, really?? And was that why the other didn't seem to like him all that much?

Somehow, without any more protests, --had the skeleton finally realized the pointlessness of it, perhaps?--, an hour had quickly passed by in-between friendly interactions and laughs and Rosalina had called for them again, now gathered back at the lobby, where the princess had raised her hand and... transformed her castle into a rocket? Huh, practical! Hideous in design and completely ruining the floating island aesthetic, but hey, practical.

The spaceship cut through the starry veil with speeds to once more rival his own. So that's how much faster he could have gone with the Power Stars, huh? Oh well, the opportunity had been lost, this time, but with the prospect of the battle coming up, Thae'il disappointment was hardly felt. Every component in his body seemed to yell energetically in anticipation, longing for the thrill of the fight, the fulfilling of a purpose, the much-awaited round two. He would not let the bastard lizard have it his way, neither get under his skin this time. Full focus, teamwork and efficiency, this would the mantra of the Koopa King's fated ending.

The collapsing bridge was no problem for someone that could float his way across, slowly but surely, his inner machination already aflame with possible strategies and moves. The downtime, even the forced one, had been quite welcome for his energy levels, enough that he wouldn't need to worry as hard about running out of it. At least, not at the very start. He pressed on, trailing behind the others as they entered Peach's castle and went through the portal. Portal... Portals were... Better? But also just as bad! Honestly, people, what will you do if these things broke?! What if only half of you went across properly?! No? No one is thinking about that?? Really?!

Mumble-mumble, grumble-grumble, ridiculous risky portals of uncertain doom...
Get a safer travelling method! Come, on!!

After assessing that yes, he was still in one piece, --thanked be the Emperor--, Thae'il could only roll his eyes in boredom as Bowser and the masked-man conversed for a minute or something. No talking!! Just go straight for it, no one needs more introductions, kick his ass! But once the familiar form of Dark Bowser was before them again, the star animal, -- prepared this time, instantly burrowing his blade on the ground to remain standing--, could only grin in a mix of contentment and anticipation. This was like human children on that holiday where they won a bunch of presents from the old fattie in red. He was the child right now, looking at all the gift boxes and not knowing where to start from, but oh so excited for it either way!!
The only drawback was that, as kind of expected because this was the center of the universe, there seemed to be a huge Sun-like celestial orb behind the target's throne. Which meant that trying to absorb power during this fight would probably be a one-way trip to overheating and pain and therefore, strongly not recommended.

"What's the plan?", a female voice had echoed in the background and caused the fox-male to come to a full halt.​

Right, planning, Thae had almost forgotten all about it with all of the eagerness bouncing inside him that was getting just a little bit hard to contain. But yep, trained soldier here! Contain yourself Thae'il, you'll get your turn soon enough. No need for recklessly going all in!... Yet. Thus while others were forming their own groups and their own ways of charging forward, the star animal took a moment to take a deeeep breath, shaking off all of the impulsive, violent and eager feelings that were bound to get in the way, thinking a lot clearer once he was done.

Okay, all of the heavy artillery is getting deployed, so this is a bad time for the close-ranged fighter to come in, even if he could zoom past in the speed of light. Nope, reckless and waste of power. So he hung back. All manners of lasers, bullets, explosives and whatnot were shot at the turtle monsters thing, heck, even the helicopter way back from the interrogation of the koopa bros had made a comeback! Honestly, if they hadn't seen what Bowser was able to do in his enhanced state beforehand, Thae'il would have considered this sorta overkill.

But it wasn't, if anything, it was possible that it wouldn't be enough.

The posh tiny man was there too, back at his odd antics and saying something about catalogues. Again, the star animal felt very tempted the throw the useless creature out of the platforms. Then the lizard himself had taunted about some 'leopard print shoes' and the Dark Comet had straight facepalmed. Oh my stars, the idiocy that he had to put up with was grinding! He had also heard someone attempt to call him? Or was someone just talking about pasta? Honestly, it was hard to tell, Thae had been too distracted by something else entirely...

A scent, a tranquil but sad, melancholic smell, like being by the edge of the sea on a rainy day, getting soaked by it, and somehow not having the energy to bother. That kind of odor, had suddenly bathed the entire battlefield, the marks of leaked energy and as if that hadn't been enough distraction on its own, it seemed to emanate from the late returner, a shape made of pure white energy, a lion, now standing near the animalistic-male. It was as if Thae'ils heart had suddenly skipped a beat in utter shock.

Now, of course, any associations that could be done with the figure of Emperor Lionel, the mad-ruler whose will the fox-male had spent his lifetime fulfilling, were false. This was not the same man, and probably not even another star animal, but the notion toggled too deep within his conscious to be fully pushed aside and in some weird twisted nurtured loyalty, the will to serve showed itself. It was a compelling motion, like a Knight's to their King, except that neither of them was any close to those roles, not Thae, not Lionel and not even Manelion. More like an aimless weapon, a cold-hearted tyrant and a try-hard fool, each more dysfunctional and broken than the next.

The first round of the fight would then pass be like a blink to the Void Star, still bewitched and crushed by the spiral of doubts and memories that a simple smell, a single individual had so suddenly and fiercely stirred up without any sort of warning. Thae'il would remain there, frozen, inert, wrestling internally with the very concepts and reasons for the offputting commitment and strong duty he felt towards a man that he barely knew! And hadn't ever interacted with properly.
Some of their members had grown in size, be it mushroom trickery or transformation, more shots were flying past the fox-male and directed at the Bowser and still, he did not flinch, or blink or even react in any way. In fact, Alexis' voice announcing her own attack would be the first thing to drag him out of it, Thae blinking in confusion for a moment before remembering what he was supposed to be doing. And then to seal the deal, the lion-man would himself, albeit unknowing, break the motion completely:

"YOU'RE A *bleep*, Y'KNOW THAT?!?!?!"

And then it had finally sunk in, that this man was absolutely pathetic.

The reversal was instantaneous.
What had once been a compulsion to serve and protect, was now full-on aversion and the necessity to not even acknowledge the other's existence. There was anger, the was offence, not for himself, but for the figure of Emperor Lionel and though it was a feeling he didn't have much experience with, one could even say that there was a note or two of disgust amidst the whole mess. Honestly, the insult to his Emperor and the Star Animal Empire itself had been so big, that Thae had a brief thought about murdering Manelion immediately where he stood, as a way of alleviating himself and alleviating their group of such a ridiculous character that'd never, ever properly fit the role he was trying to play.

But once he got reminded of where they were and what they were doing, it had, kind of, subsided... For now. Though, maybe the lion-man should stay back from the comet fox-male, just for his own safety.

Really though, he had a clear path to do whatever it was that he had once been about to do and... DECIDED TO WHINE IN THE BATTLEFIELD INSTEAD?????!!!! ABOUT NOT GETTING ATTENTION??! Okay, maybe it was good that Thae'il had not made that bet with Alexis, because he'd have lost it right now. This definitely fazed him. And oh so much!!


As soon as the Dark Comet had been out of that, a new surprise, --though a much more pleasing one--, had been thrown his way, a familiar voice announcing the surging of a familiar figure, wielding a before seem weapon! Oh hey, leader-boy was finally back from the realm of sleep!! And damn, he continued being a badass. You go man! And that he did, taking a now enlarged Bowser by surprise with an instrument right in the head, doing a couple moves of his own, then calling out a new helper, --he remembered this one from the band mini-game... maybe?--, this one with a sword that went straight for the giant lizard creature, though the target had rolled away from it.

Karako came in with their knives, Zim had somehow gotten a spaceship, more shots rang out and in the midst of it all, he could hear someone call his name. This time it had been clear as day. As the black-haired girl had left to deal her own attacks upon the enemy, the fox-male had dashed over to her, both scythe user meeting half-way, though again, with the lack of 'manners' he had simply gone for her shadow and remained hidden, observing and waiting for a good moment to be the element of surprise.

As soon as Ruby had landed, a familiar burst of colors would take off from under her, the energy output at first, tame, but intensively amped up once Thae had been out away enough from any others. Had he missed his cue, too interested in watching things unfold? Perhaps. Though the star animal also had the feeling that the girl knew how to take care of herself, that which she had just proven. Either way, it was time for the Dark Comet baby! And as many many others seemed to aim their weapons and attacks at the giant beast's eyes, the fox-male had a different idea...

Those claws. They had been a problem for way too long, had harmed several combatants...
They had to go.

Speeding up in the sky, at first into the opposite direction of the battlefield to build momentum, the white, purple and blue-ish trail would make a sharp turn and come back, like a shooting star carrying everyone's prayers and hopes, war-scythe in hand and in a flourish of zig-zagged motions, aim to cut the tips of Giga Bowser's claws, one by one, in no real order so that the next target could not be predicted so easily. Left, Right, Up, Down he could come from anywhere to any direction, always aiming for the finger that seemed the most exposed of the full-set of ten sharp claws.

It's true, one miscalculation and his weapon might break, the metallic alloy already shaking with the accelerated impact of each new slash, but if it had to be now, if it had to be like this... Thae'il felt that it would be worth it. A weapon could harm and kill, but it could also be used for good, to take down such a fierce enemy and to protect those he had befriended and interacted with.

Surely, no doubt about it, this was what he was supposed to do.
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"I'll be fine,"
The Espeon insists, then winces as she spots Shilo fall to the ground. That wasn't supposed to happen. How her little nudge had caused the assassin to fall off a gigantic skyscraper-sized turtle was beyond her, but regardless she would be blamed. Shilo was unharmed due to her invincibility, but understandably angry.

Julia curses under her breath, considering lifting the assassin back up but then thinking better of it. She had kicked herself from the team's communications and with that rage shining in her eyes, it was a bad idea. Plus, there was someone who needed help much more.

She sighs. Lu was right. Trying to do everything at once was making her sloppy, not to mention tired. For now, Julia starts bandaging Eric's wound while her healing finally takes effect on him now that he was no longer smoke.

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The tyrant yells, baring his teeth, "You're supposed to be dead!", his orcish scowl contorting in a twisted fashion. His confident glint all but wiped away, he could do little as I ducked and weaved between his attacks, delivering a precision strike to his ankle. He collapses to one knee, crying out in agony, "No No No NO NO NO NO! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO HURT ME!!", before slamming his fists against the marble and stirring up a gust of dust. Though the attack doesn't hit - not by a long shot - I find myself losing balance to his thundering roar as the momentum of my slide carries me away. My body stammers to its feet, and I hoist my Evoker, snapping the barrel to my forehead.
"Chi You!"
With an echoing bang, a creature manifests before Bowser. A goblin-green bull with four sets of human arms lunges forward, and charges with the might of a muscle car as he attempts to slam directly into the Koopa King's knee and knock him down. With that distraction in place, I rapidly regain my speed and dive forward with blade held in reverse, swinging for his other ankle to immobilize him. Then, a powerful tempest erupts below me and hurls me into the air, and I thrust my empty hand back to propel myself towards Bowser's neck with a jet of flame, driving my sword into the point between his shell and his collar. Without waiting to see if it even pierces his skin, I release the hilt and fly past his head, quickly reorienting myself in mid-air for a fly-by roundhouse kick to his chin, before breaking my inevitable landing with a last-minute tuck & roll.

By the end of it, my breathing is a ragged, chaotic mess, and any limb I can even feel hurts beyond belief, not that I can tell which. I stagger, and nearly fall, but I catch myself and raise my Evoker to my forehead yet again. At this point, the leather-grip steel feels one with my hand. I've drawn it so many times by now that it feels wrong not to.
Yukari talked about how much it scared her. Everyone felt it, really. Even if it's not a real gun, the feeling is so surreal; the gut-wrenching adrenaline, the surmounting fear, and the split-second where it all just goes numb. But I never saw it that way. And now, it's the one thing that puts me at ease, the one thing that pushes me to the end.

I yank the trigger, and it all goes numb. A swirling shower of energy surrounds me, but instead of blue, it's a holy, radiant gold. Orpheus and Thanatos stand to each side, and for a moment, I feel what they feel, and they feel what I feel. Harmony. Their forms distort, becoming pale silhouettes, and lose any semblance of recognition as they meld and mold together into something more. When the light clears...

"Ascend, Messiah."
I've never seen this Persona before. I don't think anyone has, to be precise. But as it comes to a graceful float, descending to stand serenely beside me, I'm overtaken by a sense of restored confidence. Of joy, of fear, of everything in between. It is me, and I am it. Messiah grabs the tail-end of his chain with his empty hand, and yanks the coffin-adorned links with enough force to create a deafening snap that accompanies the rattle. I glare at Bowser and hold my Evoker at the ready with narrowed eyes.
"Bring it."


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Before I even know what's going on, Lu Bu comes over to me and lays a hand on my fur. I look at her questioningly- or, at least, I try to, if it wasn't for the pained, weak expression on my face. I try to speak, but the only thing that comes out is a squeak, so I can only keep my objections to myself. She's supposed to be the one recovering, not me. But... her touch is quite comforting and soothing... which is saying something, because I'm pretty sure I'm losing feeling in my everything.

I look to Inazuma. She came to protect me... and the others, they're actually listening to what I have to say. I manage a weak smile. Because of Inazuma, I had the strength to make a difference. At least... at least I have that.

A weird sensation overtakes me. Almost like- like I've become as light as air and the pain all over me has been alleviated. I look down at myself in confusion, only to find that my body is... smoke? I turn to Lu Bu, finally finding the strength to form one simple word.


Everything then becomes a blur. I keep trying to object to Lu Bu, tell her that she can't deplete what little stamina she has after coming back from death just to help me, but I can't even form the words. Am I on the edge of conciousness? Have we beaten Bowser? All questions I can't answer right now. Somewhere down the line, I'm pretty sure she returns my body to normal, so there's that. I can faintly feel Julia's healing rejuvenating me some time after- I don't know when. The only thing I know to do is to lay still and conserve my energy. And so, I do just that, watching the battle and praying Bowser has no more tricks up his sleeve.


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Laffey (Burning Retrofit)

"Understood. Initiating..."

Laffey vanished nigh-instantly and used the various titans on the fields as platforms for her swift, agile jumps. She moved at a rate so fast, none could see her, but her attacks were definitely felt.

Rapidfire blazing bullets shot at Bowser from every possible direction, and Laffey's speed made it seem like they had no source and were firing from the very void. For every few dozen blazing bullets, a similiar surge of torpedoes veiled in a blazing eagle aura appeared once more, flying upwards as the flock repeatedly bombarded the top of Bowser's head, creating beautiful explosions

She stopped to rest on Batman's shoulders, crossing her arms as Bowser took in her attack.

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You're Still Our One-Up Boy!
Odessa's blinding tactic with her blasters was nothing short of a rousing success. He would be immediately blinded by the bright lights, bringing his palm up to his eyes once more to shield them. "BAH!!! AGAIN!?" Bowser shouted as he stumbled back a bit, disoriented. During this time, he was left completely open to all of Batman's attacks, each of which struck just as intended. By the time he was given some breathing room, he was clearly even more disoriented than before, appearing to have slowed a lot just from those attacks. He still didn't speak, however, as before he could, Way Big had tackled him back. Bowser attempted to push him off, but the cosmic ray he fired made short work of those attempts. He fell back, right into his throne, which was destroyed upon impact.

"NOOO!!! MY THRONE!! MY COOL, BEAUTIFUL THRONE!!!" The gigantic beast known as Giga Dark Bowser shouted as he stepped forward, running towards the throne as if to save it from its inevitable collapse. However, he sadly couldn't and Bowser soon found himself falling to his knees as the pieces either fell onto the ground below or into the vast reaches of space that surrounded them. Benedict's shots merely bounced off of Bowser's shell during this period of time. By the time he glanced back up, a look of hatred filled his eyes, the burning fierceness unlike anything else you had seen up until this point. He began charging toward Way Big at an extremely fast pace now.

His sprinting would soon be interrupted, this time by Ravio's bird. He glanced upwards towards the explosion, using his gigantic arm to block them from hitting his face. The tactic worked, but his arm was burned in the process, which resulted in a loud roar being shouted from the King himself. He then let out a deep, inhumane growl, before one of his giant claws was raised into the air and swiped upwards. If it were to land, poor Sheerow would be struck head on by the deadly beast's claw! Once again, he found himself interrupted, this time by the sudden explosives that struck him in the forehead! Being unable to block such an attack due to being too focused on the tiny bird, the Koopa King was struck head on by the torpedoes and sent stumbling back again. By the time the smoke cleared, his forehead was badly burned, even a few small fires being able to be spotted along its surface. Vilgax's lasers and Frank's own rounds were were, quite literally, the tipping point. Due to his head being tilted upward from the brute force of Laffey's explosions, Bowser was sent falling down, to which he proceeded to land on butt, and Claptrap's exploding clone sending him falling right onto his back.

There, in the middle of the arena, lay Dark Giga Bowser, on his back. Struggling and, by all accounts, defenseless. As he slammed his hands down into the ground below him, he was only met with even more pain as Thae began to slice open his fingers one by one. His attacks, while not enough to cut through bone, managed to cut even his own rough skin open. Crimson blood spilled out of the fingers like a fruit gusher, leaking onto the battlefield below. Gross. Then, before he could effectively push himself back up using his remaining han, Makoto struck him with another flurry of attacks! First, he attacked his knee as he struggled to stand, sending it slamming back down into the ground. Karako's attack towards his ankle sent him falling further, tripping over and falling down to his knees. Next, his neck was burned by the flames, which caused him to shriek in pain as he felt the burning sensation spread across his back. Finally, the roundhouse kick to his chin and Laffey's explosions towards his head did him in, as he fell back onto his back once more with a loud grunt.

...Yet, after all that trouble, he began to stand back up. He placed one hand on his knee, and shakily stood up as the other dangled at his side, dark red droplets of blood dripping from its fingertips. "Y-you... w-wwwon't.. GUH..." He took in another sharp inhale through his mouth as he looked back up towards all of you, now standing back on his two feet, though barely. A pool of blood had formed beneath where he stood as he weakly took another step forward. His head, though tilted downwards as he tried to power through the intense pain, craned upwards just enough so you could see his glowing red eyes look up at you. His mouth remained open, jagged, grit teeth exposed as he breathed heavily. "As long as I have t-the... Twilight.... I can still beat all of you los---"

"You will do no such thing, cretin." A voice suddenly spoke amidst Bowser's misguided gloating. It sounded familiar to you all... and soon you placed it. It was the same voice that Bowser had spoken with earlier. The same one that Julia had seen him conversing with. The same one that rang out when Bowser was bestowed the powers of the Twilight. The beast who had no name. The being of pure evil who had given him this curse, finally revealed himself, in a husk of pure flame and smoke. A dark shadow illuminated above you all, made of pure Twilight. Bowser stared upwards in horror as he saw the beast appear before him. A beast, riding upon a terrifying, demonic horse, as a sword was brandished within his hand.

"The power which you seek is one that you can not handle. You have shown that to me now." It said, its voice dark and sinister in nature. You could tell now, from this image and this voice... that Bowser was nothing compared to the beast that was before him.

"N-no!! I can handle it!" He shouted as he clasped his gigantic palms together, falling to his knees. Before him, he begged the beast. Like a child begging for a piece of candy... or a man begging for his life. "Just please, gimme another chance! I'll do better, I promise!" He pleaded. Though, the beast only tilted his head upwards. Whether or not it was in amusement or disgust was uncertain, and after moments of silence... it spoke once more.

"Very well, I shall bestow upon you more of my power..." The beast began before trailing off, following up its words with only a mere chuckle. One with clear malice behind it. It was a bitter, dark chuckle. However, it appeared that Bowser was too dumb to realize even that as his quest for his own power blinded him more than any of your attacks could ever hope to achieve. Bowser smiled as he looked up, even smirking a bit as he glanced towards all of you behind his beat up stature. Missing teeth, bruises, and blood adorned his facial structure.


Those words rang out to all of you watching as another ball of pure Twilight shot right out of the beasts' palm. Bowser accepted the ball with open arms, smirking as it began to envelop him once more. The beast upon the horse only watched as this happened, and so did all of you. Because, before you could think that this would end badly for you... Bowser screamed. Blood curdling screams emerged from the black mass of Twilight as you all began to watch in horror of what transpired before you. Although you couldn't see his body because of the overwhelming darkness which surrounded it, it was clear enough what was happening. Piece by piece, his skin was shedding off. It started out in flakes, but within seconds, chunks of reptilian skin began to fall onto the arena below. Bowser only screamed louder, louder than any of your attacks had ever hoped to achieve, as more and more pieces of his skin fell off. Dark blood oozed out of the darker mass, though within seconds it slowed to a still and became a dark, murky mass of Twilight.

The beast laughed as all of this transpired. It was clear that he wasn't laughing at your imminent defeat, but rather, Bowser's. His screams were like a symphony to the sadistic beast, lips curling into a smile behind the mask he wore as he observed from his horseback. Eventually, the laughter subsided, as he finally saw what Bowser had become. His skin and blood adorned the floors, and in its place, stood a new beast. One that had been purely consumed by the power it once sought. It no longer had a mind of its own, just a lust for power. No skin, no organs, no brain. Just a pure lust for destruction.

Dry Bowser.

The beast laughed as it watched the now mindless husk that was once Bowser look around and sniff like an animal, its small, orange eyes searching around like a dog who was trying to find its next meal. The beast laughed upon its horseback as it yanked the horse up into the air on its hind legs, said horse letting out a deep exhale. Smoke fired out of its nostrils as the beast proceeded to give it a swift kick to its sides, the horse riding off into the distance and disappearing into a cloud of pure Twilight alongside its master. Just as soon as it had arrived, it was gone.

Dry Bowser was left to stare at you, however. It did not speak, for it had no tongue. Instead, its eyes only focused on you as it stared onward. This was it. You knew it. It was smaller than its Giga form, and judging by its animal-like actions, it didn't have much of a brain to dodge your attacks like Bowser did before. However, it still appeared to be pretty strong. But deep down you knew it. One last set of attacks would finish him off for good!

Dry Bowser let out a roar that shook the entire arena, and as you stared onward towards your foe, you had made up your mind.

It was time to finish this, once and for all.

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