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I would be down for joining this. I’ll admit that I haven’t seen all the DC films, but I have read a fair bit of the comics. My main question in relation to my character idea is if the Green is a thing in this RP? Basically an energy field that connects all plant life.

My character would be a scientist who was working on a terra forming technology that would turn unusable land in fertile fields. However, he would be offered a lot of money to steal the project and hand it over to an organization who wishes to use it as a weapon. When this deal was supposed to go down, an accident happened and my character was exposed to the terra forming technology. This accident would kill everyone living in the nearby town, put my character would survive, now a man-plant hybrid connected to the Green. He would go on the run for awhile, before being arrested and taken to Belle Reve.

If that concept doesn’t work, please let me know. I want to have a firm idea on who I’m playing before I make my character sheet.
I wanna play a unicorn. Like she is a shapeshifter. Like by day she a surly skater chica that rejected society but when she shifts into a UNICORN!! she becomes all heroic and happy. But is like the hulk when she fights and soooo much collateral damage. Best intentions pave the road to he'll kinda deal?

Is this too silly? If not all goods I have another concept brewing. Oh and the unicorn runs on a rainbow path.
Lost Martian Lost Martian BuggaBoo BuggaBoo Both those ideas are fire!! The Green and unicorns are both a go. Feel free to run wild, y'all!

Lol let's make it a contest. The character who causes the most collateral damage in the name of justice receives a medal.
My car should be posted later today (Decided to with a Ressurected Human with Music based powered cause why not)
Posted my girlie. Decided to go with recycle of Shine since i was getting burned out with the sheer size of the Cs for my unicorn girlie. That aaaaaaaand like we have basically doomsday 2.0 in the jail lol
eyo SOMEONE said that SOMEONE was gunna put up SOMEONE'S OOC on Wed night? Is it wed night where SOMEONE is right now in their SOMEONE lands?
Ayup! Someone got the job done! Here y'all go!

Still working on my character sheet, and after all this I think I'mma make an inmate too, but I'll hop in from time to time. I'll be more active plotting once both my babes are complete, but don't be afraid to hit me up with ideas until then!
Oh but of course! Levina is coming in like a Lightning bolt (Hehe)

homer simpson lightning GIF
youngiiie youngiiie Thank you for your interest, and we are most definitely still accepting! Please feel free to check out the CS thread linked in the first post!! I hope to see your character sheet(s) soon. 💛

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