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Fantasy Before the Storm... [Main]

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Location: Ehwaz Hills

Mal watched the carnage unfold before him and his thoughts clicked to one thing - he was very glad that Drem was on his side instead of the other. Undead orcs threw themselves in wild abandon, weapons swinging and hacking through the group. He stood up as the undead horde passed him and watched with wide eyes as the bodies piled together and in its place, a titan of a being. He couldn't help the nervous and amazed chuckle that emerged from his mouth. "Wow..." He's never really seen Drem's abilities for himself in action before but now that he was...

Necromancy was just so cool and Drem was even more cooler!

As the amalgam extended its hand to them, he looked at it unsurely. He turned to Drem as she laughed and hopped on, urging him to hurry up as well. It took him a moment before his eyes widened. "You mean-" And just like that, Drem confirmed his suspicions and his grin matched hers. "Mal Time!" He cheered on as he quickly hopped onto the behemoth's hand. It lifted them off the ground and Mal looked around the battlefield. Oh, the general's troops were moving. He didn't even notice. But bodies were already strewn around the battlefield, if they weren't already part of Drem's ever increasing undead horde. There were mammoths being ridden, orcs riding on top and pelting people with spears and arrows.

A flash of light from the outpost. Myung-Hwa and Miroku seemed to have taken the defensive line. That meant Mal didn't have to worry about a stray boulder anymore. Good.

"Over there." Mal pointed at one of the mammoths and pounding his fist against his chest with the widest grin on his face. "Let's take down those orcs." He sheathed the kanabo and took out his handaxes. At the last moment, he felt another surge of power. He looked down to see Amunis there, bloody, alive and preaching. He gave a wave to the crazed man before turning back to Drem, signaling that he was ready. He took a deep breath, keeping his eyes set on his location.

And just like that, the Behemoth sent him hurtling towards the top of a mammoth. With both luck and instinct, Mal stopped himself by barreling through the orcs and pushing himself off the pile he had amassed. They all recovered fairly quickly, drawing their weapons. He readied his handaxes as the orcs turned their attention back to him. Mal sped forward, ducking under a strike and pushed the orc to the side, sending him down. As another charged at him from the side, Mal cleaved through the orc's head with a vertical slash and brought the body to his side to block the arrow of the orc archer. The orc released another arrow that embedded onto his his bicep before he could adjust but he shrugged it off. Mal used the orc as cover and once the archer released his bow in favor of his shortsword, Mal threw away the body and he jumped up and slammed both axes into the orc, breaking through the orc's flimsy defense and taking his life.

Now that that was over with, the next problem was the mammoth. He... was not sure how to ride a mammoth. He's ridden horses before but never a mammoth. But, it was always worth a try. It was a bit agitated but Mal tried to calm it down first. He grabbed the reins and though he struggled for a few moments, managed to get the mammoth to turn where he wanted. He waved at Drem before pointing at the other mammoths. There were so many! The others were already taking down some at least. He urged the mammoth to head towards the others and Mal prepared to jump ship, taking out his handaxes once again. Once he was within jumping range, he urged the mammoth to run away before getting off and landing on the other.

Everything felt so light as he turned to the three orcs, undeterred by his sudden appearance. He ran towards one of them who immediately threw his sword up to block the hit but Mal's overwhelming strength blew past the block, sending the sword away, and he immediately followed up with the other handaxe, slicing through his head like it was hot knife to butter. He let out a small grunt as he felt the blade connect with his back and he spun around and disarmed the orc. Before Mal could strike again, a knife plunged into his back. The cursed human let out another hiss before throwing his handaxe up and grabbing the orc by the neck and turned around to turn the orc into a makeshift club. He reeled back and threw his makeshift bat into his fallen companion and watched them tumble down the mammoth, dead before they even reached the ground, he hoped. Mal caught his handaxe and sheathed it again. He reached out to his back and pulled out the bone knife and examined it. It was in surprisingly good condition. He decided to keep it before almost being thrown off balance as the mammoth he was standing on began to aggressively shake and stomp, trying to throw Mal off its back. He did try to keep his balance but...

Next thing he knew, he was airborne. Mal twisted himself into a landing form and watched as the ground grew closer. He managed to properly roll and diffuse most of the force from the fall but he ended up on his back after a misjudged distance. Before he could even breathe, the mammoth was near him and still very much agitated but seemed to only lock in on him, the others are just unfortunate collateral. Mal quickly rolled away as it tried to stomp on him and he began running off to a less densely populated area so there were no casualties from the rampaging mammoth. He charged into an area of orcs but they seemed to have a moment of clarity and scrambled out of the way.


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The slaughter has continued…. but he spent most of it either watching certain areas of key interest, or killing an Orc that dared challenged him in a melee. But one thing he did see was the General dealing with an Orc, no…. dealing is not the right word to describe what the General was doing….. more like toying with the poor helpless Orc. Watching as the man parried every blow from the Orc, like he wanted to keep it alive, hearing yelling from the General before seeing him decapitate the kneeling Orc.

Before he could say anything about the fight between the Orc and the General, he saw a Mammoth grab the man with its trunk and throw him like a sack of potatoes against a large rock. His cold dead eyes now show emotion, a state of disbelief, as he begins to make his way to the General in order to see if the man’s soul hasn’t left his body, being careful to get out of the path of the rampaging creature.

After reaching the large rock, he went to check up on the fallen General…. before seeing the strange cluster of snakes that were now appearing on the rock that the General was on. Now having a very confused look on his face, he only thought of the safety of the General as he put his sword into its sheath as he began to throw the snakes away from the General, flinching in pain from some of the snake bites he endured during this process. After that little problem… he then yelled out in common “Hey…! I need a healer here right now, the General is not looking too good!” Before getting in a defensive position to protect the leader of the assault. One foolish Orc tried to compete against him in order to claim the life of the General…… but like most others he faced, it was like putting down a small and rabid dog. A sword slice to its right shoulder blade, making the Orc drop it’s singular hand axe, before starting his execution.

He would pin the Orc’s right foot by placing his kite shield onto the floor, pinning the foot, before quickly removing his left hand from the shield. Then…. using his now freed left arm, he then grabbed the Orc by the throat, before taking his sword and slowly pushing into the Orc’s chest. A few more seconds of antagonizing pain…. the Blade finally reached the heart as the Orc finally drew its last breath. Letting the body fall down as he picked the shield back up with his left hand. After killing the Orc, he heard a hiss from what he assumed was a snake, before looking at Kamaria with a confused look on his face. “What are you doing here…. are you the healer or did you somehow stumble across this battle here..” he said, while motioning towards the ‘alive…?’ General laying on the large rock. He saw the woman make no action in order to answer back, only to walk past him towards the General. While he was not gonna waste time to figure out if she was truly what he thought she was…. every second counts. But he made sure to not only keep an eye on his surroundings but also keep an eye on the ‘healer’ just in case if they were not truly with them. Occasionally looking at his surroundings for any form of flank, he saw the person grab a vial with a green liquid and then transferred it by……. he wished he was joking when thinking of what the hell she is doing, but apparently that kiss of hers still worked in the end. A quick look at her face during this process revealed an innocent and very out of place look that this person had….... but he cast those aside as he turned around to meet the charge of an Orc.

Side stepping to the left and leaving his right foot in the path of the Orc, he made the brutish savage trip and fell straight to the floor. If the overwhelming embarrassment wasn’t enough to kill it, then the sword to the skull would have done the same. Looking back at the General and the healer, he said “Is the General fine or do I have to go show you how it is truly done.” in a not-so-happy tone.

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Dremnime gleefully guffawed as she felt her powers rise at the expense of Amunis' wellbeing. It was a beautiful feeling; she was standing on the crown of a colossal abomination, magic surging, adrenaline pumping, and moments away from witnessing a flying Mal. What could possibly be more awesome than this!? Okay, that might be an exaggeration. Drem could still name a few things that would be way better, but she couldn't stop herself from being dramatic. As such, her voice boomed with fiery declaration:

"YES! ALL SHALL COWER BEFORE MY POWER!" Amidst her crazed daze, she failed to notice Amunis plowing himself back to the enemy lines. Instead, her attention has been entirely stolen by her favorite subject, instructing her where he wished to be thrown. With another laugh, she obeyed and commanded her amalgam to move, planting her feet firmly on its head to prevent herself from falling as it twisted its massive body and hurled the berserker. Drem threw her hands up in the air and let out a triumphant cry when her human projectile hit its intended targets perfectly. It made her silently thankful of the times she spent throwing rocks at birds when she was still a child.

However, it wasn't long before her favorite subject started needing her help again. She squinted her eyes as she tried to make out Mal's waving form, signalling her to do something. She couldn't quite figure it out just yet but it probably involved mammoths. A lot of mammoths. Then it clicked, just as she watched the poor lad rocketing through the air once again, an angry mammoth hot on his trail.

"Oh dear, I think he's going to get trampled." She pressed a finger against her lips thoughtfully. She should probably help him. "Hang on, my sweet and dumb subject!"

With a flick of her wrist, her amalgam rushed towards the distressed young man. The ground trembled with each of the giant's steps, disorienting the orcs that have been lucky enough to be not on its way while squashing the poor souls that were. Drem once again laughed, clearly taking pleasure from the unfurling chaos. Everyone looked like ants from her position, and they might as well be one with how powerless they seemed against her.

At least that was what she thought.

She didn't account for the few, bold orcs that managed to get on her amalgam's legs. They climbed the titan, using the protruding limbs and heads of their fused, zombified kin as leverage, until they reached its crown where Drem resided. The necromancer quickly turned around upon feeling their presences, a surprised gasp leaving her lips as her lilac eyes widened. One of the orcs, probably the smarter one, seized the opportunity and swung his large axe. Drem swiftly ducked with a yelp, aiming her staff towards her adversary before it released a beam of pink energy. The impact caused the brute to blast off the still-running amalgam, coaxing a proud huff from Drem.

Even so, she shouldn't be celebrating just yet. She still had three unwanted guests with her. "You cockroaches just reminded me of something." Drem mischievously grinned. Puzzled, the orcs shared a look before flinging their attentions back to the necromancer, weapons raised as they carefully trudged forward. "When I was ten, my master brought home this odd-looking fruit. It was circular and orange with lots of seeds inside. I really liked it. Such a shame that I forgot the name... Oh wait! I think I'm starting to remember it..." The orcs drew closer and closer until they were but a step away. "It's at the tip of my tongue..." Their weapons were raised, moments away from cutting her head off- "Oh! I remember it now!"

Just as they swung, the amalgam unceremoniously snapped its head back, catching the orcs off-balance until they slipped from the behemoth's head and cascaded down its back. A smirk tugged on Drem's lips while her staff began glowing.

"SQUASH!" Drem screamed as she pointed her artefact down and ejected herself off the amalgam with a pink blast. "IT'S DREM TIME~!" She madly added as she shot through the air as a cackling mess. Her amalgam wasted no time and forced itself to fall backwards, its wide and heavy body colliding with the ground with a thundering thud, sandwiching the unfortunate orcs in the process. She continued laughing like the madwoman that she was as her amalgam rolled down a slope and headed straight for the mammoth that was terrorizing Mal... and for him and the orc horde in extension.

Oh well~! Drem could only hope that Mal was either an incredible runner or jumper. Besides, it wasn't like she was in any position to worry about others. She was plummeting to the ground like a cannonball after all.

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Asha couldn't stop herself from smiling, and then from laughing when she heard Elesis' comment about the company they kept. The leader of the Wings of Valor was correct on both accounts. Knowing what she did about each member of their band, she did expect such antics from them, even when they were partnered with other companies. They had to be true to themselves. Elesis was also right about this not being a battle for her. While Fen was capable of fighting large hordes and taking little damage, Asha was better suited to fighting small groups with the aid of her partner. "Take care of yourself out there." Her soft voice wished as she watched Elesis depart for the front lines. Each of their members was a highly skilled fighter in their respective fields, but that didn't stop the priestess from worrying over their safety. None of them were invincible,not the mightiest among them,not even her with many more years of experience than the rest and Elven life. As the Galarian soldiers rushed by her, Asha turned towards the south, her eyes instantly skimming the horizon for any sign of Kaze. From her current distance she could not spy the archer. A heavy sigh left her lips just before she started towards the southern hills that Elesis had mentioned.

ON the field of war Fen'Harel treated the orc enemies like they were prey, toys to be played with, and even insects to be crushed. He hopped around the battlefield with great ease, a gust of wind from his large wings every minute threw him high enough to bounce over a group of orcs. The Griffin crashed down, its talons stomping and kicking up dust. His eight foot wingspan stretched out with unrivaled momentum and crashed into orcs on either side of him. They thrown like ragdolls, scattered to other parts of the battlefield.

As she neared the southern hills Asha caught a foul scent lingering in the air which burned her eyes and caused them to tear up. Fighting against orcs that was the tell tale sign if a shaman. Just as her heart rate started to spike and she began to worry for Kaze's safety she spotted the young man nearby. Thankfully he was aware of the shaman's presence and as she watched the two, she was reminded of how deadly the archer could be. "Well done, Kaze!" Asha cheered, her soft hands lightly applauding on her approach. "As usual you made quick work of your opponent." She stopped with a few feet of space still between them and then turned to look out at the war. "Any news to help and old woman pass the time?"

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Astora had decided to forgo verbal counting in favor of keeping track mentally, and it seemed to be more efficient. With a flick of his wrist he disarmed a savage orc, his other hand finding the orc's throat in a show of force as he was drained lifeless. Orcs and Galarians lie dead all round him, and yet more orcs kept coming along to the chopping block. Idly Astora wished he went with Minoru and Myung to the back of their horse. He would have free reign to use his magic as he pleased, not limiting himself in front. An oversight on his part, but it was practically inconsequential.

Keeping up his work killing orc after orc, Astora failed to notice the small rock that flew towards him and hit him on the back of his neck. "When did an orc get behind m- oh." He trailed off, impaling an orc on his own spear as he looked on at Luna try to unsuccessfully fend off a rather muscular orc. He watched on for half a second, wondering if she'd have some trick up her sleeve. They were both Wings of Valor after all; even she would have some combat prowess?

No she didn't. Astora dashed to the struggle and wedged his dagger into the side of his neck, pulling it out through the nape of his neck. The damage was more than enough to heal any mark or injury the rock caused, and as the beast's head slipped back he moved out of the way to let it and subsequently the body drop. Looking down at the recovering Luna he flicked off the blood from his dagger and smiled slightly.

"Pardon, you seemed to be in quite the tussle. Sorry I didn't see you earlier, my senses are quite muddled at the moment. Are you alright? Collect yourself, I'll watch over you for now."

It seemed like she was aiding a soldier, so the least he could do was make sure she could do that. Replacing his dagger in his hidden sheath, he turned on a heel to keep guard. While the fight between the Galarians and the orcs raged on most were occupied, but two did approach. The snake's hissing aside, this was not a threat. The orcs made the first move, one armed with a hand axe while the other used a shortened spear. The first orc came for a wild horizontal swing and Astora flipped Emperor in his hand,letting the flat of the blade rest against his forearm as he parried and disarmed the axe wielder. But as his free hand went for the midair axe, glancing blow tore the sleeve of his dress shirt and resulted in a shallow cut. "You boorish troglodyte! This shirt is more expensive than your tribe!" Astora grumbled, catching the hand axe and embedding it in the forehead of the culprit. "Not that you brutes are worth much anyway." He added as he glowered at the weapon less orc from the corner of his eye before they turned to run. Gripping the short spear from the death addled hands of the other orc, Astora drew it up to his shoulder and threw it into the enemies' fleeing form.

Looking down at his torn sleeve, he stared at the now nonexistent wound on his forearm, like there was never a wound there in the first place. "While I'm thankful to my magic, I do wish it could repair clothing. Though I suppose it's my fault for not wearing armor."

A tap on his sword arm caused Astora to look on as Luna supposedly gave him another touch of luck as thanks. He nodded as she ran off, and Astora dove back into the fray, beautifully slashing and stabbing any who opposed his hand. Out of the corner he noticed Drem atop her amalgam, and then not atop her amalgam. "Oh dear. Well she isn't too far, I can make tha…...wait." Astora trailed off, noticing that accursed armor instantly as he flipped off an orc to get space from the dying horde. Perfect. Time to aide his….. was it teacher today? He made a bee line for that stupid armor and the person inside of it, skidding to a halt behind her. Time to put on an act. "Elesis! Drem is in danger, look! She's falling! You've got to catch her, only you can move that fast!" An obvious lie, but he was counting on her panic, not rationality. He even made a panicked look as he pointed at her falling form, other hand on Elesis's shoulder to get her attention. Was Elesis going to get at him later for not catching Drem despite being fully capable of doing so? Maybe. Was this not the intended use for the years of strategy and tactics instilled in him? Most definitely. But he'd do something nice for his friend and sometimes teacher today, regardless of if it was the middle of a battle or not. He could always follow right behind if Elesis couldn't do it after all. Suppressing a smirk, he continued.



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The outpost had been cleared, outside of but a few remaining stragglers, most of which remained atop the second guard tower. After a few words exchanged from the Ninja, he soon ran off to dispatch the remaining orcs. This gave Myung-hwa a moment to herself, as she ran towards the siege weaponry she had seen earlier by the gates, she had an idea, and one Elesis would fear. First thing's first, scouting the area in question, the mists were still thick, though the sounds of shouting paired with heavy footfalls, as Myung-hwa quickly leapt to the inner side of the palisade, she still couldn't see a thing within the combat zone. Her brows furrowed, this was beyond frustrating for the vulpine woman, as she wanted to help more than what she's done already, especially with the titan-like beasts the Orcs used.

That's when the idea struck her, if a ballista is used to topple massive walls seen in places like Galar, if it possessed enough force to do that... What could it do to something like a mammoth? In the mist, it was an easier time to find the hulking masses within, the only problem is that she couldn't get an exact location, blind firing would be a horrible idea, as, she could easily hit her own allies as opposed to the targets she wants to hit. A quick thought came across her, as she looked to her ninja friend, "Minoru, I will need your help." Her words cut through the ambient silence, as her eyes set on the ninja, his speed was her idea, "How fast could you possibly get to Lady Elesis? I've an idea"

She would wait for Minoru, she knew he was fast, and worst came to worst, he'd have some idea in flying, what Myung-hwa needed, was Minoru to get to Elesis, and deliver a message, send a signal of any sort of the Mammoth beings, allowing for Myung-hwa to at least try to end one or two with a ballista bolt. The plan was obviously insane, and had more of a chance of failure, but, should it work, it would prove pivotal in bringing down those beasts before they ran out of control. Explaining this plan was quick, should Minoru agree, which would leave Myung-hwa alone for a mild time, or at least until the ninja came back to back her up once again, but, the idea could work, especially knowing that infantry wouldn't last against beasts like that with ease, Wings of Valor or not. Myung-hwa wouldn't let a single one of her allies become harmed, not without retribution from the vulpine woman.

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The battle continued, the tribeswoman and her bear wreaked havoc in the middle of the battlefield, minding only themselves as she was confident that the Wings of Valor can handle themselves quite fine against such simpletons. She jumped, evading an orc that lunged for her as she landed on top of his head and brought it to the ground. "Hah! As if you could land a hit on me." She said in jeer at the orcs in general.

"AAAGGHH!" A woman screamed, clad in Galarian armor as an Orc was about to smash her head. Aenvhir ran towards them, ax at her side as she swung it to the back of the orc. Letting it linger as the ice crept to the orc's green skin, until it froze him completely. "What is a wimp like you doing here? Is this the best troops that Galar can provide? Are you even a soldier? There was so much you could have done to prevent that hammer from crushing your skull." The Blood Warrior asked with irritation, her back at the woman she just protected.

"This is war, and in war, there is always death. That is to be expected." She swung her ax at the chest of the orc that had their sights on them. The woman tried to speak up but there was nothing that came out of her mouth. "Are you not a proud soldier of Galar?"

"I am." The woman said weakly.

"I can't exactly hear you over these screaming orcs."

Aenvhir could hear the clanking of armor from behind her, "I AM A PROUD SOLDIER OF GALAR AND I WILL BRING GLORY TO MY KINGDOM." It was only then that the tribeswoman looked back, a smirk on her lips as she said, "Then go and beat the shit out of these foolish orcs."

The two of them charged, Dovahl right behind them. The soldier was precise and willful in each strike that she did while fought Aenvhir was like a ferocious beast. In the corner of her eye was the mammoths coming into view, charging through. A wide smile, almost crooked as a mischievous glint shone in her eyes. "Hhrraah!" She flipped, giving momentum as she bashed her ax to the ground. Spikes of cold ice crawled on the battlefield, stabbing an orc or two along the way.

A mammoth tripped over the wall of ice, squeezing a few orcs like into a pulp. She rushed over and climbed the gigantic creature to kill the green-skinned Wintertusks riding it. Bang! Her ax hit a metal shield, putting a dent to it before her hair was pulled by another. A flare of anger burned in her chest so suddenly, "Never... touch the hair." Aenvhir grabbed an orc's armor and slammed her forehead to the other. She then elbowed the one from behind her, pulling her hair further in its hand.

She took its armor and slammed the bastard to the ground, a fervor of strength in her veins. She stabbed the orc at the back with her dagger, encasing her enemy in ice. Dovahl quickly appeared by her side, giving him a quick pat on the head as she heard Drem scream at the top of her lungs. "IT'S DREM TIME~!"

She watched as the woman was about to fall, Astora yelling for Elesis to save her, and an amalgam rolling over to another behemoth and Mal. "Come, Dovahl." He was quick to understand, Aenvhir rode her beastly companion over to their good friend. The wind slapped her face as the frost coated bear ran with all his strength, as fast as he can to save his favorite friend from turning into mush. Closer and closer. Dovahl roared to get Mal's attention, while Aenvhir has her hand reaching for him. "Let's get out of here, kid."

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    An orc's swung his hand axe with uncurbed force down at Elesis, though the tarnished steel of his weapon collided with Calibrum. The paladin had her free palm underneath the flat of her sword to stop it from flailing from the impact. Quickly, the orc's impetus diminished, allowing for a counter-attack. Elesis pushed her blade at an angle, throwing the orc off and generating a window of opportunity. In a liquescent movement, she spun with her blade while performing an overhead slash that sliced the orc's flank. A CRUNCH sound confirmed the breaking of ribs as the sword embedded itself deep into the orc's body.

    Elesis forcefully withdrew her longsword from the corpse. Almost the entire span of the blade was coated in semi-viscous blood.

    The paladin then became alerted when she heard brisk footsteps coming towards her. Gingerly, she shifted her stance and held Calibrum in front of her. However, her tense body eased a little when she confirmed the approacher to be a friend rather than a foe.

    "Elesis! Drem is in danger, look! She's falling! You've got to catch her, only you can move that fast!" Astora, the Fortian thrill-seeker, said in a parlous tone.

    Drem is in danger?! Elesis immediately whipped her head in the direction indicated by her comrade, eyes as wide as the full moon. It wasn't hard to spot a pink figure plummeting from the sky in this dull environment.

    "Dremnime!" the silver-haired woman sheathed her blade and started running, adrenaline coursing through her veins. Cold air bit into her lungs. She prayed that she could make it. No, I have to make this.

    The necromancer was only a couple seconds from crashing into the rocky earth; Elesis was a few meters away from being in range to catch her. It was all or nothing. In a mighty bound, Elesis leapt into the air and caught the pink enthusiast in her arms before crashing back onto the floor. Her feet skidded across the dirt, creating two small fissures downslope until they lost momentum.

    When they finally stopped, Elesis looked Dremnime in the eyes, letting her amber orbs melt into the other woman's. In spite of her apprehensive countenance, she still felt the need to scold the young necromancer. "Dremnime, what were you thinking?! How many times have I told you not to be so reckless!"

    Elesis pursed her lips, trying to conceal the slight smile eventually curving her lips. Being mad at Dremnime was something she'd always struggled with; it was a weakness of hers.

    "Come here." Elesis gave in, pulling Drem close into an embrace. "But please, Dremnime, you need to stop scaring me like that."


    The motion the general cannot take plagued him.

    Lying helplessly on the dirt, he possessed an imperceptible amount of awareness. He could hear the battle taking place around him, but he could not see. He felt the urge to slay his enemies, but he could not pick up his sword. Damn it!

    For a while, it stayed like that, until he felt a cool liquid rush down his gullet. By some miracle, his eyes slowly opened, and he could feel his limbs once again. Around him, there were two others. A dark knight and a barefooted girl. Were they protecting him? Were they the one's who saved him?

    "Who are you both...? One of Elesis's?" the general said in a hoarse voice. He sat himself up and leaned against the rock, and then with the back of his hand, he wiped any resides from the liquid around his mouth.

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With confirmation that the garrison unit was defeated, Minoru wrestled his kunai from the dead shaman’s skull. He kept Myung in his peripheral vision, watching her tinker with the ballistas. The call for help didn’t surprise him, as he had similar ideas. “We don’t have a clear shot, but...” It was true; such bulky pieces of equipment would work to their detriment with the battlefield so obscured. Still, he quickly deliberated on something. “Let me see what I can do.”

On that note, Minoru loaded himself into the catapult’s bucket and slashed the rope. The spring released its tension in an instant, the arm hurling him into the mist. He sheathed Onigui and curled up in the fetal position so his body gave less wind resistance. The plan worked well; Minoru dropped down the kagi, snagging an orc by the strap of its chestplate. The ugly, skidding counterweight slowed his momentum until he was able to surf on it. He dove under a mammoth that proceeded to trample the mangled orc. The battlefield was truly chaos with these war beasts running amok, but he was determined to find Elesis.

The paladin wasn’t difficult to find. Locate the falling pinkette and one can find Elesis diving to catch her. One unfortunate orc tried to Intercept Minoru—keyword: tried. Two green arms and a maul plopped onto the ground, the wail of an orc and a shower of blood heralding the shinobi’s arrival. “All clear. Myung wants to use the siege weapons on the mammoths,” he reported, ruining their little moment. The storm clouds in the distance caught his eye, though he said nothing about it yet.
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In Mal's mind, there was no way his situation can get any worse. Even as orcs started to face him once they were out of the way and were planning on simply pelting him with arrows and spears while the mammoth continued to rampage towards him. It was completely fine! He had survived far worse and he couldn't even feel any of the injuries that he had retained earlier. It wasn't going as well as he had hoped in his head, but every battle turned out like that. There were a few hurdles but he was sure that they would all pull through!

Then he heard Drem's unmistakable voice. Then a loud thud. Then...

He looked to where he had been looking at Drem earlier to see that the behemoth of an amalgam was now rolling down towards him and the mammoth and practically flattening anything that dared stand in its way. On the bright side, it was thinning out the orc horde as they scrambled to either outrun the fallen amalgam or get out of its way but its sheer speed proved all of those efforts for vain. For all purposes of Drem's plan, or what he assumed was her plan to save him, it was pretty much successful and a win for their team!

Now if only he could get out of there without getting squashed himself. He risked another look. Technically, he could make the jump. "You could." He could definitely just jump over it. Though he would have to time when to jump to avoid getting caught up by the rolling mass of flesh. So there was that risk. "Come on, it'll be great!" As they said, the voice in your head is almost never wrong unless they're telling you to commit mass homicide on innocent townsfolk!

Before Mal could stop, however, he heard Dovahl's roar and he turned to the direction of the sound to see Dovahl and Aenvhir heading straight for him with a hand extended. "Oh!" He reached out to her and grabbed her hand as his body shifted back to his smaller sized self, his weapons safely stashed onto his side and back. The pair had managed to get him out of the range of the rolling beast which has now successfully thrown the mammoth off by slamming into it and making it fall. He let out a small chuckle. "That was fun! I saw Drem falling earlier when that thing was rolling down. Was she okay?" He asked, as if they weren't still in the middle of battle and that this was only a small reprieve before they were going to be thrown back into carnage.

. D O V E


It wasn't everyday you see a pink girl falling from the sky.
Unless you were good friends with Dremnime.

The necromancer's laughter continued rupturing as she quickly descended, eyes shut tight as the wind slapped her face and the start of a burning sensation made itself apparent on her back. "Woah! This feels awesome!" Of course, Drem wasn't suicidal; she didn't really intend to die. Before she blasted herself off her amalgam, she theorized that her launch boots could probably handle the land so long as she landed upright, somehow. It might be more far-fetched than she assumed but hey, if she survived having all her bones literally cracked at once then she had a great chance of living through this. Besides, she strategically picked the direction of her unceremonious motion.

And just as she was about to maneuver herself, something whisked her mid-air. Whatever it was, it awfully felt like a familiar pair of cold and plated arms coming to her rescue. Drem yelped a bit during the rough landing, and her ears picked up the sound of metals clanking and the ground shattering. Her face brightened half a moment before she even opened her eyes.

"Ele!" She happily chirped as her lilac eyes fluttered open. "Wow! You actually caught me!" She giggled with great exhilaration and hints of relief before both emotions got completely mollified by the paladin's pool of ambers. Elesis' face was so close; she looked so beautiful even with her face all contorted with worry and her hair messy from the superhuman leap she just made. Drem felt her chest tighten. It was almost akin to what she'd feel whenever she'd mess up in front of the Lich King except it's pleasant and there were butterflies in her stomach instead of nauseous dread.

Then Elesis started reprimanding her before pulling her to a tight embrace, as if she was afraid she to lose her. Drem couldn't quite understand it, but it made her feel warmer inside. "You're so silly, Ele..." She murmured as nestled her head on the crook of the knight's neck and wrapped her arms back. Elesis would always worry like this. It was like she kept on forgetting that Drem always get hurt ever since she was born. It was a nice feeling, though. Nobody ever treated her like this before. "Besides, I knew you'll be there for me."

The young necromancer was the first one to pull away from the heartfelt contact. However, for some reason, she found herself gravitating back as soon as she met her gaze. It was like Elesis learned how to cast a magnetic spell and Drem couldn't resist. Her lips looked absolutely inviting and her scent, coupled with the pungent smell of blood, made her even more intoxicating.

And so, Drem leaned slowly leaned forward. The moment felt so enchanting; she was fresh from a near death situation, her knight in shining armor dashed to her rescue, Elesis was staring at her so intently, droplets of blood hailed from the sky, a few orc limbs followed suit, and finally, when their lips were but one breath away from each other, a particular ninja emerged from behind.

“All clear. Myung wants to use the siege weapons on the mammoths,”

Surprised, Drem hastily untangled herself from Elesis and hopped off her arms, facing the seemingly oblivious Minoru with a beet red face. "What the actual hell, you beetlehead!?" Drem complained, throwing her hands up. She didn't really know why she was this frustrated at the man, but the urge to have an amalgam sit on his face was very strong at the moment. Thankfully, he at least arrived with an interesting news. "Wait, siege weapons on the mammoths? That's actually a fantastic idea!" Of course it was no match to her mammothaur idea but let's be honest, who could possibly be more brilliant than her?

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    "You're so silly, Ele..." Dremnime flippantly remarked.

    Elesis didn't respond. Instead, she squeezed a little tighter and gave her a long hug.

    "Besides, I knew you'll be there for me." the necromancer said, her tone laced with reassurance.

    Elesis's eyes flung open when Dremnime pulled away. Was something wrong? Well, of course, they were in the middle of a battle, but most of the fighting was taking place a little more uphill; the few orcs on the incline were already occupied. Besides, with their numbers dwindling, Elesis wouldn't have too much trouble with this many.

    Though, in a matter of moments, Dremnime was leaning back towards the paladin. Her face was closer than anything else. Elesis noticed the beguiled look in Dremnime's eyes, and she could even feel the other woman's gentle breath subtly on her skin.

    The silver-haired knight swallowed a lump. "D-Dremnime?" she whispered in an acquiescent tone. What was this?! Beneath her perdurable armour, Elesis's heart started pounding, harder, and harder. At this rate, she was convinced her vital organ was going to burst from her chest. The blood rushing through her veins was made conspicuous due to her flushed cheeks.

    "All clear. Myung wants to use the siege weapons on the mammoths," a voice called.

    Startled, and following suit with Dremnime, Elesis jumped to her feet. Her face was no less florid than the pink-haired woman stood beside her.

    "Minoru?!" Elesis said, pursing her lips. Dear gods, this was an embarrassing situation.

    "What the actual hell, you beetlehead!?" Dremnime was far less subtle about expressing her current emotions, but she calmed a little after considering what the shinobi had said. "Wait, siege weapons on the mammoths? That's actually a fantastic idea!"

    "She wants to use the siege weapons?" Elesis muttered, repeating what the ninja had said. The paladin placed her finger on her lips, thoughtfully. In honesty, the use of some of the weapons at the outpost could be dangerous in this terrain. It would be a threat to both sides. That being said, Elesis did have a plan in mind to clear the mist, but while the outpost was under the orcs' control that might've worked in the opposition's favour. I suppose, now that Myung-Hwa and Minoru have secured the outpost, the siege weapons might help us finish up this battle. Elesis raised her chin, "I have an idea..." she said cryptically.

    The paladin unsheathed her Holy Sword and held it straight in front of her with both hands on the hilt. A sudden and intense pressure surrounded Elesis. Her blade started to
    radiate with a bright light, taking a deep breath, Elesis thrust her sword towards the sky, unleashing an immense amount of magic, creating a beacon of light that breached the clouds above. Come on Kaze, it's all you... just like we practised.

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With Minoru coming to aid, he had confirmed what Myung-hwa was thinking, and was actually on board with her plan, both appeared to be on the same page again. Though, what transpired next was far more insane than the idea that Myung-hwa had, as she could only but watch as Minoru load himself in a catapult, "Hm. And here I thought he would need convincing...." She mumbled, before Minoru slashed the rope of the catapult, sending the ninja skyward, and into the mist. Watching for a moment, the vulpine woman couldn't help but gawk at the spectacle.

Yet, there was work to be done. Painting the familiar Earth symbol, Myung-hwa began adjusting the ballista she was to fire off first. Holding the earth was quite easy as she simply kept a hand trained on the sigil lingering in the air. Now came the hard part, waiting for the signal.

First, there was a light, that of an all-too-familiar holy sword, the signal given, was not for Myung-hwa, who held her hands steady, watching for the response, as now a beam of light shot into the skies above, it was a signal, yes, but for another, one who danced along the skies, Kaze. The amount of essence there was absurd, as the kumiho could feel the emotions present, hatred, anger, passion, love... At first she was unsure where the love came from, but there were ideas, as a pink-haired necromancer likely found the paladin. But, that was taken aside, as a coiling dragon came into her vision, paired with a tornado, Kaze went all out it'd seem, as now the mists had disappeared, leaving a valley of clear skies between the walls of moisture.

This gave Myung-hwa her chance, adjusting her hand one last time, she took aim at one of the mammoths, a breath came from her lips, followed by a small prayer, "
o uahan balam, nae bolteuleul jinsillo indohasibsio. (Oh graceful winds, guide my bolt true)" Her words were followed by what could possibly be the loudest THUNK sound she'd ever heard, paired with a massive shaft of wood, steel, and death flying through the air on white fletching. It was quite scary to say the least, as the vulpine woman watched the bolt fly, before landing off mark, she still hit the massive creature, though it appeared to tear through the later-half of the being before becoming lodged in the bloodied ribcage, a gruesome death, but one that had to happen. Looking at the now emptied machine of war, Myung-hwa had little idea how in the nine hells she was to reload the damned thing, as such, she released the earth, lowering the ballista to the ground, before raising another. Thankfully there was another ballista, though this one's bolt had been damaged in the attack from earlier. That mattered not, as, it was time for Myung-hwa to join her allies, stepping atop the bolt, she molded a small wind spell to her feet, keeping her on the shaft...

THUNK. The shaft soon went flying, aimed at another of the gargantuan beings, she had an idea, while it was not as sound as her plan to attack the outpost, it was better than nothing. At the last moment, she released the wind spell, and spread her arms and tails, slowing her down, while her transportation stayed it's course, hitting it's mark onto another gargantuan beast. Though she hadn't an idea of that, as one thing echoed in her mind...

Foxes cannot fly....


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It was not long after the procedure was done, was when the General woke up from unconscious and questioned the both of them and if they are with Elesis. He would have answered right away, if he wasn’t busy with an Orc impaled on the sword, and was currently squirming around in order to free itself from the sword in its gut, to no success. Making a sigh, as he pushed the sword into the ground, the sword now getting stuck and pinning the poor Orc as well. Reeling a fist back, he then made a punch that not only pushed the Orc down to the floor, but also managed to hit hard enough, that it’s not gonna get back up, unless it was raised as an zombie.

Removing the sword from the ground as well as slowly turning around to face the General and said in a tone that was audible enough for him to hear
“I do not know about the healer, but I am sure that I am part of Elesis’s forces. So, are you alright there and combat ready, or do you need a minute or two.” as he picked up the sword that the General once used and held it by the blade, offering the hilt and grip to the General. It was when he was rudely interrupted by a yelling and charging Orc, to which he growled in irritation as he used the blade the General once used, but not in the way most would have intended to use it. Using his Kite shield to block the hand axe of the Orc, he then countered by pushing the Orc back with his shield, before using the hilt of the General’s weapon as a blunt weapon, swinging while the metal gloves protected him from the blade. And surprisingly, it was an effective weapon, for one hit to the head had managed to impale the side of the hilt to the Orc’s head, before he simply kicked the Orc off the weapon.

Turning back to the General and handing out his now slightly bloody sword, he said
“Sorry about that..... Orc’s are really annoying and don’t really deserve to be fought like real soldiers. And.... I suggest you wipe the blood off the shirt if you are unnerved by it...” as he offered the sword once more to the General, waiting for his reaction.

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Minoru gave Dremnime a cold, indifferent sideways glance. He wasn't in the slightest bit apologetic for disrupting her poorly-timed cuddle session. He instead looked up to watch Elesis hurl the ray of holy light straight upward. Knowing the Wings of Valor as well as he did, the shinobi knew what would come next. One of Kaze's penultimate spells tore through the obscuring mist, the vapor taking its time to settle. In the meantime, Myung had the perfect opening to take her shots, the first of which she did with the utmost finesse. The other, though...

Minoru's eye caught an unexpected large figure flying with immense velocity. Myung-Hwa had launched herself atop a ballista bolt. "Foxes cannot fly," he acknowledged audibly before springing into action to save the Kumiho from herself.

Some soldiers were struggling with a mammoth, which was thrashing about in an attempt to win against their pikes. Minoru ran as fast as his feet could carry him and leapt onto its tusks as it threw its head upwards, making itself useful as a springboard with a twist. The resulting leap was at an angle, the stealth specialist twisting to grab his flying partner before she could pass and slam into the ground. Grabbing her, he used her momentum and his weight to swing down, with Myung acting as his axis. They then switched roles as they touched down, Minoru twirling on the ball of his foot. Inertia and friction slowed them, quickly punctuating a dizzying but overall safe landing with unprecedented levels of panache.

Since Myung was not the type who favored being held or carried, Minoru immediately let her down.

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Kamaria would say nothing, obviously, but she continued to look him all over in case of other injuries. An irritated hiss from Inyoka would be his only reply, Kamria would gently push the snake's head back from getting too close to the general's face. He was fine, or should be at the very least. Touching his face she gave him a touch of luck, if she had known he would be so fragile she would have given him something earlier. Standing up she was still not much taller, maybe he would recognize her as the one who tumbled down the hill earlier. She had no time to try and prove her identity. Using her detect life again she stumbled, the jolt of pain of taking in too much information was too unexpected. Visual it was then. Not in the position to ask for persimmon she jumped up onto the shield man, using his extended arm to boost herself up to peer over his shoulder. Just as she did so she saw the chaos of some flying through the air, fires, mammoths being let loose, monstrosities of the undead walking about. She slid off the man’s back, throwing her head back to do a silent groan. Casualties casualties. Throughout everyone's actions of unplanned chaos, and making it up as I go, The soldiers were caught between trying to fight for their lives and staying out of the WoV way. She ran back into the fray of things, very motivated for someone who was not paying attention to what they were fighting for in the first place. She did not get too far when a hand reached out to grab onto her pants, she turned around to see the injured troop begging out for help. The only problem was that this was not a soldier, or another member of her group, it was an orc. How much pain could the woman have been in to be calling out for help in a disillusioned manner. What was she supposed to do.She gripped onto her staff as she met the woman's eyes, leaning down she reached her hand out only to snatch it back when a sword was plunged into the orc’s throat. She looked up at the man and sighed standing back up. She did not give it much thought as she ran off to heal other troops, making sure to avoid any of the fallen enemies to reduce the temptation.

. D O V E


"Wooooah....," Dremnime couldn't stop herself from marveling when Elesis unleashed a column of light from her sword. Despite being a necromancer herself, she couldn't deny the majesty of its display as she squinted her eyes and peered towards the sky, silently wondering if the beam could reach the gods' realm itself. She once asked her master about them. The Lich King told her that they live way up there, beyond the clouds and away from sinful mortals. He also told her the divines didn't care about them- if anything, they repulse dark arts practitioners. It was why they'd send crusaders and paladins to vanquish them.

At the thought, Dremnime moved her lilac eyes from the beacon of light to Elesis. It seemed like her master was wrong.

"Hmm, I wonder if I'll lose my hand if I touch it." She muttered to herself before rising on her tip toes. They had quite the height difference, and it definitely wasn't helping that Elesis was holding the sword so high up. However, before she could even move an arm, Dremnime felt a gust of wind.

"Wooooah!" The necromancer momentarily forgot how to breathe as a massive, ethereal serpent soared past them and ripped through the fog. "That was so freakin' cool! I wanna ride it!" She bounced on her spot a little bit, shining eyes following the dragon's form until it disappeared from view. She wished she could conjure her own dragon! It would be so nice and cool. She bet Astora and Mal would be so damn amazed their eyes would literally pop out of their skulls and dance to a happy tune.

As she was staring at the freshly cleared up view, Dremnime managed to catch sight of a flying kumiho. She glanced at Minoru when he mentioned something about foxes and flying right before he rushed to catch Myung. "Ugh, look at Minoru and Myung cuddling over there. Right in the eye of war. Shameless!" She commented, as if she and Elesis weren't doing exactly that a few minutes ago.

"Anyways, thanks for catching me. Not that I really needed it, of course." Dremnime flashed Elesis a shaky smirk before facing the remnants of the proud orcs. "So c'mon, let's go finish this fight!" And with that, she dashed off to join the fray once more.

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The moment Elesis took off Astora's face lost the look of panic and concern, turning into a look of subtle complacency. Looking at the soldier she was attending he winked, blowing a blonde lock out of his face. "It's too easy sometimes. Try not to die, alright? It'd be a shame to die at the hands of something so low level." he mused, and with a very slight bow Astora turned on a heel and caught up to the fleeting suit of armor and watched a rather interesting catch and subsequent scene between his friend and Elesis.

Well, it would have been interesting if it wasn't for Minoru unceremoniously stepping in. As the duo regained a varying levels of composure themselves Astora couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh. His work was almost for naught, but at least they had a plan for dealing with the mammoths these orcs employ. Taking a large step back upon seeing a great flash of holy magic pierce the skies above, Astora looked on in hope she would finish this. He'd forgotten she had magic prowess; she could blow away the orcs and the fog with a few blasts from her powerful magic and they'd be finished. But Elesis did not do such a thing, instead acting as what seemed to be a beacon. Tilting his head slightly in slight confusion at the sight, seeking an explanation. "Why in the world would you waste that much magic on what, a signal?" Astora asked incredulously, looking up just as the massive dragon worked its magic. Was this some rehearsed tactic with someone in the backround? He hardly pays attention to what Elesis does most of the time and is in another country when not called upon, so he'd hardly be aware of whatever this strategy was. It seemed to work, so he couldn't complain.

One ethereal dragon later, and the fog was successfully cleared and the ballista found its mark. A spectacular play to be sure, but he hardly expected to see a flying Myung high above the thinning horde soon after. "It seems everyone is falling from the sky today. Sad we don't actually have wings. Should I take a dive from somewhere high as well? It looks like fun." Astora laughed, watching the ever so nimble Minoru catch and set down the falling fox in a rather acrobatic fashion. Didn't Myung have wind magic capable of catching her fall? Drem's tease brought a smile to his face as he laughed quietly, covering his mouth with his hand. But he composed himself in time, blue-green eyes darting to the fallen mammoth before resting on it's killer and her catcher. "Brilliant work with the ballista, Myung. But where did you learn to use siege weaponry? I doubt I'd have been able to operate it, much less hit my intended target on my first attempt. I'm admittedly envious." He could handle martial weaponry, but not powerful weapons like a ballista or trebuchet; they were just too technical and slow for him to get a handle of. Placing a finger to his jaw, Astora fell into thought. If they had a siege weapon capable of taking all the orcs and mammoths out in one fell swoop it would be very much welcomed right about now. The enemy was weak, but the soldiers were even more so. it would not be a good look for Elesis if her team and 300 soldiers left and only the Wings of Valor came back. Public relations would be in shambles, and the Galarian army weakened. To be frank, the Galarian troops shouldn't have come at all.

Turning his head to the orc forces still holding on, he sighed. "If anyone has some almighty attack to finish them off quickly, it would be appreciated. I doubt any of us want to be here all day. I guess I could use my field magic once I get far enough into the mob, but I'd rather not end up utterly exhausted."
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"Oh I'm sure that she's fine." Aenvhir reassured her younger companion, "Elesis must have caught that obnoxious pink psycho already or about to if she hasn't." She said with a grin on her face. The insults are merely a common thing now with the two, her and Drem. Once the mammoth has passed, Dovahl turned and back to where everybody else was.

Of course, there were still a few stray orcs that managed to come to their way, Aenvhir swung her ax at the back of one that was about to strike a soldier. "Ha!"

"Let's get back to the other's Dovahl." She said to her white bear, the orc's numbers were already starting to dwindle down. Dovahl was fast, the wind would have blown her hair to the back if she hadn't. She struck down a few orcs with her ax like a mace with a smile that shows how much she enjoys obliterating numbskulls that oppose her sister.

They come to a stop in front of the others and Aenvhir jumps down from her orc, a few bloody splats on her skin and clothes. Greeting everyone with a flimsy salute she walked over to the blonde man. "So, Astora... How many did you kill?"

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    The general raised an eyebrow after witnessing Voritger lodge the hilt of the former's sword into the skull of an orc—a painful and truly gruesome death.

    After adroitly slaying his opponent, the Black Prior returned the bloodied weapon to its rightful owner. “Sorry about that..... Orcs are really annoying and don’t really deserve to be fought like real soldiers. And... I suggest you wipe the blood off the shirt if you are unnerved by it...”

    "Hmph," the general took the sword from Vortiger's hand. "What do you take me for?! What kind of war general would I be If I shrank at the sight of blood?!" once again, the blond man walked towards the battle. "I like your style... tell me, what is your name?"

    A mammoth roared when a giant iron clad arrow impaled its flank. Elesis watched as the beast fell, succumbing to the grievous wound.

    Around fifty enemies still bore inelegant weapons in their grasp. This battle would be over soon. The paladin jerked her blade at her side, spraying fine droplets blood across the rocks and soil. Looking ahead, the enemies had rallied—nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, this was their last stand.

    The odds were in the Galarian's favour. Or so it seemed.

    A sudden dark shadow cast itself over the Ehwaz Hills. Flagitious, pitch-black storm clouds loomed above.
    Meteoric flashes of blue and white could be seen within the mass of condensed water vapour as if something was caged, and trying to break free.

    "What is this?!" Elesis looked up, feeling perturbed, and with good reason.

    Another flash of light from the clouds and a figure appeared in the form of a face—an infuriated face that looked down at those below with contempt. In seconds, belligerent bolts of lightning struck the earth, rocks and even soldiers, indiscriminately.

    Elesis whipped her head in multiple directions, soldiers were being zapped to their demise, sometimes in groups like an electric chain of death. This was no natural storm, that's for sure. But why did it seem like the lightning was only targetting the Galarians? A few bolts exploded around the orcs, but non him them directly.

    Elesis tightened her grip on her sword. What is going on? If something else is truly behind this storm, then perhaps we should force it upon to the orcs as well. Now is not the time to turn tail and run.

    "Do not capitulate now!" the silver-haired knight encouraged in a clear tone, taking a deep breath. In spite of the damage done by the storm, she was not willing to let it waver her resolve. Charging towards the enemy horde, she shouted, "Let's finish this!"

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Myung-hwa couldn't hear much, as her ears were filled with the sounds of rushing winds filled into her ears, which folded back to muffle the sound. While that was one problem solved, she looked to the ground, as it rapidly approached in her vision, she was ready, her plan was working well. That is, until a wrench was thrown, a ninja shaped one at that. The fox's eyes caught movement, Minoru was running somewhere, watching him, Myung-hwa could see her ninja partner look almost to run up the face of a mammoth, before spring boarding towards her, at that moment, the vulpine woman knew what the Ninja was doing. Catching her. Taking her, the ninja began to spin a bit on the descent, as the world span faster than she could make out for a moment, before the two landed on the ground, with Minoru slightly spinning still.

As the fox regained her bearings, she could hear Dremnime, commenting of both Myung-hwa's appearance with Minoru, " Ugh, look at Minoru and Myung cuddling over there. Right in the eye of war. Shameless!" While her words were playful, it still struck a nerve with Myung-hwa, she didn't ask for Minoru to catch her, let alone in the theatrical way he did. As her feet touched the ground, Myung-hwa glanced at Drem, her voice returned a calmed tone, she's not going to bite the obvious bait,

"I would hardly consider that cuddling, Dremnime, as it was not by choice." Her words hardly lingered before Astora spoke to the slightly dizzied fox,

"Brilliant work with the ballista, Myung. But where did you learn to use siege weaponry? I doubt I'd have been able to operate it, much less hit my intended target on my first attempt. I'm admittedly envious." The ballistas were mostly luck, logic, and magic, as there was a reason she only fired once with each, though she replied quickly, there was little time to speak,

"Mostly I used my magic to move the ballista around, after that, it was simple distance and wind calculations. Though I was slightly off target, I will not say I outright failed." Her words lingered for no more than a moment before the crash of thunder could be heard, paired with flashes of blue and white, a storm had rolled in, and not just any storm, one from the Goddess of storms in the northern lands. Myung-hwa watched these bolts launch themselves into the forces that Elesis commanded, Myung-hwa watched as several bolts flew, before coming with an idea, grabbing one of the many long spears laying on the ground, Myung-hwa began to move to the center of the storm, "I'm getting real tired of your tantrums..." She grumbled, before planting the butt of the spear into the ground, and drawing another sigil over the speartip, she then used her earth sigils again, making sure the spear was in tight, a makeshift lightning rod, with a fun little trap for the orcs that would approach it.

Now all the vulpine woman could do was wait, and get out of the way.



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    A few days later...

    With the help of the Wings of Valor, the Galarians emerged victorious in the battle at the Ehwaz Hills. In spite of the storm, the last few remaining orcs were quickly vanquished, and they reclaimed the land. Albeit, the ravenous lightning bolts brought more death and destruction than the opposing army. Out of the three hundred troops from the Galarian army, only seventy lived to tell the tale.

    It was evening by the time, Galarian forces returned to the capital. On the way there, the storm persisted non-stop, saturating the ground with rain. Through all the clart and bog, the water had soaked into Elesis's magicite boots. With each step, she could feel icy water slosh from her heel to her toes, like a flaying knife drawn along her foot.

    Other soldiers had struggled too—crossing fifteen miles in waist-high water wasn't easy. Yet, Elesis, along with the general at the head of the column didn't limp. Their steps kept the confident rhythm they’d struck since the beginning. Needless to say, that didn't mean it was painless for the paladin, but it sure wasn't the worst experience she'd been forced to endure on her many travels. Throughout the entire journey, Elesis held her head high and kept her watchful eyes glued to the horizon, eager to inform the king of their success.

    Two intricately designed, colossal, white doors, serving as the entrance to the capital, towered over the incoming troops like giant hills. It had been constructed of the same mineral as Elesis's armour, and thus the magic in the area felt damp.

    Over a dozen guards had been stationed to protect the gate.

    One soldier approached the general and bowed. "Greetings General, it's a pleasure to have you back."

    The general nodded, an impassive expression on his face. After losing so many of his fighters to an unexpected enemy - a force of nature - he felt a little aloof. "Open the gate."

    "Of course, sir." the soldier gestured towards his comrades who worked together to twist a circular disc, which caused the two titanic doors to open.

    Elesis glanced at the general through the corner of her eye. She could see that something was wrong, but she chose not to mention anything just yet in front of so many others. Out of respect, the paladin waited for the general to enter through the gates first, before following after him.

    Heidel. The capital of Galar and Elesis's home. Compared to most other cities, towns and villages, Heidel was huge, and the disparity in wealth was evident. Most of the significant buildings were built using valuable, white marble, people were dressed in exorbitant robes, and they adorned themselves with lavish jewellery.

    Moreover, the streets were bustling but less so than usual due to the storm occurring just outside the city walls, though the dark clouds still shaded the metropolis. It was a truly aberrant phenomenon.

    "Aren't we going to the castle?" Elesis asked the general.

    "Not yet, there's someone I must meet with at the Grand Plaza first. It's urgent." the general replied with a serious tone.



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Location: Heidel

It was a devastating blow, when lightning began to strike the Galarian forces - and only them. They had finished the battle quickly after that but sustained heavy casualties. As the torrential rain slammed against them, Mal had stayed for a few more minutes. He would not be able to stand vigil for those who have fallen during the fight. Nevertheless, he sent a silent prayer to Mokupuni to guide the spirits into the afterlife. They may worship different gods, but he wanted to aid them in their travels after their mortal vessel has expired.

There was the question of what had been the cause of the storm. Mal was familiar with studying weather patterns so he can act accordingly but this storm seemed to come out of nowhere. And it showed no signs of stopping. The lightning's behavior led Mal to believe that someone in their group might have angered a god. He's never seen one's wrath before, but he's heard plenty of stories. No normal storm would act like that.

Still, as Elesis called for them to start their trek back to the capital, Mal followed. It was not an easy time for anyone involved as the water rose to their waists. Mal kept to his larger form to make it easier on him. Noticing Luna's struggle with the water, he picked her up and allowed her to ride on his back for the trip. The cursed human kept to the back of the group, looking out for each person in front of him. Only a few people let their exhaustion show, trained to grit their teeth and soldier on no matter the circumstances.

As they came upon the double doors that led into the capital, Mal became more antsy. Him and towns never mixed. There were simply too many people and the walls made him feel restricted, cramped, trapped. He stopped even as they began to enter, looking at the entrance and itching to go. Surely he could just wait for them outside, right? He brought his hand up to his ear, covering it. It's fine. They won't stay for long. He's surrounded by people he has fought with. There was no need to worry.

He put Luna down and reverted back to his original form as to not intimidate. With that, Mal followed behind the group as well, marvelling at the capital's interior.

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