dark themes

  1. Aviator

    Fandom Sweet Dreams at Belle Reve // Suicide Squad RP // interest check

    Click me for character sheets! In one of the infinite universes created by Barry Allen's tampering with time, General Zod has successfully killed the legendary Kal-El, known as Superman to the public. During this time, mankind is beginning to understand time travel only at its barest bones...
  2. motherofsin

    Realistic or Modern slow dancing in a burning room| CLOSED

    . -- Slide 1 -- {slide=center | -- Triangle Left ---- Triangle Right ---- Ribbon --about me}-- Shadow ---- Text --hello! my name is sin and i am 20 y/o. i've been roleplaying on and off since 7th grade and i recently got back into it, decided to join rpnation once again. it's so much more...
  3. MokeySee

    Fandom Wednesday Show 1x1 rp search

    Intro Hello! I'm Luna/Celestia/Willow or Delilah, you may choose which you call me and I am a 16 year old genderless queer witch who likes to write darker plots! However, I have recently been hyperfixating on the Netflix show Wednesday and am looking for poeple to roleplay this with me. I go by...
  4. Saracen_Rue

    Fantasy Arcadia (Saracen_Rue&AbsoluteWhisper)

  5. motherofsin

    Realistic or Modern 𝙲𝚊𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗: 𝙻𝚘𝚌𝚔𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝙰𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚍

    E. Fitzgerald High School was built in 1877. I'm not going to give you the entire run-down of the history of the school, but what I will tell you is it went through hell to keep its doors open. What's more important is present-day Fitzgerald. We're a private school now, which means a shit ton...
  6. Shawdios

    Quest (Un)Changing choices. [Accepting Votes]
    Index: WARNING and thread links

    WARNING This story will delve into dark topics that may be triggering to some. Death and grief are main subjects and are what this story will pivot around. This is a Visual novel concept I’ve been kicking around, this is a beta test for me writing it! You may finish the story feeling...
  7. Shawdios

    Multiple Settings The (Un)changeable choices

    Warning to anyone who may be interested: this will be centered around Death and dark, likely triggering topics. (I will keep the specific topics concealed due to plot) This is an idea I’ve been kicking around as a Visual novel concept, so I’m gonna try to test it out here as a Quest RP so I can...
  8. Fairfax

    Realistic or Modern Heavenly Highs and Hellish Lows.

    What would you pay to become a god? I'm going to preface this with a quick warning that this roleplay is meant to dwelve into darker themes, so if that isn't something you'd be comfortable with this roleplay might not be for you. Anyway, the story of this roleplay begins with each...
  9. LaneyBug

    Multiple Settings RP Search. Plots and Pairings.

    Welcome! I'm hoping to find some new stories. It's been kind of awhile but I miss writing! I am mainly looking for people to write F/F pairings. This can be either romantic or platonic, just let me know. I like to keep things casual but with that said, I'm hoping to write wild stories with...
  10. Saracen_Rue

    Realistic or Modern Hogwarts: The New Order

  11. Cat.Chrestomanci

    Multiple Settings Original Sci-fi and Fantasy Ideas!

    Made by Pyosimros{slide=open | Read More} RP SEARCH Modern High Fantasy and Sci-Fi Settings {/slide}Eric's Search1234What I'm Looking For NO MINORS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Preferably 21+ but not a requirement. I don't have specific reply minimums. In some cases, a one-liner can propel the plot...
  12. SoftGalaxy

    Fandom Fandom Hunt- Doubles or OCxOC

    Hello Lovely Folks! Been a while since I last posted on here, and I’ve been craving some new fandom RPs!! I’ll start by saying the I use They/She pronouns and that I’m 20 years old, so I’d prefer my partner to be 18+ Age wise, I don’t rp with minors. I write 2-4+ paragraphs per reply in 3rd...
  13. VaporStar_

    Fandom 1x1 Roleplay Search

    Hello, Vapor here! 22 - They \ Them I've been roleplaying for about 5 years. I'm looking for a roleplay partner who's over the age of 18, as I don't feel comfortable writing with minors. My writeing style is literate to literate advanced, looking for a partner who can match my style. The more...
  14. Saracen_Rue

    Fantasy The Grimm Tales of Sleepy Hollow

  15. kaise

    Multiple Settings // new life, born from ashes // - search thread

    a b o u t - hi, my name's beau! - recently turned 24. - any pronouns including it and neopronouns. - pet parent, i love talking about pets (both about my own and hearing about others), feel free to ask me about them. - coming back into roleplay from a bit of a hiatus now that i'm on meds :) -...
  16. MokeySee

    Fandom Bungou stray doys 1x1 roleplay search

    Intro Hello! I'm Luna/Celestia?Willow or Delilah, you may choose which you call me and I am a 16 year old genderless mspec lesbian who likes to write darker plots! However, I have recently been hyperfixating on Many things including Bungo Stray Dogs and am looking for poeple to roleplay this...
  17. Sazel_

    Realistic or Modern Looking for mxm rp [ i also wouldn't mind mxnb]

    Heya, My name is Sam. I go by he/him pronouns. I am semi-lit to literate. I would prefer people to be 18+ I am over 18 years old. I want to do mxm or mxnb roleplay for this. My character is 22 years old so your character should be too and also should be in college. I also don't use real face...
  18. Sir Fungus

    Fandom The Multiverse Balance Control: Nebula M78 (An Ultraman themed Multiverse RP)

    Disclaimer(s): 1. It's been a while since I've done an RP 2. I do have a fulltime job, my replies will only be really late into the night, or on my days off 3. if I ghost, gimme a poke and I'll remember to get back to you, you won't annoy me 4. Knowing anything about Ultraman is not required...
  19. MasterWolf1337

    Realistic or Modern Wolf's 1x1 dark romance plot

    About Me Late 20s to Early 30s Male Semi-Literate to Advanced Literate Varied Post Length Male x Female Ships only Ditch/Ghost Friendly OOC Friendly Try to be active as often as possible A Shut-in Boy(A dark romance rp) A high school boy is a mystery to his classmates and the rest of his...
  20. MokeySee

    Fandom Looking for 1x1 ccxoc rp

    ₊˚ଘ・Yooo I'm Willow/Luna/Celestia and I am 16, I go by they/moon/he pronouns and I can type anywhere from one line to three paragraphs max and I rp in 1st person. ˚✩ guidelines ଓ ‧. ⁺ ╭・୨୧・NOT REPLACING ANYBODY ᘓ﹕I am only doing ccxoc with no doubles. I feel uncomfortable playing canons ᘓ﹕mxf...