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Quest (Un)Changing choices. [Accepting Votes]

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It’s pronounced SHAWDIOS!
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This story will delve into dark topics that may be triggering to some.
Death and grief are main subjects and are what this story will pivot around.

This is a Visual novel concept I’ve been kicking around, this is a beta test for me writing it!

You may finish the story feeling unsatisfied.

OCC chat to scream at me in.
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Start. Day #1 / Decision #1
Day 1

The sun is barely up, but you don’t care because you‘ve been awake since around four in the morning. Being unable to go back to sleep, you’d decided to continue the unpacking from last night. You let out a huff and wipe your brow as you set a broken down cardboard box on the ground. The clock on your nightstand reads 6:16 am.

You’ve just finished unpacking the last box from the move. The bedroom you chose in the two bedroom apartment you help pay rent for is no longer bare and impersonal. A roommate that sleeps in the other bedroom is who you split the rent with. While looking at potential places to lease you had stumbled upon his roommate search and offer. You recall that his name was Sam, you haven’t asked what species he is but he’s a type of Birdfolk. Sam was the one who suggested you apply to the Cafe-bar he worked at. Apparently, they had been understaffed for quite a while.

You moved to Harjewel to escape hunters. Hunters who see you as an exotic creature to capture and force to use its magic. Hopefully you’re far enough away from people like that to not have to worry anymore.

You greet Sam as you go to make yourself a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. He hums in response, barely keeping his eyes open as he eats his own bowl of cereal. He’s wearing a dark blue hoodie that had slits in the back for his wings and which he likely rolled out of bed in.

With a mild laugh, you ask him why he didn't just head to work early and make himself a cup of coffee when he got there, the two of you were working at a cafe after all. But briefly, you wonder if you’re trying too hard to be friendly because he glares at you then goes back to eating his cereal.

“Can’t fly when this sleepy..” he grumbles with a twitch of a feathered wing before shoving a spoonful of probably soggy cereal in his mouth. You get a chuckle out of his response, with your clear wispy wings you could relate.

You then eat your own cereal and watch as he finishes up and places his dish in the sink before heading to his room. By the time you’re done, he’s in a clean white T-shirt and black jean shorts and heading out the door. You soon follow once you’re dressed. The clock on the oven reads 6:38 am as you head on out the door.

The streets are just starting to wake up. Miners are on their way to the gem mines. There’s a variety of species, most are large bulky Lizardborns but you see a few Bearfolk and Wolfborns along with a single Gem-Faefolk in the mix.

Sam is already in the sky, so you quickly take off after him. He makes it there way before you and when you land you see him inside with an apron on, chatting with Spice. Sam appears to be distressed while Spice looks pained at what the Birdfolk is saying. As you walk in, you hear Spice sigh. You divert your gaze to your watch.

The hands say 6:43.

Do you…

1. Eavesdrop as you clock in?


Walk over and ask what’s wrong?​
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Day #1 / Decision #2
Vote Results:

Eavesdrop (2 Votes)
Ask (1 Vote)

Day 1 (Choice 1: Eavesdrop)

...You decide to not approach. As you clock in, you hear the two's continued conversation.

“We’re still holding it on the same day though, right?”

“I told you, Sugar’s got a enormous order for someone’s wedding reception that needs to be done by the fourth, we can’t”

“So we’re not holding it at all?”

You can tell from here that Sam is gritting his teeth.

You don’t have a clue about what event they’re talking about. As far as you know, there aren't any holidays coming up. You’ve been helping out at the counter since Sugar was busy baking for that order. But you never heard anything from her about having to push back an event.

Spice crosses his arms.

“Sam, you know he meant just as—“

“Oh really? You weren’t his brother!”

You hear a low rumbling growl sounding like a defensive cat about to hiss from Spice.

“Well you certainly weren’t there for him when I was, you avoided him like the plague, and now you care about being a brother?”

You finish writing the time down next to your name on the sheet. It’s 6:45, fifteen minutes till opening.

Are they pushing off a funeral service? Why would they hold that here? You’ve been working at Sugar & Spice for only a week and rooming with Sam for two. It didn’t seem like he just recently lost someone. So, you were confused.

“Oh fuck you! I avoided him ‘cause he was drunk and always treated me like a child, so don’t you tell me that shit, you know why just as much as I do”

Spice huffs and looks downward.

“Maybe if you hadn’t avoided him he wouldn’t—“

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! You think you’re all high and mighty because Sugar took pity on you and took you in? That doesn’t make you his brother. You enabled him you asshole! You served him his drinks and never cut him off!”

You grab your apron and pull it over your head, tying the ribbon behind your back afterwards. You don’t want to get wrapped up in a family drama, but now you’re curious. You busy yourself with wiping the glass on the pastry display.

“At least I was there! I listened and talked to him when he was in tears about missing you guys and being alone! You all avoided him! He thought each of you hated him”

Sam’s wings hike upwards and flare slightly.

“You were just his bartender, you don’t know shit. I’m his brother. He basically raised me. Fuck. Off. We’re holding it on the fourth.”

That was in two days. The wedding that the cake and sweets are needed for is in two days. There’s no way they can transport the order and still prepare for whatever event they would have held.

You hear Spice hiss as Sam tries to shove past him. Sam takes a step back in surprise while Spice coughs before taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes.

“Take it up with Sugar. Put in overtime and help her like I am. Do something instead of avoiding things like you usually do if you want it to happen on its usual day, alright?

So it’s an event they’ve held before? You wonder why they would hold an annual event for someone likely not around anymore. You see that Sam looks about ready to punch the Catfolk.

Your watch says it’s 6:49.

Do you...

Intervene and get them to start helping prep the cafe for the morning?


Leave them be and start prepping the cafe counter for the morning by yourself?

(Vote with a reply of which number you chose or just use poll)​
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Day #1 / Decision #3

Day 1 (Choice 2: Leave them be)

You decidedly ignore them. While you would want help with opening, what they do isn’t your problem.

Sam glares at Spice and steps towards him. You barely hear what he spits from a clenched jaw.

“...I’m not the one who saw his decline and didn’t tell anyone”

He then shoves past the Catfolk and this time Spice doesn’t hiss. While heading behind the counter so he can get to the kitchen, there is sheer fury on Sam’s face. Spice is quiet as he joins you behind the cafe counter.

The two of you work quickly and well together, neither saying a word to the other. Things are going well for the first hour and then the speed of customers slow down and halt as all the orders are given out.

You’ve rarely worked with Spice. He typically mans the bar side of the dinner. You asked Sugar about it once and she told you it’s because he sleeps during the mornings and early afternoons. Which makes sense since he’s a Catfolk, and so having him handle the bar that’s open every evening and night does seem like the best job for his sleep schedule. Plus he does seem to enjoy it most of the time.

...He must be exhausted if he’s awake right now. You debate about making him some coffee. The machines against the wall opposite the kitchen entrance tempt you. Maybe he’ll talk about what went down before opening if you do something nice for him.

But you could go check up on Sam and see what he’s doing and maybe ask about the argument. Hopefully he’s kneading his anger out with the dough. You also wonder where Sugar is. You’ve rarely seen her out of the kitchen the past few days so she’s likely tired as well. Maybe she’s resting upstairs on the second floor where she lived? You haven’t seen her yet.

….Or she could still be in the kitchen baking up a storm.

A glance at your watch tells you its 8:02

Do you...

Head to the kitchen to check on Sam?

2. Make a coffee for Spice and ask him about what happened?

3. Go look for Sugar?

(To Vote, reply with the number you chose)​
Day #1 / Decision #4

Day 1 (Choice 1: Sam)

You decide to check on Sam, considering you have to live with him and all.

After telling Spice you’ll be in the kitchen, you peer in and see Sam sitting on the ground next to the oven. Walking over reveals that he’s scrolling on his phone, which he quickly shuts off when he hears you. There’s stacked trays upon trays of cookies on racks along with packaged boxes of pastries, but you pay no mind to it. It was the usual scenery for the past few days.

You tentatively ask Sam if he’s alright.

He glares at you.
“Did that prick send you in here to make sure I'm doing my job?”

Venom and aggression fills his every word.

He points with his thumb to the oven behind him.

“Cause I’ve got that batch of muffins running that we need, he can’t say shit about me not doing anything”

You hadn’t expected such an abrasive and defensive answer. Albeit, you should have, considering how he’d been just in general over the two weeks you’ve spent as a roommates. Bitter words tempted your tongue but so did accusatory ones.

Do you...

Tell him you just wanted to check on him?

2. Tell him you wanted to check on him because of the fight with Spice?

3. Tell him you wanted to know what the fight out front earlier was about?

(Vote in replies)​
Day #1 / Decision #5
Day 1 (Choice 1: Bitter)

You give in to your bitterness.

You shake your head and snidely tell him you had only wanted to check on him. His anger and hostility falters before he scoffs.


He puts his phone away and gets up from the floor then makes a dismissive ‘shoo’ motion with a wing.

I’m fine. Go back out front with the prick or something, I’ve got things handled in here.”

You can hear the eye roll from his tone alone.

He walks over to the sink and runs the water, wings hiked up and pulled as closed as they could. He starts washing pans, measuring cups, baking utensils and various dishes that had been piling up.

He clearly doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. So you debate your options.

You could rejoin Spice and make him that coffee if the cafe is still slow. Or maybe check up on Sugar, she’s probably upstairs since she isn’t in the kitchen.

The oven clock reads 8:07

Do you…

Rejoin Spice and make a coffee for him?


Go upstairs and check on Sugar?

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Day #1 / Decision #6

Day 1 (Choice 1: Rejoin Spice)

You decide that Spice would probably really like a coffee as you remember seeing him try to hold down a yawn and fail just before you checked on Sam. Sugar was probably fine and may not even want to be bothered.

You head out to the front and see Spice sitting on a stool that was stashed under the register. You wave as you head over to the coffee machines. He raises his hand from the counter in acknowledgment.

You make a simple cup of coffee and add sugar and milk. Then you figure that while you’ve got the cup, you could experiment with the latte art Sam had been teaching you.

…your attempt at a cat looks like a deformed silly face. You stick a stirrer in and mix the cream into the coffee to erase the evidence then walk back over to Spice and hold out the cup.

He looks at you with an amused gleam in his eye.

He raises a brow as he asks.
“Is that for me?”

You, now feeling a little silly, reply that if he doesn’t want it you’ll drink it.

He laughs and points with a clawed finger to himself.

“I’m half Felissapien, Caffeine will potentially kill me, or at the very least make me extremely ill”

You blanch.

Quickly, you apologize and tell him you didn’t know or realize, you were just trying to help him out since he seemed tired. Briefly you recall reading that caffeine is poisonous to felines and feline races. The pocket sized version of Guidebook to Race and Species Linked Allergies weighs heavily in your apron pocket.

He waves a hand half heartedly.

“it’s alright, I’m aware that I’ve got a lot of diet restrictions, just in the future make sure you don’t accidentally ask a customer if they want something that will harm them”

You laugh nervously and tell him sorry once more before setting the coffee cup on the register for you to handle later. He was very chill about the mistake, but you still feel embarrassed for offering him a deadly drink.

You wonder what the rest of his genetics are, he only said he was half Felissapien. There was some sort of appendage on his back, you had seen something shifting and trying to press outward under his shirt and vest during him and Sam’s argument.

Reminded of the topic, you debate on whether or not you should ask about whatever event they were putting off. It was clearly personal, but it also seemed to sound like a public event.

However, you could go take your failed coffee gift to Sam instead of poking Spice for answers to satisfy your curiosity. Even if Sam had been kind of a dick to you, you could still try to be nice if you wanted.

...Or maybe you could just drink it yourself to spite Sam and leave a tired man alone.

The clock hanging on one of the walls of the cafe reads 8:23

Do you...

Ask about the argument earlier

2. Leave the subject alone and give Sam the coffee

3. Leave the subject alone

(Vote in replies)​
Day #1 / Decision #7

Glad we didn't kill him
Day 1 (Choice 2: Kindness)

Since your coffee gift didn’t work out and you want to give Sam another chance, you tell Spice you’re going to go give the coffee to Sam. Even if Sam didn’t really do anything to deserve it.

Spice props his chin on his palm.

“I’m certain it would be of more use to him than me”

You can’t tell if he’s being comedic or not. He doesn’t seem like the joking type, but he did find you trying to give him a deadly drink amusing so you were unsure.

You grab the coffee cup and head towards the kitchen.

As you walk back in the kitchen, you see Sam leaned over the sink. You grow concerned about his drooped wings and shaking torso. The water is running and there’s a pile of drying dishes to the side of the sink.

You walk over and set the coffee cup on the counter, startling Sam.

“Sweet Li—!”

He quickly swipes at his eyes and shuts the sink off.

“Y-You scared me! Why’re you back in here? I said I had it handled!”

He’s tense with rigid and hostile posture, you can tell that you caught him vulnerable. There’s black, ink like, smudges around his eyes. Eyeliner is your first thought, but Sam hadn’t been wearing any earlier.

You gesture towards the coffee cup and tell him that you hadn’t known Catfolk couldn’t have caffeine so you’re giving it to him.


He frowns and looks at the coffee for a few seconds before looking back at you. He picks up the cup and you hear a small ‘chink’ as his skin comes in contact with the glass.

“Is that all?”

He’s still prickly and sharp with his tone. You wonder why you’re even trying at this point. Oh yeah, cause you were roommates.

You debate between asking what Sam’s issue was with Spice or just leaving Sam alone.

You wanted to know, but again, you still have to live with him. So, you didn’t want to piss Sam off and get on his bad side. Although he’s been pretty pissy already, you can’t imagine what a worse mood would look like for the birdfolk.

Do you…

Ask what his problem with Spice was


Leave him alone and go back to work

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Day #1 / Decision #8
Day 1 (Choice 1: What’s your issue)

You ask Sam what his problem was with Spice.

His grip tightens on the coffee cup and he practically snarls.

“You siding with him?”

You lose your final straw and snap. You had tried to be nice and Sam continued to spit that kindness right back in your face. You hadn’t asked an extremely invasive question, nor had you been trying to be hurtful.

You reply just as aggressively that you weren’t picking any sides because you had no clue what sides there even were or what in the everloving twists of Father Time happened to cause whatever sides he was talking about.

“Well it’s none of your fucking business what happened!”

You snip back that you were the one who had to deal with him even when you go home and you hadn’t signed up for that when you agreed to split the rent and take the extra room.

“It’s not my fault that prick thinks he deserves to claim he knew my brother and say F— Autumn meant something to him when he didn’t do shit to help him!”

You tell him that it doesn’t give him an excuse to be an utter dick though and that by your understanding he hadn’t done anything either.

That shut him up.

His wings hiked up as far as they could and he clenched a death grip around the coffee cup. He’s barely keeping himself composed.

“...Get out.”


You blink in surprise.

“I’m the cook of this kitchen, get out.

Do you…

Give up and leave the kitchen


Hold your ground and refuse​
Day #1 / Decision #9
I am not dealing with this shit.

Day 1 (Choice 1: Fuck this shit I’m out)

You raise your hands tell him fine, you weren’t dealing with his shit anymore anyway. You swiftly turn on your heel and roughly shove the kitchen’s swinging half door on your way out.

You notice a few curious customers watching you from their tables. You realize you and Sam yelling were likely heard from where the customers sat. Embarrassment courses through you and Spice gives you a sympathetic look.

“Don’t worry, everyone in town knows how Sam tends to be this time of year”

You couldn’t help but snort with dark amusement from that. Sam being a dick was apparently a yearly thing and widely known in the small town.

“Don’t take anything he does too personally, he’s always angry around his brother’s birthday”

This you couldn’t agree with Spice about. Like you had told Sam, hard times didn’t warrant someone being a dick. Sam could be angry and vent it in ways that weren’t lashing out at people.

A glance at your watch tells you it’s 8:33. You rub your face tiredly. This day was going to be a long one.

You and Spice fall back into a rhythm when the next sets of customers walk in a few minutes later.

And of course, they all order breakfast orders that Sam would have to make with coffees. You dread having to get the food from Sam when the order is finished. But you busy yourself with making the coffees.

When the bell that signifies a finished order in kitchen dings, you try to plead to Spice with your eyes for him to get the orders from the kitchen and not you. But he either ignores your attempt, or doesn’t notice as he continues to talk with a Wolfborn you’ve seen perform on the weekend before with an impborn on the small raised stage in the corner on the bar side.

You groan and quickly head in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Sam is thankfully busy splitting his attention between three different things on the flat stove. He quickly points you to some pancakes that need to go out.

He’s sharp with his words but lacking the hostility you expected.

“Same table, number 3”

You swiftly balance all three plates on a tray and use your side to push the swinging half door to the front open behind you.

Spice pauses his conversation and directs you to table 3. It’s a booth by a window with three Birdfolk sitting at it. One was pale skinned with black hair and across from him was sitting a golden yellow person with hair that matched their skin and a pale turquoise person with black hair as well. All three had short wings that appeared to lack a layer of feathers at the bottom.

You overhear a part of their conversation as you approach.

“Come on Rise! Of course we miss you, I’ve been counting the days for this trip”

“How long are you staying for?”

“Just long enough for Autumn, are you two staying longer?”

“Nah we’re only here till the fourth as well, only got three day leave”

The name registers from earlier. Sam’s brother. You note that it sounds like the one named Rise who’s here for Autumn. They notice you walking over and stop talking to move their drinks out of the way.

You politely thank them for clearing the table as you place each plate. Since customers pay at the counter, you don’t have to interact with them after this. You tell them to have a good day and take your leave from the table.

Either that Rise was family to Sam and Autumn or he just knew Autumn. You realize that the three of them didn’t know the event may be put off for a few days.

The clock on the wall reads 8:49

Do you…

Go back and tell them?

Continue your day?​
Day #1 / Decision #10
they deserve to know, this could affect all of their plans or make them miss it
1 (changed in OOC/Chat after tie)

Day 1 (Choice 1: Go back)

You turn around. If the event ends up pushed off, you feel that they should be warned.

“—Doesn’t your brother work here as a cook or something?”

“Uhm, I think so, last I heard from him he was taking over cooking shifts”

“Light dammit he’s great at it then!”

You try to get the table's attention without interrupting too harshly. The golden yellow birdfolk is clearly enjoying their food while Rise and the other dark haired one appear amused.

You clear your throat and catch the attention of Rise.

He tilts his head and looks to the two across from him, before back to you.

You tell him that Sugar may have to push the event off a few days due to a large order due the same day.

Rise’s brows furrow.

“How did that happen? She couldn’t have done it on accident.”

You don’t know what caused it. Maybe the wedding was happening earlier than originally scheduled and it was pushed back to the same day? You reply with your wonderings and that you started work here a week ago, you didn't know how the dates ended up overlapping.

The black haired of the two sitting across from Rise spoke up.

“Rise it’s alright, me and Sun will be fine missing it”

Rise huffs.

“The whole point was that I could leave with you two if I needed”

Sun is still eating, but they pause to throw in their two cents.

“Star will be there, and they said it might be pushed off, don’t worry about it”

Rise doesn’t appear to relax, but he turns to you.

“Thanks for telling us”

You tell him he’s welcome and that it’s what you would have wanted if the roles were reversed. You then leave them be, and it’s only after you’ve left when it registers that Rise was Sam’s brother.

Unless they were referring to Spice, because you know he takes over as a cook sometimes. But it didn’t make sense for it to be Spice, plus there wasn’t any brotherly chit chat at the counter or comments that implied it when they were ordering.

It had to be Sam.

Spice is curiously watching you think since the Wolfborn presumably left while you were talking to the trio of Birdfolk. You must have an odd expression on your face.

You debate asking him for confirmation on whether Rise and Sam were brothers.

Your watch tells you it’s 8:53

Do you…

Ask Spice about it


Continue your workday​
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Day #1 / Decision #11
you know what, 1
I was going to do 2 but like, 1 is fine

Day 1 (Choice 1: Confirm)

You decide to ask Spice whether Sam is related to one of the Birdfolk at table three.

Spice clicks his tongue before speaking.

“Yes, yes, he is. Rise comes from Flurmere each year to visit Sam and a few other folks that live here”

The name doesn’t ring any bells. You ask him where that place is.

He glances towards the trio.

“..It’s not my place to say,”

He then pushes his glasses up.

“But he continued living there after me, Sugar and Autumn moved up here from Blitz City“

Your eyes widen as you recall the RitzLock Theater scandal that had been practically world wide news five years ago.

You whisper yell as you bewilderedly repeat that Spice had lived in Blitz City? The same city that the RitzLock Theater is at? The musician and homeless capital of the world??

Spice laughs, but the smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Born and raised as a matter of fact”

You gape. Now Spice being only part Catfolk made sense, if two separate races were to get together somewhere it would most certainly be in Blitz City. It had the highest number of registered different races living there out of every documented city in all the lands.

Not to mention, it was the capital of the lands far south and west of here. That’s a long trip for them to make.

You lean back against the register letting out a long whistle. But then his reply and not quite there laugh connect with the words from him and Sam’s argument a few hours ago.

Sugar took in Spice, who was born in Blitz City.
Homeless capital of the world.

You tell yourself that you don’t know the exact circumstance or at what age Spice was taken in, you can’t jump to conclusions.

Then a different questions rose to the forefront, where had Sam been living while Sugar and Spice lived in Blitz City? Here in Harjewel? How long ago did they move here?

But you also don’t want to pester Spice because he’s probably tired and you don’t want to be rude. Gah, you’re overthinking things.

Do you…

Continue your questions and curiosity?


Continue on with your workday?​

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