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about me
hello! my name is sin and i am 20 y/o. i've been roleplaying on and off since 7th grade and i recently got back into it, decided to join rpnation once again. it's so much more different than what i remember from last time, but nonetheless -- i am back. i am from america (unfortunately), so my time zone is edt (eastern daylight time). i consider myself to be semi-lit and usually write 3+ paragraphs or i adjust to my partner's length; i absolutely despise one-liners. uh, what else... i respond at least once or twice a day, no triggers, i do all pairings (mxf, mxm, fxf) and i don't have a preference for gender, i like darker roleplays with lots of drama, and as well as ooc chat because i need more friends, haha. pathetic? maybe.

about you
i prefer my partner to be 18+ due to the darker themes, just to keep both of us safe. i'd also like for you to be at least semi-lit with good grammar; i am one of those devils, yes. daily responses are a lot to ask for, so i'm not super strict about that, but please let me know if you can't respond within a day or two, so i know there is still interest. speaking of, if you no longer have interest in the roleplay we are brewing, don't be afraid to tell me -- i understand.

here are the plots i have brainstormed so far, but if you have any modifications or interest in your own ideas, please tell mama sin!

- give me shelter: muse A has their life together: newly graduated, a nice-paying job lined up, their own place, etc. things are going well for them. meanwhile, muse B is still figuring out how to overcome their own struggles due to troubling circumstances, as they are not as fortunate as muse A. muse B relies on the stability of muse A and it is slowly tearing their once fruitful relationship apart. (romancy, but we can change that if need be).

- need you to want me: muse A is a well-known business partner (think christian grey) with a dark secret: muse B is locked away inside their basement. the news reports muse B has been missing for several years, as muse A resumes an entirely normal life. (another potential romance based around stockholm syndrome).

- living hell: muse A and B are exes with a toxic past. they are forced to live with each other due to uncontrollable circumstances. (potential romance).

- killing me softly: serial killer x victim.

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