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Multiple Settings Original Sci-fi and Fantasy Ideas!


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Modern High Fantasy and Sci-Fi Settings

Eric's Search
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    What I'm Looking For

    NO MINORS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Preferably 21+ but not a requirement.

    I don't have specific reply minimums. In some cases, a one-liner can propel the plot and five paragraphs can say nothing at all. Sometimes one person will have a specific direction they want to move in, so they'll take the lead a bit more and that's okay. Just give me something to work with that moves the story along. If my post wasn't satisfactory, feel free to ask for more.

    I do ask that characters have consistent personalities given what they've been established as. Of course, people are complex and the sum of their parts and experiences; however, there should be logic behind a character's actions based on their defined traits. I find it annoying when characters will do wildly out-of-character things just to make drama. While a bit of Deus ex Machina is required by design, being random is not cute and quirky when it derails the current train of thought. It just makes things difficult to get a firm grasp on.

    I prefer that you say if you don't want to continue rather than ghost me. I'll respect your decision and I will also tell you directly if I'm not interested in continuing.

    I'm OOC-friendly but it's fine if you also want to just keep things to the RP.

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