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Fandom Wednesday Show 1x1 rp search


Lulu The Witch
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
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Hello! I'm Luna/Celestia/Willow or Delilah, you may choose which you call me and I am a 16 year old genderless queer witch who likes to write darker plots! However, I have recently been hyperfixating on the Netflix show Wednesday and am looking for poeple to roleplay this with me. I go by They/Moon/He pronouns and don't mind who I roleplay with.

No smut, this is obvious it's against the site rules.
No doubles and I play OC, may seem unfair yes, but roleplaying as a canon character stresses me out and I do NOT need this right now.
Don't be a creep, this is obvious. I'm 16 and that means I'm a minor even if I will roleplay with an adult.

Characters I Would Like Played
Xavier Thorpe
Tyler Galpin
Wednesday Addams
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hello! I would love to rp with you! and i can play Wednesday!

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