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Gwen and Alice had gave their okays to the man's offer and like that it was finally time to start the mission for real. Gwen shifted into her weapon form before Camilla took her in her hands, the deadly growling of the twin chainsaws directly contrasted with the crimson haired Meister's innocent demeanour. It wouldn't be hard for people to underestimate her fighting prowess due to this characteristic. But her skills weren't anything to sniff at though, especially since she and Gwen had a good amount of time to train together. The nature of Gwen's weapon form was just as deadly to the user as it would be to the enemy, what with it being two chainsaws slapped on each end of a large pole. So they needed to make sure Cami wouldn't saw her own leg off trying to take a swing at a Kishin. At this point though... That should hopefully not be a problem. "Alright then... We leave the care of our rides to you mister." The large man smirked in response. "I'll keep em just the way you left 'em." Camilla nodded towards the group and they all departed on their mission.

Considering the impression she was given upon first arrival in this dirty town, it was hardly surprising that the trek through the dishevelled street was a less than desirable experience. No matter where they went there was nothing but stares from the public and Cami couldn't help but pick up a few conversations that were being had as they wandered by. "Those the DWMA guys I been hearing about...?" "They must be here for that thing livin' in the crypt. About damn time something was done about it." "What you mean about time? I'm surprised they're even here at all. Since when did them big wig fucks give a shit about this piss bucket of a town?" "It ain't likely they're here for our sake... The only reason they'd come here is if they had something to gain from it..." Camilla wore a troubled expression on her face. She couldn't even retort, after all they weren't exactly wrong in saying what they did. They weren't here to exterminate a Kishin. They were here to obtain an artefact. Even if these people were all thieves and outcasts... Did that really make them less of a priority to protect against the real monsters? "All these spiteful stares... I'm almost starting to think the dusty old crypt is going to be better than walking through this place..." Cami spoke directly to her partner through their link. "You don't think the dead can really come back to life right? I mean I really don't feel like trying to figure out how to kill something that's already dead... ... The head's the weak point surely... At least in movie logic it is..."

Eventually they all entered an abandoned cemetery. Unsurprisingly the number of locals dwindled the closer they got to the crypt, by the time they were in the cemetary. Her and Alice, adorned with their weapons were the only people that could be seen. After all this was the border between human and kishin territory now. Camilla was tense, unsure whether an enemy was going jump out at them at any moment. The only thing that broke it was Alice's remark comparing the place as a knockoff of Death City. She laughed a little bit, appreciating the brief respite from the unnerving atmosphere. "Right? I'm starting to wonder if were gonna see some kind of carboard cut-out of Sir Armstrong jump out and scare us." Stopping beneath the foreboding gates of the crypt, the brief respite passed by as quickly as it had arrived, it was soon back to mission talk again, the group was waiting to hear Camilla's thoughts first having being the appointed leader of the group. "Ah right... Well, as it stands right now. We are standing right at the border of Kishin territory. So the moment we pass those gates... We'll need to stay on guard. It'll know the place a lot better than we do. Which means we'll be open to ambushes" Camilla used her soul perception to check around the entrance, thankfully no souls were to be seen right off the bat. "The entrance is clear, my soul perception isn't that great though so I can't see too far in."

Camilla wracked her brain trying to think about how best to proceed into a location that was probably filled with endless hallways and passages. Many opportunities to get lost, split up and picked off. not to mention that the Kishin probably wasn't the only dangerous factor at play here... What if... Phantom was here too? Her mind was suddenly drawn back to a memory from her childhood. She was riding on her fathers shoulders when his team of Meisters and weapons walked up to him. "Yo Ven! What's the plan for tonight's patrol?" "The plan huh? Hm... Neil's been working the past few nights, he can take this night off. Terry you can take north side tonight." Venta said before he pointed in another direction. "I'll check south side with Doren if any Kishin decide to show themselves they'll get more than their fair share of arrows." "Uh Ven... You're pointing east..." There was a moment of silence, a sweat drop appeared on her fathers forehead. "Ah... My bad..." The interaction ended with uproarious laughter and Cami was brought back to reality by Alice's question of whether she had the canister they required. "Huh? O-oh right! It's here." She reached into her cloak and pulled out a sizable metal container. It was as sturdy and secure as it looked. "They really weren't kidding when they said they didn't want us to accidentally open the scroll..." She put the container back in the cloak and looked to the gates once more. Alright stop panicking about it Cami... If Dad can do it so can you! "We don't split up while we're inside, no matter what. As long as we're together we can watch each others backs. That way we can avoid getting picked off one by one. I don't know the layout of the place but I can guess it's filled with narrow hallways, which will be hard to fight in. If we end up in a fight we try to draw it to a more open area. I'm afraid that's all I can think of right now. If anyone's got any other ideas feel free to let them be known."

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Morika stared down at her mother’s corpse and gripped Akron close. Had she really done that? Did she really strike her mother down? Morika honestly didn’t know what to do. All she could hear was an eerie sounding song playing softly in her ears that slowly started to rise in volume. It sounded familiar, like one of the songs she used to hear when she was small. It didn’t take too long before Morika’s mind was seduced by the music and lulled into the deeper, darker parts of her mind that had been dormant until recently.

When Morika opened her eyes again she was met with a dark hallway that had many doors, and no source of light, the hallway appeared to have been abandoned and left to rot as the wood in the doors were disgusting and the walls had many tear stains. She looked from her right to her left and saw that all of the doors had been tightly shut, and seemed to rot into the doorframes. There was no sound aside from her own breath, no sign of life aside from her own, it was as though whatever lived in this hallway had died and the hallway had been neglected in response.

Suddenly there was a loud ‘thud’ that came from the other side of one of the doors on Morika’s left. She jumped and placed a hand over her chest as the other covered her mouth to muffle any sound she did or didn’t make. Morika froze where she stood and listened for the sound, to try and pinpoint exactly where the sound was originating from. It didn’t take long for the sound to return nor did it make a peaceful return. It seemed as though whatever was behind one of these doors was aware of her presence and wanted out.

Morika swallowed thickly as she stepped lightly towards the area she thought that the sound was coming from. When she stopped in front of the door, the mysterious sounds had ceased altogether. Morika inspected the door and realized that this was the door to her bedroom when she was living with both of her parents, before her father died and her mother had chosen to downsize in order to save money. The once pretty indigo door was now faded and cracked, the bejeweled butterflies her father picked out for her door were dull and pieces of them were shattered or broken as she tried to be cautious of where she stepped, and where her name was engraved in the door was cracked and beyond repair. Morika looked down at the handle of the door, and noticed that parts of it had been chipped off and broken as well. There was a light breeze that fluttered at her legs from somewhere by the door, and it wasn’t until she looked down that she realized the gigantic hole that was the size of a manhole in the door.

Morika wasn’t certain, but she had a disturbing feeling that whatever was behind this door wanted out. Though it wasn’t until she heard a scuttling sound on the floor coming towards her and ragged, uneasy breathing right in front of her that she realized that she was in danger and she heard a raspy voice call out to her. “You’ve come back home.” And then something grabbed her foot, knocking her down to the ground and dragged her through the hole, under the door, relishing in the surprised shriek that was produced from Morika’s throat.

Morika kicked, thrashed, and fought desperately to escape the grasp of whatever held her hostage and immediately backed away when she felt the grip on her legs be removed. She oh so hoped that whatever she was in the room with would let her leave peacefully, and that she could get back to Akron. The pressure on her thighs pulling her towards the darkness said otherwise as the ragged breathing sounded only louder. “You can’t leave yet. I want to play.”

Suddenly there was a bright light that clicked on causing Morika to shield her eyes before they refocused on the feral being before her. They had long, black unkempt hair that cascaded down her back with multiple tangles and knots, they had sickly white almost grey dirty skin showing that whoever this was never saw the daylight, and they wore a torn, ratty, dirty looking dress that faded. But it wasn’t until the feral being looked her in the eye with an insane, wide grin that she realized this was herself. This feral child was Morika, the dress she was wearing was the same one that she wore when her father was on his deathbed. However she appeared to be the age she snapped and hurt her classmates.

“Play with me. Mommy and Daddy can’t play with me anymore. Everyone in school hates me.” Little Morika said, her hoarse voice sounding horrifying to Morika as the younger version of herself played with one of her drill pigtails. She snapped her head up to look Morika in the eyes with a crazed sparkle in her own. “What do you say? Play with me. We can play doctor. I’ll cut you open and stitch you back together again. I’m a good seamstress, Mommy seems to think so.”

Morika had no idea as to why her heart was beating so fast in her chest, nor did she understand the sick feeling coursing from her stomach throughout her entire body. All she knew was that she didn’t like this feeling, she didn’t like being in this room with a younger version of herself, and she didn’t like what was going on. The icky feeling in her stomach needed to go away and her body needed to stop trembling as Little Morika inched herself closer and closer. “I can’t. I need to get back to my friend. He needs me.” She said hesitantly as she wasn’t sure what was going to set Little Morika off.

Unfortunately, Little Morika didn’t seem to like her answer. “What friend? You have no friends remember? You are too sheltered, too naive, too stupid to have friends! Those people you call your friends will only be around you because it’s convenient to them, because there are things you can do that they can’t. The instant you are no longer useful, they will cast you aside without a second glance because you mean nothing to them. Or did you forget?” Little Morika narrowed her eyes as she dug her fingernails deep into Morika’s arms.

“That’s not true! Akron is my friend, he cares about me.” Morika protested weakly as pain seared through her body.

“Does he? Or is he pretending to care because he doesn’t know how to tell you that he’s terrified of you? Is he really your friend or does he only interact with you because he’s afraid that you will lash out on him like how we did to our classmates a long time ago?” Little Morika spoke out, her words laced with venom and contempt. “What about when you were placed in that tank and I broke free from my prison? Did he really want to save you or was he obligated to because the other weapons were saving their meisters?”

“He cares…”

“No, he pretends because he doesn’t want to look bad in front of your classmates or teachers. Face it Morika, I’m all that you have. Gwen is nice to everyone, you scare Grace away. Elias hates you and is the only one brave enough to tell you to your face. Rin thinks you're an annoyance. Llewellyn is only nice to you because he can’t say no. Elvena thinks you are a waste of time. Marcus avoids you because you aren’t worth the time. Shinobu only likes you because she requires something from you. Alice hates your guts. And your precious Akron rues the day he was partnered up with you because you do nothing but drag him down!”

Tears pricked at Morika’s eyes and her vision blurred as Little Morika’s words and nails cut deep into her, that there was a heavy iron scent that rang throughout the room as blood trickled down her arms and onto the dirty surface of the floor.

"I wasn’t aware they allowed such pathetic and weak children into the DWMA. It’s almost like they’re sending lambs out to be slaughtered.....This one is just a broken toy. Oh Morika, what have you done?"

Morika didn’t know what to believe, but this seemed to be the evidence she needed. Her existence was nothing but an inconvenience to everyone around her, and she was only useful when she had something others needed. It was as Elvena had said, she was a pathetic, weak, broken child that tried to pretend to be something she wasn't. “What about Mom and Dad? They cared about me...”

“Mom is the one who put us on medication that isn’t really medication, it’s a poison that your body can no longer fight off because your immune system is too weak to defend itself. The pills that suppress every single fucking emotion except for happiness is killing us because she no longer wants to deal with you. This is the easiest and fastest way for her to be rid of you because you were a mistake. Your mother never wanted to give birth to you.” Little Morika said smugly as she continued to speak. “Your father never gave a damn about you. All he cared about was having an heir. When your mother gave birth to you he was so disappointed because he didn’t want you. He had an affair with multiple women who offered to give him what your mother couldn’t, a son. He was pissed off when he was only left with you, that when he was diagnosed with cancer he didn’t bother trying to fight it off. He wanted to get away from the biggest mistake of his life, you. His dying wish that you stay happy was so he could torment you beyond the grave!”

Morika didn’t know what to do nor what to say as she let the tears stream freely down her face. Her pain seemed to please Little Morika as she dug her nails further into Morika’s arms until her fingertips pushed past the skin. She removed one of her hands from Morika’s arm to reveal a thorn, she brought the thorn to her mouth to taste the blood from where it had previously been in Morika's skin, grinning ferally as she shoved her hand through Morika’s gut, enjoying the elder Morika’s pained screams. “I am the only one you have. I am the only one you will ever need. I am the only one who won’t run from you Morika. So why don’t you just give up, and die? Your leader seems to be on the same page.”

Morika scratched and shoved at her younger version, seeming to only please Little Morika as she shoved her hand deeper into Morika’s gut to put at her organs. Insane giggles escaped the lips of Little Morika as she watched blood drip from the elder Morika. All Morika could really do was gasp for breath, sob quietly, and let out screeches of pain when Little Morika dug her hands deeper into her body.

Little Morika pulled her hand out of Morika’s gut to reveal her intestine. “Wow, look at that. I wonder if you will be this much fun when I stitch you back together?”
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Arkon was totally helpless to do anything... Morika was just out of it entirely babbling about her mother, leaving Akron to just watch as the clown entity drop from the roof of the circus tent. as the creature seemed to just swallow Elvy... her screaming... the way she was clawing at herself... it caused something inside Akron. to see his friend, be twisted like that invoked feeling he'd not had before. the way she was warped into.. something else, but Akron didn't see what was truly there the wild hair and deep black eyes. no, he saw... his sisters... warped and twisted by madness. even the rolling lashing waves of madness did little to change the preception simply causing the beast to scream more and more flooding his sense the boy couldn't handle any of this it was far too much for him to handle all at once.

even as Akron retreated into his own mind his safe space the black abyss had begun to be ripped away no longer peaceful darkness for the place began to fill with various colored lights, the came the screaming... and yelling the whispering... all his own voice Akron collapsing in the middle of everything. nothing made sense... there was all this noise and color all these feelings for this was not any madness afflicting him.. but his own emotions. even the wrapped comfort of the beast's bizarre tendril form was nowhere to be seen. in its place... what had previously happened to Elvy played out around Akron over and over as he curled up unable to make sense of any of this... hed failed.. he'd been a bad friend.. she'd gone to great lengths to save him.. form himself.. and he couldn't do a thing.. this was all his fault... all of this.. all of.. this...

the only thing that snapped Akron out of his stupor was when what was once Elvy directly addressed him... slowly.. walking around him. and Morika, still the faces of his sisters were plastered across there Evlys face.. even her voice morphed into there's inside Arkon's ears threatening to slay Morika if he didn't "play" finally.. something he could focus on... something to pull his thoughts together something he could focus his hectic emotions on.

“ Pitiful, really. The girl gets a taste of madness and she’s already losing herself to it. I wasn’t aware they allowed such pathetic and weak children into the DWMA. It’s almost like they’re sending lambs out to be slaughtered. I should be oh so grateful for the free meal but I much prefer to play with my food. This one is just a broken toy. Oh Morika, what have you done? Your poor mommy. “

again the madness embodiment that inhabited Elvy spoke again this time Akron heard its voice clearly no longer clouded by his chaotic mental state... no for it was no longer clouded by all these emotions he'd found one feeling to focus on.. a white-hot rage one that had been suppressed for close to 2 decades... A culmination of everything that hand happened to him over the years... and that madness... oh.. it was right.... so.. soo.. right... what had Morika actually done for him REALLY? NOT ONLY HAD SHE LET HIS FRIEND FALL INTO MADNESS THE SAME PERSON THAT SAVED HIM.. MORIKA HAD FAILED TO DO ANYTHING TO failed to let him even try to save his friend... just fall over and cry as soon any pressure was applied, it was right she was totally useless she'd done nothing but cause problems now SHE'D CAUSED THIS NOT AKRON NO THIS WAS HER FAULT. Akron had found something to cling to save his own mind from collapsing in on itself... but in truth, he'd found something long-suppressed.

the sudden tentacles striking Morika forced Akron to disconnect himself from Morika something he at this point welcomed greatly. now out of his weapon form Akron again was an armored giant.. yet no longer was he a stoic statue of armor, but clanking clanging twitching constantly. Within his helmet, Akron's eyes seemed to glow red flowing by a bearly audible cracking. a single redish crack forming ever so close to the boy's left eye. "oh... oh... you're so right... but.. does it look like I care to you? because let me tell you... I DON'T... your going to pay you worthless parasite.. I'm going to make sure you die slowly... oh so slowly..." Akron voice rumbled deeply the sound of anger, sadness, and confusion mixing together into an uncomfortable mix of course nothing compared to the creepiness previously emanating form Elvy still it was easy to tell something had happened to Akron... especially after he started chuckling uncontrollably before making a serious of rather futile but unpredictably rapid attacks with his arms that had suddenly transformed into ax's blades while they didn't do anything truly.. it did make him feel better....


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Dante, a solo weapon, was crouched on top of a nearby building's roof. Studying the tent, how it moved, what came out, what went in, and what didn't come out after going inside. Why? He had a bone to pick with the demons that resided inside. A personal grudge within him burned like a forest fire, in turn, which also made it practically impossible to bond with anyone when he was in the DWMA himself. Which was why he went solo and took care of the disgusting Kishins himself. Upon further inspection of the tent, he noticed a group of four approaching the tent in attempt to perhaps enter the tent themselves Are they fucking insane? Asking for a death wish? he thought, rising up from his crouched position and watching the group with his heterochromia eyes. They don't look like their average group of teens. Probably from the DWMA. After all, this tent has been more active and would have grabbed the damn school's attention. the breeze blew gently against him, his hair moving with it while he continued to watch the group enter the large tent.

He wanted to enter too, but he refused to as he quietly waited. His gaze never averting from the tent before he began to hear screams coming from within the tent. "Tch. How did I know I was going to start hearing screams?" he asked aloud, backing up on the roof and giving him a perfect running strip that lead right to the top of the tent. "At least I know what I'm looking for is inside." after the screams stopped, it turned into laughter which made him clench his jaw "There's madness in there. The DWMA warned us about clowns and how inducing they could be." he then chuckled "Lucky for me, I don't care, nor am I scared." cracking his knuckles, Dante took a running stance and sprinted across the roof, the shingles clinking lightly underneath his feet before he lept off the roof, his arm transforming into the blade he possessed I'll avenge you, Yui, Yuna. was his last thought as he sliced the top of the tent open and went right through, coming in as if he was a comet coming from the sky. It didn't take Dante long to slam right into the ground. Kicking dust up from the landing, his palm flat against the ground while his knees were bent and put him into a crouching position once again.

His other arm had remained transformed in the red blade, though it was above him, ready to attack anything that came at him. While on his journey down, he felt that he may have slammed into someone, so upon looking down, he noticed a dark-haired female underneath him. His hand right by her head while he was crouched over her. Narrowing his eyes, he glared down at her, seeing how much she was crying, how maddening she was starting to look "Tch, crying and being utterly useless I see." he carelessly said "Snap the hell out of it. You shouldn't even be here if you're going to cry like a child." getting up, he looked around as the dust cleared up to reveal two males one who seemed to be threatening his own life while another charged at the female. The female was no exception of everyone going insane here. She looked different, what did she do to even look that way? Before he could continue to think on the matter, one of the clowns that were circling the Male with the sword had turned to him, recognizing him as a new enemy and attacking him instead. Vanishing to the darkness before throwing a hand at him, only for the weapon to slice it up and send it reeling back into the dark abyss "For someone who's from the DWMA, you have no backbone." he glared back down at Morika.

"No one is going to save you, Miss Damsel in Distress. You need to get off your ass and fight. Otherwise you die." he knew if she was in some sort of trance, slamming into her had to have knocked her out of it. The look on his face grew grim, filled with anger as a hand came from above, and instead of moving, he took the blow. With gritted teeth, he spoke in a more aggressive tone "If I was Lord Death, I wouldn't have let you in the school. You seem more like a burden than you do a warrior. In fact, you seem like one of those people who'd pay more attention to coloring in class, than the class itself." with his other arm, he transformed it as well, swiping it at the hand and sending the clown back once again. Clowns were ruthless, madness inducing, and people like this girl couldn't handle the evils of the world. "Tch. You failed your own weapon, look at him, he's succumbed to madness and attacking your own teammate. Why? Because you stood there like a rock! How I know?" he glared at her, his expression of anger clearly visible "'Cause I landed on you without one issue and you still haven't moved from your fucking place!" and he had to act as a body guard on top of it all. He was here on a mission, not to play babysitter for a useless Meister. Maybe this is why he didn't want to pair with anyone.​


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"Leave someone alone long enough they get used to it. Then they find it imposing on their space when you do decide to show up." Gwen responded back through her link with Cami while her Meister walked through the town of distrusting glances the people shot them. Sure it was always a good thing to have a surplus of work for the workers, but places like this showed just how much manpower the academy really lacked these days. Branches were set up all across the world, but some small out of the way locations like this were just easy to not notice at times. Didn't make things easier when Kishin could pick humans off with ease like a damn slasher movie and the only guaranteed way to kill one was to use a Weapon. Consequences of the times they lived in unfortunately. At the worry of the dead possibly coming back did Gwen's human appearance appear along the reflection of her weapon with a quirked brow. "I mean they kinda already do. Our own school got a zombie man called Sid remember?" she noted before going silent as she watched Cami's expression go distant.

Uh oh. Someone was having flash back time again.

"Hey. We got this Cami. Just don't panic, and whatever does make you want to panic swing me at it and I'll violently tear it to shreds before I nom its soul like a well balanced meal. Plus we got Alice, Hitomi, and Lew here!" Gwen said trying to help reassure her Meister before going silent. Gwen normally muted her energetic chatter for serious situations like this so her Meister could focus, but that was with Baira who was a fighter through and through. If she had to speak up to help Cami she would, but this was their first mission together so they needed to figure out just how to function in these situations from now on.

Though they had the benefit of their fellow teammates being with them on this adventure. This was the first time Gwen was assigned to a team with Alice and Lew, and she wasn't entirely that familiar with Hitomi. However that wouldn't deter Gwen, Alice was a tough girl through and through so long as she didn't slip into Madness. If worst came to worst Gwen would just have to make physical contact to administer a healthy dose of the ole' Healing Wavelength. They would get this mission done and peace out back to Death City.




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Takeshi Mifune & Elvena Stein
( collab with Exanis Exanis )

Look whom has finally stepped into the spotlight! “ The clown gestured with Elvena’s gloved hand towards the angered armored man who stood at an impressive height over his own host. “ Pay? “ Its head tilted out of curiosity, hair almost seeming alive as it fluttered to cascade past her shoulders with the movement. “ Ohohoho, you're angry? Good. Just as weak minded as the girl on the floor. She’s overtaken by madness, you’re shaking and fueled by rage. It’s delightful, can’t you taste it in the air? “ That sinister smile tugged ever so slightly at the corners of her lips but what it wasn’t expecting was the two weapons gaslighting in completely different ways. One on the attack, one calling its bluff. The threat from Takeshi hung heavy in the atmosphere and a scowl soon crossed the meister’s face as she froze in place. Her fingers twitched at the hilt of the sword they grasped and it slid down a bit, grip almost completely lost before the clown recuperated from the sudden loss of control and tightened its hold on it once more. Those eyes seemed to flash dangerously as they narrowed, hues flickering between the two and refusing to settle on one or the other. The gears were turning in its brain, considering the many different conclusions this could come to depending on what it did next. Its jaw was firmly set at the realization that if the weapon known as Takeshi were to actually follow through with his meaningless life taking that it would most likely fully lose whatever control it was desperately holding onto. Slipping, the dominance that was once there was quickly fading. Its eyes rolled out of annoyance before it jumped back and created a small amount of distance between the axe armed perpetrator that was gaining on her like an unstoppable juggernaut, only fueled by blind fury.

You seem fond of games, Takeshi. “ It called out, breaths slightly audible as it spoke while evading the sporadic attacks, its expression once again elated. “ Let’s play one. In five seconds I’m going to stop moving away from the outraged gluttonous swine. So, cut yourself down where you stand, which would be such a waste, and watch your partner fall too in your last living moments or turn your blade and use it to protect what you claim is yours. It’ll be glorious either way, don't you think? “ A mischievous glint danced across its eyes as a laugh simultaneously bubbled past its lips, the dark blade of Akron’s weaponized arm reflecting off her eyes as it came too close to actually carving up Elvena’s face. As the clown began counting down silently, those same eyes flashed red momentarily and Elvena was hit with the overwhelming feeling of helplessness. She felt the invisible strings tugging each limb to move against her will as she barely sidestepped another swing, the rush of air from the attack gently breezing itself against her porcelain skin. Deep down in her head space, everything was dark, a black ocean that she was lost in and scarcely treading. No matter how many times it tried to drag her under, she would break free and resurface, her will and determination much too strong to be broken so hastily. Those puppeteer strands were pulled taut and in that moment it became clear that a few of them had snapped as the foreign sword slipped soundlessly through her fingers, hand reaching out towards Takeshi as if in longing as his name softly fell from her lips. And then she stopped moving, a still statue that was frozen in place.



As he continued to stare down the creature inhabiting his partner’s body, he noticed the slight twitching of her hand on the alien sword that she had been holding when they had noticed the predicament he had placed himself in. His smirk widened considerably at the movement, a vindictive glee filling him at the sight. However, the moment the parasite controlling Elvena’s body tried calling him out on his actions and offering him an ultimatum, Takeshi was ready to go through with his own threat instantly, knowing full well that it would bring Elvena out from under the control of the beast, yet a quick rumble from Ryu warned him to stay his hand and watch for just a few moments longer before committing to any drastic action. His momentary patience was rewarded quickly enough through the actions of his partner, for the being that dropped that mockery of a sword and reached out while calling his name could be no one other than HIS Elvena. The second the blade left her hand and her arm started raising towards him, he was dashing towards her as quick as a flash, blade instead held out to the side, and off-hand partially transformed into his weapon form. Sliding to a stop in front of Elvena, he raised his transformed arm to block the wild axe strikes of the maddened Akron, his own blade held ready to strike down anyone that dared approach them, and the most damning change was his expression.

Whereas before he held an almost lackadaisical, if not sadistically dark and sarcastic smirk on his face when he was addressing the Clown that attempted to control Elvena, now his expression was damn near apocalyptic as he stared down Akron. His lips were pulled back into an inhumanly animalistic snarl, and his eyes, already nearly completely corrupted by his Black Blood Madness, turned abyssal black and devoid of any emotion beyond a frothing, mind numbing protective anger. And yet, his mind was blissfully silent, Ryu quieting down to nonexistence the moment Elvena had moved towards him, an hopefulness usually anathema to a being such as it emanating from the demon. This clarity within his own mind afforded Takeshi a brief reprieve of sanity, akin to a man that had gone so insane he had cycled back into the realm of normality, yet still tainted by the images and thoughts that came with absolute madness. Then, he spoke in a cool whisper devoid of any inflection yet managing to convey the immense level of anger and danger he embodied at this moment, eyes transitioning between boring a hole into Akron’s and the newcomer’s skull, “ One step closer to her and I’ll do what I promised to do to you in that facility, except I won’t play around. There will be no taunting, no jeering, no slow, agonizing death. I will cut you down where you stand, pig, and nothing short of Elvena herself intervening will stay my hand. So, do yourself a favor? Turn around. Retrieve your partner. Leave. ” Dragging his gaze over to the new intruder once again, his snarl deepened. “ That goes double for you, rat.


An internal battle began in her head, in her soul, and ultimately to decide who would assume control of her physical actions. Those eyes began to flicker like an SOS signal, expeditiously switching from that consumed black to red beacons that shone through the darkness in an attempt to bring light to them once more. In the beginning of her consciousness she’d been alone, standing there vulnerable and staring wide eyed at Akron, but soon Takeshi’s frame devoured her blurred vision and brought an instantaneous comfort that his presence simply delivered. A warmth that he’d never fully fathom for it couldn't be described with words nor compared to anything she'd ever encountered. Even with the struggle, the tug of rope over her psyche, she managed to lean forward and rest the palms of her gloved hands against his shirt. They remained still as she took in the rhythm of his soul, completely enamored and focused on the feeling just touching him brought her. There was a mixture of emotions that flooded her whenever it occurred, however none of them were negative and they were no longer alien to the meister. Whereas before there may have been uncertainties or unsureness of what it all fully meant, there was now nothing short of complete acceptance and understanding. As he spoke to the newcomer and one of the few people she held dear enough to call ‘friend’, his tone was one she'd never heard him use as it entwined with each venomous word that he spoke. Strangely enough she only found a sense of security and safety in them and it brought a sudden clarity that began to wash over her. However, whilst this cognizance was probably going to be deemed insane, Elvena knew that it was going to be alright despite the ability it had to put her six feet under the dirt, the faith and confidence in herself not wavering even if the fallout would be permanent if she didn’t succeed. The wavelength that had been unleashed was now dampened, suffocating under the desire she had for it to no longer plague her partner.

She was slow and tender with her movements as her fingertips trailed from their idle position on his back and crawled towards his unchanged arm, slipping down past his elbow at a gradual pace as not to alarm him. Finally they reached his own fingers and she brushed past them with the pressure only a lover's caress could deliver before she curled them around the sword within his grasp. There was no demanding insistence, instead she pulled him close against her own figure and leaned up to whisper in his ear, a vague strain creeping behind the words that left her lips. “ Will you lend me your sword? “ The intent behind the request wouldn’t take much to figure out, Takeshi was as sharp as his blade and she knew he’d immediately understand what such a hefty ask implied. “ I would crawl through hell to get back to you and keep you as mine, always remember that. “ In the end, she’d never force his hand or rip something so dear from his hands, it had to be his choice. A few convulsions slithered across her body as she struggled against the influence of the clown, feeling the tides start to turn and they most likely weren’t going to be in her favor since so much of her allocated attention was not on herself but on the man now tightly held in an embrace. Around them the other two clowns that had been taunting Takeshi took note of their fallen comrade and decided to descend upon the fresh face who had dared climb down into their tent like an unwanted nuisance spider that needed to be crushed.

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There was a sudden harsh pressure that pushed against Morika’s chest and ribs that ejected Little Morika away from her body. It gave Morika enough clarity to get as far away from her as she could. Morika scrambled to her feet and ran out of the broken door, out of the hallway and towards an open door leading into a bright light. When the white washed over her, she heard a harsh, unfamiliar voice that had snapped her back into reality. “For someone who’s from the DWMA, you have no backbone. No one is coming to save you, Miss Damsel in Distress. You need to get off your ass and fight. Otherwise you die. If I was Lord Death, I wouldn’t have let you in the school. You seem more like a burden than you do a warrior. In fact, you seem like one of those people who’d pay more attention to coloring in class, than the class itself. Tch. You failed your own weapon, look at him, he’s succumbed to madness and attacking your own teammate. Why? Because you stood there like a rock! How do I know? Cause I landed on you without one issue and you still haven’t moved from your fucking place!”

Morika felt as though she had been sucker punched and all breath left her body. Was that how people saw me? Is that how people see me? Should I have even thought about signing up to attend this school if it meant that I would have to constantly switch partners? Because I’m not a good enough meister to wield a weapon partner? Is that rumor true? Did I only get into this school because my mom paid to get me in, not because of my own will? Morika felt helpless and sick, she didn’t know what to believe anymore. Was what the demented version of herself right? Was this stranger before her right?

The more Morika thought about it the more helpless she felt. It was true, she isn’t a good meister. Akron is only her partner because he didn’t want to hurt her feelings by saying no. Akron wasn’t really her friend, he was someone who was forced to be partnered with her and had pretended to be her friend to lull her into a false sense of security. Morika was only paired with Elvena and Takeshi for this mission because they were not only a better match-up, but they obviously knew what they were doing. Morika figured that they didn’t really want Morika on their team but only allowed it because she was Akron’s partner.

Is this it then? Is this where I give up because of a few little hurtful words aimed in my direction? Is this where I give up and let everyone who told me that I couldn’t do it know that they were right? Or is this where I stand up and stop telling people what I want to do and just do it instead? Morika paused as these thoughts crossed through her mind, could she do that? Was it even possible?

But everyone here is much more talented and better than I am, what hope do I have on becoming the best meister of DWMA? There are meisters here who won’t fall apart because they are weak, the meisters here have actual support and people who care for them at the school, what do I have? What is the point of becoming a meister when every possible weapon partner takes one good look at me and won’t even give me a chance? It happened with our first partner, it happened with Samara, and it is happening again with Akron! Tell me what chance I have. There was silence as Morika’s defense was quiet allowing Morika’s pessimistic side to continue to run it’s mouth. See? Even you have abandoned me. All I seem to do is drive people away, my weapon partners, any possible friends, even my parents! Dad died because of me and Mom can’t even stand to have me around which is why she is slowly feeding me poison.

First of all, Dad died because of cancer. Unless cancer can be transferred from one person to another, it wasn’t your fault. Did you have cancer to transfer over? There was a brief hesitance before Morika herself responded. No. Was it your fault that kids didn’t like you growing up? No? No it wasn’t. You looked weak and they decided to pick on you because you looked weak. What did you do when they pushed you too far? But wasn’t that my fault? What did you do Morika? ….I pushed back? You snapped. You snapped and showed them that you wouldn’t tolerate nor would you accept their behavior any longer. Morika took a second of silence to think about it, and she realized that it was right. Even if she didn’t go about it the right way, Morika showed those other children that she wasn’t going to be pushed around any longer.

Is it your fault that your mother put you on the pills? What? Is it your fault that your mother put you on the pills? Morika thought long and hard about this question. Was it her fault that her mom but her on the medication? It had been so long since she had been placed on the medication, she couldn’t remember. If you had to think this long about an answer, then you must have forgotten the reason you were placed on the pills in the first place. Do you remember your first panic attack? I had a panic attack? You did. You were hysterical and your mother couldn’t calm you down. You were experiencing PTSD from all of the abuse at that school. What did your mother do to help you? ...she put me on the pills? She did. At first she only gave them to you when you were experiencing mild episodes of PTSD, but as they began to become more and more prominent, she had to give them to you daily. She recently had to up the dosage because she was afraid that you would experience bouts of PTSD far away from her without any sort of help.

Morika realized that this voice was making a lot of sense, but she still had a lot of unanswered questions. The voice seemed to be aware of this and rushed to speak before the pessimistic voice had a chance. Why did you want to go to this school? Did you want to go to this school to become the best meister? Did you come here to make friends? Why did you, Morika Ayame, want to come to this school and not go to a regular school? I wanted to go to this school to become stronger. I wanted to come to this school because it was the only one that wouldn’t sugar coat anything I did wrong. I wanted to come to this school because it would be challenging. I wanted to prove to my tutor that I could do anything and that I wouldn’t let fear control me. I didn’t come here to make friends. Having friends would be nice, but that isn’t why I am here. Friends come and go, but anyone who matters will stay. I don’t want to become the best meister there ever was, I want to become the best meister that Morika Ayame will ever be.

From how it sounded, the voice seemed particularly pleased with itself. What about your weapon partners? What about them? Is it your fault if you’ve had bad match-ups or is it your fault that there is a lack of communication? ...the first one was a bad match-up. Samara...I thought that Samara and I clicked well and that she would be my permanent partner. Akron...with him there is no communication because I know he doesn’t like me. He was forced to be partnered with me and I thought that we were friends. Did he say that? What? Did Akron himself say that? Did he say that he can’t stand you and that you are a bad meister to your face? No? He didn’t. Don’t put words in his mouth and don’t make decisions for him, Morika. Being partners means making decisions together, but unless Akron himself says that he no longer wants to be your partner, you need to step up and tell him what is on your mind. You need to communicate with him better, he can’t read your mind Morika. I think that it is time that you open up your eyes and see the truth before you.

"Can you continue to cover me? I'm going to stitch myself back together."
Morika addressed the stranger as she busted out her emergency sewing kit and threaded a needle, breathing in deeply as she relaxed enough for the needle to pierce her skin as she slowly stitched her arm up.
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Elias’s keen gaze darted about to take in the comforting scenario of the dusty and eerie mansion, his messy hair still taking the top spot of most unkempt. Even this cluttered old house couldn’t hold a damn flame to the level of attention he did not extend towards his splayed strands. Here and there he’d hear the opinions of the others spilling forth from their mouths at different random intervals and he didn’t really say much in turn. He acknowledged them with a look devoid of humor, those eyes only remaining on each face until they’d fallen silent before they flickered over to the next person speaking. The light of their flashlights didn’t do too much and he had a growing desire to just light himself up like burning man so they’d have some fucking actual light to brighten this place up. Alas, a sigh of defeat and annoyance pushed past his lips as he knew full well that such a tactic would only hinder them and not actually help. Marcus’s poor attempt at a joke reached his ears, the laughter from the small girls following immediately after. Those ruby jeweled eyes flashed as they began to look for the culprits that were quick to show themselves, his perquisition not lasting long. His face contorted into one of slight disgust at their demeanor, their invitation of a game reminding him way too much of his sister during her more ‘sinister’ days. The days where ‘playing’ was not what it seemed and indeed was more of a damn horror show than anything. Nobody ever wanted to agree to play ‘human subject’ for the other Stein as they’d be in for a fun surprise when they figured out what it truly entailed.

And then they vanished, their sickeningly cute expressions the last thing he saw before they were no longer within his sight. Fuckin’ great. He thought to himself, frame quite lax as he listened to everyone speak up after that little spectacle. They had valid points and he wasn’t too fussed to be splitting up. All of them stuffed into those tiny hallways was starting to make his skin crawl anyways, the claustrophobia he had definitely leaking through. He shot the others a brief look and then turned his gaze towards the staircase Shinobu requested he, Elgin, and Marcus follow. “ We’ll be fine. If anything Marcus can cower in a corner and I’ll take on these bizarre doll-like shits. As long as they’re tangible I’ll show them I’m not playing their little fucking games. “ Elias grinned a little wildly at the mere thought of getting his hands on them and watching them explode. He was so ecstatic about it that he even laughed a bit, the sound completely unnatural coming from someone like him. Before they headed off he turned to shoot Rin a more endearing smile, one he reserved for very few but what his sight fell on made him instantly grim.

He knew all too well what was happening as he scanned over the heavy gun that had dropped like an immovable object to the ground, all of its weight of her troubled soul having to try to match with Shin’s and ultimately failing. His mouth was quick to set, teeth grinding rather audibly. A thousand thoughts skimmed to the front of his mind, never settling as a more vulgar and angry one was quick to replace the previous one. For once, he felt what it was like to be inside Elvena’s head, a place of chaos and an unhinged mind. There was so much he would’ve loved to spit out in that moment. Hell, he would’ve loved to rip Rin from Shin’s grasp but he knew that would solve jack shit and he'd probably be incapable of budging her at all. As much as he wanted to free her from the anguish her soul was probably going through, he knew this was a situation where he was helpless. A feeling he absolutely fucking loathed. This was something he had expected, especially given the turmoil that had only been festering and taking root within his girlfriend’s mind over the past few weeks. Finally, it had flowered and this was the result. A tch noise made its way past his clenched teeth, his hold on his tongue extremely tight at the moment for someone who usually didn’t give a fuck. The last thing he wanted to do was cause more devastation in Rin’s mind and add fuel to a situation that was already on fire.

Elias forced himself to turn away, his once indifferent and leisurely stature now more rigid as he walked past Marcus, only able to speak a few words amidst the inferno of fury that was starting to bubble up like acid reflux. “ Let’s fucking go, Marcus, Elgin. See the rest of you when we cross paths or whatever. “ He offered a parting wave with a motion that seemed truly uncaring but he was far from that at the moment. As much of an asshole or nonchalant he could come off, the desire to see the entire team alive and victorious at the end of a mission was a top priority; that went for each and every one of them, new or not. And with how Rin and Shinobu were fairing he was going to be wracked with an overwhelming sense of worry if they didn't manage to sync their souls once more. Never had he truly related to Rin in the way he was now and it was not only pissing him off but it was dragging up emotions of longing and sadness from his childhood that he didn’t know how to properly channel or cope with. The sounds of glass breaking would echo throughout the entire structure as he held nothing back, a fist barreling through every window with a touch of an explosion that he passed by, as was Shin’s directions after all. It wasn’t really helping the light situation but it sure as fuck was making him feel even a microscopic bit better. “ Can we hurry this shit up so we can get the fuck out of here. I’m free to level this entire place once we have the book and everybody is standing outside, right? “ His voice sounded almost like he was pleading with his meister but that same pissed off attitude was heavily entwined with each word.

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the clown's taunting towards Akron did little to change how he felt no more no less... just anger. Only a shaper exhale was achieved and a slight chuckle from Akron armor still rattling with each twitch and movement every missed swing was almost cathartic in a way... even if they didn't connect just to release that anger it felt good. but what the clown said next... it had struck a nerve one that left him ignoring everything else... " gluttonous swine" no.. no one got to call him that no one deserved to or even had the right to this clown.. this monster... Akron would make sure... that it died..slowly and painfully... the next set of swings were not as broad.. far far more accurate far more precise, and much more deadly if they were to hit. anger turned to bloodlust, and now creeping into his mind was a familiar feeling an, enveloping darkness.. and how convenient that the thing had stopped moving PERFECT. The next swing was instead stopped with a clanking as it struck Takeshi blade. His own gaze locking onto the other weapons Akron emitting a growling chuckle.. deep and strange as it echoed within his armored hid.

Akron rocked back and forth staring forward, only gazing at the flickering blue light in the corner as the light danced around him the noise, the color, the pain the sound... everywhere.. he was starting to just lose it.. the colours creeping in around him. suddenly the rainbows were interrupted by large red dots 52 dots. tendrils of dark black slithering into the colours a familiar smothering choking void. instead of fear or worry, Akron smiled.. and hummed a familiar tune, and the darkness and slowly engulfed him... it sang back.

instead of trying to strike again. Akron bladed arms dropped hanging low. Akron lowering himself to be on the same level as Takeshi, eyes glowing a deep and strange red. no more quivering from his body, In fact, he seemed to be calm again the silence hung in the air for a second Akron emitting a haunting tune at least the ending part of one that Takeshi would have already heard.. at least in one place. "reeeeemmmeebber.... miiiiinnne" Akron voice had a hissing flicking undertone for it was not Akron speaking but his madness... seeming to have pulled him out of his rage? he'd step back carefully straightening out, redness in his eyes disappearing. "I don't care what you do Takeshi.. but make sure Elvena is ok.." this time Akron spoke in his normal way.. neutral and calm but there was clearly a lot of care in those words. Then he'd turn around looking at the new arrival and the clowns that were charging the new guy and Joining in on the combat, no longer was his swings erratic and wide but devastating and precise even if the clowns kept getting up. "I do not know why you are here and I do not care... for your reasons, but I can see your here for revenge" Akron addressed Dante offhandedly, he could just see it in the guy's eyes, a look his sister's would often have. Hopefully the new one would make himself useful


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Alice took note of Hitomi's words of worry from earlier, and had already been a step ahead of it all. If that guy did take her bike, hunting him down was going to be the first thing she would do after they got what they came for. But right now, that had been the least of her concerns now that they were standing in front of the destination they were supposed to head into. All the while listening to the conversation between her weapons, finding it amusing on how differently they thought. Hitomi asking about zombies attacking them, all the while Lew was trying to still get out of his habits of calling others "Lady" and "Sir". It was a good habit he was creating for himself. He even came up with his own joke, which made him sound fairly serious, but it was still funny. Unfortunately, the subject changed, causing the blonde's features to shift a little bit. It seemed that Lew hadn't moved on from that time at the lab...How could they? It was scarring for everyone. Sure, it scarred Alice, but she had endured so much scarring that she was easily able to forget about the lab because it was in the past. No need to remember it. If she ever had to, she would think back on it and reflect. Life was filled with trial and error. Even if it did mean life or death.

Camilla had broke Alice from her thoughts with a joke, making the blonde giggle softly as she loved her attempts at joking. It lightened the air and made her shoulders feel lighter "It's not something we haven't done before, Camilla. I'll take point; After all," she tapped Lew's shield "We got the shield." she gave her a reassuring smile and looked at the entrance herself, using soul perception as well to see anything that may have been out of her range "Mine isnt the greatest either, but we have a good start to no souls being seen within range." she pointed out as she approached the rusted gate to the entrance, pulling it open while it scraped along the floor and squeaked very loudly as the other Meister caught her attention with the container for the scroll, causing her to stop opening the door "Armstrong did say it was dangerous and not to open. Honestly, I take his word for it, especially after what we've seen for first years here." before the blonde could take a step, Camilla had made her stop, informing her they shouldn't split due to lack of information on the layout. "Ideas... Sticking together is probably the best idea we got. We can probably plan more once we see what's inside, right?" she asked before beginning her decent down into the crypt, some stairs broken, some stone scattered along them due to crumbling foundation.

The sounds of them walking down the stairs definitely echoed within the large room they were coming down into. The crunching underneath their feet getting a little more obvious as they finally hit the bottom. Her Emeralds looked around the large room, debris everywhere, some columns were broken but the place still remained supported by the few other in-tact ones "I knew it was a crypt, but I didn't realize how large it was going to be." the only light coming in was from outside, and some how through two other doorways, so there was enough to see, but it was probably obvious they would need more light the deeper they would go. "At least the room is large enough for both of us to fight in. Especially when you have Gwen. We have no choice but to go deeper though, what do you think?" in tight spaces, Camilla and Gwen were going to have improvise...


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    DIVIDE AND CONQUER 5fde08c406526f6febdae44d1b9d91bf.jpgAs quick as the ghost kids came, it was the same when they left. Leaving only a few words behind, they demanded that the team finds them if they want to grab the book. Of course a couple of ghost kids wanted to play hide and seek, why wouldn’t they? Big mansion with nothing but play room, seems ideal for kids, but Marcus heavily doubted that they were normal ghost kids. From their appearance and vibe, it suggested they were far from just dead normal spirits. He figured they were evil spirits he head about in the library one time. Hearing his partners voice, he looks down at the sword in his hand as he listens. "Honestly E, I doubt we'll actually be able to reason with these type of ghost kids. Usually a good spirit's soul is blue, however with these girls...there's were red, meaning they're evil spirits buddy. Ain't really much to reason with right there." He said speaking to Elgin alone. He turned his head towards Seren as she mentions shedding some light on the situation and adding in a skylight, but Marcus couldn’t help but thinking about how that plan could backfire and the whole roof collapse onto them, much how the tent did to Alcross back on the first day. "Let's refrain from remodeling the entire crib for now." Marcus said looking at Seren. He attention then falls onto the leader who lays out the plan for everyone to act upon. It came down to it being Grace and Shinobu handling the lower level, while Marcus and the bros handle the upper level. and of course Elias had to say something about Marcus. "Eli, ain't no one about to cower in no damn corner. Hell you talking about. Ghost child or not we can handle those two girls. " He said giving Shin and the others a cheeky grin and a thumbs up. However on the inside Marcus was having somewhat of a mental breakdown. "All i know is that neither one of those damn girls better not try and posses me. My moms is definitely gonna kill me too if her only sons get possessed by evil spirits. Ughh just why did it have to be ghost. I would’ve happily taken the crypt mission over this bs. His thoughts could more than likely be heard by both of his partners and yet he didn't care. He just wanted to get this book then leave. Without him even realizing it, because he was too into his own thoughts, he missed most of Shin's parting words, which more than likely would've been a bit helpful.

    Moments before heading towards the stairs, Marcus heard a loud noise of something hitting the ground. Turning his head, he noticed it was Rin totally weighing herself down, and Shin unable to pick her up. At first sight, Marcus already knew what was going on. Rin aren’t in sync at all, something is weighing down on Rin's soul. That sight reminded him about he and Elia's falling out at the beginning of the school year. After a terrible accident, even he could barely hold his partner. The time and effort it took for the to fix what was damage made them stronger and no one else could’ve done it for them but themselves. So seeing this happen to someone else, He knew it was best for him not to interfere. He was planning on standing there to wait until it was settle just encase the evil spirits decided to come for them in their moment of weakness; however Elias had other plans. He didn't want to stand around and linger. From others who don't really know Elias, it may seem that he's unbothered/uncaring by his girlfriends situation, but Marcus knew it was more than that. He knew Elias cared, and he knew that the thought of this is definitely gonna be on his mind. As Marcus watched as his partner walce up the stairs, he let out a few words of encouragement. "She'll be alright Eli, we all will." He says to him, giving one final glance back at the others, before catching up to him. Of course, he had to blow off some steam and damage a few windows on his way up the stairs. "Do whatever you need to do to clear your mind and relax, dawg. Even if it means you get to blow this place to kingdom come. So yeah, you're free to blow it up when we're all done."

    As the two of them finally makes it to the stop of the stairs The moonlight shining through the broken windows and walls, light up the area even if it was only a little bit. The upper area somewhat similar to that of downstairs. There were furniture covered with sheets and dust along with two paths for them to take. Marcus lets out a sigh before speaking, "Lets go left first then we'll back track. There's no need for us to split up as well." After marcus and his friends entered the upper left wing of the mansion, the walls closed up behind them blocking off their exit, and any means of natural light. Any damage towards the wall would automatically close back up and fix itself. "What the-!!" Marcus let out in shock as the hallway was completely dark. Though surprisingly, lamps aligned through the walls of the hallway all light up in sync revealing their path. In front of them was a clean and perfect endless hallway filled with doors on each side of the room. There was no sign of the of the old run down mansion that was once before them. Marcus looked around in shocked grip loosening itself on Elgin. (if you want you can change back Jackaboi Jackaboi ) "This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder. This hallway doesn’t seem to end, and all these doors don't make sense. This place isn't possibly big enough to hold all these rooms." He said looking around. "Eli if you want, you break each door down and blow off more steam, cause this definitely looks like it's gonna take us some time."

    If Grace and Seren decides to follow along with the plan and head into the left wing of the mansion the same thing that happen to Marcus' group will happen to them. The walls close behind them, giving no exit and no light, but soon enough the hallway will be light up with lamps placed all along the walls, revealing a clean and perfect furnished, endless mansion hallway. At first everything was normal, until the dimensions of their hallway shifted dramatically changing upside down. As the hallway shifts, they'll either fall on their faces on land on their feet, but everything besides themselves remained in place, while now the girls were technically standing on the ceiling of the hallway. As the girls get their a handle on the situation the same pale spirit appeared before them smiling and waving at them, before disappearing yet again. "Come play with us." Her voice says echoing throughout the hallway.

    With Rin and Shinobu struggling at this very moment, their ghost simply floated in their hallway watching them, intrigue at the situation.
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Omniverse Explorer
Dante De'Lexington
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Dante may have been busy with his own problems, but he heard the other male call him a Rat, which made him let out an audible "Tch" sound. The weapon didn't care about the people here, the only thing he cared about was destroying these damn clowns that took his sisters. No doubt killed them by now, which was why he was here, to end their treacherous acts. Before the weapon knew it, the other clowns that had been once distracted by the others, had finally realized his intrusion "Took you dumbasses long enough!" he shouted, barely picking up Morika's voice, asking to be covered "Whatever." was all he said before taking on his challengers. 'Cover me' who does she think I am? She's a Meister, she should have skills to flee and she doesn't. She's useless and what I can see, she's just good for sewing. he thought, shifting both arms into the blades of his weapon form. Though, before he could act upon his pursuers, the Axe weapon from earlier had attacked, his movements far more precise than before. His cuts clean rather that sporadic, which made it easier to give Dante time to jump into the frey.

"Of course I'm here for fucking revenge. They took away something precious to me and now I'm going to make them pay" he said with a growl, gritting his teeth as he watched one of the clowns vanish, coming from the darkness on his side, to which he dodged to the best of his ability and charged, bringing his blades into the arm and sending it reeling back before suddenly the clown itself came out at him, charging in attempt to tackle the weapon down. Instead, Dante brought his arms together as quick as he could, allowing the clown to ram right into his blades before pulling them outward and slicing the clown in half. But it didn't stop its regeneration. Looking back at Morika, he noticed she was still stitching up "I surely hope that you finish that quickly!" he shouted, his ankle being grabbed suddenly and flung off to the side where he skidded across the ground and rolled to get back to his feet. Damn clowns, don't know when to quit. Doesn't matter. With all five people here, we can get rid of them, despite their regeneration.


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili
Interacton/Mention: Britt-21 Britt-21 The Elder The Elder Kyuubey Kyuubey

Things went south almost as soon as Rin transformed.

Shinobu had assumed that her partner's odd behavior was because of the admittedly spooky atmosphere. They weren't even sure what these Kishin were capable of, and that too could easily explain the averse reactions to casual contact, the unwillingness to communicate, and the general sense of unease she seemed to have around her. Shinobu had worried over such things, but had assumed that they'd be resolved as soon as they'd collected their target and vacated the area. Hesitation wasn't going to slow down this mission, especially with time being a major factor.

But as soon as Rin transformed and fell into her grasp, Shinobu realized that the problem was far more than just Kishin or the atmosphere. She nearly collapsed to her knees immediately as Rin's ungodly weight threatened to slam her hands against the floor. The shock at the sudden weight had left Shinobu unprepared, but her reaction time was still fast enough for her to slide out one leg and take a knee instead, just barely keeping Rin off the ground. Even with her mask on, the strain of effort it took just to keep from dropping her partner immediately was clearly visible.

Her Soul Perception wasn't even needed to feel the immense waves of turmoil that their link had become. There was still a chance that they'd been affected by the Kishin somehow, but Rin's panicked cries which rang in Shinobu's ears squashed that theory without mercy. Shinobu winced, grip loosening momentarily as she looked up to see the rest of their team continuing to pursue their targets. She and Marcus locked eyes for a moment, while Elias urged him to continue after their ghost.

It was a sentiment Shinobu agreed with, and gave a nod to the rest of the team in order to urge them to continue following through with the mission. The ghost that Rin and her were supposed to be after hadn't fled in the midst of their struggle, so Shinobu began slowly lowering Rin to the ground. Just barely managing to get her fingers out from under her before letting go, Shinobu collapsed backwards whilst breathing heavily from exertion. Even with physical capabilities like her's, being suddenly asked to lift what essentially equated to a truck was a lot to ask for. She took one more glance at the ghost girl to confirm that she was still there before leaning forward and calling out to Rin.

"You... you can change back Rin." she said before taking another breath and wiping some sweat from her brow "I won't make you stay in your weapon form, but..."

She trailed off for a moment with a sigh as she reached up to massage her head. She knew it had been some time since their last mission, but she hadn't expected for their bond to get so strained in that amount of time. Rin's desperate cries were still ringing in her ears, the sheer repulsion she felt made Shinobu's head ache more. Attempting to rub the pain away was futile, and soon Shinobu figured she'd just have to tough it out.

"But I'm gonna need you to change back and take a couple breaths." she finished while groaning as she rose "We can fix this, whatever this is, mission or no mission."

She tried to think back to what could've caused this, but she and Rin had not spent much time hanging out in the weeks preceding this mission. In fact, now that Shinobu thought about it, she could easily say that the ride in the limo had been the longest time they'd spent in each other's presence in that time. She cursed under her breath, realizing that she didn't have much of a basis of deduction to go off of. And it wasn't like this scenario was conducive for a heart to heart session.

"We haven't hung out in a while, so I'm not exactly sure where to start." she noted before reaching up to pull her mask down for a moment "But I need you to talk to me, give me something I can work with and we'll sort it out."

Even as she spoke her eyes kept darting over towards the ghost girl occasionally. With their bond unstable like this, Shinobu realized they were at far more risk than she initially thought. Her gaze occasionally went to the surrounding building, as she knew there were undoubtedly more Kishin on the premises. Her hands tightened several times, waiting for an ambush now that the rest of their team were having their own searches underway. But even so, she made sure to keep track of Rin's condition. The uncertainty in her soul now visible even without contact.

Shinobu wasn't sure how she hadn't noticed it until now, her Soul Perception had always been one of her strongest quirks. It had been what had helped her find a partner in Rin in the first place, and she'd used it on multiple missions since then. But now it seemed faulty, overlooking things that had previously seemed obvious. She was caught off guard by the appearance of the ghost girls, and now she finds that her own Partner was having issues that she was sure she'd see in other scenarios. Was this another by-product of the incident at the Lab? Right now it was actually worrying how different her view of Rin's soul was compared to how it was before.

But like most things, she stifled that worry as much as she could. She wouldn't let the concern distract her, especially not now. They were in enemy territory with their bond rife with abnormalities, she couldn't allow panic to set in. Her partner needed help, and so Shinobu took a breath. If utilized together properly, questioning Rin and focusing her Soul Perception should allow her to piece together what was wrong. She just hoped that her ability hadn't grown as strained as their bond.


One Thousand Club
1608005756760.pngElgin was stuck trying to figure out what the creepy kids were planning. Trail of thought breaking off as his attention was brought back to Marcus, replying to his earlier suggestion. Elgin simply nodded to his words. "Yeah guess you're right, evil is evil right? Or are they just vengeful?" He thought again. He wasn't really sure why he was questioning this more than usual. Maybe it was because having to put down a bunch of children didn't leave a nice impression for him. Meanwhile, Elias as usual, was impatient and itching to raise a little hell. Looking at him from his soul room he thought maybe he was just overthinking it. Soon he became witness to Shin's inability to properly lift Rin. "Damn it I fucking knew there was something wrong..." Right away he was tempted to prise himself from Marcus' grip and transform back just so he could tell her to get her shit together! But he held himself back, knowing that his words wouldn't really carry much weight. No this was for her and Shin to settle, anyone else getting involved would only serve to delay what needed to happen. "Despite that scary, tough exterior... You're really the most sensitive one out of all of us arent'cha?" He thought to himself, keeping those words in mind and making sure to remember this for the future.

Forcing his attention away from the duo, his focus was back onto his partners. Elias understandably more pissed at Rin's situation than anyone else here. In a hurry to get on with the mission he made his way up the stairs ahead of Marcus and Elgin. "Time to get this show started DJ..." He said to Marcus, a hint of uncertainty in the tone of his voice. He wasn't sure why but he had a really bad feeling about this mission now. Making it to the top of the stairs, there laid two distinct paths to take, Marcus opted to take the left side, suggesting to backtrack should they fail to find their objective. However, the moment they were in the hallway, their path back closed up immediately, taking everyone by surprise. "SHIT It's so dark!? The hell happened??" He asked aloud, of course aware the others were probably just as confused. But they weren't finished there. Lights suddenly lit up all the way down the seemingly endless hallway. Elgin could feel his wavelength with Marcus waver as the meister's grip loosened. It was plain to see now that the DJ was officially spooked. Elgin transformed back to human form before Marcus could drop him on the floor, before running to the wall behind him and slamming it with his hand. "The fuck is going on here!? A wall doesn't just appear like this! Clearly those kids wanted us split up didn't they? Sly little shits..."

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Creepy Mansion
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Grace wrinkled her nose as the children flew off into the building, a mild show of distaste from her otherwise neutral countenance. "Figures," she muttered, shaking her head as she kept her eyes aimlessly trained at the last place the ghosts had been seen. The others decided to split up surprisingly quickly despite some of the earlier objections to such a move, though given their newer situation, that was probably a natural choice. Either way, there wasn't really a reason for the girl herself to complain, or so she thought.

"...Yeah, alright. Let's go, Seren," she said to her partner, waving over her shoulder and assuming the girl would follow, before turning at the sound of a heavy clunking against the floor. Pausing at the end of the room, she quirked a brow at a particularly unexpected sight; their team's leader and her weapon were apparently having their own set of...disagreements. The other Meister paused as well, his own weapons in tow, but the group ultimately continued onward. Grace glanced back at her own chosen hallway, then sighed, shaking her head again as she walked back over to the other duo. She hadn't gone into the mission expecting it to be particularly easy, but the kinds of difficulties they were currently facing weren't the ones she had anticipated either.

"Hey. Until you two figure out whatever's going on, let's move as four," she stated, pulling a pack of spaghetti pasta from one of her jacket pockets and pulling a single stick free, "if you guys get caught alone like this, it's gonna get unnecessarily ugly. You can figure out whatever's going on and look around while Seren and I cover you. Cool?" Slipping the pack back where it came from, she stuck the lone rod of spaghetti in her mouth, chewing on the end like a cowboy as she stuck her hands in her pockets. Despite seemingly asking for their approval at the end of her statement, as far as Grace was concerned, her decision was a done deal.


The Flake
Llewellyn Artain-Galant

A small smile made its way to Llewellyn's face in spite of the apprehension he still felt. The other Weapon's words did little to reassure or alleviate Llewellyn's fears, yet the honey blond male still appreciated them all the same. The young man may not have trusted Hitomi's proposed plan to play out in the manner they desired, but Llewellyn was glad that unlike the Facility, they would not be actively attempting to kill anyone. "I suppose you are right." Llewellyn said in an attempt to convince himself more than to reaffirm Hitomi's words. The honey blond male forced out a sigh to help himself relax slightly and hopefully rid him of some small portion of his paranoia. "We do have La-er, Camilla and Gwen with us as well..." Llewellyn trailed off for a moment as he peered out of his Soul Room to glance at the other Meister and Weapon pair. He knew that Gwen did not personally lay a hand upon the humans staffed within the Facility and it was doubtful that Camilla had acquired an insatiable bloodlust since then... There was truly nothing to worry about was there? "No, you are right Hitomi. This task will merely be another standard mission, unless there are zombies milling about inside." The Shield let out a small chuckle at his joke, showing just how serious his speculation was.

With his worries in regards to acquiring a higher body count since the Facility incident put to rest for the time being, Llewellyn felt fingers tap against his Shield face, drawing his attention to the external conversation occurring between the two Meisters. Unfortunately, Llewellyn had not been quick enough to catch the full extent of the conversation, but he did receive the basic plan going forth into the underground area. The group, or more accurately, the two Meisters would be heading down into the Crypt together with no plans to split up once they were inside. Llewellyn naturally assumed this meant that the Weapons would be within their object forms so that their Meisters would be able to defend themselves from whatever lied within. The young man saw nothing wrong with what Alice and Camilla had planned out for the start of the mission, so he remained quiet as the group descended into the dank, dim depths of the Crypt.

The underground room the five of them had descended into would have been impressive to see a century or two ago when Llewellyn assumed it was kept in a cleaner state, though he could not imagine such an appearance for the vast expanse before him now. The crumbling, ruined state of the stone columns, archways and statues brought forth feelings of pity. A place that was to be the final rest for the bodies of many a departed soul should have been tended to so that it could keep its splendid luster the architects had imbued it with. Unfortunately, the townsfolk had not felt the same way Llewellyn did now, hence the decrepit state of the area. To make matters worse, the underground room of the Crypt seemed ominous with the plentitude of scattered stone and shadows for Kishin and other enemies to lurk behind. "I do not like this." Llewellyn voiced his discomfort as he peered out of the doorway within his Soul Room in an attempt to catch any potential ambush before it occurred.

Llewellyn felt his paranoia begin to return simply from the sheer feeling of wrongness pervading the room, but this paranoia was only heightened further after Hitomi inquired about the possibility of 'giant insects'. The young man wanted to point out that it would be absurd for there to be insects of abnormal size in a place such as this. What would such hypothetical creatures feed upon? The dead corpses themselves? Foolish townsfolk who dared to venture deep within the Crypt? Though, just as the honey blond male was about to make his thoughts upon that particular question known, he heard an odd sound from deeper inside the underground room. Llewellyn shut out everything else as he strained his senses from within his Weapon form to try to hear the odd sound once more. Silence was all that rewarded him. Did I imagine that noise? The area is unsettling, so it would not be entirely unreasonable for my mind to play tricks on me here. Then again, I could have detected the sound of a potential enemy hiding within the dark... With the threat of an immediate potential ambush now in his mind, Llewellyn listened intently to the sounds of the underground room once more. The steady breathing of the two Meisters, Alice and Camilla, was the only thing the Shield could hear for a long period of time aside from their steps as they ventured deeper into the underground area. Then, just as suddenly as it had come before, Llewellyn heard that peculiar sound again, however, this time he knew what it was. Additionally, Llewellyn had the misfortune of being granted a full view of the creature making the peculiar sound. "Hitomi, I would ask you the same question you asked Alice." The young man spoke with a voice that was far calmer than it had any right to be as Llewellyn craned his head upwards from within his Soul Room so that he could keep the creature within his field of vision. "For I have found an enormous arachnid dangling from the ceiling."

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Location: Inside the Crypt


Perpetually Stoic

Takeshi Mifune & Elvena Stein
( collab with Exanis Exanis )


He felt it immediately, the suffocating atmosphere lessened drastically as Elvena smothered her rampant wavelength, and with the lessening of ambient madness came clarity for Takeshi, as if a tinted visor covering his gaze was lifted from his vision. Even Ryu seemed to have calmed down, though the demon was still strangely quiet, seemingly content for Takeshi to run the show without his maddened input. Still, this newfound situation didn’t stop Takeshi from staying on guard, glaring between everyone around him that wasn’t Elvena, ready to lash out at a moment’s notice if anyone tried anything funny. Then, Elvena reached out and laid her hand on his back, causing him to tense for a split second, before relaxing as much as he could given the situation. He wasn’t really sure what she was reaching for, but as she gently grasped the hilt of his sword and whispered out her request, he went rigid at the implications of her request. He spared her a quick glance, his alarm and doubt glimmering bright in his eyes. In his mind, Ryu had begun thrashing about, yet even he didn’t object to her request. Sometimes, he felt that the demon of his soul had more faith in his partner and his abilities more than he did at times, as impossible as that sounded to him. Then, he closed his eyes and let out a deep, deep sigh then stood straight up, leaving the blade he valued more than his own life in his partner’s hand, then rolled his shoulder, transforming his newly freed hand into a blade as well. “ I trust you.

Shockingly, despite the heavy strain that was visible on her features, Elvy still managed to muster a small smile when Takeshi glanced her way. Those eyes were still flickering from color to color, like the epitome of light and darkness fighting to emerge victorious, much like a glorified strobe light, a transition that began to quicken in pace as that hold on her consciousness and body started to weaken. She didn’t bother acknowledging the shadow of skepticism that darkened his eyes momentarily, she knew there just wasn’t time for any explanations or a heart to heart. Truthfully, she knew from their very first mission that he’d never trust her on the level they may have achieved if she hadn’t been so careless. There was also the fact that she was asking to borrow something that he cherished just as much as she cherished him. If someone had ever dared asked to ever wield Takeshi, she’d sooner see their hands clean cut from their wrists. Normally the blade would’ve been light as a feather, especially in comparison to the weight of Takeshi’s weapon form or even her brother’s, but her hand immediately began to shake once only her grasp remained upon it. There was a soft sigh that followed his words and whether it was from relief to his assurances or acceptance of her request would remain unknown, though it was safe to assume both of those options were admissible. Her rattled grasp was hardly noticeable as she slid the blade from everyone’s view to her hidden position behind her partner. It was from there that her hues grew adumbrate, staring down at the sword for longer than probably necessary. Everything else grew silent, the sounds around her blanketed into a serene quiet that she felt oddly blessed to be wrapped in. A wordless invocation fluttered to the front of her mind, a hope to not betray that trust that had just been so graciously extended to her, as her once crippled seeming grasp contorted back to the skilled sword wielding meister she was. The movement itself felt sluggish to her as she mentally fought the clown trying to take back over, but in real time it was swift and precise.


That ebony shade slipped from her eyes as a diluted red took over and those hands fell from the hilt of the weapon that was now embedded in her torso and protruding through her back. In tandem a few things happened after she’d decided to impale herself, one being the loose hold now being cemented in her favor as the dying screams from the parasite rattled her mind, the other being the scattered pieces of one of the clowns attacked by the others was no longer slinking back together in an attempt to regenerate itself. It remained still but so did she, body swaying slightly. Black blood began to pool in her mouth, the volume of it becoming too great as it started to fall from the corner of her lips. A similar river began to trickle from the wound she’d inflicted upon herself, remaining in liquid form and not hardening up like it normally would. With the mental battle that had been waging war inside of her head now being left with a victor, a new fight was knocking in its stead. As it went against her nature, Elvena refused to be a victim or a sacrifice, even if she was willing to accept death by her hand or Takeshi’s blade. Her eyelids drifted to a close, usually nimble fingers now burdensome as they reached up to reclaim their curled position upon the hilt that was nestled against her skin. As she went to attempt to tug it out her strength suddenly forsook her and she let out a feeble sounding cough, a look of irritation mixing in with the endeavored expression that was currently there.

Then Takeshi was there, blades transformed back into his hands, and gently grasping the hilt over Elvena’s own hands with one hand, the other reaching around her shoulders to steady her. Staring her in the eyes with a complicated gaze, he nevertheless nodded once towards her, and through their bond the feeling that he would take care of the rest so she could focus on recovering was transmitted over their shared wavelength. With a smooth elegance that could only come from years of tireless training, Takeshi drew out the sword from Elvena’s chest in one, swift movement, never taking his eyes off of hers in the process. Sheathing his sword, unminding of the blood staining it for now, he gathered up Elvena in his arms and stood, turning his gaze away from her now that he was content in the knowledge that she would be safe with him, and glancing around at the no longer regenerating clowns with eyes that slowly lost the taint of madness. As far as he was concerned, this mission was all but over, and he was sure that the remaining three could deal with the loose ends that were the other clowns. And if they couldn’t, he was still more than capable of dealing with them while protecting his partner. But till that point, his first priority was ensuring that Elvena was uninterrupted in her healing.

__skadi_arknights_drawn_by_ki_san_konoha__sample-a7ecb262365376c60e31d491ea7dbe44.jpgDuring the transition of wearily standing and being enveloped by Takeshi’s arms, her own arms had wound themselves loosely around his neck in a manner that seemed oddly protective given her current situation. From the newly acquired safe position that she found herself in, watered down crimson hues lazily peered around the dimly lit tent to survey the condition of everyone, including the newcomer who had appeared at some point during the chaos. Noticing the chopped up clown that wasn’t moving caused her to smile albeit smugly, her own indirect taste of victory staining her psyche in that moment. There were only two clowns left standing, two that had realized with the fall of their comrade and his inability to gather himself back up that they were out of lives to throw to the wind carelessly. Their movements remained sporadic but they became more tactical, lambs that were once easily slaughtered now becoming fully aware of their demise that would come if they were to slip up. Even as blood stained her partner’s clothes and dribbled from his arms to splatter onto the ground, the stream of it became lessened over time, he didn’t seem bothered by it. The wounds themselves started to close, if not agonizingly slowly, but nonetheless they were finding their way to a more manageable wound instead of openly gaping to where she had been on the brink of bleeding out. Lastly her wandering hues rose to stare up at her partner, a whole new sense of pride and overwhelming gratitude towards him being extended. He’d trusted her at a time that she needed it most, despite the brief moment of unsureness by her capricious request, with something she knew was irreplaceable to him.

With a wince that she subtly tried to hide, she leaned closer to his face, eyes swirling with the reflection of his golden hues that closely resembled a supernova, bursting with a variety of colors that were so beautiful one could hardly stare at them for too long. But she did, and she was enamored by them, held captive. Subconsciously a hand snaked its way to the back of his neck, fingers finding an anchor within the strands of his hair, twirling them about each digit, as her lips found themselves securing what they truly wanted; his own pressed against them suddenly. There was nothing less than intense fervor to be found in the kiss, their bond a suffocating fierce wave that dared to pull them under to be washed away. A mixture of emotions made up the waters they mentally swam in. Devoted endearment, possessiveness, a love that she was only recently starting to comprehend and craving. Oh, such a greedy pining. An almost animalistic hunger with tender notes that somehow danced about the intense longing, made everything she wanted to extend in that singular action, everything she’d wanted to let out for weeks, crystal clear through their connection and the implication of the physical act itself.

Takeshi, to his credit, only almost dropped Elvena at her sudden actions. It was only a backwards stumble, his grip on her loosening ever so slightly for a split second before he regained his bearings and reaffirmed his grasp on Elvena. Still, just because he was still standing didn’t mean he had a singular clue on how to react in a situation like this. For all his life experience, the years of training, the years of lazing and cloudwatching, the writing of poetry, there has never been a single moment of all of that that he had delegated to anything even halfway romantic, whether that be through word, action, or emotion. He had lived his life following a self-imposed way of the blade, and it left him completely unprepared for situations like this. He was frozen solid, both on the inside and outside, desperately wondering how he was supposed to react, and having Ryu hooting, howling, and cackling in such a way that absolute madmen would look on in envy did nothing to help get his mind straight. Topped with the sheer ocean of emotion that Elvena was conveying with this one simple action, Takeshi could safely say that he was stunned and on the verge of freaking out, or freaking out as much as someone like him could in the first place. This whole situation was bringing forth his feelings towards his partner for examination and instead of a slow steady process of self discovery, he was all but slapped in the face with not only her feelings towards him, but also the depths of his feelings and commitment towards her. Faced with emotions of such magnitude, and being actively sabotaged by his own soul in the form of Ryu, Takeshi only really had one option left for him in this moment, and that was wholesale acceptance. So, moving based on instincts that Takeshi didn’t even know existed, he reciprocated his partner’s actions, and while his movements didn’t hold near as much desperate fervor as Elvena, being much more in tune with his personality, they were no less genuine, Takeshi delving headfirst into their connection and sharing his side of things, from his desire to protect, to this desire to fight, to just the content that he feels being around her, he laid it bare, if only for a moment.

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One Thousand Club
Camilla was relieved to hear that everyone seemed to be on board with the plan. Now it was time to finally start the mission for real. Camilla was on guard the moment she set foot inside the crypt. It was just as dark and dirty as she imagined, if not unsettling. But just as Gwen reassured her, she had a weapon, she was more than equipped to handle any dangers they come across. At least that's what she hoped. However she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched the moment they entered. Alice too was surprised by the sheer scale of this one room alone, however just as Camilla feared all further hallways were tight and cramped, making it difficult to wield Gwen in an effective matter, especially with Allies too. "Those corridors are way too tight to fight in... However the same must hold true for any enemies right? No matter how much they know the place. Once we're in there they can only attack from two directions, in front or behind. Alice, since you have the shield you can take point, meanwhile I'll cover the rear just in case anything decides to launch a surprise attack. If a fight breaks out we'll have no choice but to hold it off until we can make it back here or find another open area further in with more space to work with. Sound good?"

She awaited any thoughts from her teammates before she used soul perception again to scan the open room for any kishin lurking in the darkness. She looked in front, behind and side to side. Finding nothing out of the ordinary. However that feeling of being watched was still there, if not more intense than before "Hey Gwen, are you getting the feeling something's watching us? Or is it just me?" She asked her partner alone, wondering if she was right to feel like this or if she was just being paranoid. Then, she saw a shadow on the floor move in the corner of her eye, making her jump on impulse. Using soul perception again, she this time decided to look up too. Right there she saw a large evil soul looming over them, revealing itself to be an incredibly huge spider, at least twice the size of a normal person. The colour drained from Cami's face as she let out a shrieking scream at the sight of the ghastly beast. "A SPIDER!?!? A H-H-HUGE SPIDER!!!" Cami's grip tightened on Gwen as she prepared herself for battle. "H-How do spiders even get THAT big!? AAAH!!! We have to kill that monster! Spiders that big should NOT exist!!!" Visibly disturbed she was getting ready to unleash an attack but was interrupted by a web shot, which she was barely able to dodge. "Alice look out!" She warned her teammate, just in case of any follow up attacks from this disgusting creature.

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Omniverse Explorer

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Within her weapon space, Rin had remained collapsed on the ground, a palm flat against the glossy surface while the other remained over her heart. She ignored everything in the outside world, remaining as she was. I don't need her. I can fight by myself. I've proven that... I don't need a meister to make me powerful. she thought while slowly getting up to her feet. A soft sniffle being heard as she used an arm to wipe the tears that fell, only to be replaced with new tears. Looking up, she noticed Shinobu still trying to carry her, clear strain in her face You're never going to lift me. Not when I'm starting to reject you. her thoughts had been closed off to Shinobu, allowing Rin to continue her uproot. Soon enough, her 'partner' began to let her down on the ground and once the task was completed, she was on the ground, breathing heavily. Then called out to her. The weapon's head dipped a little, her bangs hiding her eyes in a shroud of darkness. I'll change when I want to. this time, Rin had used her hand to wipe her tears away, giving herself a moment before shifting back into her human form.

A bitter and short laugh escaped her lips "You really think we can fix this?" she muttered, though loud enough for Shinobu to hear before she heard Grace speak up, only acknowledging her with a nod. Rin's hands had balled into fists, her body beginning to tremble as her anger started to rush through her veins. Through gritted teeth, she spoke "You really are oblivious. I thought you were actually very smart. I guess I was wrong." her head lowered a little more while her shoulders tensed up "We haven't hung out because you abandoned me!" she shouted, finally taking a look at her Meister with an expression that could kill. She was furious, but her tears came with that fury "When I needed you the most, you left me to fend for myself! I was in a wheelchair and then crutches after! The only people that were there for me were Elias and Marcus!" her body trembled harder as a 'tch' of annoyance came through. Her breathing becoming slightly rougher, her heart beginning to race.

"I risked my sanity, walking, and my life, just to save you from that damn lab!"
Rin always seemed to yell around people like Elias, but this yelling was different. It carried hurt, anger, and seemed like a different pitch than usual. "I was covered in blood, dirt, even my own scratches and bruises! I saw you in that tube, and I only thought about what would happen if I lost you as a Meister. So I saved you at the cost of stepping in glass that bore into my skin." she put one foot forward and continued "I didn't care if I would lose my ability to walk, as long as I got my Meister out safely, it didn't matter. But in the end, you left me!" tears continued to stream faster down her face, only to meet at the middle where her chin was and drop to the floor "You are the worst meister I could have ever paired up with! What kind of partner abandons their own weapon!? Especially when they went through so much to protect and save you!" she shook her head and took another step closer to her, pointing at her before throwing her hand to the side "I don't want to hear that 'you didn't know', because not once did you check up on me! No visit! No Phone call! NOTHING!" she took in a shaky breath as she glared at Shinobu, trying to collect her thoughts, even though they were out of control now.

"I started to reject you, when I finally realized you're not coming to see me. Or check up on me." her hand dropped to her side "I've come to the conclusion of ripping you out of my soul before you can do the same to me." in the Weapon's mind, she thought that Shinobu wanted nothing to do with her. Hell, maybe she was looking for another weapon for all she knew. Her head dropped again and she brought her other leg to be even with the other, "If you think we can fix this, I'd like to see you try!" once someone broke Rin's trust, it was near impossible to get back. She hates pain, and will do anything to get rid of whatever or whoever causes that pain. It's just how she operated and only allowed specific people in closer.


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Shinobu couldn't stop from raising an eyebrow as Grace immediately disregarded the plan previously set forth the moment she noticed that they were having trouble. Unlike Marcus Elias and Elgin, she didn't hesitate long before waving Seren over and approaching them. She seemed determined to cover the two of them in case hostiles came across them. It would leave the third ghost completely free from supervision, and they weren't exactly in a fit position to humor the black-eyed girl's presence either. It would set them back even more than they already were, but Shinobu merely nodded at her statement. No matter how harmful it seemed to their overall efficiency, Shinobu reminded herself that she'd told them she'd trust them to advance the mission in whatever manner they saw fit.

This might not have been the exact method by which she had meant it when she originally stated, but she would uphold that prior statement. It just made her chest hurt to have another portion of the team having to slow down because of her inability to work with her partner. But as Rin finally transformed into her human form, Shinobu figured that they could at least start making some progress into figuring out what was wrong. Given how horrid her screaming had been through their link, Shinobu hadn't been surprised when Rin turned on her loudly. She agreed that she was nowhere near as smart as many of their classmates seemed to see her as, especially when it came to certain norms that she'd been called out on numerous times already.

But that didn't mean she'd been prepared for the direction Rin's rant took almost immediately after.

For almost immediately, she raised an eyebrow at a specific word, "Abandoned?"

But as Rin continued, Shinobu simply grew silent at her words, eyes occasionally shifting as she contemplated what exactly was being leveled against her. She'd been expecting Rin to have some resentment for her, but for an entirely different reason. Instead of what she expected, Rin spoke of how she felt as though Shinobu had completely abandoned her. As she went on, Shinobu grew silent as she shifted a leg around and reached behind her before using the wall to pull herself up off the ground. As Rin proclaimed her conclusion of separating, Shinobu reached up and undid the straps of her mask.

Once it was off, she shook her head, "I don't understand, Rin." she tilted her head to the side "After what I let happen, why would you want me around?"

It was a question that made her hang her head, "I know the others might've been able to let it go, but I never... never felt as if I could forgive myself for walking into that ambush." her eyes wandered away towards the staircase "I mean, what kinda dumbass just let's herself and her partner get jumped like that without a fight? The Academy spun it as if the guys we were up against were just that good, but I wouldn't let that excuse my stupidity."

Her eyes wandered back to Rin as she looked down at her Mask, "And after hearing of the state you were in once I woke up, I knew pretty damn well that I'd failed you as a Partner. I trusted Elias, I knew he'd probably be a better presence than a failure who just hands her weapon over to a buncha thugs. I couldn't show my face to you as the same bastard who let that happen, so I'd work to replace her with someone of worth. I talked with other students, tried figuring out what angles I needed work on the most. Eventually, I found someone who saw how much of a failure I was clearer than anyone I'd met so far."

Looking up to the ceiling, Shinobu slowly let her eyes close, "While I trained with her, the depth of my inadequacy just became more and more apparent. Whenever I asked other students or townies about you, all they could talk about was how cute and fun your time with Elias and Marcus looked, and I didn't.... didn't want to just show back up ruining that. I needed to be sure, needed to know for certain that I was better. But no matter what, it just seemed like all the work I did was in vain."

With that, her mask clattered to the floor as she looked over her hands, "Which is why I couldn't really understand why, why would I be put in charge of a mission like this? Couldn't they see what a mess I was? I'd do my best regardless, maybe see if all that work had paid off, but instead here we are. I'm sorry... it turns out I was even worst of a Meister than I thought I was, maybe if I asked better people-?"

She shook her head as she slumped against the wall, "No, I can't... can't say I didn't deserve this, failure begets consequences and all that. So you... wanting to cut me out? That's understandable. Maybe if we hadn't been together for so long before that damn laboratory I would've agreed with you, but..."

Shinobu trailed off for several seconds as she tried to once more reconcile the new information she'd gained. Closing her eyes again, she took a careful breath before hardening her gaze, "But now? I'm pretty much obligated to make up for my own bullshit, aren't I?" Shinobu tilted her head at Rin as she bent down to scoop up her mask "So even if I can't fix it, and even if I'm more of a failure than I've ever been, that doesn't mean this failure isn't going to sweat and bleed to try."

With that, she tightened her grip on her mask with one hand while using the other to gesture to Rin, "Whether I can or can't, well I'll let you be the judge of that. But right now, I can't let another mission go south for you because of me."


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right now Akron focus remained soul on his adversary the monstrous clown. he'd not seen any of the struggles Elvy had to deal with for at this moment any distraction could mean the difference between life and death no matter how much the clown tried to strike him down Akron would follow through with cutting the creature down fatigue yet to even touch him at least in his mind he could keep going forever physical though there would eventually be a breaking point. another warped limb extending out for the darkness the limb becoming impaled upon the backward turned spikes that adorned Akron's axe bladed limbs. with a powerful tug, the red-clothed clown was pulled from its dark hiding place and into the spotlight only to careen into a waiting blade of one VERY ANGRY weapon. he'd expected it to simply reform as it had done so many times before yet the brutal dismemberment the red-clothed clown suffered... resulted in its complete and utter evisceration of the clowns. its red clothing turn to black soaked confetti as was little was left of the being now lay motionless upon the floor of the tent.

this left Akron to pause for a moment.. it was dead... oh.. yes.. it was soo... beautifully dead... a little laugh echoed out of Akron's helmet. In truth Akron... rage and pain had only been held back by a thread in an ironic way by the very madness that had forever plagued him. but now... there was an oh so very acceptable target. disappointingly it seemed the remaining clowns had decided to become more cautious for good reason. without their ability to regenerate they were now dealing with an unstoppable force.. and an inevitability. the beast inside his head simply urged him on... but this time.. to have a little fun after all a swift death for these entities would be far far to forgiving.

time seemed to return to its normal pace a red glow vaguely shone form the eye slits Akrons expressionless helmet watching the darkened abyss around him as was so natural within his mind.. his new target the ring master clown. His stillness viewed as a sign of weakness provoking its attacks towards him. The hits landing upon Akron’s armoured exterior denting and cutting at parts, it was as if he’d just given up? The ring master clown assumed so. Again it struck its hulking opponent without retaliation cutting into the armor and then into his flesh red and black fluids mixing together as it flowed over the weapons body and armor. Complacencies set in or perhaps the clown simple Didn’t see the need to expend so much effort on a target that didn’t fight back. This time the clown went directly for Akron’s head. Only For Akron to suddenly animate once again in a blinding burst of speed the ring Master clowns claws hand were severed from its its arms. forcefully wrenched forward meeting not axe but a very different weapon. The spear that Akron kept on him finally found itself useful plunging forcefully into the clowns centre mass and then into the blood soaked ground pinning it in place. And towering over what was now his victims was Akron.

Unlike his sister Akron lacked anything truly sadistic in his weapon form.. but they had imparted over the years one thing.. exactly what to do the sure was as painful as possible and right now even if it didn’t look like it akron was livid though not in a hack and slash way.. but a slice and slit sort of way. Bending down somewhat he met the the abyss that lay behind the clowns unmoving mask with a gaze of red fork behind his own. The clown letting out the sound of maddened laughter before being cut off by a blade cutting into its torso just slightly and pulled at a angle that its costume was peeled off along with a thin layer of flesh. and Akron would continue To bit by bit flay what was once hunter... alive the whole time the clown scrabbled attempt to break free laughting madly as if it the only thing it could do. Akron remained entirely silent over a decade of pain, anguish and anger finally found a outlet it was cathartic in a way eventually the clown expired Akron removing the spear and place it upon his back further soaked in black and red. Red in his eyes fading away not at once.. but more like small dots flickering away one by one.

Akron feeling.. blissful calm if only for a moment Before his muscle silently screamed to give out even then their words feel on deaf ears. Both arms returning to normal as he turned to towards evly and tekeshi. All he saw was her bleeding cradled in her partners so focused on his own dealings he’d not see what had happened.... and fearing the worst calm was replaced with fear... and then with a ringing clang Akron feel to the ground his body finally giving into the invisible exhaustion.
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The sound of Elgin’s confusion and pounding on the new wall that had appeared with the intent to cut them off from the rest of the DWMA students currently in the mansion caused him to glance back only momentarily. A small scoff of disapproval was the only reaction he could bear to offer the situation as it was now. It wasn’t like some puny wall could or ever would stand to block his way if he truly wanted to go that way once more. Fortunately for that barrier, Elias wasn’t interested in back tracking and instead his eyes were set on the now so conveniently lit hallway before them. It gave off that never-ending vibe that shook him, the feeling of it going on perpetually something that obviously didn’t settle well with him as the expression on his face only soured the further his steps took him. The explosive weapon didn’t make it very far as something came barreling towards them from the end of the hallway. He stopped dead in his tracks, eyes narrowing as he tried to make out the obstacle that grew in size rapidly the closer it got.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. His thoughts flared up as his body was just as quick to react with the realization of what these little tricksters were playing at. He’d be damned if he let it hit Marcus or Elgin in such a small and narrow space. There wasn’t exactly much room to be dodging flying pieces of musically inclined ‘furniture’. At least it hadn't been a guitar or something, that would've hurt him spiritually a little bit. And like that he had jumped up, shoes leaving the carpet, eyes flashing with a newly ignited spark as his arms came to cross in front of him. Palms forward, a visible flare danced against his fingertips before releasing themselves into a fully destructive explosion before him that met the massive piano that smacked straight into his blast. The only thing that could be heard echoing around them was the disarray of piano notes from the keys shattering and the groaning splintering of wood that rained down upon Elias like weaponized debris. He flinched slightly as he was pelted with fractured wood and the remaining pieces of the instrument. His shirt tore in a few places, face and arms now adorning newly acquired gashes that barely stood out against the already visible scars from a past encounter that were dispersed about his entire frame. After all, what was a few more marks added to the stargazers map that already had befallen his skin?

The ACME shit is my fuckin’ thing, you little fucks! “ He called out with a hint of a snarl that only expressed the growing irritation he was feeling. “ Marcus, Elgin? You alright? “ He didn’t peer back at them to verify that they hadn’t been too hurt, seeing as he’d taken most of the brunt of the attack. Those glowing fiery eyes were cemented down the hall, waiting for more ‘tricks’ that the little girl might feel like throwing their way. The game she was playing at was only aiming to tick off the Stein and it showed as he started moving once more, body pivoting only slightly as a fist rammed through each door to blow it off its damn hinge. He continued on, jaw heavily setting as he heard the laughter dancing around like a taunt on repeat. Elias simply wasn’t in the mood. He was worried about Rin, determined to get this fucking mission over with, and to get everyone safely out of the damn building so he could demolish the damn thing. He stepped out into a giant room and let his more attuned to detail gaze flicker about, body once again tense and expecting more shit to come their way. They couldn’t afford to let their guard down for even for a fraction of a second, even if their enemy was a midget ass child who sounded like a cackling hyena. “ Get your shit together, Marcus. I have a feeling we’re about to hit the pinnacle of our enemy's ability to toy with us. Elgin and I are counting on you. “ He muttered out, finally offering his partners a long sideways glance for the first time since parting from the rest of the team. His meister still looked pretty spooked and while Elias couldn't exactly blame him, he knew right now being at the top of his game was necessary. He had half a mind to grab some earbuds and shove them in Marcus's ears to let music chip away at any uneasiness he may be experiencing. And Elgin? Looking just as piqued as Elias did. The blonde haired boy felt suddenly inclined to ask the snowy haired partner of his if he wanted to join him in renovating the place once they were done but while destruction was more therapeutic for the Stein, he had a feeling Elgin wouldn't get the same satisfaction. Ah fuck it.

" Elgin, want to help me blow off some steam when we're done? " He extended the offer with a tone that only cemented how serious he was about it. Elias was pissed, rightfully so, and the only way he knew to deal with that was by tapping into his soul power and releasing it. If it helped him bond with the other weapon he hadn't had a chance to connect with much since his duo became a trio, so be it. That was a positive, right?

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Alice raised her eyebrow at Hitomi's question. She did have a point I wouldn't be surprised. Considering we deal with demons all the time... Especially the increasing numbers, making places darker than before... the blonde thought to herself. Her grip tightened on Hitomi and she made sure she was ready for anything. "We deal with Kishins almost on a daily. Giant bugs shouldn't be too scary." though in the pit of her stomach, she knew that giant bugs brought the creepy factor up by 100x. Her emeralds shifted to Camilla, giving her a nod "Or we can drag them out by making a lot of commotion in here. Surely they'd want to investigate what's going on in here." After Hitomi asked about the giant bugs, Lew chimed in with his own statements. Unfortunately he was a little unsettling with how calm he sounded. Before the Meister could ask anything, he answered, claiming there was a giant spider dangling from the ceiling. Camilla screamed, while Alice slowly lifted her head to look above, seeing the large spider hovering over them, probably ready to pounce and turn them into lunch.

It suddenly released a web shot toward the team and sloppily threw herself to the side to avoid the webbing. "I hate bugs." she muttered, quickly getting to her feet. Not only was her grip on Hitomi tight, but it was shaky "Especially when they're bigger than their respective size." heart racing, adrenaline rushing through her veins, breathing becoming rougher It's just a bug, Alice. Pretend its small and you can squish it with your shoe... upon staring at the spider, that wasn't happening. "I'm not going to lie and say that this isnt terrifying in the slightest" she said to her partners as the Spider lowered itself, the legs touching the ground and moving in ways that made the blonde receive a strong and uncomfortable chill up her spine. "Camilla." continuing to watch their current enemy, she lifted Lew in preparation for a charge or a block. "Its a spider. It reacts the same as it would when it's smaller...Maybe with a bit of modification." considering it just spat a web at the pair.

The Meister then charged in, taking point first and smacking the spider right in the face with the front of her shield. A loud bonk noise being heard before she jumped back, hoping she had gotten the attention of the spider to focus her down, rather than Camilla. "I may have Hitomi, but I can only do so much with one arm against a spider that has eight legs. You're going on offense just as you did back on our first mission, okay?" the blonde asked, watching as the spider slowly moved toward her before going in with a charge. Alice took a position to block it, though the force behind that large spider was unexpected as she was flung backwards a few feet. Dust and Debris being picked up. Wincing, she slowly sat back up and looked toward the creature, only to see it already mid air. It was going for a pounce and Alice was not ready to dodge. Lifting Lew once again, she blocked as the spider landed on her, its face smacking into the shield again as it roared, causing the blonde to close her eyes and try to shove it off "Camilla now! Kill it!" she yelled.​


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Morika watched the world around her, having finished stitching herself up and jumped out of the way of the oncoming claws directed at herself and the unfamiliar male that landed on her. Elvena and Takeshi looked as though they were going through hell, Akron had just collapsed onto the ground, and she was quite literally doing nothing because she was powerless just like that guy said

Morika pushed herself, feeling the stitches press against her skin as she rushed over to check on Akron. She was happy to find that he was just unconscious and not dead, though she was greatly disappointed in herself as a Meister. How was she able to call herself a Meister when her weapon partner always had to be the one to save her? Maybe it would be for the best that Akron partners up with someone who can actually do something in the face of danger as well as madness.

"I'm sorry. I don't have the right to call you my friend. Nor do I have the right to call you my partner. I'll make this right somehow." Morika whispered to the unconscious Akron as she maneuvered herself to try and lift him only to almost fall when she realized just how heavy he really was. "I need to build up more muscle..." Morika muttered as she adjusted her grip and slowly began to drag Akron away from the fight. "Perhaps I should give him the dose of adrenaline? He might need it more than I do..."


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Rin felt her anger rising even more with every word that left Shinobu's lips. Her body kept trembling while her hands balled into fists, nails digging into the palms of her hands "All I'm hearing is excuses from you just to justify what you did to me. Did I abandon you in that lab? NO! I didn't!" she gritted her teeth "I fought through those halls with everyone else, becoming a murderer just to save you!" a 'tch' had left her mouth "Who cares if we got ambushed, who cares as long as we're fucking alive!" Rin wasn't one to swear, but she felt like she needed to, or else she'd frustrate herself further if she tried to find alternatives. "There are people who will always be stronger than us, but that doesn't mean abandon someone because of the situation you were forced into!" her arm suddenly shifted, revealing her partial transformation, the barrel of her gun pointed toward the floor. Her anger was so high that her body was trying to find ways to expel the extra energy built in her body. Soon, no doubt things were going to go south real quick.

As Shin continued, the weapon kept hearing excuse after excuse, trusting Elias, asking other people on how to be better, even asking about the DWMA. You signed up for this, Shinobu. The DWMA thinks you're more than capable if you signed up for it. That's why they don't ask questions and only administer things when they're worse than they think. she thought, shaking her head. Rin knew she came to this school to fight, put herself to good use and try to make this world a better place where people wouldn't have to be scared to walk outside in fear of Kishin. Her crimson eyes shifted to the hand that was offered to her, it was as if she seen filth on that hand, preventing her from grabbing it. At least in the end Shinobu was willing to fight, accepting she deserved this, but that still left the issue of their wavelengths being off. There was no way for them to fight together as a duo. Not like this. Not when Rin was working weeks to get rid of her, to remove her from her soul. "This mission was south the moment I entered the limo." she said bitterly, lifting her eyes to her kind-of partner.

"How can I fight along side you and allow you to wield me after you put me through hell? You have the nerve to make excuses, then in the end accept the fact, but then try to come back to me?" the mission they were in was dangerous, but what could she do other than fight on her own? Glaring down at the hand, she turned away. There was no room for sympathy for someone who abandoned her. Her sister had died a few years back, and since then, whoever was close to her, one wrong move and she would gut them out just to avoid the pain an the suffering. "This hasn't been sitting for days. It's been sitting for weeks, slowly boiling till I eventually exploded." she looked towards the little girls that were watching, clearly they were entertained by the fact that a fight between their enemies was going on. It grew and grew. I know Elias had to have noticed. He would look at me sometimes for longer than usual. He knew this growing hatred was getting bigger. her one hand tightened while her other arm had lifted, pointing at the little girls Shin never bothered to ask me (She abandoned you...). She never called, never sent a letter (Dropped off the face of the earth...). She's using me conveniently isn't she? (She's using you...)

As the thoughts piled more and more, she spoke "If you want to make your way back to my partner then you start working on it here and now. Prove to me that you're worth being my partner because right now, you're being close to nothing to me after what you did." with that, she shot, an explosion going off in the process, releasing a bit of her energy in the process.​

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