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Dante De'Lexington
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Dante was too busy to pay much attention to anything other than his own skin. If Morika was in trouble, well that wasn't his problem now was it? The only things he had taken note of was the other weapon that had joined him, the enemy, and the other pair off to the side where they seemed to be sharing an intimate moment in the midst of the chaos instead of fleeing or something just to keep them safe. Instead of allowing his anger to get the better of him, he directed it toward the enemy that came at him once again. There was no time to worry about what was around him, this was a moment to focus on the culprits that took his sisters away from him. Turned them into nothing but food just to become powerful. The clown finally revealed itself, charging at the weapon while the weapon himself charged with a battle cry. He was fed up with this Clown's bullshit. He wanted him dead, he deserved death in hell. "Die you piece of shit!" he shouted, jumping up to avoid an attack that had been executed toward him.

"You underestimate a DWMA student you sick fuck!" with his arm above his head, he threw it down as he slammed into the ground, the clown clearly dodging while the dirt was kicked up from his blade. Though that didnt stop the weapon as he charged at the clown once again, basically throwing the two into a shroud of darkness. The only things being heard were the sounds of Dante yelling, swearing, and blood squishing every now and then. In the darkness, the Weapon was using both his arm and his fist to beat the hell out of the clown that infuriated him to no end. Before anyone could figure out what happened to him, a clown head was kicked out into the light, Dante following close behind. His breathing rough, his body covered in blood and a few bruises himself. The darkness did some damage to him too. But alas, he was victorious.

Upon the sight before him, he spotted the armored man collapsed on the floor with his partner trying to lift him with her smaller body. "Are you a damn idiot?" he asked as he took a glance at the clown he beheaded, noticing it wasn't coming back. Good, the damn thing is staying dead. That must mean all of them are taken care of. he thought before turning his gaze to Morika again "Trying to lift a man who's twice your size while being injured yourself?" why was she even dragging him away? Looking around, he found no more danger, even though he still remained on guard.​


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1610253047175.pngOf all the things they could have encountered down here it just had to be a GIANT. SPIDER!!! Camilla turned to Alice to see if she, Hitomi and Lew were alright, thankfully they managed to dodge out the way of the webbing too and get into battle position. But looking back at the large icky creature before them, her grip tightened around Gwen, getting more and more tense as she tried to figure out how best to approach the situation. It was big but it nimble too, plus all those legs pretty much covered it's flank too. Then Alice called out to her as the blonde meister raised her shield in preparation for something, reminding Cami of the nature of their adversary. It was afterall still a spider, which means it will act the same as one. Right now Camilla had to get her head on task. Okay Cami... You're not scared of some stupid oversized arachnid... You sure about that? There it was, the voice of doubt that plagued her mind since that day at that lab. Choosing to ignore it's words she kept trying to focus on the creature. An almighty bonk echoed through the halls of the catacombs as Alice smacked the spider with her shield. sending it into a frenzy focusing only on her, it pounced quickly, Alice used her shield to block it's charge but she struggled to hold it back. Alice signalled Camilla to finish it, but just as she was about to move, she saw the spider lifting both of it's long front legs. Right now with Alice holding it back her back was completely exposed and the creature was looking to take advantage of that.

Her body moved on it's own, Camilla twirled Gwen in her hands and used the staff to vault herself upwards, as she leapt up in the air she revved the chainsaws on each end of the staff and spun in the air, winding up one clean slice that cut right through both the spider's legs before it could use them. From here she was right above the creature, as she fell she revved up the chainsaws again and sliced one last time as she stabbed it right into the back of it's neck. Keeping the chainsaws going it's blood sprayed off to one side while the creature tried helplessly to shake her off. Eventually it fell limp on the ground. Camilla stood atop the dead beast panting and slightly splattered with it's blood. "T...This is... Going to be hard to clean off..." She said as she shakily climbed down back to the ground. She looked at Alice with a sorrowful expression. "S-sorry, I should've acted quicker while you were holding that thing back. It wouldn't have been such a close call if I did."

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The Elder

DWMA Students vs Spirits8fa1935dfef01698a44fa528a107f854.jpgNo way to go but forward, through a never-ending hallway, filled with the echoing laughter of the evil little girl, great. The slight spooky feeling looming over Marcus caused him to hesitate to move forward. He wasn't looking forward to whatever bullshit these spirits decided to pull on them. If they can control the mansion at will, then what's stopping them from doing more than blocking off an exit. He feared that the moment he stepped forward , would be the moment he gets separated from his partners. He was moments away from asking them both to switch into their weapon forms, but before he could a damn piano came flying down the hall. Getting ready to make evasive maneuvers, Marcus watched as Elias lunges forward blowing up the piano causing smoke and debris to fly everywhere. Marcus simply moved out the way or knocked away whatever came his way. He heard the laughter of the girl echoing from the halls. "Yeah, we're good. This little kid is annoying." Marcus says kicking the pieces of debris to the side. "What's next a refrigerator?" He says, looking up at Elias, before noticing this scratches and gashes on his arms. As he was about to ask if he was alright, he hears Elias yelling and cussing out the spirit, causing Marcus to chuckle. Yeah, he's alright. He thought to himself, before walking forward. As Elias goes door to door knocking them off their hinges, Marcus glances inside each and everyone of them. Oddly enough nearly each room he broke down was completely empty and run down while the entire hallway was decorated and well presentable, some of the rooms were even sideways or upside down.

"This place is it literally a playground to them." Marcus says as he looks at the rooms. As he looks forward, he notices that he's coming up onto a big room. Using his soul perception, he see two souls hovering around the room. "They're up ahead." He says, clenching his fist. As he step inside the giant room, it turned out that the giant room, was actually a library. However much like all the other rooms and unlike the hallway, this room was abandoned and very much run down. It lacked luster, and was covered in dust. As he looked around he noticed ruined books and broken bookshelves everywhere. "This use to be a library." He said to himself, soon enough hearing Elias speak. He was right, I had to get my act together and overcome this bullshit. I can't allow myself to lose myself in this mansion nor my brothers. Marcus stepped further into the room, looking around as he did. He didn't know what he was looking for, he just hoped for any sign that could lead towards the artifact. Hearing Elias in the background, a grin formed on his face. He was glad that he was reaching out towards Elgin, trying to find a way to bond with him. The strong our bond is as a whole the stronger we can become.

As Marcus looks around, he comes across a broken shelf, lifting it up. Under the shelf, he notices that there were two broken mask with weird designs lying there on the floor. He tilts his head to the side in question, trying to figure out why they were lying there. "Yo check this out." He says calling out to his comrades, as he flips the shelf towards the shelf over. As he looks away, the sound of giggling echoes throughout the room. Immediately, Marcus rushes over towards his comrades, regroup with them in the center of the library. Looking around, he scans the room looking for the girls. Soon enough the two girls they followed up here, presented themselves , by floating through the floor in front of them. They started floating around the boys laughing and smiling, staring at them with their lifeless eyes. "Yaaaay, you found us. We can finally play together. This is gonna be fun!!" They both said simultaneously, before their happy grin turns into a wide sinister grin. "Fun, more like a fucking nightmare." Marcus said, as his shivers from the chills flowing down his back."I'm not finna deal with y'all like this." He says reaching into his bag, grabbing his headphones. "I don't have time for this shit. Elgin, ELi, be my ears for me." He says placing his headphones on allowing the music to flow through him and ease his mind. Now done with his bag, he tosses it off to the side, before holding his hands out towards his partners. "Let's teach these kids a lesson!!" He said with a eager, challenging grin.

Meanwhile, as the boys were up stairs, the ladies downstairs are about to have a rude awakening.

With Rin and Shinobu were having their heart to heart, and Seren and Grace were watching over them, the spirits grew restless and irritable. They grew angry at the attention they were receiving, as if the DWMA girls didn't want to play with them. Breaking through the deep conversation, was a loud and banshee like screech as birth girls came flying down their halls towards the girls. Hovering behind them was a mixture of furniture and other household items. "Plaaaaayyy with me!!!" They both screamed simultaneously in a ghoul like manner as their voice echo throughout the first floor. As the spirits closed in onto the girls, they stop in their tracks, as the furniture continued towards them. Being commanding by the spirits the furniture started to circle around them forming a cyclone out of furniture. "You will play with meeeee!!' They screamed before the furniture started coming together forming two four legged creatures out of the furniture. So far the creatures didn't move, that is until the spirits flew into them possessing it causing a white and black mask to form on the head of them Now a living thing, the creatures roars at the students before charging in their direction, one for each pair. The girls were faced with the choices to fight, or flee into their hallways.

Back to the conflict on the second floor

Being that the spirits were connected somehow, the ones upstairs started to resonate with the ones from downstairs. Their emotions changed, as angry expressions formed on their faces, and their black lifeless eyes turned crimson red. With the music flowing into his mind, Marcus remained surprisingly calm in this situation. The spirits began their attack, controlling the broken items in the library, bringing them together forming two two legged creatures out of the furniture. Just like downstairs, the spirits did the same possessing their creations. "Just what the hell is going on here?" Marcus says in question, as he gets ready for battle.
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BAD SPIDER BAD!!!!!akali-the-baddest-kda-league-of-legends-uhdpaper.com-4K-7.2658-wp.thumbnail.jpgHearing Alice's answer made Hitomi feel a bit better about her thoughts of giant insects roaming around here. They do indeed fighting evil humans, and creatures on the day today bases trying to prevent Kishin from coming about, a giant insect should be the least of their worries. Even so, why couldn’t Hitomi stop worrying that a fear of hers might actually come true. The more they walked through the crypt, the more unsettled she became. It felt like the group was being watched but something lurking in the darkness, something waiting for the right moment to attack us. There were even strange noises here and there, making it clear of its presence. Adding to this feeling was Lew's very own overly calm voice, asking her the same question she asked Alice. Giving that it was just Alice and him could only hear her, she was actually willing to express her true feeling towards the topic, however before she could, the word she spoke next, left her in a frozen state. At first she wanted to tell him off for playing, but she realized who Lew exactly was. He didn't really play jokes like that, and he usually means what he says.

Confirming Lew's statement, was Cami's voice screaming out 'Spider' at the top of her lungs. Hearing that, Hitomi snapped her head upward within her soul room seeing the gigantic spider dangling from the ceiling. Her eyes widen as she was stricken with fear. She felt her body trembling, at the very sight of the giant insect peering down at them. She nearly lost focus and almost shifted back, but thanks to Alice's grip tightening around her she gained just enough focus to stay in the fight. Despite her soul trembling, she was strong enough to persevere through her fear in order to keep Alice fighting, in order to keep her Alice. She was her weapon, and she'll be damn if she left her unarmed and unprotected yet again. The battle commenced once the spider fired a web shot towards them, causing Alice to sloppily dodge to the side. She quickly got up, just as expected and readied herself for whatever came her way. Luckily enough her grip was tight enough due to the shaking coming from Hitomi herself. Now standing face to face with this spider, she couldn’t stand the sight of it and the feeling worsened; however, her will to protect Alice was stronger. As Alice openly admits to the terrifying feeling, Hitomi could only sympathize with her knowing just how she feels. Stay strong Alice, you’re not the only one scared. We can't waver in front of a mere insect. Think how everyone else will say if they here we ran away from a spider. She said to her with a nervous chuckle.

As the fight continues, Alice runs up and hits the spider full force with Lew. The 'bonk' sound coming from the attack was all too satisfying causing Hitomi to grin. Nice hit! She said, feeling a bit better about this situation. Though just as things were getting good, it quickly made a turn for the worst as the spider retaliated by charging head first into Alice. Using Lew she shield herself with Lew as the spider was literally on top of us attacking. Stab it, stab it, stab it Alice! Get it off! Hitomi was in full panic mode as the spider right in her face. She didn’t care who killed the spider right now whether if it was Alice, Cami, or even Lew. She just wanted it gone and off of them. Then finally coming in with a lethal blow was Cami herself, striking the spider with Gwen's chainsaws spewing spider blood everywhere. Oh what a sight it was to watch the spider die, and its terrible reign over them fades. Hearing Cami apologizing, part of her head appears to speak to her directly. "Don’t be sorry Cami, you saved us. That spider is even uglier up close. Uck." She said shivering from the sight of it giving her chills one last time. "Alice, you did great to! Despite being scared and me trembling you did great. Now let's get out of here before another one appears please." She suggested returning back to her full blade self. Jackaboi Jackaboi Britt-21 Britt-21 RageFactorXIII RageFactorXIII Z2010Deadmeat Z2010Deadmeat


Time Lord

"MURDER IT! MURDER IT!" The best way to describe Gwen's fear of spiders could easily be put in simple terms; there was no need to be afraid of spiders if there were no spiders left in the vicinity. Back home her parents would chalk up any unusual sounds coming from the garage as their daughter murdering big arachnids that decided to intrude on her day. If they stayed in their webs up in the ceilings they were fine. If they came down to bother her, that's when she started getting creative. The first one Gwen stabbed with a screw driver she had in hand at the moment. The next one she shot with a nail gun when it drew near the Dark Irina. Then there was the time with the rotary saw meant to cut metal. The one ran over with the spare tire meant for her car. Then the last most notable instance was when she took the blow torch to them while cackling like an evil villainess with a pair of welding goggles on. Gwen only wished she recorded the little poisonous eight leggers running around on fire before they died.

Gwen really wished she had a flamethrower when this RPG Knockoff Final Crypt Boss of a spider arrived to ruin their day!

When Cami moved to attack at the insistence of Alice, Gwen revved her chainsaws to life. Laughing in glee as the arachnid's legs were sliced off with little resistance before the Weapon's power. When she was impaled into the back of the spider's neck, Gwen increased her power to max speed. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! WELCOME TO CHAINSAW HOUR! OUR SPECIALTY TODAY IS PRE SLICED ARACHNID! EAT CHAINSAW, BITCH!" Gwen called out as the monster cried out in pain before falling to the ground in dead, leaving both Meister and Weapon covered in spider blood. Though when Cami started being apologetic did Gwen sigh. "Cami, don't be sorry. We killed it. That's what matters. Everyone is ok. " The way the Weapon went from crazed bloodlust over the death of a spider to helping her partner to see the positive logic in their situation was like a switch being flipped. No more time to have fun at spider murder, time to be good pillar of partner support. "We are all a great team! When this is over we all need to go have a victory meal at Deathstaraunt after we all have a shower" she suggested trying to give her teammates something positive to look forward to once they handed this artifact over to their teachers.

Positives! Give some positivity!

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Creepy Mansion
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Grace sighed slightly as the two continued at it, forcing herself to look away after a few moments. As interesting as their meister-weapon drama was--especially as a bystander with practically no context--something still felt a little wrong about staring directly at them as they worked their way through their personal issues. She looked toward her own weapon for a while, reflecting on their own dynamic; sure, it wasn't exactly as rocky as that of the duo near them, but it wasn't exactly the cleanest of slates either. The more she thought about it, the more confused she found herself when it came to the 'bond' the two were supposed to share. What was it, really? Shared malcontent? Mutual animosity?

Grace's fingers twitched slightly. The argument of the two nearby managed to stave off the silence, yet the odd air surrounding them nonetheless made her want to reach for her harmonica. ...Not an appropriate time, Grace, she thought to herself, clawing her hand around the object in her pocket all the same.

Her grip on the object suddenly solidified out of surprised reflex as another voice shot through the room, cutting through the ongoing argument like a knife. Her eyes slid away from Seren and toward one of the spectral children, gaze narrowing as her ears picked up a tell-tale change in attitude.

"Plaaaaayyy with me!!!"

Grace huffed, pulling her hands from her pockets and tugging at her sleeves. "...Don't think I remember you telling us the rules," she calmly replied, as if she were a teacher dryly telling a student that they wouldn't be let out for recess until they finished their math problem. Of course, the spirits would have none of that; Grace brought a hand up to shield her eyes as a table whipped past her, the furniture in the room swirling about as if chucked into a hurricane, a more forceful demand echoing throughout the foyer.

"You will play with meeeee!!"

"...Alright, request considered," Grace muttered to herself, quickly running over to the other meister-weapon pair as the towering furniture-golems began to take shape. Skidding to a stop, she held out her arm in a wordless motion for her partner to snap to attention, having positioned herself between the monstrous placables and her two other teammates. It must have been a ridiculous sight, the smallest member of the team standing as the supposed barrier between her team and a world of hurt, but she seemed remarkably committed to it. "Hey, you two. Not trying to be rude, but our heads are on the block now and we're running down the clock. So, if you two wanna call a truce or something..."
Drama. Drama. They were doing drama while in the middle of being haunted by a gaggle of Shining-looking schoolgirl ghosts. Seren suppressed a groan as she kneaded her temples out of frustration. Times and places; even a brute like Seren had enough wherewithal to consider them, so it boggled her mind as to how exactly her seniors seemed to have such a poor grasp of the concept.

"Tch." As the other screaming-girls and the girl-ghosts seemed to reach the height of their fury in tandem, Seren tutted to herself silently and locked hers with her partner. For once, she seemed to be the one in the room with her head screwed on the straightest. Well, that was excepting herself, of course. At the other girl's provocation, Seren's body was wordlessly covered in a blinding-white sheen, and she shifted into her weapon form, in all its brutish glory.

"Grace." Seren spoke wordlessly, communicating through the bond that she and Grace shared as Weapon and Meister. "Watch out and try to engage at range. Unless there's a class I missed, upholstery golems don't exactly fall under the umbrella of any of the training we've had so far. It'd be best to play this safe."

Seren's voice quieted for a moment, and then her chains seemed to rustle as her next thought passed from her mind into Grace's.

"And, as for those two... The last thing I need is the sight of their idiot-corpses keeping me from my eight hours tonight. You understand what I'm saying?" Somehow, Seren sighed through her and Grace's psychic link. "All that said... Let's slaughter some ghosts."
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Shinobu Basili75463240_p1_master1200.jpg
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It was strange to her, the way this had gone.

Shinobu had been convinced that she was far too much of a dissapointment to Rin to just return to her side, yet that very absence had inspired her Partner to despise her even moreso in turn. Maybe she'd just picked up too much from her old family, or maybe the subtleties of being around non-criminals were just further from her reach than she'd like to admit. Either way, the fact that she was horrible had been established, both by herself and her partner. And while being a dissapointment was a concept she'd gotten used to over the past few weeks, she found herself somewhat comforted.

Because after all that miscommunication, she could finally say with no hint of doubt that she fully agreed with what Rin was saying.

After being unable to see eye to eye since her initial failure, misinterpreting the situation and being blind to her weapon's feelings; the clarity and honesty behind Rin's infuriated yelling was almost relaxing to be subjected to. Not to mention it gave Shinobu nothing less than a straightforward goal to work towards, thankfully one that coincided with the completion of their mission. As Rin spoke, Shinobu had taken note of the increasingly agitated state their ghosts had entered. Though unwilling to break eye contact from Rin for long, the ever-tense scenario practically demanded that she spare several glances just in case either ghosts made their move.

She wasn't willing to undervalue Grace and Seren's aid, but they were all still unaware of what exact abilities their spectral foes had. As the Team Leader, all mistakes and injuries would fall under Shinobu's responsibility one way or another. She could focus more on making up with her Partner after ensuring their safety, something that would be hard to do without them being able to work as a traditional Weapon Meister pairing.... but far from impossible even for a failure like her. It wasn't as if she had no experience fighting without Rin, and Rin had been autonomous far before they'd been partnered up. As Rin had transformed one arm into a rifle, Shinobu slid her mask onto her hand over her glove.

The ghosts had grown restless during the length of their interaction, something that all of Shinobu's classmates had taken note of. With their time for any form of interaction dwindling, Shinobu forewent vocalizing a reply to Rin's demand for her to prove herself. Instead, she merely locked eyes with Rin and nodded to her demand.

The ghost girls had become dis-incentivized upon having their demands for a game overshadowed by Shinobu and Rin's interaction. At least, that was what the increasingly agitated demands to play with them made it seem like. While Shinobu had been convinced that whatever game they'd attempted to lure them towards would eventually end up in a confrontation, the exact manner of which was still unclear. As the girls began swirling bits of furniture and pieces of the house itself around in a windy cyclone of debris, Shinobu briefly wondered whether this was the original end goal of the 'Game' or was really just improvised by their quarries in their fit of rage.

Either way, Shinobu flexed her fingers inside her mask, with the jaws sliding open and baring its fangs in response. She had deliberated whether they'd actually be able to damage spectral opponents the same way as regular Kishin, but the debris the two girls had formed into two four-legged bodies was far more physical than they were. Rin had already fired upon the ghosts right before they possessed the bodies and began making a beeline for them. Seren had transformed into her weapon form whilst Grace had planted herself in-between the possessed Furniture beasts and their peers in a defensive manner that Shinobu couldn't help but appreciate. Of course, the ghosts seemed eager to target one pair each. While one continued barreling towards Grace and Seren, the other was blatantly locking its gaze on Shinobu and Rin.

Shinobu analyzed their positioning as she passed by Rin, eyes going from Grace to the ghosts several times as they closed in. With Seren, Grace had better odds in a direct altercation, but Shinobu didn't want the ghosts to flank her in the off chance she drew the second one's attention from Rin and her. No, she'd need to maintain that one's aggression.

"Don't think I'd let my screw up ruin this entire mission, leaving everything to you two isn't an option I'll consider." she replied to Grace before turning her attention to the ghosts, Shinobu raised her free hand as she took several steps ahead of Rin and nodded towards the ghost that already had eyes on them "I'm game, kid. C'mere and show us what you got."


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One thing was for sure, the ghost kids had no intention of allowing them to leave. That was fine with him though, he certainly didn't intend on it either until their job was done. Despite the looks of these Kishin... Taking on the form of children. It left a bad taste in his mouth that he would need too put them down. But he couldn't let that kind of moral dilemma cloud his mind. He couldn't afford to. Kishin are still Kishin. It stopped being a little girl a long time ago. "Shit guys, the hell do we go? Theres so many rooms here to search we might not be outta here until morning..." Before he could get an answer however, the ghost seen fit to toss a little music their way, and by that he meant they lobbed an entire piano in their direction, coming at a dangerously high speed. Elgin braced for impact, but in the end was saved by Elias who blew up the piano into considerably less dangerous splinters of wood. Transforming his harm he knocked away the brunt of the shrapnel coming his way, a few scratches still but he got it easy compared to the hot-headed weapon. "Damn that musta hurt... 'ppreciate the save there partner. Owe ya one." He said in response to Elias, Marcus too spoke up, joking about a flying fridge next, Elgin too joined in. "I hope they throw something like that at us, all this shit's starting to make me hungry..." He said half-heartedly, somewhat actually hoping the ghosts did.

However as the ghosts laid off for a little while it gave them a chance to get moving again, Elias knocking door after door off the hinges, each room emptier than the lifeless eyes of the little girls. Elgin scanned over each room with a curious eye, wondering if half of them were even actually there in the first place. "Looks like the previous tenants really didn't want to leave their furniture behind. Would really suck if they took that book with 'em." Eventually they came up on a library, unlike the grand hallway it was old and run down with ruined books for miles, some were faded, some were torn, some were even burned. Elias, voiced his annoyance at this place and thought to offer Elgin to join him in tearing the whole place down. There's that hot headed thinking again, not that he could really blame him in this situation... But it was also disturbingly familiar to a certain someone he knew too. But he wasn't going to get into that, not now. He was silent for a few seconds before giving the weapon a curt nod. "Yeah, sure... Wouldn't hurt to blow off a little steam I suppose."

Exploring the library would seem like a daunting task considering the item they were looking for, but honestly it the state of the place would actually serve to help them. After all they were allegedly after an indestructible book, the one book that would still be in pristine condition compared to the rest. All they had to do was find it, even so... It was still a big place. Marcus called out to his weapons, finding something of interest. Curious Elgin came over to look and found what seemed to be a pair of weird looking masks. "Damn those things are creepy. The hell are these doing here? Think they're special in some way?" Before long the little girl decided to show herself once more, Joyous of their arrival. "You wanna play huh?" He said with a taunting grin. "Sorry kid but my time's a little short, so you just aught a settle for one. How about we play... Kill the Kishin?" Marcus as well was finally done with their playing too, he put on his heaphones and extended his arms. "About time!" Elgin said as he transformed, ready for battle. "I've had it up to here with the creepy shit! lets get some action going!" Seemingly out of nowhere the ghost started looking a little irritable. Infact it's eyes began glowing red with anger. "Huh... Marcus I think ya made it angry." Furniture Began to fly and gather into one spot, stacking and merging until it formed some sort of creature. The girl possessed the golem-like being and it came to life, a black and white mask forming around what he could only assume was it's facial area. "Well this keeps getting better and better huh?"

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Elias Stein


" Yo check this out. "

Elias heard Marcus call out to both Elgin and himself. Of course, the curiosity that was identical to his sister’s was immediately piqued as he followed in tandem to stand beside the other weapon in their trio and gaze towards Marcus who was messing with some discarded masks. Those hues began to flicker around wildly like a flame that was jumping from furniture to furniture as the sound of their enemy’s giggling echoed once again around them. That was probably the one thing fueling his irritation right now. Elias disliked most small children and he despised the sound of people laughing at him even more. Combined, it was certainly overheating the furnace that he usually threw his emotions into. The nightmare comment Elias fully agreed with, this was beginning to become a never ending annoying fucking ordeal. He’d rather listen to Rin snoring all night when she was over and that was certainly saying something since it tended to keep him up, though he’d never tell her that. It wasn’t as if he slept peacefully most nights anyways. The thought of her made him tense up, eyes glazing over as he was reminded of the condition she was currently in mentally with himself being utterly useless to do anything about it. His mouth curved into a more soured look, muscles twitching at the pure hot anger he felt consuming him and eating away at his self control. Luckily a distraction came sooner rather than later as Marcus began to get amped up, talking about cutting the bullshit. Fucking finally.

Once the headphones were planted atop Marcus’s head a sadistic smile spread like wildfire across Elias’s features, eyes lighting up with a reignited animalistic nature that he enjoyed giving himself over to. He could literally feel the composure change in his meister and it was like a shot of adrenaline straight into his veins, only offering to send him into a gleeful frenzy in his own mind. There was something surreal and refreshing about syncing his wavelength to Marcus’s when there was music flowing through their connection and a confidence from Marcus that was hard for even Elias to rival, surprisingly enough. It was almost kindred and having Elgin there only intensified every bit of it. The three of them combined tended to flow in sync as if the music itself was fueling them. Like this, the Stein felt free and unhinged. Whether that was something someone could call positive was still and would forever be unknown. His destructive personality was simply a part of him and it was usually in check. Usually. Elias sprinted forward and kicked off the wall with a blast that followed, debris flying everywhere from the hole that formed, as his sword form appeared through the smoke to land snugly within his meister’s free hand like he was magnetized to it. “ I hope it gets better. Tired of those fucking things mocking us. Let’s show ‘em why they shouldn't fuck with us or the DWMA. I can't wait to be the one laughing when this is over. “ He replied indignantly in response to Elgin about the situation, grinning wildly as his face appeared along the side of the blade in a flash, ready to enjoy the front seat view he had to the hell Marcus was about to deliver and rain down on these pesky midgets. He was amped up as he felt both his partner’s souls now circling about his own inferno like one. His soul room reflected this, the ever lit flames around the destroyed room flaring up every now and then in a manner that seemed hungry. " Hopefully everyone else is doing the same so we can get what we came for and get the hell out of here. " It didn't need to be said that for once he had ulterior motives for wanting this to be dealt with as quickly as possible. The growing anxiety he was burying towards Rin's situation underneath the rage was easily felt by the two he was connected to. He might be terrible at showing he cared but for those who could actually feel what he normally couldn't show, well, it must be overwhelming to be inside his head. It was a gateway to seeing the true workings of the Stein that most would never get to know or be allowed to comprehend.

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The Elder

Let the Battle COMMENCE!!!asha-draws-ekko.jpgWith music flowing throughout his soul in the midst of battle, Marcus enters a state of mind unlike any before. He goes through a complete composure change from the goofy, babbling kid to a meister with murder on his mind. The moment each of his partners fell into his hands, their wavelengths' resonated amongst each other simply as the music amps their connection even more. He felt the animalistic nature of Elias coming to the surface, as well as the sadistic grin of battle forming on Elgins face; all while Marcus emotions/expressions remained calm. This side of Marcus is Ikora's favorite, and a side she dubbed as the Maestro of Death. The adrenaline within Marcus rises as the tempo within the music constantly grew and fluctuates. As he stared down the two golems standing before him, he knew this would be a fun and challenging fight, but he felt unstoppable as he tapped his feet to the music. The golems before him let out battle cry echoing through the library before they both decided to charge towards the meister. Remaining unfazed, Marcus kept his composure as he waited for the right moment to begin, tapping away to the tempo of the song. As the enemies drew closer, the beat drop of the song presented itself, causing Marcus to grin. One of the golems approaches slamming their fist onto the floor, causing Marcus to leap slightly into the air avoiding the attack. Marcus then proceeds to land on golems arm as its down, impaling the arm with Elias. As he does, he quickly notices the other golem punching in his direction from the side of him. With his free hand, Marcus clenches his fist and using his soul force, he punches into the golems fist shattering it sending wooden debris everywhere. Quickly turning back to the golem in front of him, its reaching out towards him attempting to grab him. Using Elgin, Marcus jams the gunblade into the hand stopping it in its path. "First shot." He says grabbing onto Elias' hilt and pulling the trigger firing off the gunblade. The cause of the explosion not only shatter the other golems hand but sent Marcus sliding back. Keeping up his attack, Marcus took a knee jamming Elias into the ground yet. He took up aim with Elgin and fire his second shot into one of the golems chest, then the same to the other golem firing a third. Both golems fell to the ground with holes in their chest, and smoking flowing off of them.

Standing up, Marcus grabs a hold of Elias pulling him out and slinging him onto his shoulder. He stared at the golems bodies as they laid there on the ground waiting for something to happen. Some may think the battle was over, but instinctively Marcus felt that it wasn’t. Looking at the golems, they each had the same damage reports. They both suffered from a lost of part of their lower arm with a hole in their chest. One of the golems arms still showed signs of the aftermath of Marcus’ wavelength flowing through it. There were scorch marks showing going up it’s arm like a burn trail. “It’s not over yet.” He said towards his partners, as he used his soul perception on the golems. Their souls held a dark reddish tone and combined were slightly bigger than Marcus very own soul. Their was yet another difference between his and theirs. Marcus soul was calm and steadfast, while there’s were angry, sporadic, and filled with rage; almost like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Only way to deal with that effectively, is it either give them what they want or put your food down and hold your ground. Marcus’ eyes focus more onto the golems as he noticed something strange happening with the golems. A bright light shines from mask upon the golems faces, before their bodies break apart to only reform itself into a 8ft two headed golem using the blunt weapons forged from the material it collected. He stared down the golem pacing around it, assessing the golem, thinking about a way to end it quickly. Putting together what he knows now, his partners explosive attributes is most effective against these golems in order to damage them and blow them apart. Though ended it, he'll definitely have to attack the mask, and break them like the ones he saw before. Now having an attack plan, Marcus tightens the grip on his partners. But suddenly before he charges in, the song changes, causing Marcus to grin even more. "This song is very fitting." He says before changing in.

With the golem being much smaller, they had more maneuverability and was much faster than before. Luckily for Marcus, wooden objects don't really last well against explosives. The moment Marcus and the golem were close enough, he swings his buster sword colliding with golems very on weapon, however upon impact a powerful explosion was release from Elias' buster sword, allowing Marcus to send the golem flying along with pieces of it flying everywhere. The golem was sent flying towards the wall of the library, completely damaged. Continuing his onslaught Marcus chargers towards the golem who relentlessly tried getting back to its feet. Refusing to allow that, Marcus hurls Elias towards the golems, having it hit the wall and causing another explosion on impact, knocking the golem forward. With the golem on the ground, Marcus leaps forward into the air landing near the golem. He slams his hand onto the golem saying, "Play times over. Soul Scorcher." This technique is basically Marcus version of a lower leveled soul menace, as he forces his wavelength throughout the golem. Scorches marks started to form the inside out as it bellowed in pain. "Time to come out and play!" He yells out towards the spirits within the golems trying to get them out. Just as he says that, the masks begins to glow before flying off the golem, returning it to nothing but materials. As the mask fly into the air, Marcus grins as he grabs Elias. He turns and leaps towards the mask and in one fluid motion he cuts throw both mask with his partners' blades. Though before he killed them, the mask screamed out for help. "Master help us!!!" The said as their final words before Marcus cut them down. Due to his headphones being on, Marcus wouldn't have heard them however his partners would. Landing on the ground he turns towards the mask as the light within them dwindled to nothing. "It's over." He says to his partners releasing them and removing his headphones. "That was a bit of a stress reliever won't you say. Sad to say it, but i don't think the book is int here. He should look around a bit more though before moving on. I don't want to miss it." He says looking at his partners.

The two beast began their attack ton the pairs of meisters before them. The beast attacking Grace and Seren approaches them unleashing a series of attacks, swinging their claws at them. While the one looking at Rin and shinobu had other plans. Stopping its charge, the creature roars before slamming its two front legs onto the ground not only releasing a small shockwave but also opening up a trap door beneath Rin. The moment the door opens, she would fall in, and Shinobu will merely have only enough time to jump in after her. With the spirit now proud of its actions, it leaves its host causing it to fall lifeless. The little girl then sinks into the floor following after Rin. For some reason, this girl seemed more interested in her than the others. It may be because she blames Rin for taking the attention away from her, with her drama. Now that there's only one spirit left, the one fighting Grace stops attacking and uses the remaining materials adding it to its body and changing shape into a large snake like creature with a long tail and arms. It hisses towards Grace before continuing its attacks.

The trap door ends up taking RIn towards the underbelly of the mansion, which is just as wide and long as the actual mansion. She'll land in the open area with still pipes acting as support beams. There were brick walls around her, and filled within this current room was nothing but extra basement type items, nothing special. It almost resembled a workshop. Though hanging on the wall somewhere was a broken half of a mask. Echoing through the area she'll here sounds of hissing, almost like its steam, possibly a boiler room. Though there was another familiar sound, the voice of the girl. "You selfish woman, all I wanted to do was play, but you had to steal the attention and act like a drama queen. Now we have no choice but to play. Come, it's time for hide and seek." The girl said obscurely giving out no direction, though if she was to find/use a light source she'll see two paths, one in front and the other behind.

PCA: Be free to take control over the npcs, and also what you come across will in the mansion. The fight scenes between you and the spirits are of your control. I won't be doing a back and forth post over a simple npc fight. If you want use the fight scene with Marcus as a reference and approach it how you see fit. Make it entertaining lol. You have permission to add on to what you come across within the mansion as long as it does not overly progress to far into the mission. Thank you, you guys are doing great.
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Despite the serious situation between Rin and Shinobu, the little ghost girls didn't take it lightly. Hurling themselves down the hall, screaming to play with them before causing items to fly about, forming them into a pair of golems. Lowering her transformed arm, she watched the golems take shape and now: take life. Grace's comment irritated her, just because it wasnt that easy "No such thing as a truce when your wavelengths don't match any longer." she replied, glaring at the Golems This is going to get a little more chaotic... the weapon thought as they roared, causing her to flinch before they began to charge. Grace and Seren had placed themselves between the pair and the golems, causing her to tilt her head slightly and then take a glance at Shinobu as she claimed she was up for the challenge of playing with these girls. Though, Rin knew all too well that it was going to end up in battle with just her hands, no Demon Weapon to use to her advantage. I don't expect things to work out as easy as they should. Taking a few steps back, she drew a deep breath before lifting her transformed arm toward the Golem that seemingly had eyes on both Shinobu and herself.

Before she could take an explosive shot, the golem roared once more, slamming its legs into the ground, and causing it to rumble just enough to remove the floor from right beneath her. With that, she was suddenly gone from the room with a scream and sent hurling down into the underbelly of the mansion. There was no telling what would be down there, but she was about to find out. Upon impact, the air had been knocked from her lungs and she had whacked her head pretty hard on the rocks underneath her. Though what she had failed to realize was that she was not only on broken rock, but on top of bones too. Which scattered, snapped and scraped against her fair skin. The weapon coughed, trying to get some air back into her lungs while her head spun. Blood slowly making its way down her face while her eyes kept opening and shutting slowly. I can't...My head... forming words were out of the question as she tried to regain her composure. At first, her body wanted to shut down and get a brief moment of rest, but she knew better than to let that happen.

Rin began to move her body, wincing at the pain that suddenly hit her. That didn't stop her as she shoved herself some more, getting off of the pile and rolling onto the stone cold floor and into a skull that was staring right at her. With widen eyes and a sudden scream, this gave her the energy to move away quickly and look around frantically as the sound of hissing came into play. In doing this, everything around her began to spin, causing her to slow down I can't make sudden moves. It's going to throw me off. Soon the voice of a girl had caught her attention, allowing her crimson eyes to look around in search of her. It was fairly dark, little to no light but enough to see the small area she was in. "Me? Selfish? I look out for myself when I need to." she said aloud, slowly getting up from her position and using a pillar to help. "I don't need a kishin brat to tell me that." lifting her hand to her head, she felt the wetness of her blood. Upon gazing at her hand, it was confirmed "That would explain the dizziness too." she muttered, from here on out things were going to get worse and she knew that. Rin transformed her arm once more, but remained at the pillar that kept her propped up for the time being. She needed a second to pull herself together.​


The Flake
Llewellyn Artain-Galant

Spiders had never truly bothered Llewellyn, even when he had to clean up rooms filled with their webs. Additionally, when the honey blond male did run into the tiny eight legged creatures he had always tried to carefully escort them to a window or a door for them to escape their demise at the hands of the other inhabitants of the Galant household. Though, now Llewellyn was considering altering his stance on spiders as he felt large mandibles scrape harmlessly across the purple surface of his Weapon Form, granting him a wonderful view of the large arachnids mouth. I believe I now know what horror a trapped insect experiences in its final moments. The revelation was not pleasant for the young man, doubly so when Llewellyn knew that he was the only thing preventing this creature from devouring Alice and Hitomi. Thankfully, Llewellyn did not have to consider any further morbid thoughts when he heard the loud revving of Gwen's chainsaw blades.
The sickening sounds of flesh rending and the death cries of the enormous arachnid were euphoric to the honey blond male's ears. Still, Llewellyn did not fully feel any relief until the giant spider's body stopped twitching.

Llewellyn was going to offer his own gratitude and praise for the actions of Camilla and Gwen, but he relented from doing so when Hitomi had conveyed the words within his mind a moment before he could. That is why the young man instead decided to quietly keep watch over their surroundings in the off chance that the giant spider was not the only hostile creature within this Crypt. There was little else he could do until the group decided to head forth into the decrepit underground structure. I do feel a little guilty for not being able to do much more than carefully look out for more threats, yet there truly is nothing else to be done here. Alice requires my current form and unless our next opponent can be defeated by cooking or cleaning, I have no reason to revert. Watching out for more incoming enemies and shielding my allies will have to be enough. Llewellyn's thoughts had unknowingly prevented him from registering Gwen's latest suggestion and any responses towards it.

Location: Underground Crypt

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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili
Location: Old Mansion- Basement
Interaction/Mention: Britt-21 Britt-21 _Line 213 _Line 213 The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit The Elder The Elder Jackaboi Jackaboi Kyuubey Kyuubey

Though she focused on not letting the shockwave break her stance, Shinobu was able to catch sight of a trap door in the floor opening up right underneath Rin. Shinobu cursed before darting for the hole, diving in after her right before it could close. Even if they couldn't sync up their wavelengths, leaving Rin on her own in this house wasn't an option. Grace and Eren had each other, so Shinobu would trust that they'd be able to look after each other. To that effect, Shinobu oriented herself as she fell, watching as layers of the house passed around her. They were going way beyond the ground floor, and hearing something land below, Shinobu braced herself as she landed in the basement, catching herself and managing to stumble forward onto one knee.

She breathed a sigh of relief, only for her to realize that her knee had crashed through the top of a skull lying on the ground. Shinobu grimaced at the sight, before sighing in relief that it was far too old for anything organic to remain inside of it. Looking up, she rose to her feet as her surroundings became far more recognizable. Well, as recognizable as a dilapidated mansion's basement could be. There were bones and garbage scattered round, but the voice of the ghost girl drew her attention away from her surroundings. But the girl wasn't speaking directly to her, instead her ire was focused on Rin, who seemed to have taken the fall worst than she had if the head wound was anything to go off of.

Shinobu continued examining their surroundings as she carefully backed up towards Rin, the bleeding head wound was a problem but Rin seemed to be gathering herself as she leaned against the wall. As much as Shinobu considered the cost: benefits ratio of even responding to the ghost's taunting, this particular fiend seemed geared towards being the center of attention. Ignoring her at this point probably would've sparked another outburst, which Shinobu would consider only in a specific scenario.

For now, she gave a look over Rin's head wound before turning her attention to the room around them, "So this Hide and Seek game, any specific rules we should be aware of before we get to business. Wouldn't wanna slow down due to us not knowing the-"

"Just try and find me!" the ghost insisted, leading Shinobu to shrug.

Usually when you played hide and seek you could at least try listening for footsteps to give you an indication for where to start, and there was no indication for just how large the basement actually was. Which means they needed to get started sooner rather than later, but as long as Rin's head wound wasn't too bad then they should be able to make some progress. She turned and gave it another look before nodding towards one of the two exits the room had: a broken door hanging off its hinges which led to a wide corridor beyond. As much as she wanted to examine Rin's wound closer, Shinobu didn't want to accidentally kickstart another adverse reaction from her partner from any physical contact. Neither they or the ghost seemed to have time for that.

Rin had the right idea, collect herself and apply pressure. Shinobu looked around and frowned at the filthy state of disrepair their surroundings were in, there were several washing machines lining one of the walls. But all of them seemed to be leaking filthy water from inside. If only they'd gotten trapped in a cleaner mansion, but even a failure needs to learn how to roll with the punches. So after giving the room another once over, she reached up and tore off the long sleeve of her dress shirt.

"Here," she offered it to Rin while keeping an eye on their surroundings "not the best I know but-"

"OH!" the voice of the ghost girl suddenly started speaking up from everywhere once again "Almost forgot to mention Norman!"

That led Shinobu to look up with a raised eyebrow, "Norman?"

As if to answer her question, the clattering of something falling behind her made Shinobu look back to see a mask that was chipped and broken in several places fall of the wall. It rolled in front of the washing machines, which promptly spewed open and vomited filth-stained shreds of cloth onto the mask. An orange glow began to encompass the pile of filthy clothing, and soon it began to pulsate as the broken mask rose to the top of the pile. That orange glow had accumulated into an amorphous head which the clothing formed a makeshift body around. As this process was underway, the sounds of sobbing slowly began emanating from the figure as it took its shape.

"Yeah! Normie!" the Girl's voice cheered before speaking sympathetically "He hasn't been able to play with anyone for a while, so he might be a lil' hyperactive. You still have to find me, but I guess playing with him wouldn't hurt!"

"hArRiEt..." a man's croaking voice emanated from 'Norman' as he stumbled against the side of washing machine "BuRn iT... bOoK's No ToY... kIlL uS aLl!"

His fumble spilt some of that glowing orange fluid onto the washing machine, which began to visibly decay upon contact with it. But Norman wasn't to be stopped by just that, though his cloth arms looked weak, he effortlessly took hold of the machine before lifting it and tossing it aside. As the Washing Machine crumpled against the basement wall, Norman bent low to raise a large length of raw metal that had been stuck against the floor. As he lifted it, Shinobu carefully backed up.

"How many rounds do you think you could put in him before he get's to us?" Shinobu carefully asked Rin, trying to do the calculations on her own. He didn't seem to have well coordinated footwork, and they had been told to prioritize catching the ghost girl.

Of course, all thought of managing to outpace Norman went right out the window when he hefted the length of metal and lunged forward, swinging the length of metal down like a massive sword .



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"If I could stab it, I would!" said Alice as she tried to hold the shield up to the best of her ability. Noticing that the legs were ready to impale her sides. Damn it. There's no way I can avoid this. she gritted her teeth and began to hear revving chainsaws which were followed by blood that splattered on her. Closing her emeralds, she turned her head away and listened as the chainsaws kept going. Blood gushing and squishing with every hit and soon the weight above her was shifted off and quickly, the blonde got up to her feet, looking at the situation as the spider tried getting Camilla off it to no avail. Soon it fell limp and Camilla was not only covered in blood, but she was out of breath and definitely shocked "Camilla don't be sorry. I'm still alive arent I?" she asked, smiling a little as she wiped her own face, smearing the blood but caring not. "All that matters is that we're all still alive." the blonde then moved toward Cami and wiped some blood away from her face. Hitomi came out from her weapon form, causing her to glance over and smile a bit "Thanks Hitomi, I appreciate that." she then laughed when Hitomi told them to get out of there before another appears "I believe we cant avoid that you know."

With Lew not saying much, she spoke up "Lew nice job calling out that spider. Otherwise we would be in worse trouble right now." she turned her arm so she look at the face of the shield and give him a smile before dropping her arm to her side "Let's go. We've wasted too much time messing around with this spider. We gotta get the scroll and get out of here. I'll go first since..well..Tank." she gave Camilla a smile and began to take point down a hallway, Hitomi at the ready and Lew ready to block anything that came toward her. Unfortunate for them, they came across a tomb that was filled with reanimated skeletons. Which resulted in bones being thrown about and destroyed between both Meisters and their weapons. After that room had been cleared, they searched for the scroll but didn't find it. So instead, they went back to the main room and went down another hallway which lead into another room that had roughly the same thing, though it had more of an army inside. This time, Skeletons were covered in armor, making it a little bit more difficult to attack. But nonetheless, the pair came out victorious and had found nothing in the end.

"We only have one more spot to look, Camilla." the blonde said breathlessly as she looked over at the Crimson-haired girl "I would say we need to regain our strength but if we stop now, we may be in trouble. Want me to take point again?"


He Who Sees E's
Takeshi Mifune & Elvena Stein
Collab with: Kyuubey Kyuubey
Mentions: Morika ( BabyGirlRage BabyGirlRage ), Dante( Britt-21 Britt-21 ), Akron( Huntertabbysandshark3 Huntertabbysandshark3 )​

Even amidst the pulling she felt mentally, physically, and within her own soul, her attentiveness of the ongoings around her remained masterfully intact. She heard the clang of armor as Akron dropped to the ground which was followed by the shuffling of Morika trying to drag him off. Finally, there was the soft thud of a rolling clown head that was soon pursued through the dust by the steps of the newcomer whom had appeared like an enigma during the fight the DWMA students were heavily engaged in. It was less hack and slash for some time there, a battle of wits and mental strength soon having taken over in the question of one's holdings in the face of madness. Nobody had really failed, Elvena would never go as far as to spit out such an assessment. If anything the desire to teach the other meister to think and act instead of falling victim to the thing they were taught to fight was even stronger than ever. Not only for Akron’s sake but for the sake of anyone who might fight beside the two and be relying on them. Then there was the matter of going into full personal surveillance and experiment mode on herself once home after having successfully fused with a being such as a black blood clown. Truthfully her own performance that was similar to seppuku had been extremely risky but she couldn’t argue with the results and neither could Takeshi. A soft but ghastly sigh of contentment pushed its way past her lips as she finally tore herself away from the kiss that was holding her hostage for the past few minutes. An action that had satiated every part of her being on the spiritual and physical plane, a new feeling of fulfillment that she’d never experienced in her life yet this one sole person who had grown to mean monumentally more than a person should had just delivered it. If a meister had a weapon space, the window to hers would be curtained with just enough of a gap to peer through and witness a smiling girl that was identical to Elvena but not quite Elvena. Her black blood demon, while not howling or hooting like Ryu was, instead wore a rather suspicious look across her features that was mixed with many feelings. Many undefinable feelings. She allowed herself to breathe for the first time since she’d become lip locked with her partner but she still felt dizzy, wading around in a shoreless ocean. It was as if even though she’d been visually distracted, the reciprocation of his feelings and thoughts that he poured into the swirling tsunami she’d created had magnified everything. Their wavelength had reached the culmination they usually only required and achieved when using soul resonance. For the first time since impaling herself for the sake of overcoming the influence of the clown and stopping its ridiculous ability to fuel the other clowns in their regeneration, she smirked. It was almost catty in nature but it fit perfectly upon her features as she peered around with her gaze now settling on her teammates. They’d survived, somehow. The unleashing of all that madness, her own wavelength, and the duo that didn’t seem as synchronized as her own with her weapon, those two had indeed managed to get through it. Albeit barely. “ Akron… “ She spoke in a more hushed voice, yet it was void of much in that moment except for a tinge of sadness. That hand that had been so intimately lost within Takeshi’s hair dropped back into view and then rose to her throat, fingers pressed against her skin as if this notion would somehow help project and bring warmth to the next words instead of having them sounding sharp enough to cut. “ Morika. The ‘DWMA’ student has a point. Put Akron down, please. The clowns are all dead. “ The way she worded ‘DWMA student’ sounded extremely skeptical and inquisitive but indulging her curiosity right that second would take more precious time away from what they needed to do. Elvena prided herself in knowing more than she probably should about people, the intimate details never quite spared, and she couldn’t recall that face or weapon type being anywhere in her memory banks in the roster of active students. As much as it irked her and made her skin crawl to not gather the information she wanted, she let out a cough that was meant for her own thoughts to derail themselves from that topic and back to the mission. “ There’s a bunch of balls in the pit behind Takeshi along the tent wall. The object we came for is inside the green one, if one of you could go retrieve it. Please do be careful not to pop any of the other ones, they’re as fragile as balloons but they are highly destructive. “ She handed out the information in a more serious tone that showed no signs of jest, the words flowing straight from her brain and into the open. Another mystery to how that suddenly came to her but she could only deduce that with the absorption of the clown she had also retained what information it held onto. After keeping her gaze averted from her partner’s purposefully, she allowed herself a few moments to peer up at him in a manner that almost seemed uncharacteristically worried of what it would find. Those hues searched for any sort of changes or negativity and she was pleased to be met with none. If there were any, he was hiding them with grandiosity behind his golden shrouded eyes. “ I’m yours and you’re mine. “ She repeated the one thing that had always echoed through her mind since it had been spoken on their first mission, solidifying it once again with affirmation. It brought a genuine but small smile to her face that slowly dissipated as she looked down towards his sheathed sword. “ I’m sorry I stained it with my blood. I’ll clean it when we get home if you‘ll allow me to. “

Takeshi was finally, truly, brought back to reality as Elvena pulled away from him, the madness that tinged their surroundings gone in the wind, as if it were all an ephemeral mirage produced through the weight of a collective fever dream, even his inner demon continuing his unexpected bout of silence in the aftermath of all that went down instead of immediately returning to his antics. For the first time in months, Takeshi was encompassed by a still quietness unfettered by anything except the beating of his and his partner’s hearts. A slow, steady rhythm that almost seemed in beat if you listened close enough. Staring into her crimson orbs, and seeing his own reflection surrounded by the usual overwhelming amounts of affection that his partner directed at him, an errant thought flitted through his mind, no more than a passing fleet of fancy, but nevertheless immeasurably impactful. The simple notion that, this girl right in front of him, clinging onto him as if he were the one to nearly kill themselves, almost certainly held his soul in the palm of her hands, and not in the literal manner, though that was almost always true given his own lackluster disposition and her desire to quite literally hold him close. But beyond even her holding him in the palm of her hands, he found that, quite honestly, he didn’t mind that state of affairs, and that was all the more shocking. How had it come this far that he’d not mind someone else holding so much sway over him. That his habits and traits were slowly but steadily morphing and adapting to the girl in his arms. A soft, rueful, yet still amused, sigh escaped him, and he simply held his partner closer. Just this once, he’d humor her, though even he was aware that’d he’d humor his partner as many times as needed, because ultimately he was right the first time he had said it, and she was right when she repeated it. She was his, he was hers, and that’s all there really was to it in the end. So, with a shake of his head to show he truly didn’t me, Takeshi stared into Elvena’s eyes and quirked a small, ghost of a smile at her. “It’s fine. We’ll clean it later.”

The combination of the evanescent smile and his words wrapped in his usual calm but lazy tone caused her eyes to widen slightly. It was a rare sight but one that still caught her off guard any time she managed to pull anything to the surface of his normally expressionless face. A half nod of sorts was given in response as she tilted her head off to the side, those once wide eyes now relaxing as she peered about the tent that still remained void of much light. Suddenly, as if unexpectedly, the urge to be anywhere but where they stood became overwhelmingly strong. She wasn’t sure if they’d just spent too much time there, perhaps that the mission was now drawing to completion had caused it, or if she’d realized such a private and intimate moment had just been put on display for the other three occupying the tent. With more silent contemplation she conspired that the scenery didn’t bother her, not with its torn clown limbs and gory bloody heads kicked off to the side. The eyes that could have witnessed what went on didn’t concern her. No, that wasn’t quite it. She realized it was that her own selfish and innate desires had made her oblivious to whether her partner was at peace having shared a vulnerable show of affection not behind closed doors. With a delicate sigh that crumbled away in volume once it was past her lips, she worked at pulling her gloves off her now steady hands, discarding them carelessly to drop into the puddle that had finally stopped spreading beneath Takeshi’s feet. “ I’ll leave what we came for in your hands, Morika and Akron. Please be delicate with transporting it and please don’t tamper with it. I’m entrusting that task to you both. If you brought your sewing kit, maybe you could patch Akron up the best you can. At least until he can see the medic back home. I don’t have the strength right now to help him myself or I would try to assist. “ She shifted slightly in Takeshi’s arms as she spoke to her team, taking note of his tighter hold upon her lithe frame with a small smile, before she turned her attention fully to the newcomer. “ And you with the heterochromatic eyes, thank you for your assistance, regardless of what your reasons for doing so were. Morika wouldn’t be so well off if you hadn’t stepped in. “ She spoke softly but her voice was easily heard this time, the only notion of her own exhaustion finally creeping up coming from the easing of her once tight hold upon the slowly closing hole in her stomach. Those bloody velvet hues scanned the self inflicted wound before they rose to peer at Takeshi’s face once more, a more tired and barrier down type look being given to him. “ Can we go home now? I’ll need you to take me down to my lab and place me in the chamber on the left side of the room. You can access the lab, truthfully you’ve been able to for a long time now. I just knew you’d always respect my privacy and wouldn’t go down there even if I told you. “ Elvena admitted in a lower voice, the words too muffled for anyone but Takeshi to hear in case they’d been trying to pick up on them. “ I’m strong enough to hold onto you for the ride. “ She said to reassure him, in case he had any worry or concern for her physical state during the duration of their trip back. “ You know I’d use any excuse to keep my hands on you. “ The words were added in perfect conjunction and whilst it almost seemed to be merely playful, Takeshi would know she was dead serious.

Humming in reply to Elvena after she had finished addressing the others, Takeshi shifted his grip on her so that she was in a more comfortable position, and then began making his way out of the Circus Tent From Hell, ignoring the others as he left. As far as he was concerned, the mission was complete and any trouble that the remainder got themselves into was out of his hands and no longer his problem, especially with the injuries Elvena had sustained to ensure they overcame the blight that was the Clowns. Glancing down at his partner as he continued out of the tent and towards her bike, he replied in a soft tone, “I assumed as much. Trusted you and knew you trusted me. Never had a need to go down anyway.” Stopping at Elvena’s bike, he gently placed her at her usual spot behind where he would sit, plopping down in front of her and glancing back with an even smaller smirk than before, his eyes barely shimmering with a faint amusement that was still underlied by the worry he had for her. “And yes. I’m aware.” Still, settling into his seat, Takeshi made sure that Elvena was not only comfortable, but also secure, and then placed the helmet promptly on his head, starting up the motorcycle and riding off into the night towards Death City without a second thought on the three they had left behind to deal with the cleanup and retrieval of the package.


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Despite appearances Akron was no were near passing out, it had only been the shock of seeing what had happened to Elvy coupled with sheer exertion from the fight that had ended only moments ago. Even with the worry about his friend's health, threatening to seep Akron’s mind, it was drowned out by the silent stillness that had washed over him. The Beast having for the moment been sated with bloodshed no long gnawed or gnashed simple content to remain quiet. Akron was content to just remain motionless and take full advantage of this moment of respite form chaotic maelstrom that has consumed all of them since the team had entered the tent even if it was only brief. Morika feeble attempt to pull the armoured giant snapped Akron out of his momentary calm. The true. the full scope of the situation becoming apparent for throughout this whole ordeal Akron had neglected his miester, not only that but he‘d failed utterly as her demon weapon, and he’d failed the team as a whole.. Whatever outburst or retribution form Morika would but utterly unavoidable this time and he dreaded the thought. Freezing up and unwilling to move.

then again as quickly as these feeling has risen to the surface they were suffocated by others. Hearing Elvy‘s voice.... that she was at the very least alive yet even slightly concerned about him brought an end to the fear-induced lethargy. He’d simply assumed the worst of the situation that he’d lost his only friend, he not care what Morkia’s reaction was at this point, with all the suddenness of a lighting strike Akron jolted upright still covered in a mixture of black and red as the wounds hed sustained continued to drip with his own blood. He’d look down at with seemingly unconcerned by such trivial things. “I’m ok” He’d say in the usually monotone voice directing the statement more to Elvy then anyone else in spite of the fact he really wasn’t ok. Elvy explained where to retrieve the object they had been sent here to receive and that herself and Tekeshi would live the situation in himself and Morika hands. Acknowledging with a short nod the other pair would take their leave of the situation. Pulling himself fully upright and standing Akron looked down at Morkia for a few moments his armour obscuring his expression. The Beasts gnawing had finally returned directed at Morika. Even without words spoken Morkia could feel her partners fear and discomfort wrapped in just the smallest amount of anger as he stared her down. Gaze then switching to the newcomer Dante. “I hope you found the closure that you sought here.. if not then do not let the search for retribution consume you” Akron commented his words having an inflexion of grim seriousness to every word he’d spoken. With that, he’d turn towards the direction of the ball pit walking away form both of them with a clink clink clink.

while one might have expected someone in a heavy suit of armour to lack a delicate touch it wasn’t all so true. Akron having swiftly removed the damaged chest piece and his helmet to avoid popping any of the deadly balls on the sharp edges of either piece, his exceptionally long hair trailing behind Akron. as expected the pit itself was full of blue red and yellow balls, one would find in a child’s play area meaning that the green one would likely be buried amongst them. Thusly Akron spent the next few minutes carefully shifting the balls out of the way until finally, he’d dig out the only green ball. Lacking any reasonable soft or padded to store it in, Akron would gently Wrap the volatile cargo in his own hair as it was the closest and softest thing he had access to for the moment, even if holding the wrapped up ball looked kinda dumb Akron didn’t really care. putting his Armour back on Akron left his hair out for obvious reason returning to the two others with their objective secured firmly in hand. “I believe we are all done here now...“ Akron said more as a question that wasn’t really directed at anyone. After all, everyone had gotten what they needed right? Now all Akron would need to do was hope Morika would be... only somewhat.. enraged.


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Rin listened to the ghost, rolling her crimson eyes in the process. Acts exactly like a child. But It's a Kishin at its core. She knows what she's doing. she thought as she pushed herself off the wall and drew in some air. Her eyes shifted over toward Shin, who ripped her sleeve and offered it to her. The weapon grasped it and tied it around her head, knowing it'd be harder if she had one of her hands occupied by her wound. Unfortunately, they had more company other than the ghost child, in fact, there was another player on the field named Norman. Of course both females looked in the direction of a noise to which only evolved into something greater. "A hyperactive entity named Norman, can this situation get any worse?" she shifted her arm back into part of her weapon form, backing up a little bit just in case "Normie" decided to charge. But instead he stumbled into a washing machine and began to mention something about a book? "Book?" it was a thought that came out aloud, but with Norman tossing the machine and then picking up a lengthy metal rod, there was no time to ask about that book.

Moving back even further, she replied to Shinobu "Normal ones I can do a few clips of 15. Explosive ones I can only do one clip before I'm unable to do much. Bu-" before she could finish, Norman charged and began to bring the piece of metal toward the two, making Rin dart away with her nimble figure. Thank goodness for being a fast runner. "Shinobu!" she shouted, running behind a random pillar that held up the ceiling. "He mentioned some kind of book! If we can find it, its possible we can stop him." she stumbled a little bit when the metal finally slammed into the ground with such force. "I can distract Norman here if you feel like playing hide and seek with the ghost girl? We're not going to get anywhere if we keep fighting this thing by ourselves and I'm sure if we ignore that ghost child again she's gonna wind up killing us before we could react." she peeked around the corner, looking at Norman "I'm going to have to use my normal bullets. If I use my explosives then I might bring the ceiling down on us."


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Morika Ayame


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Morika pulled and tugged at Akron's heavy body with all of her might, meeting heavy resistance as she was only able to drag him a little ways away from where he had originally fallen. The entire time she pulled at him, she couldn't help but be overwhelmed with extreme fear and a sense of failure. She had failed her partner, she had failed her team, she had failed the DWMA, and she had failed herself. What is the point of trying to become a competent Hunter and Meister when she continuously fails her partner?

Morika heard the voice of the male who fell on her telling her to stop, but how could she stop? She had to continue to drag him, she couldn't just leave him. Her body shook, her muscles quaked, and her lungs screamed for her to stop, but she couldn't. She didn't want to leave him here.

Morika only stopped and let go of Akron when she heard Elvena's voice. She let go and slumped onto the ground, feeling weak and useless that she didn't do anything to help her team. Morika heard Elvena ask that they take care of their objective, and she heard Elvena's request to stitch up Akron. Morika shakily pulled out her sewing kit, watching as Elvena and Takeshi walked away to more than likely get the both of them medical attention.

When Akron had stood up and walked away from her, she felt an overwhelming case of shame and anger? Both were directed at herself. If she were a better Meister, then she wouldn't have frozen in the face of danger. If she were a better partner, she wouldn't have left Akron to fight on his own. And if she was a better person, she wouldn't have been so weak by letting a monster get into her head. That stranger who fell on her was right. "I'm a terrible partner." Morika mumbled to herself as she slowly got up to her feet.

Morika slowly rose her head to look at Akron, registering his statement and nodding her head slowly as she realized just how much this fight affected him. Was she always this weak? Would she always be a damsel in distress like that guy said? Morika's eyes narrowed as she clutched her sewing kit tightly to her chest as she stared down at the ground. The things he said to her, was that how everyone else saw her too? That she was this pathetic excuse of a Meister who got into the DWMA by pure chance? That she was a burden that Lord Death let in to see if she had any skills? To test her skills then kick her out when she failed everyone and give her place to someone who actually deserves it?

All of these questions only fed the anger and the shame that she was currently feeling. It was her fault that she was under-prepared for this mission. It was her fault that Madness overcame her. And it was her fault that Akron had to fight on his own. Her throat felt tight and her eyes started to burn. She cleared her throat and turned to the male that fell on her. "Thank you for your help. I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused." Morika said as she bowed at a seventy degree angle to show her most sincere apology before she stood straight up. "I will take your words and use them to become better."

Morika turned to Akron to answer him, refusing to meet his eye nor to look at his face as she felt that she didn't have the right. "I am ready to depart if you are. I can stitch you up if you would like, but I don't think that it will really do anything to help you. We can head for a hospital if that's what you prefer." Morika said as she waited for Akron's decision, fighting the urge to break down in a fit of angry tears and the waves of overwhelming shame that only seemed to grow.

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"...Great," the meister said with a sigh as the duo she was supposed to be defending disappeared into a trap-door below. "This place is full of surprises." Quickly, she stepped to the side, letting the wide arc of the furniture-comprised claws aiming to cleave her in two pass by without so much as touching a strand of hair. The ghost-controlled golem swiped again, and again, Grace using her smaller form and starting distance to keep her opponent at a favorable range.

"We're one of the better matchups either way," she replied to her weapon, beginning to swing both of Seren's heavy ends with a gradually-building pace, "guns and bladed weapons would have a harder time with this kind of material. You'll go right through it." Grace leaned back slightly, allowing the repeated swings of Seren's weights to balance her out as her hair tossed lightly from the slight breeze generated by the swinging chains. The golem brought down another claw, only for the hand to be beaten back with a single pull of Grace's arm, the simple motion sending the high-velocity right side of Seren's weapon form crashing through the hand and reducing it to splinters.

The construct reached out, pulling more latent objects together to reform its limb, though Grace was already on the move, spinning as she redirected Seren's momentum and letting go of her tight grip on the left side. The full length of the chain spun outward, the left hammer whipping out toward one of the golem's legs and crashing directly through it with the force of a wrecking ball. Grace jerked the chain, pulling the ball back toward her as she pulled it into a spin, the slab of steel continuing to circle at a mile a minute.

With only one student pair left in the room, the two golems began to congeal, the resulting armed-snake looming over the much smaller--yet unfazed--girl. She tapped her back foot as she maintained her fighting stance, keeping track of Seren's revolving rhythm before increasing it further. The snake's head struck out at the duo; Grace strafed to the side, ripping her arm to the side as one ball clocked the snake directly in the side of its head. Spinning up the opposite end, Grace followed up with a slung uppercut, crushing furniture in two places as splinters and stuffing filled the air. The snake-golem remained undaunted, righting itself and launching forward in an attempt to catch up with the pair. Its arm struck outward, yet one of the chains flew out to meet it, encircling the limb as Grace pulled down hard, locking the golem in place. Though it would have been quick to overpower her, Grace was quicker still to act, continuing the arc of her weapon's opposite side and bringing it down directly onto the limb itself, severing it with a level of brutality possessed only by blunt weapons.

Both heads of her weapon free, she pulled back once again, now spinning both ends with a single arm like a giant, unwieldy pair of bolas, her rhythm not failing for a moment. The ghost, still determined, attempted to force Grace onto the defensive with a flurry of single-armed strikes, though it only partially succeeded. Barred from an all-out assault, Grace fell seamlessly into a fighting retreat, swinging both balls simultaneously each time the golem moved to attack. What would have been parries against stronger material instead cleaved through the hand repeatedly, forcing the golem to pull more and more furniture from other portions of its body in order to keep up the attack. Then, the meister took a calculated risk, running her hand to the end of the chain as she doubled her reach with the sacrifice of an orb. As yet another clawed blow came her way, she slipped only slightly to the side, running the chain parallel to the golem's own attack as she once again split into the snake's head, the sudden backward slam pulling the claw away from her with little more than an inch to spare.

The golem staggered, its forward portion now threatening to come undone. Grace brought the hammer up and around, then, with another quick jerk of the chain, slung it forward, ducking as the punishing metal ball flew right over her head before cracking into the golem's chest like a whip, shattering through several tables and a couch as the monster was struck straight through the heart, several fractured legs and wooden surfaces flying out of its back. Shuddering, the golem finally collapsed, no longer able to hold itself together in such a splintered state.

Grace let out a low sigh as the lobby finally returned to silence. "...Guess it was a mess in here anyway." She pulled Seren's chain inward and gave it a few final spins before flinging her weapon into the air, stepping aside to give her partner a dignified landing. "...We should link up with the others," she suggested, breaking off a piece of the pasta stick in her mouth before pulling the rod in a little farther as she looked down a few of the routes available to the duo, "any idea where we should go?"


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Dante De'Lexington
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After finding out the demons had been exterminated, he cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders. Glancing over at a silver-haired female who began to speak to him, with a brief nod, he spoke "Sure. I'm just glad those things are gone." that's all he ever wanted. Knowing that future children would be saved from the fate that his sisters endured. His attention turned toward Akron and replied "I have. That's all that matters to me." fixing his jacket and taking a deep breath, he looked toward the female who got up and bowed to him, causing a noise to escape his lips "Tch." was what he could muster as he turned away "Next time you cause trouble for your team or your partner, it might cost you your lives." Dante moved toward the exit, sliding his hands into his pockets "You're in a world where we're soldiers fighting in an endless war. I suggest you start to see it that way." and that was all the weapon said as he walked out into the night, beginning his way back to the school he had come from. Though, not without finding a window from a nearby abandoned building.

Beginning the small jingle to call Lord Death, he waited till the portrait of the man had appeared with the mask upon his face. A muscled hand lifted up and moved said-mask, looking at the child from his mirror "Dante De'Lexington?" he asked "I never expected a call from one of the other branches students." the yellow eyes bore into Dante, causing the teen to look off to the side with a huff.

"I'm calling because of those damn clowns that were running around. I'm assuming your students were out here taking care of them since they're not far from the school you're located at." he side glanced Lord Death "If it weren't for me hunting these things down, two of your students could have died." he then faced him fully "From what I could recall, the DWMA didn't let in people who couldn't handle the flame."

Yellow eyes began to narrow "De'Lexington." he stated strictly "Whoever applied here, applied on their own accord. If they can't handle it, then they can drop out. You of all people should know that."

"Yeah well, let's hope this student gets a grip, or else she's going to get your soldiers killed." with a roll of his eyes, he continued "The clowns are gone. Your students over here got them. They also had some kind of liquid with them. Dunno how important that is, but they have it. Anyways, I'm going back to my school, I've already traveled too far." with that said, he walked away, leaving Lord Death displayed on the glass while he put his mask back on before fading away.



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Camilla was reassured by her teammates that her apologies were misplaced. Gwen, Alice and even Hitomi who popped her head out for a brief moment to praise her efforts. After all they were right, they were still alive and well, save a little bit messy. Alice approached Camilla and wiped some the blood off her face. In the heat of the moment she never actually realised just how covered she was. The shower Gwen suggested sounded really tempting right now. "I probably won't feel clean again for weeks. Maybe I'll just burn these clothes instead after we're done..." Her teammates would probably take that as a joke, but it was a genuine consideration that ran through her head. Regardless she really did appreciate the motivation boost from her friends. When Hitomi suggested they keep moving, Camilla agreed with a curt nod in her direction, once again Alice volunteered to take point and as usual Camilla took position behind her, ready for any enemies approaching from the flank. "Ready. If the scroll's down here somewhere we can bet the Kishin will be guarding it well." With that in mind the group set off for their goal.

Arriving in yet another sizable room, the meisters were met with a large group of skeletons, the clanking bones and chattering teeth could be heard all around, it was creepy but honestly... the giant spider was way worse. "Reanimation... Sir Armstrong did say the scroll was capable of such a thing. Guess it was only expected for the Kishin to use it to keep us away." Due to the nature of their adversaries, the skeletons were a reasonably easy foe to battle. The moment you hit them they just sort of fall apart into a pile of clattered bones. It was almost sad to think that the kishin was defiling the remains of the deceased, and manipulating the souls inside to act as mere cannon fodder. The sooner they could put these souls back to peaceful rest the better. The next room proved to be more of a challenge however, instead of bare skeletons, the ones in here were actually armed and protected, not to mention greater in number. These must be the ones the kishin had resurrected for longer, having the time to make them into suitable soldiers. It was by all accounts a veritable army, with the Kishin it's commander... Which means... It had been busy way before they had arrived. But why? Camilla didn't have time to think as the army charged. The pair with their partners fought valiantly against the undead horde. Swords clashing against Alice's shield and the sound of a chainsaw grinding off metal along with no small amount of shattering bones. In the end the meisters and weapons emerged victorious, but found no sign of the Kishin or it's prized scroll.

Camilla pondered on her earlier thought on the way back to the main hall with a concerned look on her face. Alice pointed out there was one hall left to take, which chances are would very likely lead them to the scroll and the elusive Kishin. Alice asked this time whether Cami wanted to to stay ahead with the shield. She returned a smile in her direction. "I feel bad that you have to be right in harms way. But I guess it makes sense since you have the shield." However her face turned slightly more sour before continuing. "But... Before we go ahead... I keep getting a bad feeling about something..." She turned her head towards the stairs to the surface, the town of not so innocent people living above. Her expression growing even more sour. "This Kishin... It resurrected so many dead... Enough to call it a real army, maybe even more down this last corridor... There's no way it only started when we arrived. I might be overthinking all of this but I can't help but feel like it wasn't planning to stay down here for long. Up there would be like an all you can eat buffet for this Kishin. I think it was going to use that army to attack the town... Kill everyone that lives there..." Flashes of Camilla's own home village burning to the ground flew through her thoughts. A single Kishin taking out an entire settlement of people... Just like back then. Like that, this mission suddenly got personal. An irritated yet determined expression took over. "There is no way I'm going to let that happen. Not again..." She spoke the last two words quietly though still audible enough that people could hear. She locked eyes with Alice for a moment. "Actually, I think I'll go ahead for once, it's only fair that we share the danger right?" With Gwen in hand she smirked towards her tossing a confident nod in her direction before looking down the corridor, determined as can be. "Watch me Dad... I'll make you proud... I know I will."

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