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Perpetually Stoic
Elias Stein


The male known as ‘blondie’ to Hitomi, sat next to Rin, finding the entire debrief and new teacher to be extremely intriguing. Much like his sister, the stare that he extended towards the DWMA instructor was very much like someone wanting to pick something apart. His fingers twitched as if reacting to these instincts of his, eyes reluctantly sliding down to stare at the piece of paper that had been shoved into his view. He didn’t seem amused in the slightest or like he even gave two fucks but it was quite the opposite. The face had been imprinted into his mind, forever burning there like an eternal flame. The face of the fucker who had dared mess with his partner and his sister, as well as the people who made up their class. Except of course for the new two who hadn’t had to endure the shitshow of the underground mission; how fortunate. He hadn't gotten to know them yet, nor did he really go out of his way to personally know many of their classmates or even learn them from afar like his sister did, but they seemed competent enough. Crumbling up the paper and tossing it into the nearest trash-bin with an expertise that had it spinning along the top before teetering inside, he walked off with a casual wave behind him to his girlfriend. Before heading out the door he was approached by Lew which caught him off guard since he was trying to escape without much attention being drawn to him. In his hand was, you guessed it, more food. Elias was beginning to think Lew’s special ability was to conjure fuckin’ food since he always seemed to have some. Maybe a pocket dimension or some shit. The Stein had seen the guy pull out the most random shit in the weirdest of times. Perhaps he had gotten his hands on Mary Poppin’s purse, who the hell knew anymore.

Yo, Lew. Thanks. I guess you’re realizing what a simple guy I am, huh? Pizza, burgers, wings. Those are the three most ingenious created foods on this planet. And anytime my mouth is burning, I'm in actual heaven. “ A sloppy grin formed and spread across his face. “ Don’t get sentimental on me now, I’m the least likely of all these fuckers to not come back alive. “ He reached out, balancing the food with the finely attuned training he had acquired from his job, and firmly squeezed Lew’s shoulder, just grinning stupidly before he turned and made his way out the door. He didn’t have much to say on the matter of their new mission and it didn’t look like they’d be holding much of a ‘team meeting’ with their newly appointed team leader. The opinion he so highly had on that he simply let nestle into the depths of his mind, his own rage about Shinobu’s behavior towards her weapon and partner already problematic enough to set him off if it continued any longer. If anything, the anger that resided there was enough to match the growing fury that he felt and watched manifest in Rin herself over the past few weeks. Frankly, he wasn't even sure she was aware of the negative air she was starting to elude.

Entering his and Marcus’s humble abode, he noticed his partner was already there and preparing a few things. He made haste to get his own shit together but when asked if he wanted to ride in Marcus’s crampy ass car, he stared at the meister for about a minute without saying anything, mouth involuntarily twitching. There was something about the tone of voice that was used that made him cave and agree to the terrible ass decision of being stuck in an enclosed vehicle. There were promises of food and after being told the rest of the team would be picked up and driven by Shinobu, he realized this was definitely the lesser of two evils. With a disheartened wave, lips set into a minuscule pout, he said goodbye to his bike and crawled into Marcus’s backseat to sprawl out and really try to soak up all the space he could. “ I’m really already fucking hating this. Just start driving before I change my damn mind. “ He groaned out between bites of his food, skin now stained with red from the hot sauce he had so generously poured all over his wings which was already lathered up in the hottest sauce the Rung’s had at their wing shop. Time was going by slower, even if Marcus was driving like the speedster he was, images of the passing scenery barely visible since it was mostly blurs. After some time of trying to lose himself in the music filling the air and trying to distract himself, his partner spoke up and inquired about his state of being. He wanted to lie to ease his mind but the flurry of words that came out was only the pure truth. “ This is quite possibly one of the worst fucking decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I don’t know how anyone in their right mind feels comfortable in a damn BOX. “ The last word was spoken through grit teeth, albeit louder than the rest.

The familiar sound of someone being called was heard over the music that Marcus had turned down but not off completely. Elgin picked up and Elias couldn’t help but immediately feel a sense of relief, smirking to himself as he imagined the current situation the third member of their team had found himself in. Stuck in Shinobu’s limo with the only person he’d met who was as hot headed as himself, a girl whom Elgin had managed to piss off in the most comical of ways; Rin Hagihara. Just these thoughts alone were enough to distract him from his current predicament, body now relaxed and leaning against the leather as if embracing it. He listened quietly, thoughtfully munching on one of the burgers Lew had so nicely prepared, as everyone on the other end started to slowly chime in and speak, offering their own opinions. “ I’ll just do whatever is required of me. I have no qualms and either way I’m blowing shit up. Also, Elgin, it’s reassuring to know Rin hasn’t tried to blow your head off yet. Hell, I’m dating her and sometimes I fear for my life when she’s in a mood. “ He admitted, staring back out the window with an oddly placed smile upon his face. “ ‘Ey, Rin. We should be there soon. Just fiddle with the bracelet I got you if you’re needing something to focus on. “ Despite his more callous nature, she’d slowly become a soft spot of his and someone he was always looking out for, regardless if she thought herself fully capable of taking care of herself. That definitely wasn’t going to stop him from ignoring her words and trying anyways. “ Marcus, looks like we’re here. “ He muttered in a barely audible tone, eyes still cemented on the reflection of himself in the window as if utterly dying of boredom. Upon further inspection, eyes narrowing to help spot the anomaly, he realized that he still had sauce messily covering the corners of his mouth and cheeks, to which he hastily wiped away with one of the napkins shoved off in a corner. The moment they came to a stop he was moving at full speed, exiting the car and throwing his hands up like he was finally able to grasp true freedom. “ Marcus, you gonna need me in weapon form or can I wander around like this? “ He asked out of respect for his partner, always trying to follow his meister’s lead when it came to those kinds of decisions.

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He Who Sees E's
Takeshi Mifune

As always, Takeshi spent most of the time spent awaiting and receiving their assigned missions in his own head, more then content to let Elvena take the lead and fill him in on the important parts later. He was mainly reminiscing on the break that they had just finished, ruminating over the spa that Elvena had taken them to. It truly was a relaxing experience, and even barring Elvena's eccentric antics during their time there, which Takeshi had long since learned to take in stride, and beyond all that it had reminded him of the onsens back home that he had occasionally visited as a way relax and unwind his body. Perhaps not exactly the same experience, since he was there with his partner instead of simply going alone, and there was still some cultural differences in both aesthetics and application, but the essence of it was extremely similar. If he were a lesser man, he'd go as far as to say it had made him ever so slightly homesick, but that would be a lie. His home had long since been tied to his sword, and gradually Elvena had begun to entwine with that concept as well. He never really thought that there would be a person that would intrude on that viewpoint, since not even his family truly held that close of a spot to his blade, but lo and behold there she was. Takeshi was soon snapped out of his reverie as Elvena slid past him, which he took as a sign to get ready to get up, holding their mission documents that she soon splayed out on the table in front of Akron and Moira. As she began explaining some of the smaller details of the mission, Takeshi took this chance to lazily peek over at her and tune in as she spoke. Keeping his eyes on her as she bid farewell to the duo and began making her way back to him, he barely gave a small ghost of a smile as she grabbed his hand and began leading him away from the classroom and out of the school. As they began departing, Takeshi took one last chance to sweep his lazy gaze over the gathered students and teacher, then turned back forward, his interest sated for now.

Soon enough, his partner had led the two of them to her newly, or at least relatively anyway, upgraded bike. Before he could even open his mouth to say anything, let alone protest what he inevitably knew was coming, the keys to the bike were securely in his grasp and the sole helmet of the vehicle was plopped onto his head with a practiced ease from his partner. His slightly ajar mouth near silently clicked closed and he gave an amused, yet exasperated, roll of his eyes which was thankfully hidden by the visor of the helmet. Even as Elvena 'asked' him to drive, she was already moving over to the new GPS she had installed into her bike and punched in the coordinates of the location that they were supposed to head over to for their mission before he could even inquire on where he was supposed to take them. Still standing where she had left him when she placed the keys in his hands, he could only watch as she strode back over to him and flicked up the visor to reveal his molten gold eyes gazing down at her with a faint amused affection, which quickly turned into narrow eyed confusion at her request to speak after the mission was over. He could scarcely remember the last time Elvena had sounded so serious when asking to talk to him about something, and even fewer times where it was important enough that it warranted what he could only assume to be their full attention, since she wanted to wait till the accomplished their mission before she even began to broach the topic. Nevertheless, this was his partner, and he would be more than willing to sit down and hash out whatever she wanted to talk about. Walking over to the bike and sitting in front of her, he glanced over his shoulder and gazed into her eyes ask he spoke for what seemed to be the first time this day. "Whatever it is, will listen. Finish this fast." His piece said, Takeshi turned back forward, flipped down the visor, slipped the keys into the ignition, and moments later they were off in the direction that the GPS was directing them.

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The Elder

The Graveyard6869443751347a4c75d6b26a56a5f7d7.jpgFinally, it was time for the what's been going on in the dark to present itself to the light. The teachers and their associate explained to the students what exactly has been going on behind their backs. A masked evil human, has activated his plan in becoming a Kishin, something they've been trained to prevent from happening. They were all tasked in searching for three specific magic items. Their team specifically were in charge of find a scroll, hidden within a crypt, with specific instructions to not open it. Whatever this scroll was it definitely was bad news. After the briefing, Hitomi when back home and prepared for the mission. She gathered and sharpened all of her knives, making sure they were deadly enough for the kill. She'll hate for yet another repeat of the facility to happen. Things after that day hasn't been the same for any of the DWMA students that were there, especially Lew. Even after months he's still been avoiding her, spending all of his time at Marcus and Elias' place. She hasn't really spoken up about it figuring he'll come around, but it was slowly yet surely bothering her more and more.

After her preparations were done, she entered her weapon form as Alice drove her bike towards the location. For the most part there she was mostly quiet staying in her thoughts, but she did speak every now and then to keep Alice company on the ride there. Soon enough the trio arrived in the dark, dreary town giving off a creepy vibe. Alice pulled up next towards Gwen and Cami asking for the details of their arrival. As much as she thought about changing back, she stayed in weapon form just encase something popped off, therefore Alice can already be ready. This time we won't lose you. She thought to herself. "I'm honestly more worried about yet another sneak attack than our vehicles, if i'm being honest Alice. Be cautious." She warned as the image of herself appeared within the dagger.
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Perpetually Stoic
Elvena Stein

The only thing the gray haired meister could muster in response was a smile that was quickly hidden as she looped her arms about his waist and buried her face into the material that clung to his back. She remained that way for almost the entirety of the duration of their smooth ride to the mission destination point. The only difference was this time she held him a bit tighter than normal, eyes closed instead of soaking in the scenes that blurred by which strayed from her norm. Before they’d even arrived, Elvena started to get an overbearingly nagging feeling that was tugging at her soul, a sense of familiarity but darker. This only increased as they got closer and closer, the influence she felt was one so strong that her vision started to become slightly muddy and her thoughts were quick to follow suit. Unwrapping her arms from Takeshi’s body as they arrived, she was hesitant to slide off the bike, those hues searching the abandoned town that had once been full of life. It was desolate now, barren, the buildings ran down but they didn’t seem to have been attacked by the wear of time. Instead, something much more sinister seemed to be at play. It was everywhere, honestly, it was hard not to choke on the evil that stained this place. The only lively thing that stood like a beacon was a giant circus tent amidst the ruins, the red and white stripes inviting. However, using her soul perception she noticed billows of energy emanating from the top and swirling around the entire structure.

There’s something akin to us here. Do you feel it too? Does Ryu? “ She inquired, stepping forward to stand by Takeshi’s side as she peered towards the dark entrance of the tent that showed no signs of life within it. Of course, Elvena knew better, and could sense the beings they'd have to face hiding within. They were probably lurking in the shadows waiting for their prey to come searching for them, to wander into their playground. A twisted wonderland of horrors that they had created. Although, something about it was drawing her in and she didn’t like it one bit. Her eyes were drawn into a more serious expression, lips thinned out in thought at the indescribably negative thoughts swirling about in her head. The only thing that brought even a hint of breaking that more grim expression was picturing Elias screaming like a maniac and burning the entire tent to the ground. It surely was something he would’ve done the moment he realized anything circus related was being presented to him. Elvy on the other hand had a more monumental amount of discipline and control.

Takeshi, I have a really bad feeling about this. “ A shiver made its way across her limbs as she spoke, imitating the sensation one has when experiencing fear even if she herself wasn’t actually a victim to that emotion. “ Let’s wait for Akron and Morika. They shouldn’t be too far behind. “ Her tone was conceding, frame leaning against Takeshi’s as if using him for a means of support for the time being; a pillar of sorts. Whether this was simply physical or to help balance out whatever was happening mentally in her head was unknown, but it was helping nevertheless. A laugh broke the eerie silence that was settled upon the vacated town, save for the two DWMA students, and Elvena’s gaze only hardened and remained glued to the tent. Please hurry you two, I'm not sure the enemy is going to wait long to put on a show for us. She thought to herself, unsure of why she felt unsettled even with Takeshi by her side. Deep inside she felt her other half starting to stir into a more awakened state, amusement being the only emotion radiating off her darker self. She was clearly pleased with whatever was in the air trying to wrap its arms about the pair like an esteemed and much welcomed party guest.

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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili
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It didn't take long for it to start, the conversation she'd started up over the nature of her loosely defined plan. Rin pointed out that there were instructions included in the paper Armstrong gave, which Shinobu nodded at as she kept her eyes on the road. Though she knew better than to look away, she ever so slightly kept the refection of the rearview mirror in her line of sight, just in case. After having driven enough classmates during enough of these missions, she'd felt as though she was more than competent enough to keep the road and her passengers under watch, besides it wasn't as if the path they'd need to take was particularly troublesome. She wouldn't even have to make that many turns until they reached the limits of the forest.

She didn't reply openly to Rin though, her intention not to bring up any confirmations or denials over details like the ones gone over in the paper. All she'd really wanted was for the team members to get talking to each other, throwing ideas and details around that concerned them. And throw them around they did, as not too long after Rin pointed out the details of the Paper they received, Seren brought up the very real potential set back provided by Phantom himself. Shinobu understood her concern, given how much the Academy seemed cautious of the guy, but she wasn't willing to consider putting the mission on hold for him. They kept going until they couldn't feasibly complete the mission, only then would Shinobu consider it prudent to retreat.

Their lack of information on this Phantom guy wasn't even suitable enough for her to be able to place him on any threat scale compared to other Kishin they'd slain in the past. She only had brief recollections of him during the time they'd been taken prisoner, and the Academy's information on him had only confirmed him as 'Dangerous'. That was Dangerous with massive quotations, because Shinobu couldn't realistically assemble in her mind an understanding of the kind of danger he presented. It could be he was just an insanely strong Kishin, or he could just have access to insanely strong weapons. Hell, he could just have sensitive information that could cause an apocalypse in the wrong hands, but she didn't couldn't let herself be distracted by the potential for him showing up. If things followed the precedent so far, it seemed far more likely he'd send a really strong Kishin out to do it for him, which wouldn't really change up their mission for her.

Shinobu sighed, taking her eyes off her passengers for a moment as they passed over a bridge which loomed over a river far below. The view was good, but all Shinobu could think of while looking out of the side of the vehicle was the fact that she was the leader of this expedition. It didn't make sense to her, as most of her 'clear-headed judgement calls' occurred in the midst of battle, with everything else being suggestions her teammates just so happened to find acceptable. Ever since day one at the Academy she'd reminded herself over and over again that she was a Soldier here to annihilate as many Kishin as physically possible until she either died or was no longer fit for duty. It was the only thing she could really offer after so long spent living amongst the very monsters that preyed on the innocent. Phantom's ambush had merely reminded her of the very real chance that she wouldn't be able to fulfill all of the necessities a soldier of the DWMA should be able to provide, and had convinced her that she was nowhere near as efficient at being a soldier as she could've been.

This revelation had been taxing in more ways than one, and she'd taken steps to keep that from bringing down her overall score, but...

Seren's questioning had prompted Elgin to tag in, which Shinobu was thankful for as they passed by grassy plains. At first she found herself wincing at his eagerness to compare their efforts against Phantom to a video game, but at least he'd come to a similar conclusion that she had. His determination to carry the mission out was comforting to hear, leading Shinobu to Smirk as she slowed down a bit to take the limo down around a bend in the road. After spending so long hearing about his infamous tendencies, Shin was ashamed to admit that she'd occasionally forget just how damn good he could be when it was time to get a job done. That confirmation was almost enough to make her give a breath of relief if she didn't have to focus on slowing to a halt as a sheep herder led his flock across the road before them.

As she waited for him to finish, she looked back to the others as Seren's partner, Grace, joined the fray. After anticipatingly bringing up a poor choice of topic with Rin, Elgin had asked a million dollar question: Would they be able to harm ghosts? He'd brought it up after receiving a call from his Marcus, who had immediately displayed caution over the idea of the mansion they were targeting being haunted. Considering Marcus' particular reaction to even just the idea of ghosts, this could mean radically different alterations in their team dynamic. Shinobu had read stories of ghosts in the past, with their ability to inflict harm varied depending on who's account you're getting. Grace chimed in with a theory of 'if they can they can, if they can't they can't' that Shinobu was actually fairly fond of. It wasn't like they'd have long to be cautious of it either way. She then launched into a spiel about how they should always have at least one pair sweeping the house if they could with most fights being taken outside. Shinobu wasn't exactly sure how she felt about that part, but figured she'd let the others chime on the topic before she made any rash decisions.

She would've made a comment on it at least, if not for the looming trees in the distance. Expression hardening as she tightened her grip on the wheel, Shinobu let her gaze scan over the environment. There were no immediate dangers, and so far it seemed like she'd even be able to get the limo fairly far in. The trees weren't dense enough to fully impede them, so all she'd really need to do was take it slow so they didn't get stuck on anything. She wouldn't be able to keep watch over her passengers with her view completely preoccupied with surveying their surroundings, but that didn't keep her from listening in. It wasn't that she'd even have to try hard, even from the front of the limo she could clearly hear the voice of Elias coming from Elgin's phone.

Another student who was thankfully straightforward in his determination to see a mission through, Elias was far less on the subversive side like his sister was. Shinobu was actually thankful she hadn't had to lead a group with her in it, as she could appreciate Elias' approach to matters far more. Though often considered as brash and explosive as his personality could be, Shin recognized his willingness to put his life on the line for the sake of a mission as something undoubtedly beneficial to the Academy. Of course, the moment after she came to terms with this he immediately started goading both Elgin and Rin, something which Shinobu knew was far too easy to do especially when they were close to each other. Thankfully, she wouldn't have to deal with any potential fallout from that, as the mansion soon loomed in the distance.

Unlike many previous missions, the path to it was clear of obstructions. If anything, it only became easier to drive as they got close to it. Shinobu kept her eyes on the woods around them, remembering that there was supposedly a number of Kishin wandering throughout it. Whether they took note of their presence or not, Shinobu pulled up to a massive driveway that ran in a circle around a dying plant display set up in front of the mansion. She could recognize Marcus' concern over ghosts more as it drew close, if there was any kind of staple 'Haunted House' look this mansion had it in spades. But looks were just that, looks. Soon Shinobu parked before the immense manor and leaned back to her teammates.

"Looks like we got lucky on the way over, here's to that luck standing, folks." she stated before reaching over and pressing a button which led to the rear doors of her limo opening up for her teammates.

Shinobu stepped outside of her limo, pausing against the door to look over the mansion in finer detail. It was definitely bigger than what the picture implied, but Shinobu had anticipated this. Shrugging, she leaned back into her vehicle to grab her mask, which she secured to her face as she stepped back out and looked over to Marcus' car as he and Elias took in the manor as well.

Putting her hands on her hips, Shinobu stretched before looking to the once-grand double-doors that constituted the main entrance. Ornate, carven wood and stone trailed down from it towards them, as if beckoning them inside with just how much of an entrance it was. She spotted windows smeared with what was hopefully just dirt and grime, denying all view inside. She looked back as Elias asked Marcus whether he'd be going weapon form or not, a question which led Shinobu to shrug as she looked back to the others.

"That call's yours Marcus," she followed up with before looking back to the mansion "I wasn't honestly expecting us to be able to get right up close to the thing like this, so the cynic in me's thinking we've already some kind of eyes on us. Pick your poison seeing as we're gonna have to go room scouring from here on out."

She turned to the assembled team and jerked a thumb back to the mansion, "Okay, I'm thinking that we just take this straight and quick, Rin and I will cover you guys from the back as we search rooms and clear the building one room at a time. Of course, considering what could be waiting in there for us, the odds of that plan staying unbroken by the end of this is pretty underwhelming, so just make sure to keep with your partner. If you get separated from the group, I'm going to trust you guys to advance the mission in whatever way you see the most fit."

Once finished, she took out her keys and fiddled with a tiny remote that closed the limo and locked it.

"Depending on how wild this gets, I'm sure we'll have to come up with new plans on the fly." Shinobu said as she pocketed her keys and pulled out her pair of gloves "As long as we can complete the mission with as few injuries as possible, I'm open to mixing things up however you guys feel."

She pulled the gloves on tight before folding her arms and looking over the place again, mostly just listening for any kind of movement inside the building as she let her team prepare themselves.


Socially Anxious

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Morika cheered happily upon being given food from one of her friends and waved enthusiastically at Llewellyn as he left, making a mental note to bake him something nice the next time he came over to visit. Morika hummed happily as she sent a message to her driver, only to realize that he had parked the car and was waiting on her to get into the car. Morika gently grabbed Akron's wrist and lead him to the car before opening the door and ushering him inside the car. "Come on. Let's go! Our ride is here!"

Morika waited for her driver, Reginald, to get into the car and started the engine. When he did, he adjusted the rear-view mirror and addressed his passengers. "Where to young miss?"

"Can we please stop by the house for a moment? I need to grab something and then my friend will give you directions." Morika paused for a moment as the car started moving, watching the world outside go by before she spoke up again. "Thank you for coming to get us on your day off Reg. Hopefully we'll be swift and you can spend more time with your family."

A deep chuckle came from Reginald as he glanced at Morika in the rear-view mirror before looking back at the road. "It's not a problem at all, young miss. Actually it was my wife who told me that I had to come and collect you from your school. She started listing off all of the horrible things that could happen to you if you walked home that she practically went into hysterics before demanding that I come to collect you." There was a pause as Reginald allowed Morika to process everything he had said to her before he spoke up again. "So young miss, who is your friend?"

Morika perked up and smiled as she motioned to the heavily plated Akron. "This is my weapon partner Akron. He's one of the first I've become friends with at school who doesn't care about how much money I have." Morika said as she reached into the mini fridge of the car and grabbed out a bottle of tea. "That's very good young miss. I'm very happy for you." Reginald said as he smiled at Morika through the rear-view mirror. "We have arrived at your home young miss. I will give you a few minutes to grab what you need before I drive off without you."

Morika pouted at her driver and stuck her tongue out childishly at Reginald before she popped out of the car. Morika skipped up to the large front door to her house only to stop and turn back around head back to the car. Before Morika could even knock on the window to the driver's side, the window had been rolled down and a spare house key was offered to Morika. "Thank you Reg!" Morika said cheerfully as she grabbed the key and skipped back up to the front door to her house, unlock the door and enter the house. Morika shut the door tightly behind her as she went to her sewing room to grab an essential item she had forgotten.

The Llewellyn plush backpack.

Morika grabbed the plush Llewellyn and skipped to the kitchen to grab a couple of extra emergency adrenaline syringes, a handful of epi pens, a bottle of pain medication along with some more medical supplies. Though there was another reason as to why she was taking the plush Llewellyn. Morika had sewn a tracking device into the belly of Llewellyn so that if something were to go wrong, Reginald would know and could inform the teachers at EAT as well as Morika's mother.

Morika hummed happily as she skipped to her front door, opened it, closed it tightly shut behind her and locked the door before getting back into the car. Morika set the plush Llewellyn backpack onto the seat next to her as she buckled up and then picked him up and held him close to her chest. "I've got what I need. Where to Akron? And would you like a tea?"


The lord of randomness and the warp
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akron simply gave Llew a short nod in regards to the gift the blond male had given them for what reason though akron was unsure maybe he was just trying to be friendly? It wasn’t something Akron allowed himself to dwell there being far more pressing matters to attend to for the time being, and just like that any clear thoughts were interrupted by a small moment of panic caused by Morkia grabbing his wrist. Behind the helmet Akron shut his eyes tightly pulling back weakly, only to realize nothing bad had happened the pairs ride had simply arrived.

allowing himself to be pulled along by his much smaller meister getting pulled into the back along with her. The drive back to Morika‘s house was mostly uneventful, the banter between Reginald and Morika being the main thing Akron focused upon The way he sat it would be hard to tell if Akron was actually a person or just some suit of armor. Morika introduced Akron to Reg, two things piquing his interest in her statement. While he had noticed it Morika was indeed rather wealthy at least from some of the things he’d seen from her at least he could now confirm that was indeed the case. What was honestly more confusing was her calling Akron her friend, all he’d done was avoid agitating her and fulfill his obligations as her demon weapon Nothing more nothing less. Now though wasn’t the time to become lost in such things filing the thought away for later Akron noted Morika had come back from the house was a plush backpack that looked like Llewellyn it set a small shiver down his spine. Morika then asked Akron give directions as well as if he’d like some tea as soon as she finished he’d instantly answer “yes” as his attention shifted to Reg ready to start giving directions.

The pair would arrive just small ways outside of the town that was the target location, Akron having international done this to avoid any possibility of Reg getting in harm's way. Akron leading the keeping close by Morika just in case, much like the mundane spear strapped to his back for a ”just in case” scenario.

the town itself looked run down and abandoned though not form simple neglect of its former occupants more so as if something else had caused this intentionally, eerie silence only broken by the soft clink-clink of the giant in tarnished armor his helmet tilted at such an angle looked as if it gave an expression of grim determination. Coming into view of both Morika and Akron was the other pair of their team and a large circus tent it’s red and white stripes giving an unsettlingly cheerful tone to the mood that drifted upon the air.

The closer he got to the tent the more riled up the beast became gnashing and thrashing as if trying to attack something, this was entirely normal for it leaving Akron unconcerned. however upon seeing Elvy that changed while subtle the way she was leaning herself against Takeshi, was different something was definitely off, giving a small nod to greet them Akron's attention glued itself solely to Elvy for the time being. “Is there something about this place that is concerning?” Akron asked his tone neutral, but stance becoming slightly less rigid as he waited for an answer or simple to have it handwaved And proceed with their mission.


Omniverse Explorer

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Rin had been barely picking up on what her other comrades were saying. Though bits and pieces came through, something about the boogeyman, Phantom, and something about a plan? Pushing her pain aside for just a small amount of time, she listened to Seren, letting her speak her thoughts and ideas on what they could do when they got there. If they were just ideas, then Rin didn't want to hear it. Not unless it was an actual plan. So her mind went right back to the darkest parts that plagued her. They can figure things out. They don't need me right now. the weapon thought, I heard something about video games so obviously they're on anoth- her thoughts had been interrupted by a familiar white-haired male's voice. Causing her to open her crimson eyes and glare at him as he claimed she was making an 'unattractive expression' and wouldn't get a boyfriend "Elgin I sw-!" his phone had saved his sorry ass by ringing just as she wanted to wring him out for saying something so rude like that to her. Looking away, she diverted her gaze onto something she could stick to Tch, I have a boyfriend. I don't need you trying to tell me whats unattractive or not. her eyebrows furrowed, now showing a more angered expression on her face, making it obvious she didn't wish to be bothered.

Since Rin was distracted as it was, she was able to hear the voice coming from Elgin's phone after it was put on speaker. It was Marcus, asking about the mansion being haunted with ghosts. If there are things like Kishins of different variants, then there are bound to be types of ghosts, Marcus. twintails thought, her heel tapping against the carpet of the limo as she listened to everyone talking. Seren and Grace seemed like a good duo for the group, it was just that she wasn't in a good enough mindset to enjoy their company properly. Elgin was a dummy, but he was still good company in his own way. Though Rin wouldn't admit that to him or anyone else but herself. "It doesn't matter if there's ghosts or not. It's just our job to get the item, take care of it, and get out. We have enough firepower to make our own escapes." she pointed out "Between Me, Elias, and Elgin, our explosive firepower is pretty decent." Elias was probably the one who made the best explosives out of both Rin and Elgin combined. Considering he didn't even need to be in weapon form to do it. Her eyes shifted over to Grace as she spoke about a decent idea, a plan they could put into effect "If we bring the enemy outside, we might as well make the most racket out there." the weapon shifted in her seat.

"But the chances of us pulling out whatever is inside, is small considering how smart it could be. So we may have no choice but to go inside and make do with what we have. We could go into two teams just in case. If you want to stick with keeping together. Either way, you'd have at least some long range on your side if things got rough." when silence fell between the group in the limo, Elias had chimed in, also already poking at Rin "Elias!" she shouted, glaring at the phone in Elgin's hand, it wasn't that she cared that he straight up spilled the beans on the pair, it was the fact that he was poking fun at her. But that rising need to yell began to die down as he told her to fiddle with her bracelet. A gift he had gotten her a while back after she had gotten better. Resting her shoulders, she relaxed in her seat and glanced at the bracelet on her left wrist. The music notes that were attached had been the first few notes of the song she played at the cafe after sharing a kiss with him. Her eyebrows began to relax and she drew a deep breath, using her other hand to fiddle with the loose notes. It's as if he knows just by me looking at this, would calm me down... He wasn't wrong with the idea, knowing how that day went...

That peaceful moment she had, ended quickly as the limo came to a stop and Shinobu spoke up. Causing her to stiffen up in her seat. When the doors opened, she waited for her team to go first before she got out herself, looking around at the area and taking in anything and everything. The Description matches practically to a T...It's dark, dead trees and grass everywhere. Rin moved from the Limo and moved a few steps closer to the Mansion. Looking down and around at the broken path, the dead bushes, and the foggy area. This could have been pulled from a horror movie...There's lots of windows, no doubt there's broken ones in the back too...maybe a yard with more debris. While making mental notes, she heard Marcus and Elias talking, followed by Shin who had been closer to the entrance. The young weapon knew that she would have to be stuck with Shin, but really wasn't ready for it this soon. I can deal with it. I've done it this far. Giving her partner a nod, she moved up to the front doors next to her and pushed the large door open, peeking her head inside and seeing barely anything but darkness. The windows barely letting any light inside "We're going to need lighting. It's too dark for us to see if we move deeper inside."

Pushing more into the door, she made it as wide as she could, her boots crunching against the debris on the floor, dust being kicked up in the process. While standing in the eerie doorway, she tilted her head slightly right, then slightly left, picking up the sounds of things being stepped on. Most likely rodents running around the place Probably Rats... Though in a place that looks and feels weird. There's definitely more than that. Turning slightly to the team, she waited to see if they'd follow, since she had been the one more inside than anyone else as of the current moment.​


The Flake

Llewellyn Artain-Galant

Llewellyn did his best to observe as much of their surroundings as he possibly could from within his Soul Room. What the young man saw was honestly disappointing, if not utterly disgusting. Who would willingly live within such a squalid place? Furthermore, why have there been no efforts to attempt to keep up the bare minimum of cleanliness? The honey blond male found that he was thoroughly annoyed by the apathy the townsfolk had towards the state of their village. It was certainly a good thing that Llewellyn's current view of the area was restricted due to his Weapon Form, yet he was still itching to find a broom and dustpan to initiate some long overdue cleaning. This desire was further increased when Llewellyn witnessed a passing man carelessly toss a glass bottle out into the center section of the road. "There are plenty of items I do not feel comfortable leaving here." Llewellyn voiced his own concerns after Alice had vocalized her own discomfort towards the town. "How are people comfortable living in such a slovenly way?" The Weapon did not bother concealing his disgust as he internally shivered in revulsion from merely considering living in these horrid conditions for a brief moment. He simply could not fathom the actions of these particular individuals.

The Shield had a some difficulty in averting his disgusted gaze from the group's surroundings, but thankfully his fellow Weapon partner, Hitomi, provided him a distraction. Hitomi is right to be cautious. I should be more vigilant while we are out on this mission as well. My concerns and gripes about this town's condition are secondary to the group's safety. I. WILL. NOT. CLEAN. Ironically, Llewellyn's internal monologue about vigilance only distracted the honey blond male, causing him to miss out on the group's conversation and decision. However, the time Llewellyn spent thinking about resisting cleaning the town, exercising more caution and purchasing a secondary set of arm bandages for Alice. The missions throughout the last semester did cause minor damage to the black cloth and it would be prudent to have a spare set ready for when they finally outlived their usefulness.

Location: Crypt Town

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One Thousand Club

The man's stare made Camilla incredibly uncomfortable, she had no idea what was going on in his mind but she somehow knew it was nothing good. "I uh... N-Nevermind We'll just ask somone... Huh?" Suddenly Gwen had moved past Camilla and seemingly agreed to go through with whatever what the man was planning. "Uh... G-Gwen I'm not sure this is such a good idea..." Camilla said, expressing her clear worry for her partner. Regardless Gwen still continued forward, bringing the man into an Alley and pinning him against the wall. Camilla wasn't so sure what was going on as she looked on with a worried yet curious expression, the man didn't look surprised by this at all. In fact it was almost like he was expecting it. Gwen asked if it'd be okay for Cami to watch what was about to unfold, right before the loud roars of Gwen's chainsaws revved into action. Camilla's face of curiosity soon turning into one of comical shock. The chainsaws came into close contact with both the man's neck and also... down... there... Camilla could only hope that this situation didn't escalate from here.

The man looked into Gwen's eyes with horror as he nodded to the ginger haired girl's demands. "EH... HEH HEHEH... You guys are DWMA then huh? Well why didn'tcha just say so!" He blurted out in a panic, trying to save his precious jewels from certain annihilation. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I'LL TELL YA WHAT I KNOW! The crypt is real deep down south in the far end of town! Real creepy looking! You'll know it when you see it! Ain't nobody's been stupid enough to venture down there for ages so I don't know nothin' bout the inside!" Finally Gwen let the man go as he dropped to the ground and crawled away in a truly pathetic fashion before scrambling to his feet to move into a cowardly run. "YOU'S ARE GONNA REGRET THIS YOU DWMA BASTARDS! I KNOW PEOPLE ROUND HERE!" The man spit out his threats, gradually growing more silent as the distance between him and the students increased. Camilla's face was still quite the picture at this point. She wasn't sure if she should be impressed with Gwen's quick thinking or utterly terrified of how scary she can actually be.

Back at the Dark Irina, Gwen and Camilla rested against the vehicle as they awaited the rest of their teammates. When Gwen spoke up she apologised for the scene that played out mere moments ago. The words prompted Cami to look at Gwen for a small moment before a small smiled formed on her features. "You don't need to apologise Gwen. You did that to protect me right? If anything I was just surprised at how scary you can be when you want to. Thanks... For getting us out of that situation. Besides what was that guy thinking!? He just let you pin him against the wall with no fight what-so-ever! It was like he was just ASKING to get trapped there! Guess the locals here aren't exactly too bright here huh?" Camilla laughed at the thought. Clearly unaware of the man's actual intentions.

Before long, the rest of the team arrived in Alice's signature motorcycle. The Blonde Meister carrying both Lew and Hitomi in their weapon forms. The hooded Camilla waved out to them as they turned into the parking lot and parked next to the Dark Irina. "You guys made it! Glad you all made it here safe! I wish I could say we didn't have any trouble here but... I'd be lying. Gwen and I started asking around about the crypt while we waited and we ended up getting brushed off by one guy and the other.... Well He tried to make us pay for directions. He asked for a lot... More than we had on us actually. Then he made an even weirder suggestion! I don't really get what he wanted but I think Gwen did. She didn't like it one bit." Camilla rambled on about the pairs brief adventure in a lawless town, before turning to her partner and smirking. "But thanks to Gwen she managed to convince him to give the info we needed for free!"

Camilla looked to the car and motorcycle the team took to arrive here. A point that was raised a couple times already coming into effect. "The crypt is pretty far into town, at the end actually as far as that man said. Which means our transport will be out of our sight... We could assign someone to stay guard but... Then I'd be more worried about the one guarding... Besides we'll need everyone available once we find the crypt..." "Well whatd'ya know... The two girls I told to scram earlier are still here, and already causing a big fuss in our 'peaceful' little hamlet... With more friends no less." The familiar voice rang through Cami's ears, turning to see who it was, she spotted the large intimidating man from before. "Y-You!?" The man gave an intimadating stare to the girls, including the one he never seen before, that certainly looked well armed. He held that intimidating stare for a good while before bursting into a bellowing laugh. "HA HA HA! Not even five minutes after I tell yas to get outta here and I see a local asshole runnin' away from a pair o girls like his arse was on fire! HA HA HA!"

Camilla's confused expression returned once again, this man's demeanor had changed dramatically since they last met. "So ya's DWMA right? Here on some kinda mission no doubt. Well I'm afraid I gotta give yous another warning in that case. This here's a lawless town. A place where misfits and scum come to find a place to belong. Which means authoritive figures like yerselves ain't exactly welcome here. If I were you I'd hurry up and take care of whatever business you got here fore you overstay your welcome." The man looked at the two vehicles parked in the parking lot. "Some real fancy wheels ya got there. If yer worried about leavin' em here then yer smart. Ain't uncommon for rides like that to end up getting stripped for parts when the owners ain't looking. I'll hang round for ya's an make sure they remain in one piece till ya come back. Of course that's if you come back." Camilla was surprised at the man's offering to help. Also slightly sceptical about it too. "Really? You'd do that? Why would want to help if we aren't welcome here?" The man chuckled slightly at the girls words. "Didn't I tell ya before? I'm one of the nice ones round 'ere. Besides what would ya rather do? Having someone that could either actually guard yer stuff or scrap it. Or would ya rather no one guarded it, then it's guaranteed to get scrapped. As far as I know as long as yer wheels are in one piece then all the more likely ye can git yer arses outta here." Camilla thought on the man's word before turning to Gwen and Alice. "You guys okay with this? This is your stuff after all..." Camilla wanted to make sure, especially with Gwen considering now she knows just how much the Dark Irina means to her.

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ENTER THE HUNTED HOUSE3f97724eb62372b619daa5f0c1d69850.jpgHearing the different comments about his random thought only made Marcus think more. He honestly thought that place will be hunted either with ghost or evil humans, and they'll end up having to deal with it regardless. His mind backtracks to what could possibly the worst mission he's been on. He couldn't also escape the thought that maybe they were possibly walking into a trap or yet another ambush, maybe all the teams were. "In this line of work Grace, and especially after what we've been through, I've learn to expect the unexpected, including a giant run down mansion filled with whatever bullshit that may be there. We should all expect shit to hit the fan." He says looking at his phone. After his statement, Marcus remained silent for the most part as he continued his drive towards the mansion, as their destination was getting closer. With their final destination now in sight, he heard his partners words in the background letting it known. "I bet you're excited. Means you can finally get out the car now." He said laughing looking at Elias through the mirror. Soon enough Marcus parked his car, stepping out stretching in the most exaggerated way possible as usual. As the others pulled up, Marcus looking around the area getting a feel of his surroundings. The entire area rubbed Marcus the wrong way. From the foggy surrounding, towards the run downed building, to ominous feeling creeping all around him. As he stared at the mansion he couldn't help but feel eyes staring at him back. Using soul perception, he stared at the building in front of him scanning for any signs of trouble, and of course he did. There were signs of multiple red souls roaming around. "Of course there's more than one." He says aloud.

He heard Elias' question along with Shin's comment. At first we was going for it but changed his mind down the road. "Naw you can roam around for a bit. I won't be needing you until I'm sure there's enough room for me to actually be able to use you. Though stay close to me, might need you quicker than I expected." He said towards his partner, walking up towards the door. "Elgin on the other hand." He said holding his hand out towards his other partner, allowing him to shift into it. "Mind if you lend me your blade, bro?" He asked with a grin. With the doors finally opening, Marcus glanced inside seeing only a small amount of light entering the building. Even Rin's comment on it made it all clear. Without good enough light we'll be struggling. Luckily Marcus came prepared a bit. Reaching for his bag, Marcus opens it up pulling out a three small flashlights. "Lucky what the G.O.A.T brought with em. Hopefully these things have enough battery to last throughout the mission. I honestly found those in my draw during my last minute preparations." He says passing them out to each of the meisters. "We also still have our phones as well." He adds, looking amongst everyone there. His eyes then falls onto Shin, who was the leader of the group. "I have no arguments against searching room from room. Elgin, Elias and I can take point, with Grace and Seren in between both the front and back." He says entering the mansion first. "Earlier I saw multiple red souls roaming around the mansion. Just a heads up. " He says as he steps through the doors. Twirling the gunblade, he slung it on his shoulders, before stepping further inside.

With his free hand he turned on the flashlight, and scanned the main hall. Everything was covered with a sheet and dust was literally everywhere. He heard sounds of rats roaming around squeaking and knocking things over. The breeze from outside didn't help at all with the dust either, causing him to sneeze. "Someone call the maid." He said wiping his nose. Little did he know his little joke made someone unexpected laugh. Coming from areas around the main hall, there were sounds of little girls giggling. Standing on guard, he first snaps his flashlight over towards the left wing of the mansion where he say the pale ghostly face of a little girl peeking around the corner. Turning towards the right wing, there was another little girl, peeking from up under the sheets covering a table. "Ah hell naw, I told y'all this shit was hunted." He says turning towards the stairs where he saw two little girls, one peeking through the window in the background and the other peeking through the stairs. "Keep your eyes on the others." He said towards his team. "Uhh hey little girls, what are y'all doing here?? Did you lose your parents?" He asked keeping the eyes on the ones in front of him.

"Come play with us. Come play. We've been lonely for so long. If you want the book, you have to find us and it." They all said in unison ominously, before fading away all towards different locations.

"Oh hell, great now we got four hunted little girls telling us to come play. Shin we sticking with the same plan or what?" He ask looking around, making sure there were no more surprises.

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He Who Sees E's
Takeshi Mifune

Takeshi had noted that Elvena was acting a bit unusual during their ride to the mission destination, but he didn't really think much of it. That changed when they started getting close to the abandoned town and Ru began grumbling and cackling in the back of his mind, part whispering part shrieking about how interesting whatever that was waiting for them is. A scowl, still hidden with the helmet, briefly broke across Takeshi's face as he parked the bike and stepped off it, glaring towards the annoyingly cheerful looking and completely out of place circus tent that stood in the ruins of the town. Reaching up and ripping off the helmet from his head, Takeshi placed it back on the bike and glanced over at his partner. "Yes. Calls it interesting. Familiar." Even as he spoke he could feel the thrumming of the darkness calling out to him and Ryu, trying to tempt him into succumbing into the limitless madness that his demon stood for. He ignored it as best he could, clamping down his iron will and keeping his gaze forward. He stayed there standing still as a statue even as Elvena spoke once again, pushing for them to wait for their mission partners instead of going off by themselves as they usually did. For once, he couldn't blame his partner for wanting to wait for more people to be around, but absently, in the back of his mind really, he wondered if subjecting the other two to this presence would be a smart thing to do. That line of musing was cut off as Elvena leaned against him. using him as some sort of support. He was content to simply let her use him as a pillar, until he heard the laugh ring out before the dead silence of the location returned. Narrowing his eyes, he shifted his weight ever so slightly so that he could be ready to spring into action if something came at him and his partner.

Soon enough the other pair did eventually arrive, and with a seemingly bored glance over his shoulder, Takeshi called out to them in something of a whisper that still carried in the pure silence this town held. "Inner demons like this place. Interesting. The bad kind." Looking over to Elvena, who was still leaning against him, Takeshi reached over with a free hand to squeeze her shoulder reassuringly, taking the time to also reassure her through their connection, before reaching for his sword and slowly drawing it from the sheathe. "They await us. Entertainers, they whisper. The irony, not lost." Finished with speaking for now, Takeshi returned his gaze to the circus tent, eyes locked solely on the darkness of the entrance that hid the demons awaiting the student's arrival. He could feel a sort of anticipation welling up within him, and in the back of his mind, he couldn't help but wonder if that was because of his own drive to fight, or because Ryu was getting more riled up than he usually was. No matter what either case was, he tightened his grip on his sword, squared his shoulders, and made sure his feet were firmly planted into the ground. A fight was coming, and he would be damned if he got caught off guard again.

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Time Lord
"Hey guys!" Gwen waved happily at the sight of Alice pulling up on her motorcycle with her partners in tow on her back. The gearhead of a Weapon couldn't help but admire Alice's two-wheeler for a moment and wonder if she and the blonde could possibly race sometime in the future. Remaining silent while Cami explained what the duo had gotten into while they waited, a small smug smile slowly found its way to her face though when the mention of exactly HOW they got their information. Part of Gwen just wanted to see that asshole try and come after them with his friends. That would be the worst possible thing to do considering who exactly was on their team. However their first local encounter was the one to make his grand re-appearance into their lives, explaining how the lawless little town didn't like the fact the DWMA was making itself involved. Was that really such a bad thing? They were going to deal with a long term issue the town was plagued with, once it was gone it would only benefit the degenerates living around here? However at the statement that the Dark Irina and Alice's bike were at risk of being stolen or worse still stripped for parts, Gwen's eyes narrowed slightly.

Just try it. Try it and see it what happen when Mama Bear Gwen's precious baby is hurt.

However the man offer to instead stand guard for them until their work was done threw the ginger haired girl into a loop and make her blink several times. His logic was sound, the sooner they were done they could leave and losing their rides would make this entire thing more tedious and frustrating for all parties involved. Rough around the edges but at least this man still had a heart somewhere underneath that gruffness. At Cami's inquiry did Gwen nod.

"Yeah, I'm fine with it. No one is dumb enough to say they'll stand guard and then rob someone." Because then Gwen would have a face to put all of her extreme aggression towards and her threat from earlier would seem like she was just demanding lunch money. Worst case scenario, they hunt his hide down first and there was no where in this world that would be safe from this man. Without another word Gwen decided to shift into her Weapon form to join her fellow Weapons in their transformed states, the teeth of her twin chainsaws momentarily growling before coming to a halt.


Perpetually Stoic
Elvena Stein

Elvena hadn’t dared avert her gaze from the opening of the tent, that same tense stance being taken that her own partner had shifted into being mimicked almost in unison. “ Familiar isn’t always something to be welcomed. “ She muttered, soft voice barely rising to be heard by anyone other than the ear she was vaguely leaning into with the way her head tilted against his shoulder. Elvy felt their presence before she heard them, the other pair of their team approaching and looking past them towards the eyesore that was the giant circus tent. As did Takeshi, she also turned to slide her gaze on their faces, though she seemed albeit more pleased than her partner to see the duo. The tension in the air left little room for smiles or energetic greetings but she met Akron’s gaze with a more lighthearted look, genuinely happy to see her friend even if it was hard to gather such an assumption by her more serious and somber expression. His question reached her and she scrunched her lips up to the side, wondering on how to best answer it before Takeshi spoke up and did the honors. A curt nod followed his words and her hues were quick to rise and settle on her weapon’s face as he physically reassured her. She felt her soul calm at the touch, settling down and reacting so quickly to the small notion that it caught her off guard. Any reservations or thoughts she had on that matter were quickly pushed aside. It’s never the right time. She thought in a staid manner, sighing a little inwardly before she took quiet steps towards the tent.

“ These creatures have a wavelength similar to mine, that’s all I can confirm from out here. So you need to be careful when wielding Akron, Morika. I trust him but if you’re caught off guard they’ll infect him and it’ll only spread to you from there as he is more susceptible to the influence of madness. I hope your will is strong because you’re about to be tested in ways you might not be prepared for. “ Elvena fell silent and motioned with a hand towards the pair, suggesting they follow behind Takeshi and herself. Taking the lead didn’t feel strange nor did it seem unnatural to her, if anything she would just spout what information she felt was necessary and crucial to share and face the threats head on. The only difference to being on a solo mission compared to this was that she only had two backs to watch, mainly her own, but now she had four. There wasn’t a sliver of dread to be found on her face but the clowns that awaited them inside the tent were nothing short of demonic manifestations of madness and fear itself and she hoped that the others wouldn’t fall victim to that emotion. Certainly that would make this more difficult. She took ginger steps into the circus-tent-turned-lair as she approached the darkness that encompassed its innards, eyes narrowed and flashing as they attempted to adjust to the lack of light. That issue was resolved as a bright beam shone down on them from somewhere above, a spotlight quite similar to the one that had illuminated their silhouettes in Akron’s headspace, bringing forth clarity to the center of the pavilion, yet keeping the outskirts still masked in darkness.

Even with her vision taking a few moments to adapt to the sudden change in lighting she was able to feel the sudden shift of an oncoming attack. Elvy’s stance changed immediately, body reacting in a timely manner as she pivoted to the side to avoid a long arm, clad in an approximation of what could only be called a jester's outfit, that had come crashing down in an attempt to strike her. It hit the ground and kicked the dust up where she had been standing, the weight and impact behind it rather impressive. Those strands of hair danced like a gentle stream of flowing water behind her as they settled from the sudden movement to touch the ground once again, face unreadable in that exact moment. With her sight completely restored she was able to quickly identify and confirm the enemy, or rather enemies, they would be facing. “ Clowns. Sporadic movement and attacks, erratic fighting style much akin to my own. Madness wavelength, capable of using magic. Takeshi. “ She spoke his name in a manner that could only mean one thing, the extended hand saying the rest for her. “ Morika, there will be no use trying to find a pattern in how they will come at you. It will be spontaneous and almost impossible to read. Use your weapon as wildly as you’d like, don’t be afraid of swinging and missing. You have a better chance of hitting them when not actually trying to, if that makes sense. Akron is a big weapon, use him defensively as well but don’t let them force you into a completely on guard state. “ Only one of the clowns had shown its face and even it was quick to slink away back into the shadows that surrounded the students after its first attempt of being on the offensive. Its appearance and sheer presence didn’t match the more human form it had, its large and bulky body immediately standing out, adorned by surprisingly majestic looking blue and gold attire that seemed more in place for a royal court’s bishop than on this brutish monstrosity. Its physical stature and attire paired with its perpetual crescent eyed smile managed to convey a sense of sadistic glee in its actions, alongside an ever present feeling of imminent danger and foreboding. The shadows of the students stretched out behind them, disappearing as the darkness of the tent consumed them, the opening that had once allowed them entrance into this awful abode no longer offering a means of escape. Elvy’s jaw set as another set of eerie laughs echoed about them, this time from multiple beings. The way the sound bounced from ear to ear and surrounded them was a bit unsettling but irritation was the most prominent emotion starting to surface. Normally she was all for trickery and games but the disconcerting feeling that had taken root before they’d even arrived was starting to grow the longer they remained taunted and toyed with.

A couple figures finally began to clap as if a performance had come to end, their unique faces following in being known and seen as they bathed in the light to join their fellow compatriot, no longer cloaked by the shadows. The shorter of the two figures was also dressed in a jester-like outfit, clad in red from head to toe, his figure strikingly human in nature, even more so than the first hulking brute of a clown that had attacked them. His mask, a haunting thing covered in blood, with soulless black eyes, one covered with an inked on heart, a crown etched into the forehead of the material and no mouth to speak of, hung lazily in his grasp. His bloodshot and bleeding gaze moved from one student to the next, even as he brought the edge of his mask to his mouth, licking off what seemed to be fresh blood in a decidedly pleased manner. The final clown of the three to appear seemed to be wearing what could only be called a ringmaster’s uniform, white and black in color though stained with blood around the edges, complete with conducting stick and top hat to boot. Standing only slightly taller than the blood covered clown, he didn’t give off nearly as much of a murderous or sadistic presence as the previous two entities that appeared before them. No, if anything, his human-like mask, simply adored with a single star over one eye, gave him a feeling of a calculated form of cruelty, only further helped by his black and orange eyes that were framed by his mask in such a way that they seemed to glow in the darkness and the light. Elvena peered at them all, memorizing their features and body types as if mentally creating files on them. None of the ones standing before them was the reason for the disquieting chaos that she felt slowly churning in her soul. Nonetheless she was quick to react, not giving them any room to breathe or hope to trap them in some silly form of personalized entertainment for their enemies to enjoy.

The blade of her partner cut through the air, white ribbon-like material just as graceful as her movements, as she found herself cutting through the bigger bodied clown who stood to their right. She felt little resistance and the others didn’t seem to react to their comrade meeting the cold edge of a blade. For some reason that alone perturbed her. She’d seen and done eerie things but the lack of acknowledgement to what just had happened left her thoughts reeling into endless possibilities and questions of why. With a quick jump back she surveyed the clown now in two pieces on the ground. What she could only assume were its pupils began to slowly roll back into its head, becoming unseen as if it had accepted its fate. Soon though they returned back into view and a grotesquely disturbing sound started to fill the air as the two pieces started sloshing against the ground and began to form back into one. “ Adding reformation to the list of abilities. “ She spoke once again to the group to make her mental notes audible, a habit she’d yet to break. If it were just her and Takeshi, she would’ve spoken through her bond and left it at that. She always bounced her thoughts off of him, acting as if that space was one they shared even if it was more so his. It was a place she enjoyed being when not completely drowning in her own head. The once fallen clown stood as if untouched, the only change being that its closed lip smile expanded greatly into a wide toothless facsimile of a grin, the inside of its mouth looking like a dark abyss that had no end.

The trio of clowns slithered back into the darkness, each face holding a wickedly pleased expression. Following their disappearance they attacked, sometimes solo, sometimes in pairs, but they were relentless and swift. No magic had appeared yet but that didn’t quite mean it wasn’t in their hand of cards they could play either. Right now it just felt like they were being toyed with, as one might play with their food instead of eating it. Elvena let her own desultory way of being able to fight fall into the dance she was doing with them. A slash here, a parry there. At every attempt on her person she was dodging or counter-attacking, mind and body plunging into the skirmish they’d found themselves in. Watching her fight was a show in itself, the movements tactical but still unable to be followed or made any sense of. Whatever she was doing seemed to be working. There were limbs and body parts scattered upon the ground around her, pieces that slowly found their way to their rightful places when she’d turned her blade on the next deemed victim. The bloodshed seemed to lessen with each reformation, which Elvy found innately interesting. That little fact couldn’t mean nothing, the finer details usually held the answers if one was looking closely enough.

Every now and then, when given a small moment to breathe, that time was used to snap her attention towards the other pair of their team to check and make sure they were fairing decently. Even with her hues elsewhere, her awareness was on high alert, leaving no opening for a surprise attack if one tried to catch the meister off guard. Music began to play and Elvena took a few steps through the now muddied ground towards it, her boots becoming coated in the enemies blood that stained the Earth. The tune itself seemed childish and it was slow, almost as if failing to properly attain the speed it would normally play at. Whether this was intentional or not was unknown but the gray haired Stein found that what happened next was going to ultimately be one of the bigger issues they faced. If sound could carry a wavelength, it felt like it was happening now. The air was thick and she felt the madness emanating with each note that filled the air around them, gradually that speed it lacked before began to pick up, transmitting their wavelengths all at once into one giant wave of infectious mania.

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Alice smiled at both girls when she was greeted, though she raised her eyebrow when Camilla began to explain how they asked around town and how someone tried to make them pay for the directions. Her stomach tied into a knot when the redhead claimed that he made a weirder suggestion, to which Gwen protected her in that time of need. Camilla doesn't realize the horrors that could have happened if Gwen wasn't there to protect her... she then went on and said that Gwen got the information for free Well that's an even better sign. "That's good, free information is usually the best deal you can get." the blonde joked, giving a soft smile before continuing to listen to the current leader's words. The Crypt was far into town, at the end to be precise. It didn't take long for her emeralds to be brought over to a man who began to approach. Slowly, Alice moved her hand to Hitomi, ready to grasp her at any moment to attack with the serrated edges she possessed. The man was large, intimidating, but that didn't stop the blonde from being on guard.

But suddenly, she had been caught off guard with the sudden laugh that erupted from the man's chest. Furrowing her eyebrows in confusion, she stared at him as he explained his laughter. So he saw the situation? Does that mean he was really going to let my teammates face horrid danger if they were average humans? she asked herself, not sure if it was a good idea to trust him. Fortunately, he gave them some tips about the place. It was Lawless, filled with misfits, scum, and potentially more worse things. People from higher authority places weren't really welcomed, which meant they had to move at a faster pace I don't know how fast we could move if we're going into a crypt. Against whatever is inside while trying to get this scroll. Hell, they could die down there, but Alice wasn't one to really think that would happen. The man then continued to talk about their rides, to which she looked over them and glanced back at him, hearing Camilla ask "I suppose its fine." if anything, they had a face, a look, and if anything ever happened to their rides, the blonde had her madness....Granted she had to get the pills out of her system but, regardless, she still had them.

"That means our timer starts now. We'll be going. I don't know how long it'll be, but the minimum time could be two hours. Maximum...Depends what we find in there. So thank you, sir." looking at Camilla, she noticed Gwen in her weapon form, the chains slowly coming to a stop Everyone's in weapon form, we're hopefully prepared. Alice would have had her own cloak, but it was about time she dropped it just because it could get in her way, get her killed. Without it, she was able to move easier, avoid dangerous situations that involved it. Shaking that thought from her mind, she decided to take point, as someone with the Shield, she wanted to be up front, protect Camilla from something she couldn't avoid or block. The town was pretty brutal, dark even. It didn't have one ounce of positivity to it. The air was thick, the feeling of someone watching was always on the back of the neck. It would have been better if they drove to the other side, but that alone could have been risky too. Who knew what lied in the deeper parts of the town if they brought them?

It took a while, actually, it felt like it took hours just to get to the other side. But they made it nonetheless, standing in front of the gates of the crypt but also in the middle of a cemetery. "Almost feels like a knockoff of Death City." Alice said, trying to lighten the mood some before looking at Camilla "So what would you like to do before we get in there and see what's in store?" since Camilla was appointed Captain, it was best to listen to her ideas first! "Also, please tell me you have the scroll canister. I know Armstrong warned us about the scroll and mentioned the canister." as the duo stood in front of the gates to the crypt, there was a slight breeze which felt haunting and uneasy. Causing goosebumps to run along the blondes arms and hair to raise on the back of her neck. But said nothing to address it.​

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Grace Amadeus Fugue
Shinobu's Limo --> Creepy Mansion
Interacting with: Team C

Grace's eyes slowly shifted to the source of Marcus's voice, watching the phone quietly as he spoke. She was an outsider here, as was her partner, that much she could understand. Yet, she couldn't help but feel that she had been misinterpreted, and thus managed only a shrug and a light correction in response. "It's not about expectations. It's about filtering out the stuff you can't do anything about and focusing on the stuff you can change." The other girl--one of the guns, from what she understood--raised a reasonable point, but Grace herself didn't seem all that concerned. "Seren and I will probably be able to force them outside, or to a foyer or something. We're hard to ignore."

She returned to the window for the remainder of the car ride, her music keeping her company. When they had finally pulled up the mansion in question, Grace figured she was as ready as she could be. She stretched out her arms and legs as they finally exited the limo, before pulling her headphones off her ears and looping them around her neck. Hands in her pockets, she glanced up at the looming mansion before them, taking stock of its various sections and embellishments in silence.

"...Looks like my house crossed with a tacky movie set," she commented, mostly to herself. The realization unnerved her despite her entirely-blank exterior, and her dry attempt to make fun of it didn't help her as much as she'd hoped it would. She glanced back to Seren briefly, not preferring her partner be in one form or another for the time being. Seren would know what was what when the time came; she always seemed to.

Marcus's flashlight was accepted with a wordless nod, and she stepped toward the mansion as the others did. She had some reservations about being placed in the middle, yet ultimately kept them quiet; it didn't help that their team composition likely would have been a little hard for at least one pair to work with regardless of their marching order, and she was willing to shoulder that burden for the time being. The flashlight came to life with the clack of its switch as expected, and Grace peered into the dark beyond the shaft of light trickling in through the door, wrinkling her nose in response to the dust. She looked toward the sound of unfamiliar voices, and though she hadn't actually expected there to be any ghosts, her nerves were steeled despite the mansion's unexpected denizens.

Tightening her grip on the flashlight, she walked further into the foyer, burying her initial jolt of surprise and fear as she continued to scope out the first room. Rather than waiting on a plan, she addressed the ghosts directly after taking her fill of her immediate surroundings. "We'll play if we like the terms. What are the rules?"


One Thousand Club

It seemed as though Elgin's life had been spared when Marcus called. Whether or not his comment towards Rin reached it's desired goal was entirely up for debate. He had no idea what was going on with Demon Tails right now. He couldn't help but feel slight concern for the fellow weapon. But it isn't his place to do anything about it. After all they were just classmates, acquaintances in the end... right? For some reason it started to get harder to convince himself of that fact. That aside, judging by Rin's reaction it seemed he at least succeeded in drawing her attention away from what was troubling her, at least briefly. Further comments were passed around the limo regarding the phantom situation and their plan of attack. Elgin was content to sit back and listen while the team chewed each others ears off over it. Even Elias said his part, and by that he was really in the same mindset as Elgin. What came after though was totally unexpected. Elias' statement about Rin at first got a sort of half-hearted "Oh" reaction. Then when the information registered his reaction became that of an incredibly overexaggerated "WHAAAAAT!?!?" The fact that Elias now had a girl was one thing. But RIN!? Did he have some kind of death wish!?!?

Before anymore could be said on the matter, Shin finally pulled up at the the target destination. A creepy old mansion in the middle of the woods that was 100% haunted all the way to hell and back. Looks like Elgin's experiment of whether he can kill a ghost or not might just be happening after all. Last to leave the limo Elgin let out a large stretch and started to limber up for the mission before joining his new Meister and Partner. Shin filled in the role of leader quite well as she went on to take stock of the situation. Keeping it brief and simple to understand. He shot a glance towards Seren and grace before giving them a confident smirk. "Alright time for the newbies to show us what they can do. Don't feel too bad if you can't keep up with the rest of us!" He said with a sort of taunting tone in his voice. Marcus extended out his hand asking Elgin to shift into weapon form. "Heh... Hope your trigger finger ain't too sensitive to spooks!" He briefly said before shifting into his gunblade form.

Back in his soul space he was visited by the little demon that resided within. "Huh... You ain't shown your ugly mug in a while, what's the occasion? Did I forget to think about my mistakes for the 50th time in one day?" The demon cackled at the comment before replying. "No, just thought I'd point out that your weakness is showing~" Elgin shot the demon a deathly glare, it only laughed again before continuing on. "First the timid Arthur, then sweet innocent Alice, the fiery Rin and your new meister and fellow weapon partner Marcus and Elias. You're getting soft around all of them. If you aren't careful they might end up seeing the real you! The one who abandons his friends when they need him most! The one who gets them killed..." Elgin stood silent, choosing to ignore the words of the demon while he stared at the window showing the outside world. "Heh heh heh... Just keep that in mind whenever you're thinking about making new 'friends'." Like that the demon vanished as quickly as it appeared.

Focusing back on the mission the group was met with an unfamiliar voice, giggling in the shadows. "N-No way... Marcus... Don't tell me this place really is haunted..." The voice of a little girl could be heard, asking to play with them to get the book. "Tch... What a pain... I thought the dead don't like being disturbed... Just hand us the book and we'll be gone." He said despite the fact only Marcus would be able to hear. "I don't like this one bit DJ... Creepy kids in an old mansion is a real big red flag. But... It clearly seems the book is in their possession, we might not have a choice but to play along." Grace spoke out first to them, taking a clever approach to ask the conditions of whatever game the children had in mind. "Hey Marcus... Just let me know if you need me outta weapon form. I'm usually pretty good with kids... If Winry is any evidence of that. But uh... Let's make sure this isn't a trap first yeah?"

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GRAVEYARD SHIFTimages-7.jpgThe arrival of the rest of her team eased, Hitomi's paranoia for a moment. She was glad that they arrived her safely, however when she heard their story she wanted to find this person they bumped into and give em a piece of her mind, and get more "free" information. From first glance of this place, she already knew that it wasn't really idle for soft spoken people. To her it reminded her of an area in Japan where mostly lowlifes spend their time. Cami explained how the crypt was on the far end of town, meaning they had to travel by foot and leave their vehicles behind. She could only hope no one took Alice's and Cami's ride. Soon enough, Hitomi felt a presence approaching. It was coming from a man, who decided it was smart of him to approach them. He seemed to know Cami and Gwen, speaking as if they met before. Was this the man they met? She asked herself peering from weapon form. He start talking more trying to be helpful. He explained that this place is a lawless town, just as she expect. There was no guarantee that the people here won't attempt to attack either them or their own vehicles, just to try and rob them. Then there was the man before them. A complete stranger, offering his help. Why should we trust him? Why would we trust him? There's no telling whether or not he's up to no good and Hitomi didn't want to take that risk. "If I'm being honest Alice, I don't trust that man one bit, and neither should you. However I'll go with whatever you all decide to do? This is your bike. Your prize and joy." Hearing her response, agreeing to take his help, Hitomi simply glared at him from her soul room. "Your bike better not go up missing, or I'm going to hunt him down and break some limbs." She said to Alice. Soon enough they group was off towards the crypt, and the planning period has begun, with Alice asking Cami if she has anything in mind before reaching it. As the stood near the entrance of the crypt Hitomi felt an ominous vibe coming from it reminding her of something from a scary movie. "This should be fun. Lew are you okay?" She said sarcastic as chills when down her body. "I'm not going to lie, Marcus planted the idea of zombies attacking us while we're on this mission. How likely you think is idea would actually come true??

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Seren Gogo
Interacting with: Team C
Seren sighed. There were ghosts, apparently. She'd always trended towards specticism in her your, but despite all his bluster, that Marcus fellow had a point when he said to expect the unexpected. That said, ghosts, ghosts she could managed, but ghost-children? And ones who wanted to play hide and seek at that?

She'd thought they were going to go on a mission for the sake of public safety, not spectral babysitting.

Her eyes scanned the darkness of the mansion's death. The fleshly disturbed, dust-addled air danced slowly under the beams of the team's flashlights, coating the halls with a further layer of obscurity. This wasn't a small house, the visuals were awful, and they were supposedly up against ghosts in their task. In other words, this seemed like the kind of situation that they were only going to overcome if the ghost-children wanted them to.

"Their terms aside, what do you think of letting some light into this rathole? I'm sure it'd be handy to be able to see outside of a half-assed flashlight beam, don't you think?" Seren spoke, and then the sound of chains rattled out through the halls as her right arm shifted form. "Just give us the word, and we'll see to installing some skylights." She spoke at the rest of the team, and cast Grace a sidelong gaze. It was hard to tell what was going through her partners head, but she hoped that she wasn't seriously considering doing everything that some little girls told her to.


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Morika instructed Reginald to keep the car parked at a safe enough distance away and to keep the engine running just in case they completed their mission early. Morika followed Akron to the pair that waited for them and listened to Elvena’s instructions as she strapped the plush Llewellyn to her back. Morika wasn’t really certain as to what to expect from a place like this, but she was hopeful that Elvena wouldn’t lead them all astray. She frowned at the mention of Akron possibly becoming infected by the madness of their enemy, but she wasn’t too concerned about herself. If anything, Morika didn’t want her friend to get hurt defending her.

Morika kept a sharp eye out and listened for anything abnormal. She followed after Elvena and Takeshi into the circus tent, shuddering as she latched onto Akron’s arm. If there was one thing that Morika strongly believed in, it was the Buddy System, and as of this moment Akron was her buddy.

Morika looked all around the inside of the tent and saw various types of clowns with different styles of clothing. Morika looked all around at the clowns in an attempt to find a pattern, though when she heard Elvena speak to her, telling her that there was no point in trying to find one, and to use Akron defensively, she nodded her head and held onto Akron with her other hand. In no time, Akron was an axe in her hands and she used him to propel herself into the air to dodge the hands of the clowns that were coming her way.

“Stranger danger. Stranger danger.” Morika said as she continued to dodge the advances of the clowns coming towards her. Morika stabbed Akron into the ground and kicked an oncoming clown in the chest, giving her enough force to spin out of the way and lift Akron out of the ground before using him to cut the clown open. Morika cheered as she brought down her foe before stopping cold as she looked over the body twice.


Morika didn’t cut down a clown…..she cut down her mother. She didn’t know what to do, she froze as she looked down at the horrifying sight before her and held Akron’s weapon form close to her chest. “Mom?” she asked softly, hoping that what she was seeing was all a dream and that when she opened her eyes back up that it would be a clown on the ground instead of her mother.


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Takeshi's answer to Akron's question only resulted in Akron being slightly more confused, inner demons liked the place? if a violent and aggressive reaction to the proximity of the place "liking" something then yes that was certainly true. on another better note, Elvy's more lighthearted look at least showed their presence seemed to have alleviated some of the tension. Takeshi then spoke again to usher the team into the strange darkness of the tent, taking a step forward Akron again paused, Evly explaining the situation more thoroughly than the other weapon had, they would be dealing with entities that had an infectious madness then... this made Akron worry ever so slightly, not for himself but for Morika despite his continued worry about her, she was most certainly the least mentally prepared for this situation, even if he was more susceptible to madness... his own resolve would certainly pull him through, especially after what had happened at the facility. "correct, now shall we get started?" Akron's words no answer but the hand gesture for the pair to follow along.

the eerie silents around them continued only broken by Akron's rhythmic clinking, every step Akron felt the beast get more and more aggressive tugging turned to yanking bitting turned to gnashing he hardly noticed Morika latching onto him as he couldn't feel it, to begin with, but they where definitely close to... something, carefully looking around as the four of them entered the tent it was, darkness.... but, a darkness that was, it was, unusually familiar almost as if he'd been here before or at least somewhere similar. Akron's helmet tipped down just a bit the placing being lit up by a single spotlight, staring out into the abyss around them subconsciously Akron waited for familiar red orbs to appear within the inky black sea, softly humming a tune oh so familiar to himself, the gnashing and chomping of his soul being soothed somewhat by the tune.

the sudden assault from the long limb jumping out into existence form the darkness unlike Evly's agile dodging of the attack Akron simply held his ground shifting his weight somewhat to show something akin to disinterest, the Beast anger finally reaching its breaking point, Akron's weapon form as always practically ripped itself out of his body, no longer a shiny knight but a brutal great-axe its backward turned spikes and scratched surface, made a strange contrast to Morika and her small plush lew backpack. and thankfully Evly giving Morkia pointers on exactly what to do. catching a glimpse of the clown there was nothing human about it a bulky body adorned with a somehow majestic outfit... indeed a twisted parody, the exit soon disappearing leaving them in a place that was as if Akron's mind space had become something real, the Errie laughter of multiple entities hidden in the dark echoed around them and as if they were simply props in some show there "audience" gave them a round of applause as they had the courtesy to finally show there faces.

the smallest clown seemed almost human in nature clad in red, that considering the blood upon there mouthless mask could have easily been stained by the crimson liquid, its cold dead eyes and little crown where something Akron took careful note of for the time being, despite the feeling deep inside to attack these creatures now, Akron easily held it at bay he wouldn't be able to do much as a weapon anyway. finally, the ringmaster showed itself... most definitely the leader of this band of monsters, and of course the most human of them all. Evly having taken the initiative in being the fight internally he was saddened to see Morika had not done the same... he couldn't help but feel this would start getting worse and worse... and he correct, the other clowns not reacting to there companions swift dispatching as they were perfectly fine having reformed form the strike, and if anything it only served to amuse the clowns as they slithered back into the void, to play with them some more. finally, in a fight, the beast was sated and the blood began to flow, his blade slicing limbs as and chunks of the creatures being torn apart by both pairs blades, making a conscious decision keep his personal "ace" card for later. the clones regeneration seeming to... slow down the more they cute them down leaving behind more and more blood, but undeniably he was enjoying himself if the clowns were not this tough then this would have been over far sooner.

the fighting would suddenly, leaving them all in silence for a second, had they finally worn the creatures out? it didn't sit well with Akron as dread began to well up inside him, something all too familiar began a song... a tune slowly beginning to play, Akron felt it slowly wash over him... almost like the tune he played... but oh so different yet so familiar, mentally sighing knowing exactly what would happen next as a wave of madness crashed into them all.... what would happen next... who knew?

everything became fuzzy as Akron retreated somewhat into his own head a place he'd be more adept at dealing with whatever this madness would cause... hopefully he could already feel Morika failing... yet he couldn't bring himself to say or doing anything... any words fading away with worry.

another dark abyss was lit up this one not of whitish light but of flickers of red Akron stood to the side almost as if he was leaning against the darkness, itself the multi-eyed beast itself was not in its usual state no instead of staring and antagonizing, but its tentacle-like mass lifted up into the air forming something vaguely humanoid in scale but most certainly not in form, the many tendrils flowing off its trunk-like form emerging form its huge axe toothed maw. somehow it moved with gruesome grace its tendrils and tentecles pulling it around in a strange dance in the red spotlight, the little drips of liquid raining down on them both, occasionally it stopped offering a hand to its host as if trying to convince Akron to join it in this deathly dance. each time he simply refused the beast remaining for a moment before returning to its dance... yet the red light was suddenly cut out, the tune changing to a different one not there own the only lights 53 red dots.. piercing through the abyss was Morika's voice and a single word “Mom?”


The Flake

Llewellyn Artain-Galant

"This should be fun. Lew are you okay?" These words, followed by the next two sentences from the other Weapon helped bring Llewellyn's attention back to the task at hand and off of his mental inventory check for house supplies back at Alice's house. The Shield made a mental note to purchase some multipurpose cleaner and paper towels upon their return to Death City before he peered out from his soul room to observe the group's current surroundings. Gravestones of various sizes were sprawled out across the yellowing grass growing in patches. Does no one take the time to care for this place? Llewellyn frowned from within his soul room as he gave what he could see of the cemetery grounds a pitying look. I wish I could tend to these grounds. Perhaps then the dead would have a beautiful field to lay in instead of this dirt field of dying grass. The young man's desire was fleeting, but his feelings for the mistreatment of the cemetery would linger thanks to the memories the solemn place dredged up. Memories that Llewellyn pushed down, back into the recesses of his mind so that he could better focus upon the group's mission.

"I am perfectly fine Lady Hi- I mean, Hitomi." Llewellyn repressed a sigh as he felt his earlier disappointment targeted towards himself return. He would need to spend an hour or two practicing on speaking again. "Though, I must say that I am displeased with the state of this place. The townsfolk here have taken to adorning these gravestones with shattered glass and aluminum cans in place of flowers, so it would not be impossible for the dead lying here to grow angry and rise up." Llewellyn did not truly believe that they would be encountering zombies today, yet he did think that by humoring Hitomi's idea, he would be able to properly express just how cross he was with the lack of care being displayed for a place he personally deeply respected. Though, it was possible for there to be a spectral or parasitic Kishin that made dead bodies it's vessel. Possible, yet highly unlikely or so Llewellyn desperately hoped. It would be highly distasteful to be forced to battle against the bodies of the departed in order to rid a town of Kishin. The only thing the honey blond male considered worse that fighting corpses was killing living humans. Wait... We are here to retrieve an item that Phantom, the individual who orchestrated our capture desires. We had to combat normal humans that Phantom employed in order to escape. Is it possible that we will have to do so again?

Llewellyn decided to tap into the bond he shared with Hitomi to solely speak to her. "Hitomi? Do you believe that we will face normal humans again?" The young man's voice was steeped in concern and regret as Llewellyn recalled the blood he was forced to spill last year. "I know it is a silly thing to worry about. We will almost certainly be faced with Kishin down within the crypt, so my concerns are ridiculous." Llewellyn attempted to project a feeling of resolve as he made light of his worries, but it was marred by his hesitation. He did not feel any guilt for his part in the group's escape from the underground facility last year and Llewellyn would make the very same decision again if Alice's or Hitomi's lives were ever placed in danger. Still, Llewellyn wished to avoid a similar situation if it were possible and not simply for his own piece of mind, for the worst part of the Weapon's experience at that facility was not the killing, it was watching all of his classmates turn into monsters before his very eyes.

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Location: Outside of the Crypt


He Who Sees E's
Takeshi Mifune & Elvena Stein

Light steps and quick maneuvers made Elvy a slippy target, each attack seeming to barely breeze past her pale skin, a breath away from coming into contact with it. She was there to either dodge or meet each attack, using their sporadicness against them with a twist of her own unpredictability. As the dance came to an end, the scattered limbs of the clowns becoming sluggish in their regeneration, the meister finally took a moment to stop and breathe. It lasted only a few seconds, that time of recuperation, as a voice from within shouted at her and swiftly her hues rose towards the ceiling at what could only be ‘the big bad’ of the group falling from above like a highly skilled acrobat. Elvena’s eyes began to widen into the closest resemblance of actual fear that they could muster as she felt the familiar being descend upon her, along with the aching end somehow loud feeling she’d felt nagging her the entirety of their time around this place crescendoing into full blast within. It was finally showing its crazily contorted face to the DWMA students. It held no weapon, showed no means of aiming to attack her as it drew near, but the way its smile was carved onto its features gave off the vibe that something much more sinister was about to take place. The sensation didn’t hit all at once, it was meant to be a long painstaking process but she felt it within the confinement of her mind first as it began to consume her, morphing into a liquid being that enveloped her from view. Twisting, pulling, and eventually ripping away at the very core things that made Elvena who she was. Amidst the mental torture she found herself forced to succumb to, outside of the noises in her head, she heard a familiar scream echoing about the circus tent; it was her own. This realization was enough for her to gather the last bit of her free will, one that she felt being violently erased, to do something she never thought she would do but what she deemed the most critically important in that moment. Remember the first day we became partners and I asked you if you’d follow me into the depths of madness if it meant being my partner? I decided I couldn’t drag someone I cherish down with me. Her grip loosened and she felt the bandage wrapped hilt slowly fall from her grasp towards the ground, the ribbon like material itself seeming to try to extend back towards Elvena’s hand in an attempt to secure itself where it once snugly rested. It was to no avail as it soundlessly glided through the air, coming to a final rest upon the dirt. A forced smile was the only indication that this was completely her choice but that smile was quick to vanish as her now free hands reached up to claw at her skin; skin that felt like it was crawling, as if hundreds of serpents were scurrying rampantly beneath it. Three things seemed to happen in unison once the fusion of the black blood clown and Elvena’s body came to its final phase. The previous scream had now shifted into uncontrollable laughter, face twisted to be so inhumanly psychotic that anyone hoping to catch even a glimpse of the original host would be sorely disappointed. Secondly, the wavelength that Elvena kept such an iron grip hold on had begun to release itself in thick waves of crippling madness that dared to infect any soul it came into contact with. Lastly, the meister’s appearance had somewhat changed. Hair that was once long and tidy was now curled and splayed in a wild manner, though even while crazed in appearance it still framed her face and form perfectly. The biggest change was the eyes. The vivid crimson of them that held life and emotion were now completely void and barren. They weren’t quite black, not totally consumed, just ashen and desolate, no semblance of humanity to be found in them. The rest of the changes, the attire, the hair, the fractured black blood that formed into horns upon her head, the unnatural expressions, all held no clout when one finally dared to meet her gaze. In her hand though, as if to replace the weapon she’d lost, was a long obsidian blade.

Ever since the moment Takeshi transformed into his bladed form for his partner, he had an unsettling feeling dwelling within his gut, as if there was more to these monstrosities than they were willing to show. Even as Elvena used him to cut down the large, gold adorned clown only for the Madness entity to quite literally pull itself together, did his feelings persist. The two other clowns finally showing their faces and joining their compatriot lessened the feeling, but only marginally, and even as they fought, Takeshi could tell that they would eventually win out against these beings. He was certain that he and Elvena alone could take on these three and come out on top, so what exactly was the source of his discomfort? The answer came soon enough in the form of a dark figure that emanated a feeling of Madness that felt oddly familiar. The familiarity of it, however, soon cleared up when Ryu, who while raging was still manageable, suddenly shrieked out the loudest he had ever heard the demon be in unison with Elvena’s own spontaneous screaming, ranting and raving so much that Takeshi could barely hear his own thoughts let alone try and figure out the source of Elvena’s anguish. Yet it was this sudden focus on Ryu that made Takeshi realize that this Clown had the exact same sort of madness wavelength as his demon, which by extension meant he had the same wavelength as Elvena and her own inner demon, and was also likely the source of his partner’s distress. This realization took place within the span of seconds, and before Takeshi could transform back to his normal form to defend the suddenly stock still Elvena from the descending embodiment of Madness, his partner let go of his handle with her parting message and an odd yet intense mixture of resignation and affection, and then all of a sudden the connection between the two was forcefully severed and hijacked by this newfound Clown. As Takeshi transformed mid-fall and rolled away from where Elvena stood, he kept his gaze on her as she began to simultaneously transform and cackle, all while he was hit with the full brunt of her Madness wavelength. A grimace found its way across his face, his eyes darkening as Ryu’s influence all but rushed to the forefront of his being, yet he kept ahold of his sensibilities. While he wasn’t truly accustomed to this feeling, he and Elvena had Resonated before, so he knew how to hold onto his inhibitions, or at least as much as he could while being co-piloted by an overeager, bloodthirsty, demonic manifestation of corrupted blood and the literal concept of Madness. His eyes were firmly locked onto the blade itself, Elvena’s change in appearance and attitude holding less weight in his mind than the parasite that had clearly manifested itself in the sword that she held, if the mouth at the hilt of the blade and the eye above it that was darting about meant anything at all. Reaching over to his own blade, he slowly drew it, standing fully as he did so and began slowly ambling towards his corrupted partner, paying no mind to the other clowns or Morika and Akron. His head was swimming with both the ravings of his demon and the Madness Wavelength rolling off Elvena, yet he continued towards her, his pace picking up with each step until he burst forward towards her, shining steel flashing in an arc aimed not at her, but at the hilt of the sword that she held.

The meister now being puppeteered by the clown whom had invaded her mental space and taken over her body hadn’t let its lifeless gaze waver from the now human male that stood some paces away from her. Nor did her features offer any change from its dearth of an expression as he began approaching, a quite inferior sword in his hand compared to the ebony blade within her own. Her head shifted slightly, in slow motion, almost amused at the attempt of an attack directed straight at the manifested weapon it had conjured up. The stillness of its reaction to defend itself was true to the sporadic nature that it carried. A series of vines burst forth from the ground, covered in the blood that stained it as they formed a wall around the female, intervening immediately to stop his blade right in its tracks. They didn’t stop there though as they twisted and turned to entrap her within, a few of them strayed off, seemingly aiming for the one who had advanced in such an aggressive manner. They veered off before they could nick his skin and continued to the other pair who occupied the tent, not slowing in speed as they directed themselves straight at the female, stopping a mere inch from her pretty face. Those sallow eyes continued to rest on the face of Takeshi through the vines, keeping the most dangerous one in the vicinity within sight. “ Shall I consume you too? It’d be fun to play with the both of you. I won’t lie, she’s being a real killjoy and refusing to let me toy with you. “ The voice didn’t come from Elvy, her lips remaining still the entire time as it became quite obvious that the words were flowing from the mouth of the sword in her hand. “ You won’t harm her though, I can tell by the look in your eyes. So what are you hoping to accomplish, Takeshi? Or shall I call you… Shi-Shi? “ It broke out into a cackle at the hilarity of it before continuing. “ What a disgustingly endearing nickname. I’ll extend the offer once, walk away and save me the trouble or stay and be eaten. However the one crying for ‘mommy’ over there doesn’t get the same proposal. “ A smile pulled at her solemn expression, giving it a more comical feel. “ Well? “ It spoke again, clearly growing impatient and wanting this nuisance of a samurai boy out of the way if he wasn’t allowed to have fun with him.

Takeshi straightened out and took a step away from the newfound bloodied vines, leveling his gaze at the figure of his partner that was on the other side of the obstruction that had blocked his path. With the way his head was thrumming from the combination of his demon, his tenuous hold on his own Madness and the suffocating aura of Madness that hung heavy in the air around them, he could barely hear what the nuisance of a parasite was saying. Still, he was able to piece together the message, and slowly a crooked mockery of a grin began to grow on his previously scowling face. In the forefront of his mind, as if he was right by his ears, Ryu had devolved into cackling hysterically and screaming ”DO IT, DO IT, DOITDOITDOITDOITDOIT” and honestly, Takeshi was more than happy to oblige his demonic counterpart just this once, letting go of the iron grip he had on his Madness, letting it rush out to join the already Madness filled atmosphere. Then, with his grin widening even further to show gleaming canines, devoid of any sort of amusement or warmth, instead filled with a dark sadism that reflected the murderous intentions of his abyss tainted eyes, Takeshi sheathed his sword and stepped forward once again, leaning his palms and forehead against the vines blocking his path and staring right into Elvena’s eyes. “What a sad joke you are. You truly live up to your title, Clown. I can’t tell whether I should pity you, or laugh at you. Consume me? If you can’t force Elvena to harm me, then you haven’t even ‘consumed’ her you overhyped jester. Honestly, you’d be more convincing if you hadn’t offered me an out, but now? Hah, no all I see is a tired excuse of a parasite desperately clinging onto the faint hope of survival.” Takeshi barks out a mocking laugh and presses his forehead harder against the obstruction, as if he was trying to physically force his way through. “But here, let me give you a counter-offer, just so you can tell the others down in Hell that I gave you a fighting chance. Leave my partner, try, oh please do TRY to consume me, give it your best shot, ultimately fail and be consumed by my soul, but if you somehow succeed you may actually be able to take her over. Or don’t leave her, and I force my way to you, rip you out of her, tear you apart piece by piece, and then feed you to my demon dragon.” Extending one hand between the bars towards the sword still in Elvena’s grasp, Takeshi’s eyes seemed to glow even in the darkness and you could almost hear the faint rasping laughter of Ryu through his Madness. “But, I’ll let you in on a little secret…” Here, he began whispering, his grin turning sickeningly sweet. “I think he’s gotten a little cannibalistic, so I wouldn’t put my money on you.”

The parasite within Elvy could barely contain its amusement as it began lifting a hand towards Elvy’s face, fingers gingerly cupping her pale soft cheek with a smile to so cutely match the action itself. “ Mmmm, what a bargain you drive. But I just think I’ll keep her and make her mine, something you’re clearly incapable of. I mean, did you see how quickly she gave you up? Toodle-oooo~! “ That hand strayed from her face and waved enthusiastically as the clowns that were now formed once again began to encircle the man who had so cockingly sheathed his sword. “ Might be needing that dull blade of yours again. What a subpar weapon. “ It sang out, this time from Elvena’s mouth in a drippingly endearing tone. Laughter began to fill the room from the three enemies, faces contorting into a more taunting manner as they danced around their new target. The ringleader took this opportunity to place its attention elsewhere, eager to spread the madness and chaos that it was created to cause. The vines bowed out of Elvena’s way as she walked past the once self created fort knox, its barriers now disappearing back into the ground as she sauntered on over to the other meister in the room. “ Akron, oh Akron. “ It teased, pacing in slow deliberate circles around Morika. “ Come out and play or your meister shall die today. “ The eerie voice that left Elvy’s lips didn’t seem to belong to her, the two tones mixing together to create something haunting. She held her head high, tilting it slightly so dark shadows danced around her porcelain features, the jet black sword shooting across her frame towards her arm to slash the wrist opposite of the one that held it. Even with the self harm, she remained undaunted and instead quite appreciative as she gazed down at the black blood flowing in stark contrast to her pasty skin before looking back at Morika. “ Pitiful, really. The girl gets a taste of madness and she’s already losing herself to it. I wasn’t aware they allowed such pathetic and weak children into the DWMA. It’s almost like they’re sending lambs out to be slaughtered. I should be oh so grateful for the free meal but I much prefer to play with my food. This one is just a broken toy. Oh Morika, what have you done? Your poor mommy. “ Elvy pouted visibly, tears welling up in her eyes to further emphasize the dramatics of the situation. Her arm rose up high, the sword flashing in tandem as a series of those same vines from earlier shot out from the ground in every direction, clearly aiming to draw just a little bit of her blood or nick her to help snap Morika out of the hallucinating state that held her hostage. It may have seemed like an act of kindness but an unaware and addled victim was the closest thing to dull that the clown could imagine.

Meanwhile, Takeshi turned his corrupted gaze from Elvena to the three clowns that had surrounded him at the behest of their ringleader. A part of him wanted to simply stand there and let them attack him to prove a point to the annoying little parasite, but Ryu raged and howled at the prospect of letting the clowns attack them with no repercussions, even if they were simply insects in his eyes. Tapping the hilt of his blade a few times in thought, Takeshi grasped it and slowly drew it while glancing between the lesser clowns and the hijacked Elvena. Pausing as he fully drew the sword from its sheath, he called out to both his partner and the parasitic being, a dark yet sarcastic smirk across his face, “Say, parasite, tell me. Would you have been able to stop my partner from reacting if I didn’t defend myself against these nuisances? In fact…” Bringing the edge of his sword to his neck, he let it rest there, a twitch away from breaking into his skin and drawing blood. “How well do you think you’d be able to keep Elvena from letting me follow through with this little threat here, hmm? Shall we test it?” Even as he spoke, a sadisticly amused glint shone in Takeshi’s pitch black eyes as he tracked the figure of Elvena. Even Ryu, who had rebelled against the idea of letting the clowns even come close to harming them, was once more laughing uproariously at the game they were playing with the parasitic clown, just as enthused as Takeshi was in this instance.

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75463240_p1_master1200.jpgShinobu Basili
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As she approached the door, she leaned her head back to keep track of her team as they approached. She returned Rin's nod, briefly smiling under her mask before returning her attention to the task at hand. Staying close as she peaked inside, Shinobu shared in Rin's worry about lighting almost immediately. But almost as soon as she brought it up with the others, Marcus popped open his bag and whipped out three flashlights and handed them off to his fellow meisters.

As Shinobu stepped forward and used her's to light up the dim entryway, she heard his comment about battery life, "Worst comes to worst we can just start breaking open these windows and let a little light in. Should make things at least marginally easier."

Nodding at his mention of the red souls wandering the area around the mansion, Shin let him take point. It was about as dismal as she expected, with the mansion covered in the suitable amount of dust and cobwebs one would expect from such a place.

She watched from behind as he entered with Elgin in hand, her hands flexing and ready to go for Rin the moment something went wild. And while something came out of nowhere, it wasn't exactly as wild as Shinobu had anticipated. While she had been in the midst of scanning their surroundings, she definitely heard the laughter which sounded out around them as soon as Marcus made his maid joke. It was the laughter of children, and though Shinobu was ready and rearing to grab Rin and starting putting holes in every tainted souls she saw, she paused as the ghostly forms of children were revealed.

Shinobu's eyes went from child to child as they beckoned them all down three different paths deeper into the mansion. Shinobu reached up to adjust her mask as she waited for a response to Marcus' attempt at communication. When all they received was a declaration of terms, Shinobu's eyes narrowed as she ran a gloved hand through her hair.

As the ghost girls faded down those three separate paths, Shinobu turned away and cursed under her breath, "This is exactly what I didn't want to happen, there's no way that they aren't trying to lure us into unfavorable scenarios but taking too long with the original plan gives them time to draw in those other red souls from outside."

She drummed her fingertips on her mask for a moment, glancing over when Seren mentioned an eagerness to add in some skylights.

"Knew we wouldn't be clearing this stealthily, but didn't think the residents would show themselves so quickly." She waved a finger towards each of the paths the little girls took "As much as I don't want to, Elgin has a point. Time isn't on our side, we're going to have to split up."

Turning to Marcus and Elias, she gestured up the stairs, "I know ghosts ain't your style, but I've gotta assume those twins are sticking together. With both Elgin and Elias working with you, you should be able to nullify any number's advantage."

Placing a hand on Rin's shoulder, Shin gestured towards the right wing, "Meanwhile Rin and I will track down the one that went that way. Grace? I'm hoping you and Seren will be able to do the same for the left wing."

Pulling away from Rin, Shin folded her arms, "But we don't know how long this little game of theirs will last. To nullify risks I say we follow through with Seren's plan. We can't just rely on the flashlights, so we break every window we see and put some holes in the roof if you need to."

Very quickly she added in, "We don't need to tear the entire place down," she said whilst looking back towards her team "But do whatever you need to minimize your reliance on the flashlights."

Saying that she strolled over to the entrance of the Right Wing before turning with one hand in her pocket, "If you lose track of your target and can't find them, proceed as necessary. Ghosts have rules to them too. As long as we figure it out and not let them trip us up, we should be snatching that Book before long."

Her words given, she held out a hand towards Rin, ready to get started.


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Rin turned just a little bit more, watching as Marcus rummaged through his bag in search of something. The wait was short as he pulled his arm out to reveal three small flashlights. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion Not only does he have one, but he has three. Does he always keep them in that bag? the dark-haired weapon thought as she listened to him speak and pass out the flashlights like candies. Though, he began to spout out a plan, pointing out that there were some red souls roaming around the place. This prompted Rin to tear her attention from the group and to the hallways in search for any life other than rodents running about the place. I knew we wouldn't be alone. It's an abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere. There is no doubt in my mind that it is home to Kishin. A sneeze had snapped her from her thoughts and caused her to look at the culprit "If you want a maid, call Lew..." she muttered, barely hearing a giggle from the halls. This made chills run up her spine, make the hairs on her neck stand on end. Children. she thought while Marcus shined a light on the girl down the hallway she had been facing. Catching sight of those large black eyes, super rosy red cheeks, and those bright Pinkish-red ribbons in the dark hair she possessed.

Of course, Marcus decided to talk to the girls; As if he's never seen a horror movie in his life. The expression on the Weapon's face was a mix of horror and anger, her hands clenching into fists Dammit Marcus, you surely know how to just stick your own foot in your mouth don't you!? Talking to little girls with creepy giggles in a damn abandoned mansion is never a good idea! of course, those girls responded back. Asking to play, telling how lonely they were, and if they wanted the book, they were to go find them and the book. Then they had disappeared as if they were never there. Clenching her jaw, a small bead of sweat was slowly sliding down her temple. Not only do we need to find the book, but now we have to take care of these small children and find that book. Is it that they're hiding the book on purpose and need to be found in order for us to find it? ...We're going to be here for a long while. Looking back to the meisters, she shook her head as Marcus asked if they were sticking with the same plan. "Doubtful, Marcus." Rin responded with the softness of her voice, finding herself staying closer to the group than earlier, before she was fine. But after finding out about their friendly house guests... Being too far apart may be a bad thing.

Seren had gained Rin's attention after mentioning about installing some skylights Wouldn't that just bring the roof down? a quiet and soft sigh escaped her lips. Was she really for a mission like this? Her mind had been puzzled, messy, and no where near as organized as before. Her bond with Shin was becoming weak, her want to be around Shinobu had changed. Slapping on a mission as extreme as this wasn't going to make things better. In fact, they were possibly in danger with her inability to get over what was going on between herself and her partner. Could she really be blamed after everything she had gone through in her life? Before her thoughts could dwell, Shinobu spoke up, causing her stomach to twist at just the sound of her voice. She's the leader, why did I hope she didn't speak much on this? her crimson eyes lowered a bit, growing sick the more her partner spoke. The end result was them going to split up, rather than stay as a group. Which would make things a little more complicated. It was unfortunate, really, but they had to do what they had to do.

While Shinobu began to take charge as the leader, the feeling of her hand on her shoulder only made the weapon tense up while her eyes widened. Why is she touching me? (Don't touch me.) Take your hand off me. (Stop it.) her jaw had once again tightened up with frustration, Does she not realize what she did to me? (She left me.) Why? Why act like everything is okay when its not?! (Go away!) her inner thoughts had started to go chaotic as her partner's hand remained on her shoulder. As soon as the hand had been removed, everything paused. The thoughts stopped, her body was able to relax in her skin. Lifting a hand up to her head, she covered up one side of her face. Trying to play off her actions, as well as reactions. I was excited to have a partner on the first day. I was happy on the inside when someone was more than willing to accept someone like me as their partner. We clicked, there was no issues at all. Not that I could see...Then after that day... a flashback of the lab had popped into her mind. Vivid visions of blood spewing out everywhere, the walls, the floors, her own hands. The screaming...Oh the screaming...there was a lot. All just to get to her meister, the one thing precious to her that was almost taken just as her sister was.

I put myself on the line. Risked my will to walk just to save her... I only got abandonment, no care from her, the cold shoulder. Is this what my partner is really like? dropping her hand, she looked at Shin while she talked. Whatever words had left her lips, only fell on deaf ears and all that Rin could hear was her own thoughts. Is she able to control her wavelength to match with anyone? Deceive anyone? ...Even Me? those crimson eyes shifted downward, her arms crossing over her chest. Rin wasn't sure if she was the issue, or Shinobu. If it was herself, then how could she make this better? The only way she came up with was to reject her partner...Which was already what she was doing. Ripping off the band-aid before anyone else can do it for her. Pain from herself was lesser than someone else doing it. That's how she had seen it. A hand was soon extended out to her and she had caught sight of this, staring at it as if it was a foreign. Her heart was tugging her every way that it could think of. Telling her not to take it, all the while her stomach twisted, turned and continued to sicken her.

She offers it to me confidently. Is she really that blind? looking between both her partner and the hand offered out to her, she wasn't sure if she even wanted to take it. Don't take it. (Go away.) If I take it, then I'll just... (Go away!) I hate being near her. Hate hearing that voice. (GO AWAY!) the Weapon's hand reached out regardless, shifting into her weapon form. Only instead of her being as light as a feather, she was heavy as an anvil. Dragging her partner right into the ground and remaining heavy. Standing within her soul space, she stared up at where she could see her partner, hands clenched, body trembling as tears escaped her eyes before dropping her head, shadowing her eyes and collapsing on her knees, a hand moving to her chest I don't need a meister. She wont ever understand how I feel. She wont ever learn of the pain I deal with every day. What's the point of having a Meister if I can't share how I feel with them? She's always gone, how could I even tell her? (Go away! Go away... Please just go away...)


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