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Fandom Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *OOC*



she deserved better
I personally am, this is gonna be interesting since so many people are going to the prison.
Id recommend people converge their taskforce characters on the prison as well, unless you guys want to see Beruka, Hana, and Starflight absolutely demolished

Mystical Birb

The Little Sis
I’m sorry I’m not trying to sound mean. I’m actually laughing my ass off. But I just find it funny that this ship just kinda appeared

Todd Howard

Hanz, Get ze Panzerfäust Klein 60!
It crash landed, Then the Chief was left behind as his armor was froze from the Impact, The bearded man had escaped.


Aichi Sendou - Image of Courage
I'm really sorry, but I might have to step out of the RP even though I just joined. Stuff's a little crazy right now, my attention is kind of all over the place, and I'm not sure I can participate like I wanted to...

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