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Fandom Come Aboard! - OOC

im sorry the CS took so long but it is done. Ping me when the IC opens up.
Also dude adore the character! He seems wonderful and I love the idea of him and Lyra developing a familial dynamic! It seems sweet but also watch the selflessness only worsen Lyra’s self esteem muahahaha

so maybe they sent him out ahead of them so he can find a trustworthy and reliable shipwright, and he said where he will be waiting for them when they arrive, like a pub or something. so it could potentially be first time meeting the stowaways.
Also mind clarifying this? I’m a little confused by what you mean
well before water seven the strawhat crew did not have Franky as their shipwright. the ship was in disrepair from what i remember, so they wanted to find a shipwright in water seven to repair the ship but because of a certain issue they had to buy a new ship. and it was made by Franky cause it was cheaper to get a new ship than to repair the old one.

So the Kurt went ahead of the crew to water seven by joining merchant caravans and such so he wasnt there when they found the stowaways on the ship. but he will meet them when they land on water seven, and the meeting place he said is just some place with food and drinks.
and since you know its easier to sneak onto a ship while the quartermaster is away, since they do take stock lists of everything on board so they check stuff. so them getting on the ship while he is away fixes the issue of how did no one find them till now.
good actually wrote some stuff, wrote some more stuff, got to hang out with my old guildmates, played some games. over all good but still waiting for this
hope everyone is doing a ok.
also kinda writing some notes for the future for Kurt like the names for his techniques how he possibly develops stuff like that.
good luck on the finals then. my final finals of education/school were 2 months of hell, considering the heat, and amount of tests.
but yeah.
rooting for ya Stitches
yes its good that its back. but the question stands for how long?
anyway how is everyone?cause over here its extra windy and hot but it has been a full week free from work cause country holidays.
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to keep engagement up, why dont we think up a few interesting interaction each of us would like to see between their characters and others?
but less of a lore situation but more of a skit/sketch situation, a funny thing that could happen between each other.

that said, if you’re interested, Astrylan Astrylan Megilagor Megilagor , TimeHub TimeHub , and snurge snurge , please reply to this message with the characters you’re playing!
Kurt "Scarlet Kamaitachi / Berri Leech" Shubart ready to sail the seas Cap'.
with Franky and Brook from the canon crew.
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ALRIGHT WONDERFUL! Thank you so much everyone! I’m happy you remained here after all this time and I’m excited to finally write with you as Lyra “Battle Valkyrie” Alba and Robin!
Let us sail the seas then our dear nakama, for not the world government, celestial dragons nor gorosei shall stop us in fulfilling our wishes during our travels.
doing good, got the rest of the week free from work [mostly just 4 hours tomorrow and then free but still] so I'm good still waiting for this to start.
but I know I will have 3 series of techniques for my man.
Sonata - Pretty much only defensive techniques with only a few non lethal and barely injuring take downs
Rhapsody - The middle child between the two it is sandwiched in. The default option for him.
Requiem - Highly offensive and damaging techniques literally next to none defensive moves.
Nice, no work is always a fun time.

I think my girl's technique names will be similar to Zoro's honestly, with some differences:

Dusk Style: Would be her ranged attacks, once she gets strong enough, kind of like Zoro's "bullets" and "Pounders" or w/e the names were. He rarely really uses them anymore kek.
Dawn: Obviously her more Melee centric ones.
As for ultimate attacks, I'm thinking of the name still, but it's definitely gonna be something to do with both Dusk and Dawn I think, or maybe she'll progress towards her own, "Amiara Dusk/Dawn" Style as she gets stronger for her stronger attacks.

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