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Fandom Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *sign-ups*

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she deserved better
In a modern-day Earth, for reasons unknown, beings and creatures from other universes have started appearing all over the globe, seemingly at random. While some of these beings seem just as confused as the inhabitants, and many appear very similar to the humans of the world, some of these otherworldly beings bring violence and destruction them with them. To quell the fear these new arrivals give to the citizens of Earth, 120 countries all came together to discuss a solution. What was decided was something simply called The Taskforce, a group dedicated to the arrest and containment of any person or creature that comes from another world. One caveat was created, however: any otherworldly being captured is given a choice: go to the prison, or join the Taskforce themselves. These 120 governments realize that to capture such potentially powerful individuals, you'd need equally powerful individuals to do so. The Taskforce has multiple outposts stationed in each of these 120 countries, and the large, secure containment facility is currently hidden away in Aruba. Taskforce members are legally not allowed to enter countries that have not signed the 120 Agreement.
This did not sit well with the otherworldly individuals, who did not choose to come here, and many fought back. After a year of this conflict, it created two very different branches: The Resistance and The Utopia. The Resistance, branded as terrorists by the world, are committed to ending the containment, and overall bringing about the right for the otherworldly beings to live as everyday citizens. Their methods border on the extreme at times, because to them, no cost is too high when it comes to achieving their goal. They currently reside hidden away in a more mountainous region partially underground, in some abandoned properties on the edge of Morocco (keep in mind that the Resistance is very small and basically penniless -- they also can't be seen grouped up without causing suspicion, so location-wise they are normally scattered and hard to find). They have to shift the location of their base periodically, due to constant risk of discovery, but they aim to find a permanent location for a base soon. And while having nowhere near as many as the Taskforce, they do have safe houses in some countries. There is an imperative for them to never be physically discovered, as they do not have the strength, resources, or funds to avoid being immediately wiped out by larger forces, so they normally do not band together in great numbers.
The final faction to arise is Utopia. Utopia doesn't agree with either Resistance nor Taskforce. They don't believe in the capture of other otherworldly beings, but also don't believe change is ever possible. They've come to an agreement with the country of Singapore, a country that was hesitant to join the 120. The otherworldly beings of Utopia have been given a sizable piece of land in this country to live as they please, with no risk of persecution. So, they've chosen to stay completely neutral when it comes to the current politics, in fact staying completely out of it. They protect their own, as well as any others looking to find safe haven in Utopia. The only condition for them staying in Singapore was that if the country ever found themselves in grave peril, they could call upon Utopia to act as national defense. This has yet to happen. Overall Utopia is not a place to find fighting, as it's where people go when they want to avoid that sort of thing and live as peacefully as possible.


So, that's the concept for you! In short, Transgressions is a multi fandom RP with drama, espionage, faction wars, and whatever else people want to happen. It's up to the players to decide! Here, any fandom, OC, or fandom OC is accepted! And the more characters you make, the better! I've always disliked filler NPCs, so having bunches and bunches of characters really makes it feel like we having a living, breathing world (and gives us more potential for spicy drama). And you're always good to make more characters as you go!

Admins: Myself, Gelatinous Gelatinous , and oki_den oki_den Mystical Birb Mystical Birb

Overall rules (I may add more to here if I remember something important later), don't be unfair with people when it comes to fights and whatnot, I'm alright with language (please no slurs), and as long as you adhere to the site's content rules, we should be Gucci. Also, please get in-character permission from your faction's leadership before staging any mission/attack. If you do not, it will be an in-character insubordination, and would be dealt with by the faction accordingly.

Overall, it should be noted that this is not an RP for warring and battles. This is an RP that focuses on the reality that these characters would face; just as much time should be spent having them live out their day-to-day activities, planning their activities, and then executing them.

Combat should never be the sole event happening in this RP; drama, espionage, strategy, day-to-day living, even romance should have equal part. All in all, this means you shouldn't feel intimidated about finding a place for your character; your goal should be to live out this character's life in every aspect you think they would do.

So many characters are allowed so that it can eliminate the need for NPCs almost entirely. In an ideal Transgressions, when your character walks down the hall passing their fellow faction members, those aren't just nameless soldiers, those are each fully established characters. You should strive to always attempt to coordinate with other players, either in or out of character. Need to get somewhere but don't have the means or knowledge to get there? Need help against a threat or your taxes? Or want to try to get into one of the factions but your character has no idea how to do so? Get involved with another player's character, see what they know or how they can help you. Using NPCs to solve all your problems means you're most likely just RPing with yourself, which I can't fully ban but it does make me wonder what the point of RPing is.

This is also a global RP, meaning the setting is the entire world. I don't care what your character is or has, travel should never be immediate. Take the time to get from place to place, explain how you do this, and maybe encounter some side arcs and other chars as you go.

For context on travel, since this is a hot topic, Resistance are very low-funded, they definitely would only have access to vehicles they steal or borrow from an average sympathetic citizen (aka safehouse runner). They would maybe have a helicopter and boat (nothing fancy) at their main base. Utopia has no form of travel meant to help them leave the settlement, other than Blink. And Taskforce, being a funded government agency, has access to the finest of things.

Here's the form -- it's simple to avoid people having to spend 40 minutes reading a wiki fandom page for obscure knowledge to answer a bullet point , but if you want to include more info, like occupation or hobbies, for example, feel free to add more information! Another example I'd recommend, if applicable, is to state any pre-established relationships with other characters, your own or otherwise. Feel free to coordinate with people, that'd be really cool to see cross-player familial/etc relationships.

(include picture of char here if you have one)
Name (including nicknames, aliases, etc):
Fandom: (put OC if the case, or both OC and the fandom it's based on if applicable)
Affiliation: (so Resistance, Taskforce, Utopia, or Unaffiliated -- also be sure to note if they're currently imprisoned)
Appearance: (be as detailed as you want with this -- things like hair/eye/etc color is appreciated, and other notable things about how they look -- things like height could also be helpful. If you want to go as far as to even describe what they normally wear, that's cool too, though not necessary. If you've already put a pic of them then you def don't have to worry about this too much)
Abilities/Skills: (this can be things as important as their superpowers and whatnot, their preferred fighting style (rant about their beloved weaponized can-opener) or things as minor as just "ok well she can make absolutely banger omelettes when she's not off killing demons")
Personality: (as much as you feel able to explain! You're welcome to also include habits, weaknesses (tho this could arguably also belong in the above line), aspirations, even likes/dislikes and etc!)
History: (this can be as much or as little as you want -- a lot of this can be described through dialogue with other chars!)

Wait for me or another admin to give you the clear, and you're ready to join the RP!

RP Thread: Fandom - Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *roleplay thread*

OOC Thread: Fandom - Transgressions -- A Multifandom RP *OOC*

Leadership roles for the factions are currently not for the taking, as me and the two other admins have decided to each be the initial leader for a faction. We will contact you if we decide to want second-in-command for our respective factions, and want that role for one of your characters :)

1. Name: Mordin Solus
Fandom: Mass Effect
Affiliation: Resistance
Gender: Male
Age: 40s (old, for a salarian)
Race: Salarian
Appearance: As a salarian, is a bipedal amphibian more cartilage-based than a human. Long, thin head with two horns protruding. Green blood. Mordin's skin ranges from white to red, with paler hues. Large oval eyes with thin membranes instead of eyelids. Mordin is about a foot taller than the average human, and is very scarred.
Abilities: Salarians have hyperactive metabolism, which means they think, move, and talk incredibly faster than humans. Has boosted observational skills and non-linear thinking. Gifted at experimenting, inventing. Only needs one hour of sleep a day, has photographic memory. Mordin specifically is a gifted doctor, scientist, and tech specialist. He is also trained to use guns, usually a pistol or other small weapon. He is extremely bright, even for a salarian.
Personality: A consequentialist, believing that anything is justifiable as long as the ends justify the means. Avoids taking a life unless it is absolutely necessary. Doesn't let any sort of conscience, personal feelings or emotions, get in the way of doing what needs to be done. Friendly and affable in conversation.
History: Was a geneticist and professor until he joined the Salarian Special Tasks Group, where he mostly did surveying up until he was greatly responsible for the krogan genophage (which destroyed much of the krogans' ability to sustain a population), his last job in the STG. He became a healer in the slums of the criminal station Omega, until he was recruited to assist in a suicide mission alongside Garrus and Samara. Now in this world, he doesn't necessarily see any side as good or bad, understanding the reasoning that has brought the Taskforce to do what it does. But he did join up with the Resistance regardless, as it suited his needs and theirs. He genuinely finds stimulus in assisting them with any technological, scientific, or medical need, and has even started independent research in cross-dimensional energy.

2. Name: Korra (and Naga)
Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human, partially spirit due to her infusion with the light spirit Raava
Appearance: Korra is a muscular teenage girl standing at about 5'7. Brown skin, dark brown hair she normally keeps up unless at a formal even, cyan eyes. Naga is Korra's fated, lifelong companion, a polar bear dog. Naga towers over people, with huge front paws for digging and skinnier back legs that help her to run or swim quickly and for long distance.
Abilities: As the Avatar of her cycle, she can bend all four elements: earth, water, fire, and air. She can even bend metal, heal using water, or fly with her glider. While air Korra can bend at any time, she would not be able to firebend in intense cold, and needs existing water or earth to bend that. Korra fights in a boxing-style stance, preferring to dish out blows quickly with a simple strike. Naga is powerful as a large, carnivorous creature, and can overpower the average man by pummeling with her large front paws or, in dire cases, biting them with her large canine teeth.
Personality: Korra is an extremely brash person, not one to sit and wait. She prefers to handle problems quickly and directly, and normally with physical altercation. Relies mostly on her abilities. Extremely loyal to her friends, and a very compassionate, open person with her feelings.
History: She was kept in a compound for most of her life, where she could train safely (she snuck out on many opportunities). When she finally made it to the outside world, she was surprised with the problems it had and sought out to fix it, despite her inexperience with the world and her spiritual self. She still has a lot to learn about how to be the hero she was fated to be, but acts for the good of the world, and good of her friends. Now in this new world, she sets out nomadically, traveling by Naga and staying out of reach of Taskforce, but willing to put herself on the radar to beat up whoever harms innocent people, otherworldly or not.

3. Name: Garrus Vakarian, aka Archangel (prefers Garrus)
Fandom: Mass Effect
Affiliation: Resistance Second (currently imprisoned by Taskforce)
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Turian
Appearance: Garrus is always seen wearing his blue facepaint, due to its importance in Turian culture. After being shot in the face with a rocket, he currently wears bandages over a somewhat fresh scarring on his face. On the other side of his face, he wears an optical piece that mainly exists to help with his sniping. Prefers to wear the bulky armor of Turian military units, but occasionally wears lighter, more casual clothing. As a Turian, he stands over six feet tall, with thick, taloned fingers. Turians have a metallic carapace, which was evolved to ward off the solar radiation on their home planet. As a male Turian, Garrus has a crest of horns behind his face. He also, like all turians, has a distinctive flanging effect with his voice. Other turians can hear the emotions of a speaking Turian to a greater degree through this effect.
Abilities: Garrus is most known for his great skill as a sniper, able to hold his ground from great distance when he has a rifle. He also has some hacking ability, and is normally reliable with a decent range of firepower. Can't swim.
Personality: Garrus is hot-headed, hating to hold back because of rules or politicians. He's incredibly loyal, willing to brave impossible odds as long as his friends have his back. He's incredibly hard-working, but can also really lay back when it's time to party.
History: Originally a C-Sec officer on the multi species galactic hub called The Citadel, Garrus left his whole life behind when he saw the opportunity to make real difference, outside the law. When his great mission ended, and The Citadel was saved, he left for Omega, known as a space station of thugs and outlaws. Seeing it as something to do, he embraced the given name Archangel and started taking out all the cartels that played host on Omega, to the point they actually set aside their differences just to try and kill him. However, his old team found him, and had a new mission for him, this time one that meant certain death. He accepted, due to his loyalty to his old Commander. And against all odds, he did live, but is now here, in this new world. He quickly discovered the Resistance, becoming one of the earliest members. However, recently, he was found out while with a small squad. Taskforce ambushed them, and Garrus sacrificed himself to get the rest of his squad back to safety. Garrus was arrested by the Taskforce, and now held at the prison, the Taskforce having the knowledge the Turian is part of the Resistance, and Garrus wanting nothing to do with the Taskforce out of loyalty for the Resistance.

4. Name: Urdnot Wrex (clan name, first name)
Fandom: Mass Effect
Affiliation: Utopia (currently imprisoned)
Gender: Male
Age: 1886
Race: Krogan
Appearance: Wide-set, red eyes that give him 240 degree vision. Red faceplate, with a heavily-scarred, tan face which shows his age. As a krogan, he has large shoulder humps that store nutrients and water, allowing him to survive without any of either for long periods of time. Wrex's large size shows his high-ranking status, and he stands at about 7 feet tall. As a krogan, he also has extremely thick skin, almost impervious to cuts. He also normally wears heavy battle armor, red in color.
Abilities: Wrex, like all krogan, can enter a blood rage when under fire, which makes him extremely aggressive and deadly. He is versed in firearms, and also has biotic abilities, rare for a krogan and powerful. As a biotic, he has powers similar to telekinesis.
Personality: Wrex comes off as very intimidating, not immediately friendly. He thinks fairly progressively for a krogan, recognizing strength in women and understanding there's a better way to situations than war. He is still incredibly violent, and does have a history of fighting just for money and violence. He is incredibly touchy when it comes to the subject of his people and their history, and is normally very hostile to other races.
History: Worked as a mercenary after initially leaving his clan, then after a casual bout saving the galaxy with Garrus and Co., returning to his home planet of Tuchanka and becoming leader of his clan. Initially taking up refuge in Utopia, seeing it as a good place to lay low and figure out if other krogan made it to this new world, he snuck out after picking up a distress signal that matched one of his world. After weeks of searching for the origin of this signal, he was captured by the Taskforce (it took about a dozen members to bring him in, many were injured). In prison, of all places, he discovered the source of the original signal: his old teammate, Garrus Vakarian, who he had neutral feelings about but saw this as a great opportunity to partner up once again, this time to figure out an escape plan.

5. Name: Zadruch Vohn
Fandom: Destiny OC
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Race: Awoken
Appearance: For size reference, Pepper is about the size of a closed fist. Pepper, bitter he did not become Ghost to Zadruch's more prospective brother, found Zadruch irritating to work with. Unlike many ghosts, Pepper is fed up with the way in which ghosts are seen as objects to Guardians, and therefore does not take his job as seriously, going as far as to even ignore or mend the commands Zadruch gives, for the betterment of himself (or just his mood).
Abilities: Reported to have used magical abilities, though this is rare, and he prefers to use guns, sometimes swords or bows. Can levitate, glide along the air for brief moments.
Personality: A rational-thinking, hard-working soul. Comes across well-mannered in conversation. However, he will rebel against authority if he doesn't believe in them, even if he doesn't rebel vocally. Can also become rather envious, though he wishes this weren't the case.
History: Is extremely tight-lipped about himself and his history. It can be assumed, by his abilities and the rare appearance of his Ghost (a spring green Ghost named Pepper), that he was a Warlock at some point in time.

6. Name: Forrest
Fandom: Fire Emblem
Affiliation: Taskforce (on the run)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Human
Appearance: Curly, long blonde hair. Enjoys wearing femme clothes that he sews himself.
Abilities: A gifted healer, can lower the morale of enemies, even temporarily freeze or limit their abilities. Can teleport allies from a short distance away closer to him. Can only use his powers when holding his staff. Has no offensive capabilities.
Personality: Very polite when speaking to people. Loves cute animals, hates getting dirty. Despite his powerful bloodline, Forrest is afraid of living up to it, because he doesn't want power to go to his head. An extremely sympathetic listener.
History: Prince of the kingdom of Nohr. Was raised away from his kingdom's war, and when visited by his aunt as a child, she gifted him one of her old dresses, which started Forrest's interest in feminine clothing. The next time she met him, when he was healing some troops, she didn't even recognize him, as he embraced an entire new style. This disappointed his father greatly, and the two had a great rift between them for some time. However, Forrest stood his ground, saying that this was who he was, and "The only way the world will grow more tolerant is to see people like me". Eventually, Forrest was accepted by his father, and set to inherit his father's powerful tome. But now Forrest finds himself here, where he was quickly taken in by the Taskforce due to his inability to fight back or get away. He reluctantly agreed to join the Taskforce (mainly because he was intimidated by the Taskforce members that brought him in), but while on one of his first days out of the compounds, he encounters a man named Zadruch, who brutally defeats Forrest's entire squad, minus him. While Zadruch did not tell Forrest why he spared him, he saw a lot of himself in the young boy, and offers Forrest a chance to flee the Taskforce, sensing Forrest's reluctance to join in the first place. Forrest accepts, deeply afraid of the Taskforce and its methods, but also afraid of the consequences, knowing that now, the Taskforce will come after him with a vengeance, not to mention hyper-intelligent tracking.

7. Name: Starflight
Fandom: Wings of Fire
Affiliation: Taskforce Leader*
Gender: Male
Age: Under 10 human years old (teenager in dragon years)
Race: NightWing
Appearance: Midnight-black scales (glints of purple and blue), slate gray underbelly, bright green eyes. Undersides of his wings look like a starry night sky. Height-wise, head reaches up to the average human height when standing on all fours.
Abilities: Due to being a large dragon, has more strength than the average human. Sharp claws and teeth. Can blend into shadows, into the night sky, due to the color of his scales. Can breathe fire, has a strong sense of smell.
Personality: Truly a nervous individual that prefers reading over fighting or anything else. Very intelligent, can seem a sort of know-it-all. Avoids confrontation, tries to seek out the most peaceful (or easiest) solution. Wants to be more courageous. Cares about his friends deeply.
History: Starflight, by prophetic birthright, was supposed to be one of the dragonets of destiny that saved his world from an all-encompassing war. He was only just getting his bearings on life outside of seclusion when he appeared in this world. Confused and overwhelmed, he was quickly captured by the Taskforce, where his fear made him see reason with them. Worried about the ongoing calamity between the ones who were on the planet before and the newcomers, he thinks that what the Taskforce are doing is an optimal, if unfortunate, temporary solution. At his core, however, he just doesn't have the inner courage to fight this situation he was given, so would rather stick with this simple solution that was handed to him. Even though in his world, he was seen as a weaker dragon, the people here don't know that, and find him extremely frightening due to the simple fact he is a huge fire-breathing dragon. He plays this to his advantage, for his own security, willing to play the part if it means people staying off his back. This, quite unexpectedly, did pay off somewhat badly for Starflight, as one of the first beings captured and therefore serving the Taskforce one of the longest. He was approached by the worldly Taskforce to be a sort of leader for the Taskforce's otherworldly members. Starflight was overjoyed inside, assuming this meant he could just bookkeep all day and not fight, but he was very disappointed to learn he'd be doing more-or-less the same thing, just with more horrible responsibility. And bookkeeping. Now, he's responsible for directing many of the other Taskforce members, while still going out on patrols, missions and etc himself. He's also held responsible if any Taskforce members step out of line, and must act before it gets out that any went rogue. Once again, Starflight plays the part due to his fear of what would happen otherwise, and is mildly more successful than other Taskforce members at convincing new people to join, rather than jail, because of his longtime knowledge of the Taskforce's logic.

8. Name: Clarice Ferguson, aka Blink
Fandom: Marvel (basing her off a mix of her comic version and version in The Gifted)
Affiliation: Utopia Advisor
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Race: Mutant
Appearance: 5'5, pink-colored skin with accents around her face, short pink hair, pupil-less green eyes.
Abilities: Can create teleportation portals to anywhere she can envision with her mind. Uses this to get people in and out of situations fast.
Personality: Somewhat timid, yet brash. Grapples a lot with her abilities, and her place in the world.
History: Due to her born appearance, Blink spent most of her life on the run or in detention centers. Joined the Mutant Underground initially for protection, but became a valuable asset, sometimes to the point where she wondered if her usefulness was the only reason she was around. In this new world, though having had encountered the Resistance on a few occasions, she felt more drawn to the idea of Utopia, feeling at home with the safety among others like her. She became valuable to them, because with her portals she could easily help teleport newcomers straight to Utopia rather than risk the journey past many Taskforce outposts. However, she is on the radar of both Resistance and Taskforce, her ability seen as something extremely game-changing to any faction.

9. Hana
Fandom: Fire Emblem
Affiliation: Taskforce
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Human
Appearance: A good head shorter than average height, long, somewhat curly, brown hair, and brown eyes. Typically seen in her samurai getup.
Abilities: Strictly uses her katana, and is incredibly fearsome with it due to her intense training.
Personality: A tomboy with little self-restraint. Despite being known as one of the best samurai in her land, she never boasted this fact, but uses it as a motive to make her religiously train every day, but this is also motivated by her family history of noble samurai.
History: Served as retainer to the youngest princess of Hoshido, Sakura. Hana not only saw this as a noble duty, but also was best friends with the princess, so took this job extremely serious, becoming immediately violent with the enemy or even someone that wronged Sakura in any way. In this world, she was overwhelmed by the Taskforce somewhat early on, and was swayed by Starflight into joining, even going as far as somewhat trusting him. Out of loyalty but mainly out of lack of situational understanding, Hana helps bring in other otherworldly beings, believing them to be dangerous to the average citizen.

10. Name: Tabitha Smith, aka Boom-Boom
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Race: Mutant
Appearance: 5'5, with blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair.
Abilities: Can create spheres of pure, yellow plasma, which she can control the size of and the time before its detonation, which is a concussive impact. The size determines how powerful it is, with marble size being a mild annoyance, beach ball size able to cause some real hurt. She can also muffle the sound of the detonation. Also alright as a thief, and with hand to hand combat. Was able to learn how to control her powers to create a focused beam of concussive powers. Allegedly immune to mind-warping powers.
Personality: A very loose canon. Enjoys playing video games. Has a hard time with commitment, very flaky, and still trying to figure herself out. Feels threatened by people more powerful than herself. Changes her personality frequently, often times even with a changed persona, to match what she thinks she should be in a new group/situation.
History: When her powers manifested at age 13, she ran away from her abusive home. Dropped out of high school, and went from superhero group to superhero group, under many different names and personalities. Namely, she was a part of the New Mutants for a while, and X-Force, even X-Men for a time. Now in this new world, she has the same general unease with committing to any sort of faction, preferring to lay low for the moment. She has had... incidents, thus far, for she will go all-out if challenged, leaving destruction in her wake.

11. Name: Silque
Fandom: Fire Emblem
Affiliation: Utopia Advisor
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Human
Appearance: Somewhat small in stature, with short blue hair and blue eyes. Always seen in her heavy cleric garb.
Abilities: Mainly a healer, definitely not focused on offense unless in a pinch or needed by her team. She has a staff, but can do her magic just as well without it, just that it will hurt her more if she doesn't use her staff. Regardless, using any of her powers, save Nosferatu, will hurt her. The amount of damage it does to her depends on the power of the spell. Nosferatu is handy when she is in trouble, because it can heal her, but she has to successfully land a hit on someone for it to do so. The attack is not very strong, and is difficult to aim, but will restore her somewhat. Silque's only other offensive ability is Seraphim, which casts a large ball of light. While this attack can theoretically hurt anyone, it's really just handy against monsters, namely creatures of dark and evil. Silque can heal, and is quite gifted, usually able to fully heal someone in a pinch (again, at the detriment to herself). She can also teleport people closer to her (She has to see them, and it can only work at a certain distance), temporarily help their abilities, or cast ghostly (but weak) soldiers that protect her. She can also hinder enemies in a non-painful way, like freezing them or stopping their abilities for a short time.
Personality: Silque loves to chat and gossip, and is surprisingly easygoing despite her appearance and occupation. She gravitates towards other women, because wasn't around very many in her own world, and was normally ostracized by the men in her army because of her gender. She's overall friendly to everyone. She was abandoned by her parents, but not before being taught survival skills. She is thankful to them for that and bears no resentment, and is never one to complain. For example, she will eat practically anything, all without complaint. Silque decided after being abandoned to seek refuge in her world's religion, with the great dragon goddess Mila. It guides many of her actions, but mainly helped her see that her only goal in life is to help others. She became a healer to fulfill this purpose. Silque in this world had found a need for her in Utopia, to heal those who were injured by Taskforce or other unjust things in the world.

12. Name: Lord Asriel and Stelmaria
Fandom: His Dark Materials
Affiliation: Utopia
Gender: Male, Female
Age: Late 40s
Race: Human
Appearance: Black hair and eyes, some facial hair. Normally wears gear fit for an expedition, rather than anything regal. His dæmon, Stelmaria, takes the form of a snow leopard.
Abilities: An experienced explorer, with the necessarily survival skills to do this for an occupation. Was also a famed experimental theologist, doing work with supernatural elements. Has experience with a gun. Stelmaria has the strength and abilities of a normal snow leopard, with powerful paws and teeth, agility, and climbing ability. Stelmaria, as a dæmon, is Asriel's soul presented externally, and hurting/killing one does so to the other. For this reason, it is seen as incredibly disrespectful to touch Stelmaria. The two cannot be more than a few yards apart before it starts to become painful.
Personality: Extremely intelligent and cunning, not afraid to trick others so that he can get what he wants. Lacks a large amount of empathy due to the fact he is willing to sacrifice anything for knowledge and power. Stelmaria is quiet, but also rather intelligent. She isn't afraid to show dominance over others, and is rather strong-willed.
History: Originally a member of his world's parliament, he gathered a huge amount of fame, money, and power as an explorer, scientist, and theologist. Most of his wealth and property were taken, as his punishment for killing man (albeit in self-defense, albeit the person he killed was the husband of the woman he had a child with). He sent his daughter to be raised elsewhere, and under the guise that he was her uncle, not father. Continued to go on expeditions, trying to learn more about dark energy, and its link to other worlds. He was briefly imprisoned while on an expedition, but bribed the kingdom that imprisoned him, to where they'd allow him a workshop to be under house arrest in. There he continued his work, until he found himself strangely appearing in this one, and not even by his own merit. He learned about Utopia and joined it for his own protection, using them as a safe cover to continue his work, trying to see if he can find a way back, or, more ideally, another's world.

13. Name: Amélie Lacroix née Guillard, aka Widowmaker
Fandom: Overwatch
Affiliation: Resistance Second in Command (temporary)
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Race: Human
Appearance: Skin that had become tinted blue due to lack of heartbeat. Very long, blue hair, and piercing yellow eyes. Wears light clothing regardless of climate. Light armor, if any, existing as gauntlets and on her lower legs, and heels which she has no issue running, jumping, or grappling in. She also wears a headpiece which can move in over her eyes when activated, which gives her a spider-like appearance on her face. Tattoo on her right arm.
Abilities: Widowmaker is a very fragile fighter due to her lack of armor and lithe stature, but is extremely deadly regardless. Since brainwashed to be an assassin, she has impeccable ability with a sniper rifle. Her gun, the Widow's Kiss, while mainly used for sniping can also work as a light machine gun. Her sniper rifle hits harder the more she waits, with it charging up between shots. Widowmaker also can reach optimal sniping positions using her grappling hook, or shoot venom mines from her gauntlet, which causes anyone who steps on it to choke on the gas. And with her Infra-sight, toggled on her headpiece, she can see enemies through walls by tracking their heat/energy/electrical/etc signature. Due to her history as a famed ballet dancer, Widowmaker is incredibly flexible and agile. Completely resistant to the cold.
Personality: Most of who she was was lost by the brainwashing, with little traces that sometimes bleed in. Sometimes she will start to remember who she was, usually triggered by external sources (seeing her husband's grave, for example). It could be debated that the brainwashing is starting to wear off, due to the ever-growing of these hidden moments. However, normally she is completely focused on her mission, mainly the kill. She violently moves in to achieve her goals, but will hold back if ordered. She only takes orders, having no aspirations of her own other than to kill, because in killing she feels something other than the numbness that takes over anytime else. Even with the brainwashing, Widowmaker appears to have a semblance of personality, not holding back on taunting those she dislikes, or defending herself verbally if accused of something.
History: Amélie was a famed ballet dancer in France, while also the husband of an Overwatch officer. When the terrorist organization known as Talon couldn't get to him, they decided to capture her, torturing her before ultimately deciding to turn her into the ultimate killer. By slowing her heart to where it only beats when she feels the thrill of the kill. When they sent her back, she was welcomed back by her husband, whom she then murdered soon after. She returned to Talon, where they only augmented her more, and soon her skin turned blue and the psychological damage made her an almost emotionless shell, who sees humor in despair and doesn't even fully recognize she killed the one she loved. She was utilized as an asset for Talon thereafter, sent to assassinate important figures all around the world. Now here, she was found first by Resistance. While she cared nothing for their goals of equality, she was nothing without a mission, and so agreed only after they explained their plan to use her to kill, when the situation was needed. However, she would just as easily also join the Taskforce if they found their hands on her, because she doesn't care which side she fights for, only that she has something to kill.

14. Name: Beruka
Fandom: Fire Emblem
Affiliation: Taskforce
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Human
Appearance: A very small woman with short blue hair, blue/gray eyes. Normally always seen in her Nohrian armor, which formerly belonged to her master, with a purple shawl overtop, and a large black sash on her forehead, under her hair. Has a brown wyvern that she rides into battle, about the size of a horse.
Abilities: Beruka prefers to exclusively fight with her axe, and if able, atop her wyvern. Together they make a formidable duo, perfectly in synch with each other's moves. Her wyvern prefers to attack with her large talons or spiked tail-tip, but could theoretically use her teeth and the claw atop her wings if need be. While not self-aware like Starflight, Beruka's wyvern appears intelligent for a mount, able to understand most commands Beruka gives her. Raised as an assassin, Beruka is skilled with killing, and does so without second thought. She is also immune to most poison.
Personality: Due to her willingness to kill, and commitment to being an assassin, Beruka is very devoid of emotions. Comes off as cold and distant in conversation, not understanding many social cues. She normally takes caution when someone tries to befriend her, normally thinking this is some sort of trick. When she does start to befriend someone, or more, she won't even understand why she is feeling this. Unable to communicate her feelings in general. Doesn't kill because of sadistic reasons, just because she's good at it, and wouldn't know what to do if she didn't have a job killing. Will get warmer and more hospitable to people as they interact with her, but expect an icy exterior first. She does normally put her needs behind the needs of others, with her history as a bodyguard. Enjoys working alone, so committed to her work that she doesn't understand the concept of free time, normally standing idly by between missions. She's aware she comes off emotionless, and doesn't really know how to change that -- she finds people who can emote to be admirable, to the point of envy. Beruka is self-conscious even if she doesn't express this, but insults do sit with her for a while, and she feels uncomfortable in social situations because she wishes she could emulate real emotion.
History: Raised in the slums, Beruka learned to kill very early on, first for survival, eventually to where it was her entire life. She didn't know how to do anything else, so continued on this path. She was adopted by an assassin, who showed no love to her but honed her skills even further. Becoming an assassin herself, Beruka was given a contract to kill her adoptive father, which she did without a second thought, because she would not let emotions stop her. When Beruka was hired to assassinate the oldest princess of Nohr, she found that the princess asked her to serve as her royal retainer instead. Beruka accepted, dedicating herself fully to the princess, until someone more trusting came along. Beruka went into war alongside her princess, holding no personal grudges for anyone she fought. Now in this world, separated from Princess Camilla, Beruka found the Taskforce to be most suited for her abilities -- and to fight being more useful to her than to be imprisoned. She discovered Hana was also in this Taskforce, and the two have a bitter rivalry, being from warring kingdoms -- and also generally having a dislike for how the other operates.

15. Name: Samara
Fandom: Mass Effect
Affiliation: Utopia
Gender: She/Her pronouns, doesn't really see meaning in gender but recognizes herself as feminine
Age: Nearly 1000
Race: Asari
Appearance: Light blue skin with icy blue eyes. Samara is always seen with her Justicar armor, complete with a headpiece and large ornate brace around the neck. As part of the mono-gender Asari race, she has a semi-flexible, cartilage-based scalp crest, which stays static in position. Has earholes rather than ears. Other than these differences appears the same externally as a human, able to wear human armor and clothing without issue.
Abilities: Samara is a biotic, like most of her kind, with her race the origins of the power and therefore not needing any cybernetics to use it. Biotics tend to grow in power the older one gets, and as an Asari at the final stage of her life, Samara is considered one of the strongest. She is still agile, not aging in the way a human would. Her biotic powers, the use of dark energy, work as telekinesis would -- she can lift, tear, blast, and etc using this mystical, blue-colored art. When using an incredible amount of power, Samara's eyes will turn a completely bright, illuminated white. But even a biotic like Samara can't go on forever, as her powers have limits. While more disciplined than the average biotic, Samara could still theoretically hurt herself with her abilities the longer it goes on, the rate depending on the power. If she is already physically injured, this is only more prominent. To mitigate this, Samara is also good with guns, normally a pistol.
Personality: Samara is dedicated to her life as a Justicar, following a strict code which results in heavy violence to those who cross it. She has given up large majority of possessions, save things like weapons and armor, and while love isn't forbidden, she has gone down this road before, to mixed results. She sees her code more important than her life or anyone else's, and is obsessed with justice -- theoretically okay with killing herself or even her child to right some wrong. While not often, Samara does appreciate humor or the trust of her companions. She has, on rare events, suspended her code for something called Oath of Submission, where she binds herself to the morals of another, for time until a mission or event is fulfilled.
History: As a young woman, Samara set out for a life of adventure and pleasure, where in work for a mercenary gang she found herself to be skilled in combat. She worked with this gang up until she found herself helping to secure a shipment of slaves. Finding her fellow mercenaries impossible to sway, she killed them all, distributing their supplies amongst the freed captives, and dropped them off at The Citadel for a safe harbor. She briefly settled down with a mate, another of her species (aka a pure-blood relationship, something seen as frowned upon by other Asari), and bore three children. Some time after, she dedicated herself to being an Asari Justicar, seen as the most noble thing an Asari could be, even being akin to superheroes in the eyes of younger Asari. Samara did this in part to go on a justice-seeking conquest for one of her daughters, who had started going on a spree of murder and enslavement across the galaxy. Samara knew Garrus for a time, the two being onboard the same ship for the same suicide mission, which they miraculously survived. But some time after that mission, Samara wound up here. She saw both Resistance and Taskforce as abhorrent, and while not perfectly in line with the morals of Utopia, swore an Oath of Submission while here to dedicate herself to protecting the citizens of Utopia, whom she saw as the ultimate innocents. Does not yet know of Garrus' presence here, and while knows Wrex from her world, the two had only meant once, so did not see it as that important (it is worth noting that Wrex, and krogan and general, are slightly more OK with Asari than other races, including humans)

16. Name: Ushukih Kiuk
Fandom: Mass Effect OC (originating from an RPG I GMed in which Mystical Birb Mystical Birb played her Rook)
Affiliation: Utopia
Gender: Transgender Female
Age: 43
Race: Drell
Appearance: (Please google pics of Drell to give yourself a good impression; I'm unable to add any more images to this post). Being a Drell, she has a reptile and fish-like appearance, with a physical buildup similar to humans or Asari, just with denser muscle tissue. This gives them a sort of wiry strength and appearance. Their ring and middle fingers are fused, so Drell technically only have four fingers. Their skin contains a venom that could cause hallucinations if ingested (it has been used in drinks). They have nictitating eyelids. Ushukih has frills on her head that are slightly more pronounced than a male's, but smaller than an average female's. She is 6'5 with lime-colored skin, accented by hot pink stripes, frills, and neck. Her eyes, while appearing normally pupil-less and black, shine a sort of burly wood color in certain lighting. She normally wears an open, long trench coat that is ivory in color and missing its sleeves as to expose her incredibly toned arms, and the wide assortment of arm-bracelets she adorns them with, with a cropped halter top that is dark goldenrod in color. She wears somewhat baggy, dark salmon pants so that she may be able to move and fight in them without restriction. Long boots made to resist all climates, a deep sky blue in color and laced pretty high up. Other accessories include her fingerless gloves the color of blanched almond, and multiple cadet blue piercings that cover the edges of her left eyebrow ridge, sort of by the frill. She speaks with not only the biological voice of a Drell (google Thane or Kolyat speaking in Mass Effect for examples of that) but with what could be considered a French accent, or at least close enough by Earth standards to consider it so.
Abilities: Ushukih is one of an extremely small few to choose a bow to fight with instead of a gun in her world, due to her training in Morts Noirs. Rather than adopt a whole new style of fighting, she embraced this and dedicated many favors, money, and resources to crafting a weapon unique to her and few others; a high-tech bow that fires self-recharging bolts of pure energy, warped by dark matter. It is also very heavy and thick, which Ushukih has been known to therefore use the bow as a blunt weapon, similar to a club or staff. She is also trained in self-defense, and because of her upbringing and experience is extremely gifted in acrobatics and balance. She also, like all Drell, has a perfect memory, and can either voluntarily or unvoluntarily enter a state of reliving a memory exactly as it occurred.
Personality: Who Ushukih was has been slowly picked away by her upbringing and time in Morts Noirs. Hints of her competitive and enthusiastic nature still linger, however, especially when around others she can let her guard down around. But normally, trust takes a long time to brew with her. She suspects everyone as someone who could use her or try and manipulate her, or harm her. Her time in black markets has also made her charismatic when need be, enough to help die down situations.
History: There's an entire RPG and novella's worth of story to comb through with her, so I'm going to be leaving many details out. I'd recommend asking her if you want more details. Ushukih started out life on the Elcor homeward, which the Drell also call home. At a young age, she excelled at flexibility even then, and wanted to be a performer, or essentially a gymnast. This was forbidden for her, causing her much self-loathing at a young age. It was only when she gathered enough money doing painful society-clad jobs that she left home, her family swearing forever dishonor on her for who she wanted to be. She thrived immediately when arriving at the galactic hub Citadel, being able to embrace her identity. But she found herself unable to compete in the saturated marketplace of dancers and other performers, and became extremely poor, saving every bit of credits that she could to go towards her ultimate goal. She eventually turned to illegal business, finding herself unfortunately gifted at this. Her acrobatics made thievery and infiltration simple, and her smooth-talking (when necessary) made her favored by others in the black market. Eventually, she encountered Isathar, the leader of a shadowy cult with the power and discoveries to make irreversible change to the galaxy. He took an obsession upon her, offering her things she couldn't refuse, and a life with him that would take her off the streets. With no other option, and feeling youthfully swayed by what he offered, she accepted, but soon found herself in an inescapable hell that was Isathar and the Morts Noirs. Under his constant supervision, she had no way out but to follow him and do what he wanted, watching with horror as he went about his plans of using ancient mind-control tactics as a weapon to create chaos in the galaxy, among other things such as his work in multi-verse technology and body-snatching in order to stay youthful. In the meantime, growing from a teenager to adulthood among the cult meant being trained in their ways of combat, which she excelled at and soon became the fiercest soldier and assassin there. This was to her benefit it turns out, because by being not only a clever mind but a gifted fighter, there wasn't a mission that she couldn't handle. So Isathar sent her on many missions across the galaxy, her time to be away from him and finally plot to find a way out. She ended up contacting mercenaries, along with the governments of Drell and Turian. While not able to flat-out explain the existence of the cult and their plans, because that would certainly end in her death, she insinuated that there was something on the planet worth investigating, and offered herself as a guide to help navigate the incredibly dangerous, seemingly barren world. Slowly learning to trust these mercenaries, including the one called Rook, Ushukih felt herself becoming more and more confident that she could fully separate herself from Morts Noirs, even so much as announcing to Isathar from her ship's comms that she would no longer follow him. She eventually helped the mercenaries infiltrate the base of the Morts Noirs, where she found herself easily incapacitating Isathar. In a moment of humanity, she asked Isathar to stand down, or she would kill him. He used this moment to trick her, shooting her with his identical bow, Ushukih able to kill him before starting to die herself. It was only by the power of her allies that she lived where Isathar didn't. While she felt extremely close to Rook and the mercenaries, for reasons unknown to Rook she left them, returning to her life in the black markets, not sure if she would ever be able to see Rook again. But before she had the chance to do much more, she ended up here. Once again relying on her plethora of skills that she acquired throughout her life, she thrived here, making money that rivaled great business CEOs through her knowledge of black market and other illegal activities, and using Utopia as a safe hideout and base of operations (though she very commonly sneaks out of Utopia [an act frowned upon] in order to do said activities). She is completely unaware that Rook is also alive in this world.

More characters added on a somewhat frequent basis!
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Name: Rescue Specialist- Tequila
Fandom: 884BB631-2F36-4D73-AA0D-03D399BE9653.jpeg
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Appearance: Standing at an height of 5’9”, Tequila has brown colored eyes, and underneath his helmet, and black unkept hair underneath his helmet. He occasionally wears his Rebel army disguise due to the amount of time he spent wearing one, and it became second nature to him.

Zantetsu Sword technique:
The Zantetsu Sword is infused into his machete, that imbues the holder's melee attack with large waves of energy, powerful enough to destroy armored vehicles. It can cut through the enemy's bullets and weaponry, but have limited charges that require to be recharged in order to use again, which have 3 charges to begin with, and in order for it to recharge, all of it charges must be used up, and then (2 posts) must go by until being able to be used again. It also has short range, only reaching up to 10 ft.

Tequila seems to have a sort of pocket dimension to store both his weapons, and the items he collects on his journey. Of course, it has its limits, and it’s usually restricted to either weapons or items he can carry. And only a limit of 10 non-lethal items within his pocket dimension that are not weapon based.

Special Weapons:
Tequila is capable of using a powerful and wide variety of weaponry in battle, and when not using his pistol, he is most likely using a special weapon that can turn the tide of battle to his favor. He is capable of having two special weapons armed and ready within his pocket space, but with other weapons, he has to deplete the both of them in order to change them, and even then, has to wait for a cooldown (5 posts) in order to gain a new and fresh batch of weapons.

Enhanced weapons:
Weapons in his grasp seem to do more damage than usual, enough to even damage things such as large tanks and even experimental ‘steel beasts’. Of course, it only restricts his own weapons, not other weapons that are not within his arsenal such as swords.

Thunder Cloud:
This is a top secret weapon whose ammo canister is loaded with nanobots that generates an artificial thunder cloud loaded with negative electromagnetic energy. The cloud will hover over the nearest target and zap it with lightning bolts. Once all of the nanobots' energy is used or another weapon is collected, the cloud will dissipate.

LV armor summon:
Taking considerable inspiration from the Regular Army's Slugnoid, the Rebels created the LV Armor as their own mechanized armor. The LV Armor is very light and maneuverable, capable of double-jumping thanks to the rocket boosters on its backpack. The operator controls this vehicle inside the cockpit while being protected from most incoming enemy attacks.

In terms of weaponry, the only weapon that the armor has is a 100mm smoothbore cannon, which deploys from one of its claws for firing high explosive shells. Needless to say, it also possesses the ability to equip any weapon to its other claw, making it both versatile and unique; but at the same time, limited, due to ammo from weapon crates being limited. Additionally, it can use its claws to punch enemies at close range, dealing considerable damage with each blow.

But for this version, it is a LV Armor variant has been upgraded personally for Tequila. It has numerous upgrades over the original such as increased firepower and durability. It cannot repair any damage to its hull, and once destroyed, requires 10 posts in order to recharge.

Military experience:
Tequila has been working with the Regular army and acting as both a spy and rescue specialist for years, and occasionally, he blows his cover to fulfill a certain mission. With his experience, he knows both proper military discipline as well as fighting experience most other soldiers don’t experience, especially on his caliber.

Expert spy:
Working as a Covert Spy is no easy task, but managing to fool the enemy in multiple occasions just by changing his outfit is an even harder task. Especially going into zones which are considered ‘restricted’ to his ‘Rebel Army rank’, and often resorts to sneaking in order to get inside safely and also change his outfit to better sneak into the place.

Gut of steel:
He hasn’t earned the name ‘Tequila’ for nothing, and is widely known for having a gut of steel, especially when drinking his all time favorite drink, also tequila... and often carries two flasks with him, one filled with normal water, and a celebration flask filled with any sort of good quality alcohol he could find.

Standard issue for male P.F. squad operatives, this variant uses deadly .50 caliber action express rounds, which are shorter variants used in heavy machine guns usually found in magnum-class pistols. The ammo capacity is seven rounds per mag but one more can be stored in the chamber, increasing the total ammo capacity to eight. The weapon seems to have infinite ammo, and if the trigger is held for more than eight rounds…. it seems to shoots more bullets until the pull on the trigger is removed, to which it will require reloading.

The rifle itself is not out of the ordinary, using the standard 7.62mm rounds available. It is equipped with a grenade launcher below the barrel, providing it with the ability to use different projectiles of different sizes.
It is capable of using the following power ups within its underbrarrel:
The 12-gauge rounds filled with metallic BB pellets are highly effective at point blank range, although the BB's lose their velocity after traveling a short distance and become harmless after a while. Despite its limited ammo, it can obliterate hordes of infantry with a single shot and even destroy vehicles easily with just a few.

-Drop Shot:
The Drop Shot is a bouncing landmine whose concept is not very different from the Rebellion's Sarubia. While effective against infantry, its small warhead forbids it from being much of a use against enemy armor. The landmines will bounce and explode on contact, but they don't travel too far and are also limited to the geography of the terrain. They are, however, extremely effective against infantry hiding behind cover. The user must pay attention to the environment (especially slopes and obstacles) for effective use of the weapon.

-Iron Lizard:
The Iron Lizard is a remote-controlled unmanned vehicle designed to engage targets with a high amount of lethality. While excelling at anti-personnel roles, its special warhead filled with a combustible chemical does very little against armored targets. The car-like "bullet" runs through the floor until it finds a target and explodes in a blue smoke. It is very effective against ground targets but is also ineffective against air targets, targets in height, or targets on a different platform from the player.

-Super Grenade:
As powerful as the regular grenade while having increased range, the Super Grenade can quickly demolish targets in its way, although the smoothbore tip will not enable it to pierce through thick armor. The grenade travels fast, and creates a massive explosion capable of destroying anything over the target. However, to compensate for the massive damage it does, it has low amounts of ammo and can only fire two grenades at a time.

-Rocket Launcher:
While not being able to provide enough penetration power to defeat extremely heavy armor, these rockets are highly explosive and are very effective against masses of infantry and more vulnerable vehicles. The rockets partially aim for the nearest foes then explode on contact.

2 M-3685 / Dual Machine Guns:
The Sub-Machine Guns are made to give a soldier more range and fire power than a pistol, while still enough mobility to maneuver around a battlefield than a full sized rifle. Tequila has two of them to use.

The M-3685 is specifically made not only to provide the troops with those crucial parts, but to provide substantially more firepower than a standard submachine gun. Designed to be able to handle more powerful caliber rounds, this gun is an excellent choice for soldiers who wish to carry tremendous amounts of fire power while still able to move around easily.

Laser Gun:
The Laser gun is a two-handed rifle like weapon that is reloaded by replacing an energy canister that can be removed from a hatch on the left of the gun and replaced with another . The Laser Gun emits a thin stream of highly concentrated energy in the form of multicolored lights. These lights have so much energy concentrated into such a small area that the focal point is powerful enough to cut through tank armor and decimate enemy infantry like they weren't even there. Although the weapon itself is very powerful, the rate of energy consumption is very high, resulting in quick ammo depletion.

Missile Pod:
A Quad barreled rocket launcher, It is a weapon that fires five small missiles in different directions, not only covering a wide area but also dealing great damage.

Special shot:
A strange mortar like weapon, it contains only one shots…. But it can be a very effective tool for controlling a crowd. The "Special Shot" is a type of bomb consisting of a missile that is fired upwards and then detonates, damaging anything that's in a 100 feet radius that is not an ally or neutral individual.

Thunder Shot:
This weapon creates a strong pulse of electricity that auto targets on any possible enemy and hits almost instantly, being capable of piercing through armor and hitting multiple targets at once with a single shot. All of this comes at the cost of low ammo. It is a cannon like weapon with multiple lightning arcs on either side.

Grenade Gun:
It is a weapon that shoots regular grenades. It is a multi-barreled Grenade launcher, that is capable of launching grenades much more further than a human arm can throw them.

Sniper Rifle:
The Sniper Rifle enables sniper styled shooting (with a scope) from a very long range. However, it lacks effectiveness against enemy vehicles.

Flame shot:
A Flame thrower like weapon attached to two backpack carried canisters, the Flame Shot is effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles at close range. One shot is enough to burn a number of soldiers, and a few are enough to melt vehicles with ease. It shoots a stream of fire and that lasts for a couple of seconds before disappearing.

Ice Gun:
A handheld pistol like weapon, it uses nitrogen canisters in order to function. It is capable of firing a light blue beam of frozen energy that freezes opponents and objects hit with it, and has a alt mode to instead fire head sized spheres of ice that have a much larger effect, but requires more effort to be aimed and used correctly.

The Combat Knife is a small blade weapon used for close quarters combat. The knife is the melee weapon of Tequila. As with all normal melee weapons, it can kill nearly all normal human enemies in one strike, and can even hit multiple targets, but is useless against armored vehicles. Enemies such as Zombies, aliens, and bosses often take more than one melee strike to kill, but a melee attack does more damage than a pistol shot.

A much longer and durable than that of the Combat knife, and has much more destructive power and reach. It is also capable of pairing with one of Tequila’s abilities, and can actually damage light vehicles and do much more damage than the knife. The downside is that it’s slightly slower than than the knife, and cannot be used alongside his pistol, resorting to him to use either one or another.

This is a grenade called the "Stielhandgranate." The main advantage these stick grenades have over the regular "pineapple" or egg grenade is that they can be thrown much farther with predictable accuracy. The downside is that it does not contain any fragmentation duded onto its casing, which means that it does less damage against infantry than the fragmentation grenades or "pineapples." Nevertheless, these contraptions, filled with 165-grams of explosive TNT, prove very versatile against any opposition.

Fire bomb:
Often called "Molotov Cocktails", these are simple glass bottles filled with flammable liquids. A cloth soaked with the same flammable liquid is inserted in the opening of the bottle and lit before the bottle is about to be thrown. When the bottle hits the ground or target, the flammable liquid is sprayed over a considerable area. Then, the fire lit on the cloth ignites the liquids, creating a temporary firestorm over the area. It still remains one of the most potent weapons for civilian military around the world today.

Smoke bomb:
It blinds enemies that don’t use any other method of sight when they're in the smoke screen. Tequila can sneak right past them as quietly as a mouse. When the smoke screen disappears, the enemies will have normal vision again.

Personality: Tequila is what someone would call a casual and laid-back individual, and it’s mostly due to him not interacting much with others and usually relaxing by himself when off missions and having a pint or two. After all, when you either have to train new recruits and also rescue hostages under the disguise of a Rebel Army soldier, as well as the occasional disaster like a Martian attack or a Avatar of Evil rising up on the lands. He does have a sense of seriousness and kindness when the situation calls for it, such as a grave matter or when talking to high ranking military officials. And shows a hand of kindness when seeing people in danger such as being in a robbery, and usually tries not to kill anyone unless absolutely needed. He knows that you can’t save everyone, and sometimes, helping someone would bite him in the back later, but he doesn’t mind at all... just means he would have more to deal with before relaxing once more.

But mostly, expect him sharing a drink with someone who doesn’t want to throw him into the slammer and share some of the same views as him... as well as hanging out in a local bar.

History: Although this character doesn't take part in the main mission, he's part of a support squad that trains new recruits and provides back-up during hostage rescue missions. He's a professional's professional who appears and disappears sporadically and is recognized by all as an expert at hostage rescues. Since he appears in the guise of a rebel grunt during missions, he's rumored to be a former mercenary or a rebel army soldier, but his true identity remains unclear. One mustn't forget that behind the flashy success of missions are the steady efforts of pros like him.
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i was born a choker.
Name: Number Five, Five Hargreeves, Five

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy (TV series)

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Gender: Male

Age: His consciousness is that of a 58 year old man, however his body is that of a 13 year old boy

Race: Human

Appearance: i will get this done at somepoint but i am LAZY and have already spent like over an hour on this so i'll just use the image for now lmao-

Abilities/Skills: Space-time manipulation. Five's ability allows him to travel through space and time, granting him the power of teleportation. He can appear where he wants, when he wants. Although, continuous and extensive use of his powers can prove vexing, overuse of his abilities can exhaust him.

Number Five's DNA has also been spliced with those of serial killers, and professional assassins of the past. This has turned him into what is essential the best assassin in existence. During his time serving the Commission, Five never failed a single mark.

He's also displayed remarkable intelligence. And its safe to say his IQ is on the same level as most genuiuses, if not higher.

Despite all this, Five's body is that of a 13 year old, and comes with most of the weaknesses of a body that age.

Personality: Number Five is... Prickly, to say the least. He's aloof, emotionally detached, lacking in empathy. He cares only about his family, about keeping them safe. Nothing else matters to him outside of them. Emotions don't exist with Five, he pretends they don't exist, detatches himself from them almost entirely. He doesn't feel (or at least, tries not to), just thinks. His brain operates almost entirely on logic. Because of his disregard for the thoughts and feelings of others, Five is very much an asshole. He believes himself to be superior to others, frequently insults and has one HELL of an attitude. He's arrogant, overconfident and hostile. He has no fear of others, as far as he's concerned, they should be afraid of him. His behavior can be described as chaotic, even erratic. He doesn't care what others think. If they get in his way, the aftermath is on them. He does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. And he couldn't care less about what others think.

Despite all this, Five does care and he does feel. Insults and snark are a form of affection for him, although it can be hard to differentiate between love and hate for an outsider. He's got a lot of trauma, suffers from PTSD and doesn't know how to deal with it outside of simply repressing everything. Or lashing out at anyone who dares even look in his direction.

Five has a lot of issues, questionable morals and an overflowing ego. But he's a better person that he lets on.

History: To put it as simply as possible, Five was one of seven children adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, children who were all born on the same day to mother's who had not previously been pregnant. He was raised alongside his siblings up until the age of 13, the age where he first attempted to time travel, ending up with him getting stuck in an apocalyptic future, completely alone. He lived in the apocalypse for over 40 years, growing into an old man, before eventually getting hired to work as a temporal assassin for an organization known as "The Commission", offering him a way to get back home in return for his service. Five served the commission for a while, killing whoever he was told to kill, be they innocents or not. He eventually made it back to the present, however, although he made a mistake in his calculations, and ended up stuck within his 13 year old body, despite being a 58 year old man.
Name: RK800 #313 248 317 - 52, Connor, The Deviant Hunter

Fandom: Detroit: Become Human

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Gender: Agender. Physically resembles a male.

Age: 4 Months. Resembles a man within his late twenties to early thirties.

Race: Android

Appearance: am too lazy to do rn lol

Abilities/Skills: He is able to reconstruct events by analysing evidence and is able to see how things played out, as well he has a number of forensic skills, such as being able to tell who a person is just by looking at them (although this most likely wouldn't apply here) and analyse biological evidence.

He is also skilled at analysing humans psychologically, allowing him to easily adapt to them and work within a team. He is a skilled negotiator as well and is able to manipulate and predict others actions with ease.

Connor is also able to imitate voices.

Unlike humans, Connor has no physical limitations and can perform feats of athletic prowess with ease. He is a strong physical fighter and is able to handle firearms efficiently.

Personality: this was taken from an old thread of mine on ff, so it's kinda like. crappy. i'll update it at somepoint but for now it'll do lol
Connor is primarily logic driven and goal-orientated. He will do almost anything to accomplish a task and becomes restless when there is nothing to do. He is highly intelligent and analytical, able to read others with ease and is able to adapt easily to different people and situations. Although deviant, he finds handling emotion difficult and more conflicted with his deviancy than other androids, although is supportive of their cause and believes strongly in android rights. Connor is somewhat headstrong and stubborn, often disobeying the will of others for the purpose of pursuing what he thinks is right. He will try to avoid conflict if he can, but is willing to put up a fight if necessary and will probably beat you with his predictive abilities and sharp reflexes. He is friendly, albeit sometimes wary towards others and is built with social modules to help interact seamlessly with humans. He is somewhat awkward when it comes to small talk and has a tendency to bombard with personal questions, but he means no harm in it, he simply wishes to gather as much information as possible. Connor can become overwhelmed when things defy logic, his entire thinking processes and databases revolve around logic and fact, so for this reason he can become anxious and stressed around things that don't make sense to him. He has a sense of humour and takes pleasure out of teasing others at times and can also be sarcastic. Although he is somewhat confused by emotions, they can effect him strongly and he can get emotional at times. In particular, fear is an emotion that has a tendency to overwhelm him.

History: just the like. basic stuff lol so it's short af </3
Connor is an RK800 prototype android that was designed by CyberLife to hunt down deviant androids. He was sent to work with the Detroit Police Department and assigned Lieutenant Hank Anderson as a partner. Connor eventually went deviant himself and joined the android revolution, freeing a load of androids within the CyberLife tower. After this stunt, he was nearly taken over by his AI handler, Amanda, but managed to find the emergency exit Kamski put in his programming and escaped her control.


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These are both awesome :')

I love all the weapons w Tequila rip my characters that cross him lol

And omg it's good boy path Connor -- I just woke up so reading this groggy I think I had to reread "being able to tell who a person is just by looking at them" like four times before my dumb self got it lol

Todd Howard

A day in the Mojave makes you almost wish- No!

Name: The Doom Slayer, The Hell Walker, The Unchained Predator, The Slayer, DM1-5, The Doom Marine, and Doom-Guy.

Fandom: Doom (Doom Eternal)

Affiliation: Unaffiliated. The Slayer knows there is corruption on both sides and stays to himself in his Fortress. Although, If the Innocent area of Utopia was attacked, He would assist.

Gender: Male.

Age: Resembles a man in his early 30s. Although, His true age is a few hundred years old due to his dormant time in hell.

Race: Human -> Outsider -> Sentinel-Knight



(Wanna know why he looks like William Joseph 'B.J' Blazkowics? Because he B.J is Doom Slayer's great Grandfather!)

Armor: The Upgraded Praetor Suit (Made from the Tablets of Hell and is Nearly Invincible).

Weapons: Plasma Rifle, Ballista, Flamebelch (Basically a flamethrower on his shoulder), BFG-9000 (Stands for Big Fucking Gun), Chaingun, Chainsaw, Combat Shotgun, Equipment Launcher, Heavy Cannon, Arm-Gauntlet (Arm mounted Melee weapon), Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun (Fires 10 Gauge. With Meathook which is basically a Grappling hook in common terms), The Crucible (A sword made of Argent Energy), Unmaker.

Superhuman Strength, Dash, Boost, and Destruction Empowerment: The most unique thing about the Doom Marine is his ability to grow stronger and become even more tenacious with every living being he kills. This is the result of Samur Maykr giving the Slayer the ability to absorb the souls of those he killed.

Ammo Replenish: The Slayer performs a Gory kill or a chainsaw kill on a living being and can replenish most of his Ammunition.

Likes: Armor, Weapons, Gore, Rock-Music, and Killing anything that shows signs of Hostility.

Dislikes: Demons, Talking (For himself), The Resistance, The Taskforce, and when people get in his way.

Habits: He has the habit to cock his combat shotgun as a sign of Authority.

He was a Marine in the 2020s and the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC) found a way to create Argent Energy, Which led to the portals from hell appearing on earth and taking over. Demons took over the earth while The Doom Marine was fighting through hordes of Demons on the UAC Mars base. Soon he was sealed within a tomb in hell but decades later the UAC retrieves the tomb and opens it. Which, Results in the Demonic Invasion of UAC base Mars.
In Doom 2016, The Slayer wakes up by a large burst of Argent energy and retrieves his powerful armor. He ripped and tore through the demons eventually taking the new Mars UAC base from the demons with his powers. And Dr. Samuel Hayden also known as The Seraphim bestowed upon him terrible power and speed, and with his might, he crushed the obsidian pillars of the Blood Temples. He set forth without pity upon the beasts of the nine circles. In Doom Eternal, the Makyrs in heaven recreates the Icon of Sin and the Slayer fights it on earth and destroys it with the Crucible blade ultimately killing the Icon of Sin.
Soon after That, He finds out Dr. Samuel Hayden is the Samur Makyr himself and fights him, Close to killing him but VEGA said Not to.

Extras: He can punch 400-500 Pounds of force. He is also 6' Ft tall. He is also Immortal because of Samur Makyrs blessing to him of the 'Divinity Machine'. He is known as a Ruthless and Merciless being and kills or destroys anything hostile.


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Doom-Guy!! Yea he's good

I never played doom but the Big Fucking Gun was a really fun fallout 4 mod lol (I had some Todd Howard Coins to spend)

Todd Howard

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Name: Liberty Prime MK ll

Fandom: Fallout (Fallout 4)

Affiliation: Banned from Utopia due to new Law. Taskforce.

Gender: Programmed Gender is Male.

Age: 215. Built-In 2072 but never finished due to the Great War.

Race: Humanoid Robot -> US Military


"I smell the foul reek of Communism...Get over here you Commie Son-Of-A-Bitch!"

The Commie Hating robot uses its environments to its advantage.
Laser Beam- They used to have two separate laser beams from his eyes before Fallout 4, As taking place in Fallout 3. Can turn living beings into piles of hot charred ashes.
Mini-Nuke Throw- Throwing one of these mini-nukes here would be very devastating.
Scanner- A scanner built into the eyes to scan faces and their environment.
Power Dampener- A dampener that can drain the force field and other weapons of their power.
Mini-Nukes- He has a cage of Mini-Nukes built onto his back. Seemingly, He never runs out for some reason. The Mini-Nukes inflict tons of Radiation and can kill an unarmored person almost instantly.
Picking-Up and Stomping.
Ability to walk in all Weather Conditions.

Thruster/Flight System:
Four Modified Oxygen Based Thrusters can lift Liberty Prime into the Air, But require Oxygen in order to run. Without Oxygen, Each thruster will be able to function for up to 5 minutes each.

Weakness: Missile Strikes such as with the LGM Minutemen III Missile system, EMPs seem to have a somewhat effective attack on him. EMPs will cause him to stop moving temporarily but is still able to shoot a red laser from his 'eye'.

: He has a deeply patriotic American voice and loves to rant about destroying Communist Chinese. Programmed to Exterminate Communist Chinese with LETHAL FORCE. Democracy Is Non-Negotiable. Salute to Memorials Dedicated to the Fallen. Salute to Memorials dedicated to the building of our great democratic nation.

Built before the Great War of 2077, He was left in the Pentagon to rust with time. In 2277, The Brotherhood discovered Liberty Prime still standing but had Power problems along with him. The Brotherhood soon reactivates Liberty Prime and they send him to fight the Enclave. The Enclave, however, Had a plan to destroy Liberty Prime and put the Brotherhood on Its last knee. They were successfully able to destroy Liberty Prime with missile strikes which resulted in his destruction in Fallout 3: Broken Steel.
In Fallout 4, Liberty Prime is successfully rebuilt and even better than before. The Brotherhood once more sent him to destroy a place known as the 'Institute'.

(Voice-Lines from Fallout 3: Broken Steel.)
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Skeleton Boi
Bigby The Abomination

Still searching for a faction to join....

“You.... need help answering that question. Huh, never met someone before who couldn’t tell... well, my gender is male.”

“I am recorded to be 24 years old... but I appear older due to the constant state of little care to my physical that makes me appear older than my biological age.”

“I...... I was once a human.... but, due to my grave mistakes..... I am no longer human.... not even close, even with my human like appearance on the outside.... for while I may function normally like a human... I have been cursed with a demonic entity that has corrupted my soul.... and changed me forever....”

Having a small chance... he is capable of dealing a critical strike dealing double the damage he would normally do, or use this with his Absolution and gain better healing and stress reduction as a result of it.

Him, like any other human being, can become stressed out that sometimes, ‘his resolve is tested’. this can lead to two things if his stress bar reaches 100/100, he will either be ‘Afflicted’, it being a bad personality effect that is generally harmful for both him and his team, or ‘Virtue’, it being a good personality effect that helps out in combat, with ‘Afflicted’ being the higher chance personality effect. But no matter which one is chosen, his personality will change to what personality effect he has gotten. If his stress reaches 200 while ‘Afflicted’, he will suffer a heart attack which instantly puts him on ‘Death’s Door’, while gaining 200 stress with a ‘virtue’ only removes it. He has a 25% chance of gaining a virtue and a 75% chance of gaining a affliction, and gaining stress or healing would depend on the events he witnesses with his own two eyes. The effects of the afflictions and virtues will be explained when gaining either one... and what’s to expect from them.

The Virtues he can gain are:
“Many fall in the face of chaos.... but not this one... not today.”

“Adversity can foster hope, and resilience.”

“A moment of clarity in the eye of the storm.”

“Anger is power. Unleash it!”

“A moment of valor shines brightest against the backdrop of despair.”

The Afflictions being :
1. Fearful:
“Fear and frailty finally claim their due....”

2. Paranoid:
“The walls close in, the shadows whisper of conspiracy!”

3. Masochistic:
“Those who covert injury find it in no short supply.”

4. Abusive:
“Frustration and Fury, more destructive than a hundred cannons.”

5. Selfish:
“Self-preservation is paramount- at any cost!”

6. Hopeless:
“There can be no hope in this hell..... no hope at all.”

7. Irrational:

“Reeling, gasping, taken over the edge into madness!”

Death’s Door:
If he loses all of his Hp, he will enter ‘Death’s Door’, a red skull appearing above him as his body glows red, if attacked in this state, no matter how strong or weak the attack may be, it will lead to his death, but he has a 67% ‘Death’s Door blow resist’ which allows him to survive blows in this state with no signs of damage, but not for long. If he recovers out of this state by healing at least 1 hp, he will exit ‘Death’s Door’ but will suffer penalties to his accuracy, damage, and speed while also gaining more stress. He has 51 HP total.

Combat skills:
Human form:
A ability allowing him to transform between human and beast form, this version allowing him to turn into a beast, increasing his speed, resistances to blight, a permanent increase to his damage until turning back into human form, and healing 10 hp, but also stressing his allies with +8 stress, even his friend, due to him not being used to his transformation yet.

A heavy swing using his chains, he is capable of doing a heavy blow in human standards and has a chance of stunning enemies with the attack. Good in order to stun a dangerous foe.

Beast’s Bile:
Transforming his face a little, he can fire off a ball of acid that would stick to nearby foes, usually dealing blight/acid damage to them... a great tool when trying to control a field of enemies.

Doing a small meditation on the floor, and summoning a bright light that flashes onto his body, he can not only heal 5 hp but also relieve 10 stress as well.

Beast form:
In Beast form, he trades his previous skill set in order for one of dealing damage, but when he wants to transform back into a human, he can, but suffer a small penalty to his speed, and unable to transform back into a beast until the battle is either over or a couple of rounds has passed. Also relieves 2 stress from any hero. Gain 3 stress each turn in this form.

A weak multi hitting attack, it trades off damage for being able to distribute it equally to a second enemy, and increases his damage with each successful rake he uses.

A powerful bite attack, it does the most damage of all of his attack based moves in his arsenal, not much about it.

By slamming his ram like head into an enemy, he is capable of of not only reaching the front to a battle quicker, but push the enemy back as well. And decrease their foe’s dodge and speed immensely

Camping skills:
Anger management:
Increases his stress by 20, but decrease the stress others may have by 10

Psych up:
Increases damage for four battles but gives everyone in his party +10 stress

The quickening:
Increases his speed greatly for the next 4 battles

Eldritch Blood:
Increases his resistances to blight, bleed, and Disease, but increases the stress he gains.

Relieves 15 stress from an ally.

Wound care:
Heals an ally and both cures bleeding and poison.

Pep talk:
Decreases the amount of stress an ally would gain for 4 battles.

“I....... I was given curse.... one that has poisoned my bond between my fellow brethren.... but I understand.... I had betrayed them in the first place by studying the forbidden arts.... this was simply how the world decided to punish me for my sins. I am without hope..... nothing to keep me driving other then the singular goal of trying to contain the burden I was cursed with.... after all, no more innocents should be killed by my own hands.”

“I am what many people called a pessimistic.... always thinking the worst of myself and every possible situation.... especially since it takes my will power to control the demon within me, and I would usually shy away a conversation.... after all, who would want to talk to a Abomination that has killed innocents before when I couldn’t control the demon within..... but I could hold my own in a conversation... especially one with useful information... and tell them of my past, after all, I’m not who I once was a few years ago.... so it barely matters to me. Kindness is but a foreign concept that only my dying friend.... Baldwin... has ever shown me... even when religious, for he understands... that in a way, we aren’t too different to each other, both cursed with a burden that will last to the end of their life, and treated as outcasts due to it. But I am grateful to those who help me, and will often try to find a way to repay them.... even if it costs my life... for they deserve to live.... not me....”

“The world I hail from...... it’s worse than Hell, Eldritch abominations at every corner lying in wait to reap your soul, monstrous beasts seeking to sate their blood thirst and hunger for flesh, and our own brothers and sisters either worshiping these false gods, or robbing us in order to satisfy their greed...... I was but a simple scholar, searching high and low for any useful piece of information. My life was a peaceful one, for I did not have to travel to the outside of safety of the Hamlet in order to gain new information, for travelers who done so already were willing to lend some information for a few gold coins.”

“The information they provided me with.... it wasn’t enough to stop my desire for more information, and so, at the age of 19, I began looking in....... unlikely places for forbidden knowledge. Soon, I became like many others, being driven by greed, greed for all types of knowledge. I even helped what many would call the enemy multiple times in order to get a paper holding an ancient ritual or forbidden knowledge of the Eldritch arts.... even a single sentence of a dark ritual was enough to gain my interest.”

“But.... a few months later.... it was... the time I regretted my existence and choices of my life. I had gone through a ritual in order to summon a demon in order to gain more knowledge..... but in return, my soul was corrupted and split into two versions. The one you’re seeing now is my human self, but..... the demon inside was once all the greed and desires from my body, and was used to create a terrifying beast that I can barely control. From that day forward, I was branded as a Abomination, a person who had meddled in the dark arts, and forever labeled as a traitor to man kind. Many innocents died at the beginning, me being driven away from the old Hamlet I once lived in.... now no longer accepted as a human but the corrupted soul I have. I just wish that this would be over soon, and I can finally feel the sweet relief of being pure again, either alive...... or dead.”

“Thankfully..... I have received what I thought to be my end.... when entering the final dungeon..... the Darkest Dungeon to fight with a being named the Heart of Darkness.... Alpha and Omega, father and mother, the creator of our world.... and soon..... our destroyer
I have fought with every ounce of my strength.... but in the end.... I was finished off, sparing my three other teammates brought with me and bringing what I thought to be.... peace and bliss..... until I woke up at somewhere different then what I was used to....”

Todd Howard

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Name: Sergeant Logan Walker

Fandom: COD (COD: Ghosts)

Affiliation: Resistance

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Human -> Ghosts

Appearance: He does not show his face, Only wearing a Terrifying 'Ghost' mask to hide his identity.


Gun Knowledge
Computer Knowledge

DeadEye- Consecutive kills increase the chance of your weapon to cause more damage to enemies.

Dead Silence- Allows you to walk, sprint, and jump almost silently. Most skilled players rely heavily on sound to warn them of enemy presence, whatever their radar might say. Dead Silence removes the warning that footsteps give.

Strong Arm- Allows you to throw equipment farther away; It also cooks your grenades faster. Enemy Frag Grenades can be safely thrown back due to Strong-Arm resetting the explosives timer.

Sleight of Hand- Cuts your weapons reload time in half. This perk is helpful to almost any weapon, but it's especially useful to guns with shallow magazines, slow reloading times, or weapons that burn a lot of ammunition quickly.


Honey Badger- An Automatic weapon similar to an MP5. An Integrated Silencer keeps shots off the Radar.

Berreta M9A1- Semiauto handgun. Well rounded combination of Ammo Capacity, Range, Damage, and Recoil.

M27 Frag-Grenade- A standard Frag Grenade that produces a lethal blast radius upon detonation. Frags can be cooked to shorten the fuse time.

Personality: A hardened Soldier that actually cares for America and her Allies. He was shaken by the 'teleportation' to this version of Earth, As his Brother, Hesh was wounded and was teleported as well, But nothing can stop a ghost...Not Even Death herself.

History: He was only 16 when the Federation launched the attacks from ODIN on America. 10 years later, He is a hardened Marine who fights alongside his Father, Brother, and other Ghosts. After fighting Rorke and ordering the strike on the Federation Warships and the Bridge the train was on, Rorke approached them but didn't get close enough, As the two brothers were sucked into a portal.

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A day in the Mojave makes you almost wish- No!
Name: Commander Gabriel T. Rorke or simply "The Ghost Killer".

Fandom: COD (COD: Ghosts)

Affiliation: Task-Force, Second-In-Command.

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Race: Human -> Ghosts



"Im not a Ghost...Im the man who hunts them."

Gun Knowledge


Honey Badger- An Automatic weapon similar to an MP5. An Integrated Silencer keeps shots off the Radar.

.44 Magnum- A strong revolver with kick and a somewhat slow reload.

M27 Frag-Grenade- A standard Frag Grenade that produces a lethal blast radius upon detonation. Frags can be cooked to shorten the fuse time.

Personality: A hardened Marine Corps Captain that was dropped out of the Helicopter by Elias, Then survived and was brainwashed by the Federation. Hes a tough nail to hammer, and took a .44 magnum shot to the chest.

History: He was Brainwashed by the Federation, and hunted down the ghosts. Somehow, He still remembers how the others left him for dead. He took a .44 shot to the chest and survived once more after the train crashed into the sea.
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Trying really hard to stay focused

Captain Action

Is this some kind of sick death wish, Dad? I refuse to walk in your footsteps, so you get yourself killed so I wouldn't have any choice? Well, you got your damn wish. I'm the new Captain Action. Happy now?
Cole Drake
Cole William "Will" Drake





  • Dermaplastic Genetic Manipulation: Using the synthetic compound plasmaderm, Cole can duplicate anyone else's face, shape, skills and powers (provided their Sculptfile is archived on the Activation Wand). Depending on the type of activity, these sculpts generally last around several minutes before they fade and the plasmaderm is rendered inert and needs to recharge. The compound attaches itself to the nervous system so if all else fails the brain can function as a short term power source but this causes great strain on Cole's body.
  • Master Combatant: Having been groomed by his father to be the next Captain Action, Cole is a superb hand to hand combatant. His skill in single combat is surpassed only by his father and the Public Protector, Crescent. He has also demonstrated an ability to engage multiple enemies simultaneously, notably dispatching six armed armed assassins in six seconds whilst hungover.
  • Master Spy: Cole is an accomplished spy and assassin, capable of breaching high security facilities without being detected. This ability is further enhanced when used in conjunction with the appropriate sculpt.
  • Weapons Expert: Cole is skilled with a variety of firearms and other weapons.
  • Skilled Hacker: Cole is a skilled hacker, having hacked his father's security codes when he was fourteen to access the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate database.
Weapons and Equipment:
  • Activation Wand: A handheld device resembling a television remote, the Activation Wand stores and archives all the Sculptfiles that Cole has acquired. Selecting a Sculptfile and pressing the wand close to the skin causes the plasmaderm in Cole's system to react and duplicate the selected sculpt. Cole can add new Sculpfile's by taking a sample of the target's blood and inserting it into the wand. The Activation Wand currently has archived the following Sculptfiles:
  • Lightning Sword: A large jagged blade that can become electrified with a high-voltage current.
  • Raygun: A mid-range energy weapon that can be fired in rapid bursts.
  • Captain Action's Hat: A peaked cap that possesses a direct satellite wireless linkup, all spectrum holographic sonarsight and can jumpstart technology with cerebral selectivity.
Cole is a reluctant hero. He never wanted to be Captain Action, no matter how hard his father tried to force it on him. The more he pushed, the more Cole pushed back, going as far as getting himself fired from his position with the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate. Now that he finds himself assuming the role, Cole struggles with the responsibility that comes with it. In is mind, he is constantly comparing himself to his father and always thinks he is coming up short.

Cole is very different from his predecessor. He cannot sit idly by in the face of injustice and is prone to rash action, even it goes against the superior tactical judgement of the situation. Cole refuses to accept casualties. Anyone he can save, he saves and he won't accept anything else.

Cole William "Will" Drake was born in 1982 and is the son of Miles Drake (the original Captain Action) and Tammy Drake. Miles groomed Cole to be his replacement. Cole entered the ranks of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate and distinguished himself on a number of missions. In 2001, he was made the new Captain Action and placed in charge of field operations.

Unfortunately, Cole didn't seem able to handle this responsibility. Cole's erratic behaviour earned him a series of reprimands. Finally, in 2005, this lead to a serious incident in which the security of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate was nearly compromised. Seeing no choice in the matter, Miles Drake dismissed his son from the service.

When Savior blew up the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate headquarters, Cole took it upon himself to resume the mantle of Captain Action. Though he still had strong reservations about it, Cole put those aside and continued to serve as the new Captain Action.

Arriving in a new world, Cole was approached by the Taskforce where he learnt of the arrival of other otherworldly beings like himself. Knowing all too well the danger posed by unchecked superpowered beings, Cole gladly joined the Taskforce.

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Name: His Excellecny, Hero of Korhal, Arcturus Mengsk, (Ex)-Emperor of the Terran Dominion
Fandom: Starcraft
Affiliation: Taskforce
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Race: Human (Terran)

Appearance: Arcturus was a bulky man of imposing stature, large of shoulder and thick of waist. He had a powerful charisma about him, something that many said was more imposing in person than through holos. Earlier in his adulthood, Arcturus had a full dark hair, but as he aged both his hair and beard became streaked with silver, which is stated to have enhanced his natural gravitas

Abilities/Skills: From a young age, Arcturus Mengsk was labeled a genius
Mengsk rose to the rank of colonel in the Confederate Marine Corps before leaving and has demonstrated considerable tactical skill, leading several of his former compatriots to call him a gifted strategist. Admiral Gerard DuGalle referred to him as an "accomplished tactician."

Mengsk demonstrated the ability to befriend and manipulate people to his benefit He claimed that other people are unfocused in their thinking, and that he acted as a "strong center" for them. He was very skilled at oratory and propaganda and was described as a "media darling."Mengsk also demonstrated skill in electronics and studied geology, politics and psychology, becoming a skilled prospector.

In addition, Mengsk was very strong-willed. He considered himself to be a man who was guided by his own will, and no-one else's, and was a great orator. Through careful blanking of his mind, he could prevent telepaths such as Sarah Kerrigan from reading his thoughts. The skill was not perfect, however.

Personality: Mengsk’s public persona can be described as that of a mostly down to earth Paternal Autocrat. Strict yet caring towards those below his position, a humble leader whose down to earth intereactions with people win the public's affection.

Behind the theatrics. Mengsk is egoistical considerably irate and often unempathetic, He did not empathize with other people well, finding those who suffered loss and expressed their sense of it unpleasant to be around


“Arcturus Mengsk has been called a rebel hero, a mass murderer, and nearly everything in between. One word that has never been used to describe him, however, is 'ordinary.'"

Hailing from a family of Confederate Nobles, Arcturus Mengsk has achieved many titles in his life. Prospector, Confederate Colonel, Terrorist, Revolutionary and even the Emperor of the greatest interplanetary state in the Koprulu Sector. However for all of his accomplishments in life, everything was lost when he found himself in the techonogically primitive past of Terra itself, and was soon captured by a group called the Taskforce.

After a brief stint in the containment unit, Mengsk came to the conclusion that joining the Taskforce was the best option on hand, as it seemed to be the only capable organization in this new world, and he lacked the necessary knowladge to have any authority among the so called 'rebels'. he offered his services as an administrator, tactician and orator to the Taskforce in full. Albeit considering his past actions his intentions and loyalty with Taskforce is questionable at best.

Mengsk, as exceptional as he is for a Human, is still Human thus he prefers to stay out of the field for the most part instead doing his part for the Taskforce via using his charisma and gravitas as a Propaganda Tool, often seen giving speeches on TV in favour of Taskforce’s hardline policies and praising their efforts as well as appearing in numereous interviews.

“Fellow Terrans, I come to you in the wake of recent events to issue a call to reason. Let no human deny the perils of our time. While we battle one another, divided by the petty strife of our common history, the tide of a greater conflict is turning against us, threatening to destroy all that we have accomplished. It is time for us as nations and as individuals to set aside our long-standing feuds and unite. The tides of an unwinnable war are upon us, and we must seek refuge upon higher ground, lest we be swept away by the flood.
The Confederacy is no more! Whatever semblance of unity and protection it once provided is a phantom, a memory. With our enemies left unchecked, who will you turn to for protection? The devastation wrought by the alien invaders is self-evident. We have seen our homes and communities destroyed by the calculated blows of the Protoss. We have seen first hand our friends and loved ones consumed by the nightmarish Zerg. Unprecedented and unimaginable though they may be, these are the signs of our time.
The time has come, my fellow Terrans, to rally to a new banner. In unity lies strength; already many of the dissident factions have joined us. Out of the many we shall forge an indivisible whole capitulating only to a single throne, and from that throne I shall watch over you. From this day forward let no human make war upon any other human, let no Terran agency conspire against this new beginning, and let no man consort with alien powers, and to all the enemies of humanity: seek not to bar our way, for we shall win through, no matter the cost!”
Crowning Speech.

“Proud Citizens of Earth! I come here today to soothe your worries, at long last you can rest easy knowing that the known terrosit, Garrus Vakarian has been apprehended by the heroes of our Taskforce, I assure you, in due time he will be rehabilitated into human society , with every passing day, we get one step closer to a New Era of Peace! Our Victory against the dissidents is assured! Good Night, my fellow citizens.”
Arcturus Mengsk, recent speech given following the capture of one Garrus Vakarian.
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Character #1
Sebastian Michaelis
Fandom: Black Butler/ Kuroshitsuji
Fandom setting: Victorian Era England
Affiliation: taskforce- imprisoned (unless you think he'd have better access to info about going home in the field)
Gender: male
Age: unknown- at least 800 years
Race: crossroads demon

Appearance: 6'1" tall, his eyes change from a humanlike redish-brown to demonic bright red depending on how he's feeling. His nails are black, though they remain covered by gloves most of the time. He also bears a pentagram on the back of his right hand. A sign of the deal he has with his dinner to be.

Abilities/Skills: super speed, super strength, he can see the tiniest details the human eyes cannot, and see further too. He can shape shift into just about anything. From shadow and sludge to a variety of animals, human, and even parts of his body into inanimate objects like weapons. Rapid healing.

Possession: can can put his energy into objects like painting and statues to scare people.

Fire control: he can turn a candle flame into a roaring house fire in less than a second. Immune to fire.

He is also an exquisite chef, forced to learn due to being the only one available to care for his master at first. It was learn or watch his dinner starve. Meals or sweets, you'd be hard pressed to find better.

He also is a skilled musician. Though he seems to favor the violin.

When in a fight, at least when there a veiwers, he tends to like to show off. He will use anything available to fight with. From a coat rack, plates, to a soup ladle. His weapon of choice, however, are the forks and butter knives he just seems to always have on hand.

Weaknesses: he doesn't really care to obey anyone other than his master. He does in his world for appearances sake, as he is a Butler. He might continue playing that role in the prison, if he is allowed free movement. But his biggest concern is going thru their information to find a way back to his master. If they prove useless he could even try to leave and join another faction to see if they have anything different to offer.

Reaper scythes and angelic weapons have been shown to be the only things that can substantially hurt him in his fandom. While human objects can hurt, he just heals himself. Though lost limbs seem to grow back over time.

Cats, he just loves them. He forgets anything else for a moment in favor of coddling them. Whether the poor cat wants it or not.

Personality: Sebastian is a perfectionist. He can be cruel and sadistic, loving any chance he gets to pummel invadors and scaring the living daylights out of theives. However, if it suits his need he can be equally generous. However, nothing he does is without some benifit to himself.

History: Sebastian does not share much of his history. It is nobodies business, though he might be inclined to answer if asked. Or he might not.

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Figured I'd throw my hat in as Guts! Question: I have an Avatar OC, basically the Avatar after Korra. Is it okay if I use him or no?


Name (including nicknames, aliases, etc): Guts, The Struggler, The Black Swordsman, The 100-Man Slayer

Fandom: Berserk

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Race: Human(?)

Appearance: Saying Guts is big is a fucking understatement. This guy is built like a brick building, with the jawline to boot. Guts stands at a massive 6'8, and has to weigh somewhere in the 200 pound range. The guy is strong, and it shows. His body is covered in scars from countless battles, with the most noticeable running horizontally across his nose. His hair is black, and is usually spiked up, though it will occasionally go down if it's wet enough. A small patch of it is colored an unnatural white as well. His eyes are brown, yet they seem a bit duller than would be normal, and his ears almost have a lupine appearance with the point at the end. He's also missing his right eye and left arm, with him simply only having one eye open, and having a metal prosthetic to replace his lost limb.

Abilities/Skills: If there's one thing Guts is good at, it's killing. He's been killing for as long as he can remember, and despite little formal training, he's damn good at it. Without any magical aid or abilities, Guts killed a hundred men in one night, mostly by himself. Granted, he nearly died from the ordeal, but it's still impressive. His strength has to be superhuman, as he wields the Dragonslayer, a sword about as large as he is, and weighing about as much, the same way he'd wield his previous blades. His endurance is also superhuman, as he's survived things that would have easily killed normal people. Though his greatest strength, however, is is willpower. Guts will never, ever gie up. He doesn't care what he has to do to win, just as long as he does it. He will jump through fire just to line up a good shot, cut off his own arm just for the chance to stab you, and a lot more. As long as he's alive, he'll keep fighting. Speaking of which, his other most powerful tool: the Berserker Armor. The Berserker armor is a cursed suit of black armor, forged by dwarves. When activated, it has several abilities it bestows onto it's user. The first is that it removes all sensations of pain in the user, allowing them to keep fighting at their best no matter how wounded they are. The second is a bit more...abstract. You see, humans have natural limitations the mind puts in place to protect us. You know how people can lift cars if the adrenaline is pumping enough? Well, the Berserker removes all of these limitations. Fear, hesitation, even the body's natural inability to use 100% of it's muscle mass. And if that's not enough, the armor will also keep you fighting, as if you, say, break a leg, metal teeth will dig into your skin and brace the bone back into place. Which leads to the Armor's downsides. Firstly, it brings out the darkness inside of it's wearer, fueling their rage, anger, and hate, and with Guts, it takes the form of a black wolf, a representation of his hatred and trauma. The second flaw is also one if it's strengths: it will keep you fighting no matter what. The armor, unless stopped, will completely dominate the wearer, and keep them fighting until they die. The last downside is that use of the armor begins taking it's toll on the wearer's body. After just one use, Guts began to go blind, lose his sense of taste, hearing, and his hair went white in one spot.

Personality: Guts is a bit of a contradiction. On the surface, he seems the cliche gruff, badass swordsman. He doesn't talk much, he's morally ambiguous, and solves every problem with violence. But there's...more to him. Guts is oddly poetic and philosophical, often pondering the meaning of his own existence, and able to look within and examine his actions. The trauma of his youth shaped him, however. Guts is a survivor, first and foremost. Fighting for his life is the only time he feels alive, and he's never comfortable without a sword nearby. He's grown out of his...morally dubious phase, and while by no means good, he will try to avoid hurting innocents if at all possible, though he won't hesitate to do so if he has no other option. That all sounds okay, right? Well, get ready for some dark shit. You see, after all he's been through, Guts has formed an alternate personality of sorts, a representation of his hatred: the Beast of Darkness. It haunts Gut's every waking thought, gaoding, taunting him, always fighting for control. Even out of the Berserker armor, he has to fight to just not lose control, turning into nothing but a wild animal.

History: Guts...Guts has had a hard life. One he doesn't much like to divulge, but here's what I can say on RPNation. Guts has no parents. None that are alive, anyways. He was born from the corpse of a pregnant woman hung from a tree, being found by a mercenary named Gambino surrounded by her guts, hence his name. Guts' was constantly abused both physically and verbally by his adootive father, and through some very fucked up events, Guts developed severe PTSD in regards to physical contact. This all culminated when Gambino tried ot kill the boy in a drunken state, to which Guts defended himself and was forced to flee. He somehow survived, and spent the next few years a wandering mercenary, living only to fight and risk his life. That was until he met Griffith, leader of the mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk. While he was initially forced into joining them, Guts finally found a place amongst the Hawks, even becoming a captain. But even then, he desired something more. He could never be his own person serving another man's dreams, and besides just surviving, Guts had never had a dream of his own. So, he left, much to Griffith's dismay. He was gone for over a year, coming back to see the Band shattered, and Griffith a shriveled shell of his former self. Griffith had lost it after Guts left, sleeping with the princess, and being captured and tortured for a year, all the while the Hawks desperately fought for survival, now led by Griiffith's second-in-command Casca. Despite the animosity the two had initially shared, Guts and Casca realized they both had feelings for one another, and finally, Guts moved on from his trauma, and finally found happiness.

Until the Eclipse. Guts...doesn't like talking about it, just be aware that whatever happened, Guts now has an irrational hatred for Griffith, and he lost an eye and an arm. Afterwards, he donned the Black Swordsman moniker, wielding the massive Dragonslayer in his hunt for Griffith. Eventually, however, he gave up on his quest for revenge, instead deciding his true mission was to cure Casc'a broken mind, as the Eclipse had turned her mindset into that of an infant. Guts met many comrades along his journey, finally remembering what it was like to have a family. Then, just as Casca was finally cured, he suddenly found himself...somewhere else. Somewhere alien and odd. People tried to capture him, others tried to recruit them. It didn't matter. He needed to get back, back to Casca, back to his friends. He's been wandering for a while now, chasing any rumor of someone who can get him home, and he doesn't care who he has to kill to get tot hem.

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I want to personally thank the Legend of Genji project for heavily inspiring Chun and his story! And by heavily inspired, I mean I pretty much took the basic concept and ran with it.

Name (including nicknames, aliases, etc): Chun, The Avatar, Avatar Chun

Fandom: Avatar The Last Airbender OC

Affiliation: Unaffiliated (Currently, will probably join Utopia)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Human (Technically, basically a human with the spirit of Raava)

Appearance: Chun takes the appearance of a lanky, darker skinned young man, with dark brown hair and green eyes. He's about average in height at about 5'11. Otherwise, nothing seems out of the odrinary for him.

Abilities/Skills: Chun is one of many Avatars, the vessel of Raava, the Spirit of Light. The Avatar's duty is to maintain the balance of the world, between the Four Nations, and the physical world and that of the spirits. As such, Chun has the ability to bend all Four Elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, alongside a few sub-bending types, primarily Sandbending and Glassbending. Alongside this, Chun has access to every previous Avatar in the Avatar Cycyle, due to him reconnecting with them during his journeys. He can use this to both communicate with them for advice, as well as enter the Avatar State, channeling both the power of Raava, as well as that of every previous Avatar. While in this state, Chun can do feats that are nearly godlike in power, as he once parted an entire sea using this, as well as causing a massive sinkhole in the middle of Ba Sing Se so large it nearly engulfed the entire Inner Ring. Besides that, he's a bit of a squirrelly guy, with skills to match. He's adept at what can only be described as parkour, as well as a basic understanding of theft.

Personality: From the very begininng, Chun was not cut out to be the Avatar. He was rebellious, irresponsible, and a bit mopey. But over time, he grew into his role. he showed he had a decent sense of humor, and a natural empathy for others. His insecurities turned into confidence, and he turned his pain into strength. By the end, he was worthy of being called Avatar. Currently, he's at a bit of an impasse. He's finally done it: he's brought balance to the world. He's reconnected with his previous lives. He's happy...but what now? What is the role of the Avatar in a world that's slowly not ahving any need of them? Should he take a direct role in things, or should be more careful, only stepping in when necessary? Although he is much calmer and wiser than he once was, he is still prone to bouts of sulking an impulsive anger, something he's still trying to get a hold of.

History: Chun was born the very day Avatar Korra died, to a lowly Sandbender woman in Ba Sing Se. Chun never knew his father, and his mother never really talked about it. This, mixed with the constant abuse associated with being a Sandbender, led to Chun having a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He was a troublemaker, usually just tossing a rock or two at a guard, tearing his way around the Lower Ring, and generally making a fool of himself. It wasn't that he enjoyed it...actually, he kind of did sometimes. It was he felt he really had no other choice. He'd end up like every other Sandbender: wasting his life away in some dirty ghetto. The news the Avatar was discovered didn't really phase the then sixteen year old Chun. So what if some rich noble turned out to be Avatar? Didn't effect Chun...except it did. A few weeks later, two men came to his door, a Waterbender and an Airbender. They simply asked that Chun perform a test, in exchange for a free meal. he was initially gonna run away, suspecting he'd done something wrong that earned their ire, but it turned out they were members of the White Lotus. Turns out they'd gotten the wrong person, as the Earth Kingdom's method for finding the Avatar was both inaccurate, and often ruled by bias. The White Lotus had their suspicions, and had discovered several undocumented people born the same day Korra died, most likely due to a lack of records. Using deductive reasoning, they narrowed the Avatar down to Ba Sing Se, the one thing the Earth Kingdom's test got right. From there, it was quite easy finding Chun. Before him was laid out about twenty or so random objects, and he was told to pick exactly five of them at random. The objects he picked were as such: a wolf headdress, a fan, a Fire Nation hair piece, an Airbender glider, and finally, a Water Tribe betrothal necklace. The two men were dumbfounded. Chun was the Avatar. Those five items had all belonged to the five Avatars before Chun, and upon asking him why he chose them, Chun couldn't give a clear answer. He just...picked them. And so, he was told of his nature, and his destiny. War was coming. Those unhappy with the sanctions placed on the Earth Kingdom after the Earth Empire's reign were gathering, and slwoly but sure, were taking over the government. Already, cities were throwing Sandbenders out alongside anyone else they though didn't belong. The False Avatar was an oblivious patsy to all this, unknowingly the mascot of this movement. Chun had to master all Four Elements, and hopefully stop an all out war. While initially reluctant, Chun accepted, and so left his home to become the Avatar.

The next few years were...eventful. Durin his time master Earthbending, he reconnected with his Sandbending heritage, and met Korra for the first time. WHile mastering Fire, he met his Firebending teacher, alongside realizing he had feelings for the niece of his Waterbending teacher, who had tagged along with the group. While mastering Air, he overcame his insecurities of being the Avatar, and reconnected with his past lives. And finally, after mastering Water, all out war broke out, and he led the assault on Ba Sing Se, bringing down the Second Earth Empire, and restoring balance to the world. It was just after the celebrations that Chun was teleported to a strange, yet familiar world. Technology was advanced, but not so far advanced it felt alien. But no one could bend, at least as far as he could see. So far, he hasn't been harrassed much, probably due to his strange abililty to simply fade into teh crowd, something he learned back in Ba Sing Se.

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