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Futuristic The Titan

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Alice started to head towards Al as well but she stopped when she saw Ezro froze in place and seemed to be in shock staring at something. Alice looked in the same direction.

“Haec....... why.....? How?”

"Haec?....!" Alice's eyes widen realizing who it was Alice looked over to Ezro, who had now fallen to his knees. She watched as the two talked and it became clear that this guy had obviously had his memories altered.

“And now you’ve ruined my chance at revenge, and weaseled your way out of trouble once more. But now, now will be different. Now you will be punished for your crimes, and I will be there to see it. And first, I’m going to start your punishment by killing every last one of these bastards that dared to follow you. Soldiers! Raise your weapons!”

Alice's watched as she and the rest of the crew were being aimed at ready for the order to shoot.

“No! Don’t do this Haec, I beg of you! I’ll go with you. If you let them all go..... I’ll go with you without a fight.”

Alice's eyes widen. "What? No! Ezro!" She started to run to him but she felt soldier grab her and pull her arms behind her. "Hey let go!" Alice yelled as she struggled to get loose.
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The snake grinned widely as Ezro submitted to his will, even more so when Alice ran towards him only to get caught by a guard.

“Bah, isn’t it pitiful how you love these criminals more than you love your own blood? Well at this point I dare say that is our only relation, this blood may be shared between us but our familial relationship is all too dead to me.”

Ezro struggled one last time to try and run to Alice, only to be stopped dead in his tracks once more.

“You know what? You’re right! If this is the monster you choose to be, and this is how you choose to falsely remember the past, then my brother Haec is truly dead! This isn’t you! Look at Alice for fucks sakes! She’s living proof that you once had dignity and a strong moral code!”

As Haec stared at the fair woman before him, his eyes glistened for a moment before he cringed and turned away.

“I see nothing more than another criminal, who wasted their life with the likes of you. The past that is truth is the one that I know, and you cannot convince me otherwise.”

Haec strode on the dirt ground in his bare feet toward his brother, stealing a pair of cuffs all the while, and restrained him. Just then, The Titan arrived and touched down to the earth nearby, followed by the ramp and entrance opening up. As Ezro was held strongly by his old friend, he turned his eyes back to Alice.

“I’m sorry Alice. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you and everyone safe. But altleast this way the rest of you can make it out of this alive. You’re the captain now, Alice. Lead them all, and lead them better than I did..... I’m so sorry, to all of you. Now please, go. Go and don’t turn back.... please.”
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"We have to go," Sil said as the soldiers surrounded them. The Titan had landed. The skies above were filled with ITF carriers. They took Al, she thought. The image of him being hauled into a carrier lingered in her mind. It could have been any of them. It could have been all of them. It had to be Ezro.

She didn't know anything about his brother, how he died, why he was turned into... this. And, frankly, Sil didn't give a shit. An enemy is an enemy. If not for all of the soldiers surrounding them, she would have gutted this asshole and strung him up by his entrails.

Sil, tapped her communicator: "Everyone return to the ship. Corr. Kal. Go. I'll get Alice... one way or another." She took a deep breath as her grip on her knife tightened. "I'm not losing two captains in one day. Silmaris, out." She returned the communicator to her pocket.

"Alice," Sil said again as she went to her first mat- umm, captain's side. "Alice, we have to leave, now." She grabbed Alice's hand and began to drag her toward the Titan. "He's not our captain anymore. You are. Memorialize him, mourn him, avenge him, but don't you dare die with him." And then she muttered under her breath. "Only reason i haven't knocked you out and dragged your unconscious body to the ship is because we don't have a first mate yet and the chain of command would go to shit." Yeah, sentimentality wasn't really her strong suit.

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