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Jacen just watched them squabbling. "Hey the damn thing is a machine right?" He said as he took a step forward. "Why don't we use some kind of pulse to disrupt it's circuits long enough to take it out." He said. He knew no one would really listen to him but he didn't care. "Or the captain can run straight at it like a jackass and get himself killed." As he was talking his data pod dinged but he didn't care. "Either way we need some coherent plan."


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“Silmaris.” Ezro’s eyes were serious, in a more sad sort of way than angry. The Captain gently put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m serious. During our journey here I studied every little bit of information I could about that damn thing. This machine is built for destroying planets, and all we can legitimately do is blow it sky high and hope for the best. I assure you I’ve tried thinking of every other strategy we can take, and it’s puts us at a disadvantage. Unless the Walhru’s have some kind of superweapon I’m unaware of, this is the best we can do.”

Then, Jacen decided to put in his two bits, which caused Ezro’s eyes to narrow. “If it’s prepared for orbital assaults, do you really thing the Cambion would be able to be subjugated to EMP strikes?. And need I remind you, Jaden.” Ezro stepped closer to the Helmsman. “I wanted to avoid this threat, but you signed up for a suicide mission when you voted to come to this planet. I assure you I have no intention of getting myself killed, but I’ll not be made a coward and turn away from this conflicts now. I’m going to fight because you all are my family and it is my job, to protect and fight alongside my family. Death is only inevitable at this point, I’ve accepted that. But it seems you’re still hoping for a fantasy where all of us get out of this alive.”
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"Everything has a weakness." Jacen said as he walked towards the bunker door. "You just have to find it." He said. He then looked at Ezro. "And for the last fuck'n time don't pretend like you weren't going to do this anyway. " He said as looked at him dead in the eyes. "we're not family. Where just a group of mercenaries who pretend that they're pirates." He said before walking away from them sick and tired of their bullshit. "Tell me when you have an actual plan captain." He said with bitterness filling his last word


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“At this rate and with that attitude you certainly aren’t Corr. I don’t know what the fuck happened to you to turn you into the jackass you’re acting like now, but I sure as hell wish you’d get your act together. You used to be a strong piece of unity and dedication amongst us all, now you’re nothing more than deadweight.”

Ezro felt somewhat hurt, but his pride always prevented him from showing it. So instead of disappointed and somewhat sad, he only looked irritated and pissed at Corr.


Jacen only laughed at that. "Well after this mission you won't have to worry about this dead weight anymore. I quite." He said as he walked into a separate room and closed the door.


"Just give him a moment to smoke his cigar and sing a little tune and he will be back to normal," Sil teased. She probably shouldn't poke fun at him at a time like this, but she had already tried to talk to him on the way to the bunker and he shut her down, so she wasn't in the mood for his bullshit right now either. And, frankly, she preferred 'Angry Asshole' Jacen over 'Drink Myself To Death' Jacen. His anger would pass... eventually.

She returned her attention to Ezro. "Focus. Do you have the latest Cambion specs with you? I want to study it. We might see something you missed."

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The Cambion, clad with patches of mud and dirt, stomped through the barren Wasteland it Bhalaja. A heavy array of blood also adorned its armor, some dried and some extremely fresh. Ever since its arrival a week ago, it had continually persisted in gathering intel from the local Wahlru civilians by any means necessary in order to track down the rogue syndicates present on the planet. According to its calculations on the recent activity, it had snuffed out around seven eighths of the rebel’s, with its most recent kill being a group of ten located in the South Eastern hemisphere of Bhalaja.

This one had been one of the most difficult to find thus far, but after terrorizing some of the villages by means of making an example out of some of the communities elders as well as threatening the child populace, they finally caved and revealed the location of the base. After that it was as simple as hunting them down and executing them one by one without hesitation or mercy. It’s new array of weapons proved most useful in providing more innovative methods of killing them all, be it through explosives, plasmatic weapons, of the set of metallic serrated blades built into its wrists. Blunt force trauma wasn’t the only way to take down targets now, and it stoked Cambions fire of hatred with the knowledge that now no one could stand in its way.

And all of it was possible because of the Supreme Commanding General...


Loading Bay 631 sat dormant aboard The Beacon. The only ship present was a one trip shipment pod titled Hellstorm, that sat prepped and ready for takeoff upon commands allowance. Next to it was the only signs of life, one organic and the other machine. Project Hades sat idle, with its body facing toward the ship, almost as if it desired to enter and takeoff already. Yet himself and Dr. Weil, who had been instructed to attend the takeoff, had been ordered to wait for the Supreme Commander’s arrival to show enforcement for the attack. Weil was still expecting the whole thing to be called off such that he could continue his work and rub it in the face of that bastard Hinax. But for now, they both sat waiting for who they presumed to be Kietlav Mason.

“He’s late.”

Cambion said nothing in reply,

“Do we really need the jackass to come see you off? I’m certain this bullshit will come to an end and you’ll finally come back with me to the labs.”

The Cambion let off a low guttural growl, just in time for the doors to slide open and a body dressed in the adorned uniform of the SCG. Weil’s face would enact a surprised look, and Cambion itself would even look confused. It was Hinax, bold and prideful as ever, with a cocky look in his eyes and a Cheshire Cat smile on his face.

“I assure you, Weil, no such thing will happen. Everything is moving as scheduled.”

“Hinax?! What is the meaning of this!? Where is Supreme Commander Mason?”

Hinax said nothing and instead looked to Cambion, who’s eyes flashed as it’s system received a brief update.

“Kietlav Mason, deceased due to a heart attack one day precious to today. New instated Supreme Commanding General of the Interstellar Task Force is one Carrera Hinax.” Cambion then bowed its head, “Welcome Supreme Commander, what are my orders?”

Hinax grinned widely, and Weil’s horrified face only caused him to bark with laughter. Weil then grit his teeth, and sneered at Hinax.

“So, you went as far to cover your ass by assassinating one of the ITF’s most prominent leaders in history? Don’t think I didn’t notice the prototype firearm missing from my workspace.”

“He was old and weak, I merely sped up the process of his retirement. Now I will be the one to lead this dominant force to new levels of power! Starting with Cambion.”

“I ought to have you outed and executed for your crimes!”

“Oh? And should I then bring up the horrors that have been enacted in your laboratory?”

“Those were allowed by the Supreme Commander himself!”

“But no one else knows that besides myself and your now deceased Commanding Officer. And who are they going to believe? Their honorable leader? Or a sniveling Scientist?”

Weil grimaced before looking away, “So that’s how it’s going to be then? Fine, I’ll go along with your charade. Not that I have much of a choice any longer.”

“Good, good. You are free to leave Weil, begin preparations for Project Zues. As for you Cambion, I wish you well on your mission. You are free to deport when ready.”

“Thank you Supreme Commander. Strider will be apprehended, as well as his crew. And the people of Bhalaja will once again be under our control.” That said, the beast of a machine entered its pod which would shortly thereafter be shot out into the nether regions of Space.

“Now wait just a minute! How do you expect me to begin the process of constructing Project Hades’ twin when we haven’t even found worthy candidates for it?”

“Oh I assure you doctor, we’ll be finding a perfect candidate soon enough.”


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“I fear that still might not be enough. But I’ll give him the time, let’s all just focus on the mission at hand. I do have the Cambions specs on hand, so I suppose if Ute has a projector we can use then I’m more than happy for you all to look them over. I’m still hopefully that we’re still able to find something, and that I was just too fucking nervous to pay close enough attention. Thank you for your patience Sil.”
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"I've got a projector in room 15-A, take two lefts then a right. What we do know is that Cambion's got more weaponry than before. Plasma guns, serrated blades, explosived. We've coordinated with the BBM for the necessary protection, atleast for the Wahlru. They wouldn't fit on any Humans, Delrothi, or Tymari. Apologies. What we also know is that universally, the joints, will be the least armored. They'd need space for flexibility." Ute continued. "We do have a plan. If we're able to restrain the Cambion, we've got a weapon. A hyper-plasmoid drill. If we're able to cut into the back of this cyborg, it's gone. We have numbers and technology on our side, but the Cambion has unpredictability. We don't know how it acts, how it behaves." Ute took a deep breath, preparing for the final statement. "We have a sensor array set around two kilometers from here, that gives us a heads-up. The tide will remain high for around half an hour. The large mudlurkers are out, so that's a large enough deterrant to keep the cyborg away. I've seen those things tear apart tanks and boats."

Alejandras had walked down to his wahlru comrades in room 30-B. All there had heavily modified cybernetics, some with kinetic weapons, some with energy weapons, some with blades, some with hammers. All were adorned heavily in armor and plates. Alejandras spoke nothing as he motioned himself to gird himself in the same armor. It was heavy.



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Alice stood against the wall with her arms crossed listening to the conversation though for some reason it suddenly got heated. Though Jacen's attitude was off she did agree with his statement about everything having a weakness. Alice looked over at Jacen when he said after this mission he was going to quit. Though she honestly could not tell if he meant it. Alice's attention went back to the conversation at hand.

"I've got a projector in room 15-A, take two lefts then a right. What we do know is that Cambion's got more weaponry than before. Plasma guns, serrated blades, explosived. We've coordinated with the BBM for the necessary protection, atleast for the Wahlru. They wouldn't fit on any Humans, Delrothi, or Tym-"

Aaaand she was on he datapod not listening to a thing Ute was saying. "Wait....ugh damnit!" She shut her datapod off and stuck it in her pocket. "Why do I always do that??" She turned her attention back to Ute but only caught the last of what he said.

"I've seen those things tear apart tanks and boats."

"Wait what?" Alice blinked having no idea what he was talking about. Alice felt more distracted than usual. Maybe it was because now she was having a bad feeling about this whole mission. Seeing as she was not following anything at the moment she decided to check on Jacen. She opened up the door to the room he went in and called out to him. "Yo Jacen you cool down yet?" She walked in and shut the door behind her. Alice took a look around the room then walked up to him. "So something on your mind you seem irritable. And I'm guessing it's not the Cambion....though if it is your not the only one stressed out about it you know." Well, he was probably just going to snap on her to like he did with Sil and Ezro but there was no harm in trying.
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Jacen looked at her before looking away. "Truth is... I'm just tired of all the bloodshed and running. I want to just find unpopulated planet and be done with it." He said truthfully. "Which is why I will be leaving after this mission. Hell I'm sure you guys will barley miss me anyways." He leaned against the wall as he pressed a couple of fingers against his skull. "Hell maybe this damn headache will end too."



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Well she wasn’t expecting that. ”Find a unpopulated planet huh?....... But isn’t that the same thing as running away? I don’t like all this blood shed either. But you gotta take the good with the bad right?” She said smiling at him. “And of course we would miss ya. I bet Sil would~“ Alice said as she smirked and nudged him. “At least I think she would....You can never tell with her.” She said with a shrug. “Besides wouldn’t you miss us?” Alice put her hands behind her back and titled her head. “Hey your not sick are ya?” She asked refering to his headache. “Have you checked yourself for a fever?”


"I've had my fair share of it. So I can walk away with no regrets." He said as the pain flared up. "Really you'll miss me? This is probably the longest conversation we've had. Hell I've only technically been on the ship for three weeks if that. That isn't enough time to form connections. No matter what you are your boyfriend thinks, and Sil please she'll find another piece of meat to toy around with." He let out a breath as he looked at her.

"I got myself checked out when I got back from Nimeria. They couldn't find anything wrong with me." He started to walk towards Alice. "We should see if that ginger has a decent plan made up." He said walking out of the room.
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Alice put a hand on her hip as she watched him walk out. Alice sighed and walked out of the room. “It only takes a moment to make connection with someone Jacen.” Alice said as she walked passed him. “Just one single moment.” Alice walked up to Ezro and tugged on his hand. “Please tell me you guys came up with a plan.”
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"Our captain was just about to show us the Cambion specs and we will go from there," Sil said in response to Alice's question. She nodded to Ezro and gestured for him to lead them to the projector, now that everyone was present. She only spared a brief glance at Jacen. No smile. No 'glad you're back.' No, 'are you okay.' Just a glance. A simple glance, acknowledging he was there.

This is business, Sil thought. We have a murder bot to kill. No time for sentimental bullshit.

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Ezro nodded his head at Sil’s statement, “Yeah, there’s a projector just up the hall. We’ll do a quick analysis and hopefully one of you might be able to find something I missed on it.” He eyed Jacen, “If certain individuals are still keen on quitting, then you can hang back here with Ute.”

That said, Ezro headed in the direction the Wahlru had pointed them out to, thanking them all the while. It was a short walk, and after entering 15-A Ezro quickly activated the projector and jacked his datapod into the system which then displayed the Cambions model papers and specs.

“The only detail I looked over that seemed helpful was the temperature base of the armoring. Though that would take high exposure and a high temperature outlet. So it’s a no go.”
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"That's what the Hyper-Plasmoid Drill is for, it's similar to the plasma cutter, but with a power tenfold. Fairly large contraption, I've got it right over..." Ute was cut off as a series of alarms went off. A display monitor behind Ute began to relay sensor data, which detected an unusually high output of heat and electricity five-hundred meters out. Ute's face turned mortified as he spied the console. "What they hell? The damn thing passed through 1500 meters of surveillance!" Ute quickly analyzed the rest of the duration of the Eclipse. He quickly moved a microphone to his face. "The Artlegard is less than half a click away and the solstice eclipse lasts for fifteen more minutes! Everyone to your battle stations!"

There was a brief pause before the pounding of over four dozen wahlru extremists, all adorned with heavy full-body armor and plasmoid shielding, and all equipped with heavy weaponry ranging from machine guns to rotary cannons to rocket launchers. Leading them was Alejandras, who stood out like a sore thumb with his heavily modified cybernetics. He thrust his arms down and a triple-barreled rotary cannon emerged from the inner workings of one, while a saw emerged from the other. He walked in front of the infantry behind him, turning to them. A helmet obscured his face. "This, this is for Bhalaja! This is for the Wahlru! This is for our families, our friends, our brothers, our fathers, our sisters, our mothers! This is for the next generation of whelps! This is for our people! Modderach gul tisi kuhl. Every bull here knows that they may die, and every bull here has excepted this. Let's kill this Cambion so our whelps and sows may survive another day! This is only the beginning! The Independent Wahlru Coalition breathes it first breath today, and today shall not be it's last!" There was a rallying cry of deep bellows, and a pounding of fists.

"We're ready, Ezro."

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The concept of thought is an odd thing, in that like a computer one can recall every bit of information they harbor. Students use it to pass tests and comprehend subjects, witnesses use it to unravel a crime, and victims use it to piece together their own thoughts. But all these examples have one thing in common, the necessity of a third party. How can a student learn anything without a teach? A witness without the aid of a detective? Or a patient without a therapist? Peoples minds are strong yes, but often times they forget important details to remember for later. Thus comes the importance of this third party, an aid to delve into the deepest reserves of the human mind so that nothing is overlooked and nothing is left unchecked.

The process of thought is not limited to any presence of organic life, but to all living things both primal and advanced. It even extends to a cyborg ridden of all emotion. One might question what such a subject would have to think about, given their lack of memories or need to think at all. But it still happens, because the process of thought cannot be undone. Even to brain dead individuals, they still think while their body is slumped away with no activity. So why should the Cambion be any different?

In all truth, roaming a barren wasteland of a planet hunting down a resistance force and seeking information left plenty of time in between for thought. Initially it’s only thought was of the pirate crew it so desperately wished to hunt, with its anger guiding its every thought. Then it began to question its anger, and why it was so direct and the only emotion it managed to feel besides the empty void of nothing. It questioned why all other emotions were lost to him. Why had Strider and his crew been a catalyst in driving it to this point of need for violence? While it had no memory of its past life, nor did the ITF provide any records of such things in the vast data base that the Cambion had access to, it still had existential thoughts and burning questions.

These drove it to search everywhere both in its own brain, and in that of the third party, the data base. It became so drastic that it began violating its own code due to the one human emotion it had left that gave it free will over its own programming. This wouldn’t be the first time, as those scientists it had murdered in its rampage were the first evidence of this breach in protocol. But it did well in hiding this from Dr. Weil later on as to not have its mind warped once more. It liked this emotion, no matter how volatile it made him, and it couldn’t afford to be a lifeless husk once more. This anger would make its work more enjoyable, but it came with the downside of these aforementioned questions.

While most all information the ITF harbored was public for all soldiers, there were some things kept safe behind firewalls and secret files hidden in plain sight. But when you’re a technological marvel with partial independent thought, it wasn’t hard to hack and break through most everything and to begin searching for answers. What’s more is no one would ever know, not until it would make its discoveries known.

It started with records of ITF soldiers who had been introduced to the Cyber initiative program, but that led to a dead end considering all subjects on file had been labeled as deceased and failed. It looked at logs of unwilling participants who hadn’t Ben formally introduced to the program. Even as far as to look at the records of every soldier in the past ten years that were either deceased or missing. Finally it came to a more direct file, the hidden contents of Project Hades, it’s own design. Here is where it found answers, but only fury was to replace it. It took a while to find, but within a five year period one face of a soldier stung its eyes. One that tormented his brain and made memories long forgotten spark.

When it finally made this discovery, it was the present day, and whilst on route to a nearby village it suddenly stopped in its tracks. Heavy breathing and growling trembled from it, before it dropped to a single knee and activated the projector on its arm to contact Supreme Commander Hinax. It took a few attempts, but it had all the time in the world. Finally, the Commanding General was to pick up and stare at the Cambion in his miniature hologram form.

“Yes, what it is Cambion?” The machine of at said nothing, prompting the SCG to frown. “Soldier, you are being addressed. Speak, before I consider you not worth my time.”


“Again with that fucking name.” The commander sighed, “What is it? Have you found him? Is he dead?”


“Then why are you contacting me? You are wasting my time and your own when you should be taking care of the situation on Bhalaja!”

“Many days ago, you asked me who I am. And at the time I could not answer. But you knew, didn’t you? You knew who I was, and where I came from, and my affiliation to Strider.”

“....Yes I did.” Hinax was confounded at the depth of speech the Cambion was now able to use to the point of an agape mouth and surprised eyes.

“Why was I not told?”

“You were on a need to know basis, and you didn’t need to know. The Cyber initiative made it clear that memories would be wiped and all human emotion would be taken away.”

“No such information was given to me. After my death, my body was barely saved to be used in this experimentation.”

“It was the only way we could save you after you were almost killed!”

“I understand this, and what’s more I understand my own rage. Why it’s directed toward Strider. My pilots history files don’t contain a cause of death, save for that it was untimely, but I have pieced it together.”

“So you know the truth then?”

“I do.”

“And what are you going to do now?”

The Cambion stood. “I’m going to hunt him down, and punish him for his actions.”

“And how do you plan to do that?”

It growled, “By making him experience everything I have, and then some.”

The transmission was abruptly ended, leaving Hinax grinning in his office. It seems he wouldn’t need to be ordering the Cambion to enact Ezro’s extraction. Great minds think alike.

The Cambion had gotten an alert of six new life reading entering the upper atmosphere, but their method of entry was unknown. But it didn’t care. All that mattered was the Ezro and his crew were here, and unsurprisingly they were allying with the Wahlru‘s in the resistance. Which caused it to know where the central operation was running from. It could hit two birds with one stone, first with dismantling the Bhalajan resistance, and second with finally apprehending Ezro Strider.

Lunging from where it stood, it began flying hundred of meters at a time with the massive jumps its rear facing legs made for. As it pursued the signatures, it alerted all ITF convoys to convene on its position with a promise of restoring order to the planet. When it was a one man army, having more soldiers present would make this process easier.

Using its own cloaking technology, it bypassed all of the security measures and traps for a smooth entry about five hundred meters out. It even made it passed the mudlurker hives undetected by crawling along a cliff face nearby the oceanfront. But that was what eventually gave it away, considering the noise and disturbance it was making, so it wouldn’t have been surprised if some alarm had been tripped up.

Four hundred meters.... three hundred... two...... one..... Finally the Cambion was on the doorstep of the bunker, staring boldly into the framing of the door with its Crimson eyes. For now, it would wait. If they were planning a fight, then they’d come out eventually.

Ezro nodded to Al, “Then let’s get moving. Everyone load up and double check your weapons now! We don’t know how long it’ll be before it...” Ezro looked toward the door among all the people with him, including his crew and the army of Wahlru’s.

“It’s here... and yet it chooses not to approach. How odd.” Looking back to the group, he lifted his Tri-Function up onto his shoulder. “Is everyone ready?”

The Hunt Begins:
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Ute spoke. "Wait. We've seen this tactic before, It's waiting. This is a siege. We must wait, don't attack. Attacking will draw us out into the open, where we'll have the disadvantage. That door is about a meter thick, comprised of both titanium and concrete. We should fortify our position. We've got communications open to many of the smaller more hidden resistances nearby, that's at least double our numbers. Let's wait and see what happens."

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“I assure you that damn thing is tough enough to eventually break down that door. Then we’re just as fucked in these cramped spaces... we need to lure it away from the door so that we can get our forces out of here and surround the fucking thing. The addition of the other bases is necessary but who know how long it might take them to ready themselves and meet us here.”


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Al spoke. "There's another, hidden entrance that'll take us a good ways away south towards the sand. There, we can fight in the open and to our advantage. We can call the other resistances here to rendezvous at the beach. We can use the tunnels to get there, we've got subterranean transports down there. In order to avoid detection by heat sigs, we can activate the heat."



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“Alright, lets move while we can. Lead the way Alejandras. You can guide the troops, and I’ll take up the back to keep our asses covered. Let’s move.”


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Alejandras walked with his company in wake. They snaked through different corridors, closing certain blast doors and opening others, activating cleaning systems to mask their tracks, all the while the ambient temperature increased by the second. It was but two minutes until they reached the tunnels, the interior heat beating on them, and no better in the subterranean transportation system.

The transporters were fairly large automated flatbeds, each on a pad of eight mecanum wheels. The tunnels lacked any signs of metal, fully carved from the land below. Alejandras had his company split up into groups of ten on different transports, while he, Ute, and the rest of the crew gathered on a separate one. The transports moved quickly, kicking up soil and earth as they tumbled through the tunnels. Despite how long the tunnels seemed, they soon reached the end of the tunnel. Several thick blast doors bode them welcome, each one opening mechanically, and then being locked, overcharged, and disabled.

They reached the top, the bright Bhalajan sun high in it's arc, and a cool midday breeze sweeping across the beach.



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As the Cambion sat silently before the door to the bunker, it’s sensors analyzed every heartbeat and every heat signature within. It wouldn’t matter where they moved, it would know where they were at at all times. Knowing that they wouldn’t be foolish, it didn’t expect the full force to exit through that front door or anyone at all for that matter. Instead is was expecting some sort of sneak attack, perhaps hidden troops that it hadn’t picked up on earlier, or a trap of some sort. But nothing happened. All that transpired was the heat signatures backing off and diverting deeper into the ground.

The Cambion didn’t move, and instead continued tracking them and following their position to see where they’d come out. Sure enough, as they walked along they began to converge on the surface. So about a five hundred meters back the Cambion stood waiting patiently for them to arrive, and arrive they did. There was a mass of them, potentially in the hundreds. The bulk was of course the Wahlru soldiers and renegades, with the only unusual part memebers being the five non Bhalajan citizens.

As Ezro came up to the surface and turned his head, he immediately caught sight of the still Cambion. Both of their sets of Crimson eyes met for a solid moment, with the Captain refusing to break eye contact as he took a position towards the front amongst the crew, Ute, and Al.

“I shoulda known you would’ve tracked us to the outside. But it doesn’t matter now. Our forces are out in the open, so now you can’t slaughter us like cattle in a pen.”

The Cambion growled, eyeing them all carefully. Seemingly disregarding everything Ezro had said, it finally spoke.

“Citizens of Bhalaja, your resistance against ITF protocol ends now. Many of you have already perished by my own hand, but it is the will of my superiors that I give you a choice. Lay down your weapons, return to your villages, hand over the Pirate fugitives who have aided your cause, and you and your families will live to see another day. Refuse, and I will dismantle every last one of you and see to it that you are tortured for your disgusting uprising against the perfected regime.”

“As for you pirates, you Six are to be under arrest for violation against Sanction 7B-6 section fourteen that prohibits piracy, unlicensed bounty hunting, and all other manner of interplanetary mischief. Each of you are wanted for countless crimes that have soiled your names, and it will be brought about that you all are brought to a intergalactic court to decide your fate. Surrender might allow for some of you to live, given your more innocent lifestyles. Others of you,”
It eyed Ezro and Silmaris hungrily, “Will perish without a second thought. The choice is yours, Pirates. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, and don’t make these innocents be punished for your own sins.”

Ezro frowned at the Cambions words, not only at its newfound and surprisingly advanced ability to speak, but at the guff it had to talk as if it had already won. A fire burned bright in his eyes as the age old playful smirk he always had plastered on his face returned.

“My Bhalajan allies can speak their peace on their own decision. However I can speak for my crew on your proposition.” His right middle finger was raised at eye level, “Go fuck yourself tinman.”

The Cambion.... chuckled, and shook with laughter, or atleast what it could simulate as such. It was disturbing and lifeless in the way that it laughed, which chilled Ezro for some reason but his shit eating grin never faded.

“Then you have sealed your own fate. What say you, Wahlrus? Will any of you demonstrate superior rationality in accepting my terms of surrender?”
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Time Stands Still
No wahlru moved, only shifting their weapons in unease and anxiety. Slowly, the insurrectionists, beginning at the rear, began to spread out and surround Cambion, indenting to maximize their range of fire. Launchers were readied, rifles were aimed, and all other sorts of weapons were raised and trained on their target. The heavy wahlruan armor glistened orange.

A single insurrectionist took action. Their name was Irotek wer-Hehnke. They were short, for a wahlru, around 6'3 in height. They had lost everything to Cambion. Their wife, their son, their daughters, their friends, their home, their village. They had nothing to lose, and everything to win. In their grasp laid a large weapon, with a spinning cylinder filled with a teal fluid. The fluid was a type of cement, a quick hardening hydraulic cement. He had been the closest wahlru to Cambion, as they had walked diagonally as if walking home, but in actuality, they fired several blasts of the liquid, which as soon as exiting the gun, began to dry. Specifically they had trained their shots on the head and feet of Cambion, intending to immobilize and incapacitate the Cyborg. He saw the shots hit their mark, but the specific blast trained on the head missed the visual systems, grazing the left side of their head, but with plenty enough to disorient them. The blasts that were trained on the feet made their mark, embedding themselves in the sand and metal plates of Cambion, with the caustic effects, while not prominent, began to eat away at the paint and metal, slowly but surely.

Following this, a domino effect began, and acted quickly. Alejandras was first, launching eight dense and heavy lead projectiles towards Cambion's knees and shoulders, while simultaneously unleashing the rotary cannon's power, hundreds of bullets every second, while again still launching rounds of plasma, with would've left defiant scorch marks. The Ordnance Division launched both rocket and grenade towards Cambion, as riflemen fired, and with a few other wahlru using heavy machine guns.

Ute held himself in the rear barking orders to keep firing and not to give up.

This was a battle of desperation, every single one of the 134 wahlru giving their all. This was the final stand for Bhalaja.


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