1. Nenma Takashi

    Let's Be Space Pirates!

    We are but humble workers aboard the Valhalla a space craft transporting important cargo. We are told they are priceless jewels and artifacts along with some resources like metals and fuel. While in the far reaches of space at least a six month journey ahead of us we prepare to rest for the...
  2. DarkianMaker

    522nd Interstellar Marines, operations group Fox | IC

    Chapter 1: The Tanteus Campaign 24th of August, Sol 2747 | 0531 ship time FIS Heavy Cruiser HC-612 'Harper's Fury' High orbit above core world Tanteus 522nd Interstellar Marines, Fourth Battalion, Fox Company, Second Platoon Lieutenant Adam Waterman "It's going to be a hot one again, as...
  3. DarkianMaker

    522nd Interstellar Marines, operations group Fox

    Hi and welcome to this interest check. This RP is set in a setting that I've been developing for several years now and has a decent amount of inspiration from the Halo universe. The RP will be centered around a single 30-man strong platoon which is specialized in hot combat drops and will cover...
  4. Rexcaliburr

    Realm of Zodia

    ..ZODIA「realm of the twelve houses 」 Located 6 million light years away from the Milky Way, Zodia is a galaxy spanning 350,000 light years apart. Zodia has four distinctive major arms named after the Cardinal Signs - Aria, Cancri, Libra, and Capricornus. At the centre of the galaxy lies a...
  5. KarenAKAMint

    The Bounty

    Spaceport R13 Highlander Territory The crew to the Quatre Freres have just landed on Spaceport R13 under the Highlander territory to refuel and for the chance to get a job for the team. Like usual, the pilots and engineer stayed behind to make repairs and refuel while the rest of the crew went...
  6. KarenAKAMint

    Bounty Hunter RP Interest Check (Closed)

    This is a futuristic role play that revolves around the crew members of the Quatre Freres Starship. We have three spots already taken, and we are in need of the remaining sports to be filled. As soon as the last two roles are filled, the RP will begin. We are looking for individuals who are...
  7. V e r t i g o


    S U P E R N O V A . . . . . L O A D I N G . . . . . . . . . . I N C O M I N G . . . . . T R A N S M I S S I O N . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . H...Hello? Is anyone there? Never mind that... Listen. We need help. O....Our ship... God I was so...
  8. krekireftw

    Futuristic 1x1 Space Exploration/Combat and Politics, Lore Included.

    This is work-in-progress. Feel free to PM me if you have prior interest, and please be patient as I finish up the following. - Notable Systems - Ships - Weaponry - Miscellaneous Lore Hello everybody, I was hoping for something that involved heavy Sci-Fi and inspirations off of video games such...
  9. Archie

    A New Home (Colonization RP)

    Fermi's paradox. Those are two words scientist back on earth used to describe a strange problem - since humans started listening for alien radio signals, we hadn't found any. This great question would get an answer, but it wasn't the one we wanted. It was August of 2227. Mars had been...
  10. Bang Bang

    Multiple Settings m// — bringing all the boys to the yard (detailed)

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  11. ShadowWolves

    Combat Tour of the Milky Way Galaxy (Looking for people to do this with) (futuristic hardcore fighter squadron roleplay)

    hello everyone, I am ShadowWolves and I am here to ask if anyone would like to do a roleplay with me about humanities first military endeavor in the stars. This effort is supported by the United Nations which has a primary mission of establishing contact with other races and hopefully coming to...
  12. ShadowWolves

    Futuristic Combat Tour of the Milky Way Galaxy Characters

    If you wish to join the roleplay please feel free to fill out this character sheet: // Basic Info // Name: Age: DOB: Personality Likes:(5 minimum plz) Dislikes:(5 minimum plz) Skills: Rank: (Ensign, unless discussed otherwise.) Squadron Assigned: (VFSA-164, unless discussed otherwise.) (Sorry...
  13. Averagefictionalrose

    Futuristic Space rp

    Looking to do a space rp. Either joining a group, creating a group (as long as both are active) and/or creating a 1/1 rp. Set in a world similar to that of star wars and star trek. The Earth is not the only habitable planet within the stars, there are many others home to species friendly and...
  14. SirDerpingtonIV

    Sci-fi/Fantasy Fighter Squadron RP!

    "There was once a world in which dwelled powerful beings of near-infinite magic, who shaped reality to their whim. The original ordinary inhabitants of this world have long since gone extinct, but their "Gods" lived on. Although our Confederation has come to know so precious little over time...
  15. karmazan

    (Always open)open world building rp about space travel

    So i have a discord rp getting revived.and since we lost a member i want anyone up for world building a universe (alternate or otherwise) and just deal with my erratic posting to join. Our server- Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Or just dm me at- clusterbot#3909
  16. Rusty Kerman

    Work in Progress Would anyone want to co write a group setting with me?

    I have the basics for the idea set up. In a nutshell, its a scifi fantasy crossover. If you are interested, PM me. Im always open to any help or ideas.
  17. Nienna

    Futuristic Mars - Space Plot

    Hi, So I am a big fan of the Mars series and looking for someone who wants to rp this type of story. I have made a starter but I am open to ideas. It is not necessary to have seen the series just a interest in the idea, my starter is mostly inspired from the series anyway. -Looking for someone...
  18. Noivian

    No 'Mon's Sky - A Fandom Crossover Quest

    Thousands of years ago, humans took to the stars, bringing their Pokemon with them. They built ships and freighters, created space stations and trade routes, mining the farthest planets to gain the resources to make new tech and reach new stars. Then, one day, they vanished, leaving all they had...
  19. MsPolite


    Howdy everyone So I tried to do this before but couldn’t get done But want to try again. Stellaris is a 4x strategy computer game by paradox studios on steam. What I would like to do is get a group of dedicated players to play a game together and record the history and post it on here in the...
  20. TheLemonTree

    Beyond the stars

    it's been over two hundred years since the people of earth stopped calling the dying planet by it's name, it had become known as "the Grave", Because for many they would be born on earth and Die on earth because of starvation or the civil war going on for last bit of resources and land on the...