1. aDistraction

    Universal Journey

    In a world where almost everything revolves around space piracy, many people and challengers from different planets attempt to claim the title, “Ruler of the Universe” Where one has conquered most of, if not all the planets and are deemed the most powerful space pirate. Planets Planet Fluff...
  2. vanadarling

    Fandom Crazy Monster in Space? LD+R

    So I’ve been watching Love, Death, + Robots on Netflix. The first episode really drew my attention and I was a little sad to see it never got a continuation. Soooo I was thinking, maybe see if anyone else is itching for more of that universe. I don’t have any plot ideas yet beside an...
  3. Zorlock

    Looking for more players for my Vigilant RP!

    Still in need of more roleplayer to come and join the cause. Are you willing to serve for the vigilant to protect those that can fight back?! Do you want to be a Cat that shoots people with big pretty revolvers? Deal! Or what about a fancy robot to come save the day with a huge cannon? It's a...
  4. Siren77

    Futuristic Break The Chains 1x1

    This thread is for @Siren77 and @Cactus22 only.
  5. Carnage Mantis

    Futuristic Stellar Knights | Black Comet

    "ZZZRAP" such is more or less the sounds of an energy rifle firing. The heat sinks of Hunter's energy rifle are shining red but quickly become cool and go back to a black coloration. The sound of a crowd screaming and dispersing can be heard. The corpse of a Sophon renegade is laying flat on the...
  6. Saboona

    Futuristic PROJECT CAIN

    pretty goes here, maybe between myself and @Hell0NHighWater do not post here unless either, but welcome to lurk
  7. Xenobiology

    Futuristic Looking for Partner for Space Based Sci-Fi RP

    Hi! I'm Xeno and, if my name wasn't a clue, I'm heavily into xenobiology; the biological study of aliens. That being said, I haven't anyone to do a space sci-fi RP! D: If anyone is interested I'm will to hear ideas or characters and maybe we can discuss some plot ideas! If y'all wanna hear what...
  8. Triangles

    Omega III | Space Cowboy/Pirates RP

    Omega III Theme In the far future where space travel and colonization have become the norm, humanity has expanded its living space to the far reaches of the known galaxy. With humanity fading and the resources of the Universe starting to dwindle, some five hundred billion humans began the long...
  9. Siren77

    Futuristic A Space Misadventure

    This thread is for @Siren77 and @Space_Jelly
  10. ThrashMetallix

    Titanfall: Final Push of the Frontier (Secondary IC)

    [This is a secondary IC thread for "Final Push of the Frontier". The Main Thread is linked down below in the "Other" tab. DO NOT POST IN THIS TAB UNLESS WARRANTED.] October 15th, 2241 MCS Revenant The bridge was bustling with activity, as the Revenant slowed and held its position in deep...
  11. Jet

    Voids Call - Episodic space epic

    I'll keep things simple to spare your time. This RP is. Far future. Centered on a chosen coalition of different races going on a cross-galaxy adventure. Plot centers on a mystery, one involving lost history, ancient artifacts, and long dead civilizations. Episodic, with time skips to keep...
  12. Graystone713

    Futuristic Exploratory Clone 2-18

    I have no name. I am to put a name on every world I touch. I am to explore them thoroughly, establish a base camp, and log seven days of activity so a claim can be placed. I will have my powered exoskeleton, spacesuit, power tool, and enough rations and water for fourteen days. I do not know...
  13. ThrashMetallix

    Titanfall: Final Push of the Frontier (Open)

    MCS REDWALL, Hangar 18 August 23rd, 2216 05:44 The Hangar was bustling with activity as Militia personnel rushed to get ready for the oncoming operation. Mechanics were getting dropships ready, soldiers were preparing their weapons and gear, the large chassis hulks of various titans were...
  14. ThrashMetallix

    Futuristic Titanfall: Final Push of the Frontier (Characters/Sign-up)

    For years now, the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation has exploited our homes out here among the New Frontier. For years, we’ve resisted them, for years we have stood against them, and engaged in all out war, and there was a time when we thought we were winning. We have been fighting this...
  15. ThrashMetallix

    Titanfall Interest Check? (Sci-fi interstellar war, mech warfare)

    I have no idea if this should go in the fandom interest checks or here, but since Titanfall isn’t exactly a household name, I hope no one minds me posting here. I’m looking to see if anyone might be interested in a role play set in the Titanfall universe, which is a very sci-fi, futuristic...
  16. Shannon Trevor

    Journey To Old Earth

    "Old Earth got used up. We sucked it dry and then ran for the stars." "There's still humans down there. Scratching out some kind of living. I won't call it humanity though." "Pirates, slavers and scavengers. Picking the flesh off every last thing they can. Would be, if that was the only...
  17. Sizniche

    Futuristic Open Skies - Crew Registry

    CREW DATABASE FILE: CPT. TALIA WARD Name: Captain Talia Ward Position: Captain of the UOSSV D.O.B.: Jun 08, 3143 Sex: Female Weight: 180 lbs Height: 6' 0" Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Gray Ethnicity: Caucasian Known History: Born deep in the Inner Frontier, the region of space just barely...
  18. Kinahsmol

    Futuristic ⭐Space Case⭐

    Sup! The antelope is on the run again and I'm in need of a partner who's up for SPACE! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I'm not sure I have anything specific in mind at this moment, but I'm sure something will come to me. I know the plot of this rp is going to be about the exploration of space and all...
  19. -Shutdown Account-

    Futuristic Newbie to RPN wants to explore the universe! (Currently Closed)

    Hello lovely people! I am new to this site, and kinda new to rp in a way. I don't have any plots as of now, but anything to do with space is what I'm interested in. Alien invasion, space exploration, e.t.c P. S. Please no god modders or god modding
  20. Ludwig

    Futuristic Simple Space Convoy Plot

    Hey there! My name is Ludwig and since I'm relatively new on this site I want to get into a few active plots! Im going to keep everything simple so let me get into it: This Plot is going to be focused around 2 Characters on their new Cosmo™ Brand Space Cruiser (Quality and Style not yet...