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"Dont fuck around with the cosmic horror dude."
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
Hello. You can call me Necro. I hope to run a Warhammer 40k rp. Where you will play one of a few roles within the Imperium (or outside of it). It will be between 3-6 players. You have the option of one of the following roles. However, I can create more as needed. If you suggest a role they must be consistent with the general theme.
Rouge Trader
Mercenary (xenos or human)
Chaos Cultist/Leader
Rouge Tech-Priest
Dark Apostle
Mutant Abhuman
PDF Commander
Planetary Govoner
Genestealer Cultist (Neophyte, Brood Brother, or Acolyte)
Corrupt Politician/official
Rouge Battle Sister
Sentient Servitor
Lesser Daemon
Rouge Psyker
Thunder Warrior
Weapons Dealer
Renegade Imperial Guard Commander (up to Colonel)
Sanctioned Psyker
Illegal Trader
Bishop/Worshipper (of illegal religion)
Sentient AI (Man of Iron more than likely)
Ork Nob
Ork Inventor/mechanic
Scout Marine
Renegade Guardsmen
Dark Eldar Raider

The setting is on the far reaches of the Eastern Fringe. On a newly colonized planet called Veria Prime. You can take varying roles on this planet and show the world's grim underworld. There is one reason and one reason alone this planet has been colonized. To produce arms for the Imperium's vast armies. With no regard for the value of its citizens. And because of this many have taken to extreme measures. And many have extended influence on the planet. All of you are somehow connected. Whether as a rivalry, friendship, romance, or something far more alien. For now, the following races/species are not allowed.

Tyranids (because tyranids are tyranids)
Necrons (because they have no reason to be here and insane weaponry)
Tau (way too far away)
Astartes (no reason to be here and too powerful)
Greater Daemon (very stronk)
Daemon Prince/Princess (also very stronk)
Custodes (for obvious reasons)
Beta or higher grade Psykers (very stronk)
Assasinorum Assasin (no reason and very stronk)

Most of the lore of the planet and such will be created by you. Each post revealing pieces of the planet's lore and past. There is somewhat of a limit. You cant conflict with the previous posts (at least not too much) and don't be a dick. And while we are sticking to baseline lore more minor pieces of lore can be changed and/or interpreted. That's basically it though. Specifics will be decided upon once players start joining and ideas are thrown around.

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If I choose rogue tech-priest, I get some skittles, right?
Perhaps a xenos mercenaries a solitarevthat wandered in or an exiled far seer would be welcome?
Karcen Karcen Mr.Floppah Mr.Floppah CS thread has been made

Make your characters as soon as possible please.

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