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Screenshot_2023-09-15_at_12.50.10_PM-removebg-preview.pngWelcome, new employee!

A letter from management:

Congratulations on passing selection, employee [IDENTIFICATION NUMBER], and thank you once again for choosing HarpsiCorp! Should you have any questions, please direct them to SUPPORT@HARPSI.SPC and a representative will contact you within 3-5 business days.
Happy trails!

- Amadeus Hearthwright
President of Recruitment and Employee Affairs,


At HarpsiCorp, we pride ourselves in having practical dominance over some of the most lucrative systems in the known galaxy. Originally founded in the year 2179 by Exeter Hearthwright solely as an aerospace transport business, HarpsiCorp pioneered the railgate system, a network of high-speed warp drives allowing humanity to travel to the far reaches of our galaxy in the blink of an eye. This groundbreaking invention reshaped our understanding of space travel, ushering in a new era of human exploration far greater than we could have ever dreamed. Since then, HarpsiCorp has expanded into other ventures, most notably our Deep Rock Division, who have been hard at work harvesting minerals and other resources essential for our continued expansion. Robotics, mining, shipbuilding, shipbreaking and more, all fly the HarpsiCorp flag. Now, so do you!

HarpsiCorp currently consist of 4 subdivisions:

Lynx - The original business of HarpsiCorp, our aerospace subdivision. Lynx designs, builds, sells, and even salvages premium spacecraft, as well as constructing and maintaining the railgate system. Consisting of
engineers, stevedores, shipbreakers, and other practical professions, Lynx is bursting with opportunity for all employees!

Deep Rock Galactic - Our raw material suppliers simply couldn't keep up with HarpsiCorp's breakneck pace of expansion, so we decided to create our own mining infrastructure and do it ourselves! Our Deep Rock Division currently operates 89 Orbital Space Rigs in more than a dozen outer-rim systems, with 16 more under construction! Our miners dig deep, harvesting fuel for HarpsiCorp's insatiable engine amongst predatory alien lifeforms.

For those who crave the thrill of the unknown, Deep Rock is for you!

Railgate No. 03, servicing transport from Earth to Jupiter.

Hyperion - Unfortunately, most alien species are not agreeable to trade negotiations, SpaceRigExterior copy.jpg
and not just any weapon will do in protecting HarpsiCorp's valued employees. Meet Hyperion, our armaments research & development subdivision! Hyperion offers a wide range of weaponry for any number of threats, from flamethrowers to crossbows, hand grenades to grappling hooks, we've got it all! Hyperion is proud to arm our Deep Rock Division, as well as a multitude of armed forces across the galaxy!

Aperture Science - Last, but most certainly not least, is Aperture Science, our primary experimental research subdivision! Responsible for the warp technology used in railgates, as well as our revolutionary Everwork system, Aperture Science is the real think tank of our operation. Owned and operated by the greatest minds of the last four generations, Aperture Science has invented every one of the next best things since sliced bread.

Together, these subdivisions create an efficient, self-sustaining, intragalactic empire!

Deep Rock space rig No. 64 orbiting the Hoxxes IV system


Working for HarpsiCorp, you can rest assured that your name will not be just another number, employee [IDENTIFICATION NUMBER]! Since its inception, HarpsiCorp has striven to provide quality services on all levels, and that includes for our valued workers. To prove it's not just talk, we provide a 2.5% discount on all HarpsiCorp products and services for all of our employees! Further, our mandatory Everwork system ensures the security of you and your bloodline indefinitely*! Say goodbye to worrying about beneficiaries, Everwork has you covered. If that wasn't enough, HarpsiCorp believes our employees should feel a sense of accomplishment for their effort. Therefore, we offer commission pay on all sales and profits associated with your identification number! How's that for benefits? No matter your position, HarpsiCorp takes care of our own.

*Subject to exceptions, as outlined in Everwork terms & conditions.


If you're reading this, you're already on your way to becoming a part of the most ambitious journey humanity has ever faced! Once you are assigned to your subdivision, your designated training officer will contact you to begin working. Remember: this is more than just a job! You are the driving force behind the continued success of our species. Be sure to bring a positive attitude to work each day, follow instructions carefully, and together,
you too can sing the song of progress!

Screenshot_2023-09-15_at_12.50.10_PM-removebg-preview copy.png
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Depending on the subdivision you're assigned to, you're bound to find a wide variety of attire, equipment, and tools.


Lynx's engineer uniforms are, as you'd expect, mechanical. Elastic clothing to stretch into the nooks and crannies of ships, but nothing that will get caught. Hard-hats, gloves, and other PPE is precious, as it must come out of your employee account, but most find it a charge worth accepting. Jeans, cargo pants, and other practical clothing is allowed for "floor workers", despite a standard dress code elsewhere in the offices. Lynx employees working in open space wear our standard pressurized space suit (note, the helmet screen is not indestructible).

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 7.47.13 PM.png

Some Lynx employees are equipped with a Hyperion Handheld Utility Grapple*, which allows them to lift and move objects that weigh tons with ease!
Another standard tool in the Lynx arsenal is the Hyperion Modular Laser Cutter**, a high-powered energy beam that can slice right through the densest of materials like butter.

*HarpsiCorp would like to remind employees that spreading rumors about the deleterious health effects from Van der Waals Field exposure violates the Employee Discipline and Conduct agreement.
**HarpsiCorp is not responsible for any injury or death resulting from improper use, handling, care, or storage of the tool. Please read the enclosed Tools and Safety agreement for more details.

The "cowboys" of HarpsiCorp, our Deep Rock miners have bought the right to violate the dress code with blood, sweat, and more blood. While off-planet, they wear just about whatever they please (though they still must choose from the clothing available at HarpsiCorp's employee store. When dropping into the mines of alien systems, the environmental hazards call for them to be both heavily armed and heavily armored with only the highest quality Hyperion equipment! On-planet, they don heavy-duty excavation equipment reinforced to withstand whatever the galaxy can throw at them! See below a sample of our vast array of Deep Rock Galactic equipment:

mining equipment.jpegengi equip hyperion.jpeg

With grenade launchers, flamethrowers, mech suits and more at their disposal, no dive is too deep for Deep Rock Galactic!

Our Hyperion division is comprised of only the greatest salesmen. Therefore, they must all look the part! With the strictest dress code, Hyperion ranges from business casual to top-of-the-line dresswear, depending of course on who we're selling to. To sell the best, you need to look your best, and Hyperion's class is matched only by the quality of our products.

Hyperion Security Forces are equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and armor, hot out of the hands of our master gunsmiths!

At Hyperion, we dress to kill!

rhys concept.jpeg


Dressed in pristine white, our scientists at Aperture must know at all times if any substances are on their clothing or person. Conducting experiments isn't just remarkably profitable, it's also incredibly dangerous. While scientists in the labs can be found in their signature white coats, Aperture's compulsory-volunteer test subjects are dressed in orange, a shade darker than standard HarpsiCorp yellow.


Armed with little more than the brains in their heads and the employees by their side, Aperture scientists will pave the way for the rest of humankind.

Management hopes this infographic has been useful in distinguishing between HarpsiCorp's subdivisions!

Screenshot_2023-09-15_at_12.50.10_PM-removebg-preview copy.png

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Receiving this newsletter means you have just been assigned to one of our state-of-the-art Deep Rock Galactic space rigs.
This means that YOU are now on the forefront of the single most lucrative business in the whole galaxy! Come, take a look around!

space rig 3.jpeg
Deep Rock Galactic space rigs operate in high-orbit of select planetary systems known to have large supplies of valuable resources above or below ground. These resources are both sold for profit and refined into materials necessary for continued HarpsiCorp ventures such as spacecraft fuel, electronic components, and more. Deep Rock Galactic is also tasked with obtaining samples for Aperture Science testing, as well as ensuring all Hyperion products are suitable for mass production.

Though the space rigs are owned and operated by Deep Rock Galactic, the vessels are proudly made and maintained by our expert Lynx engineers, working tirelessly to allow all HarpsiCorp activities run like clockwork.

Most space rigs are accompanied by other HarpsiCorp property in orbit, such as Lynx salvage yards, Hyperion security interceptors, and other satellites.

Space rigs operate with a crew of between 150-300 employees from across all of HarpsiCorp, ranging from Deep Rock miners to administrative personnel and everything in-between.

Deep Rock Space Rig No. 17 orbiting system 06-HPS-b.
Lynx salvage yard.jpeg

Your space rig consists of five sections, from bottom to top:
The operations floor is where our Deep Rock crews deploy from. Utilizing Lynx drop pods to penetrate deep into alien soil and haul minerals back, this is where they launch from. There are 24 drop pods per space rig, and thus 24 pod bays per rig.

Above the operations floor is the cargo bay, where goods are exchanged between drop pods and outgoing vessels, supply ships deposit supplies for the rig, and heavy machinery is kept.

Directly overlooking the cargo bay is the administrative section, organized in a panopticon fashion with large windows for direct supervision. This is where mission control and other managers work. Behind the supervisory area, near the core of the vessel, are the offices where all desk jobs reside.

Shipbreaker in salvage vessel 0012 orbiting Earth, dismantling a cargo vessel.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 12.21.53 PM.png

Past the administrative section is the workshop/testing floor, containing the more technical equipment onboard the space rig. The armory, medbay, Everwork station, and Aperture labs are all on this floor.

Finally, at the very top of the space rig is the bunk and recreation section. This is, as you may expect, where the barracks are located, as well as the mess hall, HarpsiCorp employee store, and R&R area. Barracks are organized by division, then by position (i.e., Lynx employees share bunks separately from DRG employees, Lynx managers sleep separately from other Lynx employees, etc.).

Standard Deep Rock Galactic drop pod bay.

Employees may decorate their bunks however they please, within HarpsiCorp regulations. Employees may have personal effects in their bunk (e.g. family photographs), but may not display merchandise of opposing companies. Non-HarpsiCorp branded goods are strictly forbidden.

Payments must be made daily from the provided employee terminal in the bunk room.

Standard Deep Rock Galactic space rig bunk room.

Management hopes you enjoy your stay on your space rig.
Happy trails!

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