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"You're too trusting, captain. She has plenty to fear," Sil said when Ezro gave her a hand. "I was going to shove her face in this pot of boiling water."

Emily suddenly screamed like something out of a horror movie. The scream faded to a whimper and she started crying again.

"But.... maybe there's a better way," Sil said. "Scalding water would definitely hurt enough to breach her pain threshold and break through the psychological conditioning. Electrical shock usually works, too, but I don't have the equipment to regulate that; might accidentally electrocute her. Which would be... bad. Hmmm... I wonder if..."

Something slithered out from beneath the clipboard and coffee mug Ezro had sat down. No, actually, it looked as if it absorbed the clipboard and coffee mug. Sil just watched as it grew into a hideous, redheaded, man-wahlru thing with a fedora perched atop its disgusting form and began to moonwalk out the door after saying something about radiation.

"Goddammit, Al," Sil muttered. She had an idea where this abomination had come from. I knew I should have stopped him back then, she thought, remembering when he strode past her with that mysterious canister three days ago. I thought he was one of the few people on this ship with any sense, but I guess not. "2398, activate sanitation protocols, code red," she said and one of her droids instantly sprang into action. It skittered after the slime-monster, and hosed it down with a flamethrower.

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Alzo simply smiled as the flames consumed him. After a few seconds he simply disappeared as the flames destroyed it.

Alzo reappeared in a ghostly blue form unseeable to the regular eye. It simply put a finger to it's lips as it's ghost self left for now.


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As Emily screamed and the slime creature was hosed with flames, Ezro shook his head.

“Let’s be a bit more sensible, Silmaris. Shoving her face in would be barbaric. It suits your needs but it’s not very practical to disfigure your face should you be wrong. Hmmm.” Ezro looked at the struggling woman. “Emily tell me, are you right or left handed?”


“Did I fucking stutter? I asked you if you’re right or left handed.”

“Uh, I-I’m left handed.”

“Understood, Sil bring the pot a little closer if you please.”

Once his instructions were fulfilled, Ezro firmly took ahold of Emily’s right wrist and pulled it over to the water whilst the woman literally began kicking and screaming. Wordlessly, he still powered over he own will and shoved her right hand into the water, though in his haste he also scalded his own hand. He didn’t flinch though, he simply held everything in place and waited for Sil to say something.
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Emily screamed and screamed until, after only a few seconds, she went silent and fell limp in Ezro's arms. "Hmph, she passed out," Sil said, with mild disappointment and motioned for him to pull her hand out of the water. She leaned in for a closer look and checked the girl's pulse and opened her eyelids. Sil used her datapod to shine a light in the girl's eyes. She was definitely unconscious, not faking it.

There were probably other tests she could run and things she could try, but there were too many witnesses already. Sil didn't want to make a scene and this was already getting out of hand... pun unintended. She reached for the first aid kit hanging on the wall and got some bandages and burn ointment. There wouldn't be any lasting damage, but Emily's hand would probably be sore and tender for a day or two.

"We should return her to her quarters to rest. But, spy or not, she was poking around in everyone's data," Sil said, trying to salvage the situation as she treated Emily's hand. "A few seconds of intense, searing pain is punishment enough, I suppose."

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The taste proved to be uneventful, Emily only screamed and passed out with no changes or further cause to believe she was a spy. And now Ezro felt irritated and guilty.

“While poking around at others information is certainly a violation of personal space, it doesn’t warrant this kind of disfiguring punishment. Reparations need to be made, starting with a sincere apology from both of us.”

“But from now on if you’d be so kind as to bring these sort of matters to me before taking matters into your own hands as you now have. I trust you Sil but leaving me in the dark and punishing others without permission or proper authority is not welcome on my ship.”

Ezro pulled out his data pod while he kept Emily’s limp body up off the ground and summoned a pair of transport droids that were instructed to take her to her room and leave her on her bed until she regained consciousness. It was also instructed to alert Ezro and Sil when she was to awake.
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Many years ago.
Stone.... He hated that name. All it showed was that he was a bastard. He would have no right to anything. He'll be stuck as a Blackard. A front lines brute that was usually killed at the begining of the battle. If he tried to join the ITF military he would be found out beaten and forced to quite. 'Only true bloods were allowed to join.' That was just the way of Aquaria.

Charles watched the kids infront of him prancing around the prince. They where Noble houses after all. It wasn't like their parents would allow them to strike a Warhawk.
After a Vitrex girl was defeated it was Charles time to battle.

The ten year old picked up a training sword and pressed a button as a blue aura viborated around it.
"Oh a bastard wants to play." The prince said in a posh voice. The prince was at least three years older than charles. Bigger and chubber too.
"At least you have the right hair for a Blackard." The prince said.
"Shut up and attack." Charles said.

The prince smiled confidently probably not knowing that the others were pussyfooting around him.
The prince lounged at him in a clumsy attack. Charles using what experience he learned on the street and in class smacked his elbow in the princes nose breaking the nose in the process. The prince took a step back as his nose bleed and eyes watered. Charles used the opertunity to strike him diagnoly.

The prince fell to the ground in defeat. "That's right you royal ass. A soon to be Blackard kicked your chubby ass to the ground. Any of them..."

His voice was cut off as the instructor punched Charles. "You went to far." The instructor said before stepping aside and having all the classmates beat him to a bloody pulp.

This continued for the next few minutes.
"Class dismissed." The instructor saif. "Next time you pull a stunt like that bastard I won't have them stop. Learn your place." He said before leaving.

Charles stood up. His face bruised and bloody. A few ribs where cracked. He limped to the exit only to feel someone grabbing him. He looked and saw the Vitrex girl helping him walk.
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Sil folded her arms as she watched the droids carry the engineer girl away. She watched them the way a hawk watches a snake eat a field mouse. They were all prey to her. "I was under the impression you kept me around because you knew I would watch your back," she said, despite Ezro's warning. She leveled her gaze with him. "And you know I will do what is necessary, without waiting for the consent of any higher power, mortal or otherwise. This is a dangerous game we are playing, captain. You are in possession of billions of credits worth of stolen ITF hardware and human resources."

She took a step closer to him. "She's not in the clear yet," Sil said, lowering her voice to a whisper. "These people want you dead or worse. And I would rather ask for forgiveness than permission. The only thing i apologize for is asking you to help me. The crew looks up to you, Ezro. You're the 'nice guy' who laughs with them and takes them on tropical getaways. I'll be the bad guy. That's what I'm here for, right?"



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Alice watched as Alzo burned up in the flames. When he disappeared Alice couldn't help but feel he would be back. "Seriously am I the only here who thinks that was a bad idea? Like seriously he was smiling as he was consumed in flames! And apparently, he could have escaped whenever he wanted. Is this not raising little red flags for anyone else?" She looked around. "You Alzo if you're still around, remember I told them not to." She probably looked crazy just now but she honestly didn't care. While she was going on about that she had completely forgotten about Emily until she screamed in pain and passed out. Sil seemed to be sure, Alice herself wasn't quite sure what to think. When the girl got carried off Alice looked over to Ezro. "Hey meet me in your room. I think I have a sure way for you to finally get some sleep." Then maybe I can finally get some rest. She thought to herself. As she was leaving she noticed Sil whispering over to Ezro. "Oh boy she looks pissed."

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Jacen whistled as he took a shower. It was good not having to be bed ridden in that damn sick bay. He got out of the shower and looked at the mirror and frowned. He really was a stranger. "Maybe I should reverse it. They already know what I look like anyways." He let out a breath. "No more running."
He was about to get back to work before his data pod ringed.

"Good to see that your among the living Jaden."
- WatchTower
Jacen read this and wondered how this person figured it out.
" Firstly it's Jacen now."
- Jacen
" Oh so you changed your name to honor your brother."
Jacen read that and shook his head. How did this person know so much. Sure there where records on Jacen but still it was off.
"Who are you? "
- Jacen
"We've known each other a long time Jaden. But if you wish to know my name here's a hint Cherry Blossom,"
He smiled as he got dressed.
"Good to know you're still alive." He muttered before walking outside
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“It may be a dangerous game but I am a devout captain who trusts his crew until he has a reason not to, and I know you’re here to watch my back but perhaps it’d be better to alert me to the situation as opposed to lashing out and being the ‘bad guy’ as you’ve so aptly put it. Never forget that you’re a part of this crew too and I want these people to trust you just as much as I do. You aren’t a villain, you aren’t just here to watch my back, you’re here because you’re a part of this crew and family. I appreciate what you do and you looking out for everyone here, but you need to keep me in the loop Sil.”

“If you still have a reason to doubt her then I trust you, but don’t do anything rash without notifying me. I think a sit down talk with her would be good just to pry into her a little bit and see how she reacts. If we find she’s truly innocent then we can let her now how severe it is that she’s been looking at others personal items. In the meantime let’s give her time to recover, and you can take her Data Pod and search it for any red flags in her history and memory bank.”

With that said, Ezro turned face to look back toward the door. But before he left he looked back. A sincere smile on his face.

“You aren’t a bad person Silmaris. Everyone here appreciates the sacrifice you made and the contributions you add to our crew. Don’t think of yourself as any less.”

That said, the Captain left and headed for his room. A short walk totaling no more than three minutes later, he arrived at his room among the vast amount of other standard quarters for the crew. Quickly let the door slide in before stepping inside.

“So, do enlighten me Ally. What did you have in mind to help me sleep?”



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The room lights were off and there were candles lit around the room. There was a soothing scent in the air and there was ocean sounds playing from Alice data pod. "Alright your here!" She ran over took Ezro's hand and pulled him inside. "Nice huh? Ok so my idea for getting you to finally sleep is a relaxing massage! One of tge crew members happens to specialize in sort of thing. So I was lucky in that front. Anywho go take of your shirt and lay down on the bed. I'm going to go get Bertha." Alice then quickly ran out the room to go get the crew mate.


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At first Ezro was excited at the situation at hand, though after he heard Bertha’s name the excitement quickly died off and was replaced with a more disappointed feel.

“Oh, erm... alright that sounds lovely.”

Stepping further into the room, he let Alice slip past before he took off his Officers jacket and slipped off the white T-shirt underneath before casting then aside on the floor and laid down on the bed.

“Well, if it’ll help me sleep then I guess there’s no harm. I just hope she isn’t as ugly as her name is.”


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Alice came back in with Bertha behind her. "I'm back! Oh and this Bertha she'll be handling your massage. I was going to do it but no way you want me to do it I'm sure you much rather have perfessonal right?.....though I guess.....Sarah could of done it but for very good reasons I thought best that Bertha do it. Alright Bertha do your stuff." Bertha nodded then cracked her knuckles.


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‘I would GLADLY take you over Bertha, dear lord I might die from this massage! Look at those hands! Those aren’t a ladies hands, those are the hands of a MAN! Oh, and don’t tell me, she has a Russian accent too!’

Despite his thoughts, Ezro said nothing of the sort and feigned a smile.

“Oh yes, a massage from a professional sounds great. Thank you Alice, I appreciate you sentenci- I mean gifting me with this opportunity.”

As soon as the large woman cracked her knuckles, Ezro felt himself die a little inside.


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Bertha walked over and cracked her knouckles again, louder this time. Then she started the massage. Started off fine at first but then suddenly cracking sound. Hope that wasn't a bone. Anyway the massage only got worse. "Your very tense Captain. Must learn how to relax." She said in her Russian accent. Alice walked over to him. "Alright now I want you to close your eyes and pretend your at the beach totally relaxed laying down on sand" Alice was completely oblivious to the pain Ezro might of been in.


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Initially the massage from Bertha hurt like an absolute bitch, which caused him to growl in pain a slight bit. His muscles were moved around in such a way the brought nothing but pain to his senses. But the longer the woman kneaded his muscles, the more lax he felt and the less painful the movements felt. The various knots in his back began to unravel and release, causing him to finally be less tense and sigh with relief.

While Bertha continued to work on his back, he listened on to Alice’s soothing voice. In his mind he imagined the setting she had described, but he put more too it. He was back on Malalikia, though this time with no Alphas, no crew, just himself in the sand with Alice sitting next to him. It did better to put his mind at ease and he even began to smirk a little.

“Hehehehe, I’ll keep that in mind. If I could be this relaxed all the time my life would be a lot more easy.”


Jaden walked down to the firing range. He stopped when he saw a man wearing a lab coat. He looked Hiroshian.
"Good to see that you came Jacen-san." He said (in a Japanese accent) as he lit a cigarette. "How's the hand treating you?" He asked before offering one to Jacen. Jacen lifted his palm in refusal.

"It's awkward." Jacen said. "But I'll have to get use to it." The man nodded before pulling a gun out and firing at Jacen.
Jacen as if on instinct put his hand intfront of his body. As he tried to doge.

A purple wall appeared infront of Jacen absorbing the blast. Jacen blinked before starring at the wall. "What the." He moved his robotic hand and the wall moved with it. He was amazed by this

"Like it?" The man said. "I gave you a prototype I was working on for DOD before I became a crew member." Jacen nodded. "But wait there's more." The Hiroshian pointed at a target. "Concentrate and fire." He said.

Jacen did as commanded. He lifted his robotic arm up and concentrated. A small purple beam flew from his hand and left a hole in the middle of the target. "Shit." Jacen said. He looked at his hand and smiled. He tried moving the fingers and they felt a little stiff.

"The more you use the shield and blaster the less motor function you have in your hand in your hand." The man said taking Jacen's arm. He opened it and replaced the batteries "You can probably fire a hundred beams at level one before your hand is non fictional. At a higher level it'll need more power."

"What will a full power blast do?" Jacen asked.
"I have no idea." The Hiroshian said.


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"Yep, now shush no talking. Your looking over to the ocean. And your watching as the sun slowly begins to set. You can feel your eyes getting heavy as you slowly begin doze off to the sound of the ocean." As she was saying all of that her voice quieter and softer until finally all that could be heard was the ocean sounds coming from her pod.


Theros looked up from his data pod and saw Callius in the door frame. "You wish to speak to me?" Callius said.
Theros nodded and motioned him in. "Tell me do you recognize this man " He said bringing up a picture of man that looked like Jaden Tyrell.
"Jaden Tyrell." Callius said.
"Actually that's Jacen Tyrell." Theros said. He saw a slight twitch on Callius's Lip. "He legally died nearly four years ago when the Nimerian people rose up to protect their mines. He was shot by Jaden."

Callius looked at Theros. Do the mascaraed mask Theros couldn't read the man's face.
"What do you mean legally?" Callius said.

Theros turned on a video on his data pod and showed it to him. The video showed Jacen Tyrell being tortured.
"What is your name?" Sitikah said.
Jacen gave his name only to be electrocuted.

Callius flenched. "Where is he now?" He said
Theros looked at Callius.
"Apparently it took too long for him to get to his full potential" Theros said. "so Sitikah had to wait until there was an open slot to put him into play." He said hoping he would understand


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With Ezro gone and the spy situation handled --for now-- Sil sighed and went back to what she was supposed to be doing: preparing dinner. But the encounter with Emily still lingered in her mind. She was sure Maybe I am being paranoid, she thought.

Emily had been around a lot the last couple of days. It seemed like any time Sil was in the same place for more than a few minutes, that girl would show up or pass by. She also had access to the ship’s security systems, cameras, even the avionics. If ordered to sabotage the Titan, she could do a lot of damage and almost no one on board would know how to stop or prevent it.

If I were going to plant someone on an enemy vessel, that is exactly the type of person I would pick, Sil thought. She sighed again as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a bowl wrapped in plastic. It is probably nothing. Perhaps Ezro is right.

She hadn’t forgotten about her dinner with Jacen. She refused to call it a date. It was just dinner. Dinner between two coworkers. To celebrate his recovery. Nothing more. He seemed rather noncommittal when she asked what he would like to eat, but they eventually decided on steak. Just steak. He didn’t even say what sides should go with it.

Ugh… men, she thought as she peeled the covering off the bowl. She had prepared two thick steaks and let them marinate in a special blend of herbs and spices overnight. She turned on the stove and began perusing the fridge for vegetables to prepare as side dishes. Normally, her meals were very planned out, but this time she was just going to wing it. She couldn’t remember the last time she had prepared a meal for two, instead of for the entire ship.

As for the rest of the crew, they would be having shark again, prepared by her droid sous chefs. Ever since leaving Malalikia, she had served nothing but shark soup, shark on pasta, grilled shark, baked shark soufflé, sharkloaf, shark sushi, shark sandwiches…

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As Ezro listened on, he began to feel his mind slipping from his grasp as it finally caved under the pressure of the past few days without sleep. His body relaxed more and more as he listened to Alice until he was at a full rest. Snores soon followed as sleep finally took ahold of him, with a half crack of a grin plastered on his mouth.


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Soggy grass squelched under his shoes as Commander Garret Maxxon walked through the rows of white marble headstones. Heavy raindrops pounded on his black umbrella as he traversed the graveyard. This was the final resting place of so many soldiers, some without names, lost in battles on nameless worlds, for a useless cause.

A lone figure stood, dressed in black. Even with her head bowed, she towered above the tombstones and monuments. As a member of the Urzigan race, General Morrigan Edelgaard was over seven feet tall, which was actually rather small for her species. She was facing away from him, revealing a pair of enormous black wings arching from her back and over her head to shield her from the rain.

Maxxon had never actually seen her fully extend her wings. They were usually tucked away behind her, like a macabre cloak, and could easily go unnoticed. Only now did he realize just how large they were. From afar, she seemed like a dark angel, grieving a fallen warrior. But he had worked with Edelgard for nearly two decades and knew she never grieved. Not for long, anyway. She was always stern and businesslike, the embodiment or order and steadfastness.

“General, your car is ready,” he said when he reached her and saluted his commanding officer. “The driver is waiting.”

She turned to him slowly, regarding him with those piercing blue eyes. She had a pair of black horns on her head, which curved forward, their points nearly touching, forming an obsidian tiara. She did everything slowly. That was her way. Urzigans were incredibly long-lived. He had no idea how old Edelgaard was, but he was certain she held more wisdom and experience than any human he knew. He had never seen her laugh, or cry, or get angry. She just… existed. She had the bearing of someone who has seen it all before and was moved by nothing and no one.

She extended one of her wings as he neared her, protecting him under a canopy of inky black feathers. Maxxon lowered his umbrella. He no longer needed it.

“Thank you for coming. At ease, commander,” Edelgaard said as they stood side-by-side before a white marble statue and a fresh grave, covered in flowers, wilting under the deluge. “I know you were not a fan of his work, but it means a lot that you chose to attend.”

“It was a good service. I think he would be satisfied,” Maxxon replied as he gazed down at the grave of Bjorn Mechka. “If you had any doubts about me showing up, you should have just ordered me to attend.”

“Order you to attend the funeral of a man you loathe?” Edelgaard said. “That would be a disservice, to you as well as the fallen… and an abuse of power,” she added, as an afterthought.

“Hmm… loathe might be too strong a word,” Maxxon said thoughtfully. “We simply had different opinions on how to maintain order. There’s an old human saying: you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

Edelgaard turned and began to walk away. “True,” she said quietly. “But the people of Tymar are no mere flies, commander. It takes both to maintain order. That is why I placed him in charge of controlling the populace and you in charge of observing what they do in the shadows, as my spymaster. And now, with Bjorn’s passing, all we have is your ‘honey’… it will not be enough.”

“Any word on a replacement?” Maxxon said as he followed along beside her. He took three steps for each of hers. “I’m sure you have someone in mind. Bjorn was managing multiple worlds at once. Even before all of… this… the stress was too much for him.” He lowered his voice. “The suicide was a clever cover story. Clever because it held some truth. He had a lot on his shoulders. I know you saw it too, general.”

She didn’t answer right away. Edelgaard had her own pace. Not until they reached the graveyard’s main gate where a long, black car was waiting, did she finally turn to him.

“Speaking of the 'suicide,’” she said. “Have you heard?”

Maxxon’s brows rose ever-so-slightly.

“A team of Alphas identified the Titan leaving the scene,” she said.

Something in his stomach churned. His heart missed a beat. He knew what she was about to say, but he still dreaded it all the same. Edelgaard’s cold blue eyes stabbed into his soul. Every passing second was like the turning of a knife. Thank God it was raining. She couldn’t see him sweat.

“Have you heard from Silmaris recently?” she asked. If she had literally punched him in the gut, it would have been more merciful. But Maxxon had served as spymaster for over a decade; he had a solid poker face.

“No,” he lied. “But, perhaps it’s time I did.”

“Indeed,” Edelgaard said as she folded away her wings. The rain poured down upon him, as if the protection of a guardian angel had been lifted and the heavens unleashed their fury. A bolt of lightning flashed somewhere beyond the rooftops and thunder boomed.

Neither of them flinched.

“I will not be replacing Mechka,” Edelgaard said as the chauffeur opened the door for her. “I will not lose any more of my men to this ‘Ezro Strider’ and his band of misfits.” She spat his name out as if the taste of it disgusted her. Morrigan Edelgaard, a woman who never showed any emotion showed true hatred in that moment. “Someday, you will see, Garret. Someday you will understand,” she said, cold and smooth as granite. “Keep your honey and your vinegar. Where I come from, if you want to catch something, be it flies or men, you do it with your own two hands. Leave Strider to me. He has had his fun and now it is time to take away his toys. The Titan --no, the Atlas-- does not belong to him and I will see it returned… in one piece or many.”

She turned once more and, as she ducked into the car, her massive wings folded away behind her back. “Be well, Garret. I look forward to your next report,” she said as the driver shut the door.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Maxxon said, saluting her as the car drove away. He stood there for a few minutes more, alone in the pouring rain, until a second car pulled up to the curb. It stopped and a chauffeur opened the door for him.

Garret Maxxon entered the backseat, where Sauphira was waiting. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say ol’ Big Bird is angry,” Sauphira said, with a sick grin. “Good. I can’t wait to have a go at her and see her really cut loose.”

“I can’t allow that. Morrigan is one of the good ones. She has a code of honor. We can defeat her without violating our ideals or hers. That’s why I’m here, right? To keep things clean,” Maxxon said sternly, as he removed the listening device he was wearing and stuffed it into his pocket. “More importantly, Roschanna didn’t mention anything about being at the scene when Mechka was assassinated. She lied to me.”

Sauphira gasped. “A trained assassin and spy lied to you?” she said sarcastically. “Oh, dear, what is this world coming to, where even pirates lie?” She punched him in the shoulder. “Grow a pair, Gary, or get used to every woman in your life cucking you. I don’t care what you’ll ‘allow.’ If that feathered twat gets in my way, I’ll do to her what Silmaris did to Mechka.”

“What’s our next move?” he said, changing the subject. He rubbed his arm where she’d hit him. She was just playing around, but it was starting to go numb.

“Nothing’s changed,” Sauphira replied, in a more serious tone. “You keep up appearances while I finalize my plans. We’re in the endgame, commander.”

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CyberMors Labs - Unknown Date

Project Hades sat idle in its “Nest”, which was just a term for its maintenance pod that allowed for the subject piloting the project to in a way sleep. Meanwhile the Cyborg exterior was worked on and repaired from trial combat runs with the new weaponry that was slowly being added to the hollow points in the Titan’s armor. At this point, Project Hades was in the process of finally being fitted with state of the art weaponry that it would be able to use in Combat, new sensory programs to bypass any cloaking devices or identity masking technology, new sensory programs to detect Comms frequencies, as well as an improved armor plating that would increase the amount of punishment Project Hades would be able to take without so much as a dent in its admiring. This thing would be a living breathing Tank that could function as a one man army.

All of it due to the genius of one Doctor Andrew Vile, a rather aged scientist who devoted his life to this cause in order to benefit the ITF forces and ensure the prosperity of the System. While he was to oversee all operations undergone by Project Hades, he never did bother himself with what he was to consider “grunt work”. That he left in the hands of his underlings, aspiring biophysicists and medical personnel who hoped follow in his footsteps and dedicate their lives to this project just as he had. They’d do just about anything for him, and so it made it rather easy to manipulate and control them with his words.

Today was no different. Doctor Vile was out on leave for the night, having spent the majority of the day running tests on Project Hades and viewing how the previous iterations were functioning within the machine. Which now left his grunts to clean, prep, and finalize the upgrades of the machine to be tested the following morning. For hours the strenuous and intricate process went on, with the underlings working with various tools and items to fulfill the tasks their director had given to them. Everything was good and well, for now at the very least.

The time of 04:30 rolled around with the assistants still hard at work, almost finished with the final processes of the upgrades that they might finally be able to go home and sleep for a potential maximum of two hours before returning at 08:00 to aid Dr. Vile with the final testing. All that was left was to fit Project Hades with a larger plasmatic core that could support all of the new functions, and then that would be the end of the shift for them. Currently one of the five grunts present (Leon) was taking care of opening up the vital containment housed beneath the chest of the project, while the other four (Patrice, Nia, Goten, and Shen) gathered the necessary components to initiate the core replacement. It would be a delicate process, but nothing that they hadn’t done before.

Once the vital containment section was opened, the five set to work on hastily taking out the inferior core and fitting Project Hades with the new one. Halfway through the machinery transplant, an error came up on the Cyborgs vital monitor attached to the nest. This prompted Patrice to look up.

“Pilot’s heart rate and brain activity is fading somehow, shouldn’t it still be sustained despite the core’s removal?”

Leon looked up and squinted at the monitor before putting his glasses back on and viewing it.

“Could be a potential shock to the central nervous system from the energy displacement. Wake them up.”

“But, they’re supposed to be in a sleep state while we work.”

“Did I stutter Patrice? Wake. Them. Up. If we don’t they could potentially perish which will put this entire Project to shit. Do you want that on your conscience? All of us including Dr. Vile could be killed for that!”

Patrice looked away somberly before slowly nodding her head and accessing the monitor and accessing Project Hades’ literal on and off switch.

“Only give their brain partial functionality. Give them a random memory reboot until we finish the core replacement. Then we’ll put them back to sleep. Quickly please!” A memory reboot is similar to a dreamlike State where the subject relives and analyzes past moments and looks for flaws.

As his coworker fulfilled his request, Leon continued the replacement process, nearing the final stages of the transplant. Meanwhile, Project Hades’ memory began booting up as it dreamed of a Wahlru and a humanoid with flaming red hair. It’s body was still under the temporary paralysis from the lack of a core in the exosuir, but if one were to look inside, the pilot semi permanently fastened to the exosuit was twitching. Over and over again the final moments before system collapse erupted with the fat bastard activating some sort of explosive and sending the roof crashing down on top of it. As well as moments before where the red headed man had shot it several times. The Wahlru couldn’t be identified save for race, but the Pirate had an instant tie in with the ITF data base. The pilot instantly brought up its access to the files in its digital mainframe and looked them over. Identifying the man as one Ezro Strider. This led him to also identify the Wahlru as Alejandras tel-Murkuntelli, an identified member of Striders crew.

Though the process of being trapped in this metal coffin was supposed to deprive the pilot of all emotion, watching the memory over and over again brought a burning feeling in Project Hades’ stomach. Something that it couldn’t quite place, but it felt all too familiar. It wasn’t pain, or sadness, and certainly wasn’t joy. It felt much more volatile, much more destructive. The feeling was urging it to violence, making it want to break and tear apart something, even its own metal. So it was self and non self destructive. A force that guided without reason, save for rash action and a need for the annihilation of anything and everything it could think of.

“The heart rates rising excessively, shouldn’t we be concerned?”

“No, it’ll be put to rest here soon so it’s mind will be able to relax and we can finally go home. It’s normal for its rate to rise while viewing memories involving combat.”

“Understood, is the core ready for placement?”

“Indeed, be prepared with the hyper screw drivers so we can fasten it in.”

The larger core was placed in its designated a lot before whirring to life as the energy within began making its way throughout Project Hades’ “body”. The device was then screwed in and the panel shut. All the while that was happening, the grunts failed to notice the Projects hands shift and begin clenching and unclenching over and over again.

“There we are, now let’s get them shut off.”

As Leon reached over to access the monitor once more, he caught sight of the moving hands of the Cyborg prompting him to stop as his eyes widened.

“What the fuck?”

Almost as if on cue, the big metallic arms of the machine began struggling against the locks holding it in place as Leon panicked and began typing hastily into the monitor to shut it off. Just as he reached the proper screen to turn Project Hades off, the metal holding it suddenly burst asunder in a shower of shards and bent pierces. The left arm that had come free then slammed against the back of Leon, shattering his rib cage and cracking his spine with its brute force as he was crushed against the Nest. As his paralyzed body fell, none of the other four dared to approach as Project Hades’ arm swung madly as it tried to free the rest of its body.

“Someone call in the security force! This thing is gonna break loose!”

“Are you kidding?! They’ll never be able stop this damn thing! We need to get the fuck out of here and isolate it before it can do more damage! Then we need to get ahold of Doctor Vile and General Hinax immediately!”

Just before any of them could make a move for the door in the lab, another creak of metal sounded off as the bonds holding the right arm of the Cyborg came free before prying off the rest of the restraints and finally setting the machine of a machine free. Setting off at a spring, Project Hades was quick to grab ahold of Leon’s crippled body and flung it at the two scientists closest to it, knocking them over as the unholy machine advanced on them. Goten was crushed under the foot of the Cyborg, while Nia was grabbed by her head an lifted up as she began to scream wildly and flailed in an attempt to free herself from its grip. All in vain though as her skull was immediately crushed, silencing her as blood and cerebral fluid gushed over the machine’s hand. Meanwhile, Patrice and Shen had escaped through the Lab’s door.

“Quickly! You go and alert The General and The Doctor! I’ll fasten the door!”

Just as Patrice turned to run, she heard and felt the shockwaves as Project Hades rammed through the door and sent Shen flying into her. As the two fell to the floor, they felt the pounding footsteps of the Cyborg as it approached ever closer and was finally right before them. Patrice was the first to get up and run, while Shen was slower to react and payed the price for it. His shaggy red hair was grabbed by Project Hades before he was flung about like a rag doll, smashing into the walls and floor causing the disgusting sounds of cracks and tearing flesh to fill the room. Soon the barely breathing but still screaming body of Shen was partially scalped as the red hair came free from his skull. But the machine wasn’t quite finished with him, and proceeded to lift the shell of a man once more by the scruff of his lab coat before literally pummeling his face in with a series of quick jabs that caved in the front of his skull.

Patrice was just about to reach the door at the end of the hallway dividing the lab from the main facility they worked in, and through the small section of bullet proof glass she saw the guards standing by. One of them caught sight first of her, then of the machine sprinting right after her. In his panic, he didn’t even bother giving the scientists a chance to escape and instead locked down the heavy duty door that was actually designed to prevent the escape of the machine. Project Hades didn’t relent though, and as Patrice banged in the door with her hand and screamed to be let out, it rammed its shoulder into her back which crushed her against the door. As she continued to scream, the paralyzed woman was picked up and slowly ripped in half as the Cambion stared down the guards on the other side. Knowing it couldn’t get out, it simply stood there, staring and growling as it waited for them to do make their next move.

General Hinax who had been overseeing the Cyber Initiative was quickly summoned, as was Dr. Vile. It took some time, but both were finally brought into the lab about an hour after Project Hades’ rampage. Both men were extremely unimpressed by how careless the lab team had been at letting their major breakthrough escape in such a manner. Though they received their punishment in death, so there was nothing to be done about it now.

While Dr. Vile tapped away at a data pod trying to access Project Hades’ system, General Hinax stood in front of the glass and stared the massive machine in the eyes without looking away. Project Hades itself hadn’t moved in the slightest after its kill on Patrice, but now had something more to look at other than just frightened guards. General Hinax was registered in its system as its Commanding Official, so striking out against it went against its programming. All others though, such as the scientists, were seen as expendable which justifies their deaths in its wrathful state. Soldiers were also off limits, as was Dr. Vile himself. But if it had managed to escape there would’ve been nothing to stop it from reeking havoc among any who it found a reason to kill.

“How could it possibly have been driven to such madness? The process should’ve ensured a pure lack of emotion!”

“It’s simple, Dr. Vile. You failed.”

The older man sneered at General Hinax before resuming his tapping away at the data pod.

“I perfected this process, Project Hades is living proof of that! There was just too many random variables that could’ve led to this. Such as you deeming it well to let it loose with Bjørn!”

“It was time for the people and the thugs to see what we’ve created.”

“Correction General, what I created. And if it wasn’t for your bullshit antics, it wouldn’t have run into your defective Officer that resulted in its undoing from start. First with the damage it received that set us back by days! Now here with its mental malfunction!”

“It’s encounter with Strider was unprecedented, that is not my fault.”


The two men looked up as they heard the Cambion utter the single word. Project Hades’ head also fidgeted a tad bit. After the two exchanges looks, Dr. Vile approached closer with a wondrous look in his eyes.

“It has regained vocal function! How extraordinary!”

General Hinax looked only slightly impressed, but still unamused with Project Hades. Squinting his eyes at the Titan of a machine, he let off a low ‘Hmpf.’

“You can talk can you?”

The Cyborg said nothing.

“Come on you just proved it, don’t go tongue limp on me you piece of shit.”

It growled.

“General, perhaps it would be best if you don’t anger it any more than it already is.”

“Relax, if this hunk of junk is at the very least coded properly then it won’t harm either of us. Tell me, what do you know? What is your direct operative?”

“Fulfill all tasks relating to the will of the Interstellar Task Force, both past, present and future.”

“What were you designed for?”

“Combat and/or War.”

“For what purpose?”

“To retain peace in the system and to bring uncooperative planetoids into the fold of our protection.”

“Well it still knows what its directives are,” Dr. Vile mused, “There’s your proof that it’s coded properly.”

General Hinax only grunted in reply. “What are you?”

“Cyber Initiative model number 0-0-1, codename Hades.”

Himax frowned, looking almost hesitant to ask the next question. The only emotion seen on his face throughout this entire encounter. “What is your name?”

“ITF Data archives possess no knowledge of Project Hades’ pilot or their identity. Identification runs only as Project Hades, Model 1, and Cyborg 1.”

“That is not what I asked, Project. I don’t want to know what the archives provide. What is your name?”

Project Hades hesitated for a moment, it’s head twitched as looked around as if searching for an answer. It recalled the data collected from the comms conversation amongst the pirates who had assassinated Commander Mecka. A single word that related to a Demon, much like its Project name. That word repeated over and over in its brain. It was the only other form of identification it had received, and the closest it had to a name. No other form of identification could be found save for its coded identities.

“Well? Out with it!”


“Huh?” Both men uttered simultaneously as they shared the same look of furrowed eyebrows and confused eyes.

“General Hinax requested the name of Project Hades. It is Cambion.”

“So, it’s inherited an identity of its own then? How strange. Yet interesting all the same. I’ll need to look further into this during the tests tomorrow.”

“No, no tests.” The Cambion grunted.

“That is a direct order, Project Hades. You are not fit for deployment.”

“Systems are running as requested. All operational without error or disturbance. No tests are necessary Doctor Vile.”

Doctor Vile attempted to say something as a rebuttal but could find nothing. Considering he was hearing this from the machine itself, he had no cause to doubt its words or deny it.

“Well then Project Ha- no, Cambion. What is it that you want then, if not to finalize the testing process?”

The Cambion uttered a much louder grow that transitioned into its monotone speech. “Strider.” As it said this word again, it slammed its fist against the door as the burning feeling returned to its stomach. General Hinax finally spoke up once more.

“Strider is not a priority target, Cambion, he’s nothing more than a lowly Pirate with no real threat to our system.”

“Ezro Strider and their crew have been responsible for several deaths of fellow operatives ever since they defected from the Interstellar Task Force. They should be avenged.”

Hinax chuckle a tad bit. “Let’s say I was let you loose to track them. How would you plan on finding them? He’s not an easy man to get the attention of. Unless theres money or a personal sense involved he won’t come. Your best chance is to get the attention of one of his crew members.”

The Cambions eyes fidgeted again. “Alejandras tel-Murkuntelli. The Wahlru people are putting up resistance on Bhalaja. ITF forces have been able to stop them thus far. They must be put in check.”

“You want to be sent to that planet as a true first test?”

The Cambion slowly nodded its head up and down, which prompted Hinax to grin wildly.

“General, you are not sending my creation to that ROCK! It is not ready!”

General Hinax only ignored Doctor Vile’s interjection.

“Cambion, I will allow for your departure to Bhalaja if you turn around and return to the lab with no further struggle. Your rage made quite a mess, but I’m willing to look that over so long as you don’t let it happen again.”

“Affirmative. Returning to holding facility. Cambion will await further instruction from the General.”

As the large Cyborg turned about face and stomped back to the containment lab, Vile fumed as he finally set his Data Pod aside.

“You are doing this without proper authority General, your orders were only to observe and report to the Supreme Commander!”

“Oh I wouldn’t worry your big brain about the Doctor, I assure you the Supreme Commander will be all too joyous to hear about this.”

General Hinax stepped away from the door and made a move to leave the facility.

“And how can you be so sure General? You may be his favorite, but brown nosing will only get you so far.”

“Intuition, Vile. Intuition.”
Two weeks passed like they were nothing. Very little was notable about the past few days save for Jacen’s temporary departure from the crew. With the way things were going, Ezro had refused to take up any more missions until he was certain they weren’t going to be tracked down by any more ITF operatives. Official or otherwise. He just wanted to lie low for a while and keep everyone safe. The last thing they needed was to get wrapped up in some great conflict.

As the drags passed on, the time for Jacens return drew near. But Ezro’s hesitance to invoke another mission still remained. There was no telling if anything more might happen.

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Jacen stretched. He looked at the five men and women who occupied the shuttle he was in. They all wore the same black uniform Jacen had on. Each uniform had a eight point star on their right shoulder on as well as dots in green and red on their chest. Jacen had two green dots giving him the rank of Major. "Major we are arriving on the Titan's coordinates." The leutinate piloting the shuttle said as they entered regular space. They were roughly fifty kilometer s from the Titan.

Jacen nodded. "Open a channel." The pilot did as instructed. Jacen walked up beside the pilot before speaking "This is Major Jacen Corr of the Free Nimerian Defense Force asking permission to dock."
Jacen looked threw the glass to the Titan. It was his new home he couldn't deny that anymore.

A lot had happened in the two weeks since he left.
His family's blade hung at his hip. His hair reverted to a more blond color though not nearly as blonde as it originially was. His eyes had a yellow color to them. As for his face it was reverted to it's original look.
"They'd probably take one look at you and shoot ya." He said
"Uh sir, you're talking to yourself." The pilot said.
Jacen nodded before standing at attention and waited.


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One Week Ago

Sil laid awake in bed, with the lights off. Her room was in total darkness.

“Clearly, I misspoke when I called you a spy,” she said calmly speaking into the abyss. “You are an assassin. Show yourself.”

A pair of glowing red eyes blinked. “I thought I was completely silent. Clearly, you live up to your reputation,” a female voice said. "I come in peace." The lights clicked on, revealing a small Tymari woman, standing near the door. She wore a suit almost identical to Sil’s, but newer.

Her skin was completely black to blend into the darkness, but began to rapidly change back to its natural color. She was pale orange, with reddish tiger stripes, like some kind of poisonous tropical fish. She was petite, barely five feet tall, but had two thick headtails, which hung almost to the floor.

“One hundred and twelve,” she said, tapping a finger on the side of her head. “That’s how many people they shoved into my skull. 112 personalities. 112 lives. 112 identities. 112 mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers-”

“I don’t give a shit,” Sil said as she sat up, revealing the blaster she’d been hiding under the covers. “How about I play you a song on the world’s smallest violin?”

“The ITF did this to me, splintered my psyche. I was a mess before Sauphira took me in. Damaged goods. The House was going to have me put down. I hate them as much as you do.”

“House Illumar has been using psychological imprinting to create assassins for over a century. You’re a product, a bioweapon for shadow warfare. The ITF is just a buyer,” Sil said. “A weapon just like you killed my parents. So, no, you are nowhere near as pissed off as I am right now.”


“I didn’t ask for your name,” Sil said flatly, “and knowing it won’t stop me from shooting you in the fucking face.”

“It’s not a name. We don’t have names. It’s an activation code,” Vaal said. “Number Fifty-Four, ‘Emily,’ has been compromised. She’s afraid. Angry. The personalities are so heavily compartmentalized, it took me days to realize the source of this… anguish... and seek you out. Emily exists as a data-gathering tool. I awaken at night, to send out the intel she gathers."

"You mean to report to Sauphira?"

"Precisely." Vaal nodded. "I need her to maintain my cover, but if she becomes… erratic… use the code to shut her down and awaken me. Keeping you alive is my primary directive, even if it blows my cover. 'Sailboat. Charlie. Victor. Yellow. Harbor. Sigma. Vector. Ghost. Vaal.' That is the full activation sequence.”

“What is your mission? What does Sauphira want?” Sil demanded to know.

“Keeping you alive is my primary directive,” Vaal repeated. Sil stood, walked to her and pressed the blaster to her forehead, but the Tymari woman just stared at her, without blinking or showing fear. “Keeping you alive is my primary directive,” she said again. “Pull the trigger, if you must.”

.Sil sighed and pointed to the door. “Get out,” she said softly as she lowered the weapon.

Present Time

Sil was cleaning the kitchen after serving breakfast. She removed the last of the dishes from the sink and handed them to the droids for drying. Satisfied with another meal successfully served, she headed for the door and hung her apron on a peg as she exited the kitchen and stepped into the mess hall.

The room was completely empty, except for one person: Emily was sitting down, with a tray of food, untouched. She locked eyes with Sil, stood up, and dropped her tray, spilling food all over the floor, which had just been cleaned.

“Oops. My hand slipped,” she said, glaring at Sil from across the room. She seemed to be trying to make herself look scary or intimidating, but completely failed at it, lost her nerve, and ran away before Sil could say or do anything.

Sil sighed as she ordered a droid to clean it up, then headed to the elevator. Another boring day loitering in deep space. She was running out of things to do. Maybe I'll kill that bitch today, just for kicks.

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