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The Presence Of Blood
Welcome to The Presence Of Blood! This will be a literate dark fantasy rp with a high emphasis on quality character-building and storytelling!

Set in an Victorian-inspired, near-magicless fantasy world, The Presence Of Blood is an rp inspired by the anime Owari no Seraph and Demon Slayer, full of original worldbuilding and story! We aim to be a friendly and welcoming community with active, mature role-players in mind! We are relaxed with writing styles/coding abilities, though we do expect a certain level of literacy (good grammar and spelling, and no replies shorter than around the 450 word mark -- 2 paragraphs -- More preferred but not a requirement).


The kingdom of Elavia is home to two groups of people: the living, and the dead. Those afflicted with vampirism, and those without. For centuries the two groups have coexisted under what masquerades itself as peace. A 'treaty' formed after a great war long ago forcing the vampires into the shadows for their own survival and in turn forming the national guard, known as the Vigil Noctis, ensuring that they would never take a human life again. The living citizens of Elavia have grown accustomed to their undead neighbors being out of sight and out of mind, and the vampires have learned to adapt to their situation… but now, over 300 hundred years after the treaty was instated, things have begun to change. Bloodied corpses are turning up all over the capital city of Mirsivik, and now that the treaty has been broken, what's in store for the citizens of Mirsivik is anyone's guess.

Years of hiding in the shadows with numbers dwindling, being treated with hostility and even killed when discovered. They've tried their best to survive peacefully, they've done their best to show they aren't the 'monsters' humans take them for... and yet nothing has changed, not in over three centuries. They've had enough. Rumors of a resistance within the vampire ranks has begun to emerge, and evidently some have already begun to act. With their fragile so-called 'peace' now broken, they have no choice but to take back their rule over these lands by force and no longer need to starve or live in poverty.

In preparations for what is thought to be an uprising the Royal Family have made an open statement of bringing back the Blood Masters, a high ranking small group of the Vigil Noctis. These descendants of of the mysterious warriors who brought victory to the humans back in the first war, carry the ability to harness their own blood to drastically increase the abilities of both their bodies, and even manipulating it to aid their weaponry. This allows for an equal playing field to be made against the powerful abilities of their Vampiric foes. --However, the bloodlines of these once great fighters, along with their secrets, is now mostly unrelated to the kingdoms forces. Some perhaps not even knowing just how strong the blood flowing beneath their own skin could be.


-New members are required to submit a writing sample along with their character sheets, just to give both myself (-- along with any fellow Gm's.) A good idea of your writing style/flow and whether it would be well-suited to this rp in particular. If you're unsure if it meets our 'standards' (We're not that tough! I promise.) feel free to instead send it in pm! You are allowed as many re-do's/edits of characters as you'd like for acceptance before submissions are closed! <Please note there will be a max. 2 characters per person, one human, one vampire. (just to keep things balanced!) However you do not need to provide a writing example for your second chara if the prior is accepted>

-Discord will most likely be used for ooc as I find it's the easiest to keep up discussions with and to notify others of posts, however both the IC, Lore and CS will be here on Rpn. (Let me know if you don't have or would rather not use this! I would recommend it, but I won't stop you from joining regardless!)

-All rpn site rules are to be followed as usual, please keep post content appropriate to these guidelines. There will, however, be some rather dark and somewhat disturbing themes throughout this rp and it is STRONGLY ADVISED you be 18+ in order to participate.

-Also, PLEASE, PLEAAAASE let me know if you're unable to post IC for a certain amount of time! (I get it, whether it be writers block or irl situations, just don't leave us all waiting around for a key character post or worse, just disappear! //T^T I won't be mad if you need to drop, but if you do so without warning and are inactive ooc for a month you will be unable to return to THIS rp. You will be allowed back in future ones.)

I WILL ADD MORE INFO/EDITS & LINKS TOMMOROW- I have to sleep now it's like almost 1am. Here, have this until then (he's a lil derpy don't judge him); ᢘ α΅’α΄₯α΅’αΆ… ← baby seal

coded by yukitera & khocolatte | The Presence Of Blood -- A Victorian Era Vampire RP


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Hi! I might be interested. But, I've never actually participated in a role-play on this site, a group rp anyway. Although I do have other group rp experience. I have a few questions... Do I need to be acquainted with the anime to participate in the role-play? Also, does it matter what time zone I'm in?


i'm interested, although i've never roleplayed on this site before LMAOO. i have plenty of roleplay experience otherwise. this plot interests me greatly.


Not the type to typically see a Vampire focused RP (at least them being the center piece of the conflict with humans) and jump in... though I won't lie the pitch has me interested.

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