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Fandom Rapture: Rebirth [Open World Multifandom Sandbox RP]

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Multiverse, Slice of Life


Getting Flattened by Cabal Drop Pods
At first, it was empty. Nothing but a chunk of empty space populated by a handful of barren, dead rocks, trapped in a localised area of time and space. It was meant to be, anyway. This dimension was really just supposed to fill in the space in the vast void between universes, in the infinite space known as the multiverse. It wasn't supposed to have any real purpose other than that. Why it was even implemented is up to question, as it was inaccessible to any and all beings, even so-called gods. Absolutely no one knew of its existence, nor was anybody supposed to come here, anyway. And so it quietly existed for countless eons.

Then, they came.

In a flash, beings and entities from dozens of separate universes arrived with no warning whatsoever. They were misplaced, taken from their homes to this new and unfamiliar plane. Sometimes, their homes came with them. Literally, as entire chunks of land such as cities, towns, and sometimes even entire landmasses were transitioned in. Nobody knows how and why they came. These beings were stranded, far away from home with no way of returning. The only thing they could do was survive.

And survive they did, all through the years. Over time, the inhabitants began to form communities and functioning societies from the ashes, spreading across the planets as they began to grow accustomed to their new home. Every now and then, more beings would be transitioned here, and those already inhabiting the realm would either help them to adapt or kill them on sight.

The inhabitants began to call this realm Rapture, and gave each of the three planets in the system a name.

Exodus: The middle ground between utter chaos and utopia. A planet not overly hostile, yet not overly peaceful either. A world essentially either just right. An okay place to live in, and perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Egress: A world where it seemed as if every functioning society that had the misfortune of getting transitioned on. This world is essentially perfect. Safe, secure, prosperous. And yet filled with diplomatic tension.

Diaspora: No life exists here except for monsters, undead, and other hostile entities. It is off-limits for the safety of the realm's inhabitants, yet many either brave of foolish adventurers travel here, lured by promises of riches and treasure.

These three planets within the system are where the majority of those who were transitioned ended up... and the ones who were lucky enough to. There are many other celestial bodies in the system, such as asteroids and planetoids. Out here, pirates and criminals and other undesirables roam this lawless frontier known only as The Boundary, so named due to this being the furthest place that can be travelled before anything beyond inexplicably gets destroyed. A ring of wrecked spacecraft surrounds the system, mixed with asteroids and other debris.

Time passed. More land began to fill the empty space. Home became a distant memory. Governing entities rise and fall. Tensions are ever high. Arrivals are forced to adapt and survive. All attempts to escape have ended up in complete failure.

Welcome to Rapture. Enjoy your stay, for there is no escape.

So... it's back I guess lol.

This is yet another reboot of my two previous multiversal survival sandbox RPs, Rapture and its failed reboot, Retransition. After taking a fairly long hiatus from running proper group RPs and two years since the original Rapture, I've decided to give it another go.

Like its predecessors, Rapture: Rebirth is designed to give players a large amount of freedom to do what they want. There is no real set plot, but story arcs created by players. Players are generally free to do as they please, with few restrictions. Player characters can be anyone from any universe, even of your own creation, provided that they are not too powerful or just plain stupid. These characters may be commanders of vast armies or the heads of megacorporations, should you wish for that.

Player characters are encouraged to work together. Or, of course, start killing each other because reasons. The choice is up to you, really, so long as everyone agrees.

As always, there is a set of rules players must follow or get thrown out the airlock be kicked.
  1. No speedposting (one-liners), unless in general conversation or if there is nothing important to describe. Please write a few sentences at the very least.
  2. Listen to the gamemasters. Always. We are watching.
  3. This RP is always open and accepting, but you must get your character approved first.
  4. Treat people how you want to be treated. Do not be an asshole to other members. Disrespect the law and you disrespect me.
  5. No metagaming, unless your character is capable of breaking the fourth wall.
  6. Godmodders will be removed.
  7. I will allow characters from OC universes, but only if not too powerful, and if there is decent lore.
  8. Try to post whenever possible. Inactivity is a surefire way to get you kicked.
  9. Have fun.
I am currently in need of additional gamemasters and helpers, so feel free to apply if you feel you are capable.

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Getting Flattened by Cabal Drop Pods
You guys can suggest some locations for the planets as well. Most will be the same as in the previous Rapture installments, though I will change some of them for easier management.


Getting Flattened by Cabal Drop Pods
Character sheet is here!


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