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Way too many exclamation points!!!
My final smash would be a strike against a single target. The first enemy I hit I would hook up to a defribulator and shock for massive damage.


Budget Morpheus, soldier #1,128,300 reporting in.
The first only/presumably nearest/a single target would result in me getting the rifle out, unfold or affix bayonet, then rush in and stab them repeatedly at such rapidity akin to fist of the north star or a JoJo character, and then finished with a shot to the face for massive damage.

Albeit by that point it'd probably be kept in reserve until the player had the target lower to begin with, so it basically gives them a climatic end. If anything, it'd more so be a mortal Kombat move, but I think I can do worse with that one. Also yes, I based this upon my profile picture. Yeet.


Budget Morpheus, soldier #1,128,300 reporting in.
No. In my case it wouldn't matter as I was basically roomridden for years even before it happened, so there wouldn't be a difference for me.

It has helped usher in realization and self realization, improvements in industry through automation to retain business, everyone can focus on things they've missed or more easily see shady shit, see how good neutral or damn right bad or even annoying a roommate is, and it has progressed things such as VR due to a entertainment rush. It also displayed the immediate and neutronic star levels of incompetence several figures from around the world from simple dudes to actual leaders have, the amounts of lunacy partaken to further the carnival.

If anything this has improved or set the seeds upon which to improve society. And the moments it's done with, some of it all will revert back to normality. For some, normality is an annoying Zombie-Chore they block out through entertainment when applicable anyways. Therefore that particular problem is resolving iitself. The mindset of one cannot have real friends online for example has been thoroughly nuked by this point, and we are progressing forwards. Socially, we will see some more fun things happening than before. In a time where even gibberish is taken overly seriously, some muthaduckas just needs to learn on how to laugh. Yeet.


how i mine words?

I never really got FNAF? Like, I understand the plot behind it, but I just don't get the level of appeal it has with people.

Murderous Chuck E. Cheese? Awesome. But man, with the way some of the fans talk about it, I feel like there's just something fundamental I'm missing.


Budget Morpheus, soldier #1,128,300 reporting in.
Let us introduce ourselves:
I've only ever watched anything fnaf related by Markiplier and pewdiepie for obvious reasoning, and the premise behind slender is akin to a building block for a larger element beyond itself.

Ya favourite question answering hazardous materials response unit here.
There's a whole lot more to do here. Why choose being the victim? Or choose being the camera security officer? A freaky visual Diclonius or a ghost possessed robot? Here, we can be the camera officer, the victim, the soldier, the security guard, the death row inmate, and experience scenes of horror, exploration, slice of life. The premise stays the same, but every narrative is possible and through entity fuckery, probably canon and non-canon at the same time. Join us for we can research, analyze, detail, and even suffer psychological obliteration and psyche reincarnation together. And after it all, we might even finally contain that little slippery bastard! I'll make the cell to allow us to make it happen!

~The one that arranges the blocks! [Nameinsert.nickname.]
The half-time customer service, secretary, and receptionist. Don't ask, we don't have the people to fill all of these roles individually.


will turn your insides into your outsides
dammit. i had a better answer for yesterday's question. This question though.... no answer. I haven't played either game. They're games, right?


Budget Morpheus, soldier #1,128,300 reporting in.
dammit. i had a better answer for yesterday's question. This question though.... no answer. I haven't played either game. They're games, right?
It's legal to answer previous questions if they're quoted.
Also yes. Though slender goes beyond for some reason. Never really added beyond appearance change.

Also I made this post as a sort of "yeet" for the thread. It's best not to respond to this on the thread if there is any, full convo is frowned upon. :P


Budget Morpheus, soldier #1,128,300 reporting in.
Jeezus... these questions make me feel so out of touch. Idk wtf this even means! lol
Your guide to the internet is back again. The joke is based upon this weird feud nonsense I don't quite understand myself based upon the whole "whatever you can do, I can do better." A war of the sexes if you will. Then a pack of image board users looked at that, and put up a joke of it which took off. It's a format, nowadays militaristic based for comedic effect. I.E. cute music plays on a video version and it might say something like "When you go out to the beach" before showing off the girls' version, usually with relaxation or some romantic context. Then when the boys' version comes on, it's video footage of saving Private Ryan to the tune of John denvers' country roads or a more dramatic iteration of either requiem for a dream, moonlight Sinatra, a 1800s - 1940s song, or a bass boosted Andrew WK song like ready to die. Originally the joke was under the context of some guy or girl posts a "this demographic better at this than you!" Then gets responded with historical referencing. Now, it is just done for the giggles, and usually now displaying military related materials than much else. Though a good one blindsides you if it is a video version, where they make you expect something like a war scene, but then show off people having fun and singing. Especially achieved if for the rest of the time they showed people getting absolutely nuked. It also works if you have a friend known to post fucked up shit, then surprises everyone by posting something cute. If continued past that point, probably resumes the terror. Alternatively, they post something cute, but the thing that's cute suddenly does something horrific.

Another two examples in video format of the formula are:
Girls' part comes on with royalty free music: "When you visit another country" shows off enjoying something like France.
Boys' part comes on with Preußens Gloria and/or Sabaton's ghost division or Erica: Shows the Germans blitzkrieging Poland, parading in France, and if they instead show the Americans, it's paratrooper footage and images to the tune of "What a hell of a way to die."

Finally, there's ones like the above in format: "When your dreams are high and you are higher"
Immediately cuts to the main menu theme "grinder" of red alert 2, and shows some military officer casually staring up with a pair of binoculars, then walking and ending at some sort of AA gun. Then the rest is footage of covering the sky in fields of flak.

Random question of the day:

What's one thing we can learn from all the Boys vs Girls memes on the internet?
The same as ya boi Heavy from TF2.
You can try, you can not, you could even rule a specialization or previous others from entering it.
But "I have yet to see one outsmart bullet." Except in this case replace bullet with the meme "improvise, adapt, overcome" in the form of both need, retaliation, and the ability to create a solution to a problem rendering the progress irrelevant as it becomes replaced through more efficient, healthy, and progressive outcomes. Like automated agriculture, and TPE.

If you meant the modern versions, then: "Professionals have standards." And suddenly seeing a German guy randomly screaming at an engineer that the transmission didn't break yet and cutting off to going off on an excited tangent that "German engineering is the best in the varudo!" is still funny.


Way too many exclamation points!!!
Nintendo has a history of trying to do things long before we've had the technology to pull them off well. (See this video for some good examples:
) Those PC Mario and Zelda games in the 90's probably take the cake, though. It was twenty years before they let another 3rd-party company touch one of their big three

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