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    Welcome to Paragon Academy. Here you can make yourself at home and see who you're sharing your dorm with, don't fight or cause a scene. Remember to pick up your schedule from the main office and sign up for certain clubs. If you're the child of a hero, please, have fun while you are here, but if you're the child of a villain, tough luck because you're now stuck here. Otherwise, enjoy your stay, and thank you for choosing Paragon.❞
    - Tony Stark, Iron Man.

    Seven years ago, the heroes of our universe, The Avengers and The Justice League banded together to found and create an academy for the next generation of superheroes. This academy is designed to be a haven for the children of superheroes and a place where they can be protected and taught to become heroes just like their parents before them. But things have changed because three years ago, children of villains could also attend Paragon under super and extra supervision, but they weren't just let in. It also wasn't so they could cause trouble or have done anything wrong. The kids of villains were allowed in to make up for their parent's crimes. They will learn what it means to be a hero and be trained to fight like a hero. Most have tried to escape or don't want to be there, but others want to be slightly better villains than their parents. Their parents are allowed to work in the school or the city to repay their crimes against the universe.

    Paragon Academy is a high school through grad school university for the children of DC and Marvel heroes and villains, even anti-heroes or whatever falls underneath other categories. It used to be a four-year college for heroes. Still, over the years, they decided to accept high schoolers and even offer certain degrees for postgraduates, such as medical, certification courses, and law degrees. The school's layout looks like any other school, but there's a different dorm building for the high school students and the postgraduates, and even the faculty have their dorms.

    The campus also has multiple cafeterias, a pool, a ballroom usually used for dances and fundraisers, and a bookstore. However, know that the campus is gigantic, and you can easily get lost. There is a danger room for them to test their powers and abilities and a training facility for just about anyone and everyone. There are a plethora of labs, also. The academy is located in upstate New York but is away from the city and surrounded by nothing but woods. Even though it is hidden, the academy has been attacked multiple times. The academy is an hour's drive from the Canadian border.

    Also, just like any other school, Paragon does have a few set rules such as no illegal activities whatsoever, the curfew is at 12 A.M. and absolutely no harm to be done between the students but no one really listens to or follows the rules anyway.







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Oh, and before I fully leave your project. You should probably inform people beforehand that you only accept realistic refs so you don't have any more incidents like mine.

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tentative interest ! a bit busy with college currently, but v much interested in the synopsis !


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hello, it's me again (oops lol)
possibly interested in this one as well

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