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Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Pascal Corbin

"Ah, I see," Pascal responded upon hearing about Emelia's second fight. Earlier in his career with the Tigers he would have been surprised and even chastised his fellow gang member, but at this point what he saw as a foolish and dangerous choice was something that he had come to expect form his colleagues. He was even unfazed when the woman mentioned potentially dying, just simply giving a nod in response.

"Bracers, hmm?" he repeated pensively. "Yes, I'll see what I can do. I'll probably need more information from you: your arm measurements as well as any information you can let me know about your opponent's jinx." With retractable bracers he needed precision, else, worst case scenario was the metal cutting straight through Emelia's arm during its extension.

The blond was so focused on the logistics of his new invention that he didn't even notice the wind blowing his hair across his gaze or the chill it brought. It took him a moment to even realize that Emelia had once again spoken, and he turned to the woman with a "hmm?" as he processed the words that had been said.

"Oh." So the question he had expected had finally come out. He was quite for another few moments as he formulated a response. "Chikage wanted us to investigate," he responded, "and I ended up running into him. So I figured I'd talk to him and see if I can get any information. He's... just as much in the dark as we are, but wants all of it to end..." He paused for a moment before adding on, "not just the deaths but... the fighting in general."

After another moment of silence the man suddenly said, "why are we doing this? Why do we do any of this? What's the point in the end? I'm assuming you want the bracers for a rematch with the Jack. What will that do for you? What will you get if you win?" He was silent yet again before adding on, "sorry, I guess it's none of my business. I'll call for you for information about the bracers later. Is there anything else you need?"

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Sonny Gomali | Sapphire Dragons - Rookie | Location: East District - Central District in Rose Winter Park to the side of a random building | Interacting/Mentioned: Omar Ayad | Outfit: Shirt, Pants/Shoes, Jacket (not exact)

"My my how rude...Don't just scream at a person and call him a... what was it you called me again.... a punk dude?... I believe you got the wrong person." Omar says in disagreement with Sonny's remark.

An explanation on why Sonny knows who Jack O' Lantern is:
It all started when Sonny joined the gang, which was only a year ago, and the whole reason he joined being due to the simple fact that he was--and still is--a huge fan of Erich Silva. Anyway, when Sonny first met Omar, he was stunned, puzzled by the emission of two entirely different auras. One was black, symbolizing evil, while the other was blue, symbolizing intelligence and loyalty.

Sonny couldn't resist the desire to understand, nor could he the urge to find out. Therefore, he kept a close eye on Omar, watching every little move from afar. Though, stalking people has always been a weird habit of Sonny's, so he's pretty good at being secretive about it.

After a few weeks, Omar showed no odd activity or clues to the answer, so Sonny started questioning his own Jinx. He wondered if this was actually an aspect of himself--that maybe he had a disorder or disease that... well, fucked up his Jinx. In the end, he just brushed it off and took up becoming friends with Omar instead. It was difficult, as Omar tends to keep to himself, but Sonny's a little persistent.

During one night after a meeting held by the Elder, Sonny caught Omar before he left the temple. He asked him if he wanted to stay and chat, but was turned down in what seemed like a natural instinct driven by fear. Intrigued by this, Sonny snatched Nionet's Jinx before he left the temple and covertly followed Omar home.

Once they arrived, nothing seemed odd at first. Omar entered the apartment building like... a normal person. Sonny snuck along the side of the building and listened in with enhanced hearing. Here's where it got weird: It was expected that there be multiple sets of feet walking around the building, as it is an apartment after all. However, the only footsteps that could be heard were that of Omar's.

A few minutes passed and Sonny forgot what the hell he was doing. He perked up from his crouched position and glanced around the darkness of the night. Scratching his head, he questioned everything up until he heard a voice. It was loud and easy to make out due to Sonny having Nionet's Jinx, and his hearing was increased.

He finally remembered his goal and listened in on Omar's conversation with another mysterious person. The voices were the same, but different. They spoke differently and addressed each other as different people. However, everything became slightly more clear when the mention of the Jack O' Lantern was heard.

Sonny was quite familiar with the rumor of the Jack O' Lantern, so you could conclude that he was easily tying the clues together, and shitting himself in fear. He hated the rumors because they were evidently frightening.

Fast forward another week, Sonny followed Omar on a job given to him by Nionet. After getting lost a few times, being on foot, whereas Omar was traveling by car, Sonny stumbled upon a shocking scene. In an alleyway, there stood Omar, or should I say, the Jack O' Lantern. Another man lied on the ground, passed out in horror. Though, the pumpkin mask on his face was all he needed to see in order to solve this mystery, and every question was answered.

Now, Sonny is absolutely horrified of Omar and although he tries to keep what he knows to himself, his short-term memory loss affects his own intentions very often. So, on rare occasions, Sonny slips up and calls Omar pumpkin dude--the nickname he always gave to the Jack O' Lantern when mentioning the rumors.

So, here he is, having slipped up and called Omar the pumpkin dude and terrified for his life.

Sonny stands up from the ground and brushes the snow off with his hands, "Heh... Yeah. I called you punk dude." He chuckles nervously, trying to hide the fact that he knows, "Just uh... what can I say?"

He bobs his head with a forced grin, trying to play it off as if he were being a thug, "I'm just that guy. Callin' people punks."

Omar turns his attention back to Mercy, in which he makes an attempt to entertain her with a puppet. Sonny, however, continues his conversation--which is really just with himself now.

Intimidated upon observing the black aura, Sonny drops his big talk, "B-b- but, ya' know... You're cool. Eh... I- In all reality, the time. It's there and I gotta go." He gestures aimlessly over his shoulder with his thumb before turning around and jogging away, which turns into a sprint at the thought of Omar possibly chasing him down.

Sonny gives a harsh shiver, rounding the corner of a tall building and coming to a halt when he feels he's safe. He drops the upper half off his body forward and catches himself on his knees, "That was so scary..." He slides his arms around his knees and crouches down, lost in thought.

Suddenly, everything goes blank. What was he doing again?


Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
«Я раздавлю тебя до смерти».
Yelena Zaytseva
She loved to watch them fly. Yelena concentrated on the field as it pulled up loose rocks, and anything else that happened to get too close, into the wellspring of gravitational acceleration.

Her eyebrow switched in irritation however, when, like before, her quarry escaped the snare she’d set before him. Slippery like an otter, this one was. Yelena readied herself for another rush, dispelling the failed gravity field with a flick of her wrist. That rush never came. She watched with cold, mounting fury as her opponent slipped out of her reach and disappeared over the side of a tall commercial building that leered over the edge of the park.

”Coward,” she muttered in her mother tongue, as she began her pursuit. She rose high into the sky, higher, until she was looking down on the tops of trees that dotted the park. She cleared the ledge of the roof of the building she’d watched the strange man escape to... Only to find it deserted. Perhaps he had fled after all. Pity. She had only just begun to enjoy herself. She walked across the rooftop to the other side, peering over the ledge into the alley below. Nothing.

Then all at once she was falling. Had she been pushed? The ground, the nothingness of the alley, was rushing up to meet her. Strong arms clasped her own against her side. Clever boy, she found time to smirk despite the mortal peril. You’ve caught me.

Even as she thought it, Yelena knew that it wasn’t true. Not entirely. Not yet. She flexed her fingers. All she needed was some space. Just a hair’s breadth of distance between this man’s body and hers, enough to place her hands on him. The maneuver she had in mind was ludicrous, likely to fail, and reckless, but it was also stylish, so she decided to try it anyway.

Yelena spread her arms out to either side as far as the man’s grip would allow, splaying her fingers to feel the natural flow of the planet’s gravity field. She thought about what she wanted to do and felt her Jinx activate, eager to do her bidding, and at once two parallel (parallel to each other and the earth below them) columns of gravity – one slightly above Yelena and Silva, the other slightly below – both exerted their native forces upon the falling pair of bodies at once. One to push, one to pull. Their task completed, the gravity columns winked out of existence a moment later.

Yelena had hoped the resultant centrifugal force created by the opposing forces of Push and Pull would not only cause the pair of them to spin around one another in midair – placing Yelena atop Silva as they continued to fall – but also loosen Silva’s grip enough so that Yelena could turn until they were face-to-face, or at least enough that she could place a hand on his chest. And if all of that happened, then what came next was simple.

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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
Location: (Rose District) Rose Winter Park
Interactions: Cracker Cracker Sonny Gomali

Omar Ayad was still paying attention to Sonny Gomali while he is being attacked with snowballs as Sonny Gomali stands up from the ground and brushes the snow off with his hands before saying out loud.

Sonny Gomali: "Heh... Yeah. I called you punk dude."

As Sonny Gomali starts chuckling before saying out loud again.

Sonny Gomali: "Just uh... what can I say?"

Omar still listening as he now mentions.

Sonny Gomali: "I'm just that guy. Callin' people punks."

Omar Ayad thought to himself that this was odd in so many ways and also what Jack-O'-Lantern said earlier is still stuck in Omars head thus influencing his opinion of Sonny Gomali.

Sonny Gomali: "B-b- but, ya' know... You're cool. Eh... I- In all reality, the time. It's there and I gotta go."

Sonny Gomali gestures aimlessly over his shoulder with his thumb before turning around and jogging away which turns into a full sprint. Oddly enough it seems like Omar is still multi-tasking with fighting Jack-O'-Lantern and paying some what attention to the now fleeing Sonny Gomali. Omar Ayad noticed that the snowballs has stopped and turned to look at his little puppet. Jack-O'-Lantern seems to be rubbing his two hands together before he spoke out loud.

Jack-O'-Lantern: "A lot of fear was emitting from that person...No one runs from you unless they know something they should not know. Should we follow?"

Omar Ayad looked at the puppet for a bit before looking at Mercy Lawson who at this moment is confused at this new development. Omar Ayad simply shaked his head before turned to Mercy and saying to her.

Omar Ayad: "What to go somewhere more fun?"

Mercy Lawson would smile and nod her head. Omar Ayad would first shift the strap of his duffel bag to his right arm where the puppet of Jack-O'-Lantern and he then offered his left hand to Mercy Lawson as they would then began their walk to a more exciting and entertaining place... The Library.

Location: (East District) Public Library

As Mercy, Omar and the Jack-O'-Lantern made their way into the Library. They were spotted by the Grey haired, old Grandma Librarian wearing what appears to be a long yellow dress. As she smiled and replied to them.

Librarian West: "I see you came for story time and you brought little Jack with you. My who is this cute little girl that is with you?"

Omar Ayad: "She is Mercy Lawson. "

Mercy Lawson: "That's me."

Jack-O'-Lantern: "We are her designated guardians for today and we will bring her back to her Mommy after story time."

Librarian West: "How precious and so responsible you two have become. The children are in the story room and I already set up your table and hid the candy bars in the lockbox under the table."

Omar Ayad: " You got the key."

Librarian West: " Wait just one moment. Dearie.

As the Librarian West went behind the librarian counter before pulling out a key from one of the drawers.

Librarian West: " Here we go. "

Omar Ayad had already went towards the counter as Librarian West held out the key as Omar Ayad took it and he smiled back at her. They headed to the story room as soon as Omar, Mercy and Jack-O'-Lantern entered would they come across ten kids playing around in the story room as Omar looked at this scene. He gently pushed Mercy foward.

Omar Ayad: " Go on. Time for story time"

Jack-O'-Lantern: " Hey Kids. It story time!"

Some of the kids stopped playing around while others clapped and cheered.

Kids: "He is back"

As Omar Ayad made his way to the front of the story room, the kids started to gather and sit close by to Omar Ayad. Omar Ayad found a free chair and sat on it. Omar removed his duffel bag and place it on the free table. Once the duffel bag was on the table would he open it up and remove a book, he looks at the kids present before saying.

Omar Ayad: "Welcome one and all to another fun filled adventure with me and my good friend Jack."

Jack-O'-Lantern: " Hello kiddies. It's so good to see you all today. I hope everyone remembers our little chant so lets say it all together now."

Kids: " Beware beware Jack-o'-lantern is here. "

Jack-O'-Lantern: " Thats always nice to hear and it makes me all warm and cuddly inside...Time for story. "

Omar Ayad would open up the book for all to see and began his story of the new Jack-O'-Lantern in Oasis city complete with pop ups and story time continues.

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Emelia Dawson.png
Emelia Dawson Nameplate.png
(North District)
[Albino Tigers' Mansion]
Flower-garden Atrium

Pascal Corbin Anne Boolean Anne Boolean

Brown Turtleneck Sweater; Gucci Belt; White Skinny Jeans; Brown Knee-high Boots; Bronze-tinted Sunglasses; Purse
Emelia shakes her head, "I don't believe there will be a need for a rematch, but I don't speak for him."

She brushes some hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear with a slender finger. "I had a similar discussion with the Revenants' Jack as you did their Elder it seems."

"Their members are dropping like flies, much like ours, except their numbers were already cut in half due to the tsunami last year."

She meets Pascal's eyes, "I am not you, Pascal. There is no 'we'. I do what I do for my own reasons, as should you. I cannot give you purpose, nor can I find it for you... People are limited by what they have. Through that, they find what they want, or they make something up."

Standing, she faces the naked bush beside her and pulls from it a single leaf before letting it go with the wind.

On a soft voice, she utters a quote she once read, "Why else are we here if not to live with unreasonable passion for things?" afterward adding, "But what is passion?... You know, some people live only for others, making their purpose that person's... Take this Boltius, for example... He told me: "It's not the friends of my enemies that I'm worried about. It's the enemies of my friends"... So I imagine that he lives for others, lest he live for nothing?"

"But when I asked him about purpose, he looked at me strangely... Then he told me that if one needs purpose to live, they view themselves as a tool. And I thought purpose was supposed to be beautiful... but it's illusive. People say they can't live without purpose, yet they breathe to say such words."

Emelia realizes that she's gone off on a tangent, as usual, "I don't know... I'm just as oblivious to the workings of life as you are--so for now I'll do what I do know and what I'm used to, and I'll search for answers as I go."

"I do not view the Revenants as enemies, by the way. It's just that some people only know to fight, so I fight back to understand them."

Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Pascal Corbin

Pascal normally would have been relieved to hear about there not being a rematch, but if he had learned anything from being around the Tigers, it was that fights happened whether they were expected or not. "A shame..." he commented upon hearing Emelia talk about the deaths in the Revenants. It left a bad taste in his mouth to speak of them as trivially as flies and numbers. These were people. They had goals, ambitions, and people who cared about them. Pascal believed that even a fly's death left a small void in the world and could only hope the loss went on to further the circle of life. For people though... well, that hit much closer to home. They would all end up in the ground one day and would become food for the plants, but someone being struck down before their time, at least in Pascal's mind, was truly a tragedy. Fresh meat of a youthful prey may serve its predator better, but plants would suffice just as well with the corpse of a ninety year old as with a twenty year old.

"Wha-" the blond had a bewildered look on his face after hearing the woman's response. "Of course there's a we! You may not be me and I may not be you, but we're brought together by something in common. That's the case for all of the Tigers. The reasons that bring certain groups together can be... healthier than the reasons that bring others together..."

A frown came onto his face, the comment about people being limited and doing what they can under the circumstances clearly striking a chord. "I'm well aware..." he said through gritted teeth. "Being dealt a bad hand doesn't give those people an excuse to hurt others. I'm not so sure I'd place all the blame on them in these circumstances though, as the ones pulling the strings are fortunate enough to be orchestrating all this by choice. Regardless of where you fall, do you think even those on top, who don't get their hands dirty but have the means to change things, shouldn't be held responsible for the consequences of their institutions? Do you think the Tigers-- we, are truly blameless for the lives lost? Even if neither of us allegedly killed those people with our own hands, someone targeted them due to their affiliation and what it meant. And the killer's motivations surely came from their own affiliation. An affiliation they were passionate about. You speak about life without purpose and passion being pointless, but are they really all that great when they're causing pain and destruction?"

He let out a small snort at her anecdote about Boltius. "He's ignorant," the man responded. "Let me speak from a place I'm familiar with: science. A basic need of humans is to be part of something bigger. This is the reason religions and communities have been formed throughout history. Unless you choose to live life as a hermit out in the wilderness, you'll always end up being a 'tool' for something." He turned to face Emelia, his blue eyes meeting hers. "You can chose what machine you're a part of though, and you can always find new passions.

"Another bit from science: the thinking behind making human experimentation being illegal was based on the methods used to obtain them, some answers are just not worth knowing. The ends don't always justify the means, and sometimes things are better left not understood.

He stood up from the bench, turning to look back at her. "Just drop off a well-fitting bracelet at my lab tonight. I'll have it done for you soon." With that, he made his way out of the garden the way he came.

Despite the conversation souring his mood, he still tried to put on a happy face in order to not ruin Raven's special day. He couldn't help but wonder about Raven though. She was Vice Elder, so surely she must be in the know about the chaos caused by the gangs. Was she really fine with all of it? He assumed she had at least a good life, at least since she was in Chikage's good graces, but was living like that worth all the pain they caused? It was something he tried to push out of his mind when he caught sight of the woman and approached her.

"Hello again," he signed with a small smile. "I hope you're enjoying your day." He would have normally tried to put more cheer into his expression but it was hard to muster up the optimism after the previous conversation.

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Erich Silva.png
Erich Silva Nameplate.png
(Rose District)
Alleyway near Rose Winter Park

Yelena Zaytseva Elenion Aura Elenion Aura

Reindeer Costume; Prosthetic Legs to match his costume; Tactical Pocket Vest; Waist holster with pixel canister, satchel, and Sabre Claws
[Costume + Prosthetic Legs] [Sabre Claws]

Silva jumps from the roof and into the alleyway, reaching the ground by way of his pixels, then ducks off to the side with his phone in hand, hiding behind a dumpster.

He finds his camera function and starts recording himself.

"Holaaaa, mis seguidoreeees! You won't believe it, but I'm 'bout to get my ass whooped! Jus' watch-" He uses some pixels to create a case around his phone, still recording, and telekinetically tosses the device outward and into the air until it's propped upon the windowsill of the building adjacent to the one he'd earlier mounted.

After that, he peeks around the corner where Yelena can be seen elevating herself with her Jinx until she's out of sight. He follows her, using what pixels he still has to slowly and quietly execute his ascension.

From the standpoint of his cell-phone's camera, you can see him creep up behind the unsuspecting Yelena, where he shows the viewers a thumbs-up before abruptly wrapping his arms around the woman from behind, hugging tightly like one would their lover.


The two fall from the building and the phone's eye follows, leaning over the windowsill on which it is perched.

Yelena struggles within Silva's grasp. His pixels chase after them--spiraling ribbons of red, green, and blue, like glowing snakes after their prey--adding a touch of pizzazz to their speedy descent.

They near the ground in no time. Silva prepares himself, more focused than usual. He loosens his grip on Yelena, readying his pixels to catch himself--however, before he can let her go, she exerts her Jinx and spins in his arms at the same time that he is twisted in the air by shimmering columns of opposing forces.

Now above him, Yelena plants a hand against Silva's chest--prompting him to flex because men--and he chuckles at his impending doom, "You like?"

A faint glimmer curtains around him in that second, and he barrels into the concrete of the alleyway below, which cracks upon contact into that of black veins spreading outward from his seemingly lifeless body. Miniscule specks of illumination drip into the air from the ends of colorful, swaying ribbons that are pinned beneath him--the result of him barely managing to cushion his impact.

His vision blurs. He's losing consciousness.

The back of his head has busted open and blood leaks from it, pooling into the leather of his reindeer cap, and he wonders if Yelena will kill him. Quizás... pueda seducirla.... he inwardly laughs, accompanied by a weak cough, then a startling pain in his ribs that sends him to his side. He curls into a ball and groans, saying aloud, "Señoritaaa... I can't feel my leeeegs!" There's a brief pause before he continues in a strained voice, "Just kidding, heh. I... don't have any..."

He realizes that one of his lenses has cracked and busted, revealing the kaleidoscope green of his thin eyes, which doesn't help him to see since he's right on the verge of being legally blind--and the metallic taste of blood coats his tongue.

All it took was one mistake.

As for his phone, it lies screen-up just fifteen feet away, completely unscratched and still recording.
Erich Silva Unmasked.jpg


Maybe I want Happiness not Turds


(South District)
Her & Malik's Apartment

Malik Padovani Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean
Oversized Shirt and Pajama shorts
Throwing the shirt at him was pretty funny at the moment. Misa thought she was going to knock his cigarette right out of his mouth. He looks at her with a pretty angry expression but that quickly changed and a look she was all to use to seeing appeared. His sleazy shit eating grin was glued to his face and that meant he was thinking something indecent. She takes another puff of her cigarette when he does the same. "Don't get any funny ideas don't forget the last time you tried this shit." But before she could stop or threaten him any longer he was around her. "Are you trying to get my attention" He says like the snake he is.
Malik talks more like he plans to sleep with Misa and it almost makes her skin crawl. Weirdly she feels weird when he acts like this sometimes. Not disgusted but interested almost. Its a tough feeling for her since she always identified as a lesbian but sometimes Malik made her question that. He puts his hand on her neck firmly and this brought a slight chill down her spine. She wasn't about to give him the impression that she was in anyway enjoying this and she goes to punch him but he was out of her reach before she could get the chance. He is now back to the suitcase.
After a while of trying to open it he finally gets it finished. Opening it she could see what was inside but Malik quickly counted the contents. $540,000!!!!! Misa was dumb struck by this. She never knew she would see this kind of money. This was insane, she wanted to just go celebrate. Knowing she had a good chance to mess with Malik. She walks over to him and moves the suitcase. She gets on his lap facing him and pushes him down on the bed. "Maybe we should have a little celebration then, huh." She knew she would throw Malik off since she has never acted this way to him before. "$540,000 is a lot and it really gets me excited to think of what we could do with it." She says in a seductive tone. She leans close to Malik and kisses his ear. With her mouth close to his ear she whispers. "Maybe Jo will want to enjoy the fun with me." And with that she sits up moves off Malik's lap and gives him good tap to the crotch. Not hard enough to hurt unless you had balls so she wouldn't be hurt if he tried to reverse it on her. "Honestly though we should go out and celebrate a bit. What do you say?"

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Cosmo Collymore.png
Cosmo Collymore Nameplate.png
(North District)
[Albino Tigers' Mansion]
C.C.'s Bedroom

Alistair Fletcher Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed , Raven Sandford SRUNewman SRUNewman

White T-shirt; Stolen watch; Black and white, striped pants; White tennis shoes; Black headband
C.C. dies at Alistair's imitation of Chikage, then throws in his own drunken impersonation, deepening his voice all the same as Alistair had, "I wear turtlenecks to cover my battle-scars, which are a daily- a daily reminder... of- of why men suck, and why women are the fount of brilliance in this- in this stupid shit-hole of a fucked-up world."

His expression twists into a grouchy pout on that last part, but he immediately perks back up into character.

"I like to destroy the city to- to-" he spits a laugh, "to make up for my tiny penis~" All the while, they stumble up the stairs to the second floor, then down a long corridor. To the left, windows line the wall, giving view of the flower-garden atrium where Pascal and Emelia can be seen talking. To the right--doors leading into different rooms that belong to the Tigers who pay their stay.

C.C.'s is easy to spot, as he's covered it in pictures of himself striking a variety of poses; such as flipping off the camera, mooning the camera, blowing kisses at the camera, and so on.

Before entering, like the drunken fool he currently is, he pushes his ear against the door and knocks, missing the first few times. "Helloooo~? Raveeeeeen?"

When no one answers, he glances at Alistair with deeply lidded eyes, looking like he could fall asleep any minute now. "I don't think she's in there. Let's just go beat up Emelia. We'll take her to the rave..." There's a brief moment where he just stares at the other before perking up with a burst of energy, "The rave! We forgot about the r- hup- the rave!"

C.C. abruptly lets go of Alistair now, cupping his hands around his mouth, and hollers down the corridor without a care in the world, "RAAAAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" Then he looks at his friend with a confident smile and says, "She... cannot hear me."

At this point, someone from one of the many rooms shoves their head out with a mean glare harsh on their features, "C.C. shut the fuck up, dude!" and C.C. quickly grabs Alistair, pops into the fourth-dimension for a split, then reappears in his room. "That was close."
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"To the left, here." Lillium throws up a finger, directing her colleague on where to go.

They turn, pulling into the graveled drive of the abandoned library, where she exits the vehicle and looks around--though, she cannot see.

Her colleague turns off the car and steps around to take her by the arm, leading her to the building as three more sets of tires pull up after them. They're mercenaries, the lot of them--men she's hired under her wing to do her bidding--biddings such as drug deals like this one.

Entering into the library, she immediately senses the auras of three individuals standing nearby, and the smell of burnt paper wrinkles her nose.

"Burning another letter, I suspect." Her blind eyes are directed toward Grégoire Tanaka. "We will bring the product in once we've completed a search of the building. I can tell you've not done so, yourselves... Has the buyer arrived?"

(Grégoire Tanaka Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed ) (Jaiden Wilson FabulousTrash FabulousTrash ) (Mixie Edellson Cracker Cracker )

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Naila Fong.png
Naila Fong Nameplate.png
(Rose District)
Heading in the direction of Rose Winter Park

Chu Ji-yoo SRUNewman SRUNewman

Patterned, Leather Tunic; Wool Trousers tucked into her boots; Leather, Fur-lined Boots, wrapped with leather string; Patterned, Open Robe; Leather, Fur-lined Waist-wrap over the robe; Leather Belt around the Waist-wrap; Leather, Fur-lined Arm-wraps; Long Scarf
[Reference] [Naginata]
"Ahhhh~ Charles, you take me for a drunken fool!" Saying this, Naila turns up a long glass of Cîroc and lets the dry liquid run down her throat on a wrinkled nose, cringing at its chalky bitterness.

She wipes her mouth with a cloth from the counter, "I wasn't born here, y'know. I'm from Alaska."

"Yeah, you've told me," Charles' voice lacks energy. His expression is dull.

"Have I?" Naila squints at him. She can't remember ever having a conversation with him that's required her to talk about her roots, but it's likely she was too drunk to remember the experience, so she shrugs it off, standing to her feet.

Her naginata leans against the counter beside her, and she takes it with an exaggerated sigh, "Well~ I guess it's time to head out," looking around the group of men with a half-hearted smile. They pay her no mind--shuffling their cards, swiping through their phones, and reading the daily newspaper. At this time of the day? She narrows her eyes.

"Ahhh, t' hell with y'all!" Naila storms out of the bar and into the cold, hugging her naginata with an arm. Turning to face the brick exterior of the building, she presses a hand against it and activates her Jinx, which causes a deep tremble to roll through its furnished interior. She can hear the shattering cry of glass hitting the floor, and the frantic murmur of patrons, then the surface beneath her hand splits, causing her to purse her lips with wide eyes.

"Whoops~" She quickly turns away and makes a hasty escape, nodding at the first passerby and saying, "Careful, there's earthquakes back there."

The stranger furrows a brow, seemingly confused.

Naila continues on.


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District, The Dragon's Temple
Interactions: Nakazjo Chikage ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ) , Paige Lawson ( SRUNewman SRUNewman )

The moment Paige turned around after getting up from the memorial, Kanna silently cursed herself. She didnt even have a chance to stop Paige as she rushed forward towards Chikage, hands around his neck.

Worried that Chikage might fight back, Kanna quickly turned and moved towards where he was, but stopped as she saw that his hands were raised up. She let out a quiet sigh of relieve, coming up beside Paige. She placed a hand on Paige's shoulder again, gently pulling her back. At the same time, she moved and positioned herself so she was standing between Paige and Chikage.

"Let go of him Paige. There's a reason he's here. Plus, this isn't the time or place."

Kanna glanced around the room. By now, everyone was looking at them. Kanna had noticed some looks when she and Chikage first arrived, but now all eyes were on them. Definitely not the best first-impression for Chikage, but Kanna wasn't very worried about that. She looked out towards the other people in the room, speaking up so they could all hear her.

"My apologizes for the disturbance. However, I must ask that you all leave this room for a while. If you have any issues, you can bring them up to me after we're done here."

At the end of her sentence, the lights in the room dimmed slightly for a brief moment, returning to their normal brightness quickly. The onlooking Dragons took the hint, some leaving through the main door while others left through the connecting hallways. Eventually, the lobby was empty apart from Paige, Kanna and Chikage.

Kanna looked back to Paige, speaking softly.

"You will find this hard to believe, but there is reason to believe that the Tigers arent responsible for what has been going on lately."

Kanna's eyes looked directly into Paige's eyes. Not once did they drift away as Kanna spoke.

"I'm asking not just as the Ace, but as a friend. Please, trust me."


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Brielle Rousseau | Ruby Revenants - Junior | Location: West District - Red West Bar | Interacting/Mentioned: Boltius Beckman, Matsuda Russo | Outfit: Full Outfit

It's not until Harriet mentions the sunglasses on Matsuda that Brielle acknowledges them. A feeling of concern dawns on her, but his reply quickly washes it away--it probably is just a bad hangover and she need not worry.

Upon ending his chat with Harriet, Matsuda steps over to the chair next to Brielle's, to which she perks up and her eyes widen with fear, but also excitement.

Is this it? Is he really going to sit next to her over Boltius? Have they finally connected in some way?

When Matsuda squats over the chair, but does not sit, Brielle furrows her brows in confusion. Rather than sitting, he stands back up and gives a closed-eye smile while rubbing the back of his neck. Brielle stares at him with no expression to relay what she's thinking, but inside, she's arduously questioning everything. What the hell did he just do?

A thought hits her and she gulps. Did- Did he- No. No wey. But- Did he fah't? She wonders to herself--did Matsuda just fart on her? It's hard believe, plus there's no smell, so she brushes it off and subtly shakes her head to clear the thoughts.

Brielle clears her throat and tries not to be disheartened as Matsuda walks to the seat beside Boltius to sit down. She feels like a fool to think he would ever choose her over Boltius--they have a better relationship. Grant it, Boltius is one of Brielle's greatest friends as well, so she understands Matsuda's choice.

If it were her, she would obviously sit next to Boltius--her greatest friend--rather than next to someone she has a lesser relationship with.

As they all surround the table, Brielle eyes frequently glance to the side, catching every move Matsuda makes. She could never admit this aloud, being in love with him that is, but nor could she ever explain why she is.

When Matsuda gives Harriet his best, adorable puppy-dog eyes while asking for a drink, Brielle's heart skips a beat. She lifts her hands from the table and presses them over her mouth with interlocked fingers, staring blankly at the wooden table in an attempt to remain normal.

That of which is not going too well. Brielle's weird behavior around Matsuda is always noticeable. Hence she glances at her drink to the left--a finely decorated Negroni--and strikes it with a seemingly aggressive hand to grab it. A few drops are spilled onto the table, but Brielle plays it off and raises the glass to Boltius, giving him a nod before taking a sip.

The bitter tang balanced by a fruity zest stimulates her taste buds. It's delicious and refreshing, especially since the last thing she had was a bagel around five a.m. Brielle raises the cup to hold it at eye-level, taking in the flavor and appreciating the beautiful glass. In her mind, this would make for a perfect painting subject.

Taking another sip before sitting the glass down, Brielle looks to Boltius, "So, Cheeto, you say you 'ave tea to spell, den' whet happened?" She asks, her plain, French accent dominating the words as she refers to his statement at the airport.

Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

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Kingston Fox.png
Kingston Fox Nameplate.png
(Rose District)
Outside a Barnes & Noble

Nora Sullivan Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Red Bandana; Red Scarf; Red Loincloth
Seeing the woman's reaction, it's as expected. She fears him.

However, her next move is anything but expected.

With a quivering hand, she reaches up and touches the cold metal of his face, running her thumb along its profile symmetrical and smooth, then she withdraws it and sighs a wisp into the frigid wind.

"You.. don’t have to physically smile... to be able to smile," she tells him, but it's lost on him.

"Smiling can just be a feeling, like when the hero in a movie finally saves what they wanted to save."

Kingston tilts his head, accompanied by the whirring sound of a mechanism in his neck. "A feeling. I see." His voice is deep and digitalized, programmed by his 'maker' to sound threatening and intimidating.

The woman's features soften, and Kingston averts his glowing gaze before returning it on a question as he awkwardly scratches the side of his face, "Why... were you crying?"

Doctor Llamabean

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Boltius Beckman.png
Boltius Beckman Nameplate.png
(West District)
[Red West Bar]
At a table toward the back left

Brielle Rousseau Cracker Cracker , Matsuda Russo Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Loose White Tank-top; Grey Shorts; Red Nike Sneakers
[Reference] [Sneakers] [Cap]
Seeing Matsuda squat down like he's about to sit beside Brielle, Boltius inwardly writhes--throwing his head back, hands over his ears, as his hair bursts into frantic flames at some imaginary dialogue between the two...

"Oh, Matsuda, mon amour!" Brielle leans in close to Matsuda, cupping his cheek.

Matsuda reciprocates the gesture, nearing even closer as he closes his eyes, "Oh, Brielle, amore mio~"

"Je t'aime," Brielle mutters between pursed lips, earning from Matsuda a soft, "Ti amo~" as they finally kiss, and Boltius squeals like a thirteen-year-old girl whose brother just shaved her Barbie's head.

On the outside, however, he's calm and collected.

That's when Matsuda rises out of his squat and moves to sit beside Boltius, at which the fiery Jack chokes on a piece of ice he'd been sucking on to keep his cool. It lodges in his throat and he near-immediately activates his Jinx to melt it, feeling it liquify and run down his esophagus as he beats on the table in a fit of desperate coughs.

Meanwhile, Matsuda emits an imaginary shining light from his person as he graces Harriet with his bright, bold, and beautiful puppy-dog eyes and requests a whiskey sour--sending Brielle into some awkward fit where she looks likes she's about to vomit. Watching her, Boltius holds his throat as his chest rises and falls on deep breaths from having almost died, and Brielle raises her glass at him.

He shoves his thumb up, clearing his throat.

Harriet, off to the side, stares at the table with a deeply furrowed brow, mostly directing the questioning glare toward Brielle and Boltius. Then she smiles at Matsuda, "Of course, hon'. I'll be right back with that-" pointing to Boltius, "and a pitcher for you since you wanna chug the whole damn glass." Her expression, again, that of concerned wonder.

As she turns to leave, she nears Matsuda and whispers, "Good luck with those two," then heads off to make his drink, swaying her wide hips as she does.

"Crazy people, I tell ya."

Looking at Brielle, Boltius can remember the exact day he first found himself attracted to her, having thought her sort of weird at first. It started with a Valentine's Day just two years ago--she was upset that she didn't get any chocolates, so she decided to paint a picture of a chocolate ocean with a fountain in the middle, sprinkled with heart-shaped petals, then proceeded to explain the meaning behind it as Boltius took it in with judging eyes.

She'd said, "I need no shocolates from boys when I 'ave en'less shocolate fountain! How do you like?"

He was a jerk about it. "I mean... I'm no artist, but doesn't it sort of look like shit?... Like literal shit? Like a shit ocean."

Insensitive toward her feelings, he walked off laughing, only to find her the next morning asleep at the easel with the words: "SHEET FOONTAIN" painted in lime green across its entirety.

He had to make up for being such an ass, so he carried her to bed, ran to the market, and bought a buggy's worth of candies and chocolates and fake heart-shaped flower petals to throw around her room while she slept. When she'd woken up, she told him that she doesn't like hard candies, so they sat together on her bed and separated all of the ones she would eat from the ones she wouldn't.

Boltius ate what Brielle didn't.

"So, Cheeto, you say you 'ave tea to spell, den' whet happened?" Brielle's voice pulls Boltius back to the present, and he realizes he's been staring at her. "Hm?"

Looking up, then at Matsuda, then down at his empty glass, he snickers and knocks a rhythmic beat against the table--something he does a lot.

"Oh, haha~ I fought that Mirage chick from the Albino Tigers last night... Yeaaah, it was kind of one-sided. She didn't even land a hit... But that's not to say she lost, you know? She put up a good fight, and she seemed like she really wanted to understand me and where I stand as a Revenant... Not only that, but she said the Tigers have been losing members, too, and that evidence found at one of the scenes points to us... the Revenants."

Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
«Я раздавлю тебя до смерти».
Yelena Zaytseva
It was a simple matter for Yelena to lower herself gently into the alleyway, her clothes and hair tousled by an unnatural breeze. She peers down at the man as her feet find the asphalt below them. For some reason, she is struck by the feeling that all of this looks familiar, like from a dream.

”Hm, you don’t look so good.”

Yelena approaches slowly, her hands clasped together behind her back. A tinge of irritation flickers across her face, a tacit admission that this battle could have – would have gone differently had her opponent not wasted his advantage with his little free-diving stunt. In any case, there was only one thing left to do here. Yelena unclamped her hands and brought one forward, palm down. Shimmering air hummed around her delicate fingertips, awaiting her command. To strike. To crush. For the first time she noticed the crack in the man’s goggles. For the briefest of moments their eyes met.

Then she remembered where she’d seen this before, and her body rebelled against it. Yelena had no choice but to lower her hand, and instead crouched beside the man. Her face was still the picture of indifference, but a small trembling in her shoulders belied a turmoil beneath.

”Do you need to go to hospital?”

She asked, her hair falling down around her down turned face. Her gaze was transfixed by his eye, as she felt her features soften in spite of herself. That is, until she heard movement from nearby. As quickly as it had come, the sensation vanished. Standing to face the newcomers, Yelena brought her hands up once again.

”And who is this?”
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Maybe I want Happiness not Turds



(Rose District)


Silva, Nalia Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean , Yelena Elenion Aura Elenion Aura

Harpy was doing what she always does chilling somewhere high up watching Pablo on his stream as he sneaks in the Tiger Elder's Office. "God this kids going to die before he joins a gang and I'm not sure if that's a good thing." Harpy loves that kid like her little brother but she really hopes he doesn't join one of the gangs. She comments on the kids stream to swipe some classified document so she can mess with Roochi next time she sees him. She knew Roochi basically once he joined the Tigers. She was to young to join a gang but he seemed really cool. He seemed a bit sad when she decided not to become a Tiger. Once he ends his stream she goes to fly around. It seems like a pretty peaceful day. She did not want to be at the cry fest back at base. Especially not with Paige being there. "God that girl can cry."

After a bit of flying she sees Nalia running out of a bar and knew she was up to more mischief. Harpy was just about to join Nalia for a little chat when she say Silva move up in the air to meet someone then jump onto that someone in the air and they start falling. Harpy makes a rush to see what's happening and notices the other person was Yelena. Not someone Harpy knew personally but knew she was wicked strong with her jinx. Yelena uses her power to get the upper hand from Silva and strike him on the ground really hard. "Fuck, where did i see Naila."

Harpy quickly flew through the air looking out for her drunk friend. "Naila may be drunk but she's a better fighter than me so lets hope the flight sobers her up." Once she finds her Harpy swoops down as fast as she can go and quickly picks up Naila. "No time to talk, Silva might be dead." With those words Harpy wastes no time flying over to Silva hoping he is okay. Once she sees them she quickly makes her way down and sets Nalia on the ground. She then lands and has a few feathers start to circle around the to fighters. Yelena asks who we are and Harpy just says. "We just want our idiot back."
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Sonny Gomali | Sapphire Dragons - Rookie | Location: Central District - Beside a residential building | Interacting/Mentioned: No one| Outfit: Shirt, Pants/Shoes, Jacket (not exact)

Crouched down behind an old residential building, brick consisting of its exterior walls, Sonny hugs his knees amidst the freezing cold winter air. He stares in the distance across the street in a daze. It appears he cannot remember what he was doing a few moments ago, nor can he answer how he got here.

"Welp," He grunts, standing up from the wet, snow covered concrete and peeks around the corner of the building. In the distance, Omar and Mercy are seen walking away, which clicks a sudden remembrance in his mind.

"Ah~ That's what I was doing." He whispers to himself with a sigh, relieved to know he wasn't previously being chased or in battle. The intent of hanging out with Silva still lingers in Sonny's mind, but the creeping aura behind him says he will do otherwise.

"G- give me your money!" A thin voice calls out, sounding young, like that of a child.

Sonny spins around in an elegant fashion and stops in stance where his weight lies on his left leg and hands rest on his hips. He glances around the small, red aura--which contains no visible being in the center, but a small knife floats in the air.

"Hm..." Sonny eyes the rosy mists swirling around a specific point, vaguely outlining the shape of a human, "Invisibility, huh?"

"Wh- shut up! I said give me your money."

Sonny lets out a mocking laugh, "Am I supposed to be intimidated- I mean, y- you sound like a kid!"

With a quick flash of pink then back to red, the aura snarls at his comment and bursts into a charging attack.

Sonny simply steps aside and lets his left hand brush through the billowing haze as it stumbles forward. A smug grin surfaces his face.

The hazy mists stable and appear to turn around, to which they darken to that of pitch black. At this, Sonny's grin fades into something serious and he steps backwards, heeding the surroundings. The aura moves forward at the same pace, menacingly, as if it were attached to Sonny by a rope--though, clearly, it is not.

"Scared? Maybe you should listen next time!" The aura's pace builds up into an abrupt dash, pursuing with the intent to kill. Sonny trips backwards, cowering in fear.

"W- wait, no, please-" He begs, but the attacker shows no mercy. They lunge forward and jam the knife into the boy--or so they thought. Upon crashing into the ground, the aura glances up to see that Sonny is nowhere to be found. Rather, he vanished into thin air right before their attack. Still, he speaks from nothingness.

"Psych, bitch."

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Malick Padovani.png
Malik Padovani Nameplate.jpg
(Rose District)
[Stretch Hummer - Click]
Riding around

Misa Tanaka SRUNewman SRUNewman

Black T-shirt; Black Pants, tucked into his boots; Black boots; Red Jacket
[Reference] [His bike]

Malik grins on the cigarette between his lips, bouncing the bundle of hundreds in his hand with a wicked confidence surfacing from the depths of his gut.

This is his biggest win so far, such amounts only imaginable in his dreams or between crossed fingers as he bluffs his hand at the casino.

Finally, he can ditch this shitty apartment for something more worthy of his tenancy.

Looking at Misa--she's approaching him--he can finally ditch her too.

She gets closer, a grin so wily stretching across her face, and Malik raises a brow, seemingly unamused.

"What are you-?"

In an unforeseen display of womanly strength, Misa pushes Malik onto her bed and straddles him as many women have before, only she's the last person he ever expected such advances from. He can only imagine that the money has gone to her head, pressing a hand into her shoulder and smirking on a scoff as he pushes her back with lacking effort, "Misa..."

"Maybe we should have a little celebration then, huh?"

His smirk recedes. Perhaps this really is happening...?

"$540,000 is a lot and it really gets me excited to think of what we could do with it," she purrs, leaning closer. Malik relaxes--he puts his hands on her hips and squeezes--then a rush of chills trickles down his arms at her lips on his ear.

Malik moves his hands down from her hips, reaching elsewhere, and Misa whispers--her voice playful and seductive--"Maybe Jo will want to enjoy the fun with me."

Suddenly, he cocks a brow and his upper lip curls on a snarl, "Haah?" And Misa leaves him with a love-tap to his groin, sending him up like a foldable lawn chair, "Gaa-ah! Watch it!" cupping the tender part with both hands when he does.

He looks at her then, aggravated, and sees her triumphant airs as she speaks, a sing-song voice accompanying her words.

Still holding himself for reasons other than Misa's love-tap, Malik grits his teeth and clicks his tongue, glancing elsewhere. He mutters unenthusiastically, "Might as well," biting hard on his temper to have been toyed with. Stupid bitch... he curses.

Fast forward two hours...

Within the comfort of an hourly two-hundred and fifty dollar stretch-hummer rental, Malik sits unbuckled, sipping Hennessy straight from the bottle. Tipsy and warmed by the heat blowing from the vents, he lays his head back and closes his eyes, taking in the bass-bumping music and surrendering himself fully to the tendrils of euphoria--only it's different from that which he usually indulges.

Whispering then, without moving or breaking his closed-eyed trance, he asks Misa, "You ever tried coke?"

Doctor Llamabean

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Erich Silva.png
Erich Silva Nameplate.png
(Rose District)
Alleyway near Rose Winter Park

Yelena Zaytseva Elenion Aura Elenion Aura , Chu Ji-yoo SRUNewman SRUNewman , Naila Fong Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

Reindeer Costume; Prosthetic Legs to match his costume; Tactical Pocket Vest; Waist holster with pixel canister, satchel, and Sabre Claws
[Costume + Prosthetic Legs] [Sabre Claws]

Silva rolls from his side to his back, spreading his arms and legs, and groaning wearily.

Through the lens that's shattered, everything's a blur, but through his other eye he can see. He can see Yelena--standing above him, her features darkened by the sun's rays behind her, with a hand raised per her final judgement.

So she's going to kill him, huh?

Ahhh~ So it's like that?... His thoughts are calm. That easy?... Maaaan~ Boss Man's not going to like dis...

He meets Yelena's gaze. Perhaps if he hadn't hit his head so hard, he could fight back--but as it seems, he's on the verge of sleep and it won't be long before he's unconscious.

The blood has leaked from his cap by now, seeping into the cracks in the concrete. Though, the worst part is the pain in his ribs. He's confident that had he not softened his impact with the ground by cushioning his pixel behind him, he might have died due to blunt force trauma.

"Ai, ai..." he sighs softly, chuckling, "You do dis often, chica?" but his voice is somber.

It's not that he's afraid to die... No, not at all. He just wishes it was by reason of cooler circumstances, as he's always claiming he'll go out with a bang. Down in history, he says. Even so, he's already accepting the inevitable fate--two thoughts fighting for first place in his mind:

1. How will his mother afford to live now?

And 2. Did he piss his pants?

A trivial curiosity, but one nonetheless that urges him to try to sit up. Alas, he fails, and he groans again, cursing the pain in his ribs and the throbbing tension in his head.

Sparing Yelena the context, he pleas aloud, "If I did, jus' bury me at the racetrack and tell mi familia that I fué de vacaciónes... Maybe- gh-... A la mierda este dolor... Jus' forget it."

The woman kneels down then and Silva falls hushed, noticing a slight tremble in her shoulders despite the neutrality of her features. She asks him, ”Do you need to go to hospital?” and he raises a brow, cringing still at his discomfort.

Naila Fong.png All of the sudden, the sound of wings flapping through the air and an abrupt gust of wind takes them both by surprise, and Yelena stands again, greeting the newcomers whom Silva, at this point, cannot turn his head to see.

However, the voice which responds is one he knows well, "We just want our idiot back," and finally he can relax.

"Heh heh, Silvaaaa~! You didn't tell me you had such a lovely date today."

"Eh?... Ahaha~ I jus' don' like to share."

Naila, having been swooped up by Chu for the occasion, twirls her naginata in the air and to the side, showing off a little before she takes a readied stance. "Yeah, well, I guess you're gonna have to."

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Mixie Edellson | Sable Serpents - Jack | Location: South District - Abandon Library | Interacting/Mentioned: Jaiden Wilson, Gregoire Tanaka| Outift: Main Outfit + Eye Patch

After Gree's fit of hysterics, the door to the library opens. Inside walks a woman, stricken with age but still beautiful, and a white film lies over her eyes, very well indicating she's blind.

Mixie leers at her, dismayed by her appearance. Something about her eludes a threatening vibe, to which Mixie is unsettled and takes a defensive stance. She grips her index finger tightly, prepared to pull it off at any moment.

"Burning another letter, I suspect." The older lady looks to Gree despite being unable to see him, "We will bring the product in once we've completed a search of the building. I can tell you've not done so, yourselves... Has the buyer arrived?"

Leaning over to Jaiden, still holding her finger, Mixie whispers not-so-quietly, "She's kinda creepy. I wanna splode' her."

Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed FabulousTrash FabulousTrash

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Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

Akimitsu Grossi

It is the Vice Elder's birthday, Raven Sandford, the one whom Akimitsu met earlier. He is relieved that the party hasn't ended yet. Yet, he is still upset with no one telling him about it but the girl, Camaree. If he were to know about it sooner, then he would've thought of going to the party at first, walking alone without becoming aware of the special event. His boss, Nakazajo Chikage, might be disappointed in him for missing out on such a special event at a time like this, however, he might not be. He put his hand on his forehead to try to ease the stress that was affecting him. Then, he looked at Camaree with a worried expression on his face, yet not too intimidating.

When Camaree told him that he is free to follow her to the mansion, he was surprised and a bit happy. Of course, he can and he will go to Raven's party at will. However, he is kind of ashamed of himself.

"Oh, of course! Just lead the way!" He said rather happily.

He walked behind Camaree as she took the time she needs to get to the mansion. This is going to be fun for him, at least.

There is something that he doesn't quite understand at first, being a "good person", according to Camaree's statement. He isn't sure if she is referring to him or the Vice Elder. If so, then, in truth, he is not just a good person but a gang member who strives to achieve his loyalty and commitment to the Albino Tigers, no matter how serious and humorous it sounds to others. Also, he is willing to climb through the ranks to show his ambition upon being a successful gangster for ages to come. But, he is a delinquent who has anger issues.

"By the way, what do you mean by a 'good person'? I'm not considered a good person, you know. Are you referring to me or the Vice Elder?" He asked.
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Central District, coffee shop.

dress shoes

Estella took the bus to the Central District, she went on the bus so often, that she had a bus pass for it. Estella couldn't really function without coffee. She was going to her favorite coffee shop, 'The Hideout.' She loved the name of it, it felt so fitting, in a world like her's. Despite the chillier air and weather, she stole wore a dress. She loved dresses and would wear them every day if she could. As long as she had her jacket, hats, and gloves, she was fine. It didn't stop the stares she got for dressing like this in cold weather. But it made the coffee all the more worthwhile. Estella opens the door, loving the simplest things of the coffee shop, including the chime it made when she entered through. It was a welcoming all on it's own. "I would like something fruity today, Mary. Is your husband doing well?" She asks the cashier, she basically knew all the employees by heart. She would listen to their stories and troubles, it was almost a family. It was nice, something different, from her gang family.

As Mary made her drink and talked about how her husband's surgery went, Estella picked her usual chair, up front by the counter. She slowly took off her gloves and hat and unwounded her scarf from her neck. It was a delicate process. Lastly, she took of her jacket and put it beside her on the counter. The coffee shop wasn't busy this time of day, which made it a perfect time for Estella to come by. There were a few costumers but none that she recognized. Good, she didn't want to recognize anyone, no one but the employees today. Her coffee was done in a jiffy and she takes a sip of the hot beverage. Her lips puckered up in surprise. Estella was accustomed to a lot of flavors, after all, she rarely ordered something from the actual menu. By now, the employees would usually throw random ingredients together with some type of espresso beans with it. This coffee was a bit sour, she could taste the lemons, but wasn't sure what else. "What did you add to it, Mary?"

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Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club
image0.jpgLancer (1).pngLancer.png

Shore Salvatore
The Hideout. A fitting place to meet a thief. Although, one wouldn't normally think of this man's crimes when they thought of a thief. He had taken a loan to pay bail a few months ago in another city a few hundred miles away, and had disappeared as soon as he could, not returning for his court date. Shore was contacted by the bondsman's New Oasis liaison, and they found themselves with a job.

It hadn't been hard to find the man in question. A few swipes on Kindling and they were able to find his profile. Ironically, he bragged about being able to enjoy the finer things, sharing pictures of himself at exotic locations and wearing designer sunglasses on the app. He had fallen for Shore's glamorous selfies candid shots, and soon enough they had a match. From there, it only took exchanging a few messages, ones which got more and more salacious, until he was willing to meet up. The process was just as simple as their previous marks they had pursued in this manner, leading Shore to wonder whether they were indeed skilled at their job or whether white collar criminals were just that stupid. They wanted to believe it was the former, but for the sake of being realistic and humble, settled on both.

As they stepped into the establishment, their purplish blue eyes scanned the few workers and other customers. When they spotted their mark, and he in turn spotted them, they gave a soft smile and a friendly wave. As they approached, they noticed the man already had a cup sitting in front of him. The smile on his face seemed to only grow wider and wider as Shore approached, only fading when he heard them say, "hello."

The change of expression was nothing new, especially from his marks which were men. "... y-you're a man...?" he questioned, after having heard the green-haired individual's deeper voice.

"No, not at all," Shore responded, responding to the man's surprised yet frustrated expression with a calm smile. They let their jinx activate as they took a seat at the table across from him, noticing the slight anger turn to a look of confusion and awe.

"B-but you're not... a woman..." the man said.

"No, not at all," they repeated. "Didn't you read my profile?"

"... I- uh... I gotta go..." He stood up and started to walk past Shore, leading the non-binary individual to stand as well.

They put a hand on the man's shoulder to stop them. "Oh, really?" they asked with inviting blue eyes and a warm smile. "That's too bad. At least let me walk you back to your car, or to the bus stop or train station." The man turned to look over his shoulder, biting his lip as he met Shore's gaze. Beads of sweat were starting to form on his brow, and his face and neck were slightly glistening. There was no verbal cue, but he simply cleared his throat and stood still long enough for Shore to take their place besides him. When he started walking again, it was at an average pace, once which the green-haired person could easily keep up with.

Through the corner of their eye, shore noticed the man shoot glances their way every so often, causing their smile to creep slightly wider. They let their hand take his, and he hesitantly let his own fingers wrap around the other's. As they stepped out of the coffee shop, Shore let out a soft chuckle. "You know... I'm disappointed you reacted this way," they said, "although I'm not surprised." The man looked over at Shore in bewilderment, realizing the eye catching nature of the blue-eyed individual had disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. A more aggressive expression appeared on his face once again, and he tried to pull his hand away from the other. Shore's grasp on it tightened though, as they went on to say, "I suppose running away is just in some people's nature, regardless if it's an awkward date or... an unpaid debt."

The man's eyes widened in realization and he once again tried to pull away. Being unsuccessful yet again led him to turn back to Shore and throw a fist at them. Before it made contact though, the man felt probes tearing through his clothes and piercing his skin, sending currents through his body which caused him to convulse and fall to the ground. When he looked up, he noticed the gun-shaped device in Shore's hand and their finger on the trigger. From behind the non-binary individual, red and blue flashing lights were seen. A man and a woman in blue uniforms rushed up besides him and subdued the man before detaching the probes and cuffing him.

"Great work as usual, Salvatore," the uniformed woman said as she led the cuffed man way.

Shore gave a smile. "Always nice working with you." Once the two had seated the man in the unmarked police vehicle, the green-haired individual gave them a wave as they drove off. They then returned into the cafe once more, letting out a soft sigh as they approached the counter. "Apologies for the commotion..." their blue eyes fell on the woman's name tag, "...Mary. I'll have the sweetest drink you have, a small, please."

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Wanted: Lost Marbles

Alistair Fletcher
”Rabid Dog”

Alistair laughs as C.C yells into the corridor, holding his stomach. That quickly diminishes as C.C brings them into another dimension then back in his room. Alistair clutches his head, becoming lightheaded and woozy. “Damnit man! Y’know I’m not used to that!” He whines, but he doesn’t actually mean any harm by it, a smile quickly replaces his pout.

Alistair rolls his eyes then playfully shoved C.C’s shoulder, taking out his phone to look at the time. He has to slightly squint, but he indeed is sure that if there were to be a rave, they wouldn’t be late. With a sigh, he sits on the edge of his comrade’s bed, leaning on his arms to support him. “So? Now what. I honestly don’t know where the hell Raven could be.” He groans dramatically and makes a pained face. Even though they haven’t even searched for Raven for even 5 minutes, Alistair was already getting cranky. He flops down onto his back, and puts an arm over his eyes, pretending that he is incredibly upset, the other laying on his stomach.

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