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Multiple Settings New Oasis: Gangsters Edition (CLOSED)

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Welcome to New Oasis, America's largest and most populated concrete jungle--a massive metropolis of vast diversity and culture!

The city is made up of five districts, four of which are subject to the reign of organized gangs whose members are that of the 84% of humans born with supernatural abilities called Jinxes!

Each of the four gangs share a common goal against each other, and that is to earn their district the title of King District. They compete in rivalry, engaging in organized brawls and competitions while also upholding the peace within their own respective districts, much to the annoyance of official authorities.

The five districts and their individual characteristics are:

The North District is home to the Albino Tigers and the closest to earning the title of King District for their famed intelligence and their endless wealth, but most of all for their supremacy in brawls and competition against the other gangs. The North District is the richest among all of the others. It is a clean and heavily populated environment, as well as property to some of the most renowned business headquarters in America. The North's Albino Tigers directly disassociate themselves with their strongest rivals, the Sable Serpents, and their base of operations is a double-gated mansion equipped with a gym, swimming pool, and a backyard dappled with different obstacles for members to train during their free time.

The East District, home to the Sapphire Dragons, is a peaceful place of humble men and women, and a culturally prominent zone--the most diverse of the four major districts. Buildings range from religious temples to lofty apartment towers and small neighborhoods with plenty of seclusion and nature to go around. Compared to the busyness of the North, the East is something out of a fantastical story-book and has the lowest crime rate in the entire city. Their base of operations is a large, two-story temple surrounded almost entirely by a well-kempt sand garden and beautiful flora for a more aesthetic touch. The Sapphire Dragons are the last in the running for the title of King District for the lack of interest in the competition. They prioritize the peace and safety of the people over lousy competitions; however, some of the members still partake with permission.

The South District, a crime-ridden and lawless area, is the district belonging of the Sable Serpents--a ruthless and careless bunch, many of which won't hesitate to cheat their way to victory. Of course, this type of behavior is subjective to the individual--however, you earn the label of those whom you associate yourself with. The Sable Serpents dabble in more than just protecting the peace--in fact, that is their last priority. They are aggressive and extremely territorial, and they're always looking for a reason to fight. The South District is cluttered, unorganized, and filthy--and probably the most neglected zone out of all the others. Their base of operations is a small carnival park that was abandoned after a tragic mechanical failure resulted in three deaths in one day.

Finally, the West District--previously named the King District until a small tsunami wiped it to near nothingness one year ago--is home to the Ruby Revenants, and loyalty is their middle name. Once a bustling and festive part of the city, the West is now barren and under construction. Many of the homes have been rebuilt, but recreation is no longer their pride. The Revenants are rowdy and friendly, but they are not to be mistaken as weak despite their crippled numbers compared to the other gangs. They've lost the most when they had the most, and they'll do anything to protect their pride--anything to prove themselves. Their base of operations is an abandoned construction site due to a lack of funding.

Lastly is the Central District. The Central District belongs to no specific gang, and is considered neutral ground, as it is the location of all city events--such as festivals and holiday expressions. There are no residents of the Central District. It is strictly a place of recreation: restaurants, shopping malls, zoos, theme parks, and much more.

Moving onto Jinxes! Jinxes are basically the same thing as Quirks from the anime My Hero Academia. Every character should have their own unique Jinx--meaning no one should have the same Jinx. A character's Jinx must also be based around a specific fundamental that they build on to become stronger. They cannot have more than one Jinx, nor can they be extremely overpowered.

For example, a character with super-strength cannot have super-speed; however, they would be equipped with more speed than the average person due to their strength. Also, a person that controls and creates fire would be different from a character that can combust into flames but not control the flames. There are many loopholes and creative ways around the "No Duplicate" rule! If you're confused or unsure, that is why I am here!

Next up is the plot of the story!

There are four gangs that reign over the four major districts of New Oasis City. For many years they have competed against each other in organized brawls and competitions to see who is worthy of the King's title. Very rarely have things gotten out of hand until just a month ago, members of the gangs started to turn up missing and/or dead. At each of the crime scenes, there was evidence of foul play from other gangs--which has ultimately turned them all into enemies once again.

However, what the gangs don't know is that this is the secret work of undercover cops--paid secretly by the Mayor to put an end to the gangs' influences over their respective districts. Members of the authorities have disguised themselves as gang-members, and have attacked or killed rivaling members of the gang specific to their disguises.

The gangs will eventually form alliances with each other, first two to two, then all four together as the truth is slowly revealed. This is a highly action-packed Role-play!

Here are some rules that I would appreciate you to read!

1. No ERP--however, there will be mature topics within the story. If things get too specific, please FADE TO BLACK. I will not stand for sexual roleplay, but I can respect it to a certain degree for the sake of relationships in the story.

2. Post once a week for all of your active characters. If you cannot handle that, you should either drop the roleplay or set some of your characters temporarily aside--whichever ones are not relative to a given scene. With that being said, there is no limit to how many characters you have--but the rule is that you do not make a character for the same gang until you've filled a role in each gang. For example, if I have a character for the Albino Tigers and the Sable Serpents, and I want to make another... that character must go to either the Ruby Revenants or the Sapphire Dragons to keep things even.

3. If you ghost, you will be removed from the RP. I give three warning--the fourth is termination. I am looking for dedicated writers!

4. You must join the Discord to participate in this story.

5. No one-liners. I would appreciate it if everyone could include up to two paragraphs in their posts unless engaged in small-scene conversation.

6. This RP will have frequent time-skips, so when I post what I call a WRAP-UP WARNING, it means that we are about to skip to another scene in order to keep the story moving because I don't like when it sits too still. A WRAP-UP WARNING will sit for 48 hours before we automatically skip to another designated point in time. If you have not wrapped up your scene, you will be left to discuss it with whoever was involved in the Discord server!

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Date: December 25th, 2020

Time Period: Evening, 3:00 PM and forward

Weather: Roughly 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius), no snow

Main Focus: Winter Celebration in the Rose District


Men, women, and children from all districts have gathered together in the city's central district--the Rose district--in celebration of the Christmas holiday! Enter your name into a drawing for a chance to win a free gift, or participate in some of the many activities scattered about the exchange, or even take a tour through the maze gardens where you can look upon the many complex designs of Christmas lights!

Despite the festivities, things aren't all bright and jolly for everyone. Lately, members of the Albino Tigers, the Sapphire Dragons, the Sable Serpents, and the Ruby Revenants have turned up missing or even dead. At each of the crimes scenes, there has been evidence of foul play by opposing gangs, so tension is high between the four.

How will the different groups go about finding answers?

Basically: I'm hoping to see everyone's characters on the lookout for other gang members. All of the gangs should be in search of answers--after all, their members have been dying off or going missing. Don't forget to communicate with each other on ideas!

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Nakazajo Chikage.jpg

In spite of the cold weather, Chikage's blood boils. More than a man that questions his morals, he hates puzzlement--he despises it. The uncertainty in the air has made him bitter of late. To imagine his members going missing without a trace, or dead in an alleyway at the hands of his rivals, his heart takes on an irregular pace and the scars along his body burn.

His teeth grind.

"To think they'd have the nerve..." he mutters contemptuously.

It's been five days since the last reported death, and evidence insists that the Sapphire Dragons were involved.

If he is to find answers, he must trust this evidence, which is all he has, and seek out the Elder of the Sapphire Dragons in hopes that they can explain themselves.

While he's not particularly excited by the reason for his visit with "Sixth Sense" of the Dragons, Chikage is always willing to meet with a lady of any background or order. A magnolia of the rarest gardens, he has deemed her, perhaps one that was frozen and handed down throughout the generations of Chinese emperors to today.

She exudes mystery--the only of which he approves--and in his deepest of dreams, he imagines her face beneath that cursed mask.

Never before has he hated a product of fashion and clinical safety so much.

Crossing the border from the North District into the Rose District, Chikage is met by a familiar face. Luna Luskire--handpicked Jack of the Tigers and the element of beauty itself. If he could hang her face upon a museum wall in a border of crystals of her own making, he would.

To see her, his face lights up. The bitterness in his chest dissipates and he shows a striking smile as he steps toward her shorter-self. "Good evening, Chamomilla-love. Waiting for someone?" he asks.

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In the gym within the mansion of the Albino Tigers, it was silent, oddly silent. If the gym was empty this would be pretty normal but it wasn't, inside the gym was a tall woman with dark skin letting out her anger on a punching bag. But with every hit the sounds of nothing were noticeable. Every hit looked to be harder and harder filled with more and more frustration. But no sound at all not even the sound of the chain as the bag moved with each hit. After an hour of the quietest training session known to man, the woman checked her watch and walked away to talk a shower. Once she left the punching bag was still moving and once she was gone the sound of the chain could be heard as the bag was swinging from side to side.

Now finished getting dressed to go out the woman took out her phone and begin texting. one said text was to Chikage, a friend, and her gang Elder. "Hey Rocchi, I'm about to head out to figure out what's happening. Do you need any checked out specifically? Also, I'm making omelets tomorrow morning don't miss out." While leaving the mansion Raven texts the new rookie of the squad, Akimitsu, "Hey Rookie meet me outside the mansion we're going hunting." She knew he would probably be a good match with her since he can attack far enough away to not be hit with her silence. Even with the anger for what has happened in her gang, she makes sure to not care too much since this is the life she expected it to be. She is angry about what happened but more so that it adds more work for her than normal.

Jin was not as angry as most of the others in the Revenants he was said. These men that were lost were comrades and family he lost and now has to add to the unnecessary deaths that have plagued him since last year. He has only been Elder for a year now since the tsunami hit and the man he called father was taking from him. Now he has lost more men with no explanation to be had for the lost. He plans to have his men find out who did this and they will pay with all they have. Jin does not have the heart for violence just for the sake of violence but with what has happened he was willing to show some violence. "I hope the festival will be okay this year. The last thing we all need is a fight."

But first, he has asked his gang to make the search for the next day. Today he wants his men to mourn and to try and enjoy the winter celebration. With clear instructions to not go around any other gangs they may be dealing with the same issues they are and a fight needs to be avoided. His members do not have to listen but he hopes they do. Jin does a good job and not listening to his own advice and sees Chikage with another member of the Tigers. He personally has no Ill will towards the other gangs and often tries to make allies. He doesn't want to cause a problem during the celebration so he just goes over to a stand to like at masks being sold. He was still in view of Chikage but almost hoped he wouldn't notice.
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Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
Location: East District, Sapphire Dragons HQ

She never liked the cold.

Bundled up in a red winter jacket with a fur-lined hood and black denim pants, Kanna walked down the street. Clipped to her side was her staff, the ends collapsed. It was covered up by her jacket, but part of it stuck out from underneath. Today was a special day and many things were happening in the Central District. Many activities were set up for people of all ages to participate in and celebrate Christmas, but Kanna didnt have the luxury of doing any of that this year.

Recently, members of the Dragons have gone missing without a trace, some found dead days later. The only evidence of the culprits that was ever left behind pointed towards the other gangs in New Oasis. The Dragons have remained peaceful for as long as Kanna could remember, the only exception being those who wished to participating in organized fights against the other gangs. Otherwise, the Dragons rarely made moves to harm other gangs, mainly focusing on protecting and helping those in the East District. It troubled Kanna that despite that, the other gangs were going out of their way to kill their members.

Kanna rounded the corner and continued forward until she came up to a large gate, the entrance to the temple that was the Dragon's headquarters. She passed through it, walking across the large courtyard that was before the temple. Climbing the stone stairs, she entered the building, the door closing behind her. There were some other members of the gang in the first floor, mingling or doing whatever. Kanna didnt pay much attention, but she could feel everyone's eyes on her. It was only natural given her status within the gang.

Kanna went up another flight of stairs to the second floor where the personal rooms for the Elder and Vice Elder were. The Elder had asked to see her in the afternoon regarding these disappearances and murders.

Maybe I'll ask to go visit the other districts....

Kanna thought to herself as she opened the door to Nionet's room, closing it after. She made no attempt to knock or announce her presence, since at least as far as Kanna knew, the Elder was only expecting her at this time. She took her jacket off, hanging it on the coat hooks near the door and gently tapped her shoes, shaking off any snow that might have gotten on. With one hand holding the other in front of her, Kanna waited by the door for the Elder to properly acknowledge her. She knew the Elder didn't like to be cut off or disturbed.

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Akimitsu Grossi
Akimitsu is the type of person who can get the job done, barely. He has been a rookie of the Albino Tigers in a while, a milestone that he had in mind. His Jinx is capable of doing useful things for his amusement and he is happy that he inherited from his father, now absent. The Elder of the Albino Tigers, Nakazajo, is his idol, the one whom he is passionate about ever joining the gang in the first place. If he were not to join his gang, then he would've been a part of it from the beginning. He will support Nakazajo dearly, no matter what.

He's now on his way to the Rose District when he sees Nakazajo interacting with an unfamiliar face. He was concerned about this as he hadn't seen him interacting with a stranger before and it will be hard to acknowledge this fact. However, he may be the one coming up with uncertain theories, he might be wrong. Akimitsu dashed in front of Nakazajo as he then spread his arms in a horizontal direction to protect him. He is not pleased with the stranger speaking with the Elder of his gang and he wants to know why to get to the bottom of this. After all, he is still fairly new to the gang and it hasn't been a year for him. He is still a rookie. And yes, he is not familiar with some of the crew in his gang.

"Who are you and what do you want with him? Do I even know you? I will not tolerate this if you refuse to speak, so you better speak up!" He said in an aggressive tone.


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Matsuda Russo “Ticco”

Anxiety courses through Matsuda’s veins. He was trapped in a big crowd, one of his worst fears. Why had this festival have to be so busy? Of course he knew the answer. It was a holiday. Holidays are for fun for family and friends! If only he could enjoy it as much as others. Luckily he wasn’t sweating bullets yet. That would cause trouble he didn’t want.

Matsuda spots an opening out of the crowd. He breaths a sigh of relief and pushes his way through to get out. Finally! He’s out. He pushed back his hair and stretches, his joints cracking. The cool air brushes against his skin and flows through his messy hair. This was much better. He takes a look around, too busy to do so when he was in the crowd. He should look for more of the Ruby members. He doesn’t trust one of the gangs might attack him if he’s alone. Especially with all the disappearances going on. This scared him even more. He strolls around, taking a look at people playing games and taking pictures, taking in the sights before him.

He spots Boltius or “Dry Ice” and perks up. At least it wasn’t another gang member. Not that he had anything against Dry Ice. He jogs over to him and gives a wave as he stops. “Hey! Crowded today huh?” He gives a cheery chuckle. It wasn’t all that difficult to hide his anxiety.

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Grégoire Tanaka “Grée”

Grée full of confidence, leisurely strolls though the festival, not really caring where he ends up. If he was being honest, the disappearances didn’t really scare him all that much. As a matter of fact, it excites him. There could be potential in an extraordinary fight if someone or some people were strong enough to take out multiple gang members. He gives himself a small smile. All these people. They had no idea what was happening beneath the seems did they? No. Of course they didn’t. Look at them all celebrating. They had no clue of the darkness that the gangs deal with.

He snaps out of his thoughts as someone accidentally spilled a few drops of their drink on him. He stops in his tracks. How dare they. Who did they think they were? He watches as the stranger walks past him, not even realizing what they had done. His jaw tightens, but he resists. He would surely get arrested if he fought someone in front of all these people. He’s not that dumb.

The coldness nips at his knuckles. Now even nature was against him. He unclenches his jaw and lets out a sigh. Adjusting his face mask, he takes a step towards a festival game going on. He really doesn’t want to play, but it couldn’t hurt to just watch. There was nothing else he could think of doing anyway.

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Rosser Miller.jpg

In the cold of the winter weather, Boltius is unaffected by his body's natural way of matching its surrounding temperatures. He's wearing his signature gradient tank-top of yellow and orange, stamped with the number fifty-five, and his favorite pair of flame-patterned shorts.

Let's not forget his accessories either: two golden chains around his neck, chains around the both of his wrists and flashy rings on almost every finger, as well as three earrings per ear at the minimum.

Some might think it's too much, but to him it's not enough.

While the mood in the air is tense tonight, Boltius wants to have a good time at this festival since the last one was canceled due to undergoing repairs in the West District as a result of natural disaster. Luckily for him, he didn't lose anyone in the chaos, but his sympathy goes out to the families that did.

Standing in a small clearing of the exchange, his fiery eyes are locked with those of a Santa Clause made of Christmas lights--though, he doesn't realize it until he's approached by a familiar character.

Matsuda Russo--Ace of the Ruby Revenants and Bolt's higher-up.

Upon hearing the guy's voice, Boltius is snapped out of his involuntary stare-down with the fictional holiday character, and his attention is focused on Matsuda.

He immediately takes him by the hand and pulls him into a shoulder-bump handshake, touching his right shoulder to Matsuda's in greeting as he laughs on his words, "Heh-heh-heeey! Wassup, dog? Hell yeah, it's crowded, man. I don't even mind though... It's like a big party... but with kids, y'know?" He pauses briefly before asking, "What, you don't like it?"

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Luna Luskire | Albino Tigers - Senior, Jack |Location: Rose (Central) District | Interacting/Mentioned: Nakazajo Chikage, Akimitsu Grossi

A familiar scent of crisp, winter air and joyous times flooded the setting within the Central District of New Oasis City. Laughter and cheerful conversation was heard all around, as well as the jingle of melodic bells. This was all in celebration of the winter holiday.

If this were a normal Christmas, Luna would be bouncing in her steps with excitement, running around blowing money on gifts for everyone she could think of. Today was her favorite day of the year after all.

However, it wasn't as fun and jolly this year. An unsettling feeling sat within Luna's stomach. Her heart sunk with the very thought of beloved friends being injured, or even killed.

Recent evidence, as proposed by the very Elder of her gang, points to the Sapphire Dragons being involved with the various attacks and permanent losses of their members. Luna couldn't imagine such a thing from the Dragons because of their long, traditional reputation of peace and respect. Though, in the end, they are rivals. Luna would believe it, but only if there was a little more proof. For now, she would make no such accusations to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Still, she was on the lookout.

Luna stood on the street in the Rose Dsitrict, hugging herself with crossed arms as the cold air chilled her skin and bones. She was dressed in a thick, purple jacket lined with white fur with light blue denim jeans, covered from the knee down by brown, high-heel boots. It was chilly, but not too chilly to be fashionable.

A moment passed and a loving, romantic presence appeared before her. She directed her gaze to see none other than Chikage, the elder of the Albino Tigers.

"Good evening, Chamomilla-love. Waiting for someone?" he asks.

"Hm?" Luna smiles with a small laugh, "Oh no, just thinking..." Her expression quickly changed to that of worry.

Before their conversation could carry on any longer, a rookie Tiger--Akimitsu--came dashing towards them with arms spread wide. Luna recognized him since she was informed of his joining soon after it was official. She was mislead into thinking that he was running in for a hug, unsure of who it was directed towards.

Akmitsu, instead, held his arms before Chikage as if to protect him. Luna furrowed a brow, still smiling.

"Who are you and what do you want with him? Do I even know you? I will not tolerate this if you refuse to speak, so you better speak up!" He demanded in an unfriendly manner.

Luna chuckled, "Hello Akimitsu, It seems we haven't been properly introduced to one another." She smiled bright, "I'm Luna, Jack of the Tigers." Her hand was held out before him, waiting for his to meet hers with a genial shake.

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Pascal Corbin

Joy was in the cold winter air, as expected of Christmas day. While many families decided to stay inside and spent time with one another, others were out and about enjoying the Winter Festival taking place in the Rose District. Pascal was part of the latter, although he wouldn't have described himself as "enjoying" the time. He was technically on the job, and supposed to be looking out for any suspicious members of other gangs to find out who was behind the disappearances and killings. Over the last month, members of the Albino Tigers had been going missing or turning up dead. Of course, the prime suspects were members of one of the other three gangs, and if that was the case, Pascal honestly wouldn't be surprised. The Tigers felt it necessary to assert their dominance against the other three at every turn, which he was sure would ruffle some feathers. Their primary rivals and who many Tigers believed were most likely the culprit were the Sable Serpents of the South District, so maybe a more accurate statement would be shake up their scales.

Pascal let out a snort at his own stupid joke, and for a moment a small smile came onto his face. It faded soon after as he came to the front of the line for the altar of the temple he was visiting. It was a common day for folks to make wishes for the health and wealth of themselves and their loved ones, and it showed with how full the offertory box was. Pascal dropped in a few bills himself before putting his hands together in front of him and closing his eyes. He wasn't a religious person, and in fact had often cursed whatever higher power had decided his fate, but he feared the next Tiger to turn up missing or dead would be someone he cared about.

His thoughts then went to his adoptive father, who had recently graduated to be a part of the Death Squad and traveled somewhere else to handle some work that Pascal wasn't privy to. He promised Pascal he would keep in touch, and call at least once a week, but he hadn't heard from the man for more than two weeks now. It was ironic, but in the relationship of parent and child, Pascal and his father seemed to act like the opposite role when it came to communication and attachment. Pascal would have preferred if his father checked in once a day as opposed to once a week, or ideally hadn't joined the Death Squad and instead retired to a nice small town in the countryside, while his father felt Pascal should worry less about him and move on to focus on his own life. Thankfully, the man understood Pascal's circumstances and trauma, and was patient with him.

After saying a brief but desperate prayer, the blond stepped away from the temple. He wanted to actually try to enjoy some more of the festivities while he was here, but his neurotic mind was now filled with similar thoughts as the ones he had in the temple. He took a deep breath, pulling up his red scarf over his mouth and nose and shoving his hands into the pockets of his black jacket. His brown eyes glanced around the area, looking through the small groups of people that filled the area who were walking around, chatting among each other, and partaking in the various holiday activities. He tried to find one that caught his own interest, but instead his eyes fixated on a trio in the distance. He was able to identify two out of three of them: the Elder of his gang, as well as their Jack. The third, although not a familiar face, looked as if he was defending the Elder, so Pascal could only assume that he was also on their side.

Although he really didn't want to, the blond made his way over to greet them. He valued his life too much to admit it, but he didn't care much for their Elder. It made no sense to Pascal how the rest of the Tigers just seemed to band around Chikage and accept him after he outmuscled their previous elder. Surely pure strength wasn't the only thing needed to be a good leader. Perhaps his distaste came from more personal experiences though. The man had always treated women better than men, and one of Pascal's least favorite things was being treated differently for something he couldn't control. He assumed that there was some quid pro quo that Chikage expected going on behind the scenes, but once again, knew when to keep his mouth shut.

The woman next to the Elder, Luna, was a kind person, at least based off of the interactions Pascal had had with her. Other members of the Tigers sometimes made remarks to him in passing or talked behind him his back about him being Jinxless, but as far as he knew, Luna hadn't done anything of the sort. On top of that, she was loaded, coming from a wealthy family, and didn't treat Tigers who came from more meager backgrounds with any less respect. Her affluent background made him question why she got involved with the Albino Tigers though. Surely she could have a fulfilling life as a simple civilian. Was being in the lap of luxury that boring?

And then the third. He looked quite a bit younger than the other two. That, along with the fierce show of loyalty to the Elder led Pascal to believe this boy was a new recruit. Poor kid. That show of disrespect towards Diamond may just earn him a thrashing from Rocchi. The blond couldn't help but wonder what circumstances led the newbie to involving himself in this life. Was he left for dead by an unjust world and had no choice but to become a Tiger to survive? Or was he simply a bored aristocrat, like how Pascal assumed Diamond was? If he survived with them long enough, maybe Pascal would find out.

"Hello, Sir," he greeted with a small smile when he came face to face with the Elder. "And hello to you too, Ma'am." He assumed some overly-formal groveling would at least keep him off of Rocchi's radar. "It's nice to see you two today. The festival's really wonderful." He then turned to the younger man. "Hello. I don't believe we've met. My name is Pascal. Chances are, I'll be making you some technology to complement your Jinx."

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Matsuda Russo “Ticco”

Matsuda laughs as Boltius pulls him in for a shoulder bump. He wasn’t surprised that his comrade was pumped about this festival. But he did have to admit, it was better than someone sulking around all day.

He pats Boltius’ shoulder and gives him a wide grin. “It’s not really my cup- a tea.” He holds his hands up in defensive. “But I mean I enjoy the holiday and all but..” Matsuda takes a tensive look around. All the people milling about, not having a care in the world. It relieved him, but at the same time... it made him disappointed. He wished he could be that careless. He internally sighs in frustration. These disappearances have been effecting him more than he originally thought.

He realizes he never finished his sentence. He gives a sheepish smile and rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment. “These crowds unnerve me is all.” He waves his hand dismissively. “Anyways. Other than the... Y’know. Celebrating. Have you noticed anyone suspicious?” He tilts his head. His mismatched eyes glinting in curiosity. He knows his gang’s elder wanted them to mourn, and have a good time here. But he just couldn’t shake his mind off of the actual problems their elder seems to want to ignore. He has nothing against his elder, but he just didn’t quite understand how he can be so passive about this.

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Her name is Luna and she is also a member of the Albino Tigers. Akimitsu was relieved when he heard this. It seems like he owes her an apology for insulting her out of the blue without thinking for a second. He tends to make mistakes which are especially common among rookies like him. Also, he may have to owe Nakazajo an apology as well for causing trouble. This is bad news for him. She doesn't seem to be too much of a threat to him, so it won't bite him in being friendly towards her. It might take a while for him to become familiar with most of the members of the gang, but he must work on being mindful of others when it comes to meeting an unfamiliar face.

"Oh, is that so? My apologies, I can be overprotective of our Elder sometimes. My name is Akimitsu Grossi, but I also go by the name of Mr. Punk. I hate being called by that name, but maybe it is because of my mannerism, I suppose. I'm deeply sorry." He said as he shook Luna's hand and then bowed respectfully.

He then turned his attention to another unfamiliar face who is speaking directly to him. He just might also be a member of the Albino Tigers in which he must keep his attitude in check if he wants to fit in with the gang. His name is Pascal. He smiles at him.

"It is nice to meet you, Pascal! I thought you just might belong to a different gang, but I was wrong. Uh, what do you mean by technology? My name is Akimitsu Grossi by the way." He said.

Akimitsu didn't realize that his phone was vibrating by the time he dealt with the odd situation. Raven has sent him a text message about meeting her outside of the mansion. He will do so after he has spoken with the two strangers first. Akimitsu texted Raven back.

"I'm busy at the moment. I have to deal with these two strangers and they seem to be nice. I'll meet you there later." He wrote.
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Luna smiles up at Chikage. "Oh no, just thinking..." she responds before seemingly taking notice of something from behind the Elder. Her worried expression brings him to glance over his shoulder, curious as to what could be the abominable cause for the termination of her smile.

His initial thought is that they're being ambushed, but once he sees Akimitsu Grossi running up to plant himself between the two--like an invasive weed--Chikage's upper lip curls, and a seething sigh steams from his breath.

"Who are you and what do you want with him? Do I even know you? I will not tolerate this if you refuse to speak, so you better speak up!" The Rookie demands in an all-too aggressive tone.

Chikage's patience ticks like the second-hand on a clock with only the sweet voice of Luna to keep his rage at bay as she introduces herself to Akimitsu.

"Hello, Sir," another voice tolls. It's Pascal Corbin, less of a nuisance in general but an added weight to the thin thread that is Chikage's current forbearance.

He looks at Pascal with a twitch of annoyance, as if to say that now is not the time, but Pascal simply moves on to introduce himself to Akimitsu like Luna.

Bitterness settles on the Elder's tongue. He has nothing to say, lest he insult the two intruders--but that wouldn't bode well for his gentlemanly impression on Luna. Though, he knows deep-down that his sexism is no secret to senior members of the gang.

Some female members oftentimes try to take advantage of this feminine-favoritism of his. While he's not a fool, and the well-being of the Albino Tigers is his number one priority, he'll sometimes let it slide.

Amidst the conversation between Akimitsu, Luna, and Pascal, Chikage receives a text-message on his phone. The ringtone in particular tells him that it's from Raven, his second-in-command, so he's quick to whip the device from his coat pocket and peruse her words. The mention of omelets in the morning calms him down, allowing him to internally flick Pascal and Akimitsu off of his mind where little Luna has exhausted herself trying to guard his mental self-destruct button.

In reality, the three stand before him in chatter, and he wonders if there's a heat vent at their feet that's attracting every cold soul within a mile-radius.

Of course, there's not.

Chikage responds to Raven's message with a smiley face, then sends another that reads: "Keep your wits about you, but also take someone with you in case things turn bad. I'll be scouting the Rose District. There's bound to be a Dragon somewhere."

It is then that the Elder finally addresses the group, interrupting whatever they might be saying. His tone is serious. "Alright, we've got business since you're all here."

He clears his throat and points to Akimitsu, "You lack experience, so you need experience. 'Library' has a plan of her own to find answers on these recent killings, so seek her out at the mansion, and keep your tone coated in sugar when speaking to her. Got it?"

He looks to Pascal judgingly, then softly at Luna, "In the case that 'Sixth-Sense' is roaming around the festival, we're going to keep our eyes peeled. Pascal..." Chikage looks back at the guy, "Er... 'Mech'. You're free to accompany us but if we get split up, look for 'Diamond'."

After he's finished, Chikage retrieves his phone again to type a message into the gang's group-chat. It says: "There is no such thing as territory within the Rose District; however, should any suspicious characters cross into our district or stray too close, confront them immediately. We cannot have anymore deaths. Try to travel in pairs."

Hundreds of responses flood the chat but Chikage's remains highlighted.

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Boltius crosses his arms and nods as Matsuda expresses his views on large crowds.

"That's understandable. Just don't get too worked up," he laughs, "I don't wanna sleep the festival away."

Matsuda continues then--and what he asks inspires ferocity within Boltius. His jaw tightens and his brow furrows deeply.

He stares past Matsuda, looking at nothing in particular, and says in a low voice, "I'm not fit for mourning, 'Ticco'."

"I'm suspicious of everyone, dog... Lookin' over my shoulder and just fuckin' hoping some bastard is unlucky enough to mess with me."

Ever since the first killing was reported, Boltius has struggled to sleep at night. He cannot bare the thought of his friends falling to unsuspected murderers--not if he can help it. And that's exactly what's eating at his conscience; is that he could have helped it.

"I don't give a fuck if this is the Rose District or not, G. If a pussy cat, snake, or featherless bird gets too fuckin' close, man, I'm lightin'em up."

Vapor rises from Boltius' bare arms, whipping and curling in the cold air as his temperature increases--a result of his powerful emotions. He's a passionate man, one that cares deeply for his friends, and he'll do whatever he has to in order to bring their killers to justice--preferably by his hands.

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Raven read Akimitsu's text with a bit distain. Like always she was disappointed by the rookies. Though this isn't much of a surprise rookies always disappoint until the learn better. She starts to run towards the Rose district. She extends her aura so very little sound can happen around her as she scales buildings and Moves closer and closer to the Center of the city right before she makes it she gets a text from Rocchi. Mentioning getting a second person with them. "Of course I need someone with me" She thinks to herself. Well there better by someone at the festival. and lucky enough just the person she was looking for was next to Rocchi. He was ordering something to the rookie. "Damn if only I learned to read lips... Though I guess I could see if anyone in the gang knows. That would make scouting so much fun." Before Anyone in that group left Raven did a little bit of scouting the area and just watch from the rooftops.

After a bit of looking she could see a few other gangs in the District. Some really weak members Raven could care less about. She sees a few stronger Revenants. Three to be exact. She sees who see believes to be the Jack and the Ace of the Revenants and to her surprise the Elder of the Revenants. Worrisome was Jin was close to Rocchi the others so she was keeping an eye on him but once Akimitsu would leave she would stop him and make him help her so he was in a pair with her.

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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District (Sapphire Dragons HQ) | Interacting/Mentioned: Katsura Kanna

As much as Nionet wanted to celebrate the Christmas holiday, there were important matters at hand. Members of the dragons have vanished, and some have been killed. While there is a significant amount of evidence that the Albino Tigers were involved, Nionet couldn't accuse them out of the blue and maintain peace at the same time--not that she would accuse them at all without direct proof.

The need for more information was Nionet's main priority, so she organized a list of as many members within the East District as she could and sent out messages to arrange specific dates and times to discuss matters with them. Of course, if any member cannot find time to discuss or does not have any valuable information, they do not have to speak with Nionet. So far, that has only been the case with twelve members.

Gathering common opinions and different perspectives, as well asking members if they have any evidence that points to one gang, two gangs, or even three, that they respectfully share to assist in the investigation. It was also requested that members be on the lookout for any more evidence or suspicious behavior of other gangs.

Right now, Nionet had been waiting for Katsura Kanna--the lovely Ace of the Dragons, so-called "Raikou" for her ability to manipulate all sources of electricity. The consultation was arranged at Kanna's leisure, around 3:30 P.M.. However, it was ten minutes earlier than that when Kanna stepped in through the door to Nionet's room.

Giving the girl a quick glance, Nionet continued to read the papers in her hands. They were outlines of the most prominent evidence found about each gang. So far, the most suspected gangs are the Albino Tigers and the Sable Serpents.

Nionet appreciated Kanna's patience, standing by the door like a ghost, as not to disrupt the Elder's reading. Nionet placed the papers on her desk and directed all of her attention towards the shorter girl standing by the door, dressed in warm clothing, as expected from people during the winter.

Nionet smiled, "Good afternoon, Kanna." She said, soft-spoken, "I'm sure your already know what I would like to discuss--it's probably the main topic of all conversations by now."

Sliding open a drawer from her desk, Nionet pulled out a Ziploc bag that contained a piece of cloth that appeared to be torn from a white bandana.

"A week ago, one of our members was found dead within the boundaries of the East District. This," Nionet held the bag out for Kanna to hold and examine, "This was found near his body. It's torn from a white bandana--evidence pointing to the Albino Tigers." Nionet paused to let the information settle in for Kanna.

After a moment, she continued, "I would like to ask you for your opinions on this piece of evidence, as well as if you have noticed any odd activity from any other gang. It's not obliged that you do, but it is only asked of you so that I can ensure the protection of our safety and the peace at stake."

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Pascal Corbin

The blond managed to catch the look of annoyance from his Elder after he greeted him, but went on to introduce himself to the two others anyway. He knew that Rocchi wouldn't blow up on him as long as a lady was in earshot, so assumed he would be safe from the man's wrath, at least for the moment. It was little acts of rebellion which made working under the man bearable.

He chuckled at the newbie's assumption. Based on his demeanor and values, it was an understandable mistake, although he wasn't all that vocal about that latter, lest he face consequences from those above him. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Akimitsu." He normally called everyone by their alias, or simply "sir" or "ma'am" if they outranked him, but hearing that the newbie didn't like the alias he was given, Pascal just referred to him by his first name. "As for the technology," he goes on to explain, "I'm... not your typical Tiger. You won't see me out on the field often. Instead, I just stay in my lab and make devices that supplement any weaknesses that everyone's Jinx's may have. I've also been studying the Jinxes of members of the other groups lately, in order to make things to counteract their Jinx's as well." He left out the part about he himself not having a Jinx, wanting to keep any respect the kid may currently have for him before word eventually gets around to him.

When Chikage took on a serious tone, Pascal turned to look at him, although the relaxed smile he had on stayed. He listened as the newbie was assigned to work alongside the mute member of the Tigers, and then met his judgmental gaze when it fell on him. His own calm expression did not waver, as it was a look he got often, not just from Rocchi, but most of the Tigers and the regular civilians he knew who had Jinxes as well. Although the difference in the Elder's eyes when he looked at Luna versus him made Pascal grind his teeth, he showed no signs of issue and continued to hear the man's instructions as he explained his plans with Luna and reluctantly invited him along.

"With all due respect, sir," Pascal started, amused by the irony of his own words, "I think I'll be more useful if I scout on my own. I've never really been on the field, so I doubt members of the other three groups would associate me with the Tigers." He was fairly certain Rocchi would be more than happy to be left alone with Luna for whatever he wanted to do with her, so Pascal headed off.

When he turned around and walked a few paces away from the other, the blond let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. He pushed his mind to move past the encounter with his terrible boss, yet before he could think about more pleasant things, he felt his phone go off. Unfortunately, it was a post from the Tigers' group chat, from Chikage, of course. Many responses came flooding in by other members, giving confirmation of heeding his orders, as he read the message a few seconds later than the others. While he was reading, he walked past a stall which displayed various masks it had for sale.

"Oh!" He looked up as he bumped into another. "Apologies," he said, putting his phone away. "We truly are glued to these things." Once he got a better look at the shorter man with his grayish-green eyes, Pascal was immediately able to identify him. He didn't quite want to reveal his own affiliation just yet though, so he turned to look at the masks being sold. "Apparently a lot of these are believed to ward off tragedy," he commented. "I suppose now would be the perfect time for something like that, what with all the murders and disappearances being talked about on the news." He looked at the man from the corner of his eyes for a reaction.

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Jin was lost in thought trying to decide on which mask he wanted. He was torn between a Kitsune mask or an Oni mask. He knew that which ever he picked if he wore it it would just add to how people already thought of him. He was so lost in thought that he didn't even notice someone bumped into him. After a long time deciding a voice caught his attention. They mentions how the masks were used to ward tragedy. "Good thing I'm no stranger to tragedy." The voice continued to comment on the killings happening to the gangs and to Jin almost confirm it is happening to pretty much the other gangs if only I his head. "That is true its going to cause even more tragedy if the culprit isn't found out soon." After his comment Jin realized he does not recognize the voice speaking with him and he looks over and he doesn't still recognize the person either. "Not many people would mention the gang killings openly. At least not a civilian." Jin soon decides on the Oni mask. pays for it and puts it on having it face the side of his head not blocking his face. Jin is being scarier than normal hoping he can use that to stop a fight from ever happening. Anxious at the thought of how he is currently acting towards someone. Jin looks straight at the person in front of him cautious but strong with his hand leaning on his sword. "So I know you aren't a Revenant who are you exactly."

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Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District, Sapphire Dragons HQ
Interactions/Mentions: Nionet Sinblade

Kanna smiled and bowed her head slightly in response to Nionet's greeting. It wasn't a long wait for the Elder to stop what she was doing and address her, but even if it was, Kanna wouldn't mind.

"Good afternoon."

Kanna moved from the far end of the room, approaching Nionet's desk as she listened to the Elder speak, sitting down in one of the chairs. When Nionet held out the bag with the cloth piece, Kanna gently took it, bringing it closer to look at. It was definitely from the Tigers. Bandanas were a common sight among members of other gangs. Perhaps it was used as a face covering and was ripped during the confrontation.

Kanna's glance moved up to look at Nionet, who continued to speak before opening the floor to Kanna. She took another look at the cloth before speaking up.

"Its hard to tell exactly what happened, but I'd imagine if we were able to find a piece of a bandana, there must have been some resistance from the victim. Something would've happened for a cloth to be ripped like this. Do we know if a Jinx was involved?"

She placed the bag back on the desk between her and Nionet, sitting back in her chair and placed her hand in her lap. She waited a few moments before continuing.

"I haven't personally seen anything weird happening with the other gangs. But, I was thinking of visiting the other districts and having a look around. I feel like there are more answers beyond our own. Unless, you prefer me to stay here instead."

Having a member of the Dragons roaming to different districts would definitely stand out, let alone a member roaming to the Central District. The only times where you would catch a Dragon member was during organized fights. However, Kanna was more than capable in handling herself. After all, she was one of a handful that participated in fights. Yet, the concern wasn't in Kanna's own capabilities, but she was more worried about those who remain in the East District. A good amount of gang members aren't all that well versed in fighting, let alone self defense. Plus, there were the regular citizens that live in the East District that the Dragons look out for. Even if it was a holiday today, gang activity is always ongoing and with the recent events, anything could happen.

"If you wish, I could wait until tomorrow before going out."

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Pascal Corbin

At first the conversation seemed like any other: pleasantries exchanged between strangers. When the man mentioned civilians were more careful than to speak about the gang-related incidents so openly, Pascal's smile widened.

"Oh? Were they really gang-related?" he asked, watching the man buy the mask and put it on the side of his head. "I suppose a civilian wouldn't be privy to that information." Pascal's brown eyes hovered down to the hand that moved to the hilt of his sword. "Come now, there's no need for that, or at least you wouldn't want to do that in such a crowded place. Besides, based on what you said before, I was under the impression you wanted all the tragedy to stop.

"Ah, so you're a Revenant,"
Pascal said after hearing the other's inquiry. "You may not want to so readily reveal your affiliations, my friend." He then let out a chuckle. "With that being said, I'm a Tiger myself, though you probably haven't seen or heard of me. Come, let's take a walk." He stepped past the man, eyes fixated on the other's, beckoning for him to follow. "So, won't you tell me what's been happening to the Revenants? I also want to put an end to the tragedy, you know."

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Carter Renshaw
Status Carter Renshaw | Albino Tigers Junior | Albino Tigers HQ | Interactions: N/A
Carter Renshaw floated at the side of the pool, arms resting over the edge, water dripping from his face. He was deep in thought. Without warning he jumped out of the pool and walked briskly to the changing rooms, full of pent-up energy. Normally he would be spending this time honing his Jinx here, but the atmosphere all over the Tigers' HQ was too off-putting. Even being in his manor's pool by himself made him feel on-edge. He had a quick shower, to wash off the chlorine, lest it damage him, and to let the clean water hydrate his skin.

After getting changed he went to grab his phone, and noticed immediately that he'd missed stuff in the Tigers Group Chat. He quickly went to check and saw the message highlighted by Chikage, his elder. He clenched his fist reading it, being reminded of what had been going on recently. He took a moment to breathe, and wrote into the chat,

"I'm heading over to Rose District, who's out there right now. I'll come meet up. I ain't any good cooped up in here while you guys are out there."

Carter slipped on a fleece jacket, and looked over at his water tank, a simple yet effective piece of equipment. He sighed as he walked away from it. "No good making myself a target right now.." He thought to himself with frustration, wishing he could use his Jinx in a more subtle way. He walked to the manor's kitchen, and left his phone open on the countertop to read for messages while he filled up a bottle of water to bring with him. He wasn't prepared to leave himself totally defenseless.

He soon set off to the Rose District. He kept his head down as he approached the festivities, occasionally looking up to scan his surroundings for any suspicious individuals. He couldn't bare to lose another ally. He knew that, although he was still low on the Albino Tigers' hierarchy, everyone was needed to support each other in these times. He couldn't be complacent, especially when tensions between gangs were higher than ever.


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Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack
Location: East District, Omar Ayad apartment building
Interactions: None

Omar Ayad had been paying close attention to these set of strange incidents from the news headlines that shows up on the television to even the newspaper. Ever since the first murder, he had been collecting as my newspaper as he could get that even mentions the murders.

Oasis Daily news does not disappoint to over exaggerate the situation from a rumored masked vigilante knocking of minor low tier members to even rumors that gang warfare is going out of hand however something does not seem to click. The trail of these series of murders with each various member from the different groups being found at different districts or close to their own district, Omar Ayad had been making a paper trail of the incidents so far in his bed room but it seems to be missing something. Omar Ayad keeps on thinking what is purpose for each murder...

Omar Ayad mutters to himself out loud: " Coincidence unlikely...maybe this is to start a gang war...for what reason...probably lowering property prices for land tycoons... maybe this is to strike out against the status quo... A masked vigilante... not possible... whoever this person is, they are hitting at random people....one thing is certain, whoever it is they are trying to make seem like someone else is doing it......I need to see the body...I need to know the modus operandi...I need to know how this person chooses their target...Looks like Jack gets to play early. "

Omar Ayad would first slip on a black jacket, black pants and boots before leaving his bedroom and making his way out of his apartment building carrying with him a duffel bag and his keys. As Omar Ayad made his way to the white van, would he first opened the back doors before tossing his duffel bag into the back. Omar Ayad then closed the back door before going to the driver side door, he then entered and placed the key into the ignition. Once his van came to life, would Omar Ayad began his ride to the East District city morgue.

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Emelia Dawson.jpg

Emelia scrolls idly through the Albino Tigers' group chat.

"Stick in pairs, huh? Do my clones count?" She asks herself aloud, kicking her feet back and forth as she toys with the sucker in her mouth--its sweetness a contagion that seeps into her personality.

Unlike most of the others, the recent deaths within the gang seem to have fallen insignificant on Emelia, but that isn't to say she doesn't care. She's simply unreactive. For someone to be going around killing members of the Albino Tigers, they must be watching too. She won't give them the reaction they're looking for.

Scrolling through the hundreds of messages, she stops on one and pops her blueberry cotton-candy sucker from her mouth before introducing it to the nearest trash-bin.

She tags Carter Renshaw in the chat by his alias and responds to his text: "I'm at the Central Bazaar of the Rose District if you want to come play some games with me."

The Central Bazaar is the center-most region of the Rose District--a massive shopping quarter where the annual Christmas bonfire will surely be taking place. It is also the most-likely place to run into rival gangsters, as it is considered neutral territory.

With that being said, Emelia has seen her fair share of fights--what with her eight years of service in the gang--so she is no coward; however, she prefers to avoid conflict on her own, and so she has chosen not to acknowledge the Jack and Ace of the Ruby Revenants standing nearby.

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Carter Renshaw
Status Carter Renshaw | Albino Tigers Junior | Heading to: Central Bazaar | Interactions: Emelia - Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

Carter continues walking, soon approaching the Rose District. He'd normally feel at home among the joyful atmosphere and large crowds, but it was hard to shake off the feeling that the murderer's of his friends could be just around the corner. He feels his phone buzz in his pocket and he takes it out. A small smile creeps across his face when he saw who was messaging him.
He holds Emelia Dawson in high regard, not only for her seniority within the gang, and her powerful Jinx, but he admires her cheerful demeanor, that he hopes he's able to match for her in the current circumstances. He reads what she's tagged him in, and quickly responds.

"Games? I'll be there soon, wait for me"

He closes his phone and sets off again at a brisk pace towards the Central Bazaar, knowing he wouldn't have to look hard to see her flowing pink hair among everyone else. He wasn't entirely sure what kind of games she had planned, be they ones from the Celebration, or something less peaceful, but he'd never turn down the chance to accompany someone who has been a part of the Tigers much longer than he has.
He stops again in the street, taking out his phone, and sends her a private text,

"Anyone there to look out for?"

He wasn't sure how many rival gang members were lurking across the district today, but knew chances are that he'd run into one. He was keen to find out which of them were behind the deaths, even if he had to fight for answers.


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Akimitsu can see everyone discussing their ideas. However, Nakazajo and Pascal are the ones talking directly to him. When Nakazajo has assigned a task for him, he was looking forward to completing it as soon as possible, but it might be difficult for him to complete it at a given time. Getting pointed by someone doesn't irritate him that much, but it does make him nervous. Otherwise, he has a bad feeling that he might fail it. Of course, he may need to keep his attitude in check if he wants to become an eligible gangster like the others one day. He smiled upon hearing what Nakazajo have to say.

"Uh, yes, sir. I'll guide her to the mansion. I will try my best to remain relaxed whenever that may be. A boisterous person can't be irresponsible for themselves, right?" He asked while lying regardless of telling the truth.

He quickly took a liking to Pascal, as he seems like a friendly person to be around with. He is happy for him to be a part of the Albino Tigers. He understood what he meant by "technology", but he can barely understand the complex meaning behind it. Either way, his explanation is self-explanatory. His Jinx isn't always invincible, and it will not be. He nodded upon Pascal's words.

"I see. I'm happy that I inherited my Jinx from my father. Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore, and my mother passed away from suicide. It was awful for me. But the past is the past, right? I'm happy for you to become a member of our gang. Welcome. I'm sure we will get along just fine." He said.

He felt bad for partially ignoring Raven's text message, but it is up to him to decide whether or not he would meet up with her. He is doing it just to focus on one thing, and not on the other. He is not capable of multitasking, unfortunately. All he needs to focus on is to go to the mansion and hope for the best. He must become a loyal member of the Albino Tigers if he wants to climb through the ranks. He must remain relaxed and respectful to his peers.
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