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Anne Boolean

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Hey, hi, hello. Welcome to my humble search thread. Will I keep it around and update it? Who knows? But for now, let's get right into it.

About Me:
- Anne
- She/her
- Mid-twenties
- Been RPing for over 15 years now
- Can usually respond multiple times weekly or once daily
- Also likes video games, anime/cartoons/TV shows, movies, and DnD

- Please be 18+
- Your characters can be assholes, but you shouldn't be. No forms of discrimination out of character
- Third person perspective, please
- Don't control my character without my permission. Please ask before making any major assumption about my characters and/or their relationships with yours
- I'm not interested in RPing against flawless characters
- I don't really have a set minimum for post length as long as the points made in my post are acknowledged and I get something to respond to. That being said, my average tends to be around 3 - 5 paragraphs per post.
- I'd like at least one response weekly, but I understand how life can be
- Mostly looking for mxm pairings. In the few where I'm looking to play mxf, my character will be a transwoman
- On the topic of pairings, I'm not looking to play against extremely meek or submissive characters
- Prefer to RP on Discord or PMs
- I don't really have any limits aside from RPN ToS

Current Interests:
*I have a plot for all of these. The role I'm looking to play is bold

- Famous musician x Hater (mxm)
- Pokemon Legends Arceus-inspired (mxf)
- Superhero x Any (mxm)
- Online Friends Meeting (mxm, mxf, mxnb)
- Up-and-coming Popstar x Washed up Popstar (mxm)
- High School (mxm) (less of a plot and more of a character I want to play)
- Persona-inspired (less of a solid plot and just general ideas to incorporate into a plot with my partner)

Feel free to suggest your own ideas. These were just the ones I have been craving lately. You can post here or PM me to get in contact. Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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Hi there! If you're still recruiting, I'd love to hear your plot for the famous musician x hater! I feel like that would be really fun. If you're not looking anymore, though, that's totally fine! : )

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