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First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum


Yuh Homeboy NxtDoor

  • Location: Albino Tiger's Mansion: Rocchi's Office

    To be frank, he found it kind of disheartening that he couldn't nail the Chikage disguise, cute, she had said. Cute-....Pfffftt... Though despite his thoughts, as soon as Raven's arms wrapped around him, the goofiest grin ran across his face as a warm shade of red stained his cheeks. Score 1 for Breezy. Mentally adding another one to the board. As he drew back, however, he quickly cleared his throat, averting his gaze from her as he waited for his face to return to its color, replying with, "Oh yeah Rae-, I can totally take you by, that street's got all my art filling it. It's pretty much a museum, y'know." However, as soon as her threatening words reached his ears, Pablo nearly froze in place, his eyes wide as he gave a slow swallow.

    As Raven trotted off, he thought over it for a moment, promptly proceeding to count his fingers to make sure. His brows rose then, his birthday was 3 months away. "Eeesh..." Pablo said nervously as a shiver went down his spine. Realizingthere was all too much he wanted to do with his life, especially before his 15th birthday. However, coming back to, it dawned on him that his hair had floofed back to its black shade and tight coarse texture. With haste, Pablo ran a quick hand threw to play it off it as it's wavy thin stature once again returned, he then turned to Pascal beside him who began to speak to him about the whereabouts of the Gang Leader's Office. The young Chikablo listened attentively to the Tiger's words, his smile growing with each passing word until Pascal eventually said his goodbyes and parted to talk to Emelia, who just as well gave a sweet farewell. Breezy pointed to finger pistols all the while giving them a cheeky grin. "Right back Atcha, heheh. Yo- don't WOrrrryy 'Meeeelllsss. You can trust me." Another small mischievous giggle before he waved a short goodbye.

    With that, he swiped a cookie from the food table and began to munch on it as he casually followed Pascal's direction. Besides, he was going to-...eventually- change out of his disguise...so technically, he wasn't undermining Raven's wishes.


    The lone office of the Gang Elder was still, quiet until the knob upon its door slowly opened, and the face of not-Chikage himself peeked inside. A childish giggle came out of him as he quietly entered the office; silently closing the door behind him. "Oh man, the guys ain't gonna never believe this..." He said as he gazed across the room as would a 5-year-old in a candy store. "I gotta get this-.." He said as he quickly grabbed his phone. within seconds, he was live.

    "YO! What's up mah guys and gals. I'm the one and only, P-Breezy Dawg 83!!!!!! Welcome back to mah chan, fam. Aaaahh yes...you are looking at a PErFecTly Plagiarized copy of Chikage, the Gang Leader of the ALbino Tigers, yo...." With a twist of his feet, he gave a scan over the office with his phone, making sure to get everything on camera. "And yes-..I did waltz right into the mansion- and yes...I did sneak into his super-not so secret office that I'm about to unwrap like a 2-week late Christmas gift. AHa haaaa..Let's get into it, shall weee??"

    He opened every cabinet, and looked through every space; even between the couch folds for hidden treasure. Pablo left nothing unscathed, and he even had help, as the live chat gave him many ideas. One of which, was to check for hollow areas along the floor. In which he did; things had started to look up when he found a hatch in the corner of the room. Though, he had only found stacks of cash, old valuable items, some pictures, and whatever goldk chain laid inside it. It seemed he found nothing but regular gang stuff....he thought there'd be more. Like an underground basement that held a bunch of drugs or something. Maybe even hostages,-..no..that was more of a Gree thing. He frowned at the thought, Gree was mean. The only thing that mildly interesting was the bottom drawer at his desk-...Pablo stuck his tongue out as he recalled the weird item rolling into his sight...--ew. He got it on video though.

    "Bruh, c'mon Rocchi...give me somethinnnnn, anytthiiinnnnggg aaaghhhhh...'" He whined before sitting in the chair behind Chikage's desk, and in boredom, he leaned his forehead on the base of the desk table as a dramatic groan came out of him. Though it seemed he alerted someone of his presence because the doorknob began to turn, his eyes widened as he began to panic, and soon enough, a curly-haired female poked her head inside.

    "You good boss...?"

    She gave a scan over the room as she took a bite of her chocolate cupcake, her brows furrowing in skepticism. "Uh....boss..." Another bite.

    "Mhm...could'a sworn I heard something in here..." She quietly voiced to herself underneath a mouthful of cupcake, however, the emptiness of the office rendered nothing. "Spooky.." She then muttered before closing the door; continuing with her business.

    As he heard the sound of the doorway shut, Pablo withdrew a calm breath. Having reverted to his smaller natural form to hide underneath Chikage's desk. Slowly, he began to come out from underneath it, though he managed to bump his head on the roof of the wood before doing so. "Ouch..." He said as he rubbed his head. Also noticing that he had sat right ontop of his phone, ending his live video. Pablo clicked his tongue as he noticed it, but it didn't look like there would be much more to uncover. Though once he looked back underneath the table, a small compartment ~that wasn't at all there before~ was laying open. With the flip of a switch, his curiosity hit a peak, and Pabllo dove right back under to fetch whatever was inside.

    "Let's see now..." He said as he backed out from under the desk and took a seat within the office chair. Skimming over the fold of papers that grabbed his full attention as soon as he saw the words at the top. "Death Squad Operations huh......innntteressttinnnggg..." At that moment, he gave an innocent look around before stuffing the papers inside his back pocket and reapproaching the office door. Good thing he didn't clean up after himself, that would've taken up, much more time than he wanted. Once the achieved Pablo re-applied his disguise, he made his leave.

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Xavier Brax.png
Xavier Brax Nameplate.png
(West District)
[Revenant Headquarters]
In a garage

Jin Masaka SRUNewman SRUNewman , Snake (Donelle Bankole) First Rose First Rose , Summer Reed jaelee jaelee

Traditional Silk Robe; Black Hoodie with White-Patterned Sleeves; Silk-Patterned Sweats; Tennis Shoes
[Reference - Left one]

Even in the frigid winter weather, Brax has managed to work up a sweat by shoveling away the snow in the Revenant's hotel parking lot. Along the fenced edges of the property, piles of cold, fluffy white have accumulated by his hand, and he feels proud to see it compared to what it was before--a blanket of nothingness save for the foot-trails of people high-stepping or dragging through it.

He figured something needed to be done so that everyone would stop complaining. To be honest, he has half a mind that they were specifically directing their complaints toward him because they knew he'd take the dutiful initiative of meeting their desires.

As he is, such a chore is worth the end-satisfaction he'll feel to have done a good deed.

Putting away the shovel--his hands are red and stiff--he pulls back a sleeve to reveal a watch upon his wrist, and he ganders at the time, an angry glare painted naturally across his features. Such an expression is not representative of his mood, however, and this is something that many fail to understand. Brax is kind, cursed with the face of a devil.

He turns suddenly at the indication of someone approaching from behind--it's Summer Reed--and he takes a stiff, straight stance with his arms pinned tightly to his sides.

She smiles softly but Brax's face is unmoved, and she tells him, "I believe our Elder would like ta pardon my absence with your comp'ny. Seems I've other matters to attend." She points in the direction of one of the garages beyond the property-line not separated by the rusted wire fence that surrounds the majority of the hotel, and Brax peers ever so hatefully past her before nodding and walking off.

Before he gets too far, he turns again to face Summer with a bow, then continues on his way.

Moments later, he pokes his head into the garage where Jin and Snake can be found. Nervousness creeps up his spine and sends the tiniest of a quiver through his bottom lip, but he manages to hide it by tucking his head down with a bashful salute, presenting himself wholly in the wide entryway of the small building.
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Nionet Sinblade | Sapphire Dragons - Elder | Location: East District, Near South Border - (Abandoned Railway Tunnel) | Interacting/Mentioned: Pit McClain, Saito Tadashi, Paige Lawson| Outfit: Main Outfit + Hair Accessory (flower)

Within the moment that Nionet offers for Paige to join her and Pit, Saito Tadashi, a well-known Junior, approaches the small group that has formed where they stand. Not giving Paige a chance to respond, Tadashi jams his thumb to his chest and declares ardently, "Yo, Elder. I'm available. Just say the word."

For only a second, Nionet is startled, flinching gently at his sudden statement, but after recognizing the man, she brushes off his interruption. Though, she found his volunteering odd considering the fact that he's earned a reputation as a somewhat lazy member. Nevertheless, it's another helping hand--of which is greatly appreciated.

Giving him a subtle nod letting Tadashi know his participance is understood, Nionet averts her attention back to Paige, who also seems ridden with surprise.

"I think you are in capable hands. I'm going to stay here and try not to cry in front of everyone like the last few days." The blonde says, reaching out for a hug, to which Nionet matches it with a hint of awkwardness, as she's not used to being hugged.

Before the girl walks away, Nionet reminds her of one last thing, "I understand. Remember that there are plenty of people here to talk to if you ever feel alone." She lets a calm sigh as Paige finally turns away, watching her approach her husband's memorial alter and drop to her knees.

Now glancing back and forth between Tadashi and Pit, Nionet reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out a black cloth, that of which is her mask, and stretches the elastic strings on the sides around her ears, covering her face from the nose down with the black fabric.

"Well, I'm glad you two are joining me. I appreciate it. Nionet says with impassive eyes. Grant it, it's not unusual for her to remain serious, despite the situation. "Alright, we'll take my vehicle, just follow me." The woman gestures toward the door with her head, and from there, the three exit the temple.

Walking down the steps of the building, they continue forward until met with a long driveway. Various cars are parked along the concrete in a patchy row.

Nionet pulls a set of car keys from her coat pocket, clicking the button to unlock the doors, and a small click is heard as they do. Finally reaching her car, a black, jaguar f-type coupe, parked directly in front of the temple's walkway. It shines like new in the icy winter sun and a thin layer of recent snow lies on top. She opens the door and slides into the driver's seat.

A black leather bag with papers resembling files and documents sticking from the unzipped areas sits in the passenger seat--and it remains there, leaving Pit and Tadashi to sit in the backseat. Once they're settled, buckled, and ready to go, Nionet starts the car and drives down the driveway.

Nionet's Car:

After roaming through the downtown area of the East District, into the most isolated location of the district, close to the border of the South, the trio finally arrive at their location--an abandoned railway tunnel.

The tunnel:

Nionet parks the car outside of the tunnel. She leans forward to scan the area, searching for any signs of the man she's supposed to meet--he's older, in his mid-40s, but that shouldn't really matter. Anyone here with a lump cash is undoubtedly their guy.

Upon exiting the vehicle, with Tadashi and Pit most likely doing the same, they approach the tunnel. In its depths, a silhouette stands out in the dim light.

"H- hello. You're the Dragon- Elder of the Dragons, right?" The man speaks from the shadows, with a tremble in his words. As he draws near, Nionet raises her head and inspects him with her eyes.

Apart from shaking in his stance and scratching his neck with every glance that avoids eye-contact, he didn't seem too suspicious.

A second of silence passes before Nionet finally replies, "Yes, I am, and you're William Kettle." Her eyes follow his movements, paying close attention to whatever sudden actions he may make, though he only gives wobbly nod in response.

"Today's your final deadli-" Nionet is cut off by William.

"Yes, yes. I know, I know, I know..." His voice fades out. He steps to the side, behind one of the brick structures in the building, to which Nionet quickly places a hand on the hilt of her sword.

Once he steps back into view, he holds a small briefcase in his hands. Seeing this, Nionet drops her hand from her sword and steps forward, retrieving the case from him. She sets it on the ground, kneeling down on one knee, and opens it. When she does, a scattered pile of one-hundred dollar bills sits inside. With a judgmental squint at the man, she holds eye contact with him for a moment, waiting for him to say something.

This can't possibly be the amount... It's such a small pile.

The man shrugs, "Well? Count it at least."

Nionet picks up the bills one by one, counting them by the hundred as she does, and once the last dollar enters her hand, that's when she knows something isn't right.

"See! It's all there." William chuckles nervously, looking back and forth between Pit and Tadashi, then finally at Nionet.

"William..." She says slowly, standing up from the ground, "This is only $2,000. You're $2,000 short."

The man gulps, taking in a deep breath while biting his nails, he pushes his fingers into his mouth to whistle. Upon hearing that cue, six individuals jump out from around the brick structures and charge forward in an attack. It's an ambush!

This was unexpected...

First Rose First Rose Elenion Aura Elenion Aura SRUNewman SRUNewman


Elenion Aura

One Thousand Club
”You're not dead yet, are you?”
Markus Weiss
A low-slung, deep-seated Italian leather sofa hugged one long wall in the Tigers' mansion's large leisure room where many of the guests — most of them Tigers by Markus' count — mingled and drank too much alcohol. He kicked his feet up and surveyed the goings on from a modest distance. He wasn't alone. His boys sat, perched, lurked, or otherwise hovered nearby. They were Tigers, all. Mean, dumb, and loyal. They were his friends, his brothers, his muscle, his cannon fodder. Whatever the day called for. They were a means to an end. They were heavily, hopelessly outnumbered. This was it. His little slice of power. His puny, diminutive kingdom. A sliver of blue in an endless sea of white.

Markus was content enough to sit and watch the evening unfold. His sources had informed him that the bastard Rocchi wouldn't be attending tonight. That morsel of information had made him smile when he'd heard it. Maybe someone or something had finally driven a wedge between him and Raven. Enough that the man wouldn't even bother showing up to his girl's birthday party. That would be a fun development.

As it so happened, Markus himself had gotten Raven a gift, one he intended to present to her once the evening died down. He had no idea what it was, besides that it was shiny and that it fit into a long skinny gift box in his jacket's inner pocket. One of his goons had swiped it from a jewelry store or off of an old lady's neck. He didn't trouble himself with the specifics. All that he had to do was find some quiet time with the birthday girl, give her his gift, and show her just how much better off she'd be with... He couldn't even bring himself to finish that thought. Besides, the mook to his left was motioning for his attention.

"What." He hissed in a flat tone that was very clearly not meant to read as a question. The mook gulped and pointed a finger across the room. Markus' eyes followed the finger until they landed on a very familiar backside slipping away into the next room. His eyes widened unintentionally, then narrowed. So much for not showing up. He shot a frigid glance down the sofa at the Tiger who'd fed him the clearly bunk intel. He received a bewildered shrug in response.

"Tch." Idiots.

Mentions: SRUNewman SRUNewman (Raven); First Rose First Rose (Pablokage)

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Cosmo Collymore 1.jpg

Location: (North District) Wandering through the mansion
Interacting: Alistair
Wearing: Click - White T-shirt; Stolen watch; Black and white, striped pants; White tennis shoes; Black headband


The corners of C.C.'s mouth curl into a clowny grin at the question, painting his expression mischievous. The slim remainder of Jack sloshes about the bottom of his bottle as he drunkenly touches its rim to his lips, and he empties it the rest of the way before saying on a slur, "You've never- You ever been to a rave? Knowing your Jinx, there's something- been something I've wanted to- to try."

He sways. His bandanna is worn awkwardly around his head, bunching hairs up in places where they shouldn't be and half covering one ear. He can feel it, and so he lifts a hand to adjust it but fails by Alistair's arm around his shoulders.

"Might as well look for her now, ain’t no point in wasting time mm?" the other hums on a joint between his lips.

"Of-..." some alcohol threatens to escape him, but C.C. manages to keep it down by, once again, pressing the bottle of Jack to his lips and turning it up, reminded of its emptiness. "Of course."

He discards the bottle onto a table-in-passing as they commence their search for Raven through the mansion, thinking it could take up to an hour to find her even by looking in all the right places. He must be more drunk than he realizes, as he speaks his thoughts aloud, expression that of glowing revelation, "But what if we look in all the wrong places?"

C.C. snaps his fingers, "Bet, she's in my room." A playful look toward Alistair, "You know-... You know how it is. Me and Raven got that... We got that Chikage thing goin' on." He kids, of course, following up with, "No, but Chikage could get it."

"This fist to the face, that is." Suddenly, an unnecessarily loud laugh bursts from C.C.'s lungs, and he loses his balance as if the air leaving his body is equipped with all the force of a symphony of leaf-blowers. C.C. stumbles backward with an arm around Alistair and a hand over his stomach.

Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

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Joanna Finchum.png
Joanna Finchum Nameplate.png
(South District)
Some back alley

Rutheless Julio-Hernandez First Rose First Rose , Eustass Finnegan Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

Black Beanie; Black Scarf/Mask; Oversized Hoodie; Oversized Cargo Pants; Combat Boots; Black Backpack

In the midst of her retreat, Jo feels a knee against her back, and she's suddenly hoisted to her feet--however, the shock of Skern's headless body holds her in a shaken trance.

That is, until a sinister breath brushes against the back of her neck, and she feels the Vice Elder dusting snow from her clothes--Joanna's clothes.

Ruthe clicks her tongue, "Oh, Jo, my dear, this will not do..."

Jo gulps, staring ahead at Eustass' grinning face, feeling Ruthe's hands on her shoulders and the sharp tips of her nails through even the thickness of her hoodie. They threaten to puncture the skin from the slightest of movements, so Joanna stands as still as the two corpses of Skern and Judd lying hopelessly nearby.

"For one that holds such a formidable jinx...I expected more.." Her mellifluous tone polishes the otherwise menacing words as they fall from her matte-black lips, accompanied by what feels like everlasting silence. Only the frigid howls of wind sweeping through the city are heard, as even Eustass is quiet, watching amusedly as if Jo is the object of some twisted act to suit his twisted liking.


On a sudden laugh, Ruthe eases her grip on Joanna's shoulders and comes before her, "ANYthing other than whatever the hell that was..." she says, "Point is my dear, a lion is only as powerful as the game it consumes...and if the lion consumes no game...-" her expression twists with all the malicious intent of the devil himself, and she adds, "-then it becomes game," and Joanna flinches at her hateful tone.

"But you are not game..."

At this point, Joanna doesn't trust whether the Vice Elder is smiling or not by the bipolar rollercoaster she's just seen, so even toward the friendly smile and tender gaze from Ruthe, she holds a timorous frown. From the Vice Elder's gentle hand brushing a strand of Jo's hair behind her ear, Jo inwardly cringes with a distaste that's only noticeable by a twitch of the corner of her mouth as she forces a smile but ultimately fails.

"No-.....no...nonono...I do not allow game within the Serpent's..." Ruthe turns away now. Joanna's eyes have glazed over, her high but a hint of euphoria in the back of her mind, but one she cannot enjoy anymore, not with such a failure to her name on this day.

She begins to wonder how she can redeem herself. There must be something.

The prolonged tension between her pinched brows brings about a throbbing headache, but even still, even after Ruthe has walked away to snuggle her favorite Serpent, Joanna can feel the deadly point of the Vice Elder's acrylics against her shoulders, so she dare not move. Meanwhile, the bottle of Ibuprofen in her brother's glove box dances a mocking jig at her misfortune.

(Eustass coming next!)
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Eustass Finnegan.png
Eustass Finnegan Nameplate.jpg
(South District)
Some back alley

Rutheless Julio-Hernandez First Rose First Rose , Jo Finchum Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

Black Spandex Shirt; Black Cargo Pants; Black Nikes; Chain Necklace; Crowbar Saw
[Shoes + Pants] [Shirt] [Crowbar Saw]

"Eustass! Such a lovely surprise," Ruthe approaches Eustass with her arms around his cold body, as he's not quite dressed for the weather, wearing only a spandex shirt and cargo pants--though, if you ask, he'll say it doesn't matter since his sleeves are long.

He lets her hug him while keeping his cracked-out gaze on Joanna's trembling persona. It's almost as if he can visibly see the fear emanating like black smoke from her pathetic waste of space, and it inspires in him a thirsting urge for blood.

How can one be so useless in the presence of the Vice Elder?


How dare they?

He wiggles out of Ruthe's embrace. Pointing at Joanna with the sawed end of his crowbar, he asks with the utmost curiosity and without the usual stutter, "What's the point of this guy, huuh?" ignorant of her actually being a girl. "Y'know, Ruthie.... We can't- W-W-We can't- We can't-" Snapping his head down, Eustass' whole body jerks as he roars out a curse at his poor ability to speak, "FFFUUCK!" and he kicks the corpse at his feet.

Then, he points at Joanna again and finishes, "We can't fuckin' have f-fuckin' pussies in the snakes' den! They belong with the fu- with the- with the fuckin'- f- with the Tigers!"

Joanna lifts her gaze from the ground and glares at Eustass. He seems to like this by the pinched smile that forms on his lips as if he's holding back a laugh. With a shaky hand, she gropes her breast and retorts with a snarling tone, "I'm a girl, you little shit!"

Eustass' upper lip curls in disgust. "Huuuaaaah? You don't look like- you like- you look like you- not any girl I'd fuck!"

"Right back at you, you stuttering fuck! Least my momma gave me height."

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you back!"

On that note, Eustass cracks a smile and spreads his index and middle finger at his lips then wiggles his tongue between them, dropping his crowbar to clutch his crotch as he does. The perverse gesture sends a flush of pink across Jo's face. She flips the bird at him, earning only a longer continuation of his strange antics.
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«Я раздавлю тебя до смерти».
Yelena Zaytseva
Yelena’s eyes narrowed to deadly slits as she watched the way Silva deftly escaped her gravity field, even finding a way to use his generated momentum to launch a counterattack. She had to admit, the man had good instincts. There was nearly not enough time for her to react before he was upon her again. Nearly.

She lifted a hand and her feet left the ground once again as she beat a swift, aerial backpedal in the face of Silva’s wild rush. She skirted backwards, narrowly dodging one, two, three swipes from his savage claws. The last slash clipped a few stands of platinum hair.


Yelena snarled and lifted her free hand, flexing her fingers and pointing them skyward. On cue, a familiar shimmer filled the space before her, the space Silva occupied. She would send this buzzing fly into the sun.
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Nakazajo Chikage.png
Nakazajo Chikage Nameplate.png
(East District)
Heading to the Dragons' Temple

Katsura Kanna FabulousTrash FabulousTrash , Raven Sandford SRUNewman SRUNewman

Green Trench-Coat; White Button-Up Shirt; Denim Jeans; Brown Boots; Brown Leather Gloves

Chikage bites the inside of his cheek. "I see..."

"Lately, she's acted strange; very distant." He sips his White Russian. "It's unlike her usual self."

Kanna waves over the petite Chinese woman that greeted Chikage's arrival, and she comes closer with a waddle in her step, hands cupped in front of her, the left of which bears a beautiful ring that catches Chikage's eye. It brings a soft smile to his lips that a woman so precious has someone to take care of her.

"Leaving already?" she asks Kanna.

"Unfortunately so."

Chikage stands. Pulling his phone from his back pocket, he returns a text to his second-hand--the Vice Elder of the Albino Tigers--Raven Sandford. It says, "I'm going to the Dragons' Temple, send a scout." Then he puts it away, clears his throat, and retires to the bathroom long enough to relieve himself, wash his hands, and return.

When he does, Kanna is holding his jacket, and he takes it from her with a small, "Thank you." Then he plucks his wallet from one of the pockets, placing a clean hundred-dollar-bill on the counter beneath his old-fashioned glass. Since he didn't finish his drink, he figures it's only polite to pay extra respect--by that, he means literally.

"After you, Lady Lavandula." His tone is sweet and simple with the slightest of rhotacism on his words hinting at his Japanese ethnicity.

Kanna leads them out of the bar and down the street. "Its not a long walk. We'll be there in 10 minutes."

He's been there before, so he knows this, but he feels no desire to preen himself on trivial specifics, and so he remains humbly quiet, following the Dragon with a keen eye of his surroundings. He imagines that he won't be welcomed to the Temple with smiles and open arms, but that's also if he even makes it there. The likeliness of this all being some elaborate trap to lure him out and beat him down weighs unfortunately on his mind.

He's aware that the Dragons are a peaceful group. Well, compared to the Serpents. However, he'd be a fool to put his whole-hearted trust into this woman.

"Tell me, Lavandula..." Chikage is tall beside Kanna. "The Dragons fight for peace--correct? So why would they seek an alliance that could potentially corrupt their morals?... My Tigers are not quick to make nice with others... You, yourself, have experienced their wrath--the same as they have yours. The rivalry and hate between the districts runs deeper than the recent murders."
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Jaiden Wilson - Sable Serpents - Ace
South District
Interactions: Mixie Edellson ( Cracker Cracker ), Grégoire Tanaka ( Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed )
Jaiden couldnt help but smile a little as Mixie started playing around, pretending to be a librarian.

"Alright, yeah sure."

He watched as Mixie did her little spin. It was weird to see her act somewhat mature for a moment, but Jaiden kept his cool and played along.

"A book sounds nice, yeah. What you got?"

He watched as Mixie pulled out a random book from the shelves and showed it off to him. Though he doesn't do it as often anymore. Jaiden used to read a lot when he was younger. Of course, being the child he was at the time, he preferred fictional books and comics over anything else. As he got older though, he never found time to read and eventually, the behavior just left him.

Jaiden continued to watch Mixie as she flipped through the book, then quickly placed it back in the shelf while saying something about it having too many words, or something like that. She spoke so fast and Jaiden wasnt completely paying attention. At that moment, he heard footsteps behind him and turned to look, seeing Gree finally arriving.

Its about time...

Jaiden's smile dropped as a semi-serious expression was now present on his face. He listened as Gree gave them a half-assed greeting. He didnt show it, but Jaiden was annoyed with Gree, to say the least. For the most part, it always felt like Gree was detached from the gang. Even more so there were times where Jaiden felt like he was leading the gang instead. However, he kept those thoughts to himself as he heard Mixie reply to Gree's words. Jaiden only let out a quiet sigh.

Jaiden watched as Gree pulled out a lighter and a bottle of liquid, pouring the liquid on the ground and starting the fire. He didnt comment about it because at the end of the day, he didnt care enough. Turning to Mixie, who seemed done admiring the fire, he gave her a small smile.

"Another time. We're here for the drug deal and then we'll leave. But if theres time after, we can blow up a table or something."

Doctor Llamabean

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Erich Silva.png
Erich Silva Nameplate.png
(Rose District)
Nearby Rose Winter Park

Yelena Zaytseva Elenion Aura Elenion Aura

Reindeer Costume; Prosthetic Legs to match his costume; Tactical Pocket Vest; Waist holster with pixel canister, satchel, and Sabre Claws
[Costume + Prosthetic Legs] [Sabre Claws]

Silva's skateboard dematerializes into miniscule specks of illumination as he slashes at Yelena with his sabre claws. He holds them with the blunt edge of the blade curled along his knuckles--the entirety of the blades reaching twelve inches not counting the handles.

Many times, he draws near to her pretty face, grinning excitedly with each swing as he comes to recognize her formidability as an opponent.

"Ayyyehehe~ señoritaaa! You got de moves like Jagger!... You know dat?!"

Silva brings his claw around, its pointed edge seeking the dip of her collarbone. He flicks the finger of his other hand and a bear trap takes shape behind her. However, in one swift motion, Yelena jumps back and into the air out of harm's way. Silva's sabre claw snags only a brush of her hair and the silvery strands ride the wind across his vision before he's suddenly ripped into the sky.

He drops his weapons, but by the reverse in gravity, they fly after him. The glint of the sharp blades reflect in his goofy goggles as they spiral toward his widespread body; though, he's sure they won't catch up to him.

It's as if up is the new down. Just like before, he feels like he's falling, and finally he realizes her Jinx. "Gravedad, ¿no?" But this doesn't quite help his predicament.

Depending on how far the shimmering expanse extends, he could become unlucky very soon, so he needs to think fast. He swats his hand through the air and his pixels race toward him, glistening, swirling, and sparkling like colorful ribbons of light. They wrap around his metal feet as he takes the stance of a surfer, only upside down, then he rides them out of the side-boundaries of Yelena's Jinx, snatching his sabre claws in the process.

Using the telekinetic properties of his pixels can be exhausting after a while, but it looks like he'll have to exert himself more than he'd thought against this woman.

The open space proves a hindrance for someone like him, so he carries himself across the street, further from the outskirts of the park, and perches himself upon the edge of a building. He smirks under his mask at Yelena, then he backs out sight with a salute as if taking his leave for good.

Should she come atop the building, Silva will be gone.

Doctor Llamabean

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Anita Boston.png
Anita Boston Nameplate.png
(West District)
[Revenant Headquarters]
Outside the hotel

Hector Moses FangS31 FangS31 (Jin Masaka SRUNewman SRUNewman , Snake First Rose First Rose , Summer Reed jaelee jaelee , Xavier Brax Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )

Orange Jacket; Camo Cargo Pants; White Tennis Shoes; Orange-tinted Sunglasses; Bookbag
"Hector, if I wanted to deal with that much toxicity I'd rather huff Carbon Monoxide. Also don't bark orders at me. Don't forget who's the Elder here." Jin's tone of voice is stern, just how Anita likes it.

Bad boys, thugs, authoritative individuals--she's a chauvinist for them all.

Aimlessly scrolling through her social-media page, her eyes peer over her sunglasses at Hector, seeking some sort of snarky or hateful response to spice up this interaction.

She's not exactly one to start trouble, but she sure loves when others do.

Snake takes a brief leave from the group to grab some money for her cigarettes that Hector promised to get her, then she returns to hand him a crisp ten, "Dheya. Good luck in your little race-.." She mouths something in her native tongue that Anita doesn't understand, then follows after Jin and Summer as they retire to one of the several garages beyond the hotel parking-lot.

Anita puts her phone away then and watches until they're gone.

She looks to Hector and raises a brow. "He's spicy today."

Stepping around to the passenger-side of his beat-em-up, she plops down into the seat and fastens the safety belt across her bosom--it buries in, much to her annoyance, causing her to repeatedly adjust it. Her backpack is tossed into the backseat with the thud of heavy books making their presence known. By her good grades, she dismisses the possibility of having wrinkled the pages with a hand, then she hangs out the window and whispers loudly.

"Come on. I told Brax I'd get coffee with him. He wouldn't want to ride reckless around th- the t-... Well, damn, never mind, he's going with them I guess..." Brax can be seen walking toward the garage in his traditional getup, from which Summer has taken her leave for reasons Anita can only assume.

Her arm hangs limp against the outer side of the car door. She narrows her eyes, "Like, I know I was boutta ditch him, but he really gonna ditch me too? Tch, whatever."


Maybe I want Happiness not Turds


(South District)
Her & Malik's Apartment


Malik Padovani Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean


Over sized T-Shirt and Pajama Shorts
The escape from the casino went better than expected. Soon the duo were on Malik's motorcycle and headed to their apartment. Misa was roommates with Malik which unfortunately she got use to his annoying personality. The ride didn't take long and it was nice to ride on the motorcycle. She didn't get to ride it that often since Malik was a dick so it was a nice change. The only downside to it was being this close to the scumbag. Once they got to the apartment Misa wanted to get the hell out of this dress so when they got home she quickly changed to some shorts and a t-shirt. If Malik looked at anything but the suitcase he would notice its one of his. Misa likes to steal his shirts for a few reasons. One is cause it pisses him off and the second is since they are so big on her they are super comfy. She doubted Malik would care he was probably to bust to even notice what happened.

After she was changed Malik had sat on her bed and asked her to grab him a lighter. She just shakes her head as she goes to grab a lighter from the junk draw. She comes back with the lighter in hand and he sets the cigarette down just to ask her to light it herself. She grabs the cigarette and puts it too her lips and lights it taking a small puff before setting the cigarette between Malik's lips. Misa is getting a little frustrated by Malik but she knows he's just like this sometimes and isn't too bothered just yet. He then askes for a shirt since he cant seem to do it himself. Misa is almost had enough of him just telling her to get him shit but shell get this and just still a cig or two for payment. She walks up the stairs to his room and looks around and grabs a t-shirt. Then she remembers where he keeps his cigarettes and takes a few. She throws the shirt over her shoulder and lights a cig while coming down the stairs. She didn't really smoke before becoming Malik's roommate and she constantly complains that he got her hooked on them. Once back in her room she throws the shirt at Malik's chest mostly out of frustration and takes a large puff from her cigarette. "So what the hell did we even steal. Was it actually worth the effort."

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Wanted: Lost Marbles

Nora Sullivan

The winter breeze flows through Nora’s frizzy locks. As she sits crossed legged and alone in the streets, surrounded by petals, she watches as a few of them blow away in the wind. She has done it again. Her collections of old timey black and white love movies, have been turned to petals. She really wished she never had this Jinx. She would even prefer to have no Jinx, if that meant it would get rid of hers. As tears start to form in Nora’s eyes, she brings up her arm to cover them.

Letting out a sniffle, she brings her knees up and hugs herself. Her bare feet, scraping against the hard concrete. Pressure starts to build up in her chest, as sobs wrack through her body, ending in her sobbing uncontrollably into her arms. She’s always such a crybaby isn’t she? Why can’t she get a hold of herself for Christ sake. Nora holds in another sob, ending up in a whimper instead. She has to be strong. For herself. Or else she won’t ever survive in this world.

With shaky breaths, she struggles to get herself up. She bends down to collect the petals she has made, as she still holds back her sobs, biting her lip, her jaw tight. Once she is done, she makes her oversized lavender T-shirt into a makeshift basket of sorts, and gently places the petals inside. She hikes up her leggings, and tucks a few stray strands of hair behind her ear. Eyes still watery and puffy, she wipes them with the edge of her palm, trying her best to take deep breaths. Angling her head towards the sky, she takes one large deep breath, closing her eyes. She exhales, this time more steady than before. She lets out a soft smile, even if slightly forced. “Mama use ta’ alwas say, smiling makes yu moore happy..”



Wanted: Lost Marbles

Grégoire Tanaka

Mixie, at the mention of burning down the library, makes Grée smile. “As much fun as that would be, unfortunately no.” With that thought, his smile is immediately gone, replaced with a snarl. He takes out the letter that was sent to him from the Death Squad, and starts ripping it up.

With one last tear, he throws them into the flames. He hates being told what to do. To hell with them. If Grée was able to rip their throats out he would. As the crackling and the burning smell of paper fills his senses, he lets out a satisfied grin. He gives himself an accomplished chuckle, slowly building up into a maniac laugh, clutching his stomach. If the Death Squad saw him disrespecting them like this, they would surely be the ones to rip his throat out, wouldn’t they? How ridiculous! That he would even think that they would defeat him! His laughter dying down, he wipes a stray tear from his eye.

With a smile still on his face, he lets out a final sigh, then stomps the flames out with his shoe. His pushes back his hair, and looks back at his Sable’s. If someone saw Grée now, they wouldn’t think he was laughing like a psychopath just a second ago. He has a blank stare, as Jaiden makes his statement. He has a good point, since Grée is here, he should take this seriously.

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Kingston Fox.png
Kingston Fox Nameplate.png
(Rose District)
Going to Barnes & Noble

Nora Sullivan Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Red Bandana; Red Scarf; Red Loincloth
In spite of his appearance, Kingston loves romantic films. They make him feel something, as his heart--contrary to the rest of him--is still very real.

His emotions--though he cannot express them--are still very real.

He is a simple man in a monster's body.

He hates it, but he must live with it, lest he choose not to live at all.

No shoes--no need for them--he drags through the cold snow. But is it really cold? Because he cannot tell.

Rounding the corner to the Barnes & Noble, a strange sight catches him off guard, and he quickly retreats before peering back around with a curious glow in his eyes. There, sitting in the snow just before his destination, he sees a honey-skinned woman surrounded by brightly colored flower petals. Looking closer, she's crying, trembling in the shoulders.

The image enkindles something in him--in his heart that's miles away, locked safely somewhere it cannot be destroyed.

When she stands to her feet, Kingston quickly hides behind the wall--and if he could breathe, the breaths would be heavy.

He looks down at his body and is reminded of one thing: Frightening.

Even so, the warmth of that picturesque scene persists dominantly over his dark depressions, so much so that he questions whether it was real or not and becomes compelled to look again.

Still, she's there--gazing high into the cloudy firmament above, which prompts Kingston to do the same; though, he doesn't find much beauty in it like that which he sees in the woman, so he returns to admiring her, feeling frozen in time.

She says something that he cannot hear, but his computerized brain automatically calculates the movement of her lips and translates it into a stale, boring audio in his head.

"Momma used to always say smiling makes you happy."

The sunset glow of his eyes dims slightly as he touches a metallic hand to his equally metal frame for a face. She says that, but he cannot smile--and if he cannot smile, does that mean he cannot be happy? This, he must ask her.

Stepping out, Kingston approaches the woman until he's looking down at her from a foot's difference, slightly more. His voice rumbles something deep and thunderous from the speakers in his jaw as he asks, "What if you can't? Tell me now... What if you can't smile?" His mouth is, without exception, completely unmoved by his words, but they are certainly there.


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District streets
Interactions: Nakazjo Chikage ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Paige Lawson ( SRUNewman SRUNewman )
"We dont fight for peace. We fight to maintain it."

Kanna made no comment about the nickname Chikage gave her as they walked. Her gaze held in front of them as they moved, her hands in her jacket pockets. However, at the mention of the past fights Kanna had been involved with against the Tigers, she raised an eyebrow and glanced over to Chikage.

"Forgive me, but I think you're miss-understanding the point of this partnership. Unless my Elder says otherwise, this alliance is temporary. Once we figure out what's going on with the murders and put it all to rest, we'll return what we once were. Peaceful and detached from the rest of the districts."

The pair would come to a stop at a traffic light, waiting for the light to turn green before continuing their walk. Kanna fell silent as there were some bystanders around, then continued to speak once Chikage and her were alone again.

"We dont fight to push our morals onto others. Those that do fight, myself included, do it for reasons not tied to the morals of the Dragons. Some do it for friendly sport, others do it for personal growth. For me, I fight when it is necessary, though I dont mind a competition every now and then. But now, so many people are afraid of what has been happening lately. They're afraid if they're the next one in line to die."

She could tell that he was being very cautious, noticing how his eyes were moving around to watch their surroundings. Kanna's eyes shifted away from Chikage, looking ahead. He had every right to be suspicious, since he wasnt in his home territory. Kanna wasn't so sure of him either. Ever since they first met at the bar, Kanna had noticed that he was alone. Had it been her own elder, Kanna would insist to travel with Nionet wherever, or make sure someone was with her if Kanna couldnt go. So far, she hadn't notice anyone following the two from a distance, but Kanna still had her doubts that Chikage was truly alone.


The gate to the temple was in view. Kanna kept her gaze ahead as she spoke up.

"Stay close to me."

She led Chikage through the large gate opening and the open courtyard before walking up the stairs to the temple entrance. Opening the door, Kanna held it for Chikage, letting him walk in first, following after and cloed the door behind them. Kanna gave the entrance lounge a look. It seemed that the memorial service was coming to an end, though some were still lingering. There was one person that caught her attention more than others. Paige Lawson. Paige was a senior among the Dragons. Kanna had occasionally spoke to her in the past, but never spent any dedicated time with her. Kanna watched Paige for a few moments. She knew that Paige's husband had passed among the others, so she could only image how much grief Paige was going through.

Kanna looked to Chikage, pointing to a nearby couch for him to sit and wait. She the spoke softly, but loud enough for him to hear her.

"Wait there."

Kanna turned back towards Paige, walking and coming up behind the female. Kneeling down beside her, Kanna gently placed a hand on Paige's shoulder, speaking softly to her.

"It must be hard...I'm sorry for your loss, Paige."
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Malick Padovani.png
Malik Padovani Nameplate.jpg
(South District)
[Malik and Misa's Apartment]
First floor

Misa Tanaka SRUNewman SRUNewman

Formal Attire: Black Pants; Black Blazer; Black Long-sleeve Undershirt tucked into his pants
[Reference] [His bike]

When Misa places the cigarette between Malik's lips, he gives her a glance of annoyance rather than a thank you, as if her hand in his face was a major setback to his work on the suitcase.

It's the same with the shirt she fetches him, throwing it without warning. The bundled cloth hits him in the chest and falls into his lap, barely dodging the cigarette in his mouth. He shoots her an irritated eye, which quickly transition to that of intrigue at the sight of her wearing his clothes, and a slim smile tugs at the corners of his lips.

He hits the cigarette, exhaling the smoke, ignoring her question as he asks, "Are you trying to get my attention?"

Malik sets aside the suitcase and stands off of Misa's bed to approach her. He does a circle around her, hands in his pockets, then he stops behind her and leans over her shoulder.

"You know you can just ask?" he quips. Reaching around, he takes firmly hold of her neck with his spare hand, but not threateningly, then glides his lips up to her ear--though, they never actually touch her. He whispers then on a hot breath, "I won't say no."

Much aware of how she'll react by experience, he's quick to let her go and retreat from arm's reach, back to the bed where he sits down and pulls the suitcase onto his lap. "Juuuuust kidding."

Malik fiddles with the pins inside the lock, hearing a click, which elicits from him a confident, "Bingo," as he looks up at Misa. Opening it, he reveals three-by-six bundles of hundreds piled three stacks high each. His eyes widen slightly, but he manages to stay aloof as he takes one of the bundles and runs a thumb along its edge, parting the bills.

Immediately, without a second, he says, "Five-hundred and forty."

He looks to Misa and pulls the cigarette from his lips, "There's a hundred bills per stack, fifty-four stacks. That's five-hundred and forty-thousand dollars. We just stole five-hundred and forty-thousand dollars."
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(East District)
Dragons Temple HQ

Katsura Kanna FabulousTrash FabulousTrash , Nakazajo Chikage Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean

Paige was at that alter for what seemed like forever. Many members came and went, many told her they would be there for her. Many asked if they could see Mercy and help out whenever they can. It was all very nice and eventually it helped her stop crying. What she never heard from any of them was that they panned to get revenge. No member made mention of finding whoever did this. Paige knew the Dragons were not ones to rage over something like this but she is realizing she isn't like many Dragons. Paige had an anger hanging over her today one she knew wouldn't end until she could find whoever did this. At the moment her thoughts were to find which gang member did this. Every second that passed, Every Dragon that talked of peace of mind over revenge Paige grew angrier and angrier.

Then suddenly a hand was placed on her shoulder this was the first person after Nionet that touched her as she mourned. Kanna the Ace one year her Elder had come to offer condolences. "It must be hard...I'm sorry for your loss, Paige." She spoke softly which was normal for Paige to hear. Paige clenched her fist her eyes glowed a bright yellow along with her fist. Not by Kanna's fault but everything that she has gone through for the past week. "Kanna you are correct. But its harder to not take my anger out on the other gangs right now." Paige spoke calmly but anger could be heard in those words. "I just think its time I go home for a bit." Paige stood up and turned to leave but before she could get far she saw one person that would throw her over the edge. The Elder of the Tigers just sitting in the Temple like he owned the place. Before anyone could react Paige shot forward and a blinding light and ended up in front of Chi her whole body a bright yellow gripping Chikage by the throat. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!!!!"


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Nakazajo Chikage.png
Nakazajo Chikage Nameplate.png
(East District)
[Sapphire Dragons' Temple]
Entrance Lounge/Memorial Location

Katsura Kanna FabulousTrash FabulousTrash , Paige Lawson SRUNewman SRUNewman , Other Dragons

Green Trench-Coat; White Button-Up Shirt; Denim Jeans; Brown Boots; Brown Leather Gloves

Kanna dismisses Chikage's misunderstanding of the Dragons' ways with a formal elucidation, and she better clarifies the specifications of their potential alliance.

He keeps his eyes ahead, coming to a halt at a pedestrian scramble.

They proceed. The hurried civilians pass them by, then he utters a soft-spoken apology, "Forgive my ignorance."

Kanna continues, "But now, so many people are afraid of what has been happening lately. They're afraid if they're the next one in line to die."

Chikage seeks her expression through his peripheral, only to meet her eyes as she inspects him back, and he smiles before averting his rubied gaze. "They're afraid, you say...?" He hums, looking toward the sky with a feeling of trepidation for what's to come.

Not long later, they near the Dragon Temple's gates and Kanna advises Chikage to stay close, to which he responds on a forced chuckle, "I would be a fool not to."

They travel along a path of white bluestone, surrounded by a well-kept sand garden and beautiful flora--a sight you won't often see in the North District--until they ascend the stairs to the Temple, passing through the colonnade and into the entrance lounge.

Chikage immediately recognizes the event--a memorial to honor their lost members. He runs a hand down his face with a stressed sigh, feeling harshly unwelcome by the few Dragons in the room whose whispers fail to elude him.

"Wait there." Kanna points to a couch toward the back of the room--minimalist by design--and he does as told, sitting with his legs spread and his hands in his lap as he twiddles his thumbs. Looking around, he sees that the few Dragons present have grouped together, opposite of him with hateful eyes, and his meter of rage fills slightly.

Some know--most don't--that Chikage's anger is actually a side-effect of his Jinx that he quite literally cannot control. He tries, but the stress of doing so often makes it worse.

He watches Kanna's interaction.

A small blonde stands to her feet from the floor and turns as if to leave, momentarily locking eyes with Chikage.

He is reminded of a flower he read about once, called brugmansia--but also Angel's Trumpets--and the corner of his mouth twitches into a smile, even as the girl appears before him in a flash of light with her hand clenched tightly around his neck. She pushes him back into the couch, digging her nails into his skin, and he does all he can to withhold himself and maintain a cordial demeanor.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!!!!!" her voice tears through the stillness of the room, followed by a ringing in his ears.

His hands rise slowly in yielding, a sweat upon his brow. If he wanted, he could easily pry her from him with a single finger, but he won't.

"I was invited."


Junior Member

Brielle Rousseau | Ruby Revenants - Junior | Location: West District - Red West Bar | Interacting/Mentioned: Boltius Beckman, Matsuda Russo | Outfit: Full Outfit

After taking their seats and enduring the server, Harriet, and Boltius' long game of who could make the best flirtatious joke, funniest roast, or whatever it was that their conversation consisted of, Brielle turns to the tall, dark woman with a notepad and pen in her hands who finally asked her what she wanted to drink.

With her usual expressionless face, hooded eyes and flat lips, Brielle leans back in her seat, "Hmm..." She thinks of the possible options until something hits her, something she remembers.

Jerking forward and perking up, Brielle's eye sparkle with excitement, though her face remains the same as always, and she finally decides on what to drink, "A chambo' cocktill--ras'beddy."

Harriet drops her arm to her side, notebook still in hand, and she fakes a pucker, "Mmm~ Baby, we ran outta dat' yeste'day."

Hearing this, Brielle frowns and melts into her chair, drooping her arms and staring blankly ahead. Harriet gives her a gentle pat on the shoulder, "I'm so sorry, but I can get'chyu the usual, ay?" The woman's leans forward with raise brows, hoping Brielle will lighten up.

"Yes, zat' will be good." Brielle says, sitting back up and straightening her posture in what seems like an instant.

"Alllllriiight, I'll be back wi'chya drinks in a split." Saying this, Harriet turns away and walks over to the bar.

After that, the doors to the bar burst open, catching the attention of many people, including Brielle.

Matsuda Russo, a wild and friendly baby within the shell of a man, makes his entrance, letting a heavy, joyous laugh and brushing his hair backwards.

"Oh," Brielle is surprised to see him, having been uninformed that he was coming.

The girl glances down at herself and starts to readjust her clothes, making sure they look as neat as possible. She takes a gentle hand to her hair and pats down the little stray strands trying to escape her head, all in attempt to look nice. Clearing her throat and counting the seconds of each inhale and exhale, Brielle tries to remain calm and composed, even though her nerves are having a rave party right now.

She couldn't admit it to anyone, despite the fact that it is incredibly obvious, but she is head over heels for Matsuda. These feelings only started to develop a year ago when she watched him trip in public and get embarrassed about it. It was the cutest thing in the world. From there, she started finding more little things about him that were adorable, like him scratching his head, or when he stares in the distance in thought, and even when he stands--his entire existence just seems perfect.


As Matsuda approaches the table, he places his hands on the surface and greets the two, "Hey guys! Hope ya haven’t started the party without me.”

Brielle flinches at the loud words,, but brushes it off with a chuckle--a forced chuckle that comes out more awkwardly than intended. Afterwards, her cheeks flush red and her eyes glance around frantically to see if anyone noticed.

Pourquoi es-tu si bizarre?

Clearing her throat, Brielle tries her hand again at acting normal, holding an emotionless face, "Le parti a- Non. De pa'ty start now." Satisfied with her statement, Brielle gives a relieved smile, too small to be noticed without a magnifying glass--not literally.

In that moment, Harriet makes her way back to their table with two drinks in her hands.

Recognizing Matsuda from behind, she greets him, "Well hello, Matsu-Man, how you been?" Sitting the drinks on the table, she places a hand on his shoulder and peaks around to see his face, only to squint judgmental eyes at the shades on his face.

"Wait now hold on... Boy, whatchu wearing sunglasses inside fo'? It's December--ain't no sun outside. I get fashion an' all, but das just too much. Less you hidin' something."

Harriet furrows a single brow at that thought, continuing in a more serious tone, "S'you hidin' somethin' from me? I'll whip ya if you did something bad."

The woman grins as a slow, heavy laugh builds up in her throat and she glances back and forth between Brielle and Boltius, swatting a playful hand, "I'm jus' kiddin ya. Whatdya wanna' drink?"

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Boltius Beckman.png
Boltius Beckman Nameplate.png
(West District)
[Red West Bar]
At a table toward the back left

Brielle Rousseau Cracker Cracker , Matsuda Russo Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Loose White Tank-top; Grey Shorts; Red Nike Sneakers
[Reference] [Sneakers] [Cap]
When Brielle starts straightening her clothes and inspecting herself after seeing Matsuda, Boltius can't help but inwardly roll his eyes, huffing slightly.

For this reason, he never tells Brielle whether Matsuda will be accompanying them or not. She's head-over-heels for him, and Boltius hates it, but by his loyal friendship with Matsuda and growing crush on Brielle, he cannot bring himself to leave either of the two alone.

Truth be told, if one had to go... Boltius looks at Bri before shaking his head at the idea, dismissing it entirely.

Matsuda reaches their table with a loud and excitable greeting, and Boltius matches that energy, all too aware of his friend's anxieties. He would be an ass to leave Matsuda in the spotlight in front of all these people, so he forces a hefty laugh and stands to wrap an arm around the other's shoulders, "Whatchu fuckin' mean, dawg? You are the fuckin' party!"

Boltius executes his usual handshake, as he does with most, then takes a seat while gesturing for Matsuda to do the same wherever he may please.

"Le parti a- Non. De pa'ty start now." Brielle sits with a satisfied glint in her lidded eyes, and Boltius squints at her from across the table. He doesn't understand why she feels the need to change whenever Matsuda's around, usually heightening the pitch of her voice or blinking more than one should, but he finds it cute... as much as it sucks.

"Well hello, Matsu-Man, how you been?" Harriet returns with Boltius and Brielle's drinks. She places a hand on Matsuda's shoulder and peeks around to get a good look at his face--meanwhile, Boltius picks up his glass of spiced rum, straight from the bottle, and power-gulps half of its entirety in one fell swoop.

"Wait, now hold on..." Harriet eyes Matsuda, mystified by his decision to wear sunglasses indoors.

"Boy, whatchu wearing sunglasses inside fo'? It's December--ain't no sun outside. I get fashion an' all, but das just too much. Less you hidin' something."

Amused, Boltius raises his eyebrows at Brielle, then returns to looking at Matsuda for his response.

Harriet threatens to whoop Matsuda, then laughs it off with, "I'm jus' kiddin ya. Whatdya wanna' drink?"


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Matsuda Russo


Hearing that friendly voice from behind him, a bit of relief washes over his face. With a wide grin, he spins around and gives Harriet a side hug, and a small peck on her cheek. He absolutely adored Harriet in a motherly- or crazy aunt kinda sense. “Last week seems like forever ‘Arri-Darli!

Giving an awkward laugh, he fixes his sunglasses, and tilts his head. “Just a bad ‘angover. The lights are killing me.” He releases his grip and gives her a totally-not-guilty shrug. “Couldn’t ‘ide anything from ya if I tried.

When Matsuda absentmindedly decides to sit next to Brielle, he immediately rethinks it. Halfway through sitting down he gets back up, pretending he was doing a squat instead. With a close eyed smile he rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment, and sits next to Boltius instead. He’s painfully aware of Brielle’s so called “crush” on him, and as much as he’s flattered (more so confused), he wouldn’t do his bro like that. Setting his elbows on the table, he cups his jaw with one hand, tapping a beat on the table with the other. “Could I please have a whiskey sour, ‘Arri-Darli?” Even though he knows she’s a server and she’ll take it anyway, he gives her his best puppy dog eyes, and pouts, quivering his bottom lip.

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Wanted: Lost Marbles

Alistair Fletcher
”Rabid Dog”


A grin stayed plastered on Alistair’s face, his brow slightly raised. “Your fuckin’ ridiculous C.C.!” He makes a gagging motion at his comrade mentioning Chikage, immediately covering his mouth after. His Joint slipped out, but he didn’t mind, instead deciding to stomp on it to kill the light. “Ay, if we put our minds to it, he’d get a lot more than just our fists eh?” He gives a cheeky chuckle and shakes his head.

As C.C stumbles, Alistair curses quite loudly in panic. “Oh Jesus Chri-“ He plants his feet and steadies both of them. “How long exactly have you been drinking dude?” He shakes his head and clicks his tongue in pretend disappointment. “Or maybe you just have a low tolerance.” Completely ignoring the fact that C.C. drank down a whole bottle of Jack. He cups his free hand over his mouth and heightens his voice. “Weaaaakkkkk!”

With a loud laugh, he quiets down a bit, not wanting to disturb the other Albinos... too much that is. “But sure dude, lets check your room first.” He gives an over dramatic sigh. “I doubt she’ll be there though.” Alistair pokes his chest, slightly roughly, not meaning to of course. “But I don’t think Chikage will let you get that ass. Y’know how he is.” He gives a poor imitation of Chikage, head held high and chest slightly puffed out, hand on his hip. He deepens his voice. “She’s my darling Rose. Don’t you mongrels even lay a hand on her!“ He laughs and shakes his head, leading himself and C.C. Up the stairs.

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Wanted: Lost Marbles

Nora Sullivan

Nora jumps in surprise, being interrupted from her thoughts, and not realizing anyone was there before. Setting her sights on a frightening robotic creature, her hand drops from her cradling the petals, and both go over to cover her cracked mouth. Her eyes snap shut, not wanting to believe this.. thing is real. It must be some kind of nightmare! Her cheeks and nose have turned slightly more red, from the cold. Oddly enough, even in her bare feet, thin leggings, and oversized T-shirt, the cold didn’t bother her all that much.

Making a small crack in her eyelid, she peeks at it again, sadly confirming what she is seeing is in fact, real. Shakily lowering her hands, she hugs herself, the petals on the ground now forgotten. Her eyes, firmly planted on this creature’s chest, slowly rises up to meet it’s eyes. She gulps. This thing is so much more bigger than her... it could destroy her at any time it wants... As her face is angled up, trying her best to maintain eye contact with this creature, the question it asked finally registers in her mind. “O-oh... I...” Nora didn’t know how to respond, too much in a state of shock and fear. How did it even hear her? Does it even have ears to hear with? Taking a moment to compose herself, eyes going slightly glazed again with tears, she comes up with a response.

Hesitantly moving one of her hands over to it’s face, she quickly retreats it, frightened. Making up enough courage, she moves it towards it again, her fingers brushing over what she can only see, is it’s cheek. She trails it down down over it’s jaw, inspecting the creature. Her thumb rests on where she thinks is supposed to be it’s mouth, although unmoving. Like her hand, the metal was cold to the touch, finally noticing how, in fact, this thing couldn’t smile. As she opens her mouth to speak, she lets out a soft exhale of air, the cold making it form a small wisp of a cloud in front of her. “You.. don’t have to physically smile... to be able to smile.” She tilts her head, and once again does her best to maintain eye contact. She doesn’t smile, but instead her eyes are bright. Even in this scary situation, she’s happy that she didn’t immediately turn this thing into petals. This, brought her joy, enough joy, she could even express to said creature.

Taking a deep breath, she speaks more with more confidence. “Smiling can just be a feeling, like when the hero in a movie finally saves what they wanted to save.” Her German accent is thick, but she hopes it came out clear. With this said, her head remains tilted, but she gives this metallic creature a soft smile, meaning it.

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