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*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

  • Shiraishi.Kageyuki.full.2078603.jpg
    Location: Tower Mount District, Building '95
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Eustass [The Purge] ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ) Yelena [Tsarina] ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura )
    ~ A Cooling Lead ~
    Secrets || Rebirth's CS File

    He didn’t know what Eustass was doing on the roof but so long he followed then it was fine. He didn’t know how Eustass thought that he was gonna get what he wanted through intimidation as if they weren’t all part of the same gang. Sure it didn’t mean squat for loyalty but it gave them plenty of chances to observe each other.

    He led them up ‘95 and was faced with the annoyance of a locked door. While it’d be simple enough to return the door to a state in which it was unlocked instead it seemed they’d be going with the scare tactics as Tsarina split the door in two as it slammed on the opposite wall. Surrounded by flashy jinxs, just like usual.

    He didn’t even need to enter to see the room had been picked clean. It was lacking in both people and things. How had they managed that so fast? He brought out his phone. Yup. It’d been ten minutes. Maybe they could have escaped in that time but to lift the entire room? Either illusions or there was never anything to find.

    He shot back a quick text to widen the net. Bosses would be pissed if all they wound up to show for this was being outwitted. Wouldn't look good on the serpent's name in the slightest.

    He walked into the room with caution and circled on his heel looking at every corner. Empty. He started stomping his heel down on the flooring and slamming his fist along the wall listening for any hollow panels. He half wasn't expecting anything worth shit but he'd be more mad if they missed anything in the attempt of a wild goose chase. Solid. Solid. Solid.



    There we go. He smirked as he tried to look for a divot to an access panel. Nothing no dice. Was it remote-controlled? Oh well it wasn’t like they couldn’t just do things the easy way.

    “Tsarina, Purge? I do believe I’ve found something here. Either of you wanna do the honors of getting this wall down?”


Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
Circular Wind Expulsion
He can expel wind from his pores that circulates rapidly around his body or limbs and takes on blade-like properties.

(Rose District)
[Jinnie's Café]
Behind the store

Jordi Calisto Anne Boolean Anne Boolean , Markus Weiss Elenion Aura Elenion Aura , Ivan Dime Cracker Cracker

Baggy Orange Sweater + Baggy Tan Pants, rolled at the ankles + Orange Socks + Black Vans + Black Belt + Backpack
[Reference], [Backpack]
August and Jordi join the civilians in the alley out back, shadowed from the sun by a high-risen tax department. Anxieties are amidst like thick fog as they mumble their concerns, backgrounding the continued blaring of car alarms out front.

Hoping to put an end to the tension, August speaks up. Already, by his quickness to take control of the situation inside, the people fall quiet to listen, and he proposes a course of action with steadfast confidence in his tone. "O'roight, mates, just beyond this alley, I'd loike for you to take a quick roight for tha Rec. Centah... loike ya goin' South, yeh? If you don't know wheh that is, it's dead straight. That's it. You cahn't miss it."

"I know where it is!" One of them says.

Another raises their hand, "Me too!"

"Great!" August claps. "So, I'll see you all aroun'! And uhhh, make shoh you phone the cops some moh, yeh?"

The group stirs, one of which asks before leaving, "Are you not coming with?"

August chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck with a hand, "Aaha~ Not just yet. Gotta check somethin' out. You go on, now, yeh?" If he could sweat, he'd be doing just that.

The person seems to hesitate a moment, but eventually they're gone with the rest of the others, out of the alley and to the right like August had instructed.

He turns to Jordi then, patting him on the shoulder, "Let's go!" However, Jordi's response halts him.

"Mm... perhaps we should just go..." he says.

August looks up at him with searching curiosity, glancing between his eyes, and that's when he notices a slight tremble in Jordi's shoulders. After staring for a moment, he looks to the ground while holding his chin on a pensive expression, seeing his black Vans and brightly colored socks. The cops aren't in the area yet, so the lives of civilians are potentially at stake. August isn't usually one to play hero, but he figures Kanna might give him the time of day if he boasts a rescue number or valorous accomplishment of sorts.

August, get it togethah, ya love-blind bloke. See, now your intentions ahn't pure!

Grumbling with confliction, he pinches his horn. Then, sagging in the shoulders, he says to Jordi, "Ya really wanna ditch, mate? I mean, puhsonally, I think we should see wot we can do... but if 'at's your call, I'll phone someone up... But, honestly, once we leave, it's none of ah business. The Rose is neutral, loike you said..." A brief silence, then, "Eithah that, or I go by mahself... I don't much moind. People need ah help... At least until the cops ah he'ah... Wot do ya say?"

Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
(East District)
[Blue Leaf Valley Neighborhood]
Sitting in their Uber

The Guild

A small building crammed between two larger, more professional looking establishments. Behind them, five acres of fenced-in forest.
The interior is cluttered. Stacks of papers are wherever they can fit without falling. Empty and full liquor bottles are tucked in every corner.

Charlie Hoshizora Taigakitt Taigakitt

Black Leather Boots and Gloves + Dark Grey Tunic and Pants + Light Grey Tabard wrapped with a Dark Grey Sash
[Reference] [Naginata]
43.jpg"Oh... Yeah, I might..." the driver says to Charlie. Something in his eyes seems lost to Naila, and in those few seconds before she follows Charlie out of the car, she finds herself wanting to help him.

To the driver, she says in a chuckling whisper, "Aheheheh~ Just a second, don't go anywhere!" Then she's gone.

Charlie, with her hands on her hips, says to Naila, "Shocksy, I think you could work on your marketing skills!" and Naila mimics the stance with a sarcastic smile, "Mememememe~ And you could work on your people skills! Rocky, this kid needs our help! Come on! What happened to seeking adventure and excitement!?"

Naila throws her hands into the air. "His whole mom is missing!- I mean aunt!..." Her voice falls to a quiet mumble, "Do I have mommy issues? Why do I keep saying that?" Dismissing the idea, she continues, placing her hands on Charlie's shoulders to lean close, "Come on! What do you say? Who freaking knows, man, this kid could be some sort of rich guy or- Wait... No his mom's in debt... He's obviously not r- AUNT DAMMIT!"


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Jaiden Wilson - Sable Serpents - Ace
La Grante Hotel, Deelo Sabat's Suite
Clothing Reference: T-shirt, Jeans, Bomber jacket | Shoes
Interactions: Malik Padovani ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Vicky Burnomi ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter )
Jaiden followed behind Vice into the room, looking around as they moved. The suite was crowded, crawling with bodyguards and other people at Deelo's disposal. Picking a fight here would end terribly, to say the least.

As Vice spoke with Sabat, Jaiden stayed nearby, standing off to the side with his arms crossed. Malik on the other hand, took a seat and picked up a cigarette from one of the guards. Jaiden just rolled his eyes slightly and said nothing, his attention returning to the more important conversation going on. When Sabot brought up the sample, Jaiden reached into his pocket.

"Yeah, I got it."

He pulled out the small tic tac box, but the label was ripped off so it was just a clear plastic container. The pieces of candy were all red, to keep consistency. If it was multicolor it wouldn't be too hard to tell something wasn't right. Jaiden raised an eyebrow towards Sabot, who shook his head slightly and held up a hand.

"I dont use myself. Give it to one my people, then I will see."

Jaiden nodded, looking around the room for the insider they had. Coincidentally enough, it was the same guy Malik was sharing a smoke with. Jaiden gestured for the basic guard to come up, waiting as they stood and approached. Popping the lid of the container, Jaiden gave the guard a piece and gave him a somewhat deathly glare, conveying a certain message.

The guard popped the tic tac in his mouth, standing there for a moment before his eyes grew wide slightly. His lips curled into a smile as they looked towards Sabot, giving him a thumbs up.

"This shits pretty good boss, almost instant."

Jaiden turned to look at Sabot as well.

"This is the stronger variant. It can be weaker if you want a longer high. The strong stuff wears off pretty quickly."

Deelo stared at the guard for a minute, who seemed to be enjoying themselves as they went around the room, socializing with the others. Deelo then nodded, looking to Vice.

"When can you have the full amount shipped?"

Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
[West District]
Walking to the Rose District

Vulken Beckman Nobody Special Nobody Special

Long-Sleeve Hooded Crop Top + Orange Playboy Jogger Pants + White Nikes + Earrings (X) + Sunglasses (X)
[Reference] [Shoes]
Though she's weak to a handsome face, Anita is not easily flattered or impressed, but she will admit Vulken's cheesy smirk works some magic.

"That runt... he really is a dork, ain't he? Always has been."

Anita cocks a brow at Vulken, noticeably perplexed by the implication that he somehow already knows Boltius, but she quickly draws the conclusion that he's referring to a more previous Jack than the current one.

So Jin...? Or earlier than that? Jackson? How long has Draken been considered a member? Four years at the least since he's a Senior-Rookie.

However, the next thing out of his mouth proves her dead wrong, and her jaw drops.

With a wide smile, she gasps, "Beckman brothers?!" In that moment, multitudinous questions swarm her mind with quaking curiosity, and she aches to ask them, but she knows she won't.

When did Vulken join the Revenants? When and why did he vanish? Where did he go, and what did he do? Does Boltius know? Does Boltius know his supposed brother is even back?

Her interest is beyond piqued.

Playfully, she slips her hand into Vulken's and reintroduces herself as well. "Anita Boston, but you already know. Pleasure to meet you, Mister Beckman, but I'll still be calling you Draken."

They continue on.

"On the topic of siblings, what about you? Got any brats of your own? If you do, hopefully they ain't a pain in the ass like mine are," he asks.

Anita hums, fiddling her thumbs behind her back as she walks, looking to the sky through her tinted shades. "Hmm~ I had a brother and parents before the tsunami. Now I have only my baby sister, but she hasn't woke since I returned from Spain. The doctors say she won't walk again... Probably." Tilting her head to the side, she meets Vulken's eyes and shows a gentle smile before ultimately looking away again. "She's my number one priority."

Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
[South District]
(Sable Serpents' Carnival Park)
Walking through

Grégoire Tanaka Caffeine_Obsessed Caffeine_Obsessed

Green Oversized Hoodie + Denim Shorts + Black Leggings + Pink Converses
The Tigers whisper amongst themselves at Grégoire's condition. They stand before the abandoned park's aluminum gated entrance, rubbing their chins, looking between each other, cocking their brows, each of them trying to figure out whether or not waiting outside will land them on Chikage's bad side.

Camaree, on the other hand, is quiet.

Over the course of their journey, she has become increasingly nervous if not scared for her life; though, she manages to camouflage any indication of such behind her usual apathy. However, the trembling of her pocketed and cold, clammy hands would give her away immediately. She's aware of this, and so she keeps them tucked in hiding.

Grégoire leaves the now-seven Tigers then, not counting Camaree, before they can come to a decision or agreement, and Camaree moves to follow him.

The remaining Tigers stand their ground, watching.

As she walks beside Grée, she cannot help but wonder what makes someone like him a leader, and why people look up to him, if they even do. Though, she reckons that he and Chikage are alike in some ways. Perhaps misunderstood.

Serpents scattered throughout the park seem to gather in small groups to gawk at their Elder and the young Camaree, who holds her icy gaze unwaveringly ahead. If she doesn't acknowledge them, she can convince her conscience that they're not really there. That which surrounds her is merely a void--pale and empty--and the towering frame of Grégoire, a hooded shadow that can do her no harm.

Self illusion... She knows, but it's comforting.

At least until spoken to, Camaree will not speak. Compared to Grégoire's long strides, hers are small and swift to keep up, but by her size she still manages to fall slightly behind, and she wonders where he's taking her.

Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
Electroluminescence Manipulation
He can craft digital matter out of pixels into the real world and utilize it by way of telekinesis.

(East District)
[His home - Reference]

There are five cars in the driveway--one of which is Nionet's, the other Omar's--and a few dirt bikes parked aimlessly about.

Nionet Sinblade Cracker Cracker , Omar Ayad Vahn Vahn , Cordelia Vaughn BriiAngelic BriiAngelic

Grey Jacket + Black Long-Sleeved Shirt + Black Shorts + Mask and Goggles + Baseball Cap + Green Digital Wristwatch
[Reference - Left-most reference]
38.jpg"Oh and, Smalls!... Keep it a secret, yes?..."

"Yeah, of course sir…" Molly says, and Silva releases her wrist, smiling behind his mask.

"Heh-heh~ Gracias, amiga..." he thanks.

She repays him then with a foretold warning, "Let Boss know... be ready to bust up some Rubies on your way beneath Rose."

And he tilts his head, eyes brimming with sudden excitement, "HEEEEY!? EES DAT REALLY SO!?" He turns to Nionet, "You hear dat, Boss-maaaan!? Tings jus' got a lot more emocionaaante! Heh-heh-heh!" However, Nionet's not there, and upon realizing this, he displays a dramatic, flailing reaction as one would at a jump-scare in a horror movie. As he does, his pixels dance around him, beautifully dodging his every motion as if rehearsed.

That's when he vaguely recalls her saying she'll be in her car.

With one last look to Molly, Silva waves farewell, "¡Hasta luego! An' don't do any'sing I wouldn' do, heh-heh-ha ha ha!" Then he jogs up to Nionet's car, metal feet clanking against the driveway's pavement, jacket flapping in the wind as his hood flies off, leaving only his baseball cap atop his head, and he swings open the passenger-side door to throw himself in.

There, he sticks his mask close to Nionet's face and says, "AY, HELLOO-OOO?... EES TIME TO WAKE UP, CHICA! NAP TIME'S OOVER!" He's seen it before, so he knows. Nionet cannot hear him; though, she would at least feel him enter the vehicle. "Ayo-but unless you don' wan' to! Heh, heh~ No worries, either, my record is clean. I can drive."


Semi-Hiatus; AKA I write when I feel I can
Charlie "Ragnarok" Hoshizora

1614377911529.pngMy people skills!?” Charlie puffed up, unsure what Naila could ever mean.

I’m a shining star with people with a glowing reputation!Uh-huh.

She crossed her arms across her chest, “I never said I didn’t want to help the dude.” She tapped the wheel with her foot, “Wanna tell him who we are then? Seemed he was unsure to use the Guild, but if we mention we’re fire-breathing angels, then maybe..?

With a smirk about Naila’s mommy issues, she grinned, thoughts fluttering across her mind despite the topic. Well, because of the topic. As Naila leaned close, Charlie uncrossed her arms and put her hands on either side of Naila’s face, “Let’s get that adventure, Baby.

She took a step back away from Naila so she could tap on the window of the driver’s car. Once it was rolled down, Charlie leaned her arms against the edge, and whether Naila approved or not about the truth, Charlie was going to speak it, “So, since you asked so nicely earlier, yes, we’re Dragons. You want help finding your aunt-” she shot a glance at Naila before looking back at the driver “-or not.
Mnetions: Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean


RpNation's local Neko and Quiplash Champion
Katsura Kanna - Sapphire Dragons - Ace
East District, Jenna's Apartment
Clothing Reference: Bomber Jacket (minus logo on chest and right sleeve) | Shoes | Pants (minus chain and pin)
Interactions/Mentions: Kimiko Kugisaki ( Nobody Special Nobody Special ), Saito Tadashi ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ), Mako Hirabayashi ( SRUNewman SRUNewman )
"Kuso ̄!"

Kanna wasn't sure how to feel. In the moment, many emotions ran through body. Anger, regret, sadness, responsibility.

But none of that mattered right now.

Had she seen it sooner, Kanna would've been able to shield Jenna, but she missed her chance and all that was left was a pool of blood in the wake of Jenna's death. Without a second thought or a word spoken to Kimiko and Tadashi, Kanna was quick to give chase. The chair she was sitting in fell to the ground as Kanna ran to the window, jumping out onto the fire balcony.

Her eyes quickly scanned the area to find the unknown killer, eventually catching them in the distance. Her hand reached back towards the window and in the apartment, the lights flickered slightly as blue arcs of electricity ran into Kanna's body. With her body charged, she climbed up onto the railing of the fire escape balcony, jumping forward.

Kanna landed on the roof of the building across from the apartment, rolling to break her fall and quickly recovered, running after the....thing. She couldnt call it a human, even if they had the body of one. In an attempt to slow them down, she threw one hand forward, throwing bolts of lighting in the direction of the killer, aiming for their back. As she neared the edge of the roof, she jumped down and forward, bouncing herself off the wall of the opposite building and back to the wall of the building she was just on top of.

She repeated the motion, bringing herself down to the ground and ran out of the alley between the two buildings, continuing to chase the killer. One of her hands reached for her staff as she extended it, holding it behind her as she continued to run.

Slowly, Kanna was catching up to the runaway, thanks to the electricity charging her body. As soon as she was close enough, she raised her free hand, firing another bolt at their legs, hoping to trip them.

Anne Boolean

One Thousand Club

Jordi Callisto, a.k.a. Float
"'ere we go..."

As the Tauredian expected, August was still interesting in checking out how the ordeal was turning out. Even if the other still wanted to get closer to the fray, Jordi's brain was focused on self-preservation. Just like back then, the thought of others' well-beings wasn't in his mind at the moment, and instead it was only occupied by fear and helplessness.

August's words changed that though. The Prince blinked his green eyes. If he ran now, it wouldn't be his problem. That was yet another reason not to get further involved. But if he did leave, then people would be left endangered. Innocent people, who were just going about their day. Running away when things get tough... that wasn't what people expected from a leader. A king who did that would be the kind of king people would want to overthrow.

He took a deep breath and steadied his levitation. "... jou are right," he said. "People need our 'elp. I'm not very sure what I will be able to do though..." His only special ability was picking things up with his mind. He packed the small pouch that sat at his hip, with its strap looped around his waist like a belt. He unzipped it and put his hand inside to fish out several throwing knives. He opened his palms to allow them to levitate just above it before dropping his arm while they remained floating in place. "I 'ope this will be enough..." He turned back to August, a look of determination on his face, ready to follow the other's lead.

Interactions: August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )


Maybe I want Happiness not Turds



(East District)

Heading towards the Rose district

Yi BriiAngelic BriiAngelic

The look on Yi's face was exactly what Chu was looking for. She cant help but like to mess with others. "Sorry Yi I just saw this a a fun opportunity and I had to take it. You heading anywhere fun?" When Yi slumped to the floor Chu's reaction was un fazed but on the inside she felt a little bad. He asked her not to do that again and she grinned a bit. She knows she'll never make that promise and most others know that as well. "We'll just have to see Yi." She helps him up a bit and they start walking to the Rose District. Its a bit cold but not as cold as up in the air so she's pretty comfortable. Yi askes her if she was moping around and she thinks on it. She wasn't really but she also kind of was now. Thanks to Silva being well... Silva she was worried about him again. This was literally one of the reasons they broke up and now she's worrying again. "No not moping just making sure nothing goes wrong in the city. You know the normal stuff."

They walk for maybe 15 minutes and they start to hear a ruckus happening down the block towards the Rose district. Chu looks at Yi to see he's reaction to the noise and then quickly flys up and sees a bunch of ice and things getting destroyed in the neutral district. She falls back down towards Yi. "Hey shits happening at Rose and i might need some help you want to tag along. Your choices are flying or running." She waits for a response.


Doctor Llamabean

*winks at Markus*
He can corrode and disintegrate things by touch at a rate of one or two-inches-per-second.

(South District)
[Tower Mount Neighborhood]
The proclaimed "shittiest neighborhood in the South"

Yelena Zaytseva Elenion Aura Elenion Aura , Tomi Vaughn BriiAngelic BriiAngelic

Tightly Fitted Spandex Shirt + Black Cargo Pants + White Belt + Black, Red, and White Sneakers
[Crowbar Saw]
42.jpg"Now I vill go slowver," Yelena quips, irking Eustass to grind his teeth while jutting his jaw.

His face burns hot, and his elbows tighten at his sides, fingers flexing in a writhing mess as he grumbles and growls, keeping his glaring gaze on Yelena as she exits Tomi's car.

Ruthe's request that he behave shackles his wrathful urges, yet as troublesome as it may be, he dare not question her.

Jumping from the roof of the car, he lands firmly on two feet. As his arms fall quickly to his sides, he lets his crowbar saw smack against the ground, sounding out a sharp tang when it does, then he proceeds to drag it along behind him as he follows Tomi and Yelena.

Every so often, he seems to flinch at nothing, also taking spells where he blinks excessively, or even stretches his jaw by opening and closing his mouth.

They make it to the room belonging to this Gideon Cruise character, and Yelena takes the initiative on entering. Eustass watches unimpressed as the door caves inward, breaking from its hinges, and crashes into the far wall of the room; though, he does admire the destructive capabilities of her Jinx.

Upon entering, it appears that the room has been totally cleaned out--no desk or bookshelves; not even a place to sit.

Meanwhile Tomi inspects the surroundings, Eustass stomps his foot, "What's this, some sorta- g- some sorta game?" Then he finds himself staring up at Yelena while scratching behind his ear--not glaring or snarling, just casually gazing; though, there's a distant look in his eyes. It's almost as if he doesn't actually see her at all.

Tomi's voice then, "Tsarina, Purge? I do believe I’ve found something here. Either of you wanna do the honors of getting this wall down?"

Eustass snaps from his trance. "ME!" his voice loud.

He trots up to Tomi's side, points to the spot on the wall and asks, "Here?" twitching somewhat in the eyes. Following confirmation, he drops his crowbar and stretches his arms in front of himself, hands spread wide, then he presses his fingers and palms into the wall, and it quickly starts to blacken and decay, spreading outward in all directions. As it does, Eustass moves his hands around to keep them in contact with the wall, and after creating an opening into a black abyss, he begins pulling away at the crumbling surface as if it's were made of nothing more than stiff gingerbread.

Once he's finished, he steps back and picks up his weapon. Through the hole--tall enough only for Eustass to easily walk through by his height, but for the others to duck--a set of wooden stairs descend into complete darkness. Rather than railings, the walls follow the stairs down on both sides, making it something of a hallway.

"Get a light- Your phone light. Get your- Uh- Get- Get your phone light out," the boy says, looking between Yelena and Tomi, even though he can very well use his own.

From within the blackness below, a sudden rustling.


*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

  • 68075423e646456c166b9ab17958d1df.jpg
    Location: Rose District
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Chu [Harpy] ( SRUNewman SRUNewman ) , Markus [King Cold] ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ), Ivan [Newton] ( Cracker Cracker ),
    Somewhere nearby (?):
    Jordi [Float] ( Anne Boolean Anne Boolean ), August [Tazz] ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ), Verity

    ~ What We Were Made For ~
    Wraith || Revolution’s CS File

    So she was on patrol. Makes sense, it was a very Chu thing to do on her holidays. He had more respect for her than near all the ones he met in his line of work. He just shrugged back as she asked if he was going anywhere fun. It wasn’t likely. Sure there were plenty of places to get lunch and a show but he’d never liked visiting alone. He supposed that if Chu was coming along anyway they might as well have fun.

    “I guess we could hit up the karaoke place and-”

    He trailed off as they walked and stopped in place as he heard shouting. He was quick to unattach his smiley from the hook at his hip. He started a loose circle of it as he started to gain momentum before giving a sprint to the sound. He may not vibe with the corrupt nature of their police force but he had joined the force for a damn reason, and that was to protect the citizens. He saw Chu coming back down and shouted above to her.

    “Let’s surround them! You get them from the air and I’ll get ‘em occupied on the ground!”

    With that he was off keeping eyes on Chu as much as he could for the quick glances he could find of her as he tore into a full run. He didn’t stop much other than to check that the random spurts of ice hadn’t hurt anyone. He found one storefront iced in trapping people inside.

    “Dammit- what the hell are they on…”

    He took a moment to wack at the door doing his best to break through the ice. A more combative jinx would be preferred some days, especially since it wasn’t like there were many useful animals running around in the city that he could barter with to get to help. A squirrel could do even less than he himself could. With one final wack he broke the ice clean.


    “There... “

    A few went running off once the door had been freed. Luckily it seemed the damage was rather easy to locate into where it was coming from. Almost seemed like they wanted to get caught. He looked to the sky again trying to find Chu, but it wasn’t like he could afford to fall any further behind. He made a beeline to follow the trail of icy destruction.

    He saw a glimpse of an ice formation and dodged behind some rubble. He caught his breath as he realized there were two people standing among the wrecks. Dammit. He looked to the sky as he shouted.



*Willingly Participates in Self Sabotoge*

  • Akira_Cover_Vol_9.png
    Location: Rose District
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Chu [Harpy] ( SRUNewman SRUNewman ) Jordi [Float] ( Anne Boolean Anne Boolean ) August ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean ) Markus [King Cold] ( Elenion Aura Elenion Aura ) Ivan [Newton] ( Cracker Cracker )

    ~ A Diva's Boredom ~
    BACCANO! no Theme || Verity's CS File

    She didn’t desire to be just some getaway driver. Besides she was more interested in why some extra ass tiger was willingly leaving their mission. Following them was far more entertaining, even if that one was never particularly strong in the first place. As the man started off she tailed behind occasionally passing him and parking as she did her best to stay out of his sights while the slowest game of hide and seek possible happened.

    God. She should have stayed this was painfully boring. Why did she think this was a good idea again? She was going to go back but then something unexpected happened. A three car pileup started up right before her as she hit the breaks.


    Make that four.

    FUCK. She was going to be out of her monthly allowance for the damages. She stepped out of the car with full intentions of chewing them out but quickly fell on her ass as her heel struck ice.


    She looked at the other cars. Yeah okay so then they weren’t that much at fault. She decided it was time to move the fuck away from the soon to be center of a car mosaic. She knew the Tiger was somewhere in this mess. White, Black, Silver! She dragged herself up as she approached the Silver car. She peered in to find him passed out on the dash with the airbags keeping him up.

    Great, he wasn’t even gonna be useful. She should call an ambulance, maybe even the cops… Nah that wasn’t her job. ‘Sides its his fault she was stuck with no car. He should have just stuck to his mission. She kicked the car with a little force to vent her anger at the man. Huh. She heard the shout of another behind her. Good let them be the good samaritan.

    She made her way back to her car to grab her whip. She only knew of a few people who could make Ice at will, and one of them was another Tiger. Time for her to get a bigger fish to follow. She cracked on a smirk as she went strolling down Rose’s streets following the trail. Either she was right and she got to become a much bigger part than driver or she was wrong and found a fun opponent.

    Either way it was looking like It was time for Verity to get some playtime herself. She used the glass and ice she passed as conduits letting her illusions trick people as she passed making herself harder to trace.

    “It’s showtime.”



Junior Member
Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack

East District, Erich's Silva's House

Interactions / Mentions :
Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean Erich Deon Silva . Cracker Cracker Nionet Sinblade, FabulousTrash FabulousTrash Katsura Kanna and BriiAngelic BriiAngelic Cordelia Paderau Vaughn.

Omar decided not to respond back to Erich Deon Silva joke besides Omar thought a come back was not necessary for it anyways. As Omar made his way towards the van only to hear the shouting from Cordelia Paderau Vaughn or as he decided to call her Eye Candy but while he decided not to bother replying to her either as he thinks back to Nionet Sinblade statement about the supposed crimes that the neighborhood association might commit if they try attack the Sapphire Dragons, did Omar silently thought to himself that she really does not know about the first degree murders by Jack-O'-Lantern, money laundering, arson, Grand theft auto, selling stolen goods and probably bombing....well not out right in the public eyes yet.... But then again Nionet Sinblade is only seeing the things on the surface level but if Nionet Sinblade were to dig a bit more than maybe she will understand that it was not a veiled threat and more of a countdown to war. Omar thought to himself that he already tried to make a cease fire but without the Sapphire Dragons doing their end for public peace the only thing that will happen is war in East District.

Omar would then open the passenger door and slide into the seat to open the glove box, where a single cellphone was being kept. Omar began dialing a number before placing it next to his left ear and waited for the other side to pick up.

Billy: "Yeah?"

Omar Ayad: "I'm going to need you to pick up the white van. It will be parked at East District's Play Plaza license plate Zero Two Six Delta Sierra Delta. Also I need warehouse six prepped for dental work."

Billy: "You don't say? Coming out of retirement and going back to the dental business? "

Omar Ayad: "Yeah. I lined up a customer for a root canal and cleaning just need a place that is clean and got the gear."

Billy: "Alright, I'll get the boys to clean up the place for your customer."

At that mention would Omar disconnect the call. Omar dialed another number before waiting.

Omar Ayad: "Tim.....I need your van."

Tim: "What?! why?"

Omar Ayad: "Can't go into full info dump but I'll pay double."

Tim: "Double?! You sure you got the scratch? Word on the street, the blues carry no zeroes to their name."

Omar Ayad: "Blues not paying, I am carrying scratch with your name on it unless you don't want it...."

Tim: "Your scratch I got no problem with....Blues however needs to either shell out or learn to find some zeroes. You dig me?"

Omar Ayad: "I dig man. Its a deal."

Tim: "Where you need it?"

Omar Ayad: "Prepare it at the East District's Play Plaza. Its purple right? "

Tim: "Yeah. Way better than blue."

Omar would disconnect the call as Omar put the cell phone back into the glove box before sliding over to the drivers seat. Omar would fasten his seat belt before pressing the drivers horn twice. Omar gently crank the window cranker to bring down the window as Omar poked his head out and shouted to Cordelia Paderau Vaughn.

Omar Ayad: "Cordelia I just took care of things. Lets go before Zylith wonders whats taking so long. "
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    Location: Pixel's House
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Omar [Jack-O-Lanturn] ( Vahn Vahn )
    ~ Focalization ~
    AYA || Mollify’s CS File

    With a sigh, she did her best to refocus. Pixel seemed to not take it as a warning at all but something to be excited about… No he was their Vice, she shouldn’t worry. It was an insult for one as average as her to worry about the wellbeing of her elders. At least they would go in prepared for it.

    And then there was their jack… He was one of the elders too. She had to remind herself that as he blew her off completely instead going off ahead. He was the Jack. He was the Jack. She was but a junior. With a sigh she stepped up going forwards. She definitely didn’t appreciate the shouting, much less the use of her name. Oh well… wasn’t like they were anywhere dangerous. It wasn’t like she’d need to worry about Pixel’s family. She cupped her hands to shout at him.


    She jogged up to the car before sliding it open again. Her frown had returned even as she tried to fight it off. The best she managed was shifting it into something closer to a pout but even that was better in the long run. She glanced out of the corner of her eye at Omar who had looked ready to go. She quickly strapped in before she brought up what had been eating at her.

    “So… who was that on the phone?”


Vulken Beckman
Ruby Revenants |Senior| Jinx: Incinerator
Location: Rose District
Interacting: Anita ( Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean )


Her surprise amused him, but her answer to his question left him surprised in turn.

The girl he had been walking with was probably one of the worst-affected victims of the tsunami that he had met so far. His smile dropped to its neutral position, and his eyes were fixed onto the concrete. "Shit, Anita..." of course, hearing about such great losses made him think about his own family. He was lucky to have come back home without losing anyone, but it was wrong to count his blessings around someone who was probably still grieving. "I'm sorry for your loss. That's terrible." it was quiet for a moment, before he spoke up again. "You know, you're probably one of the strongest girls I've met." he brought his finger up to his chin. "Scratch that. You are the strongest one. It takes a lot of power to go through something like that and keep fighting." he extended his arm and placed it on her shoulder, locking eyes with her and offering an encouraging smile. "I like strong people. If you ever need anything, let me know. I'm sure your sister will wake up soon."

It didn't take much longer for them to finally cross into the Rose District, and reach their destination. Vulken felt his legs pulsing a bit, almost like a warning not to overdo things. Once they made the money from this job, he'd definitely have to get himself a car. Making the lady walk such a distance didn't make him feel much better about himself. The place didn't seem like something that was run by serpents-- on the outside, at least. Of course, it made sense that it would look like a prestigious place, considering the people they were luring in. "Hey, wanna check things out before we go in? It'd be nice to know some escape points, just in case." Even if he didn't plan on going in, causing havoc, getting the money, and leaving, if things got to that point, he'd have to get Anita out of there as fast as possible, for her sister's sake.

"I just hope we're the only ones who know about this place. It'd be a pain in the ass if other gangs got the same idea as us." his eyes trailed off to the side, obviously annoyed. "Especially Tigers."​


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    Location: Elder Office, Ruby Revenant Hideout
    Date: January 1st, 2021

    Akira [Inari] ( Nobody Special Nobody Special ), Bella [Banshee] ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter )
    Coming into the Scene:
    Jin [Conquest] ( SRUNewman SRUNewman )

    ~ Riposte ~
    Protease || Lucidity’s CS File

    "Well, if our relationship is going to work out, I'll have to be able to pick the locks for you to hotwire the cars, right?"

    She giggled a little sound as he helped her to open up the locked drawer. Jackpot! Probably? Actually, it probably had nothing to do with what she was looking for. She didn’t take Conquest for a fool. If he was she’d have had a much easier time of wrenching the revenants since he ascended. She pocketed the papers she found in her jacket dress pockets.

    The slam of a door broke her from searching more. She turned her head to the approaching newcomer worried they’d been had already by either Pharaoh or Conquest. Instead, she saw a woman she could barely place. A rookie then? She put her hands behind her back ready to give some song and dance about how they were clearly waiting on a mission.

    "We need to go. Now--"

    she knew diplomacy wasn’t going to do shit as the girl screeched into the room. Her hands flew to her head as her ears rang. She’d been pushed back into the wall by the force of the scream and felt part of the lamp behind her dig into her back.


    She could have fooled a few rookies, maybe even a junior or two but with that type of yell there’s no way someone wouldn’t come running that would recognize her if not both her and Akira. She tossed her cute and friendly demeanor out the window as her face twisted into fury.

    She regained her footing pushing off the wall. With one hand she grabbed the lamp itself. Light, fragile, but it worked in a pinch. She swung it once at the floor and the shade fell off as the lightbulb shattered on the floor.

    They should leave.

    It was their only choice. But now Akira was still downed by the roar. She had to get them some breathing room if they were going to get out of here each in one piece. It was just her rotten luck that she’d managed to get tailed by a strong rookie. It was a good thing she was so used to pain.

    “Babe, catch your breath. Let’s get ready to scram.”

    She wasn’t sure if he’d heard her. Even so, she wasn’t going to stupidly give up their names. If she was lucky the rookie wouldn’t be able to place what gang they were from. She just needed to distract her long enough.

    With that, she lunged aiming her bronze lamp rod at the girl’s head.



Junior Member
Omar Ayad - Sapphire Dragons - Jack

East District, Erich Deon Silva's House driving to East District's Play Plaza

Interactions / Mentions :
BriiAngelic BriiAngelic Cordelia Paderau Vaughn.

Cordelia Paderau Vaughn would shout again but this time about her code name or alias "Mollify" but he didn't heed much attention to this after all the Sapphire Dragons all have some code or alias well apart from Omar. His alias is actually an alter ego so even if people called him Jack-O'-Lantern, Omar would not respond or bat an eye however he does respond to Jack just because it is his rank in the Sapphire Dragons.

As Omar watched Mollify or Eye candy as he calls her; jog over to the van as she slid, showed that pout of hers before eventually putting on her seat belt. Did Omar crank the gear shift into reverse and drove the van in reverse and off Erich Deon Silva drive away and back into the streets of Oasis. However Omar was trying to find the right word for what he was about to say to answer Mollify or Eye candy question. Realizing that maybe not everyone took this course in college as he let out a loud groan.

Omar Ayad: "Do you ever heard the term fixer or contractor? "

Time to put on his figurative teaching hat.

Omar Ayad: "Regardless of what the four gangs of Oasis thinks, they cannot actively operate without fixers or contractors.... A fixer can get untraceable weapons, special services and high quality vehicles for the gangs. They can even sell things that gangs want or need to get rid off. Fixers also serve as the middle men between gangs and the public however payment is a must and some rare fixers require a secret code or connections....Some fixers ask for money, some ask for favors, some ask for help on a job and on some cases to join the gang....What you just heard is me arranging for another van and a safe house.....Quite frankly the Sapphire Dragons would go much further if we have a few more fixers in our pockets than in the pockets of the other gangs........Maybe the neighborhood association would be more tolerant to the Sapphire Dragon noble intentions..... As most fixers would say that noble intentions will not feed my family."

Through the speech, they had passed multiple streets before Omar would stop the van near by East District's Play Plaza. Before turning his attention back to Mollify and speaking to her.

Omar Ayad: "East District's Play Plaza.....Go in and get Zylith Cross. I'm going to ditch the van and I will meet you outside the fire escape exit."

As if not missing a beat, did Omar then explained why he need to do ditch the van without her even needing to ask.

Omar Ayad: "Going to need to switch to a heavy duty van just in case if what Nionet and Erich said about Zylith being hunted is true and whoever is chasing her is carrying heavier guns then this van that we are in would be easy to turn into Swiss cheese with light guns.....oh yeah fire escape exit should be near the employees counter."

Omar Ayad waited for Cordelia Paderau Vaughn to start walking or probably ask any questions.


Maybe I want Happiness not Turds



(West District)

[Revenant Headquarters]

Inside the hotel


Banshee GrieveWriter GrieveWriter , Lucidity BriiAngelic BriiAngelic Akira Nobody Special Nobody Special

After Vulcun and Anita left Jin was up the steps to his office going as slow as possible as to not over exert himself because of yesterday's brawl. "Maybe i can relax for once. Not have to make sure everything is going to hell." Jin enjoyed this thought maybe the New Year can help him find some peace and maybe he can deal with this voice in the back of his head easier. Jin didn't even get one story up before he heard it. The one alarm he never wanted to hear. Banshee's Scream normally in the building means big problems after running up to where it sounds like its going to Jin noticed how big of a headache this will be. "Just kill anyone in there. Hell even Banshee her Jinx is to annoy for you anyways." The voice was back and Jin was finding it harder to ignore it. The closer he got to the Scream the more angry he got.

When he opened the door he saw Banshee using her Jinx against two others. One Jin could recognize and wont ever forgive. Lucidity was in his office looking like she was trying to find info on him. She may be from separate gangs but Jin thought she and him had some mutual standing because they had become rivals in the brawls. Even though it was never stated that's just what it seemed to have been happening. It seems Jin's ideals were beginning to be his biggest downfalls. The voice ever present grew stronger in that moment.
"You see not even the one person from another gang that you thought wouldn't betray you like this is backstabbing you. Your alone in this stupid world. JUST!! GO!!! NUTS!!!!."

At the sight and the voice's prods in his head Jin's eyes go pitch black, Smoke rapidly fills the room. Jin pulls out his katana not sure how far he will go.


Lost: Marbles

Matsuda Russo


Matsuda rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. Matsuda was a lightweight, so he wasn't very surprised if he acted like some kinda Tasmanian devil at the bar the other day. Even though he couldn't remember shit about it, maybe he'll remember if he watches the video. It surely would have been hilarious- whatever it is he did. "Really? well then I'll have to watch it once we get back from beating their asses. Cuz I can't remember shit man." with that, he let out a boisterous laugh, and shook his head. Matsuda could remember a time where he nearly jumped off of a tall as all hell building- after drinking four drinks at the bar of course. (In his defense, those drinks were hard as rocks. or so he says.)

Once they reached Boltius' car, Matsuda jumped in after him. This was gonna be a blast! No way anyone could take them down now! As Matsuda spoke, he directed his attention to the scenery around them- way too excited to be focused on one certain thing. "Bro, I can't wait to see their stupid faces once we take them down. they'll be sure to confess somethin' , I'm sure of it!" With a broad smile he nodded with all the confidence of in world.

He turned on the radio to some pumped up music. Quickly catching the lyrics (even though he had no idea what this song was- he was just guessing them.) he sung loud and a bit off-key- but hell, he was having fun!

Boltius - Doctor Llamabean Doctor Llamabean



𓆗 Sable Serpents |Junior| Jinx: Embargo
Location: West District, Headed to East District
Interacting: Tomi ( BriiAngelic BriiAngelic )

As he bolted from street to street-- thankfully being able to run around without much trouble, since every person he came close to bumping into was quick to move out of the way due to the scattered bloodstains on him-- Bash thought of his next plan of action. He had been sprinting for quite some time, and he felt his breathing become labored as the rapid tapping of his boots against the concrete began to slow. Mere seconds later, he was leaning on a wall in an alley he managed to slip into with his hands on his knees as he regained his stamina-- and his composure.

"This is...fuckin'...bullshit..." shallow, raspy expletives still managed to flow out of Bash's mouth like the most obscene of rivers. He straightened his posture against the wall, finally ready to put his mind to work. "Alright. If I go back home, they'll probably be waitin' for me. I'll get caught in a fuckin' heartbeat if I go to the North, so that leaves..." The East District. As much as he despised the Dragons, the crowded, lively atmosphere would do a great job at keeping him hidden in plain sight, at least until he figured out where he would stay until the heat was off him. An irritated sigh echoed from the alley, sure to startle any random pedestrians who happened to be walking by at the time. "Fine, gotta get to the East. How the fuck am I gonna get there, though...?"

At that moment, an image of an extremely important item popped in Bash's mind, and his eyes widened, followed by a gasp.

"FUCK! My Bike!"

His legs started moving immediately, and he was on another violent sprint to the gas station he had been arrested at. If his bike was towed, he was fucked. That, and his uncle would probably fire him for losing his old bike. He found himself in the parking lot, strolling past the dented gas pumps and blood splatters to look upon his beloved CB350 with relieved eyes. He noticed the key was still in the ignition, and, thankful that nobody stole it, planted himself on the seat, turning it on and pulling out of the parking lot with a loud, thunderous rev.

Thoughts were still flying in and out of his head at dangerous speeds as he made his way towards the East District. They were mainly about who he could possibly stay with, but in the back of his mind, he thought about what would happen if he were to be caught. He shook his head, by no means was he going to get caught! He'd fight until his skin was stained red with blood if he had to. He reached into his pocket and looked through his contacts. A lot of them were fellow serpents-- most of them would let him crash at their place except for a select few. He couldn't ask Mako-- especially since he'd probably be the first one the police asked they were brothers. That left two people, and there was only one who's house he'd actually want to stay at. He brought the phone to his ear, praying to a higher power that she would answer.

The phone rang and rang, but there was no answer. "Damn it, Yelena... I know we just met, but you don't gotta be this fuckin' cold hearted!" he ripped his phone off the side of his face and hung up without leaving a message, scrolling down to his last resort. He pulled his bike over, and began furiously tapping away at his phone with an annoyed expression on his face. Calling Tomi would drive him crazy in a matter of seconds, but a text should be fine.

'oi. i got into sum deep shit. do ya...'

He let out a loud 'tch' as he paused. Was he really going to ask this asshole for help? He didn't want to, but he was his only hope as this point.

'ya think i can stay at ur place for a while? i dunno how long.'

After smashing his thumb onto the 'send' button, he rode back into the street, making his way into the East.​
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Albino Tigers |Senior / Bodyguard|Jinx: Item Teleportation
Location: West District, Ruby Revenants Hotel
Interacting: Lucy ( BriiAngelic BriiAngelic ), Banshee ( GrieveWriter GrieveWriter ), Jin ( SRUNewman SRUNewman )


Ears still ringing.

Akira stared blankly at the ground as he held his head. It felt as though he were frozen in place, knowing about everything that was going on but being able to do nothing about it. He tried picking himself up off the ground, but his knees buckled and he found himself right back where he started. Why did he do this, again? What ungodly force had somehow persuaded him into doing something so high-risk? How was he going to make it out of this one with his head still attached to his body? He couldn't even protect Lucy in this state, for heaven's sake--

Through the deafening sound of every blood vessel coursing through his head, an angelic voice rang out and called to him.

"Babe, catch your breath. Let’s get ready to scram."

Ah. That's right.

"So... I'm 'babe', now...?" Like her words were commands from a higher power, he rose to his feet-- stumbling a bit. His eyes trailed over to her to make sure she hadn't been injured during the time he was out, and he was happy to see that she wasn't hurt, and even more happy to see she had destroyed some furniture to make a broken-lamp-staff of sorts. "I'll...take it..." Lucy pounced forward at the green haired girl. Buying him time. He took one last deep breath before fighting through the equilibrium break he had just suffered and waltzing towards the window, channeling enough strength to toss a needle onto the ground outside. When he turned back around, it was as though he was hit with another scream.

Standing in the doorway was one of the worst possible things imaginable: A pissed-off Jin Masaka in a small, enclosed space. His wide eyes were hidden behind his mask, but as much as he tried to hide any other signs, he was clearly intimidated. Before he could even react, his vision of the room began to quickly be taken away from him. "Shit!" His eyes locked onto Lucy before she disappeared from his vision, and he rushed forward, reaching his hand out in her direction. Sorry to break up your fight, but we'll die if we don't get out of here. As soon as his fingers passed through her blonde locks and gripped her shoulder, they were outside of the Revenant's HQ, and on the asphalt not too far from the hotel. The smoke was slowly leaking from the window.

He held Lucy close-- just as he did the first time they teleported, with his eyes glued on the window. "Masaka's here." His tone was back to its regular pitch and pace, indicating that he had recovered from the hellish onslaught of a scream he'd been hit with. If he could help it, he wouldn't get hit by that again. "There's no use in running. They're sure to be on our tails in no time. Lets just catch our breath until they get here." For a moment, he looked at his partner. "You didn't get hurt, did you? I'm sorry I was down for the count for so long. I'm supposed to be protecting you."​

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