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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
She flinched back slightly when he batted her wrist away. She quickly folded her hands together and looked at Grayson. Back to studying him it seemed that was until he grabbed her rather harshly, her arms wrapped around his waist without thinking. She looked up at him when felt the wind of a tree branch drop behind her. Where she was just standing. She tensed slightly as she tilted her head to look at it. She would have hand a broken bone right now if that hit her or worse.

Her cheeks were dusted red as she stepped back with Grayson almost tripping over the branch but she caught herself in time. Damn she was clumsy today.

"Its alright."

She mumbled though in all honestly she didnt mind. Grayson had pretty much just saved her life. Her mind became a glass stone, smooth and non thinking. She blinked slowly and rubbed her face.

"Did it get me..? I dont think so but judging on its position it would have landed on me. Grayson.. you just saved my life."

She let out a shaky breath and her wings trembled. She looked up at him though he kept looking at something in her hair. She raised a hand to her silky hair and accidently brushed Graysons hand and dropped it letting him pull whatever it was out. It was a leaf. She laughed slightly before looking back at the tree. She felt bad for it. Part of the branch came off and she could feel the throbbing pain of the branch.

She winced slightly before bending down and resting one hand on the rough scarred bark of the tree and signed a decent sized sign in the air with her other hand. The sign flashed and then faded into her other hand which casted out warm rings of light which circled the base of the broken branch. The pain subsiding within the branch and herself and she let out a sigh of relief.

Black veins crept up her arm and she could faint at almost any given moment but it wasnt all to bad yet. She stood up and brushed her hands off on her dirt stained camo pants. She looked at Grayson not really explaining whatever the hell she just did. She didnt even know how she felt the pain from the branch nor did she really care. Her mind was glazed over and she blinked trying to focus on Grayson.

She stood up on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek lightly before moving away again.

"Thank you."


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Minma watched as Lapis scanned the area for an opponent to fight. He reached up and grabbed Lapis's jaw. "Well I'm always up for a friendly spar. And if your looking for an opponent to hope to eventually attempt this on you can take your time. Besides I could let you attempt it on me. I know what it takes for this to work on an opponent and I could play into that role to ensure you pull it off."

He turned his neck as Lapis pointed at a female standing a good distance away from the pair. He was impressed at the way he analyzed her. He had seemed to figure out her power by taking a glance at her. Not to mention he could tell she had a bruise. After starting for a few seconds Minma could see how he was able to come to such conclusions. Especially since Lapis pretty much told him how he came up with the idea himself.

His eyes were not brought back to Lapis.
"A garden you say? I could dig it. It's a date then." He winked back at Lapis. He then slightly turned his head where his ear faced the direction Grayson and Amethyst were at. "Figure as much" is what he said before focusing his eyes back to Lapis.

"You should probably take this free time to go get your arm checked out. I noticed earlier on the bus you used it to stop your momentum and it seemed to hurt by the choice of your words. I also noticed you sent a text to someone right after and I wondered who. Then it hit me. That person you mentioned earlier...what was her name.....uhm...oh right Amethyst. You said she was a healer correct? It would make sense to contact her after that incident. Now it wouldn't have made sense to me if you didn't know her but I just figured out you did. Earlier, when I first arrived on the bus I only accounted for three people. But as a sat down I shortly realized that I was wrong as I picked up on a feminine voice." Minma turned to face Amethyst who was currently with some guy. He raised his finger and pointed at Amethyst. "That girl over there must be the healer you mentioned and the person you were sitting on the bus with."

He lowered his finger and faced Lapis once again. "It's kind of hot. You being able to ignore your pain. You haven't shown one sign of distress. But I think you should go get it healed. Should we walk over there now or...?"


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he finished up with the stone hovering in front of him snatching it out the air and pocketing it and looked around. he wanted to see who was here and make some friends as his encounter with the grumpy girl from earlier was not the best of encounters and wanted a better one at least so he stands up and looks around seeing everyone busy talking to each other and sighed knowing he was too shy to go over to anyone and stared at the school hoping to find a way to pass the time that didn't involve turning into a dragon and simply flying into the school


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
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The male was not entirely pleased about the gratitude from Amethyst. He had ‘saved her life’ but he had also endangered it to begin with. He didn’t even respond to her thankfulness. Simply continued to frown. Grayson didn’t believe it was deserved nor was it necessary.

When he was reaching for the leaf and their hands brushed against each other’s, he childishly scowled and swatted hers out of the way so he could do it. Perfectionist. He was going to fix it. Not her.

By her symbolism he assumed she was healing the tree, but he had noticed her wince before doing so, sending a spike of alarm through the male. His eyes shifted from Amethyst to the tree, connecting dots. Like any normal person, he couldn’t just ask. That would be too difficult. Instead he raised his hand, snapping off a small twig from the tree and watching Thia expectantly. In hindsight, probably not the nicest thing to do when you're questioning if they will feel the pain of it.

But Grayson had scored himself a kiss on the cheek for his valiant effort. His face warmed again and he quickly glared off to the side with his crossed arms. Grumbling something along the lines of "It's fine." and "Stop that."

The great thing about ghosts? Sometimes they did gossip. Ghosts saw a lot more than he did, providing him with plenty of dead informants. So when a certain blue haired male pointed at Amethyst, Grayson was the first to know. Thank you talking corpse.

His head turned to the side, asserting a cold dejected gaze upon the pair. Lapis much to his disapproval, standing beside the tall boy with blue hair. Why were they were pointing? Grayson didn’t really want to know. Pointing was rude. But his informant of the dead soon gossiped why, making the pale boy blink and turn back to Amethyst. The ghosts were gossiping a few things about Minma and Lapis, but Grayson wasn’t about to question if the two boys had been MAKING OUT. Wasn’t his business. Wasn’t his problem.

“Lapis’ arm is hurt.” Grayson announced bluntly. “Dead people said so.” He thought he should probably clarify that he didn’t do anything, no Hunter on the bus moment. Though he found it unfair that Amethyst would have to be the one to fix it. They had a school nurse. Lapis should go get an arm cast and an icepack and deal with it like most people. Humble the boy. Remind him of his mortality. Kind of irritated him, actually, that Thia was the one they would depend on for help. That'd be like someone coming to Grayson every time they couldn't reach something off a shelf.

"You know you don't have to heal him." He spoke to the female, usual annoyed frown on as he crossed his arms over his chest. Pure pessimism flowed around him. "It is not your job to help everyone." Grayson felt like he had said this to her before. Numerous times.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood and Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson} Minma Minma {Minma}
"Yes Amethyst is the healer I was talking about. If its broken she can fix it though I dont know how close she is to blacking out."

Lapis said and smiled slightly. He wasnt going to elaborate on Amethysts fainting thing. That was up for her to tell whoever and she would kill him if he mentioned anything else to Minma. He ignored the comment about something being hot but he turned slightly pink. He nodded in response though and started to walk over to Amethyst and the other male.

Amethysts' let out a hiss of pain when something painful on her bicep flared up. She gripped her hand into the bark of the tree and looked at Grayson who was holding a branch within his hand. What the hell was that for? She narrowed her eyes before signing another sign in the air and moving her hand over to the broke nub of the branch. The pain died down and she glanced at her wrists.

More black shot up her veins and danced around her caramel skin. She trailed a finger on her forearm and blink slowly before standing up.

"Dont do that. It hurts."

She mumbled and rubbed her bicep where the pain had been a second ago. She did not like this connection to the plants. It hurt to much. Why did this just start happening? Maybe she fucked something up earlier? She would have to check the library later to see if there was anything on this. She looked up at Grayson when he started talking about Lapis. Her jaw tensed slightly as she glanced over at him.

"When is that bitch never not getting hurt."

She muttered under her breath. She didnt really mean to say it out loud and she glanced back up at Grayson.

"It is my job though. Whats the point of having a power if I dont use it to help anyone? Plus if its broken I dont think alot of people can fix it."

She said with a shake of her head and she glanced over to see Lapis walking over. Shoulder was tensed. Broken. His shoulder was broken or dislocated from what she could see. She pursed her lips slightly as she looked him up and down.

"Why the hell do you keep getting hurt?"

"Its not my fault! The bus driver slammed on the breaks to hard and it was my shoulder or my head. Now is it broken or just a bit hurt?"

"Oh its broken or dislocated alright! Now bend down so I can see."

Lapis obeyed the female and squatted down a bit. She gripped his shoulder and he winced.

"Only dislocated though it could have a slight fracture. I cant see it well enough to know."

"Can you fix it?"

"Of course I can fucking fix it."

She snorted and she pulled the shoulder of Lapis' shirt down over his bicep. The humerus was popped out and shoved up. She tensed her jaw and gripped his bicep with her hand before signing a symbol onto his inked skin. The tattoo of a fire symbol that dominated his arm now showing.

"I advise you to look away if you are uncomfortable with bones shifting."

She didnt bother to look up at the two males as a small light bounced from her hand and circled his shoulder is slow waves. The bone shifted back into place and his arm looked like it did normally. She released his arm and tugged his shirt back up and Lapis let out a sigh of relief.

Amethyst rubbed her forehead as her vision blurred. To much it was to much. She needed to sit down before she fell again. She slowly sank to the ground and clutched her knees with her hands, face buried in her lap. She closed her eyes and tried to take deep breaths. She could fight off the fainting she knew she could. Lapis bent down and placed his hand on her shoulder and mumbled something.

She glanced up and nodded before putting her face back onto her legs. Lapis was now kneeling and he lifted his hand to warm his fingers with a small flame before putting out the flame. He placed his fingers against her neck and she let out a shaky breath still not moving from the ground.

"This might take a moment."

Lapis glanced up at the males before returning his gaze back to Amethyst.
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Passing out? Why would he bring that up and not elaborate on it. He chose not to ask about it. He knew if Lapis wanted to talk about it he would. Minma followed behind Lapis as they made there way towards Amethyst and some guy he's never heard of or seen before just recently. The first thing that stuck out to Minma was his jawline. Quite sharp, which wasn't a bad thing.

When they arrived in range of the others he watched them began to communicate. Sign language? He knew what it was but he only knew one word waved. 'Fucking.' He only knew that because he learned how to say cuss words in sign language as a joke. Although now he only remember how to say the f work.

He locked eyes once with Grayson for a split second before moving his eyes back to Lapis. He couldn't help but let out a small ironic 'hmph' when Amethyst gave a warning. He's broken plenty of people's bones before. He actually had a good sense of knowledge on the bone structure of people. He studied the anatomy of people to learn about the weak points of the body. He knew where ever pressure point was and how to agitate them.

He keenly watched as light waves were guided over Lapis's shoulder. Impressive he thought. A look of confusion came upon him as the girl sank down in what he thought was distress of some sort. Surely a small process like that didn't cause this to happen. He said silently to himself as the look of confusion left his face. Now he only stared in an examine like way as Lapis bent down and lit his fingers.

When Lapis gave a slight look towards them Minma glanced at Grayson for a brief second before looking back at Amethyst. What was going on with her and how did Lapis plan on fixing it?


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
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Amethyst called Lapis a bitch.

"Don't cuss." But he didn't fuss over that for long, Amethyst was trying to rationalize her reason for helping the boy and he was not going to listen.

"It's an arm." He drawled with a sigh, indirect jab at Lapis being dramatic for being in pain. "Schools have infirmaries. Send him there." The male did not like her generosity.

He turned silent as Lapis and Minma arrived, watching as the two Angli conversed in sign. He managed to pick up on most of it. They were bickering. The pale boy did cast a glance to the blue-haired guy, silently checking if he could understand it.

Grayson was the last person to care about bones shifting into place. He had just described in excruciating detail the corpses that would stare at him, a dislocated shoulder was a bore. He watched with disinterest as Lapis' sleeve was pushed up revealing the bone jutted painfully under the skin. Still no reaction from Milky. If anything he just looked annoyed. Nothing new there. It was his natural expression, the resting bitch face. He was also just a bitch in general.

Grayson had expected this behaviour from Amethyst unfortunately. The girl still felt the need to help people, even those who didn't deserve it. Grayson's eyes narrowed a fraction towards Lapis, yet he stayed silent. Lapis would've been fine. It was not life threatening.

His festering annoyance only grew seeing Amethyst sink to the ground in exhaustion. Then Lapis had the nerve to act like he cared, kneeling down beside her. Grayson wanted to throttle him by the neck with his own slender fingers. Thia was not a healer. Thia was a student. Not her job to fix every little cut and bruise this winged idiot got. Grayson moved things with his mind, didn't mean he was going to hold everyone's books and bags simply because he could. Simply because it would be convenient.

Grayson bit his tongue, glaring to the side to focus on something else. He swallowed down the irritation with his usual scowl. The arrival of Lapis had turned him distanced and cold again. Minma hadn't said anything, so Grayson couldn't form an opinion on the blue boy just yet. However a lack of annoying remarks was a good start. Because of this, Grayson already held Minma to a step above Lapis. For Grayson hated Lapis. Slamming him against a wall had not been easily forgotten. Mr grumpy held grudges.

Pushing aside his attitude he exhaled through his nose, looking back to the winged pair on the ground. He didn't know what on earth Lapis was doing now, assumedly helping. He better be. He caused it.

Grayson felt prompted to speak to fill the silence for the group.

"I'm Grayson." Was his brief introduction to Minma. They hadn't met yet, so it seemed necessary. His steely gaze then moved and returned to Lapis, now speaking to that male. "Is she going to be alright?"


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood and Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson} Minma Minma {Minma}
"Yea she should be."

Lapis brow furrowed and he held his fingers against Amethysts neck. He shifted his footing and removed his hand again only to light it and let it burn out before placing his fingers back on her neck. She was still shaking and he could tell this one was a bit harder for her to fight off. He glanced at her wrists noticing the pure black veins. What the hell was she doing before hand because that little spell couldnt take that much out of her?

She was stronger than that. He reached his hand out and picked up on of her wrists lightly and lit his fingers warming her skin. Amethyst went still for a second and fear etched Lapis' face for a good moment before it settled back into concentration.

"Listen. Just breathe ok? 1.. 2... 3.."

He muttered to her and she was nodding slightly. Amethyst focused on taking deep breaths and the blistering heat from lapis' fingertips helped her focus on something else as the black receded from her arms. Back to the normal color. She let out a shaky breath before looking at Lapis.

"Thank you."


He dropped his hands and stood up offering a hand to her. She took it and stood up on shaky legs. He looked at Grayson with a cold look.

"What happened? Her wrists were almost pure black."

He signed to the male. He knew he could sign from the way he was reading it earlier.

"Im fine Ashford."

Amethyst' jaw tensed. She never called Lapis by his last name unless she was demanding his attention or kinda pissed. How embarrassing could this day get as well? It was in the damn morning. She almost got hit by a tree branch. She has fainted once already and almost did again. She rubbed her head and moved to take the gloved from her pocket again. She tugged them onto her hands and they rested at the elbow.

"Lightwood dont you even say that. I know when you are hurt and you almost fucking blacked out! Im worried about-"

"Im fine."

She growled and crossed her arms. Her light mood shifting from earlier. She didnt like being called by her last name. It set her on edge and reminded her to much of what has happened in the past couple months.

"When are you going to tell him? Why you faint the way you do? Why you over using your power is dangerous?"

Lapis asked suddenly and that question took Amethyst by surprise. She didnt want to tell him anything. Not even if pressured. She narrowed her eyes at Lapis the most visible upset she has been that day including her yelling at Grayson. This passed that by far.

"Shut the fuck up Ashford you dont know what you are talking about."


He pressed forward for some reason. Amethyst had a slight glare in her eyes and he just stared straight back at her.

"Dont lie to them about it at least."

"I havent! Now drop the damn topic!"

She turned away from Lapis and her jaw was still tense as she faced Grayson.

"And yes im alright. No need to worry."
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Minma could sense the mood of Grayson change as he look at Lapis. I wonder whatat thier history is? Is what he thought when a scowl looked found its way painting Graysons face. Grayson broke the silence by introducing himself. Minma didn't pay it no mind. His focus stayed on Lapis and Amethyst and what was unfolding. He wanted to see what was going on. He replied with a light "Minma" glancing at Grayson as he said it but then focusing back in on what was taking place below him.

The shaking and deep breathes he could handle but his heart seemed to skip a beat when he noticed something. Pure black veins. That wasn't normal and usually meant they veins were being clogged or blood was attempting to flow the wrong direction.

As they stood up Minma took his focus off the girls veins as they began to argue. Ashford? That must be his last name. The girl had grown visibly upset but Lapis seemed to persist on her giving an explanation to them. Although he assumed he was really talking about an explanation to Grayson.

He wasn't supportive of the pressuring Lapis placed on Amethyst. He didn't even know her but she seemed like she didn't want to talk about it. Although it wasn't in his place to speak about it, the two winged people seemed to know each other quite well and if anyone had a say in what Amethyst should do it was Lapis. "Well then. Quite the interesting first impression." He said in a bantering tone. He said it low enough to make it seem like he was speaking to himself but loud enough for her to hear it.

He focused his eyes to Lapis. "Relax Lapis. She doesn't owe an explanation to what just happened. Although I am quite curios on the matter." He reached his hand out and picked up the girls who now hand a glove on. "That aside please allow me to formally introduce myself." He took a small step back, slightly bowing his head along with his body. Amethysts hand still being held softly in his hand. "My name's Minma and the pleasure is mine." He spoke in a well-spoken slight windy voice. He released her hand and stood upright again looking at Amethyst. It was a much different introduction to himself than he had just preciously done to Grayson.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
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Grayson watched the interactions with Amethyst and Lapis with a calm expression. Calm for him, anyway. A frown was as mild as he was going to get.

Then Lapis stood up and signed at him.

Grayson didn't like that. He didn't like Lapis even looking at him. Pissed him off actually. Especially being asked why Thia's veins were black. How should he know? Was Grayson the one with the fucked up arm? No he was not. She had healed Lapis, it was Lapis' fault.

His head tilted up slightly, rivalling the blue eyes with his own molten silver.

"Perhaps you should not rely on your ex-girlfriend each time you get a boo-boo. You waste her time and her energy." He raised a hand to motion towards Amethyst. "She wouldn't be in such a state if you had taken care of your own problems." His voice was staying calm, despite the burning irritation writhing inside him. How he would adore to wrap his fingers around the boy's throat and strangle him to death. Squeeze down on the wind pipes, watch him gasp for breath and weaken and die-

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose to disperse that idea. He could not think those things. If he lost control with thoughts like that it would probably occur. He was trying not to kill or hurt anyone this year. Bit of a rocky start. This was fine.

But seeing Amethyst being pushed on something she didn't want to talk about really grated his nerves. Like smoothing sandpaper across his senses. His nails dug into his arms, which were crossed over his chest. Of course Grayson was curious, he would love to know what that was about, but seeing him hound her was too much. Grayson was ready to snap at him.

Thankfully Minma stepped in to tell Lapis to relax, de-escalating the situation. Good.

Followed by whatever FUCK-SHIT introduction Minma just decided to pull. The bow. The hand touch. Are you kidding me.

A muscle clenched in his jaw and he looked back towards Lapis. No way in hell was he going to watch that interaction. He didn't wish to see Amethyst's face to that. Instead he stared at the winged boy, silent question about what he had mentioned. Amethyst was far too busy with Blue-Man-Minma and she didn't seem to want to share it anyway. Lapis had answers. Lapis seemed eager to share whatever it was.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood and Lapis Ashford
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When the blue haired male grabbed her hand she quickly took it right back out of his grasp. She did not like that at all. No one got in her personal space she got in theirs. She folded her hands behind her back and her jaw tensed. She was still not in a happy mood with Lapis even mentioning something about her wrists or why they get like that. It was none of their damn concern.

"Nice to meet you Minma. Im Amethyst."

She said with a quiet voice and glanced at Lapis. Who the hell was this person and why did he introduce himself so differently then he did to Grayson? Did he want to know what Lapis had just asked? It that why he was being so nice? She looked back at the male with a small weak smile as she stepped back. She flicked her wings outward and they rested on the ground.

Lapis looked up at Grayson and shook his head. He could tell the boy wanted answers but he did not want Amethysts blade at his throat which he knew would have happened if the other males werent here. He glanced at Amethyst and pursed his lips slightly before looking back at the Grayson.

"Ill tell you later if she doesnt cut off my head."

He signed quickly before stretching his wings. He stepped back towards Minma as he watched Amethyst scan the nearby area. She was looking for a way out. Her mind was over thinking and he knew it.

Amethyst looked up slightly to see a branch able to hold her and unfurled her wings and leaped up. Flapping once so she could get onto the branch and once on it she steadied herself. She closed her eyes and gripped the Amethyst necklace around her neck. Her wings folded up and then shrunk into her back. She was now technically a human. She winced as she rolled her shoulders and dropped the necklace from her hands.

She shifted her balance on the tree branch and took deep breaths while looking at the people below.

"Time to go before I piss her off more."

He muttered to Minma and stepped back. He started to briskly walk away to a safer area away from her. He ran a hand through his hair and could feel Amethysts stare on the back of his head. He leaned against a wall and slowly put in one of his earbuds and his music flooded into his brain all thoughts swirling into music.

"Im sorry about him, Grayson. Its my fault."

Amethyst said from the tree and she shifted to dangle her legs over the branch as she looked down at him. Any anger had faded from her face and was now replaced by guilt. She shouldnt have pushed Lapis hard and he shouldnt have pushed her to try to get her to tell Grayson or the blue-haired boy about something she hardly told anyone. That was a closely guarded secret that only two living souls alive knew about.

One was the reason she was like the way she was though she didnt blame them.


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A look of shock came to show on Minma's face as Amethyst pulled her hand away. No one's ever pulled thier hand away from him while he was introducing himself. He hoped she didn't think he was trying to be extra nice to her to get to know the secret behind her blackout. His introduction to Grayson was only quick and non special because he was so fixated on what was going on. Or maybe she just didn't like the touch of strangers.

A simple nod arrived as Amethyst introduced herself. Of course he already knew her name but he wasn't going to bring that up to continue unwanted conversation on what seemed to be both ends. His eyes followed Amethyst as she found her way into the tree, her wings going back into her body. Uhm is that normal? And can Lapis do it to? Is what he thought when he saw it.

He nodded when Lapis said they should go now. Minma couldn't agree more after the heated argument that just went down. When he turned around and began to walk away he threw up his right hand and said "Talk to you later Gray." He didn't say nothing to Amethyst, he could tell she didn't want the attention.

Minma walked beside Lapis and watched him fade into the music. On the way to the wall they were now on Minma grabbed his suitcases that was sitting alone in the middle of the place. He unzipped one of them. The leather one with the words 'Minma' printed on it. He pulled out two black leather gloves and slipped them on his hands. The gloves themselves each were weighted and weighed thirty pounds each. He trained in them so when he didn't have them on in battle, his attacks would be way quicker and faster.

"I'll be over there if you want me or need someone to talk to." He said as he pointed to a tree that was oddly close to where he just came from. He began to steadily make his way over to it. It was about fifteen meters from where the tree he was just by was. Minma raised both of his arms taking his battle stance. His arms were bent slightly pointed up. His hands were at the height of his eyes. Then he began to repeatedly punch the tree. Each blow knocked some bark off. He wasn't holding back on his strength. Although it wasn't what he fully capable of. Each punch he threw was enough to easily break through a four inch cement block. Every so often with the punches he would throw he would move his body the way he would react to punches being thrown at him.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
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Lapis signed he would tell him later if Amethyst didn't behead him. Surprisingly, a faint smile of a laugh crossed his face. It faded just as fast, but at least Lapis had drawn something that wasn't a scowl from the pale boy. He nodded, returning to his solemn demeanour as the winged boy departed.

Amethyst had taken off into the tree above them. He glanced up, cautious. He didn't like that she was up there after her near-fainting experience. In fact he was really against it.

'Talk to you later Gray.'

"Huh?" His eyebrow twitched. It was Grayson. Not Gray. Grayson.

"Gray?" He hissed under his breath. Evidently getting huffy. "Gray?! You did not just-!" He whipped around to glare and correct Minma, but the boy had already wandered off. His hands clenched into fists, grumbling angry incoherence to himself as he turned back around. He cast an annoyed gaze up to Amethyst. She had apologized. For some reason.

"Stop helping people." It was very blunt. He was grumpy. Lapis hadn't even thanked her which pissed him off even more. "You shouldn't even be up there." He hated how reckless Amethyst could be. She should not be up in heights after what just occurred. Minutes beforehand she could barely stand. "You're going to fall. Get down please."

Then he heard hitting noises. Grayson turned his head, looking quizzically towards where the sound was coming from. The cause was Minma. He thought it was odd timing to get some training in, especially hitting against a tree. A tree. Nature. His eyes widened a fraction.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
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She giggled slightly at Graysons response to the nickname 'Gray.' She was going to have to remember that just to piss him off. She grinned as she bounced back up to her feet on the branch into a low crouch. She narrowed her eyes slightly at him before violently shaking her head.

"Im not going to fall. Im careful. I promise... Gray. "

She quickly added that last part just to poke at him and giggled. She then nodded down to the ground. At least a good 15 or 16 feet from where she was on the branch. Thats when she felt a burning pain across her torso and her eyes went a slight fraction wider as her face twisted into a grimace. Her fingers dug into the branch as she shifted herself closer to the body of the tree. She closed her eyes and focused on her thoughts.

Someone was hitting a tree though it wasnt the one she was one. Holy fucking hell that person could hit. She removed her blade from her pocket and dug her fingers into the hilt. Her knuckles turning white as she turned it in within her hand. She bit down on her lip to stop from screaming as another wave of pain crashed through her almost throwing her off the branch.

She dug her fingers into the tree more as the pain contiuned and her eyes suddenly shot open. Her mind went blank and smooth as a ball of glass. Her hand on the blade flexing before flipping it in her hand and throwing it hard in the direction of whoever was punching a tree. A distraction. Something to get the pain to stop for a moment.

The blade sailed through the air and landed with a sickening thud into the tree Minma had been punching. Right near his face and she let out a small gasp. She didnt want it to hit the tree nor could she see if it did but she could feel it. Her hands flew to her side to clutch her abdomen. She leaned her head against the tree and closed her eyes trying to get the pain to subside though it wasnt going to until she healed the tree.

"Holy fucking shit."

She said with a hoarse voice and looked down at Grayson. She then looked at where her blade had gone. Another wave of pain crashed through her side as she tried to stand up. She quickly tripped on the branch and fell off. Shit.


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A little droplet of sweat rolled down Minma's forehead and eventually fell of his cheek whole training. He then sensed something. A blade. Flying his way. He stopped punching the tree and stood still. He didn't make an attempt to dodge it. Even without it being in his view he could tell it was off course. And judging by the angle it was coming from he could tell who threw it.

A wave of fury overcame Minma. He never was fond over being attacked. Nevertheless it was an attempt with a blade. It was thrown with quite the force and even though it was never going to hit him the pure fact it was thrown in the first place didn't sit right with Minma. He pulled the blade out the tree and slowly turned around facing Amethyst who just fell to the ground. Dropping the blade on the ground Minma stared Amethyst down. He almost considered to take the civil approach and ask her what was up but that thought faded as quickly as it came.

Pouncing off his right foot Minma charged towards Amethyst who was now standing up after the fall. He made it there in a matter of a couple of seconds. He grabbed Amethyst by her blouse aggressively and thrown her into the tree. He still had her in his grips when he said "I don't know what the fuck your promblem is but there isn't a person on the Earth who attacks me and gets away unscathed." His voice was was firm and stern and almost had a growl sensation to it.

Immediately after he said that he lifted her off the ground, pulled her from the tree, and thrown her, sending her flying through the air. With the force of the throw, if not stoped she could fly at least ten feet. He hadn't thought to consider Lapis or how he would feel about it. And at the moment he wouldn't care either.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
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She felt her blade being ripped out from the tree as she hit the ground with a thud and she felt something jolt through her body. She let out a groan as she climbed back up to her feet and gripped her stone in her hand. Wings unfurling but halfway through she was lifted up and slammed into the tree. She dint feel fucking anything but stars danced in her vision before focusing on who picked her up and slammed her.

Much like yesterday on the carriage she was being attacked. This school year was not going to be fun and a sly smile slid up her face as she looked him up and down. Nothing like the girl who could blow shit up from yesterday. When he was speaking again she giggled.

"Problem? I dont have a problem but I believe you do by going around and hitting me. And mere mortal who said I am from Earth? Who said I cant get away unscathed? I have bathed in my own blood and have fought many wars with myself. I have fought stronger things than you can imagine beyond your little brain. I have come back from the dead more than once. I fight the plague in my mind that has left me scathed so your little tricks wont do shit."

She let herself be thrown and her wings flared out catching in the air so she didnt break anything. A frown now on her face.

"Why do people insist on attacking the innocent one? Or the one who didnt do shit and tries minding her business."

She rolled her eyes and signed a symbol in the air a bright flash of light and a coffin shaped shield wrapped around her arm. Energy pulsing through her into the shield and the other way round. She signed another symbol within the air and a energy ball glowed in her hand. She threw it at him more as another distraction than to attack. Skimming his ear and hitting the tree behind him.

She let out a hiss as a small throb appeared in her forearm. She was not going to intend on fighting but rather defending and sending attacks when needed. She was not going to be the one to blame if shit went down. She shot a look at Lapis who was still lost in his music and she sighed. Of course he was going to be no help to her. She completely forgot about Grayson who was standing back where he was earlier.

Her entire focus was on Minma now.

"Well bring your best but I will not fight you but I will not roll over either."

A flash in her eyes as her brain shifted to a mere battle mode. Not one of logical thinking or peace but one of defending and entering fight mode.


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Minma pulled both of his hands to his mouth and removed both of the gloves with his teeth. His eyes glued to Amethyst who was in the air. "I don't know what the fuck your talking about I wasn't hitting nobody. Yet you obviously have a promblem hence the blade that was launched at me. I also don't care about your wars with yourself. I've battled in actual. You boast about coming back from the dead by it's honestly pityful and I'm, as anyone should, not be impressed in the slightest. It only proves your were weak enough to be killed in the first place."

He choose to ignore her comment about her being the victim here. He still didn't know what she meant by that and wasn't planning on asking. He watched observently as the events with her arm took place. An energy ball formed and was shot his way but Minma didn't move. He could tell by the trajectory it wasn't going to harm him. He heard the ball hit the tree and noticed it effected Amethyst. It all made sense now, he should have figured it out sooner. She is somehow connected to nature and when you cause harm to nature it causes harm to her. He noticed earlier that she also seemed to be affected when he pulled the blade out the tree.

So that's what this is all about. Although he figured it out he wasn't in the slightest calmed down. She still attempted to attack him without confronting him about it. She couldn't have possibly though he knew about it. He was taken back but her next words. He was mad, but he still had morals. He wasn't going to fight someone who just planned on defending themselves. "Well then if you don't plan on attacking I'll force you to." After saying that he twisted his body, turning around, and punched the tree behind him with much force.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
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"You are not careful." He scoffed, followed by another irritated twitch of his eye hearing that cursed name.

"Grayson!" He snapped up at her like a chihuahua. "Gray-SON. Three extra letters. Not hard is it?" Clearly the name Gray got on his nerves. He found it ugly. Short. Not formal. He hated it with a fiery passion. It was a name for a child, and he certainly was not a child. Not physically anyway. Emotionally yeah.

His face contorted with concern watched her writhe with pain. It confirmed that Minma's punching of the tree was hurting her. She threw a knife somewhere, but Grayson was too focused on her footing. Her stability was wavering. She was not paying attention to her movements through the pain she endured. Just as he expected her foot eventually slipped, the girl falling straight towards the ground below. Was Grayson going to throw himself bravely beneath her? Hell no. He was not Popeye. The original plan was to use his telekinesis, but he heard someone sprint past him, throwing his focus completely off.

He paled as Minma grabbed Amethyst, slamming her against the tree. She had thrown a knife because the punching was hurting her. But it's not like Minma knew, so Grayson couldn't get angry with him either. It was just a misunderstanding. This could be easily resolved. All he had to do was intervene.

"Stop." Was his useless attempt at getting them to cut it out. "Stop it right now." Grayson kept trying to de-escalate it, following after the two at a brisk pace as they went at it. "You're acting like barbarians!" The pair had deteriorated to complete chaos. He looked off to the side in debate if he should just go away and leave them to it. An idea came to him. Pretty stupid, but he was exasperated.

"Oh-!" He staggered a step, hand to his head as he looked towards the sky. "The heat!" He fainted onto the soft grass.

Grayson's figure laid still for a short while, breathing gently through his nose. An eye soon peeked open, looking at the sideways two that were still fighting. They had totally snubbed him. He sat upright, glowering. His dark hair was tousled over his eyes, an inky black mess. Boy of vengeance.

"These motherfuckers." He grumbled getting to his feet. Covered in grass as if he had been in his own fight. Even a dandelion settled in his dark strands. "Bitches. The lot of them."

Irritated enough to take action, he raised his voice as he stormed towards them. "Enough!" His yell fired out like a gunshot.

The two were plucked from their feet like cats grabbed from their scruff, both quickly yanked apart in different directions. Once they were at safe distances from each other the Telekinesis did not set them down gently. They were just dropped onto the ground, left to find their own footing.

"The next BRUTE that dares to throw another hand, I am going to suspend them upside down till their lungs collapse." Grayson was seething as he made his way between them, turning on his shoe to gaze at each of them in turn. Milky was not pleased. His threat didn't hold much power with the unkempt hair, tiny flower and being covered in grass. Looked like he just rolled down a hill before steeping between them. "Is this understood?"


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
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"I see it as powerful. Being able to come back from the dead. Beautiful thing really and its not weak when you allow it to trick the mind of the person. Rather smart if you ask me. You play their mind like im sure you will play Lapis' feelings."

A small smile coiled on her lips until he hit the tree. She didnt let the pain get to her though it flared up through her entire left side. She trembled slightly and her jaw tensed. It took her everything not to scream out in pain.

"Attack me all you want but I refuse to fight you. I have taken greater hits then the one you have just done mainly upon myself though."

She got all weird and wordy when she was in battle. Not the silent type but one of talking to distract. Did she speak truth? Partly. The hit had taken a toll on her but she refused to let it show. Then Graysons voice cut across cut across the small area and her eyes snapped to him. She was then thrown into the air but not by Minma but by Grayson.

That little bastard used his powers. Though it was for the better before one ended up stabbing the other. Holy shit if she wasnt stopped would she have stabbed him if it got to the point? She was togged around in the air like a ragdoll before being thrown to the ground. She threw out her wings and was able to flap them before hitting the ground to hard.

"Upside down huh. And lungs collapsing? All in one? Did know that could happen."

She mumbled and rubbed her face. Her shield flickered and she let it fade bright bands of black charred her gloves. She let the light ball energy fade as well, tiredness consuming her. She looked at Grayson with her purple eyes and nodded firmly.

"I wasnt going to throw hands in the first place."

She grumbled and looked him up and down. She spoke lies. Which was rare to hear from Amethysts mouth alot. She wouldnt have raised a actual hand against Minma but she would have attacked if pushed far enough. She looked at Grayson again and laughed for no reason at all. She laughed for a good minute before she had to stop to breathe.

She walked up to him and pulled a flower out of his hair with a smile. Any viciousness from a second ago gone. She twirled it in her fingers before dropping it. her gaze followed it as it drifted to the ground.

"Well at least you didnt kill one of us. You had something in your hair and it was bothering me. Also are you alright Flower King?"

She raised a eyebrow and looked at him. She was talking about the fake fainting and the flowers all over him, she meant it really as a joke to lighten the mood. Maybe not a good time though.


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Play with Lapis feelings? What the hell did she mean by that? And how did she even know they shared the little bond they had. He wasn't going to respond to such assumptions. He wasn't one to try and rebuttal everything in battle. His mind was only focused on ways to defeat the foe ahead of him.

He still meant what he said from earlier he wasn't going to attack anyone who was set on defending. But how could he force her to attack? He knew the punch on the tree affected Amethyst even though she didn't let it show. She didn't attack him after it either. She was set on defending and attacking when needed. It wasn't a fight Minma was going to take but he couldn't figure out a way to make her attack him.

Then he heard the Voice of Grayson ring threw the air. Minma hadn't even reacted to it. His focus was still glued to Amethyst. After Graysons final yell Minma was sent flying in the opposite direction from Amethyst. He knew it didn't come from Amethyst because she went flying back to. It wasn't Lapis, he was still faded to the music. That means it had to be Grayson. Minma quickly stuck his foot out to stop his momentum from falling. His other foot shortly followed.

Minma didn't have any promblems with Grayson. Untill now. To Minma one of the rudest things you can do is stop two people from fighting. But Minma could see why he did it and he chose not to fury up at him. 'Until your lungs collapsed.' Minma couldn't help but laugh. He doubted it. His could hold his breath under strong pressure of water for a little over six minutes. And if he was hung upside he would simply hold a sit-up position

He watched keenly as Amethyst made her way to Grayson. He wasn't going to just walk away from what just happened. He began to walk towards the two of them his hands balled up. When he got to them his hands released from thier balled up position. "So you seriously just going to ignore me? Well you can do whatever after you give me an explanation of why you attacked me." He already knew what was the issue but he wanted oral confirmation from her.


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Amethyst questioned his threat in a mumble, prompting Grayson to back up his threat with his weird nerdy amount of knowledge.

"Human lungs evolved to sit above everything else, so being upside down for a long time would cause the heavier organs to squish them." He blinked at Amethyst, slight disinterest in the topic. "You would die from asphyxiation. Or ruptured blood vessels. Or a brain haemorrhage." A bit morbid for Mr Grumpy. Obviously Grayson would do no such thing, he wasn't certain if he could even hold a human being that long. Not to mention the boy didn't even enjoy throwing people about. It made his hand feel weird. Like pins and needles or uncomfortable static.

Amethyst suddenly laughed at him, making Grayson blink and wait for an explanation.

"What." He asked bluntly with a frown. "Why are you laughing?" He didn't think this was funny. They were barbarians. He only stood and watched till she calmed down, enough to pull a dandelion from his hair. His face turned red.

"I'm fine, thank-you." He grumbled, shaking his head to try get the grass out of it. Not much help. But Flower King was too focused on the actual problem here, the fighting.

"Now you two-!" He clapped his hands once to garner their attention. "Are going to sit and DISCUSS this. Like normal people." He crossed his arms over his chest, scowling at each of them in turn. A silent warning for none of them to act bonkers. "Neither of you are leaving this spot till it is resolved."

Minma was asking for an explanation, which Grayson thought would be rather evident at this point. But he did not share his input on that, simply turned to Amethyst in silent waiting for her to share.

Grayson was the guardian. The referee. The father. The ghost. The holy spirit. Amen.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
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"Huh interesting ill have to remember that next time I get into a fight. And no reason at all to be honest. Sometimes laughing is just good."

She said and smiled. She watched Minma approach them again and her body went tense and her eyes turned to daggers. She already did not like this blue-headed male simply because he attacked her. Why was the blade thrown? Seemed like a good distraction to get the pain to stop. She cast a look to her dagger which was on the ground. The shinning white hilt covered in grass.

She pursed her lips and looked at Minma and Grayson who seemed to be demanding a answer about this. Was this her fault? Not as much as it was Minmas. Like seriously who goes and punches a tree without thinking? She cleared her throat and turned to walk away. Not to leave but to grab her blade. She walked over to it and bent down to pick it up.

She brushed the dirt and strays of grass on the handle away and flipped it in her hand. She practically floated back to the two males and she looked up at them. She didnt mind being shorter in most situations but one like this she hated it. She flopped down onto the grass and crossed her legs leaning back on her hands. Her blade was now sheathed and she blinked slowly.

"Why did I throw the blade? Hmmm its simple. You punched a tree over and over - hell your pretty strong for someone of your looks."

A back handed compliment from her mouth. Not common for her to do.

"But back tot he topic it hurts me when nature gets hurt. So the blade was a distraction to get the pain to stop. Not meant to hit anyone and im sure you could tell but used to stop whoever was hitting the tree. Powers have a way of knowing things otherwise you wouldnt have known it was me who had thrown it. Cover of trees normally comes in handy and you didnt flinch away from the ball of crackling energy coming straight for your head. So you tell me- What is your power to make you not flinch away even in the slightest?"

She raised a eyebrow and smirked. She was pretty observant but not even close to the likes of Lapis. She couldnt tell battle moves based on what they did nor could she decipher powers like he could. She swore it was like another power to him.

"Anyways im sorry for the inconvenience of my blade been thrown at you and you throwing me into a tree. Thens only did escalate because you pissed me off and normally I wouldnt react like that unless accused of shit. Though we can thank Flower King here for stopping it."

She dipped her head to Grayson to make it clear she was calling him that again. She laughed and turned her gaze back to Minma now smiling.

"Now calm your britches and we can restart on another note. Hi the names Amethyst and totally did not just fight."

She bounced to her feet and held out her gloved hand for a hand shake. She was clearly focused on restarting. She didnt need to make enemies here and mainly not ones Lapis had seemed to take a liking to. Yes Lapis the person easier to read than a book in broad daylight but her standards anyway. Everyone should be able to see you made friends with the boy.
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Minma stood there in silence as Grayson spoke then Amethyst. He had already knew the promblem but hearing her confirm it was what he needed. Amethyst then asked him what his power is to which he responded "I have advanced senses. I can sense things, though there not in my view or range. It's called Mind Rope.''

Although he wasn't furious anymore he still stood there with a blank expression on his face. As if Amethyst was planning something. ''Apology accepted. Although I won't apologise for my reaction I will apologise for interfering with nature causing you harm." He wasn't apologizing in a way where he felt guilty, his was just sorry it happened in the first place. Minma was ignorant on the situation in the beginning, and trees was what he trained on since they could usually withstand his punches.

Is she really sticking her hand out and expecting him to shake it? Last time he tried that she pulled away from him like he was the plague itself. He glanced at the hand then looked back up to Amethyst. Confirming he wasn't going to shake it. "Minma, which you already know."

A grin then appeared on his blank face, one that sort of symbolized he had come up with something. "Promise me this Amethyst. One of these days me and you will battle again. No interferences or no holding back. The only rule, the person who gives up loses. You boasted as if you were so powerful during the fight. I want to see what your truly capable of. And of course you'll get to see just how strong this nimble blue haired truly is."


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"Please do not hang people upside down till they suffocate." Was Grayson's quiet comment to Amethyst, who had said she'd have to 'try it next time she got in a fight'. He was glad he had taught her something, less glad she was going to test it. Would be a long slow death for the victim. He heard her call him 'Flower King'. His eyebrow twitched and his head turned to look at her, saying only one thing in response to her jab. "Lightwood."

His eyes shifted back and forth between the two as they conversed. Okay. Going well. Fatherly Grayson was pleased. Minma explained his abilities, the Mind Rope, which sounded quite useful. Sensing things would be a lovely thing to have.

"Wasn't hard, was it?" Grayson felt a content calming energy settle upon him. Until Amethyst held her hand out and Minma did not take it. His contentment faltered, tension creeping back into his jaw.

"Shake her hand."
He stared bluntly at the reluctant Minma. "Do it." He'd force them to hug if they kept this up, push them like puppets into an embrace. If they were going to act like children he would treat them as such. Make them sit down and have a restorative. Scold them. Contact their parental guardians. Big boy stuff.

"What did I just say?" Grayson sounded distressed. Now the two were planning to have another fight, just at a different time! "How about chess? Play checkers, or something that doesn't require being little thugs." He huffed through his nose, scowling to the side. They were impossible. "Honestly," A sigh escaped his lips and he ran a hand through his hair to try get the grass out of it. Now focusing back into his tousled appearance, "Ruffians..."


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
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She looked at Grayson and a smile pulled at her lips before he called her by her last name. She did not like that at all but she wasnt going to say anything. She could piss Lapis off with his last name or little jabs because she wasnt going to loose him as a friend. She didnt want to loose Grayson as a friend so she wouldnt get angry.

"Fine ill stop just dont call me that."

She grumbled and looked back at Minma. She nodded when he explained his power.

"Makes alot more sense. I accept your apology though ever do it again we will have bigger problems got it?"

She smiled though she wasnt bothered by the non-shaking hand thing. She got it. She returned her hand to her side and stuck it in one of her pockets. One great thing about pants and not dresses. They had pockets. She laughed slightly at Graysons comment but other than that ignored it. She now had something to train for and that made her happy.

"Fine promise. And not quite powerful but more skilled. Sometimes the defensive powers has its quirks though we both have a lot of training to do."

She grinned though in her eyes she was as hungry as a shar. She needed a good battle. She needed something to get her mind off shit and battling or training was one of the only ways. A wave of pain crashed over her and she doubled over before looking up and seeing Lapis snapping a branch off a tree. Bitch. She growled and shot him a death look.

He quickly dropped the branch and Amethyst stood back up again. She brushed off her pants and flicked her wings. She looked at Grayson and laughed again.

"Your missing everything within your hair. Hold still."

She said and reached her hand up to bat his away. She quickly pulled out some grass out of his hair and brushed it back down into place. She giggled before stepping back again.

"Anyways Lapis is giving me the death glare so you might wanna go back over to him Minma."

She smiled and looked over Minmas shoulder. She was right. He was but he quickly looked up at the sky and she snorted.
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