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Mia smiled at him, seeing him act so nice for a change- Or nice for him anyway. She doubted that he would eat the people that he actually liked since he seemed to have friends who had been attacked by him but still took a liking to him. He didn't seem to completely hate them either but then again they were trying o help her from becoming his next meal so that observation could be completely wrong.

She laughed at the comment on her intelligence,
"If anyone here has the peanut-sized brain, it's you." She joked, trying to hide her surprise by the way he reacted to the hug. Is this how he hugs- The thought was cut short when his hands had now been on her face. She grabbed both of his wrists loosely then placed them in his lap. "I have twenty-nine teeth completely normal human teeth."


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson} DaniGurl DaniGurl {Asher the bitch and Dayana}
Amethyst Lightwood

She shifted her feet. She knew she should have asked but then Grayson was reaching for her and pulled her into a hug. She tensed slightly but melting into the hug. She hugged him back tightly and stood there quietly. She then felt his fingers on her neck and she stiffened slightly before tilting her head.

She didnt know why his fingers were on her neck but she just went with it.

"Im alive I assure you and its fine. I promise you im not a ghost nor will I ever be one."

She said and he was still hugging her. She rested her head on his chest for a brief moment. When he stepped back she did as well and flicked her wings. She took her phone into her hand carefully before reaching into her pocket to fish hers out. It was a bit battered as it was a older one. One she hid from her parents when they took her other phone - jokes on them it had everything on it from her old phone.

She looked at Graysons phone number on his phone before typing it into her phone. When she went to add it. It was already there.


She muttered and checked the date when the one of her phone was added. Her mouth dropped slightly when she saw the date - back from a couple months ago when they attended WestView. It clicked in her mind. Snake girl - Nimue - gave her someones number for studying but she never bothered to check it. It seemed to be Graysons number she received. She rubbed her ankle with her foot before handing Graysons phone back to him.

"Apparently I already have your number.. unless you got a new one we should be fine."

She said and checked her messages. One from Lapis. He could wait till later. She left the app and a small picture of a sunset over the towers was her background. One of the only good things still left about Angelia. She tucked her phone back in her pocket and crossed her arms leaning on a tree behind her.

"Do you still like calligraphy? Oh and bread?"

She was grinning as she asked Grayson if he still liked those things. Alot can change in a year.

Artemis Hunt

When he called Dayana his girlfriend she shook her head quickly. That couldnt be true as flirting with one person earlier - A orc? She watched Dayana smack him and she laughed. Fiery. Someone who had a temper like hers commanded respect. They were going to be great friends. A sly smile came onto her face before it turned to a sneer.

"Dont you talk to me like that and dont touch her again. Has anyone told you not to lay your hands on someone if they do not wish to be treated as such?"

She stepped closer to him and got in his face. Her energy was burning inside of her and begging to be released. She didnt see why it shouldnt be released on a asshole like him. Her eyes flickered to his arm. She wanted to destroy. Yes destroy the entire person though she could get in trouble for killing a student. She placed her arm on his bicep and the black venom shot out of her hand.

Wrapping around his arm, the force would most likely kill him or be in intense pain. Her powers did not take kindly to people but she has learned how not to kill people with a touch if she wished so. Chances are if he was still human it could have killed him though he seemed to appear different then he did on the bus. Another form most likely.

She turned to the female and worry in her gaze as she scanned them. She rested her feather light touch on the girls cheek and tipped her head up. Violent to non-violent was Artemis and she almost laughed at the thought. She dropped the females head and stepped back.

"Are you sure your alright?"

She asked.


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]
"You best believe I'm strong." A little grin plastered his face as he was told that he was his type. He reached up and grabbed Lapis's hand, allowing him to guide them off the bus. Once they stepped off thier hands simultaneously released from each other. Minma followed Lapis to the courtyard, not leaving his side once. He eyed some students on the way there. He didn't let up once they locked eyes either. He held the stare as long as they did.

He couldn't help but admire the stunning lapis wings as they stretched out in full. Something about the way they looked felt so comforting. Now standing directly in front of Lapis, his eyes pointed slightly down at him. He purposely chose to ignore the first question, he already knew what he wanted to try. He went on to answer the next question. "Not necessarily. The fight didn't involve me, I only chose to involve myself. My morals weren't going to allow the scene go down without my two sense."

He looked around him eyeing the other students around him. "Enough of that bullshit. I want to try something on you if you'd let me pretty please." He said the last two words in a flirtatious way, just to try and be a little more persuasive. "I can't exactly tell you what because it wouldn't work. That's if I could pull it off in the first place. Don't worry, you won't be harmed, I would never. I need to see if I'm still capable of this move I picked up in the military. So what do you say handsome?"
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Still Learning

ICARUS - open interaction

The entire bus ride Mothman jr had been trying to doze off. He hadn’t got much sleep the day before, so he viewed the bus ride as catch up time. All of the ruckus made that really difficult. There seemed to be a fight or something, but honestly he was too out of it to keep up. When they finally arrived he peeled his head off the window and exited the buss.

Icarus slowly tried to focus on all of the people he could see, taking in his classmates one by one. He ended up squinting at them all individually thanks to his terrible eyesight. For the most part from where he stood they looked like colorful blobs. Most of them were good looking though, and the rest of them seemed fun to tease. Icarus couldnt wait to play around with them all. He noticed how they seemed to be in pairs or little groups already, but he didn’t doubt he’d find someone to interact with. He was quite sociable, and most of the time he easily went up to people and started conversations. Just needed to wake up a bit more.

Until then the tall ass man decided to stare directly at the sun. Light was so, so pretty. Nothing could beat a huge ass ball of it in the sky. “Marry me,” he muttered, proposing to the star.​
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Mariah closed her book and walked off the bud, leaving her sister with the same monster that had tried to kill her, to begin with. She couldn't really care though right now. All her mind could manage to think about was the sea of students that been all around her. There wasn't a single spot in the courtyard where she could read in peace. She would end up either getting pushed into an interaction or overhearing conversation but neither of those was anything she wanted.

A boy who had been talking by himself didn't help. Were all the people here this fucking weird? She walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder,
"Hope she says yes," And then left with that, walking up the steps to a teacher, specific a girly-looking one. Reminded her of a BTS member If she was honest. She poked him and narrowed her eyes, "Can we please go in now!!"
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GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

He blinked. She already had his number. Strange. He never gave it to her. Grayson pocketed his phone again.

"So you are a stalker." He commented bluntly, but it wasn't a serious accusation. He was mildly entertained.

Then he flinched about the bread thing. She wasn't meant to remember things like that, prompting a fast hushy hush reply. "Don't say that out loud! People will hear..." As if someone eavesdropping that Grayson liked bread was the highest of his worries. As if BREAD was going to be the downfall of his reputation. He couldn't look relatable. Not a bread eater. Hate bread. Hate everything.

"Yes." He finally muttered, looking off to the side as if this was some big secret subject to talk about. "Bagels." Like sneaking information to a confidant.

"I was going to ask if you still disliked shoes." Now speaking properly again, he glanced down, Amethyst in zero footwear. "But clearly."

Emerycrop.png- - - - - -
Emery Varelli
DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mia)

Mia gently took his hands and set them onto his lap.

"You are selfish." Emery mumbled, as if her decision was the worst thing ever. This would not deter him.

It didn't take long for his hand to reach out and try touching her face again to open the jaw. Just like an insistent child. Emery was soon smiling again, grinning evilly as he kept prying to open her mouth.

"Lemme look. Or are we self conscious? Shy? Prude?" He cocked his head to the side, still annoying her with his hand. "You woke happy little me from my dreams, you deserve this." Emery couldn't deny he was a bit irked about that. He was having a lovely time before she intruded his rest. "Teeth are payment for my brave protection." Emery didn't have to do anything. Not lift a single finger.

With a huff he gave up and leaned back in the seat again, a broad smile of deviance still on his face as he looked at Mia. Though his physical onslaught seemed done, he'd been a touch too nice for his liking.

"Awfully romantic to pin me in the bus like this." Was his sly comment. She was sitting in the aisle seat, basically blocking him from getting out and off the bus. He didn't care, but the opportunity to be irritating was always an alluring prospect. "What will others think about your-" Emery glanced out the window a loud dramatic sigh emitting from his lips. "- Quite frankly depraved behaviour?" He now had a finger to his lower lip, tapping it in sarcastic thought. "Corrupting little old me..." Evil little laugh. "Shame on you, Piggy." Nickname decided for Mia. She had pigtails. Piggy.

"Now up you get. Up up Bacon Bits." He waved his hand, trying to shoo Mia to stand so he could leave the bus. "Use the little meat legs."
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
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Lapis Ashford

He flicked his snow white wings as he stepped closer to Minma. He tilted his head with his fingers with a small smile. Glad to see he wasnt hurt, he dropped his hand.

"Dont get hurt. Its not fun to fuck up bones and shit. I try to stay out of shit unless I need to set someone on fire."

He responded to what the male hand said. He ran a hand through his hair to pushed it back out of his eyes. One of the most annoying things ever.

"Hmm sure I guess. Even if I get harmed I have a pretty high pain tolerance."

He said and tipped Minmas head with his hand again before stepping back and rolled out his shoulder. The one that got slapped into the bus. That hurt even for him which most likely meant it was broken or shattered some way or another. He didnt study bones like Amethyst did she was obsessed with them. He opened his arms like signaling for a hug but it was to show Minma could do whatever.

Amethyst Lightwood

She grimaced slightly before flicking her wings.

"I am not stalking you! It was snake girl who gave it to me! I didnt even know it was your number until a minute ago."

She said a lucent smile appeared on her face. She knew how ridiculous that sounded but it was true. She just never needed to text the person nor did she ever think about texting them. She laughed slightly and flicked her hair over her shoulder.

"Would you rather I sign it then? No one here really knows it."

She signed quite quickly then paused to resign it slowly. When Grayson was speaking again it was about bagels and her eyes lit up. She loved bagels like really loved them. She was grinning wildly now.

"Who doesnt love bagels? And yes I still dislike shoes. They are pointless and cost money that might be needed for food."

She giggled before recalling the cloud floors within the tours. That was her favorite part no matter what happened there. It was designed well and by one of her favorite architectures. She wiggled her toes in the grass and shifted them. The grass was cold and damp. She didnt like cold and damp it was nasty.

"Hmm favorite subject?"


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]

Minma smiled with comfort as Lapis expressed his concern for him and what appeared to him as Lapis checking on him. Although he was flattered he wasn't going to listen to his advice. "Well I don't plan on it. And if I did it would just be an obstacle for me to overcome."

A sliver of excitement slithered it's way through Minma's body when he heard the response to his request. He needed to see if he still could put of a move so beneficial. "Okay, okay, thanks." And with that Minma twisted his heels turning away from Lapis. He walked nearly thirty feet away from Lapis and when he turned around he saw him signaling his readiness. Okay. It's been a while since I've tried this move. I have to do it just right.

After thinking to himself Minma opened his first four buttons of his shirt, pulling out his blade. He took a deep breath as he held the blade down by his side. He told himself to began and with that he took his first steep towards Lapis in a slow manner and with a steady pace. The invisible aurora around him changed. He was no longer excited but concentrated. Looking Lapis into the eyes, only this time a smile wasn't showing on his face, just a blank expression. Not one emotion was shown on it. His eyes didn't beam with entitlement. They were way different. They looked like a lions as they stood hiding in a bush before pouncing on prey. His speed of which he walked was slow. His body swayed side to side softly, as if it was being pulled and pushed by wind. His hand with the blade mimicked the swaying motion of his body.

His composure never changed as he continued to make his way towards Lapis. Now he stood an arms length from Lapis. His fingers released the blade from his hand and began to fall towards the ground. He watched as Lapis's eyes followed the blade. Now. Within the split second Lapis attention was drawn to the blade Minma made his move. His arms stretched out to his side then rapidly approached one another, before coming together right infront of Lapis's face. The sound of the clap almost was as loud as a bullet, but it more reassembled that of a whip.

And with what he noticed Lapis began to fall forward. I did it. I fucking pulled it off. I was able to stun him. The way the moved work was complex yet simple. It required a few things like knowing when to clap and where. Theoretically in battle you would perform this move with two wepaons. One to play as an distraction and another to quickly finish the job since the stun only lasted a matter of seconds. It worked because the split second the opponents mind is caught up with the blade the loud sound comes in and if done successfully it produces enough frequency to send the brain into temporary shock.

As Lapis feel forward he quickly held his arm out catching him then standing back up. He would be returning back from shock now. Two seconds. He thought to himself. That's how long it lasted. In battle that would be more than enough.


Still Learning

ICARUS - mariah ( DaniGurl DaniGurl )

He hadn’t expected anyone to hear him, let alone respond to him. So when Icarus felt the hand on his shoulder soon after he proposed to the sun, he looked at the stranger in surprise. Before he could start a conversation she was walking away. “Thanks, I hope so too,” he called out after them, playfully sarcastic. Who purposefully goes and talks to teachers?

That woke him up enough though. But he still hadn’t decided on who looked the most interesting, so he held off on going to make new friends. From what he heard around him it seemed to just be weird small talk anyways. Who talked about bread?


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

' S E C R E T ' Grayson signed back with a grumpy face, his liking for bagels was forbidden information that was not to be shared with the general public. Heavy confidential stuff. Stuff NOT for big boy moth guy.

His eyes narrowed, a rare sly look settling upon Grayson. "I think you're stalking me." He didn't really think that, but he was amused at her reaction to it. "I feel unsafe." The explanation about Nimue made perfect sense, he was just teasing her. "I will get a restraining order." The boy breathed through his nose in a rare quiet laugh, before killing that immediately and returning to his still composure.

Grayson glanced down at his black dress shoes. He wasn't fond to be stood on the damp grass with them. In fact it made his skin crawl. He'd have to clean them later.

"They are not pointless." Clearly a little protective over his shiny footwear. He would rather remove his hands with a spoon than walk around barefoot anywhere. "And by that logic, clothes are also useless." Then he stopped, glanced to the side in horror. Taking a moment to actually process what sheer stupidity had just fallen out of his mouth. He was judging himself.

He added a quiet "Please wear clothing." Genuinely afraid that Thia would take the idea and run with it.

"Mathematics." Easy answer at first, but he soon frowned, becoming quickly lost in his thoughts. "But formal writing is nice.." Grayson ever so slowly zoned out, mumbling to himself. "But inconsistent legibility..? But Riemann Hypothesis... And chalk.." Grayson did like chalkboards. The soft taps of chalk he found to be very relaxing. Until a nail hit it.

"Writing." He finally decided after a blink, voice clear and direct again. No longer in his undeciding daze. "I get to use my favourite pen." Odd factor to decide favouritism on, but he did have a really nice pen. Flow of the ink was perfect. Heavy and reliable. Grayson liked to use pencil for mathematics, traditional.

"I'm assuming music." He looked at Amethyst, guessing what subject was her favourite. "Since you do the whole-" For some peculiar reason he decided to raise one hand and wiggle the fingers, hinting at the instrument. Realising how stupid it was he quickly stopped. "Ignore that. The Cello. You play the Cello."
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
Amethyst Lightwood

"Dont be grumpy. But ok I get it S E C R E T."

She signed back and rolled her eyes playfully. She smiled and shook her head slightly.

"Plus if I was stalking someone why would I stalk you? I already know soooo much."

She said with a smile. She noticed him laughing and her smile grew more lucent before she started laughing as well. It felt good to joke with someone and not have any heavy topics. When he was talking again she turned bright red and rubbed her neck.

"I- uhm of course I would. I would always wear clothes its wrong not to-.. You keep YOUR clothes on."

She muttered and her face was still bright red. She starting laughing and leaned her head against the tree.

"Math is nice so is.. chalk?"

She almost didnt know that word. What was chalk? Was it something she needed to remember? Was it important to know about. Nervousness started to bubble inside of her and she shifted her feet and kept her eyes on the ground trying to recall chalk. She rubbed her temple before looking back up at Grayson - straitening up at once.

"Writing is neat. I like writing music - it just flows."

She said quietly and watched Graysons face. She normally did that - study peoples faces. Though she pretty much had memorized Graysons face. It wasnt that hard to do so. He had a pretty face with disguisable features. She shook her head quickly and looked up to see Grayson wiggling his fingers in the air. She giggled before shaking her head. Music wasnt her favorite thing in the world though it was among the top three.

"I do play the cello and is among some of my favorite things to do in my free time its not my favorite class. Actually I despise playing with a full orchestra someone is always off beat-"

She quickly shut her mouth and bit her tongue. She didnt admit to hating alot of things but she didnt like orchestras due to that reason. beginners trying to play with the advanced or someone who didnt try. She had no problem with it most of the time but it did tick her off it it happened over and over. She preferred solos or duets with Lapis then to most people. She could also handle a small group of people to play with not 50 to 100 though.

"I enjoy osteology alot and horticulture."

She admitted with a hushed tone. She normally didnt talk about her studying bones but she found them fascinating to study. That they had so many and how they works and how easily they could break though they were also hard as hell. It was just interesting to her. She glanced to the side before looking back at black haired male in front of her.

"Dont tell anyone."

She grumbled.
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GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
"I am not grumpy." He was. He was always in a bad mood. "You don't be grumpy." Now he was just bickering with her. Immaturely at that.

His arms crossed, an eyebrow arching at Amethyst. "You know so much about me? What's my favourite colour?" A test. A very childish rivalling from the usually stoic 'Im very mature grr' male. He had given the ultimate trial to the girl. His favourite colour.

His face flushed pink, flustered over what she had responded with. "You keep YOUR clothes on!" Grayson did not imagine himself disputing such silly little things waking up this morning. Nor did he imagine himself on a school trip here either, but that's how it had turned out. His blood pressure was probably all over the place today.

"Don't laugh.." Grayson growled, scowling and bright red. How stupid. But the mere vapidity of the topic was making his lip turn. He shook his head to disperse the threat of a smile, looking away.
She mentioned her dislike for orchestra, and he found that odd. "Despise is a strong word, Amethyst." It was strange to hear her speaking so negatively, a rare thing. That was more of his style, Mister pessimistic. "Be nice." Though he supposed she had changed a lot over their time parted. Not like he didn't get annoyed by plenty of people, either.

He didn't think osteology was embarrassing. "The study of bones is important." Grayson nodded, but his eyes shifted towards the bus they had departed from. Unfortunately reminded of the mishap with Hunter and her arm. He shifted slightly, uncomfortable, before looking back at the female. He didn't care about horticulture in the slightest. But it suited Thia. Flowers and living things and stuff.

"Who am I going to tell?" He snorted. "Dead people?" Yet realizing that was the insensitive topic of ghosts, he brushed away from that quickly. Not like he had a lot of living people to share it with either.

"Chalk is the white sedimentary rock they write with on blackboards." Grayson explained, having picked up on Amethyst's uncertainty with the word. "Sounds nice. I'll show you it sometime."



Mariah Baxter
Interactions: Open?

She looked back at the boy and gave a small smile, while she expected him to answer, she didn't think it would be so soon or that to be honest. Mariah was used to most people taking offense to her sarcastic comments and the fact that he wasn't was a bit refreshing for her. As she stood in front of the teacher the girl got impatient though, even considering that she just got there she didn't want to be out here already as it was. Too many people in too many places at once, that was like begging for death among these students! And I didn't even mention the numerous times they've decided to pick fights!

She sighed and walked away then took a seat down by the side of the school building, her back pressed against it as she tried her best to continue reading even in the chaos around her.
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Mia Baxter
Interactions: Gao Gao (Emery)

Mia wasn't in the least excited about his hands on her face again. She once again grabbed his wrists and held them there on his lap. "Lesson one, you shouldn't put your hands in people's mouths," Mia calmly stated as she slowly started to let him go. He can be such a baby sometimes- And that's coming from the childish crackhead who hurt herself trying to dive through thin air. "People should protect their friends out of care and heart, that is how it works." She then thought for a moment, "That is unless this is how you made friends back home?"

She waved it off just as quickly as it came into her head, soon her face turning into pure amusement, a smile stretched across her lips. "I get your game and it takes a lot more than that to get to me buddy, Also, I don't do romance, thank you very much!" She was proud of that and for once in her life all the times she had been picked on and heckled actually helped her...Even if it was in a situation that happened by choice. "I'll only leave if you come with me, no matter how nice you've been so far.." Nice?..Good choice of words for someone who called you dumb then tried to shove their fingers in your mouth despite how you felt about it....OH YEAH- He also tried to eat her. Does she still consider them friends? One hundred percent. She needed to start being more cautious of this stuff.


Dayana & Asher
Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Artemis)

Asher kept his smug little smirk and took a step closer to Artemis as if testing her, looking down on her with joy. "I don't think you would could do what I do if you tried," He got down to her height as he said this and flicked her nose. As she then shot the dangerous vemon like poisen through him both his eyes turned a pale white as opposed to one being it's bold red. He chuckled, though it was strained. He was in pain.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you only did that to get close to me~" He somehow still managed to keep his banter going even when he was being attacked or threatened. He really just couldn't and wouldn't back down. Soon after the comment, his eyes turned their regular dark brown which was hard for most to pick up considering how it was always mistaken for just two black pupils. His form had melted away back into his human appearance, eyes locked with Artemis's. Asher was now quiet, seething inside from the strange and unfamiliar feeling of pain, but still somewhat content.

"Yes... I'm fine, the question is will he be okay?"
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Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mia)
She took his wrists and set them down again, prompting a bastardly "hehe" from the male. While he wasn't earning any explosive angry reactions Mia was entertaining just by herself. Plus unlike SOME PEOPLE, she hadn't clawed him in the face or seized his neck. A nice change. Refreshing.

"We are holding hands." Innocent sounding declaration. Mia was still holding his wrists down to keep him from doing it again. Emery started turning his wrists to try piss her off. Absolutely relentless in his attempts to be the most annoying person imaginable.

"Shouldn't put my hands in people's mouths." He repeated thoughtfully, testing how that sounded to him. Mia's hands slowly left his wrists while he pondered over her lesson.

"Shouldn't." Emery slowly smiled, mischievous tone tinging his words. "But I could."

He reached out to touch her jaw again, but it did hesitate before it touched her skin. A sign of listening. The Ghoul's hand recoiled back again, surprisingly abiding by her lesson. "What if I'm trying to get somebody's tongue? They're hard to pull out. You ever done it?" Genuine question. Mia must have plenty experience with severing organs. "It's fatty, but more mild than a cut of red meat." Talk about eating again. Brain stuck on one mode. Hungry.

His sly smile stayed the same, but his eyes narrowed at her question about making friends. He stayed silent about that topic.

"But Piggy,-" Sound of upset in his voice, like she had just broken his heart into two, "-This is not romance." He shared an equal disgust for such things, he simply did not want it. He had had his share of it. "It is carnal desire." Followed by a second "hehe" from the boy.

"Hmph." Childish noise, another narrow of his eyes. Mia didn't do romance. "You're just playing hard to get." Emery didn't particularly care whether he went with the girl or not, but she had asked him to go with her. More so demanded, but the male didn't mind. He'd probably have followed anyway. "I have been rather nice.." The blonde sighed, "Now you're obsessed with me?" His head tilted and he smiled at Mia.

But the blonde did get to his feet, silent agreement to go with her. "Trot along Porkpie." Still on the pig theme. "Try not fighting anyone. Or falling over."


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}​

"Sure your not grumpy."

She laughed and poked his side lightly with her finger. Her smile was lucent as he asked her the next question. Se had a feeling about this one though it could be a trick question.

"One would guess Black, White or maybe Grey but thoses arent actual colors they are shades. They are on another scale as they can not be made and are the absence of light but can be added to colors to create shades or tints. So maybe blue because you wore those blue cat socks - the ones with scarves back when I first met you. Or maybe you dont have a favorite color but prefer those on the gray scale."

She jabbed her finger against her chin as she took in his outfit. Something then clicked. The squared fabric he had given her had been green.

"Or maybe im wrong on both accounts. The pocket square like thing you gave me was green - a darker green so you do like darker colors but maybe the green is your favorite?"

She inquired and raised a eyebrow. She flicked her wings and the smile grew more on her face as she drew out the square of fabric. She made sure to wash it and put it in her pocket so she wouldnt forget to give it back to him.

"Also here."

She said and held it out to him. She then tucked her hands into her pockets and her vibrant purple eyes scanned over him.

"I know it is a strong word which is why I used it. And Orchestras are one of the things I do despise though its for a good reason."

She did not elaborate on the reason. She didnt think she needed to if she had stated there was a reason. It was pity and weird but it was there. Amethyst giggled when he told her to be nice. She normally was nice unless she snapped at someone but even then she had good reasons for that as well.

"It is important but it is frowned upon by Angli."

She muttered and rubbed the back of her neck. She kept her gaze on the ground for a good solid minute and shifted her footing. She was suddenly laughing and she looked up at Grayson.

"Who knows! They seem to be talkative and like to share gossip."

She said with another laugh as she glanced around. She didnt know what ghosts did but it did fascinate her on what they normally did. She didnt wanna ask the male incase it threw off the conversation. Her eyes light up on the mention of white rocks and clapped slightly.

"I like white rocks! They are used within mosaics all the time I even got to help make a mosaic for the Great Library once-"

She suddenly stopped and glanced at the ground. She nodded quickly when he said he would show her. She would like that.

Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Minma Minma {Minma}
He watched as Minma removed the blade from his shirt once again like earlier. This time he was not fighting though and it slightly irked him. When he saw someone pull a blade he wanted to fight like it was his calling. He enjoyed it as well the sound of metal clashing against metal or the focus in peoples eyes though they overthink everything. His mind was still wondering as his eyes followed the blade.

He knew it was going to be a distraction and he followed it willingly. He watched the blade drop slowly to the ground as it seemed like time slowed then he heard what sounded like a whip or that of a said bullet. He has never heard a bullet but he has see pictures of them. Oh he could only dream of what he would do with bullets r guns but he would have to settle for his blades currently.

His mind blanked and he started to fall forward though he couldnt throw out his wings to stop him. Like he was paralyzed. He did not like that at all. Then as suddenly as he started falling Minma caught him and time sped up again. That was weird. He shook his head slightly and phosphene filling his vision but they slowly disappeared as well.

"What the hell was that? Where did you learn it? Do they teach it to you as a human? I have never seen a move like that before and I study alot of battle moves."

He inquired and his gaze trailed up to Minmas face and he took it in his hand lightly. As if to inspect it came from there.

"Is it apart of your power that you possess? Was that like a stunning tool much like a taser but without the taser?"

He raised a eyebrow before dropping his hand from Minmas face. He needed to learn whatever that move was.

Artemis Hunt
Interactions: DaniGurl DaniGurl {Asher and Dayana}
She looked at Asher through her fuilech mask with a death glare.

"Sorry buddy already taken. I dont do so well for people who hit from one girl to another as well so I would watch it before its your damn head I blow off next time."

She snorted and looked at Dayana with a arcadian smile on her face.

"Dont worry he is for now though it will hurt like hell. He was lucky I was being mericful and not blowing off his damn head."

She muttered to the female and Loet poked her with his nose. She gripped his antler before turning to face Loet. She swung herself onto him back with ease as the wound from that morning had calmed down a bit. Thanks to the one elf girl and this elf.

"Thank you for earlier and consider this as a repayment. He bothers you again come get me alright? Farewell."

She asked and there was a softness to her voice. She didnt like repaying people but she made a acceptation this one time plus she wasnt going to stand by like all the other people here and watch her get hit on by some dude. Plus she was kissing that orc earlier so she shouldnt be hit on by other people. Why can people not respect shit like that. She dug her heels into Loets side like one would a horse.

He turned his head to look up at her and students moved out of her way as she made her way to the far edge of the crowd. She needed to take of her mask and breath straight. Her head was slightly spinning from controlling her power. It was so much easier to blow peoples heads off and kill them then just leave them there. She slid off Loets back when she was sure no one was looking at her.

Loet hid her from most eyes anyway as she slipped her hands over the mask and tugged it down to lay on her chest. She tilted her now unmasked face to the sky and sucked in a sharp breath. She was in a pretty valuable position right now and whoever saw her scarred ass face could use it against her and she would allow them. A punishment she saw fit for herself to that scenario.


Grayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
"It's.. It's a very direct question Amethyst..." His voice was filled with defeat watching her dive way too deep for an answer. He was expecting for her to just start listing colours, but instead he was met with an entire rambling lecture about shades and the validity of them. Followed by her guesses and additional reasoning behind them. It was perhaps the most nerdy thing he had ever listened to, a full examination of what colour does Grayson like the most.

When she stopped he could only stare at her. Dead silence. He had never seen anyone work their brain this hard for such a trivial matter. Judgement flowed around him.

Until he breathed a quiet laugh through his nose, that soon escalated into him smiling and placing a hand over his mouth. Grayson looked away and gently shook his head, willing himself to not. This was not funny.

"I'm not laughing."

The pale boy was composed until he glanced at Amethyst. And as easy as that, he lost it again. Calamity crumbling straight into laughter. He wasn't able to stop for quite a while, to the point he was dabbing a tear out of an eye. The only thing that prompted him into shutting up was not being able to breathe, something that actually forced him to stop. Either that or he will pass out and he didn't want that.

He eventually calmed and sighed, straightening up once he no longer felt faint. Grayson could feel the amusement bubbling up again even looking at Amethyst. Reminded of her extreme thought process over such a stupid thing. "That's cute."


He tensed, panic settling in as he realized what had just slipped out of his mouth. The dizziness, he blamed it on. "Endearing! I- I meant endearing. E-Endearment.. Yeah." Grayson was not the type of boy that called anything 'cute'. Nor did Grayson say 'yeah', but it seemed he was saying a lot of things today he didn't usually do. With a bright red face he scowled, looking off to the side and away from Amethyst. Embarrassing. At least his mishap had sobered him up very fast.

She handed him the pocket square, which he accepted with a muttered, "Thanks."

"It's purple. My favourite colour."
He looked back at her, feeling the need to clarify for Amethyst. Since she had spent a horrifying amount of time thinking it over he decided it was only fair. "Dark purple."

Purely coincidental that the girl he spoke to, the girl named Amethyst, just happened to have purple eyes.


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]​
A cunning smile placed itself on Minma's face. His stance was strong, his left now In his pocket. "That was a move called 'Stun clap' and to answer you question, no they don't teach it to us as humans. Furthermore, it's no surprise you haven't came across this move in your studies. That's because only me and one other person know how to use it."

He almost forgot that his shirt was still unbuttoned. He placed his blade back into it's pouch and slowly buttoned his shirt back up. "I wish I could, but I can't take credit for coming up with the move. That belongs to a guy named Karma. An old war buddy of mine." Karma was much more than just a war buddy to Minma. He was his best friend and he loved Karma more than anything else on the planet. Even more than his parents.

He chuckled as Lapis examined his face an attempt to figure out what just happened. Minma rolled his head around in a circle, cracking a bone. "It has nothing to do with my senses. Technically anyone can pull this move off. But it requires a lot of training to know how to work it. Simply clapping hard isn't enough. You have to be able to pinpoint where exactly to clap to interfere with the frequency waves propelling from peoples mind. Actually I just lied. Although you don't have to have advanced sensing abilities it helps tremendously. Trying it without it would be near impossible to pull off. My senses allow me to pinpoint the frequency waves, although even with my senses it's hard to get a read on them. And i suppose it is much like a taser, without the bolt of electricity. It essentially has the same affect."

A cool breeze washed over Minma, allowing his hair to flow freely eventually puting it out of place. He reached his hand up and ran it through his hair causing it to fall back into place. "To be fair it wouldn't be worth learning for someone like you. It's so hard to actually pull it off and the training is time consuming. I only learned it because all I got is my body as my weapon. So if I can do anything to give me an advantage in battle I'll do it. You on the other hand could just summon fire to burn someone to crisps." He raised his hand to gently rub his hand on Lapis's wings. He didn't think to ask if he was okay with it but to Minma they were hard to resist. "Your quite the powerful one aren't you?" He asked rhetorically with a little smile upon his face.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"I-Its not funny!"

She said though she was giggling now to. Her cheeks turned rosy when he said it was cute then quickly said something to fix it. It wasnt cute at all! She was being serious on trying to guess though she got the whole thing wrong. She frowned slightly but it quickly dissolved into a fit of giggles.

"Purple? Like vibrant or dull? Like a Amethyst?"

She muttered and looked up at him. Her eyes swept over her face but then rose back to his eyes. Grey. But what type of Grey? Was it on the lighter or the darker scale? She gently reached up to his face and tilted it with her fingers pulling him down to her height. She studied his eyes closely with a smile on her face. A light grey with specks of darker grey in them - truly beautiful.


She muttered and completely forgot how close she was to him. She wasnt even paying attention as she studied his eyes more.

"Truly stunning. Grey. Grey is my favorite shade."

She whispered and shifted her hold from tilting his head to cupping his cheeks with a feather touch.

Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Minma Minma {Minma}
He listened to Minma as he explained the name of the power. Stun clap. What a odd but interesting name. He watched Minma button up his shirt but quickly looked back up at his eyes and a small smile appeared on his face. He wondered how this 'karma' person came up with it though he didnt ask. He tilted his head to listen to Minma explain the move and how it works. His eyes were shinning as he said it was near impossible. He loved a challenge more than almost anything.

"Teach me?"

He interrupted after a couple seconds. He reached his hand out to tilt Minmas face and study them. How did his power work? How come he has never heard of something like it? He brushed a finger lightly over his forehead before dropping his hands once again. He wanted to know how to do this trick. Screw it- He had nothing else to do in his free time and Amethyst was sure going to be busy.

Plus he was going to help Minma with blade training anyway. His smile grew wider on his face as Minma touched his wing. He flicked it out a bit and in front of him so if he wanted to he could pet it with more ease.

"I wanna learn it. No matter how much training it is - it sounds cool. And powerful? Maybe though your the one with the cool ass power."

He said and rolled out his shoulders. He has undergone training before but the last teacher who tried to teach him he blew up. Amethyst was able to cover that though. He glanced over past Minma to search for the female and spotted her with the one male presumingly milky and his mouth formed a 'o' shape. Amethyst had his face in her hands and was close. He glanced back at Minma and laughed.

"Yep I definitely have alot more free time now. I have a feeling Amethyst will be spending more time with Milky."

He snickered.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

"Yes. Like an Amethyst..." He responded, before it hit him. "... Ah." He went silent and his face warmed realizing his mistake there. She was named after her eyes. Purple ones. Oops. Suddenly shy.

"Not that you're my favourite colour or anything." Grayson shifted, crossing his arms over his chest. This embarrassment was followed by absolute word vomit.

"That would be weird. I think. Just the eyes? No still weird. Kind of. Not really. Actually yes. You're a person not a colour. Cannibals probably think like that... " Nervous laugh under his breath as he drove the conversation on a wild tangent. "I am NOT a cannibal! That's illegal. Super wrong. Bad. Though the average body is 60% water. I drink water. Occasionally. But water isn't a species, so I don't think that counts as cannibalism. Unless I've eaten human before. BY ACCIDENT. Not an intentional cannibal. That's still illegal. Bad. Sometimes hamsters kill and eat their young when they're stressed. Why am I talking about this..? I would not eat you. You're not a hamster. I'm not stressed. What."

He looked away horrified. "Oh my god."

The male was in silent contemplation of just throwing himself into the sun at this point. He was at his limit. He welcomed death. If anyone had a sudden urge to punch him in the oesophagus he would welcome it with open arms. He would leave all his wealth and belongings to them.

And then she had moved in, taking his face in her hands and studying him. He froze.

"What- What are you doing?" He was nervous, assuming she was going for another kiss. The contact and proximity of her was making him freak out again. In his panic he did the only thing he could think of.

Place his hand over her face. An appropriate way to avoid a conversation. Very mature de-escalation of the situation.

"N-No." No to what he didn't answer. "No no, no." Sounded like he was trying to scold a dog he was terrified of. But whatever she was doing, he had successfully stopped that by putting his hand on her face. Crisis averted. He didn't like her staring at him, not so closely anyway. Study from afar. "No do not look at me."


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
She listened to him ramble and nodded along with what he was saying. A giggling fit bubbled out of her. Could she really help it? No. Grayson went from talking about his favorite color to cannibalism. A very bug jump and quite a funny one.

"Are you ok?"

She was giggling again and watching Graysons face as she took it into her hands. She didnt even notice when he froze up though she sometimes didnt pay attention to that. She never seemed to worry about personal space if she was studying people nor did she really care if they cared or not.

"What does it look like im doing? Im studying your face well more so of your eye color."

She mumbled then his hand was on her face. She raised a eyebrow and shook her head slightly. Her white hair cascaded down her shoulder as it swayed around.

"Dont look at you..? Then what am I supposed to do? Study you from afar. That doesnt seem like fun plus I cant see your pretty e-"

She clamped her mouth shut and dropped her hands from Graysons face. She stepped back and crossed her arms over her midnight top. She shook out her wings and a lucent smile was on her face then she was the one to turn into a word mess.

"Are you alright now? Sorry didnt mean to get up in your personal space- I was just studying your eyes because they are a lovely shade of gray. What- uhm- Again im sorry I wasnt thinking. Though you do have a nice facial structure of bones. Hard to say for a lot of people. Very symmetrical as well. Holy Lys I sound like a creep though I mean it as a compliment. Im just going to stop talking now."

She rubbed her face after words bubbled out of her. That was embarrassing. Add it to the list of embarrassing things she has done today! It was only in the morning who knew what horrors were to come later that day. She shivered at the though of how much she was going to fuck up today. She ran her hand through her hair and looked back at Grayson.

"Sorry for the word explosion I uh- yeah."


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]

Minma was a little shocked when he was asked to teach Lapis the move. Even after telling him how difficult it was, especially without the advanced senses that he had. Now he felt the soft feeling of Lapis's hand on his face. He could sense his eyes studying him.

He was happy to see a smile come upon Lapis's face. He now could tell he didn't mind if he touched his wings. They were brought closer to him to make it easier to feel. He would never get over how the sun reflected off of the snow colored wings. The sheer beauty of it.

A sigh exited Minma's mouth. It sounded more like a sigh of boredom than aggravation. Minma wasn't bored though. "It indeed sounds cool by default but there is one thing you should know before attempting to learn it. This move can't be done mid battle. If your going to play it, it has the be the first thing you do. If you could that would be badass but it's just impossible. You can't be in combat with someone and get a read on their frequency at the same time. Not even the man who was intelligent enough to come up with this move could do it."

He lifted his hand to his hair and began to twirl a strain. "But cons aside if your able to pull it off as the first move it's practically a guarantee win as long as you follow it up with a blade. With that being said I suppose I could teach you it since you did agree to help me improve my blade skills." He noticed Lapis look pass him but he didn't follow up with a look of his own. Instead he continued to be caught staring Lapis in the eyes. He has always found blue shaded eyes attractive. He broke his silence to take a look around him before glancing back at Lapis. "We wouldn't be able to start any training here. All the overlapping of voices and sounds would cause disturbance for someone trying to learn the move. We would have to go somewhere where there's silence but I doubt leaving here would be a good idea for now."


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

Amethyst explained she was studying him. That didn't make him any calmer.

"W-Well DON'T!" It made him nervous. He didn't like people staring at him to begin with, nevertheless someone alive and that close to him. Unnerved the boy. Made him self conscious. His dumb reply didn't help either.

And then she mentioned his 'pretty eyes'. Grayson blinked, thoughts wiping completely. A server crash of his brain. Then the girl had her own word vomit. Not to his benefit.

The boy could only stare in dead silence as she rambled about his 'lovely shade of gray' eyes and his 'nice bone structure' and 'face symmetry'. Grayson wasn't expecting this. Nor was he accustomed to it. Nobody complimented him, nevertheless his appearance.

"H-Huh." Dumb little noise of shock. The cool calm collected Grayson reduced to nothing but a ditz. Tall himbo.

He opened his mouth to say something, yet closed it again. His face was flushed burning pink. His throat felt dry and closed off, neck warm. Buzzing in his head.

A few seconds later he did it again. Opened his mouth to protest, yet didn't know what to say so he stopped and stayed quiet. He scowled and glared to the side. Flustered. He felt stupid. This had been a humiliating day, all because Amethyst said and did such foolish things.

After some silence, he did manage to finally speak. A carefully crafted sentence from the best assortments of his mind. The best pickings.

".. Hamster teeth never stops growing." Was what Grayson managed to mumble. The single thought floating and bouncing inside his vacant brain right now. Nothing actually intelligent came to mind. Nothing normal like 'thanks' or a casual change of topic. Just a hamster fact. He did not know what to say to the girl.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Minma Minma {Minma}
"Makes sense. Use something to distract them then finish off the job. Though agreed if done within battle it would be badass. Something I would need to attempt. I wonder who I could fight here-"

He mumbled out the last part as he lifted his gaze from Minma to scan the students around the area. His eyes locked on a huge ass deer where a female was behind them but he couldnt see their face. He knew who it was because no one else had a deer. A smile coiled on his face. He had a new target for fighting. He turned his gaze back to Minma and he looked him up and down slowly.

"Makes sense. Something that would need full control over ones body and mind without a distraction. I wonder if anyone could shut everyone up within seconds like freezeing time almost."

He went back to scanning the crowd and his eyes locked on a female with brown hair. He tapped Minmas shoulder and pointed to the female.

"She can stop time. You can see it in the way she stands and how she glances around. Feet spread slightly apart and glances at the crowd about every three seconds then at her watch. Most likely something that helps her control her power. She also has a injury on her left forarm right under her sleeve. You can see the way her arm is bent to keep it from rubbing against her actually arm. A stab wound most likely or a burn. Both could be possible with the way she is holding her arm though not a gunshot wound. That would be a interesting power to have though."

He stopped rambling and looked back at Minma and cleared his throat.

"If there are gardens that would be the best place and no its not smart to leave right now. You can see how tense the teachers and headmaster are. They most likely need to announce something. Anyway it sounds like a date~"

He winked and laughed. He was playing around with Minma. He flicked his wings and ran a hand through his hair.

Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Its a little hard not to if its what I have done for the past 17 years."

A smile tugged at her lips and she flicked her wings. She was still looking at him though it was from under her lashes and her smile grew wider. She then watched him crash and she now tilted her head as he struggled for words. Has she broken him? What did she do?

"I uhm- pretty much said you have a stunning facial structure that most humans cant say they have. You also have really nice eyes never really seen the color before then again I dont study most peoples faces for long."

She clarified thinking he wanted her to clarify what she had said. She watched him turn bright red and her face filled with worry and she reached over to him and touched his cheek.

"Are you alright? Are you feeling faint? Your bright red."

She muttered as her doctor side kind of came into play. She couldnt help when it did it was a natural click for her. She was also unware she was the cause of him turning bright red. She laughed a bit when he said something about hamster teeth.

"The humans have 206 bones in the body though they stop growing but the strength and density continue to change?"

She mumbled trying to come up with a neat fact. It wasnt that neat and he probably knew it as it was one of the basic things to study in most classes or so she hoped. She dropped her hand from his cheek remembering about personal space. She cleared her throat and looked at him.

"I uhm- ok wow. I cant speak for the first time within a conversation like ever heh heh.."

She laughed awkwardly and rubbed the back of her neck. She did not know what to say to the tall black haired male who had a pretty facial structure that she probably went on too much about.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
To Grayson's demise, Amethyst repeated what she had said, prompting the male to place his hand on her mouth to try shut her up. Grumpy and rude. He didn't trust his voice enough to speak, so the silent and not so subtle movement was all he had. He kept his hand there for a while, before slowly removing it. Wary that she would continue.

But this did not deter the girl's onslaught, as she now thought he was unwell and proceeded to fuss over him. Grayson was burning up, a stupid little red mess on two legs. An elmo, if you will. He tried to swat her hand away not wanting her to touch him, but it was far too late for the boy to try regain composure. Grayson had felt it before it even sounded. That same feeling in the hallway, not from anger, but from apprehension. A shift in his chest, like a wave of vehemence finally crashing against a shore. A slither of cold up his spine, a fracturing of a bone. No, not bone. It was wood. A tree branch.

It was a deafening crack that snapped it from the base of the tree. Grayson didn't get enough time to react. Impulsively grabbing Amethyst by the arm. The grasp was not gentle. Probably borderline painful as he yanked her out of the way and straight into him. The branch crashed in a leafy heap at the bottom of the tree, where Amethyst had been moments beforehand. From where he stood he could feel the wind of it's momentum rush against his skin.

In his moment of action he hadn't really thought out the consequence of pulling the female so abruptly into him. Straight into a firm protective hold. Second hug of the day, it seemed. Hopefully the last. At least this one had fair reasoning. Kind of.

He cleared his throat and pulled away just as quick. "Sorry." Was all he mumbled, crossing his arms. The incident had sobered the boy at least, settling a notion of solemn liability upon the male. He should be doing better at this, especially after yesterdays psycho little moment. He was mad at himself for not learning, for not being able to perfect and control it for all these years. At this rate somebody was going to get seriously hurt. It seemed to be a pattern wherever he went.

Without touching, Grayson looked over at Amethyst for scratches or anything. "Did it get you?" However he noticed a leaf was in her hair. Annoying. His jaw tensed.

He did try to ignore it. But his gaze kept shifting towards it. Small green thing. Stood out. Wanted to get rid of it. Had to get rid of it. Grayson carefully reached and pulled the leaf from her white strands, flicking it onto the ground.

"Bothered me." Was all he muttered, before he frowned at the branch on the grass, glancing up into the tree with mild irritation. He hoped Amethyst didn't think he did it on purpose. That'd be a really bad look for the boy, trying to hit people with broken tree limbs.

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