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Fantasy N.A.S MAIN CHAT >>Closed<<

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After the kiss Minma watched for Lapis's reaction. And for a few seconds it seemed he was in a different reality. Then Minma grinned as someone did when they beat the boss level of a video game when Lapis said that the kiss was okay with him. A wave of relief crossed his body.

Then as Minma was still compiling his thoughts from the last kiss, Lapis pulled him to one more. His eyes widened as he was pulled in but as he got closer his eyes closed. This kiss was a bit more simpler and gentler than the last, but it still gave Minma the same feelings that the last one did. When Lapis laid back down Minma stayed in his position and watched Lapis lay down.

With the next words stumbling out of Lapis's mouth. Minma wasn't sure how to react to it. No ones ever said those words to him. He couldn't find the words to respond so he just slightly smiled. Reaching for Lapis's hand, Minma used it to pull himself up. Once stood up he adjusted his buttoned shirt then his pants which were slightly out of place due to sitting on the ground. They walked back to the bus and took a seat together with Lapis by the window and Minma on the outside. Emery seemed to be resting when they passed so Minma wasn't worried that he would say something about what just took place.

As Minma sat with Lapis he noticed new students getting on the bus. Who the hell are they? He questioned to himself. He openly stared at each one of them as the got on. He sat surprised when the blonde and purple haired girl took a seat infront of them. Minma began to speak to Lapis but was interrupted when they both turned around in thier seat and was now facing him. He noted thier names as they spoke them.

"Brave one you are." Was his response to being called cute. Minma was a little taken back by what Charlie said next. About his lap being empty. He wasn't quite sure how to respond so he stuck to the usual smart ass response. His hand was behind his neck and he has a chill posture type. "Your eyes have truly mistaken you." He leaned in towards Charlie just a bit. "Trust me, there is something there." He pulled his body back and he's previous posture to over his body and a cunning grin lifted on to his face.

"Since you presented your name before asking I suppose you can have the pleasure of knowing mine. It's Minma with an I. This handsome guy sitting next to me is Lapis.... with an I" He said the last part sarcastically since he was sure they would have known Lapis is spelled with an 'i'.

What in the hell.
They we're making out infront of them, and it wasn't just a small smooch. After they held out her lollipop after giving another lick. Minma leaned in and opened his mouth then closing on it, pulling back taken it from her hand. He did it because he doubted they thought he would actually take them up on thier offer. "Eh. Isn't the best flavor but it'll do I guess."


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Charlie looked down into Minma's lap, biting her lip hungrily as she examined it "hmm... you're right... there is something there..." She looked back up to Minma's eyes with a flirty giggle she replied. "But wouldn't it feel so... much nicer if something soft and warm was up against it..." She bit into her lip again as Stella leaned over to Charlie whispering something into her ear, what she said wasn't audible but Charlie started giggling and then Looked over to Lapis, then back to Minma. Stella pulled away looking over to Lapis with a blank face as she licked her lips.

"Minma..." Charlie giggled "I really... really... like that name." Charlie let out a small exhale as she watched Minma take it. "Wow... y'know that seat right there looks really nice, would mind if I sat there?" Charlie said as she pointed to the spot beside Minma, not in-between the two, she wanted to be closer to Minma. Charlie turned to Stella. "could you please grab my bag Ellie?" Stella turned and handed Charlie her bag. Charlie put her tiny little hands into her back pulling out three lollipops and showing them to Minma. "I have Orange, Root beer and cotton candy, you can have whichever one you'd like, I'm sorry you don't like that flavor, let me clean your yummy spit off it..." Charlie lightly Pulled the lollipop from his lips licking his spit off and pushing it between her soft pink lips before she began sucking on it. "Mmmmm..." She popped it out as she licked her lips. "You have really yummy spit..." Charlie said with a hungry grin as she looked down to his lips.

Stella looked over to lapis. "So your name is lapis huh... I love lapis, its a really beautiful gem." Stella pulled out her necklace from her shirt and showed it to Lapis. "Its Amethyst, amethyst is my favorite gem." Charlie examined Lapis' eyes. He looks like a fun toy to play with.... he better play nice or I will fucking bury him.... Stella looked over to Charlie and Minma, finding it cute Charlie already found a boy to have fun with, Stella hoped Lapis didn't do something stupid, she would take a bullet in her before she would let someone hurt her friend over something so little, after all, Minma wasn't his for the taking, not yet.


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Mia had been watching the flirting from her seat and was close to puking. She hated this so much that words could not correctly express her disgust. She finally had enough when she heard something about Yummy spit She groaned and limped up the aisle to Mariah, snatched her book from out her hands then threw it square on Charlie's head. "Calm down with the lovey-dovey shit will you, it's disgustin-"

She stopped mid-sentence when her eyes landed on Jax. She blinked a few times, now Minma was a decent 9 but this dude broke the meter! She couldn't talk, she tried and failed and when words did come out... "Toronto has real nice rocks!" They made no sense. She internally palm slapped herself before returning to her seat, facing the window.


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Amethyst Lightwood

She nodded to what he was saying with a smile. It was kinda clear he didnt though for others it might seem like he did. She could read people like a book most of the time after growing up without words to show emotion.

"No its not that bad. I accidently messed it up so I had to fix it again. I also picked up being a perfectionist from you - sometimes its not a fun trait to have."

She giggled and spread her wings out to the side - dwarfing her small figure. She was still smiling as she bent down to pick up the flower crown she made earlier. The dark yellow went with her olive green and black outfit and her white hair. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and placed her hand on her hip. She also paid no attention to his comment to shut up and only grinned wider.

"You still need to sleep. Its not good for your health if you dont. Dont make me worry. Please.."

She mumbled and glanced away from Grayson to where the buses were and everyone else. When Grayson was talking again she brought her gaze back to him and nodded slightly. Funny how it depends on the area. Do some people stick around him more than other ghosts? She would blame them. Grayson was sort of interesting in different ways.

"I know that."

She said and rubbed the back of her neck. Her wings were back to being folded at her sides and brushing the ground. She wished they were back to normal - before she underwent training though it made her stronger so she didnt really mind. They found her blackout power weird though and tried to keep a eye on her. Its embarrassing to faint in front of a class of elite Angli.

"No it wasnt all that disheveled but I was talking about the ghosts appearances. Do you see the way they die..? Is it sad to know..?"

She asked and pulled out her blade, flipping it through the air. She caught it in her hand before she ran her finger over the edge. Not sharp enough. She tucked the blade away and wiped her hand on her pants.

Lapis Ashford

He pulled Minma onto the bus and took the seat by the window. He still had a smile on his face as he tucked his earbuds back into his ears. He paid no attention to Blondie or the group who walked on the bus. None of his business of who they were. He looked out the window as music drifted into his ears. Who the hell put this song on his playlist? He pulled out his phone and shuffled the songs - Devin coming on once again. Better. Much better.

He closed his eyes and adjusted his wings so he wasnt taking up all of the seat. He then heard a female talking and he opened his eyes. He stared at them with a cold expression for a moment. Where they talking to him and Minma? He shifted in the seat to prop his elbow on the window to get a better look at the two. Then they were making out and he raised a eyebrow.

"What the actual fuck..?"

He muttered and rubbed his face. Was what he seeing was real? They just madeout on the damn bus. He watched as they broke apart and his lip curled. Then the bitch was talking about sitting on their laps and Minma was flirting back with the girl. He rolled his eyes and leaned his head closer to Minmas to whisper something.

"Really? Flirting with them?"

He whispered before laughing. He leaned back over to his spot and crossed his arms over his chest. They were passing a lollipop back in forth. Gross. Utterly gross and unsanitary. He went to look back out the window when the other female was speaking to him. Why was the bitch speaking to him?

"Yes my name is Lapis though its not a big deal. Lapis is a nice gem."

He said and sat his head on his hand looking at the female when she said something about Amethyst. His eyes went wide before he realized she was talking about the stone. At least she didnt see Amethyst - that wouldnt go well. Where was Amethyst? Was she ok and was she in danger? Anger curled up inside him and he clenched his fist before uncurling his fingers. He swore if anything happened to her he was going to light the ever living fuck out of people.

Amethyst was his best friend and she needed his protection as she couldnt do it herself. She wasnt as cutthroat as he could be.

"Yea mine too."

He responded.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
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Ganymede Cove

He shifted in his seat and rubbed his eyes. Dark black circles stood out against his rather pale face. As much time as he spent in the sun he was still pale as hell. Fucking siren blood. His lips twitched into a small frown before sighing. The students were supposed to be here and he was late. He tried to be on time alot but it normally did not work like that - he lost track of time quite a bit.

He propped himself up on his elbows before standing up. Might as well go greet the students and break any fights up if there were any. Fights always happened due to no talking. He ran a hand through his fiery hair - the one that matched his families and his little sister Fae. The one who was known as a danger and threat to The Deep Blue. They gave up on her after she fled.

She was so little.. He opened the door to his small office and closed it behind him. He adjusted his black short-sleeved shirt and dress pants. A rather normal look for him when working though he would rather not be in these pants. He walked down the hall and cleared his mind of his sister. He turned down a couple halls before he got to the main door. He pulled it open and ran into someone.

He quickly stepped back and look at them. Never yell for reasons like this and it was the headmaster of CFFA. He smiled slightly and dipped his head in a hello.

"Quite sorry I ran into you Mr. Station I was not looking where I was going."

He said with a gruff voice before stepping around Leo to get outside. He crossed his arms and walked out further onto the courtyard. He wanted to get a better view of these students though why was different {Shabbier} buses here? He stopped when he spotted a halo of red hair. One that matched his one and his eyes went wide. Was that- No it could not be her. Its been to long she had to be dead.

His hand drifted to the scar on his left side of his face. Something that didnt bother him anymore but once did but it was a reminder to be careful. He jogged to the small group of people Fae was with. The female looked up and her eyes went wide.

"No fucking way- Ganymede is that you?"

He nodded slowly and a smile spread across her face and she leaped into his arms. The other masked female whirled around and had her blade pointed at him.

'Who the hell are you?"

"Ganymede. Faes brother."

He answered seemingly unbothered by the knife pointed at him. He wrapped a arm around Faes shoulder and Fae was slightly crying. It had been a long time since they last saw each other but here they were - hugging. How the hell did she end up here? The girl tucked her blade away and nodded to him. Respect from a angry female? Damn thats a first.


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Minma watched as Charlie continued to be extremely flirtatious towards him. Watching as her lips opened and closed as she spoke. A small grin appeared on his face as she stuck the lollipop back into her mouth. He felt Lapis move closer to him, then whisper into his ear. In response to this Minma moved to Lapis's ear and whispered. "Shhhhhh. I can handle myself. You just keep sitting here looking hot as ever." He said the last a little slow with a softer tone than he was whispering.

He glanced back at the females and stretched his arms, one of them passing infront of Lapis's face. "I'm sorry but I've already had my fill of suckers today. So you can put them back."

He noticed Mia come at Charlie and Minma was about to react to stop her but he saw as Mia stoped in her tracks, looking back at a blonde guy that arrived with the females infront of him. Well it's safe to assume that she's about to make a new friend. His attention was placed back onto Charlie. "Your request to sit here has been declined. Don't take it personally, or do, it wouldn't matter to me, but it's just a tick that I have." Minma would have went into deeper detail about why it was a tick for him but he didn't feel like explaining himself to two strangers, especially when one he hardly just meet, and the other be literally just meet. It was actually because of the military. He didn't feel safe in a state of weakness like sitting down, while being blocked off. If she was to take the seat anyway it's highly likely his ptsd would trigger and things wouldn't be pretty


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Grace gave a smile to Mariah back, waving with energetically.

Seconds before the book hit Charlie a purple forcefield shot up infront of Charlie, causing Mia to smack the book into the electric shield, knocking it out of her hands. Charlie gave a sweet giggle as she shield disappeared, Charlie picked the book up and handed to Mia, leaving a two burn marks of her hands on the book, her eyes flickering vibrantly pink. "Here.... You dropped this." Charlie said with a blank face as she handed the book to Mia. "sorry... someone must have burnt it, how unfortunate." Zoey was watching the fight, she guarded Charlie with her shield when Mia tried swinging at Charlie. "Nah fam." Zoey said as she tsk. tsk. disappointed in this unwarranted behavior from Mia. Jax and Grace were up in seconds, between Mia and Charlie. Jax Grabbed Mia roughly by the arm, shoving her away from Charlie. "Don't fucking touch her, or I'll knock that crooked smile back into place." Jax said protectively as he snarled like an angry bulldog at Mia, his very deep husky voice growling. He really wanted to knock her out with a punch, but he knew it wasn't the right choice to make in a cramped bus. "Ay! guys please don't fight! Why did you try hitting Char-Char! she's so kind, that was very not kind of you missy! I think you might needa time out with that very unkind behavior!" Grace said as she made a mad face similar to that of a young child, she waved her finger around at Mia.

Sammy had looked up to see what had been going on for a second, she didn't like the drama but she ignored it and looked back down to her book, continuing to read as she enjoyed the slight sways on the bus along with her 80's music. Zoey was giggling as she enjoyed the unneeded fight that was happening. "Don't you ever fucking dare." Jax said as he crossed his arms while looking angrily at Mia, he hated this feeling of rage he felt when someone he loved was threatened, he had always loved Charlie, he loved all of the girls in his Gang, and he always enjoyed the fact that they were all hot and he got to spend his time with some fine babes all to himself. "That wasn't a very intelligent move on your part, now sit your flat ass back in your seat before I make you." Stella said with a blank expression on her face as she looked blankly at Mia. Her Steam started moving around, shaping into Multiple Mist hands, 8 exactly as they began to grab at her different limbs, dragging her back to her seat and forcefully pushing her down into it. Stella didn't appreciate how condescending Lapis was being, but she figured she'd have to place nice, at least for now. "Yes he is, and he's allowed too, he isn't yours." Charlie giggled as she twirled her golden hair in her fingers, looking back to Minma. "I'm sorry that happened, I'm just being friendly" Charlie said as she took another lick of her lollipop.

Charlie looked closely at Minma's Lips as he smiled. Charlie pulled the lollipop from her mouth, a string of saliva pulling from the lollipop and her plump rosy cheeks. "You have a really cute smile." Charlie said with a giggle as she licked the lollipop with her soft wet tongue, rubbing it across the smooth cherry glass candy. Charlie listened to what he said about her not sitting there, she gave a small grin, she wasn't used to boys saying no to her. Wow.... so he's cute and he has self control, Charlie thought with a giggle. "That's okay, I'll just sit here and talk to you- That is if its okay for be to keep talking to you... is it okay?"


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Mia blinked a few times, before shaking her head as she was trying to ignore the actions and insults being thrown at her but it was when Jax grabbed her that she lost it. Her eyes turned a dark crimson like when Emery had assaulted her earlier. Her whole mood changed and the green dye in her hair got darker as well, Mia grabbed Jax's arm and bent it the other way then threw him away, taking out a small dagger as she did. She narrowed her eyes at the male as if daring him to come at her again when her eyes then suddenly flickered back to brown.

She dropped the dagger and quickly made her way to the most intimidating person on the bus, unfortunately, it was the same person that, according to Lapis, wanted to eat her eyes. She crouched under her seat, still in disbelief about what she did just because of a lost temper. She lightly shook his leg, hoping he would notice her.
"I need help and I may have done something really bad PLEASE HELP ME AND I'LL DO ANYTHING." She was fully expecting to be jumped at this point and wasn't in the best condition for that right now.


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Minma watched as the events unraveled. A shield covering Charlie as Mia was going to attack. And it seemed the book was burnt. Fair enough. He saw two others jump in between the two. As the guy grabbed Mia strongly, Minma watched observantly. Then he seen her get pushed back. Oh shit....her legs. Minma's blood began to boil but he couldn't respond in the way he wanted.

He decided to wait a bit longer, only making him more furious as she was thrown to the back of the bus. After it happened Charlie attempted to make conversation again but was blatantly ignored. But that wasn't the end of it. Mia quickly pounced back and soon threatened the guy with a dagger. Her eyes turning the same color they were when they first meet. What the hell was she thinking. She just held a dagger to his face. He couldn't sit back anymore he could feel the tenseness raise as Mia ran towards Emery.

Standing up from his seat Minma took a step and made it to Jax. He reached down and grabbed him by the shirt pulling him up to meet each other in the eye. "Do you honestly think your roughness was needed? Cause let me tell you something. I don't. It was obvious she had been dealt with. And don't give me no bullshit that you felt the need to protect her anyway. Your blonde haired friend clearly can hold her own in battle."

Using both hands now Minma lifted Jax from the ground and placed him on the seat. "I suggest you ignore her backlash towards you. It's the best thing to do for everyone." He knew Mia was going to wake up Emery and he didn't feel like dealing with him, especially if something were to go down. He gave Jax one last look of fury before turning around and heading for his seat with Lapis.
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Emery had been lazed out on his row of seats this entire time, arm over his eyes as he rested. Saving everyone from his sly comments. Of course, a ghoul couldn't sleep. But the closest he could get was tuning out and daydreaming. It was similar, in a sense. More control over what direction his brain wanted to go compared to normal dreaming. He liked that, hence why he did it a lot.

But a sudden shake to his leg made his arm raise, casting an annoyed frown to the persecutor. He was having a great dream, now it was interrupted. Slipping from his mind. When he realised it was the same girl he had tried to chomp on earlier, he blinked. She seemed worried about something, not sure why she'd come to him out of all people. He had tried to eat her.

"An eyeball." He responded to the girl, naming his price. "One of yours."

Yet his serious face suddenly broke into a smile. He was just messing with her. "Kidding. That'd be mean." As if Emery wasn't an inherently mean person. "Unless.. You're offering?" Slight hope maybe she would spare at least one as a thank-you for not eating her. People don't need two eyes. Don't be selfish Mia.

"You must have missed me, mhm? Running all the way back for little ol' me." Despite teasing the girl, he wasn't going to refuse to help the female with whatever she had done, tucked scared. He felt pity for her, in a rude way. Like feeling bad for a cow but eating steak anyway. Plus, his daydream was long gone and he didn't have much else to do. Usually he was the one getting up to pester people, not the other way around.

With a sigh he moved a hand through his hair to move it off his face. Setting his legs off the seats and back to the floor. "What is it you want?" He questioned, looking down at Mia, wondering what was so important to come break his daydreaming for.
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Jax grinned when she tried pushing his hand away when he shoved her, weak, was the only word I thought of when she tried pushing him again, he didn't move an inch as he looked down at her with a big grin.
"Someone's Feisty." He said in a flirty tone as he turned his back to her, knowing her dagger would snap off the handle if she tried stabbing him. Grace Jumped between Jax and Mia. "Please don't fight! pretty pretty please don't fight!" Grace begged as she hopped up and down impatiently. "Lets all just be friends okay! friends!" Grace pleaded. "listen hot stuff, the bitch had it coming for trying to hit Charlies gorgeous face for no reason." Charlie giggled "I'm fine Jax, you don't need to fight my battles, I appreciate protecting me why don't you sit down." Charlie said with a soft expression, clearly not bothered by this. Jax grunted "tch. Like I'd give that brat my acknowledgement" Jax said as he winked at Charlie and Stella sitting back in his Seat.

"Phew! thought I was gunna have to pull out the big guns!" Grace said as she made finger guns. "pow! pow!" She said as she giggled. "Can I have a lolly lolly!?" Grace said as she hopped up and down excitedly, Charlie nodded as she pulled the cotton candy one, knowing it was graces favorite, out of her bag. "Thanks Char-Char!" Grace clapped her hands excitedly as she sat back down with Jax, trying to calm him down. Zoey pulled out her phone and started playing bitlife, doing lots of illegal things in the game.

Sammy looked up from her Book for a second seeing Mia approaching her, she got worried thinking she did something wrong she got ready to stand up and her book fell out of her lap, sliding forward on the ground a little bit, she was re-reading the city of ember. Then Mia turned and sat down in the seat infront of her. Sammy set her ipod down in her seat as she got up and picked her book up.
"Sorry..." She muttered quietly before sitting back down in her seat, hoping they wouldn't acknowledge her.

Charlie turned back to Minma giving him a quick smile before she walked down the isle past them, holding a root beer and a orange lollipop in her hand. Charlie walked all the way back to Emery and Mia.
"Hey I just wanted to apologize for that, are you okay?" Charlie said, sounding genuinely worried about Mia. "I brought this... as an apology" Charlie lifted up her Two Lollipops. "Orange or Root beer?" Charlie ask as she sat in the empty seat Across from Mia's seat. She looked over to Emery with a smile. "You can have one too if you'd like," Charlie Said to Emery before returning her attention to both of them. "My name is Charlie, its nice to meet you, even if we did start off on the wrong foot, I apologize for that." Charlie said calmly to Mia.

Stella looked over to Minma and Lapis with a blank expressionless face.
"You should be more careful." Stella said calmly with a small smile "This is going to be a Fun year," Stella said as she turned back around, Her Fog hands began stroking through her hair while she filed her nail.


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Minma looked at Stella as she warned him. A look of confusion came upon his face, then a smile began to paint onto his face. He couldn't help it. He began to laugh hysterically, loud enough where everyone on the bus could hear it. He struggled to control himself, trying to do so only made it worse. He eventually got it together, he slowed it down to an repetitive slight chuckle to him sighing in relief.

He sat in his seat with Stella in the one infront of him, although now out of sight. That didn't stop Minma from speaking his mind. "Did you really just warn me? Ag- agai- against your friends? I'm flattered. But I'll have you know not one of y'all strike me as intimidating. Nor do I find myself having to take caution in y'all presence. Matter a fact thier isn't a person or any species of that matter that would strike fear into me. You see I've been held at gunpoint by multiple people numerous times. I've been nearly executed infront of a mass audience. And let's not forget the time I was half hung off a hundred foot clif and was tormented for answers. And there's something in common with all those scenarios, not only were they near death experiences but not a bone or fiber in my body reflected fear. And you honestly feel necessary to warn me to be careful around a bunch of meer specimen. Don't kid yourself."

It was happening Minma's egotistical side was coming out to play and he couldn't help it. He was aggravated to the core. He laid back on the seat with his hands behind his neck. The voice he had been speaking in was loud enough to be heard from anyone on the bus. But Minma didn't care yet he continued. "And if I'm being honest I think I could take each and every one of these people on the bus, at the exact same time. Call me cocky if you want, it is what it is." Realistically Minma knew he wouldn't be able to take everyone on the bus at the same time but he had the mindset of think big, accomplish big.

Now that he has let his ego speak for him besides holding back, Minma began to cool down. He didn't care what the others were thinking. Or if they thought he was a cocky, loudmouth showoff. He hadn't planned on showing this side of him in it's full, he knows once he lets his ego takes place the next words that come out his mouth won't be positive.


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"damn i hate running behind" as he sprinted towards the parked bus with his small backpack full of clothes and walked on inside it as it pulled away. he had been excited for this trip and experience at this school and was eager to learn how to control his powers better so he didn't end up hurting people as he tucked his dragon stone which shone a pale blue into his pocket he ran domly picked a seat that had a girl next to him. instantly he could see she was not happy to be in such a crowded place and knew she would most likely hate him more and he offered a small smile and a "hello" before looking at the others and fiddling with the stone in his pocket


Maddie watched this drama unfold with wide eyes. She was done with these people and felt that if she was there any longer then she would be involved in the chaos SOMEHOW. She pushed the driver out of the seat he was in then sat in the seat he was in, taking the wheel and pushing her foot down on the pedal. She had started to drive, the other driver of the bus still on the ground. He was the fittest person and in this case, it was his downfall.
By the time he had gotten back up thanks to the support of a seat that sat on the left of him, the bus was already pulled up at the school's entrance. Maddie kicked the other driver down the steps and helped him up once she got off the bus, "Uh- Where here please don't die, Byeeee!" And with that she was gone with the other driver, leaving the students to only walk off and interact with the whole other bunch of students


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Stella stared blankly at him, her eyes empty, her face void of emotion as she listened to him talk.

After he Finished Stella looked to Zoey, she understood and made a Box like forcefield around Stella and Minma, molding perfectly around the bus seats, blocking off Lapis and any others. It popped into existence within a millisecond, zero seconds left to enter or leave the Forcefield. Two Mist hands appeared as they shot out grabbing Minma's Wrists and pulling them down to his sides as Stella bent over the bus seat Grabbing Minma by the throat, not Choking him but keeping her hand there as she leaned forward, tilting her head to the side curiously, examining his face. "You're sorely mistaken dear...." Her blank face slowly moved to a more sadistic slight grin as she continued. "I don't care if you're scared or not. Your stupidity doesn't concern me, what I was warning you about is...." She leaned in to whisper into his ear, moving her hand away from his throat as she lightly whispered into his ear. "I meant you should be careful for who you associate your self with.... it'd be really unfortunate if something happened to that pretty face of yours." an idiotic halfwit for example, Stella thought about Mia "Keep talking dear, maybe one day you'll say something intelligent"

Stella leaned back as the force-field warped away along with the mist hands. "Goodbye Dear." Stella said with a calm smile as she sat back, Picking up Charlie and her bag as she stood up, Zoey and Jax Standing behind Stella in a trio formation with Stella in the center of the isle, Jax and Zoey glaring at Minma with their arms crossed. "I hope you have a really good day." Stella said before she flipped her hair walking out of the bus, Jax, and Zoey following short behind.

Grace stood up looking over to Minma. "Im really sorry about that! here's a high five for your troubles!" Grace put her hand up to Give Minma a high-five. "Sammy, Charlie we gotta go!" Grace said as she excitedly hopped out of the bus with her Backpack. Sammy stood up, nervously brushing her brown hair behind her ears. "Sorry..." she said as she lightly pushed past people, walking to the front of the bus and looking back to Charlie. "Sorry Loves, gotta run." Charlie said as she stood up, her hips swaying side to side as she stopped at Minma, blowing him a kiss, a flirty grin plastered across her face before she Left with Sammy, The 6 teens, Stella, Charlie, Jax, Sammy, Grace and Zoey, walking together in a formation, Stella and Charlie in the center.


Asher & Dayana
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As Asher stood in the courtyard he noticed another bus pull up though, the first few students far from what he expected. He scoffed as he ran a hand through his dark black hair and exhaled. He needed to find a way to hold onto his end of the deal he had made with Dominique but the new girls he had just seen made that hard to keep. Asher couldn't risk it though, this girl already knew him well enough and if he failed to do what he agreed to do then she could leak everything about him. So instead of directly flirting with them he only winked at one of the girls, though which specific one was still unclear from his standpoint.

He then made his way over to Dayana, gently placing his hands on her shoulders then spinning her around while holding her tightly to him by the waist. He looked her up and down, sharp brown eyes inspecting her, and smirked as his face grew closer to hers.
"You look like a good one~" Dayana froze and her face started to heat up as she pushed him away while Asher on the other hand only grew amused by this. He slightly loosened his grip on her but kept her close. "I don't want you running off just yet!" Dayana stood quietly, she could REALLY use her cell phone right now...


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he looked at the group leaving and made a mental note to avoid the group of girls. he was not here for a hook up nor did he have the effort to do that and contain his fury and power that he felt bubbling inside him as he left marina where she sat and walked off the bus quickly moving pass the group hopefully unnoticed even though he was 6ft tall it was kind of hard to do so and sat down on a bench waiting the dragon stone which he now removed from his pocket floating in front of him and he stared at it in concentration and image of his dragon form engraved in the centre reflecting brilliantly with the light it emits and dark flames encircled his hands as he raised them towards the stone controlling his darker side


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst) **Talking about dead bodies in detail lol so look away if gore is not ur passion <3 **
"I'm not a perfectionist." Lie. Big fat lie. "I can do imperfect things and be fine with it." No he couldn't. Dude literally repacked his bag three times this morning. Almost four. Who knows how much more he would've done it if he wasn't under a time constraint.

He glanced over, noticing the second bus pull up at the school. Quite fast and dangerous driving. Maybe the driver was drunk. Not his business. He turned his attention back to Amethyst.

"... Why does my health worry you?" He kind of knew the answer. They were friends it made sense. But Grayson was lowkey just asking so she'd say it. Hehe.

Amethyst had meant the ghost's appearances. Of course. He winced and facepalmed realising he had totally misunderstood. Embarrassing. Made him look unfocused. Stupid. But Grayson couldn't freak about that for long, as what she actually wanted to know the answer to had made him falter. For a long time. Abnormal for Grayson who usually had no problem speaking.

"They-" He didn't know how to respond. He saw them everyday. Heard them everyday. Saw their gruesome wounds and faces and bodies everyday. Yet he never tried to verbally describe it to anyone. "Well some-" He frowned, crossed his arms a little tighter over his chest before actually confiding in the girl.

"Some look fine, easy to mistake as humans. If a funeral service takes the body for embalming or viewing preparations, their jaws are wired shut. Waxy skin. Peaceful most the time. They are the rare ones. Not many of those hang around."

That was the easy answer, which he followed up with the tougher bits.

"If it's a more gruesome death, wounds will be seen. Stabbings, gunshots, bruises, lacerations, signs of struggle, mangled bones, blood. Typical dead things." Grayson spoke about it with stoic ease. He was no stranger to morbidity. "Some cannot walk properly, so they will limp, crawl. Sometimes drag themselves along the floor with their hands. Some hang." A muscle twitched in his jaw, tense.

"The drowned ghosts are puffy, swollen skin on the body. Floaters, is what I call them. Stay near the bodies of water they died in. I find the ocean is a bad place to go into, it's filled with them." Too many died at sea. Too hard for Grayson to differentiate between seaweed or someone's hair or hand. He could always see them, floating in the watery abyss or standing idle in the shallows. He never went in the water, but watching the ocean from afar was nice. He could pretend the figures were just normal people.

"If someone dies and isn't found, their body decomposes and turns green. Then purple. Then black. The body will then bloat, gases build up inside causing them to inflate like a balloon. Eyes are pushed from their sockets, tongue is forced out of the mouth. The skin will blister, any touch and it will fall off the bone. Hair and nails fall out, organs will liquify and the body will swell until it bursts." Grayson was now staring off into the distance as he spoke, not much emotion in his voice. Desensitized to much of it.

"Beetles, maggots and flies will occupy a decomposing corpse. They're attracted by the sweet smell of rot. They fester in the mouth, nose, ears and eyes." He didn't need to explain any more of that.

"If they are burned to death, fire makes soft tissues contract. It causes skin to rip and the muscles, fat and internal organs to shrink. Since the contracting makes their joints flex, their bodies are always contorted, twisted and hunched over. Cooked and charred dark skin that is left. They breathe loudly, laboured and ragged." He didn't like those ones. They looked and sounded less human. "But most ghosts are more active at night."

"They know I can see them. They know I can hear them." He was frowning now, an uneasiness entering his voice, his body felt cold. Faint again as he got caught up in relaying this information.

Then he blinked, breaking the weird little numb trance he had slipped into. He looked at Amethyst. Expression unreadable.

"I have grown accustomed over the years. They no longer scare me." His childhood was a mess, a son who sees dead people was not something his parents or anyone would have a smooth time handling. With time it got easier, occasional ghost would terrify him enough to cause a scene about. But now, rarely did anything dead unnerve him. He had seen almost everything. Too much, perhaps a fair cause for his active dreaming. "I cannot afford to be sad about it."

Realising he had become far too detailed he bit his tongue. Sharing all that had settled a despairing weight upon him and the conversation. "Graveyards are a big social scene." He forced a faint smile onto his face, now trying to recall the humour in the ability to see the dead. "I once had a ghost that followed me for two weeks. Lonely, I suppose." He wasn't sure if this was helping their solemn talk.

"And funerals are really awkward." Having all these people crying while he's doing shifty eyes at the ghost in the corner was a bit of an unfortunate situation. He sighed, shaking his head, giving up on trying to cheer the conversation up. "I have spoken too much. Sorry."
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Mia was only mortified by the idea of giving up her eyes and she hastily shook her head, "No offer for that her!!" Might have come out rude but she could really put good use to both of her eyes. Once the girls came up to her she didn't talk, didn't move, she only scooted closer to Emery as if he'd actually protect her. Mia was damn sure he'd watch her get pummeled if it ever did come to that and only chuckle as he waited to clean up from the fight. She even held her breath for a period of time up until the other girl left, like that would help anything at all. . .

"See that? THAT is frightening." In a second after that she had lost interest in whatever she was talking about, her attention now turned solely on his hair. Mia looked back at Emery and tilted her head as if asking if she could touch it since it would really suck to be legless because of the touching of hair.


Asher & Dayana
"Uh- Actually it would be nice if you could let go and step away-" Dayana couldn't feel comfortable and was sure that he wouldn't take too kindly to her not being flattered but what did he expect? He was acting like a total rapist right now! "Hm.." He would frown and let go of her, leaving her to fall onto the ground rather roughly. "Fine, but we'll pick this up later?~" Dayana looked at Asher a bit dumbfounded. Did he really just drop me?. . . She gets up and wiped her hands onto her clothes as she stood back up then glared up at Asher. "You really think you can just do that! Do you even know who I am?!" Asher quirked a brow, "No, perhaps you could tell me?" She was simply quiet. She needed to shut up, like now.

"Come on princess, don't give up on me now, wheres that fight I saw earlier huh?" At this moment Dayana was at a loss for words. Was that a coincidence or- Wait... "Oh, I figure out a small secret and you don't want to talk anymore?" Asher gently put his hand on her face and tilted her head up to gaze into his hard glare. "Remember that thing about respect?" Dayana shook her head and shoved him away and with a step back she found it more comfortable to talk. Much more preferred to have him at least five feet away. "How- Wh- No one else knows right?" "No... but they could!" She inhaled deeply as she kept her eyes on him, "What do you want?"
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Amethyst Lightwood

"Little hard to believe but I will trust you."

She said with a half smile. She stretched her arms and watched Grayson for a split second.

"Because you are my friend Grayson. I care about my friends."

She muttered. Not completely true. She left her friends back at Angelia though if they were her friends that was debatable. They left her. Backstabbed her. No even checking on her to see if she was "dead". She rubbed her face with her hands before Grayson started talking again. She listened with wide eyes at the description of the ghosts. How horrible that he must have seen all that.

She flicked her wings and listen closely until he finished speaking. She wasnt going to push the talk of ghosts any further. It did truly sound horrible even to her. The fact he had to see that everyday though broke her heart. No one should have to see all that.


She muttered. She shuffled her feet and debated on what to say or do. Screw it.

She walked closer to Grayson and wrapped her arms around his chest, hugging him tightly. She lingered there for a second before stepped him and releasing him. She stepped back and tucked her hands behind her back - cheeks dusted red. She laughed a bit when he started talking about graveyards. Though she was wondering what those really were. Where they on the ground like alot of the Human buildings or were they somewhere else? She decided right now might not be the best time to talk about graveyards so she just smiled.

"I bet.. Also you didnt talk to much... Thank you for sharing all that though it is truly awful you have to see all that."

She had a lucent smile on her face despite the heavy topic. Did it need to be changed to something lighter? She thought it did - she didnt want Grayson to look so down. She felt something go off on her phone and she sucked in a sharp breath. Now was no the right time - unless it was the perfect time.

"Hey Grayson can I get your number? For studying?"

She was mainly asking to get off the topic of death though she dragged him into it. She wringed her hands together before folding them in front of her.

Lapis Ashford

He didnt watch the battle nor did he really care what was going on. He simply folded his wing closer to him and closed his eyes. The bus suddenly took off and then screeched to a halt a couple minutes later. He went slamming into the seat ahead of him but before hitting his head he threw out his arm. Pain jolted through his shoulder and he let out a string of cuss words.

Ouch. He was going to have to get Amethyst to heal that if she could. He whipped out his phone and typed in her contact name.

[Lapis]: Amethyst some shit just happened on the bus and I need your help. I think I might have broken something.

He sent the text and waited for a minute but didnt get on back straight away. Weird. He waited another minute before sighing and swiping to another phone contact. 20 missed messages. Oh shit he was in deep trouble.. He quickly read through them all and sighed. His mother wasnt to mad at him just worried about where he was and why he hasnt returned home.

[Lapis]: Hey im alright Madre. Im at a new school. Sorry I didnt tell you but I had to leave quickly.
[Madre]: Is something going on?
[Lapis]: No. I need to go bye. Love you Madre!
[Madre]: You worry me sometimes son you are just like your father. Be careful love you too.

He shut off his phone and tucked it away. His mother mad no reason to worry about him. He was fine though his shoulder was still throbbing. He looked up at Minma with a smile and held out his hand for him to take.

"Hm strong arent you? Not bothered by danger? My type of guy."

He smirked as he pulled Minma up and off the bus. When they finally reached the courtyard he stretched his wings out as far as they could go. Almost whacking a student in the face but didnt really pay attention to them and folded his wings back.

"What do you wanna do while we wait? And are you ok - did you get dragged into the fight?"

Artemis Hunt

She glanced at Ganymede. The supposed sibling of Fae and she narrowed her eyes. Fae believed it was him but she could be a ditz at times but she would examine this later. She looked at Josiah with a glare before rolling her eyes.

"Just- Just shut the fuck up for now. We can talk later and you will give me all the details not a single one left out or im stabbing you again understand?"

She didnt wait for his reply as she looked up past his shoulder to see the girl who helped her earlier with the boy Fae was talking with. In a not so good position. She growled slightly when she was tossed to the ground. She twirled the blade in her hand and walked up to the two. She pushed the boy back more than how far he was already standing. She only caught apart of their conversation something about a secret.

None of her business though it was her business to protect someone she said she would help protect. She death glared the male before turning to the female.

"Are you alright? Do I need to kick his ass or melt his head?"

She whispered to the female and twirled the blade again within her hand. She looked back at the male and adjusted her mask. Loet was standing behind Artemis and nudged the female with his head. His eyes sparkling as he nudged her again.

"Now why are you bothering her mate?"

Artemis asked the male and shifted her body to look fully back at the male. She was going to help the female because she helped her earlier. Slight pity ran through her.


Emerycrop.pngEmery- DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mia)

Emery only gave a sardonic smile as he was offered a lollipop. He would rather eat broken glass. Human food tasted like rot in his mouth. But it did spike jealousy in him, that he would never be able to try sweets like that and enjoy it. But once he compared it to liver, that soon faded. For he really, really loved liver.

He hadn’t said anything, which was rare and very strange for the blonde boy. Seemed by his slight passive aggressive silence and smile that he was okay with the idea of lending protection to Mia. Only because he had nothing better to do. But the group walked off, easing the silence into a more comfortable one.

Emery then noticed Mia looking at him. The ghoul stared right back. Just blinking. Probably would be awkward if Emery was anybody else, but he didn’t mind staring or being stared at. Mia tilted her head. His gaze narrowed. THAT WAS HIS THING. He did the dumb little head tilting, not her. She was trying to use it against him.

“You can’t have my eyes..” He mumbled, childishly raising a hand to try shield himself from the girl. As if Mia had all intentions of snatching an eyeball out for herself. “They’re mine.”

She did not want an eyeball. Emery realised she was just looking at his hair rather than anything else. Nothing edible. Unless Mia ate hair which would be really suspicious behaviour.

Instead of asking or with any warning he simply took her wrist, plonked her hand right on the top of his head.

“Affectionately.” The ghoul instructed her on how he should touch his hair. Pleasant docile manner for someone like Emery. He hadn’t said anything insulting or rude for a little while.

“I would apologise for trying to eat you earlier but I am not sorry.” Never mind. “In fact,” He paused, slight smile moving across his face as he looked over at Mia. “I will probably do it again.” Yes, threaten the person who’s hand is on top of your head. I’m sure they will feel safe.

“And when I do,” Not if. When. He poked her leg with a finger, near the bandages. “Hamstrings are a delicacy.” Emery wasn’t even trying to be creepy or scare her, his conversations just seemed to always come back to eating. Constantly. Meat was always on his mind.

GraysonCircleCrop.png- - - - - -
Grayson- XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
It was a very brief awkward interaction that made him lock up and freeze. He didn’t hug back. He did expect some type of sympathy points, people often felt pity about it. But usually not a hug, since most people could understand by looking at him he was not into physical touching.

Then she had moved away again, asking about his phone number or something.

It was ignored.

He reached out gingerly and pulled the girl close. Straight into a sudden hug. Grayson nestled his face into her hair. It was soft, smelled nice. She was warm, felt like sleep. His hand was absentmindedly on the back of her head, fingers curling into the locks of white hair. He exhaled a weary sigh in comfort and held her tighter, but he remained frowning.

And then he did something unsettling.

He pressed two fingers against the side of her neck, checking for a pulse. A weird paranoia had crept up on him, so he wanted reassurance this girl had vitals. He did in fact feel the pulse, and let his hand slip away from her neck again.

"Just checking." Was all he mumbled as vague explanation. Amethyst was indeed living and breathing. What a wonderful and clever observation from Grayson. But he didn't move, standing there hugging this warm short female to himself for whatever compelling reason he had.

And then he stepped away, finding his phone in his pocket.

“That’s fine.” He responded, as if that hadn’t just happened. The boy was calm and reserved again. His contact list wasn’t very exciting. His parents, some acquaintances (awkward semi-arranged girlfriend family friend included) and some of his old tutors. Not for anything weird, he just liked to stay in contact with a few of them.

Grayson held his phone out to her, not particularly wary about it. He didn’t have anything strange on the device, just a lot of pictures of cats he had met. Sometimes he’d go into the pet shop just to stare at them.
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Mia giggled a bit by his reaction but gently moved his hand away from his eyes despite the fact that he could flick her to the back of the bus with no issue or hesitation. "Dont worry, I don't want your eyes! I want mine as much as you want yours." When her wrist was then grabbed she couldn't help but be a bit surprised as it was then plopped onto his head. She thought for a moment, How do you affectionately pet a male who is substantially taller than you? She only very slowly ran her fingers through his hair. It wasn't as bad as she expected it to be. Mia was half expecting to be picking through bloody and knotted hair but for some reason, it wasn't that- Which was odd.

Something even weirder? The apology. It made her uncomfortable to hear it from him of all people as she returned her hands to her side. The end was a bit more normal though but she was not on this bullcrap again and she only blinked a few times. I wonder how many friends he's had before he got here- Perhaps he's just started making a few...And tried to eat even more of them. Feeling a bit bad for the ghoul, Mia hugged him tightly.
"I am friend, not food." She decided to be the one to help show Emery how to be more...friendly even if it killed her- And it probably would.


Asher & Dayana
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Asher looked over at Artemis before pulling Dayana close to his chest and narrowing his eyes at the girl. He could remember her as one of the people Fae had been socializing with but never really caught her name. "My and my girlfriend are fine, you can leave now." He wore a wide smirk across his face as he waved her away. Dayana hadn't taken too kindly to being pulled like that and smacked Asher square in the face, leaving a red stinging mark on his left cheek. Asher was quiet for a moment, staring off into space for a good moment before letting go of Dayana.

She moved away once again, furrowing her brows at the sound of Asher now laughing- Like a creep.
"Thanks for coming over-" She gave a nod at Artemis. "Hm...I suppose the more the merrier?"
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Emerycrop.pngEmery- DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mia)
Emery sat politely as Mia stroked through his hair. Well behaved ghoul did enjoy that. He actually found the physical touch quite calming, which was not a surprise. Emery knew what he liked, which was attention. Plenty of it.

"But if you have an emotional attachment to the food it tastes better." He was just trying to be annoying now. "Kidding." He grinned. "Doesn't change anything... Not that I've tried." A debatable sentence coming from the likes of him. He had eaten a lot of things. Not all he felt proud of.

Mia had hugged him. Emery thankfully showed no signs of ferocity. Still docile. He did sniff her head, which could come across passive aggressive, but he didn't do anything else. As casually as he had done with Artemis, he rested his head down on top of hers. Not fussed by it whatsoever.

"You are not very smart, are you?" He curled a strand of her hair around a finger in curious yet gentle inspection, still resting on her. "Little brain. Like peanut." Rude.

"Maybe you're secretly strong instead. Show me your teeth." Very weird request. Emery's hand reaching for Mia's face to try pull her jaw open. "Don't be shy, show me. How many you got?"
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