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Fantasy N.A.S MAIN CHAT >>Closed<<

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Thrun Mukurn
Interactions: DaniGurl DaniGurl (Dayana and Asher)
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Thrun was still trying to mingle with the other students. Various unnamed NPCs who this writer assumes exists. He was still trying to make his study group, getting his mind off of Dominique and her threat. He wasnt very successful so far, buuut at least he was learning about this new school eh? He smiled some, in higher spirits as he thumbed through his phone. Hey, at least he had notes now. He rubbed his chin when he heard a loud SMACK!

Thrun turned his gaze, noticing students looking at a scene. Thrun winced, he hoped no one was hurt. Being the goodguy he was, he decided to check it out. He pocketed his phone for the time and made his way there, gently pushing through the crowd with generous 'Sorry!'ies and 'Coming through!', before he spotted the scene. A flustered and, angry looking Dayana, watching an equally furious looking woman yelling at a man who had a very pronounced red mark on his cheek.

Ok... He didnt like the look of this one bit. He found himself approaching before he could even fully think the situation through, "Hey! Is everything alright?" Thrun asked, concern etched across his features. He resisted the urge to put a reassuring hand on Dayana for now, wanting to know what was going on and if everyone was alright.

But Asher, he might notice the Orcs gaze lingered longer on Dayana then Artemis, who he didnt even really know yet. While Dayana well... He had a special connection with.



Dayana & Asher
Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Artemis) Zef The Owl Zef The Owl (Thrun)

Dayana was quiet as Artemis once again left her alone with the unholy sight that was Asher. He slowly stood though his body ached in protest. He wouldn’t show that weakness though, if there’s one thing that he’s learned over time is that weakness makes space for failure. With the possible reward on the line he wasn’t going to be stopped to easily, “It really is a shame babe...” He shook his head,“I really thought we had something... Perhaps you know it.” Dayana quickly shook her head, “I don’t like you Asher and I never will especially after this.” She answered in a stern and unwavering tone. Soon enough his gaze wandered to an orc. The big brute was coming their way.

With a groan he stepped closer to Dayana, attention now dead set on her once again.
“Go ahead and tell him.. Is there anything wrong?” There was a testing tone in the way he said it, like it was a threat of some kind. Dayana‘s eyes shot at him like daggers, a scowl now on her face as she turned back to Thrun. She hated to lie but right now she didn’t have time for the fighting. “We’re fine...” Asher smiled and threw his hand arm around her, getting down to whisper, “Good choice.” She grabbed his hand and squeezed hard until she heard a crack. Her silent way of saying, ‘don’t touch me’.
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We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Fae Cove and Artemis Hunt
Interactions: samandawdsas samandawdsas {Gleadr}
After spending a good couple minutes without her mask on Artemis decided to slip it back on. She already had it off for far to long in one sitting. She tightened the straps around her head and let out a sigh. She didnt want to talk or deal with people today she just wanted to go run in the woods. Find something useful to do with her time. Hell she had people to hunt down though Fae had made it clear as long as we were here there was no hunting down.

Then Josiah appeared out of fucking nowhere and threw everything off. He was supposed to be dead. She watched him die. There was no way by the moons he was still alive. And if he was then there was big problems. How was he still alive? His damn head got bashed in and she helped Fae carry him to a resting place. She buried him because he was dead. She looked at Loet and patted his head. The deer turned his head up and bent down slightly.

Artemis hopped on top of the deers back. Her side still hurt a bit but it wasnt all that bad anymore. She could thank Dominque for that one. She had a small smile on her face as she peered her head up to spot her red headed friend. Her sister pretty much. She spotted the female with a white haired male. It didnt strike her as odd as Fae was always making friends if she could.

Fae looked at Gleadr and giggled.

"Very true though if they did attack you then they would have a very angry siren to deal with."

She tilted her head up and squinted her eyes trying to seem a slight bit scary. She failed as a smile broke out on her face. She then heard hooves coming her way. It was Artemis and she knew it was as she now had the giant ass deer. She couldnt wait to ride Loet with Artemis soon. She turned her head to look at the female who was sliding off the deer. Artemis opened her arms and Fae gladly went and hugged her.

Careful of her side. She tucked her head against Artemis chest and was smiling brighter. She didnt know why Artemis was letting her hug her but she would take it. Something must have happened but it would be discussed later.

"Are you alright Hunter?"

"Yea im always alright though we do have something to talk about later."

Artemis green eyes shot to the white haired male and she stepped back from Fae who gladly nodded to the female. She knew something was up most likely with Josiah. The bitch. She then looked at Gleadr and beamed.

"This is my new friend Gleadr! Gleadr this is my friend Ar- Hunter!"

She almost tripped up with Artemis name again but she just laughed.

"Oh yea and this is Bitch Buck! Her crazy ass deer!"

Fae pointed to the tall majestic deer looming behind them. Head resting on Artemis before stepping around the tall female. He bent his face down in front of Glears and snorted. He then proceeded to poke him rather harshly with one of his horns. Most likely trying to get the shiny thing in his hand. Loet poked him with her head once again and Artemis peered over.

"Nice to meet you Gleadr. Thats Bitch Buck and he just wants the shiny thing in your hand. Do me a favor and NOT give it to him."

She laughed and then some female told them all to go inside. She quickly turned and hopped up on Loets back who was now facing the crowd of students. She lead out a hand for Fae to jump on and the female took it. She slid onto the back of the deer and brushed his pelt with her fingertips. Neither offered a hand to Gleadr but Fae smiled down at him.

"Nice meeting you! See you around inside!"

She waved as Loet started walking to the inside of the school. Artemis let out a whistle as they stepped through and looked at the area. She spotted Pigeon still with the Black Haired boy. Shame. She couldnt make fun of her yet not with the boy who threatened her. Who dared to threated her. Next time he did she was going to loose her shit and blow his head off. No holding back.


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interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (fae,artemis) now open
he laughed aswell at her attempt to be scary and him laughing was something that didnt happen much and softend his features alot more as he looked at angry siren and then at the newcomer who aapproachedbutbthat wasnt the problem it was the fact they rode a dear and that made his blood instantyl boil and hunger set in and as he noticed his right hand become covered in white scales that shimmered like pearls he tucked it in his jacket pocket and drew his attention up to the one she refered to as hunter and could see that something was wrong but saw that it was rude to ask and as she shot him a look with piercing eyes it suprised him and looked at fae quickly who was talking and smiled as he looked back and the fact the deer wamted his stone "its very nice to meet you both and i would never give away my dragon stone so dont worry about that" he watched as fae climed uo and noticed the teachers he guessed were finnaly caling people in and he grinned "yeah i hope i do and remember i want to see what you can do later" with that he left them and walked inside the school looking around curiously at the size of it thinking he might be able to glide around the halls ad his dragon form. the thought amaused him


U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Ava, Grita, Coretha, Webbel & The Mound
Location: Outside School==> Inside School
Interaction/Mention: DaniGurl DaniGurl (Valerie/Chloe/Leo)

And so finally, they were let into the school.

Ava narrowed her eye at the new teacher who ushered them in, but only briefly before glancing towards Headmaster Leo once again. He hadn't answered her question, and it was one she was feeling more and more needed an answer. She didn't move like the others, instead holding her ground as she turned back towards him opened her mouth. But before she could reiterate her question, Coretha shoved her out of the way as she stomped towards the school.

"Finally!" she grouched whilst stomping into the building "Almost thought you lot were runnin some scam having my ass out there for so long."

Ava looked after her for a moment before rising to return her attention to Leo, only to get caught up in other students while her footing was off. She stumbled forward onto her hands and knees and grumbled before pushing herself up, she didn't get far before something entered her vision. She looked up to find Grita standing over her, extending a hand to her.

"Come on V, I'm sure you'll get a better chance when we all get settled in." she said as her eye stalks straightened out.

Ava glanced back in Leo's direction before sighing and taking Grita's hand, being mindful of her claw fingers. Once she was on her feet, she felt something press against her, and looked down to see Grita holding one of her luggage bags against her. Ava locked gazes with her roommate, who smiled before nodding down towards the bag. Ava merely nodded before strapping the bag to her back, being careful not to let it jostle her sword too much.

"Besides, this is a whole new school we get to check out." Grita gestured towards the building as clacked her other pincers together "Its a field trip, so let's enjoy ourselves."

"...Very well," Ava gave a slow nod before locking her eye on her "but when the time comes to assemble the Student Council, I trust you'll be ready to help me set things in order."

"Meh, I owe you that much for helping me out with this stuff." she gestured to the rest of the luggage she had, grinning before leading the way into the building.

But one student wasn't making his way over to the school, he was too busy shaking off the daze he'd been in.

Webbel... was not okay.

Not due to the wicked impact his body had just made against the stationary bus, but more because of the meaning behind his recent collision. He'd been attempting to do the Topsider equivalent of communication, and had failed miserably. At first he was convinced that he'd been doing fairly good, due in some small part to the reactions that his oral vocalizations managed to incur. However, he'd apparently been unable to recognize the ire he'd inspired.

Or perhaps being slammed against a bus was just a Topsider's way of being friendly? Webbel had heard that those of the warrior caste would sometimes crack their heads together in order to show of the respective durability of their chitin. So even if the girl in the hood continued to glare at him, he made a note not to hold her assault against her. He focused instead on questioning the guardians instead, as he'd fulfilled his task of chatting with others. The results were unimportant, they would give him his next instructions which would get him closer to his goals. The Hive was counting on him, and that's what made him rise up again whilst trying to focus on what was happening at the front of the academy.

Everyone was moving inside now, so he figured that meant they were to be assembled for orders to be given. But before he could move to link back up with the group, a heavy stomp from behind him made him pause and turn around.

At first all he saw was black, but then his gaze traveled up to see that standing in front of him was what was easily one of the largest topsiders he'd ever seen. The pale giant easily dwarfed him, and Webbel instinctively backed up. Or, he tried to back up at first. He was halted fairly quickly by the massive hand which clamped onto his shoulder and dragged him off his feet and into the air.

The Mound had been keeping track of the students, ensuring that not a single one had been left behind. As the others had begun entering the school, he'd emerged from the treeline in order to keep track of any who may splinter off from the group. People like the small yellow one he currently had trapped in his grasp.

"Fast no apologies, maybe?!?" Webbel yelped in panic as he found the ground suddenly far away "Given entrance orders yet not. Forgive follow Yes, Webbel not!"

The small yellow one was clearly delirious, and might end up getting lost if he isn't careful. The Mound had many objectives he needed to get to, but keeping track of the students remained the current top priority. So as the others began making their way inside, The Mound just tucked Webbel under one arm as he kept to the rear. Eyeing different students as he ensured he was at the very back of the pack.

"Certain yet not Doing Apologies!!!" Webbel panicked as he found himself being transported towards the school like a duffel bag "Given Order yet, elders!"

"WILL..... GUIDE...." The Mound stated as he walked, which was pretty much all he needed to say on the matter.

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Thrun Mukurn
Interactions: DaniGurl DaniGurl (Dayana + Asher)

Thrun, didn't like this. Not one bit, Thrun didn't think for a moment Asher was trying to fool him. From the moment he asked so obviously if everything was alright, really like a stereotypical hostage taker in a movie, down to the obvious barely contained anger in Dayana? No none of what was going on our how suspicious it was passed Thrun. When Asher's arm went around her he clenched a fist, his gaze darkening and brows furrowing. Orcish instinct kicked in, the girl he liked was currently being hung all over by some creep. Someone who looked more and more smashable by the second, he was moments from actually stepping forwards to throw a fist when--


Thrun heard that too, his hand being squeezed hard enough to crack. It reminded him of something his mother would do, practically break some asshole's hand who dared laid hands on her. It brought him back down to earth, the second Orc instinct kicked in; The reminder that an Orc's significant other could probably handle themselves. He exhaled from his nose, brows pulling together quite a bit, but softening in the end as he calmed down. With the teachers calling them in now would be the worst time for a fight, sense flooded back in.

Right, had he learned nothing from the bus incident?

He had to trust Dayana.

His stance relaxed, shoulders softening a bit, but his gaze he met with Dayana showed a mix of concern and determination, as if silently saying 'If you want me to step in, give me a sign'. Her lie obviously rung hollow, he already caught on to what was happening it was pretty damn obvious. Then it hardened as he turned his gaze back to Asher once more, "Right... Well it sounds like we're going in anyway." He said, noting Ava and Grita heading on inside, along with a number of other students. He didn't know who Asher was, but he was going to find out, he was going to have to play this smart, figure out what was going on. Hopefully Dayana would help him, or at least give him some hints. "For the record though, what's your name? Y'seem like good friends with Dayana here." If he had to play this game, so did Asher, and for being a 'big brute', Thrun was a lot smarter then people gave him credit. Either way he'd reluctantly turned to join the other students, knowing they didn't have much choice.


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

Amethyst had said he was like a puzzle to solve. That felt nice, he supposed. He did like jigsaws. However he was unsure if being hinted as a 'complex' person was very flattering. He brushed it aside to think about later.

Thia said he didn't want to know about he whole fainting secret thing. That it would change his perception on her. Guy stared at dead people his whole life. Not much frightened him. Besides small enclosed spaces. Those scared him.

"You don't know how I view you." A strange comment from the male, could come across as flirtatious in fact. Grayson didn't notice. He didn't mean it that way.

He had picked up in the waver in the girl's voice, so Grayson decided not to push it. Seeing how upset she had gotten with Lapis deterred him from being stubborn. This would not deter him completely. He would find out one way or another.

Grayson's frowning gaze was still inspecting his weird little finger hold with Amethysts. Checking something, it seemed. She pulled away hearing a female shouting. His head lifted as well to pay attention to whatever they were yelling about, distracted from whatever he was testing.

A pat on his face, and Thia was off again.

He obviously did not skip after her, just followed at his usual walking pace. Rubbing a hand on his face where she patted it. She hurried him, inciting a grumbled "Do not rush me." from the gloomy boy.

The interior was how he expected. Nice. But coming from a family of wealth things like this didn't wow him much. Disinterested him. Unlike Amethyst, who seemed highly fascinated by it all.

"You'll hit someone." He muttered as her wings flared out in surprise. His pale hands raised, gently taking the wings and folding them back in. And then his touch was gone again, standing beside Amethyst as his eyes slid over the school's interior.

"Am I an 100-piece puzzle, or bigger?" Seemed he was still caught up on the whole solving thing. Which was a bit weird to focus on right now, but Grayson was a tiny bit weird in general. "Because if I'm only 100 pieces I am going to be insulted." A warning. Though light-hearted, he did mean it.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
Amethyst never caught what he said about his view of her as she skipped away. maybe it was for the best or maybe it was for the worst.

The females eyes were glittering as she looked at the school. Much like CFFA but seemed a bit cleaner and with more people. She then felt a hand tugging her wing down and she looked over her shoulder about to apology about getting in someones way before realizing it was Grayson. She smiled and tucked her wings closer to her as they brushed the floor. Her smile grew wider as she turned to fully face Grayson.

"Maybe. Wouldnt be the first time and wouldnt be the last."

She said with a shrug of her shoulders. She normally hit someone on a daily biases. You just apologize and move on. If anything it normally hurt Amethyst more than it did the person. When Grayson asked his next question she stepped closer to him and took his face into her hands. Turning it up and to the side as if to inspect it. Her gaze seemed to fog over into a studious one much like one would study a specimen.

After a couple minutes she dropped her hands with a satisfied smile.

"Much more than 100 pieces. Those are easy to solve and figure out but you, you are more like 500 or more pieces. Some pieces seem like they could fit into other spots but in reality they couldnt fit there no matter how much they want to. Some pieces blend with color and others stand out sharply against others. Your a harder puzzle to solve but in that glorious way. One of those that each piece is either different or same but bring together the whole image of you."

Her mind worked in strange ways. Comparing someone to that of a puzzle might not seem nice or over-studious of what he was asking much like the color question. She was speaking about how his personality was different in so many ways but then again the same to form him. Someone so different from other people she had met. Someone interesting. She looked over to the side and her face turned bright red.

"Sorry for being over-studious. To answer your question simply, yes you are bigger than a 100 piece puzzle."

She was quiet for a moment as she gazed up at the roof of the building. Not decorated in paint with swirling victories of people not swirling with anything but a plain white and lights. Something she wanted to change. She then suddenly said something almost barely audible she wasnt aware it slipped from her mouth.

"Though you are much more beautiful than a puzzle or even the gods themselves."


Gao Gao (Gigi) (OPEN)​
“Gigi. I have no idea what just happened, but it sounded disgusting. Also, the devil didn’t make roller skates. He just funded them.” Lillian said as if that was a simple fact. The gothic girl yawned and stretched her arms high. “Anyways, lets bounce. I have things I need to do. You think theres a beach round these parts?” Lillian walked over to Gigi and grabbed her hand, slender jet black nailed fingers intertwining with Gigis own. The blind girl waited for her seeing eye to move forward, once more unable to guide herself now that they were inside the invisible magical field that seemed to hide the schools.

Once the pair was moving, Lillian snapped her fingers as she realized something. “Oh! By the way.” She reached into the side pocket of her bag and pulled out gigis phone, holding itout to the girl. “Starlight finished the transfer on the bus. You should be able to properly set them up now.” Lillian grinned at Gigi. “Also, I went ahead and sent you my Starcode, so you can contact me through starlight whenever. You don’t even need cell service!”


Dayana & Asher
Interactions: Zef The Owl Zef The Owl (Thrun)
Asher only pulled her closer and wore a casual smile though he was close to having to fight this girl. Dayana ducked under his arm and took a step away once again distancing herself for what- the tenth time? It had only been an hour and she was already getting harassed by boys and the worst part was that it was just going to turn into borderline blackmail. She just knew it at this point. Asher’s smile never wavered, “Lets go babe.” His head tilted toward hen now open doors of the school. Dayana sighed and walked past Asher quickly going inside only to be stopped by a light tug of the arm. She was once again pulled back to Asher, with him now holding her close to his chest, “Don’t cause trouble.”

Asher watched as she headed off again then turned his attention to the green brute in front of him.
“Names Asher...” With that simple answer he was off and went into the building. His next chore now was figuring out what he was going to do while keeping tabs on both Dominique and especially Dayana. ....yay
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GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
Next thing he knew Amethyst had taken his face, turning it at angles to stare at him. He felt that warmth creeping along his skin, awkwardly staring off to the side. Anywhere but at Amethyst. "I told you not to look at me." Was his nervous little mumble. Made him feel vulnerable, uncomfortable when she studied him so closely.

"... It's a very easy question Amethyst.." Grayson always thought he had an analytical mind. But hearing Thia go on some weird ramble about jigsaw puzzles and their comparisons to him quickly changed his opinion.

"I'm going to stop asking you things." But he succumbed to defeat as she continued. Her brain had begun, no point trying to stop it now. He didn't even understand half of what she meant. It was the same situation as the colour theory thing. He just stood idle while she had her moment, only speaking once she was finished.

"500 isn't very much." Clearly that being the main thing he caught onto. He was hoping for 1000 or 2000. Maybe higher. "Are you trying to insult or humble me?"

But he turned silent as a grave hearing her last and final comment. Grayson blinked. Then blinked again. Looked away. Another blink. A long eerie minute of him processing what he had heard.

"What." There was no curiosity behind his voice. He sounded completely blanked out. Empty. Blunt.

"You-" Brain numbed temporarily, before he crossed his arms over his chest defensively. His face turned red, shifting his body to face away from Amethyst. "D-Don't be preposterous!" Grayson was glaring down the hallway, refusing to look at the female while his skin burned. "You say such stupid things sometimes.." Childish grumbling from the male.

- - -
Gigicrop.pngGigi Taylor
Firelie Firelie (Lillian)
"My ankle popped out." Voice of glee, nonchalant about it. "Pesky things. Happens all the time. My joints are getting old." A common occurrence. She gave her leg a little slap.

Gigi disliked roller-skates.

"Funding them still makes him a B-word." Her voice lowered to a whisper to clarify. "A bastard." She let Lillian pull her up with a giggle, before escorting the blind girl through the crowds into the school, rambling her mouth the entire time.

"A beach? I hope not. Hate sand. Feels bad. Gritty. Gets everywhere." A shudder from the ghoul. "I can't even swim, bad at floating. I think I have heavy bones or something? I've drowned like twice." Normal thing to drop into conversation. "And what's up with seagulls? Everyone is mean to them. They're just hungry. They should be fed." A nod from Gigi, confident with what she had said. "Seagulls should be fed. Everyone deserves to be full.... You like beaches?" She was curious why Lillian had brought it up, she didn't really look like a beach-goer. A bikini babe, if you will.

Lillian offered her phone out.

"Oh hi!" Happy as ever, she took her phone and pocketed it. She'd have to message Thrun and get those juicy deetz asap. "Starlight is so charming." Weird comment with a dreamy sigh. She seemed to have a weird crush over the floating face. "No service needed? I'm going to send you so many memes. What do you think about ASMR? Love that stuff. Makes my toes wiggle- Wo! Ohoho.."

She turned her head up to gaze over the interior of the school. Full of awe. "Fancier than ours.." A very very bad British accent took her voice, "How posh. Pip pip." Probably borderline offensive to any British people nearby. "You think they have like.. Caviar? Or Bentleys? Maybe we're here to clean it." A gasp from the little ghoul. "Are we the janitors? I do love the smell of pine disinfectant.. Wouldn't that be fun?"


Mariah Baxter
Interactions: Gao Gao (Emery)
She would soon notice the feral boy walking off the bus with her sister, tempted to to walk over but not quite sure if she should. Between the crowd of other students and the asshole she had to call a principal she thought that it would be better now to walk over now...but the doors were open. She would probably get a few things in as payback for Mia. She wasn’t the type to really intervene in fights but she was good at getting revenge.

Mariah skipped up from behind the ghoul and pounced on his back, her arms loosely wrapping around his neck so she wouldn’t fall. “What’s a rotting corpse like you doing at a school like this?” There was no telling what she was actually expecting from him. A casual answer? Maybe she knew that she would get attacked but just couldn’t care less. Whatever was going on in her head, she still did it anyway.


Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mariah)

Emery had only just hopped off the bus when he heard running, no, skipping from behind him. He didn't pay it much attention, until something pounced on him.

It made his steps pause, processing what on gods green earth they were doing. It was very rare he was the one getting jumped on. He didn't mind, physical touch was rather welcomed by the ghoul.

Instead, rather casually, he wrapped his arms around her legs. Just giving her a piggy back ride as he continued walking.

"To rob and eat you, obviously. Rich people taste better." His sly smile turned his lips, a rise of his little bastard attitude. "But it's quite scandalous to throw yourself onto random men, don't you think?" Emery turned his head to gaze at the female latched on his back, glint of deviance in his eyes as his voice dropped to a whisper.

"People will get the wrong idea about.. Us." His attacker. She looked similar to Mia, perhaps siblings. They both shared no issue with approaching and touching him. Which the ghoul did not mind at all.

"Maybe you just wanted attention. Not jealous, were you?"
He clicked his tongue in a snarky tut, still smiling. "I don't even know your name yet, you're very bold."

Zef The Owl

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Thrun Mukurn
Interactions: DaniGurl DaniGurl (Asher / Dayana)

Thrun could only watch and seethe as Dayana once more tried to pull away. He slowly clenched a fist, at least he had a name now. Asher, he was going to have to figure out who this guy was and what he had on Dayana. Thankfully, he knew someone who knew people, maybe he'd have some luck asking her. Whatever the case all he could do right now was seethe and hold onto his rage, the very thought of the man's hands being on Dayana infuriated him.

There was gonna be a day when he could strike back at Asher, and for the first time Thrun really wanted to hurt someone. He could only sigh from his nose from now, brows softening, concern written over his face as the two disappeared into the school. He had to figure out what was going on here... But, for now, school event came first.

He moved along with the crowd into the school.

Bula Mukurn
Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Pyrite)
Gao Gao (Emery x Gigi)
DaniGurl DaniGurl ( Mariah )
Firelie Firelie (Lillian)


Bula blunk, looking over as the class started to filter into the school. "Oh, oh shit, Pyrite we need to go." She looked over, "We can mingle more with the other students later, we can finally figure out what this is all about." She said, taking his hand to drag him along, or at least get him moving in the same direction. She'd obviously let go once they were in motion, however this would be in plain sight of Gigi as they passed by her and Lillian. The green Orc girl with vibrant pink hair hard to miss in the crowd as she talked to Pyrite.

She then caught glance of a girl jumping on some pale dude's back. She smirked, looking over at Pyrite, that same mischevious, impish smirk that got him pranked on her face. She then cupped hand over her mouth, overhearing somewhat what Emery said, "We already got the wrong idea!" She then quickly grabbed sunk into the crowd of students, giving Pyrite a chance to join in if he so wanted, or maybe ruin her fun somehow, she didn't know. However if he took too long she was totally gonna grab his shirt and drag him into the crowd anyway that was heading into the school.​


the love child of an ak47 and kitchen gun
he looked around at the others silently smiling to himself as he strolled into school. he had liked the idea of this place to meet people and to have some own personal fun this place was perfect for a wide variety of tricks and he was looking foreward to putting some into but for now he would relax the bus journey had been loud and he was abit tired as he gazed at the school cupping one of his hands and made the 4 elements spin around in an interwining circle within it and waited for something to spark his interest


Mariah Baxter
Interactions: Gao Gao (Emery)
Mariah took a sharp breath in. “Ohhhh.... Awkward...” This was all sounding all too familiar. “Are you trying to tell me that you already like me or something?” She quickly jumped off him and shook her head, hands in the air. “I don’t do that ‘love at first sight’ buddy, sorry...” She rolled her eyes as she walked away from the boy. He of course never meant that by his words but by Mariah had already seen before she wasn’t risking it. She would just have to find a different time to bully him but at the moment she’s was NOT UP for this.
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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Grita & Ava
Location: N.A.S Entrance Hall
Interaction/Mention: DaniGurl DaniGurl (Leo briefly) Zef The Owl Zef The Owl (Thrun)

Grita was quick to notice that the school's entrance hall looked much bigger on the inside than it seemed on the outside.

Maybe it was her spatial awareness being off or maybe it was some kind of magic. Either way, she marveled at how large the place was. Were all magic schools like this? She thought about asking Ava, but a quick glance to the side revealed her roommate was busy sizing up the students. Many from the different schools had mixed together, which meant new faces in addition to the ones she hadn't met yet. Thinking for a bit, Grita couldn't help but wonder how long this trip was supposed to be.

But as she pondered such a thing, she spotted a familiar face in the crowd and quickly nudged Ava. Her roommate's single eye turned towards her, and Grita was quick to nod towards a certain Orc boy who filtered into the school amongst the crowd.

"Hey there! Dune right?" Grita waved, only for Ava to give a shake of her head.

"Thrun, if my memory remains accurate." she stated before turning her gaze back to the numerous students.

"Thrun!" Grita clicked one of her pincers together before looking back to him and gesturing around them "I thought Leo's last place was big, but check this place out! Whatcha think they could need our help with? If anything, it looks like these guys got the bigger budget."

Grita was just trying to make conversation, but a thoughtful hum from her side brought her attention back to Ava. She had a hand to her chin in thought, with Grita realizing that she might've just accidentally set her roommate up for another conspiracy theory.

Meh, she'd worry about it later.

Location: Entrance Hall
Interaction/Mention: Gao Gao (Eyepatch) Firelie Firelie (Model Eye)

If there were a list of descriptors that could be used for Coretha, patience was not one of them. And after spending so much time having to suffer through that Webbel guy's rambling, her mood was thoroughly sour. If not for the fact that several staff members actually seemed to be doing stuff, she might've started raising hell. But now they were inside, and hopefully on the track to getting things done soon. They just needed the rest of the students to get in and for their orientation or whatever this place used to get sorted.

But Patience did not describe Coretha, and there were songs she could be singing or practicing right about now.

She once again had to force herself to relax, find someone hopefully not annoying to vent her frustrations with. This whole making them wait for others during their first day shtick had to be pissing off other people. If Coretha was good at anything then it was relating to the spite and dismay of others. But above all else she needed someone to help pass the time, because sticking to her own thoughts just pissed her off more.

So as more students poured in, Coretha turned and looked back over the crowd. Seeing that there were still some people still being ushered in by what looked like a giant at the back of the pack, she grumbled before turning her attention to the nearest people she could vent to. The candidates just so happened to be some gray chick with an eyepatch and her pal with odd model eyes or something. Miss Eyepatch had been making a racket already, which wasn't a good sign but Coretha would roll with it.

As the two drew near the conversation seemed as though it had turned towards the interior of the school, comparing it to theirs. This reignited Coretha's agitation, as just being reminded of how long she'd spent waiting out there with that babbling yellow idiot made her blood boil. But upon hearing her mention the possibility of them just being brought along as janitors, Coretha couldn't hold back any longer.

"Tch, school's got some nerve if you guys are just a bunch o' damn janitors." she said whilst turning to them, crossing her arms whilst looking them over "With how long they had my ass sitting around doing nothing while a living blowhorn takes an auditory dump in my ears, you guys showin' up better be a matter of life or death for someone."

And if it wasn't, Coretha was going to make sure it was.

Tilting her head slightly, Coretha lowered her arms and asked, "The hell are you guys from, anyway?"


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
She was still looking at the ceiling wondering what ways it could be painted. So many choices for such a blank canvas though she didnt have paint. That was a problem and it was misuse of school property. She followed the rules pretty well even if she didnt want to. She crossed her arms over her chest and blinked when Grayson was talking again. She waited for him to finish before she said anything.

"Did I insult you? Im quite sorry if I did- The 500 pieces? Ive never seen a bigger puzzle. Are there bigger puzzles? Now I want to see one!"

She jumped up and down for a second in excitement. A huge smile on her face as she thought about a bigger puzzle. Get excited over the little things in life or you could never live life to the fullest. When he said she said something preposterous and turned bright red she was now very curious. She stepped forward and cupped his face in her hands and turned his head to face her.

"Are you alright? What did I say to upset you? Im sorry if it did-"

She then remembered personal space and released his face before stepping back. She folded her hands behind her back and looked to the side, quiet for only a moment. She then looked back at Grayson with a smile.

"I wonder what we are doing here. I wonder if anything is planned for today if we are here."

Pyrite Lightwood
Interactions: Zef The Owl Zef The Owl {Bula}
God how do women put up with makeup on their faces? It feels like a wet sponge on his face and it made his lip curl. The second he got a chance he was taking this off. He looked down at his hand well more Amethysts hand. He looked like her still though he wondered if his wings were the same color. He was not going to bring out his wings currently though. Bula was suddenly pulling him off the bus and he laughed.

"Alright slow down and yes we can! Im curious as to why they dragged us out here so early in the year. We havent even started classes yet."

He ran a hand through his white locks and frowned. He did not like this long hair that Amethyst had if it was his opinion he would chop it all off. He spotted who Bula was suddenly talking about and he snickered.

"Secret love affairs? So old. Dont they know being open is the new thing?"

He rolled his eyes and laughed again. He had a huge smile on his face as he took off after Bula in the crowd of people. Did he bump into people? Yes. Did he apologize? No he didnt have time to stop or he would loose the bright pink haired orc. Once they entered the school he let out a low whistle. His eyes scanned the room and spotted bright white hair. Its not like everyone had white hair and bright white wings. He knew it was his sister without really focusing.

He blinked and looked at Bula.

"So how bad do you want to scare the ever living shit out of my sister?"

A sinister grin has made its way onto his face. He could help her get Thrun soon or they could do that first. He didnt mind as long as he got to play in some jokes or pranks. Something to do thats fun here.

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Jeremy Williams and ghosts
interactions: Nick ( LofiCat LofiCat )

Jeremy was felling great today, he was so happy to start a therapy club and help others in anyway he could, though he was slightly nervous of how people would behave at the same time. He had just gotten to the location and he looked around happily his staff connected to his waist. All of a sudden he saw a ghost around him as it pushed him a little bit, this ghost was a bully to him really,"H-hey stop that!" the ghosts didn't listen really, great he was going to seem insane in front of everyone now, and then the ghost grabbed him and flung him to a nearby tree, though good thing he had a robotic spine or that would've not been good, the ghost eventually left and Jeremy got up he shook his head and looked up seeing a girl wearing a quite spooky mask he got up and walked over to her as he looked down at her."Hello, I'm Jeremy whats your name?" he said cheerfully at her he sat down on the bench on her right side and turned to her.


your moms a hoe

KISEKI NAORU - - fae and artemis ( XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX )
Kiseki had slowly climbed off the bus. She was cautious with the picnic basket in her hands. But despite how delicate she was being, the girl's smile was beaming. Not bothered in the slightest by her own slow pace. Last night Kiseki spent hours baking for her new classmates and teachers. The picnic basket in her hand was full of little colorful and cutesy goodie bags. She even put little stickers and pieces of candy in the bags like a preschool teacher.

The mummy was going around handing out the little bags while they were heading inside. Kiseki was honestly really excited to say hi to new faces. She wanted to meet and be friends with everyone, and what better way to start their journeys together than by giving? After bouncing over to Kaz she headed to Icarus, and then made her way over to . . . a pair riding a deer? Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the animal. Not needing to think twice about it she walked over to Fae and Artemis. “Hello! Nice to meet you both. I'm Kiseki! And nice to meet you too,” she glowed at the deer like she thought they could respond back. “I was wondering if you guys would like one?” As she talked the girl pulled out two bags and offered them up to the strangers with a smile.

KAZUO AKEMI - - open interaction
Kaz looked around the front of the school. He didn’t seem impressed by the slightest, even though this was probably the biggest building he’s ever seen. The fae was doing his best to look unapproachable and in a bad mood, so when Kiseki came over smiling he was quite taken aback. It wasn’t everyday people were nice to him. Not knowing what to say Kaz awkwardly accepted the gift, but the girl didn’t seem bothered by his unenthusiasm. She was already bouncing away to her next victims. After staring at the bag in his hands for a good minute he slid it into his pocket before walking inside the school.

He was neither the first student inside nor the last, but still, the number of people around him made him uneasy. Especially all of the big groups. If they had to face off he’d be at a serious disadvantage with his group of.. himself. Kazuo was going to take over the world though, so this was just the beginning of his problems. He’d show them all one day.

ICARUS MOTHMAN - - open interaction
Icarus was staring at the bright ass sun, totally entranced by it. Are you the bright big star in the sky? Because,, you’re hot ahah. He begrudgingly looked away when he heard someone approaching him. After a short but pleasant conversation with Kiseki he ended up with a goodie bag. Mothman’s son was smiling as he walked towards the school. The short girl reminded him that he couldn’t just stare at the sun all day. He had honestly forgotten where he was. Glowing things were definitely a big weakness. Once he entered the school he hummed, taking it in. Interesting. What surprised him the most though was that he wasn’t the tallest person around. Humans were normally shorter than him, and that's who he spent most of his time with. He smirked at his future classmates, taking in all of the students one by one again. While most of them were some kind of cute, the others were uh. Interesting. He liked the variety.

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Johnny topside
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161435644318548947 (1).png

The rather big masculine shape stomped to it's destination and once it got there, his helmet glowed bright yellow, the giant thing looked around seeing different kinds and shapes of students and grunted a rather curious grunt than anything, his visors caught a boy and he walked over to the shape and reached his rather ENORMOUS hand and tapped his shoulder before waving at the guy, he was trying to introduce himself to him but he couldn't speak,his right hand connected to a big ass drill and his other hand free, the giant thing looked down at the boy it made a sort of 'hello' type of noise. He slightly observed the other boy, he seemed like a pretty cool guy to be honest.
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Emerycrop.pngEmery Varelli
DaniGurl DaniGurl (Mariah) + Zef The Owl Zef The Owl (Bula/Sentient Vegetable/Cucumber) + Minma Minma (Minma) + XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Lapis) + Everyone he is staring @ u hello haha bites lip

The girl asked if he was already in love with her. He simply nodded, irritating sly smile clawing his lips.

"Madly." Of course he didn't mean that, he was just being irritating for the hell of it. "I would die for you. Let's get married." He had time to waste, and was relishing in the way she was fleeing. Emery didn't think he had ever driven someone away so fast. He was proud of this, inciting an evil 'hehe' from the boy as he watched her walk off. What a success. He did debate over following her to piss her off, but a cucumber had called out to them. No wait. Hang on. Not a cucumber.

Cucumber with legs.

A flash of green and pink and it was gone again, merged into the flood of students. Emery had never encountered a sentient vegetable before, so that was new. But he was now left to entertain himself.

Emery got up to his little bastard deeds. The current situation: Bird watching.

With a knife.

Where he even got the little weapon was up for discussion. The male could not be left unattended for certain amounts of time before he induced chaos. Emery still had to fetch little dead things for Dayana and Dominique, his apology gifts. Maybe one for Mia as well since.. He attacked her too. He was creating quite a list of almost victims and it was only the second day. He thought a dead thing was equal payment for almost getting eaten.

"Stop flirting." His voice suddenly popped up behind Minma and Lapis, dripping with his usual sly tone. Intruding on whatever they were doing or talking about. He wasn't even sure if they were flirting, he didn't care. He had to show his prize.

He had a very tiny field mouse held by the tail in one hand, little pocket knife in the other.

Where or how he got the mouse was also up for discussion.

"Blueberry and Loopy." He greeted and dangled the small dead rodent near their faces, clearly proud of his hunt and wanting attention. Like cats when they bring their owner corpses and expect praise. "Lookie lookie."

Then Emery stopped, a twitch at his mouth. Suspicions arose.

"What's this?" He leaned in close, eyes flicking from male to male. That annoying evil smile clawed his lips. "Mhmmm?" He hummed, having caught onto something. The ghoul stepped very close to Lapis, a sniff near his face. Something was definitely different. Mixed. Not separate. Emery was connecting the dots. The blonde stepped next to Minma. Another sniff, curious touch of the blue hair before he slipped away again.

He looked between the two, mischief dancing in his eyes.

"You smell like each other." A long moment of silence from Emery, slow malicious smile, a hiss. "...Whoresssss." He whispered, dragging the s. "But!" A sudden chiding tone, another dangle of the corpse in his hand. "Not very angelic of you, Lapis. Wait till marriage."

Pat on Lapis' shoulder and then Emery had slithered off again, evil little grin as he finally made his way into the school. His gaze immediately began to sweep over who was in there, internal decision of who's day he should ruin with a small dead field mouse.

- - -

GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

When she took his face he immaturely pulled it out of her touch, still glaring at a nearby wall.

"..YousaidIammorebeautifulthanthegodsorsomethingIdontknowstoptalkingaboutit?!" He mumbled one incoherent red mess. Not understanding why she was making him repeat it. "Stoptalkingitsembarassing." He thought she was doing it on purpose which he didn't like. It only made him feel more humiliated. He was this close to just putting his hand over her mouth to shut her up. "You're teasing me." Less mumbly jumbly mess, growing more defensive. "Stop it."

He cleared his throat, brushed himself down in attempt to compose himself. Deciding to try push her little comment aside so he could return to what they were discussing.

"There is a fifty thousand piece jigsaw puzzle."
He managed to respond with, then zoned for a moment. "Or was it fifty one thousand..."

He frowned, unable to recall it. He'd have to search that up later. He glanced at Amethyst. A very quick fleeting glance. Grayson's blush hadn't faded yet, so he was doing his best to try avoid looking at her. If she didn't make that dumb comment he wouldn't be like this. Embarrassed.

"But yes, five hundred is very insulting compared to the scale of other jigsaws. I request you rethink your answer." Still caught up on that, it seemed. "At least 3000." He patiently waited for her adjustment, rather childish of the male to be so obsessed over what kind of puzzle he was.


your moms a hoe

ICARUS MOTHMAN - - johnny ( Knight boi Knight boi )
Icarus tilted his head to look over his shoulder when it was tapped. His eyes scanned the robot-person who walked up to him. They seemed a bit taller than his dad, who was seven-foot, so he was taken back a bit. Especially since one of their hands was a drill. W h a t. All of his confusion was sidelined by their glowing visor. He zoned out for a minute, staring at the light. Woah. The Mothman was so out of it. Head empty, only pretty lights. Taking up a lot of willpower he finally dragged his eyes away.

“Hey big man, what’s up,” he put his hands into his pockets as he smirked. It was weird to tilt his head up to talk to people. “Oh no, are you going to skewer me?” he sarcastically asked, feigning to be scared with a little chuckle as he looked at their weapon hand. “Guess you don’t have trouble drilling your way into people's hearts,” Icarus chuckled a bit, even though it was a shit-ass line.

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161435644318548947 (1).png johnny topside - - Icarus Moth-man L3n L3n

Johnny was happy that this guy wasn't going to be freaked out by his rather, terrifying appearance, he started talking to him and Johnny just sat there listening to him, until he forgot he had something! He digged into his pocket pulling out a sheet of paper with a little drawing of him and the word 'hie' though he actually meant 'hi' he just thought you were suppose to spell like that, it cackled a little bit and looked at the moth man happily, he hoped he liked his drawing and wouldn't make fun of his spelling.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood and Camilla Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
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She glanced up at him and her face turned bright red. Did she really say that? Apparently she did. Holy shit thats embarrassing. SHe turned her face to look at the side as her face flamed up.


She was a mumbling mess and she covered her face with her hands. She was quiet for a moment when Grayson was talking about puzzles again. She let out a little sigh and turned to look back at him. Her cheeks stills stained red as she looked him up and down.

"Fifty Thousand...? How the hell can someone solve that- Thats so big no to mention all the time is must take. I also didnt mean for it to be insulting. Is 5000 a better number?"

She smiled brightly up at him then she felt something brush against her leg. She let out a scream as she stumbled backwards and threw her wings open, whacking a student. Did she apologize to the person? No she was busy freaking out about the giant ass cat that brushed against her. Her heart was racing in her throat when her eyes caught on a female walking towards her and the cat.

Of course it was her. The women who let her brother be dragged away to certain death. She quickly straightened herself up and and brushed her hand over her hair. A normal habit when in the presence of the regal female. A habit still not broken after 6 years no matter how hard she tried. She crossed her arms in front of her and lifted her chin to look at the female. A small smile on the older womens face. She looked just like Amethyst just a more grown up version.

"Hello Amethyst its been quite some time hasnt it?"

The females voice has a sharp rang to it. One meant to address bad students or a crowd. One also saved for her disappointment of a child. Amethyst winced and something bubbled through her. This women had no right to speak to her with that voice. She was now bitter and angry as memories flashed through her mind. Mainly the last memories of the female when Pyrite was dragged off and her mother just stood there as Amethyst begged and pleaded for them to bring him back.

"Hello Camilla and yes it has been some time. In my opinion? I wish it stayed like that. Your supposed to be dead Camilla and I prayed to Lys you were but my prayers went unanswered."

A rather harsh reply from Amethyst and her entire body radiated hate for this older female. She didnt address her by mother or mom but by her name. Disrespectful and she knew it. She hated this women more than almost anything in the world. More than shoes and that said something.

"Amethyst Raelynn Lightwood - Daughter. You will not address me like that nor will you speak to me like that."


Amethyst was screaming now and a couple heads turned to look at her. Did she care? No. She was going to let Camilla - her mother have it right here in front of everyone. She forgot Grayson was also standing there. The cat who brushed up against Amethyst jumped up on Graysons shoulders and purred, leaning her head on top of his.

"Oh yea? Since when was I not your mother? And I swear to Lys if you keep using foul language im going to cut your tongue off."


"Raelynn keep your voice down. And who is this? Your boyfriend? Rather lanky isnt he?"

Camillas gaze settled on Grayson and looked over him with a rather disapproving look. Amethyst got hurt whenever her friends were threatened and a boyfriend? Even better ammo for the female to use. She took a step closer to the male and Amethyst threw her wing out to stop the female.

"Dont you fucking step any closer to him or ill be the one to do the cutting."

The female stepped back with a smug smile on her face before getting in Amethysts face. Her cold hand gripped Amethysts chin and tugged her closer. Camillas blue eyes danced in the light.

"We will talk about this later flower. We have much to talk about."

"Let go of me Tourmaline."

"Ah ah little flower thats not my name. Now this is goodbye."

She released Amethysts chin from her hard grasp and stepped away without a word. Getting lost in the sea of people as the cat jumped off Graysons shoulder to follow Camilla.. Amethyst rubbed a hand over her chin and looked at Grayson.

"Im sorry."

Was all she whispered before trailing her gaze to the ground. She didnt know what she was apologizing for to Grayson maybe it was her mother. The one who shouldnt be alive. Maybe it was because he had to witness that. Her vision blurred and she gripped her hand to her temple.
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