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Fantasy N.A.S MAIN CHAT >>Closed<<

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Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis and Amethyst] Gao Gao [Grayson]​

Minma lightly chuckled hearing Grayson give alternatives for fighting. Checkers? Chess? Not as adrenaline rushing as having your life on the line. Which was something Minma enjoyed since everytime his life was threatened he got stronger. It was as his body wouldn't allow him to die although he knew he could, Minma never saw it as an option. He must live on, carrying the dream of Karma with him.

Minma stared resolute as Amethyst said 'got it?' Was he supposed to see that as some threat or warning? Well if he was, he didn't. He grinned widely as she accepted his offer to a battle which would take place sometime in the future. And most likely away from Grayson since he didn't seem like the kind of guy who accepted violence. But maybe if it was a friendly death battle he would.

"Indeed we do. I wonder how I'd train for this battle. Maybe on some trees?" He joked before giving Amethyst a cocky wink. He was looking forward to the battle. One that would open knew opportunities to advance his techniques and ultimately make the both of them stronger.

Was that? Yes, yes that was. Minma had picked up on a branch snapping. Amethyst reaction only confirmed it more. "Yeah I suppose I should make my way over there." He gave a look over his shoulder to Lapis before turning back. "Until we meet again mademoiselle" He said in a sarcastic tone while looking at Amethyst with a stoney stare. Twisting his heel he began to walk over towards Lapis. Only a few feet away from Amethyst and Grayson he threw his hand up and said "oh yeah, bye to you too Gray." His hand lowered in he continued to strut towards Lapis.

He now was closing in on Lapis. A small smile on his face. "Missed me?"


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst) + Minma Minma (Minma)
His eyes narrowed, rather smug that the drop of Amethyst's last name had made her shut up. That will show her. But his scowl returned as she batted his hands out of the way to fix his hair. He childishly retaliated by trying to swipe her wrists away. She said he was missing all of the grass in his hair, which was true. But Grumpy was Mr independent.

"I am not." He grumbled, "I am doing fine." But he did relent, quietly letting her fix his hair. Not an enjoyable feeling. Scowled through the entirety of it.

"SHAKE. HANDS." Ignored. They did not shake hands. Grayson simply stood there, a dark figure of strong negative energy. His annoyance was very evident. He looked ready to grab them both by the arms and force the TOUCH. But before he could do any of that, Minma bid farewell.

Gray. That cursed name again. His fingers flexed at his sides, shaky exhale willing himself to calm down.

"It's Grayson." He whispered, full of seething despair. Unheard from the blue-haired male as he had already walked off. He immediately turned to Amethyst.

"UntiL wE MeEt AgAiN MAdemOiSeLLe." He hissed to her once Minma was out of earshot. "Bet he doesn't even know how to spell that..." Angry grumbling, absentmindedly kicking his shoe at the grass. "..I know how to spell lots of things." Childish comparison to the other male.

"But oh! Oh!" An idea, more or less a bitch fest arrived to his mouth. "Shall I wink at you with my goodbyes, Mademoiselle?" He was clearly not happy with Minma, jealous or just irritated like usual. But he was definitely riled up from being called Gray again. "Dois-je aussi faire un clin d'œil? Prenez votre main avec un petit arc?" Shall I wink as well? Grab your hand with a little bow? Grayson scoffed and rolled his eyes, he had entered a full blown rant in French, not even realizing he had done so. Speaking fluently with enthusiastic hand gestures. "Regardez-moi! Regarde-moi, j'ai les cheveux bleus et je frappe des arbres!" Look at me! Look at me I have blue hair and I punch trees! "Je suis passé d'un ooga booga cérébral!" I have barbarian brain ooga booga!

He sucked his teeth with his tongue and glared to the side, arms folding across his chest. Very mature of Grayson. Not his usual pristine attitude.

"Dégoûtant." Disgusting. "Bon débarras, il est allé voir son copain." Good riddance, he went to his boyfriend. Probably not the best time for Grayson to disclose the nature of Lapis' and Minma's relationship to Amethyst, but it had just slipped out in his ranting. Not his fault ghosts liked to gossip, maybe they should suck face in the privacy of their rooms next time. "Enculés." Motherfuckers.
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Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
Her jaw tensed slightly when Minma called her Mademoiselle. She didnt like that name. Not one bit. After he left she trailed her gaze up to Graysons face with a amused look.

She listen to him rant for a moment before laughing. She had no problem translating the French over or even speaking it most of the time. One of the cool things she learnt from home. Some of the Human Languages they were forced to learn during many years included French.

"Êtes-vous jaloux? Et s’il te plaît, pour l’amour de Lys, ne fais pas de clin d’oeil."

Are you jealous? And please for the love of Lys dont wink. Her smile faltered slightly when she stumbled over some of the words. She was rusty and couldnt roll her 'r's right and the annoyed her. She didnt like not being fully fluent within some languages. She was chiding herself within her mind when she heard him mention something about Minma having a boyfriend. Lapis was her main guess as she saw them together right outside the bus.

A look of confusion crossed her face as she tried figuring it out.

"Flower King qu’entendez-vous par là?"

Flower King what do you mean by that? She wouldnt call him Gray but she sure as hell was going to call him Flower King for the fun of it. Everyone needed a nickname and Grayson didnt seem right for the boy. She looked back up at him and blinked slowly. The male hardly cussed let alone call someone a name. She cupped his face in her hands and raised a eyebrow.

"Ça va? Il t’a tant dérangé?"

Are you alright? He bothered you that much?

Fae Cove
Interactions: samandawdsas samandawdsas {Gleadr}
After she caught up a bit with Ganymede he had to go talk to one of the other teachers so she smiled and waved bye. What the hell was this day? She goes to a random school and sees her brother? What are the chances of that? She thought he was dead. She thought he didnt remember her and honestly that was the worst pain of it all when leaving home.

Her family never looked for her. They didnt care that their daughter was gone. They didnt even think to stand up for her. She hated them all with a passion for not even trying. For leaving her for death but Ganymede tried. She balled her hands into fists and multiple emotions washed over her. She hated that her family never looked.

She hated that she had to leave the sea. She hated that she grew up on the run. Did she regret meeting Artemis and making her her friend? No not at all. Fae wouldnt be as powerful as she is right now without the help of her friend. She let out a breath and she scanned the area for Artemis to no avail though there was a fight that was going on.

Her eyes sparkled in interest when a male blew them away from each other. She was going to have to figure out how he did that. She then turned her gaze away from the fight in search for someone interesting. She spotted a white haired male and a smile appeared on her face. She walked through the crowd of students to reach him.

"Hello! The names Fae! Nice to meet you..."

She trailed off in a away of asking for his name. She dipped into a dramatic curtsy and dissolved into a fit of giggled as she stood up straight. She looked the male up and down quickly before crossing her arms over her chest.

"You looked interesting to talk to and no one was talking to you yet. So I said why not come and bother him? Those are your pronouns right oh god dont tell me I got them wrong! Im so sorry if I did!"

Her eyes quickly widened. She didnt want to get anyones pronouns wrong and would feel terrible if she did. She couldnt based gender off of how someone looked. That was wrong of her to do so.


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interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (fae)
as he looked at the school he was startled by the voice next to him and realised she was talking to him and smiled plesently suprised he was being talked too and the fact he was on his own anymore as he looked at her noticing she wasnt a human although he couldnt put his finger on what she was and calmed down amused by the curtsy and the laugh that made him much happier "its fine you got it right. nice to meet you fae my name is gleadr but i dont think im that interesting but its nice that you think so" he hoped he was saying this right and not bein offensive in any way


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
"Jaloux? Moi étant jaloux?" Jealous? Me being jealous? Another scoff from Grayson, "De quoi? Cheveux bleus? Collant." Of what? Blue hair? Tacky. He hadn’t quite grasped that Amethyst meant being jealous over her, not appearances. “He may be taller but I can SPELL. And Gray? Do I look like a Gray? Impudence!” He threw his hands up in exasperation. “GraySON. It is not difficult! Les enfants peuvent le gérer!" Children can manage it! He was fuming, full of festering irritation.

His mother called him Gray, the only person he would allow to do so. Also because he never argued with her since she was a really scary woman. One of the few people he would actually shut up and be completely compliant to. If she asked him to eat glass he probably would. The tall male slowly zoned out, getting caught up in his thoughts for a long while.

“Don’t fold the corners.” Random sentence, completely out of the blue. Not even directed at Amethyst, just a weird mumble from the depths of his brain. He frowned and glanced to the side, brushing over whatever strange memory and behaviour that was.

Flower King. That horrid thing again dragged his reality and attention in. Narrow of his eyes back to Thia.

“Well, Mademoiselle.” Seemed he’d be throwing that in her face every chance he got. “According to my reliable sources,” His gaze shifted to the side to land on something, then back to Amethyst. Assumedly a ghost. “Lapis and Minma have spent time engaging in-“ He hesitated. Kind of a gross word. He found it vulgar. He didn’t really want to say it. Uncomfortable shifting of the male, “You know the-“ Grayson raised his hands, poking two fingers together to symbolise it. "La bise la bise." Peck peck.

“Kissing.” He finally grumbled in English. Shy. Stupid.

Didn’t help when Amethyst decided to put her hands on his face again, making Grayson lean backwards to try get away from her. His ankle ached at the movement, yet was ignored. Seemed the girl still hadn’t learned from the personal space branch snapping thing.

He could feel his skin warming and gritted his teeth, glaring to the side. Too immature to actually hold eye contact with her.

“I don’t like him.” Was all he muttered. Quite extreme hatred for someone who only punched a tree and used a shortened version of his name.


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Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Oui, vous ressemblez à un Gray pas un Grayson."

Yes you do look like a Gray not a Grayson. She giggled as she watched him rant more. This was honestly entertaining and she was now just smiling. She ran a hand through her hair to pull out some leaves. She didnt really like leaves in her hair though you never really saw trees in Angelia. They were always so far down closer to the bottom levels of the towers and even then they were hard to see.

They were a sky kingdom. The towers big and imposing. The only tree up so far within the kingdom was the Tree of Lys. Said to be blessed by Lys herself for it to be standing up within the tower for so long. She remembered the celebrations that went on around the tree and she has a wistful smile on her face. One of the only times Cherimoya Cider was available.

So many traditions happened with the tree. Her favorite ritual to do? When it was dark enough outside and you could see all the stars in the sky and normally a fullish moon you head down to the tree and snap off a small part of it. Normally when the bright red and yellow flowers have bloomed. You kiss the petals gently and offer it as a present to Lys telling her you honor her creations. Then the branch sits at the base of the tree to be consumed by the earth once again.

She snapped out of her thoughts when Grayson said a word she didnt know. She honestly missed him calling her Mademoiselle but picked up he was talking about Lapis and Minma.

"Quoi La bise la bise?"

What is peck peck? She tried to repeat the exact words Grayson had said though she messed them up greatly. She was never taught that word in all the time she studied French nor has she stumbled across it in any textbooks. How strange. Then Grayson explained what he said and her face turned bright red. That was not what she was expecting him to say.

She looked to the side and fell silent for a moment.

"Oh I was uhm- not expecting that-"

She cleared her throat and rubbed her neck. She stepped back from Grayson and blinked slowly. He had a reason not to like Minma and so did Amethyst. Was she going to be pitiful and remember the boy punching the tree? Hell yea. She was petty but she was also fairly forgiving.

"Donne-lui une autre chance. Im sûr qu’il ne voulait pas vous énerver."

Give him another chance. Im sure he didnt mean to piss you off. She was talking bullshit and she knew it. She glanced at Lapis and Minma before looking back at Grayson.

"Peut-être im mensonge, mais qui diable sait."

Maybe im lying who the hell knows.

Fae Cove
Interactions: samandawdsas samandawdsas {Gleadr}
She smiled brightly and ran a hand through her carefully placed braids.

"Beautiful name. Gleadr. Is there a meaning behind it? And goody I hate getting things wrong but you are wrong there Gleadr you seem very interesting!"

She tilted her chin up and her grin spread wider. She then noticed the gem in his hand and raised a eyebrow.

"May I ask what that is? I total understand if tis personal hell we all have things that are personal though I ma still awfully curious!"

She crossed her arms and shifted her stance. She then tilted her head to the side to study the boy once again. Weird aura.

"Your not human are you? Or well you have another form dont you? I can sense something is up with your aura."

She smiled and raised a eyebrow. Oddly personal for her to ask but hell she was nosy.


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interactions XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (fae)
he was abit suprised by the bombardment of question and smiled abit more thinking that mabye people would like him and he wasnt dull as he listend to her abit hesitant to tell her what he was as this often scared most away but she seemed alright and it wasnt like she wasnt a human so he felt reassured knowing that she wouldn't bolt as soon as he told her "thankyou my name is one of my ancestors names and one of great strength and courage and im actually a dragon and that gem is what aids me in controlling which form i take." although he didnt know what she was he thought he might aswell ask and looked at her and she looked quite uncomfortable standing "if you dont mind me asking what are you aswell and you can sit down if you want i dont mind"


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
"JE SUIS UN GRAYSON." I AM A GRAYSON. He huffed and glowered at Amethyst, annoyed she chose to agree to his rhetorical question of whether he looked like a Gray. He was ranting. How dare she interrupt.

But her difficulty pronouncing 'la bise' did make his anger pause. Slight entertainment trace his lips. Her unfamiliarity with the word had pulled a faint laugh from the male.

"La bise." He repeated for her, so she could listen better to the articulation. "Extend the i. Clip the E." Short French lesson from Grayson, before he returning to his embarrassed grumpy attitude. Thankfully Amethyst was bashful over the interaction as well, so it's not like Grayson was standing there getting shy over the word 'kissing' by himself. That'd make him feel extra stupid.

"Do not defend him."
The male growled, pang of irritation for Amethyst growing in his chest. Why does she care about giving Minma 'another chance'? Were winks an excuse for such despicable behaviour? "Il est sans moralité. Je ne perdrai pas mon temps avec quelqu'un comme ça." He is without morality. I won't waste my time with someone like that.

Then came the rise of Grayson's odd controlling energy. The same one from the auditorium when he had criticized her for speaking with Emery. Full of judgement, as if Grayson's word was worth more than most. "Neither should you." As if Grayson held any power to control who or what Amethyst should be spending her time on. "Imbeciles will only rot your brain."


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Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Vous êtes maintenant automatiquement un Gray parce que votre pas un Grayson. Ça ne te va pas."

You are now automatically a Gray because your not a Grayson. It doesnt suit you. She giggled as she watched him get so overworked about the name. When he said the one French word again her eyes snap to his and she listened to it as best as she could. She ran it in her head a couple times and a faint smile on her lips.

"La bise."

Much better on her part but still not right. Her 'e' sounded to long and it frustrated her. She ran a hand through her hair and huffed. She turned back to looking at the side to listen to him rant more. Though her jaw did tense when he was saying the boy was without mortality. You couldnt really decide that on a first interaction could you?

It takes time to get to know people and maybe they come across a wrong way at first. Maybe they arent always like this. Maybe they just werent in the right mood. She trailed her purple eyes gaze back up to focus on the males face.

"Vous ne pouvez pas décider qu’avec les rencontrer plus d’une fois! Mais fais ce que tu veux, je ne t’arrêterai pas."

You cant decide that with out meeting them more than once! But do as you please, I wont stop you. She crossed her arms and lifted her chin up with a small glower in her eyes. She didnt like judging people based on only meeting them once. She blinked slowly and looked a bit taken aback when he said she shouldnt try to hang out with him.

"Rot my brain? There is nothing to rot anything that was there was corrupted a long time ago. The boy seems semi like a friend to Lapis and that bitch can hardly say that for himself so if Lapis want me to be friends with the male I will because he is important to him. Lapis is pretty much a brother to me. Plus why do you care who I hangout with?"

She spat out the first couple words before slowing down the last couple. Venom seething in her own blood at her own self. Did she do it alot? Yea yea she did. She then raised her eyebrow as she asked her last question and there was a smile on her face.

Fae Cove
Interactions: samandawdsas samandawdsas {Gleadr}
"A dragon?! What does it feel like to fly? Can you breathe fire? What color are you? I mean like how cool is that!"

Her eyes went wide as she talked and her words were tumbling out a mile per second. This is what happens when she finds out something. She goes all investigator mode on it to fond everything out.

She was lost in her thoughts before her fiery gaze was back on Gleadr. A smile at her lips.

"Dont run away when I tell you this. I promise I'm not all that scary."

She joked and laughed. Truth was most people did run away fearing she would control them. Though if he was a dragon he could understand her being a Siren. Hell she didnt chose that.

"I'm a Siren but dont worry I wont control you. I have no interest in killing anyone well maybe but we dont talk about that. I'm from the Deep Blue Trenches."

She smiled and ran a hand through her hair. Yes a siren from the Deep Blue Trenches where the most powerful siren(s) came from. She normally didnt mind telling people this but it could make her antsy. Her eye twitched.

"Though I understand if you dont wanna be friends with me anymore because of that. Dont feel bad if you dont wanna be."
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interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (fae)
he smiled at her happy than he had been in a while that she wasnt afraid of him and actually interested in him "flying is fantastic and its so freeing and yes i can breathe fire amd my dragon forms color is white." he listend closesly when she was about to tell him what she was and promised not to run away and when she had told him and it was his turn to be interested as he had never met a real siren and wanted to know more "wow thats cool ive never met a siren but i have to say you make a great first impression and i dont think your scary at all" he listend as she explained and still smiled as she finished "wow thats really cool you can do that but if i show you my dragon for you have to show me what you can do aswell" he watched as her expression changed and disliked the fact she was so quick to assume he wouldnt want to be friends and shook his head "of cource i want to be friends with you you seem great the fact that you havent run screaming makes me instantly want to be your friend"
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GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
Amethyst said the name Grayson didn't suit him. He didn't even hesitate, nothing but velvet politeness as he delivered his next line.

"Okay Lightwood."

But that tone of his changed, alternating to inhospitable. Distant. Unfriendly. Grayson was a very judgemental person. He would pass judgement on somebody who even looked at him strangely, forming conclusions about who they were as a person. Their worth was not equivalent to his, so he shouldn't care about his wild discrimination. Even if they were tolerable, inferiority was always their downfall. Would be their downfall.

The mention of her troubled history did make him tense but his expression did not waver. He instead just levelled her gaze with his eyes.

Why do you care who I hangout with?

His answer took a moment to form.

"If you are seen around morons it looks badly on me." Reputation. That was his reasoning. A very judgemental and snobby reasoning. It was odd how Grayson was enforcing his hatred, as if expecting the female to share in it. As if encouraging her to join in his festering contempt for most people. "If you spend time with fools you will become one. They aren't worth the time." A very isolating way of thinking, imposed upon him throughout his years. "Both Lapis and Minma are already a prime example of such."


Gao Gao (Gigi), OPEN
That comment about Gigis dead dog served as a fantastic conversation killer. Not that Lillian really wanted to talk to the walking talking energy generator that was Gigi. She opted to instead stare at the seat in front of her, deep in thought. She thought to herself all the way until the bus stopped, and everyone had already gotten out. She snapped out of her little trance when the bus was entirely empty, and hurried off once she realized where she was.

Lillian stumbled out of the bus into the sidewalk and steadied herself, taking a deep breath and grabbing her pill bottle. She didn't need her pills, but they made her feel better and she felt rather nervous once again about all this, so she popped a handful in her mouth then called out. "Gigi? You here?" She needed someone to guide her around, since she was blind and all. Gigi would be a willing candidate, to say the least. Of course, she would take anyone, but with Gigi at her side Lillian could make sure the energetic girl wouldn't vomit all her secrets over somebody.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Dont fucking call me that."

She hissed and there was venom dripping in her voice and her wings flared out. She hated that name. She wanted to strip everything related to her parents off of her. She hated it oh how she hated it. It made her skin crawl and her insides coil. Biological last name maybe but she still hated it. Her parents left her after Pyrite had been taken away. She never saw the bastards again.

Pain contoured on her face as she thought about them. Its been quite awhile since she had but every time that damn last name was brought up she couldnt stand it. She hated them almost as much as she hated her adoptive parents. Both were bad. She drifted her gaze back to Grayson and her jaw tensed.

"Please dont call me that."

Her voice came out as a hoarse whisper. She ahted that she sounded weak. She hated alot of things apparently but never focused on them. Always covered by that of happiness. Which has faded quite a bit now. Maybe she was seeing the true world.

"How does it look bad on you, who I hang out with? You dont want to hang out with me anyway! You said so yourself!"

She snapped. Why was she snapping? No no no. Here she went again with loosing one of her only friends - one she had just managed to get back. She ran a hand through her hair and looked off to the side.

"Im sorry."

She said quietly. Her voice much softer now than it was moments ago. She kept her eyes focused on a dead patch of grass as she ran her hand over her wing which was folded back at her side now. A much more calm position.

Fae Cove
Interactions: samandawdsas samandawdsas {Gleadr}
"Thats so cool! White is a pretty color! Ive been pretty close to flying once when I was in a super tall tree and jumped out of it. Landing sort of hurt but the water wasnt to shallow below."

She laughed slightly before her mouth dropped slightly. Someone who wasnt to scared of her? This was going better than half the interactions she had been in earlier! Her shocked face got replaced with a warm smile and bright eyes.

"Ok! Deal! Though my friend would be better to control as she has let me practice on her."

She peered over from Gleadr to see if she could spot Artemis and the big deer she had with her. Nope. To mainly people to see over. Damnit she was to short. She only looked back at Glear when he was speaking again. She laughed right after and crossed her arms.

"Great! That makes two of us! Most people run away screaming and its slightly hilarious when your trying to kill them. They always turn their backs and provide easy enough kills- Oh shit sorry I shouldnt be talking about that."

She mumbled and rubbed her mouth with her hand. Thats not what you say to someone when you first meet them or even later when meeting them. She didnt want to come across as a killer though she knew she was. Hell she enjoyed it to and took no shame in it.

"I promise im not going to kill you though! I havent killed anyone in a while- Ok maybe I should stop now. Change of subject! What are you looking forward to here most?"

She was smiling now trying to lighten up the topic. Death was not something to be discussed off the bat and she knew that- though it just slipped. Artemis wouldnt be mad right? If she was Fae could convince her not to be.

Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Minma Minma {Minma}
He was slightly pissed at Amethyst for getting into a fight with his friend. For throwing a dagger at him. Yes he saw the flash of light reflecting from that blade of hers. He knew something happened just like earlier and he wanted to test it. He snapped a stick with a evil glint in his eye. Amethyst doubled over and shot him a death glare straight back.

Just what he thought. He sat the stick down and watched Minma walk back over to him. An arrogant smirk crossed his lips.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Though im surprised Amethyst threw a blade at you. Im deeply sorry about her- Shes in a mood today."

He had a semi apologetic look on his face. To be fair Amethyst was now normally in a mood and he understood why. This plant thing only added to it and he felt slightly bad for the winged female. He flitted his eyes over Minmas face, studying him.

"Are you excited to see whats in the school? I sure the hell am. Also are you alright. You look a bit upset or angry. Cant quite place it."

He grinned as he reached his hand out to tip Minmas jaw to the side so he could study him more. He could also hear Amethyst and Graysons conversation. He also knew French almost fluently but not quite as well as Amethyst. He didnt more himself into language like she did. He did it with books.


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interactions XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX . (fae)
"ok good im glad you agreed although i dont mind being the test subject to be honest i trust that you wont make me do anything too embarrising" he smiled in thought of him doing something stupid and he returned his attention to her as she talked about the killing and was reassured slightly that she wouldbt attempt to try and make him a target but he wasnt exactly a stranger to gore and violence although he did avoid it when possible but certain circumstances dissallowed that privalage and thought about her most recent question and meets her eyes "well honestly there were 2 things one is to meet people that wouldnt scream and fire arrows at me and the second is to learn more and develop my abilitys i have to say the first thing is going great so far"


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]​

Minma let out a short quick sigh. His hands by his side with a cool breeze putting a hand on him. "I don't accept your apology. It isn't needed." With the breeze he felt his upper lip begin to chap so he used his tounge to lick it. He knew that only made it worst but it would have to do for the moment.

He listened in on Grayson and Amethyst conversation only because he caught a hint of his name. He understood every word the spoke even the ones in french. He spoke, understood, and could write in forty eight different languages, French being one of them. Graysons talk on his character didn't sit well with Minma. Judging someone based off one interaction was for those of ignorance. He found him self centered and egotistical. Surprisingly Amethyst didn't particularly stick up for Minma himself but she said what he was just thinking.

He stopped focusing in on the two and poured his attention back to Lapis. The breeze coming back to play once more. "If the maintenance that I've whiteness so far continues to play out then I won't be so excited. How long do they plan on keeping us out here. Before long I'm going to pull an Emery and begin to maw down on the others. Starting with Grayson."

There it was again. The comforting feeling of Lapis's hand on his jaw. Everytime Lapis touched him it put Minma at ease. All his furious or aggravation emotions seemed to fade away like a large boat drifting far out to sea. "Thanks for worrying though. But I'm quite well." He reached his right hand up and lightly pinched Lapis's chin, his hand falling back down right after. "So what about you? Are you excited?"


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)
Amethyst's harsh tone and flare of her wings made Grayson pause. While Thia was not a tall and imposing presence, her wings were large and powerful. Most would take the abrupt stretch of them as a threat, but Grayson kept his gaze upon her, unshrinking at her movement. He knew she wasn't going to hurt him. Assumedly. Not physically, anyway. Verbally she could probably manage.

"Don't cuss." Typical.

Mention of her last name clearly upset her, but Grayson was petty. As long as she referred to him as Gray, the longer he would continue with Lightwood.

Grayson had said he didn't want to be around her, that was true. Their argument in the hallway was messy, not that the aftermath of it was particular refined either. A muscle in his jaw twitched at the memory. He didn't even acknowledge her apology before he spoke again.

"I lied." That was the boys indirect way of telling Amethyst he enjoyed being around her. Clearly he was not good at expressing his appreciation for things. Arms folded across his chest defensively, casting a glare to the side and slowly becoming flustered over such a (in his opinion), stupid topic. Grayson thought it would be clear he did not mind being around her, since it's not like he walked off whenever she even breathed at him.

Having to clarify that made his grip on his arms tense. Uncomfortable. Shy.

- - - - - -

Gigicrop.pngGigi Taylor
Firelie Firelie (Lillian) + Anyone else who wants to admire her snappy bones
Gigi had been pretty zoned out after the whole Biscuit Barry talk. She returned to her little diary writing, thoughts washing around like driftwood.

By the time she raised her head, Lillian was hurrying off the bus. They had arrived at this new school. The little ghoul gathered her things as quick as she could, grabbing her bag and rushing after the blind girl.

"I'm here Lilli- A!" A crash, crack of bone. "..Oh heavens." Sighed Gigi.

The one problem with wearing very high, lime green, fluffy platform boots (with the googly eyes), was jumping off of heights could be difficult. For most people that was not an issue. Most people knew to just be careful. But Gigi had the fun idea of hopping off the last step of the bus with a jump.

Her foot rolled, and Gigi was now on the ground, on her butt. Bone of her ankle pushed out painfully against her skin. A sickening sight for most people. Only, Gigi was not in pain. Gigi was dead. Just like Biscuit Barry.

"Over here, Lillian!" She called for her friend, not too far away. "Had an oopsie. Gotta smack this bad boy back into place." She was very unbothered, dripping with causality and glee. "Pesky thing. Happens all the time, think I got weak ankles." She shrugged her bag off her shoulder, wrapping her hands onto her lower leg. "It's those roller-skates, I tell ya. The devil's transportation. Bad energy."

And then with a gross shift of cartilage and a loud pop, it did indeed, smack back into place. Little wiggle of her shoe, and she was good to go again. No pain, no troubles. Horrible. "How's that?" She looked up at the female, as if Lillian could inspect and admire her work. "Nicely done, I think. A solid pop that time. Love that noise. Like popcorn."


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
'I lied.'

His words rung around in her head for a moment before she slowly rejoined him back into the real world. She crossed her arms and heat creeped up her face as she looked to the side. Not the only one flustered about that or maybe she was flustered for a different reason. She looked back up at him from under her lashes before turning her full head to face him.

"Even after all the rude things I said, you for you dont.. hate me?"

She flinched at her last words. This was a first for her. Not many people liked her simply because she was overly happy or suddenly loosing her temper. Then her mind flashed back to the fight in the hallway that was from the night before. He had every right to hate her. God that felt like a century ago so did the bus ride over here. When were they going inside anyway..?

The heat from her face still hadnt faded and it was a deep rosy pink against the females caramel skin tone. Easy to tell she was blushing out of embarrassment or that he admitted he lied to her.

"Its also not that big of a deal. Hell I probably do it all the time. From now on lets be purely honest within this friendship alright?"

She tugged him into a hug to show him no hard feelings. She didnt feel a bit mad about the fight from the previous night. Forgive and forget unless its something that hurts you forever then you never forget maybe forgive. She quickly let go and flicked her wings remembering about personal space. She honestly did not know what that meant half of the time though she was trying to respect it.

Lapis Ashford
Interactions: Minma Minma {Minma}
He laughed slightly when Minma started talking about pulling a Emery. Truly hilarious in his books and that was hard to get. It made so much sense though. The ghoul was crazy as he already tried attacking multiple students.

"Makes sense though dont eat Amethyst. She doesnt taste good."

He stuck out his tongue in disgust. Did he actually know that? No. Was he ever going to know that? No nor did he want to. He crossed his arms and thought for a good long while about a answer and he felt Minmas hand on his jaw again. He smiled before it was dropped and let out a breath he didnt know he was holding.

"I dont know to be honest. I am excited as it provides shelter for me and Amethyst."

Did he go into detail about that no? He still didnt know Minma that well.

"Plus I meet you so far so that has to be a plus right? Maybe this will all playout at this school."

He had another smile on his face and leaned against the wall. He wanted to go inside. He wanted to explore the school. He glanced over at Grayson and Amethyst and he had a smirk on his face.

"We also need to get them together. I can see they like each other no matter how much they wont admit it."

Fae Cove
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She smiled brightly seeing that he didnt really mind and was helping swap the topic. Thank the heavens. Artemis would kill her if she knew she told anyone about killing anyone. Though she wasnt innocent herself.

'Oh I wouldnt dream of it though it would be hilarious."

She laughed and listened to him respectfully as he spoke. He nodded to what he was saying. She never had arrows shot at her - ok that was a lie she has. Though they were so off target it didnt count.

"Very valid reasons. Im excited to extend abilities and train with my friend. Also here to stay safe!"

She bounced on the balls of her feet as she looked around.

"Im super excited to start classes though! I bet everyone is super nice here well as long as they dont try attacking anyone then we should be fine!"

She looked over his shoulder one again when hearing a bone pop out of place. Ouch. Her eyes caught on the female - Gigi and her face light up again.

"Hey Gigi! Are you alright? How was the bus ride over?"

She called out to the female before paying attention to Gleadr again.
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he smiled "well i dont mind what you do to me aslong as you get it on video for me to laugh at later" he had a small wave of satisfaction and happyness that she had reffered to him as her friend and it was a first for him and glad she wasnt someone who was unhappy and grumpy and was reassured that she had high hopes for the rest of the class obvious that she had met others already and he was fealing safe in the knolage that she would probably not be this enthusiastic if they were all kill joys "mhhm hopefully they dont but if they do attack you their goibg to have a nasty shock when a large dragon appears behind them" he tthenlooked at the fenale she had called gigi and thought about sich an unusual name and assumed it was one of her friends and waved at her


Interactions: XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX [Lapis]​

Minma ran his hair through his hair. Only this time he stopped half way through to slightly scratch his scalp. Not because it itched. He just did it every so often, sort of like a tick. Provides shelter for you an Amethyst? What does he mean by that. Shelter from who, or from what? Those very thoughts occupied his head. He wanted to get Lapis to elaborate more on it but he chose not to ask. Maybe another time.

"I do suppose meeting you has been a plus." He leaned in close to Lapis and whispered flirtatiously "Hopefully we can make me and you work. Time will tell." To be completely honest Minma had no feelings for Lapis. And Lapis probably didn't have any for him. So far the pair only shared a physically romantic bond, nothing more. A kiss, a good kiss, was there only chemistry. But Minma was looking forward to getting to know Lapis on a deeper level.

Minma didn't have to tune into what he heard next to pick it up. Bones breaking. He heard the snap and slowly turned his head to a female who was on the ground. He was about to make a move towards her but he noticed she seemed to be in no pain. She made sarcastic remarks about what just took place. She also called out to a friend so Minma was going to leave it to them.

Minma turned his attention back to Lapis. A grin on his face. He lifted his hand and pointed towards a door connected to the building. "I'm about to bust in there. If they don't plan on letting us in the next three seconds." He counted slowly. "Three, two, one." He chuckled in an villain way. "Welp, time to break in."


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX (Amethyst)

Grayson had no idea where that question had come from. He was uncertain what he had done to give Amethyst the impression he hated her. Maybe his personality was just a bit too harsh. Too distanced to give the impression of enjoying her company. That spiked some concern in him. For some reason Grayson found himself caring what Amethyst thought about him. They were friends, that made sense. You don't want friends that dislike you.

Amethyst and him had argued a number of times, but Grayson was not innocent in any of them. Excluding maybe the cafeteria moment, he was still confused about that. But Grayson had his fair share of saying cruel things to Thia as well. Was he going to apologize for them? No. That wasn't his style. Repressing and tucking things under a rug was how he maneuvered a situation. Pretend it didn't happen, ignore it.

"No, Amethyst." He answered with a sigh, as if reciting common knowledge. "I do not hate you." A rise of suspicion. "...Unless you have done something I should hate you for..?"

Amethyst tugged him into another hug. Grayson didn't return the embrace, just tensed a little bit. At least he didn't push her away, a very slow careful progress of accepting the physical touch. His face warmed and he continued to glare off to the side, poor attempt at hiding his flustered manner from the female. It felt stupid, getting embraced by someone so small for such a feeble reason. The ghost stuff he could partially understand, sympathy and all that. This however, he didn't really get.

The hug lasted a bit longer than he would've liked, inciting the male to try wiggle his way out and mutter a rhetorical, "Why do you touch me so much.." It was more of an observation than a question. Thia was touchy with him. Plenty of contact. Yet she wasn't comfortable with Minma holding her hand... Odd.

It raised many questions. None had answers.

Once he was free he brushed himself down, grumbling about what she had said.

"I'm honest..." He just said impulsive meanie things when he was mad. Unfortunately he happened to get mad often. "I just lied that one time.." He added that part quietly, clearly not somebody who enjoyed being dishonest, or did it often.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
Interactions: Gao Gao {Grayson}
"Nope. Not that I know of or havent fixed. I also dont hate you. Sorry about whatever I said in the hallway."

The closest she was going to admit what happened with Finn. She visible tensed up as she rubbed her throat - more assumingly where she had choked Finn. She dropped her hand quickly and folded it back in front out her. Wings twitching slightly. She wasnt going to ever admit what happened to Finn or that she was apart of it.

Grayson asked another question and her face warmed. She looked off to the side and crossed her arms over her chest. She never realized that she was more touchy touchy with Grayson with anyone. Did that mean anything? Maybe but she didnt know. Your supposed to hug your friends right? Thats what she thought anyway.

She looked back up to study his face. She could see the wheels spinning in his head and she rubbed her hand across one of her gloves. She had a idea where that came from. She doesnt like people touching her hands or forearms because of the scars that loop them. It hurts when someone grabbed her wrist and memories flash through her head.

"I know what your thinking. Its the whole.. Angli thing. Im also just a very touchy person - dont think too much about it."

She grumbled and shifted her gloved wrists so he knew what she was talking about. She was trying to explain why she didnt enjoy Minma grabbing her hand plus it made her insides coil and try to eat themselves. Not a safe move for either person. She smiled up and nodded at his next words. She was also a fairly honest person just with a bunch of secrets.

She would prefer to keep them secrets like the one Lapis tried telling. He was going to get hell for that later. No one besides Lapis or Pyrite knew about that and she made her adoptive parents forget it. Though she could probably trust Grayson with it not in such a largely populated area where she could be overheard.

"Good. honest people are better people though it is sometimes necessary to lie. Though ill always be purely honest with you - hell you already know a bunch about me.."

She mumbled that last sentence and turned a brighter shade of red. Was she always this red around everyone? No not even close.

"When are they going to let us in? Im starting to worry. Plus I wanna see if they have a library here."


GraysonCircleCrop.pngGrayson Lavicchi
XxAlien_CelloxX XxAlien_CelloxX
Don’t think too much about it.

Too late.

Did he look like he was assuming things? What did she think he was assuming? Was the inner-workings of his mind easy to read? Grayson stared at her in thought. He didn't think he was an obvious person. He prided himself on his regal demeanour, a detachment and step above from those around him. However Amethyst seemed to just look past it. His eyes narrowed. That annoyed him.

"You don't know what I'm thinking." Immature rivalling again, the same as when he asked what his favourite colour is. A defence mechanism to try regain control of the situation. Not like it worked much. Grayson was obvious to read once you spent time around him.

Amethyst said she was purely honest with him. While mostly true, there was information kept from Grayson. It wasn't lying, but it was hiding things.

"I know a lot about you. But not everything." He was hinting at what Lapis was pushing her about earlier. If she wouldn't tell him, he'd simply hunt Lapis out when he was alone. Get the deetz his own way. If it was big enough to hide from everyone, it was big enough for Grayson to be nosey.

Amethyst had grown impatient about being outside. Grayson could share that feeling, his ankle was not pleased at having to stand for so long. Sent a resounding ache up his leg. It hadn't taken long for it to flare up after resting it all night. Despite that he continued to hold his self-image of strength and dignity.

His gaze shifted towards the school. "Perhaps they no longer want us." Dry humour. But Grayson could see a slither of truth in such a statement. His group was feral. Barbarians. He wouldn't blame the institution if they wished to barricade their doors and hide inside. A place this size, he was sure they had a library.

But he was still overthinking something. He glanced to Thia. Innocently, Grayson's hand reached out. He didn’t grab her wrist or hand, just linked a finger around one of hers. As if they were doing a pinky promise with their pointer fingers. He was frowning, staring at the physical touch. Studying it.



Valerie & Chloe
Interactions: (Open?)

"Val, hurry up, we're already late enough as it is I don't you holding us back further!" "Oh come down you downer, I'm done!" Valerie walked out of her room into the living room in a black blazer-like suit and did a few twirls, "What do you think?" Chloe put a hand on her hip as she looked her friend up and down. She simply rolled her eyes and grabbed the other female by the arm. In just a snap they had appeared at the school’s entrance. Chloe, like always, had been in her own outfit. The type that expressed her while Valerie on the other hand.... She looked over at her friend who had already been staring at the crowd of students. Well lets just say she was a rather special one. Sometimes Chloe wondered how Valerie even scored a job like this.



Valerie & Chloe
Interactions: (EVERYONEEE!)

“Alright everyone!” She smiled widely as she stomped her foot against the ground, giving the concrete floor beneath her red heels a gental shake. Small cracks could even be visible underneath her feet if a person looked hard enough and to be honest, it didn’t take much effort to see it. “I want my students to raise their hands and put it up high damn it,! The last time I did this, a dumbass girl had it glued to her waist then got mad at me for forgetting her.” She rolled her eyes and groaned, “That doesn’t matter! Because all of you look to be very promising!” As she rolled over the rather diverse group of students and turned back to the still closed door she gave a face towards Leo that screamed with every being of her, ‘What the actual fuck?’ She quite literally pushed Leo out the way as she opened the door to the school. These poor students have had to wait inside for so long that it was even irritating her just thinking about being in their shoes. Valerie had honestly been surprised that the students hadn’t beat the principals ass yet.

“How bout next time you leave two school’s worth of students in my care you give me a raise huh?” She snapped viciously at Leo. Chloe only rubbed her temples as she made her way inside the building, she decided it would be best to look through the dorm halls and rooms so she could get to re-placing people in them. “You kids staying out here or what?” She then asked the group as she held the door open, soon her foot leaving the door. It was up to the next person to keep the door open or they would all be locked out and Valerie would rather die then be caught dead outside like them just to smell like damp leaves and dirt. “Cause damn, I sure ain’t..” She mumbled under her breath.


We are going to trust the giant flying sharks?
Amethyst Lightwood
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She glanced up at him and laughed slightly.

"Your right I dont know exactly what your thinking but I have spent my life studying people. Though your not as easy to read as some people which is a good thing. Much like a puzzle to solve."

She blinked and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. She tilted her head to the sky when a breeze drifted by and a smile cracked onto her face. She flicked her wings up to catch the rest of it before looking back at Grayson. He had said something and she almost missed it though she frowned slightly when she realized what he was talking about.

He wouldnt want to know that. Not by any means. It was a ugly and scary detail in her life that explained much that she wanted no needed to leave in the dark.

"You dont wanna know. It will alter whatever view you have of me for worse. I dont want to scare you away."

She spoke with a wavering voice. She didnt know if she should tell him or not. Not here anyway. In private would be better. She zoned out for a moment before she felt something wrap around her finger. She flinched back before looking down at her hand. Graysons finger was crossed with her own. She relaxed a bit when realizing Grayson wouldnt harm her.

She then looked up to see a female shouting at them to follow her. Finally. She removed her hand lightly from Graysons and patted his cheek softly. She smiled brightly as she skipped over to the inside. She only looked behind her to look at Grayson.

"Well lets go!"

She shouted and walked into the inside of the school. Wow- It was HUGE. She gasped slightly and her wings flared out a bit.

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