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Yessssss lordddy XD So they're all just arriving and stuff right? Is it right before orientation like are they going to the dorms (do we have dorms lol) or are they all supposed to head straight for orientation? Also none of them know about the school or anything right? So they're all technically freshman orrrrrrrrrr have some been attending before?
Lol Yall just arriving you don't have dorms yet or know anything except attending orientation. You're new basically so you're starting fresh.
I'm going to assume orientation is inside a large lecture hall or theater inside the school like how my school did it rather than outside lol maybe there'll be signs pointing to ORIENTATION THIS WAY IDIOTS C:<

I appreciate that more than you think lol
i trust you can do great, you managed twice to make me fall in love with your characters so your doing good in my books

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