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Fandom Fallout: Into the Light Once More [OOC]

Would anyone like a Discord server?

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Question, what’s the reason for the NCR being in Boston? Does this take place when the Legion has completely fallen?
I'm kind of sandboxing at the moment. I listed it as an available faction more so because that could have been where a characters previous or current affiliation was before they traveled to the East. I just know some people really liked the first Fallout's so I wanted to have the history there for them, if that makes sense.
I am debating likely someone with power armor though not sure their faction or more likely ex faction
I'm thinking of an ex brother hood or enclave member that was a teen during 3 and had a rather horrible accident involving a fire/ dirty bomb. They now need their very modified power armor as a mobile icu pretty much
does your fine fellow Karcen need a mechanic for your power armor? cause I can make one. or just an ex ncr fellow who got fed up with the ncr rules.
well then an ex ncr fellow as your mechanic is on the go
I'll definitely be adding it! Thanks.

I for sure wanna add more in depth descriptions for the various areas so people who haven't played too much (or just watched the show) can get a little more comfortable with the setting as well. A lot of things will be a weekend project for sure.

This one breaks it down into larger sections. Easier to write lore I would think. If you're interested.
Yesss, brilliant! Helpful for sure to see what things border others. Especially if certain factions take over parts or exchange territory later on as well.
Wonderful! Approved. I'll get a cast list up this weekend as well.

I'm hoping to have things up and at least enough of us maybe by middle of next week to next weekend for first posts.
Justin has been made. though i might double check his backstory for grammar reasons, or rewrite it all together so its easier to read.

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