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Multiple Settings Let's Write Together! (Three Cliche Tropes to Start With)

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Greetings friends. It's been two years since I used RPNation, but fortunately I can still remember some BBCode. I'm back because I have a hankering for creating a story with someone.

So, I'll pitch some cliche ideas and see if anyone likes them. We can work on building a unique story together, so these will be very basic ideas. If you are interested, please DM me (you can comment below, but DMing works a lot better). I'd like to have a rather large roleplay with many people, so we'll see.

Follow me down to the stars below!~ (click on them)

Gothic creatures of the night!

I'm a sucker for the vampire trope and would love to build a consistent, coherent story based around them. We can obviously include the whole host of Halloween-esque creatures, to liven things up.

It could be structured as a sort of dangerous drama. Political conflict between species could be especially interesting to manufacture.

World Building!
This would be a more expansive roleplay, involving many different aspects generated by all of the players. We could start with a planet, or a galaxy, and build its history, people and culture. This is a rather daunting task, albeit rewarding.


Code for high school (or college) roleplay haha.
This would also be a roleplay centered around drama, although I feel like if we talked about it, we could create an interesting, and unique enough roleplay that doesn't resemble every high school roleplay ever made. There could be a dystopian or murderous aspect perhaps.


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