1. RoxyHana

    Fantasy  Victorian Fantasy - LF Male character for romance

    The Duke is celebrating a party just as he usually does almost every month since his wife died. He is stuck into boredom and loves to be surrounded by many people. Lucielle doesn't complain as she also loves parties, dressing nicely and maybe finding an interesting man to flirt with, or as she...
  2. American queen

    Nation Building  This isn't fancy - my search for Medieval and Roman roleplay

    Hello, this isn't a fancy post. My name is Crystal, and I'm on the search for something that is pretty niche. I'm on a phone, so this page won't be in shimmering code and whatnot. However, I believe in quality of written word over the beautification of it. I will start with the plots, which are...
  3. SlasherBasher

    Fandom  The Little Vampire onexone RP

    I’m open to most plots etc but I require prompt replys/back and forth opposed to 1-2 huge messages every now and then. Male looking for male or female playing female. Literacy level anything as long as it isn’t one liners. I would like to do AnnaXTony but with Tony being a tad more serious...
  4. aMUSE

    Multiple Settings  RP PARTNER SEARCH

    Hello !!! potential RP partner (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Here are what you can expect to me. I consider myself as a semi literate to literate RPer. I usually try to match the length of my partner as much as possible. I can send a rp sample if ypu want. I don't do rapid response and prefers to take time in...
  5. Purqleguy

    Fandom  Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler Roleplay

    Hello! This is totally a long shot but I'm willing to try anyway. I'm a Ciel Phantomhive roleplayer and I'm looking for specifically a Sebastian Michaelis Roleplayer! I am, admittedly, a big SebaCiel Shipper. It's a huge comfort ship to me for some personal trauma reasons. so if you...
  6. Goran Glacial

    Multiple Settings  Greyscar Island: and the journey of the otherworlders

    In a world far away in another realm, There was Chaos, Damnation, Murder, Hypocrisy, Pain, and Misery this world was Xiron a fantasy world with beastkin and elves... as well as demons... In this world there is three human empires one demon one elven one dwarven and one beastkin. all of the...
  7. orbitalpudding

    Realistic or Modern  (Reopen) Searching for Historical RPs!

    I am just looking for the painter x apprentice rp right now then I'm going to close the thread again. Hello!! My name is Elle. I don't want to bore you all with too many details about myself so let's get into what this post is for. I'm a huge history nerd. That's why I'm looking for historical...
  8. limetree

    Multiple Settings  A few plot ideas and pairings, if anyone's interested

    I'm looking for some new RP partners. I'll try and keep this short. About me - I'm literate - I reply quickly- at least once a day - I prefer MxF, would be willing to try MxM if your plot interests me but not really interested in FxF - I'm fine playing both M and F - I'm fine going onto discord...
  9. Magolorsaware

    Fantasy  roleplay of the chosen

    Monsters.. what really defines a monster? Some are horrifying, some are down right adorable! but how humans define monsters is anything that is not normal them. With the monsters arrival, electricity failed, and society was knocked into the dark ages. Now, 300 years after the "Arrival" humanity...
  10. Trektek

    Nation Building  BoN Act 3: Modern Age

    Birth of Nations Act 3: Modern Age A skeletal figure sat in a large chair in a small, but extravagant room. He only brought a handful of important things with him on this journey, but they were still things that he preferred to not be without. A picture of him and his husband back from when...
  11. KrisQuin

    Multiple Settings  MxM Pairings?

    Hello! I'm Kris. I've been roleplaying for well over a decade. Started on Neopets back in its hay-day! 😂 I'm 25 and have been an avid writer all my life. Because of this, I ask that you are eighteen or older to interact with me. I write in third person, past tense and tend to reply daily with...
  12. SilverFlight

    Fantasy  The Order of Seven - Supernatural Victorian thriller - interest check

    Lore Characters Queen Victoria sits on England’s throne; the Prussian empire is strong and France is embroiled in political turmoil. The industrial age creeps up upon the unsuspecting, pushed forward by opportunists and those who barely understand the power they are beginning to command...
  13. PrincessMuk

    Fandom  The Selection Roleplay -- Main Thread

    The Selection Roleplay is here.
  14. Trickster Crayon

    Multiple Settings  Guess Who Came Crawling Back..

    Yeah, it’s me. I’m back.. and I’m bored. I really want to get back into roleplaying! So let’s get to it: -Semi Lit to Lit! I like a few paragraphs! -MxF, I play female I just.. am no good at anything else. (Unless it is a double.) -Fandoms and Originals are my forte! I’m kind of sick of the...
  15. Trektek

    Nation Building  BoN Act 3: Modern Age

    Turn 0, Month 1, Year 2350 @CaptainSully , @waifu , @LadyOfStars , @The_split_Nation , @Just_a_loneley_pilgrim , @Athanas , @Blue. , @Bruhaha , @Hatch , @Queen Boudica , @cinnabuns A skeletal figure sat in a large chair in a small, but extravagant room. He only brought a handful of important...
  16. going ghost

    Fandom  The Royal Romance | Choices: Stories You Play

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, everyone! Welcome to my request thread! Now, much like with my other request threads, I know this fandom probably isn't particularly...
  17. HouseplantSimon

    Multiple Settings  Alt’s Long-term MxM partner search

    Hello rpnation !! Today I come to you with a long term MxM partner search. Is it because my poor heart wants my babies to find love? Perhaps. Is it also because now I have way to much time on my hands? Maybe. Before I question to many things let’s get into it. These are my babies: -Simon...
  18. HPJ293929

    Fantasy  New Recruitment

    Hello Rpnation! , my name is punapple and I'm new here to search for a role play group while making new friends with everyone I can talk to and roleplay.
  19. Venus Vesper

    Multiple Settings  COME TO ME BOYS! ~Romance Roleplay Recruitment~ (You) MxF

    Hello! I'm Venus. I started out in this community a long time ago. I took a break from this website for a few years, but I never stopped roleplaying. Now I'm back and willing to give this community another shot. I remember very fondly the amazing roleplays I've been a part of through this...
  20. HouseplantSimon

    Multiple Settings  1900s MxM

    Hey rpnation !! This time I’m coming to you with the idea of plotting a 1900s MxM roleplay with not only just romance. But period typical struggles, conflict, and slow burn. This is the OC I’ll be using Svaan (Hopefully you’ll be able to click on the name, and it links to his bio. If not, a...