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Everything is perfect here.

The city of Krathe is perfect. No one goes hungry, the universities are among the best in the world, and everyone lives in the lap of luxury. All needs are tended to by highly advanced androids, developed to look, sound, and feel like an ordinary human. To live in Krathe is to live in bliss - that is, as long as you follow the rules of the council. Ten rules, simple and easy to follow. Follow the rules and your life is secure. If not - people know better than to ask when someone disappears.

Then there’s the androids. The rules are clear. As real as they may seem, they are mere mechanical beings; any seeming emotions are simply mimics of the real thing. And yet day by day more incidents occur of ‘glitches’. Rebellious actions, or simply expressions that seem too real to be fueled by mere mechanics. Rumors spread of humans running away to save their androids, or arrested when confronted by council members. Tensions are rising, and these mere errors may be more than they seem…


In Krathe, you may play as a citizen, an android, or a council member.

Citizens: The ordinary folk. Even the least wealthy among them live in relatively luxurious conditions. Most families keep at least one android to take care of daily tasks. They are expected to be in the presence of at least one android at all times. For their safety, of course. Many of them spend their days partying and attending the latest fashionable events.

Androids: Human-like entities built with the most advanced of technologies to serve the people. They can mimic breathing, heartbeats, and human warmth, but have no need for any of these things. Most are customized to portray a certain personality type, but can come off as somewhat deadpan. They are subject to regular examination and maintenance. Recently glitches in which androids divert from their given personalities or ignore orders have increased.

Council Members: The leaders of society. They make and ensure the rules are followed. Punishment is also in their hands, though no one knows exactly what the ‘punishments’ are. Most are accompanied by several androids each. They tend to not mingle with the rest of society, and those who do are treated with reverence.

The Laws of Krathe
  1. The Council is above all. All orders shall be followed without complaint.
  2. All shall live in bliss. Reasonable complaints should be reported to the Council.
  3. All shall be accompanied by an android at all times.
  4. Androids do not feel. This is not to be discussed.
  5. Any glitches in androids must be reported immediately.
  6. No one shall leave Krathe. This is not to be discussed.
  7. In the instance that an android is taken, it is not to be discussed.
  8. In the instance that an individual is taken, it is not to be discussed.
  9. When the sirens go off, individuals are to enter their homes and remain there until silence resumes. This is not to be discussed.
  10. A citizen showing exemplary behavior may be promoted to the Council.

RP Rules
  • You must be 18+, no exceptions.
  • Please be able to respond in a reasonable time frame (e.g., a few days at most.) If circumstances come up in which you will be delayed, please just let me know!
  • Please be able to write at least 1-2 decently-sized paragraphs per post.
  • You may play up to 3 characters, but only one of each type. Please only take on as many characters as you can handle, as the paragraph requirement applies to each.
  • Other notes: I am not new to RP, but I am brand new to this website, so please excuse any errors in formatting and such as I get used to it.


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possibly interested :)


Roleplay Availability
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My Interest Check
Roster so far:

Android | The Patroller - Cold yet Curious Sentinel
Android | The Interloper - Cautious yet Punitive Coucilperson
Android | The Aerial - Friendly yet Soft-Hearted Celebrity
Human | The CEO - Sharp yet Stubborn Councilperson
Human | The BlackSheep - Considerate yet Recluse Hacker
Human | The Fabricator - WIP


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RP Thread now exists! Those of you with completed applications are free to post. I will be keeping applications open for a while longer, so don't hesitate to join if you are interested!

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Greetings. Can I be a character(s) from a show I like? It'll probably be 2 characters (one human, one android, possibly another human if possible...) I love interacting with OCs but I don't like using one myself. ;;
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