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Fantasy "Last Castle" Bar & Grille OOC



I hope so, didn't the site have an issue?
Yes, they did: a fire, then water damage from the firefighters, and god knows what else. Then they were down again after they got back up, and I am not sure what happened there. That's why I say I hope it's over, instead of "it's over."


Follow me till the ends of time
Because it may just happen again, which means it may not be over. That may be why I forgot it existed for a bit because when I tried to log in, they said the mods needed sleep.
I believe they transferred most of the data to another server. Apparently they do backups, so if they lost posts coming back, it was only an hour old when the site crashed the first time.
I ended up joining the RPN discord just to get updates. Sounds like they have some kind of system in place so they don't lose everything.


shadowdude505 shadowdude505 , you are quite correct. But we haven't heard from Darkness_Hollow Darkness_Hollow in a while, so maybe it would be best to go on and post, skipping Roxy for the moment, but letting the rest of the cast move forward. Thanks for being considerate and checking on DH first.

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