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Fantasy "Last Castle" Character Sheets



Last Castle Character Sheets

Publicly Known As:
Real Name:
Gender Preference:
Actual Age: (since birth)
Apparent Age: (For vampires: age they were when turned. For Lycans: age when turned plus one year for every decade lived after turning. Fae: complex formula, check with GM if fae character is desired.)
Physical Description:
Powers: (nothing OP: see listing of powers for vampires, Lycans and fae: contact GM with questions about powers for other races)
Vulnerabilities: (see listing of vulnerabilities for vampires, Lycans and fae: contact GM with questions about vulnerabilities for other races)
History to date:

Vampire under 500 yrs old: Vampiric strength. Can shift into a wolf or a huge bat. Powers increase when freshly fed on human blood.
Vampire over 500 yrs old: Add celerity, hypnotism, can also shift to swarms of bats or rats: can fly while still in human form.

Lycan under 100: uncontrollably shift from Homid (human) form to simple animal form (Lupus) whenever full moon is out. Will hunt and interact with other wolf pack members.
Lycan 100 to 200: When entering into a fight under the full moon, may shift from Lupus to Crinos (wolf-man), a dangerous combat-oriented form. These shifts are still uncontrolled.
Lycan 200 to 300: May be able to control shifts sometimes (40%), avoid shifting at full moon. Can also shift to Glabros (man-wolf) form, or Hispo (giant wolf).
Lycan 300 plus: 80% control over shifts, can generally voluntarily shift to any of the five forms.

Fae: May shift between human and fae form, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes controlled by circumstance. Consult with GM on concepts for any desired fae.


Vampires: Crosses, silver, holy water, daylight, stakes through the heart, getting head chopped off. Must drink some form of blood regularly or weakens; human blood restores all weakness.

Lycans: Silver, magic and moonlight.

Fae: all fae can be hurt by silver or magical weapons. Different fae have different vulnerabilities: consult the GM.


Publicly Known As: Tom Nelson
Real Name: Thomas of Avalon
Race: Vampire
Gender Preference: Male
Actual Age: 1159
Apparent Age: Late 30’s
Physical Description: Dark hair to his shoulders, dark eyes, stands 5’11”, medium build (180 lbs or so). Usually wears slacks or jeans and a plaid dress shirt, big belt buckle of an eagle. A magnetic smile, a firm jaw, confident and rightly so.
Powers: Vampiric strength, celerity, hypnotism. Can shift into a wolf or a huge bat, or swarms of bats or rats. Can fly while still in human form. Powers increase when freshly fed on human blood.
Vulnerabilities: Crosses, silver, holy water, daylight, stakes through the heart, getting head chopped off. Must drink some form of blood regularly or weakens; human blood restores all weakness.
History to date: Thomas of Avalon was born grandson to Sir Galahad, Knight of the Round Table. By the time of his birth, King Arthur had disappeared but there were constant rumors of his swift return. Thomas grew up training to be a knight of the New Round Table, fed on the legends of the first one. But King Arthur did not return.

Thomas set out to become a knight errant, espousing the genteel concerns of the knights in his tales. He soon discovered that peasants can pay little more than a bed and a hot meal, while in opposing barons one can make powerful enemies. Beaten down, he joined the barony of one of the more civil barons, Baron Winston.

He fought courageously in the First Crusade, certain that recovering the Holy Land was his version of the search for the Grail. But once he saw the truth of the crusades, slaughtering innocent families in God’s name, he returned to the Barony.

Under Baron Winston he was assigned to assist in laying siege to the castle of another Baron named Drake. This Baron proved to be a vampire, and recognized Thomas’ skill and valor. He turned Thomas, hypnotizing him to join the dark armies.

Under the command of Drake Thomas became everything he loathed, slaughtering innocents or capturing them to be fed upon by Drake or the other vampires, including himself. It was not until a Gypsy Priestess cast a spell of Restoration on him that he broke free of Drake’s control, riding home with the army and biding his time until he could slay Drake privately.

In time he found his chance, impaling Drake on a wooden spear and chopping off his head. But now he was forced to flee from the rest of the dark army. Eventually it became clear that the only way to escape them for good would be to travel to the new land called America.

In America he joined the Revolution as a night-time spy and assassin. In peace time he soon learned to run nightly establishments such as taverns and houses of ill repute, while in war he would put his fighting skills to good use. It wasn’t until the Civil War that he once again saw the dirty side of war and the slaughter of innocents on both sides. Thereafter he hung up his sword, vowing to fight no more.

Once again he became a barkeep, often with ladies of the night in his employ. This served him particularly well during Prohibition, when he organized a full business including moonshine running and speakeasies all up and down the West coast. He was briefly a mob boss, but when other mob bosses gathered against him he allowed his organization to dissolve rather than lead his people into a bloody mob war.

Now out in California he began to make contact with many other kinds of fae, often ones coming to him for help escaping the human world. He continued to run bars, but this became a common side business, serving as the underground railroad for preternaturals. While doing so he ran into Ben Bristol, a similarly-minded vampire from the Old South, and they have worked together in bars and taverns ever since.

Thomas has previously opened bars that welcomed preternaturals, but this time he has outdone himself setting an oasis open to all. This is his hallmark, to live and die by a creed of acceptance and mutual understanding.Thomas_of_Avalon.jpg
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Publicly Known As: Ben Harding
Real Name: Ben Bristol
Race: Vampire
Gender Preference: Male
Actual Age: 184
Apparent Age: 28
Physical Description: Tall (6’2”), blond, muscular, well tanned from his former life working in the sun, about 220 lbs. Friendly, infectious smile, gains folks’ confidence easily.
Powers: Vampiric strength, hypnotism. Can shift into a wolf or a huge bat. Powers increase when freshly fed on human blood.
Vulnerabilities: Crosses, silver, holy water, daylight, stakes through the heart, getting head chopped off. Must drink some form of blood regularly or weakens; human blood restores all weakness.
History to date: Ben was born the oldest son of a wealthy plantation owner in Georgia in 1836.
He was well cared for, lived at peace with his surroundings, and while his family owned slaves, there were few incidents of cruelty against them. The slaves were more like indentured servants: the house slaves, like members of the family.

Conflict between the North and the South escalated as Ben grew up, until it exploded into the Civil War in 1861. Ben went to fight for the South, not understanding the North’s objections to slavery as that was not the way he was brought up. Ben rose to the rank of Sergeant over time, and in 1864 was seized in battle by Northern forces. These particular Northerners held a grudge against slave owners, and to set an example they stripped Ben of his shirt, tied him to a tree and whipped him repeatedly. They then left him dying.

But Ben was found that night by a lonely lady vampire named Vivienne who first drank from his wounds, then fed him her own blood so that he might recover and become a vampire himself. At first upset because he had lost everything that was his due in life, he nonetheless accompanied Vivienne on her travels which included a trip to France and England, where they lived for decades. Ben learned French and also now speaks with a bit of an English accent.

Eventually Ben became eager to return home, even though he knew there was no one left alive whom he knew. In 1915 he and Vivienne took a ship back to America. But Vivienne failed to be discrete, and was caught drinking from another passenger. At first they simply hung her from the yardarm and she faked a convincing death. But they left her hanging until dawn, and the sunlight brought her final death. There was nothing Ben could do.

Very shortly after his return, World War I broke out, and Ben appeared to be of recruitment age. He would have fought willingly, but that would have meant regular exposure to sunlight. So, he went underground as a draft dodger. Life became more difficult, but Ben adapted, working taverns and bars as a bartender and disguising his age. Later he met Thomas, who helped him find refuge from humanity and the day.

Ben is looking forward to his job at the new bar. He is confident in Thomas’ leadership abilities and everything that has been done to protect the bar.Vampire_Ben.jpg
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Publicly Known As: Fatima Madan
Real Name:
Race: Werewolf
Gender Preference: Female
Actual Age: 48
Apparent Age: 30
Physical Description: Black hair, dark brown eyes, petite at 5’5”, graceful as a dancer, quite beautiful.
Powers: Under the full moon, changes into a normal-looking wolf. Anyone she bites will also become a Lycan with the same ability. Note that she has been a Lycan for 20 years and cannot yet control her change to any degree: this is normal.
Vulnerabilities: Silver, magic and moonlight.
History to date: (TBD)Famke_Janssen-Over-40-Gallery.jpg
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Ginger with amber eyes.jpgPublicly Known As: Roxy
Real Name: Roxanne Barland
Race: Werewolf
Gender Preference: Female
Actual Age: 21
Apparent Age: 21

Physical Description: Average build, above-average height (5'10"), freckles around her nose and cheeks, shoulder-length ginger hair, amber eyes, tends to dress in a punkish or rocker style. Has a scar on her arm from a wolf scratch that was actually from a werewolf.

Powers: A new werewolf, under the full moon she changes into a normal-looking red wolf. Anyone she bites will also become a Lycan with the same ability.

Vulnerabilities: Silver, magic and moonlight.

History to date:
If you asked her a year ago, Roxanne would have described herself as an average, small-town girl. She was never in the popular girl click, but she wasn't exactly the bottom-of-the-totem-pole either. She was tight with her friends and family. Responsible. Made good grades at school.

In high school, she formed a band with her friends called The Rock Dogs. Roxanne was the drummer. They'd howl to hype themselves up for a performance. They played during talent shows and school events; even gained a small YouTube following. She was talented, but wasn't sure if she wanted to pursue music as a career. If The Rock Dogs blew up, maybe she could picture it better, but she could also seeing herself becoming a bar tender or a mechanic. She’s still trying to decide what to study at college, if she’s even going.

Camping was a frequent event in her life. She enjoyed the wilderness, campfires, and smores. One trip she was scratched as she tried to protect her friends from a wolf attack. Her friends took her to the doctor to check for rabies. Medically, she was fine, but on the next full moon...

She was on a camping trip with her family. She was trying to sleep in her own tent, but started to feel strange. Thinking she was getting sick, she tried to make her way toward her parents' tent, but only made it half-way there. She transformed into a wolf and was a little disoriented at first, but ran off after realizing that she was a wolf. She ran, and ran, and ran; continually hoping that this was a dream that she'd wake up from. When she did, she discovered that she was naked...and in another town. After finding some clothes, she began to wonder the town. Part of her still hoped that she was dreaming.

One could say that fate brought her to the Last Castle, at this point she'd believe it.

Meanwhile her strange disappearance is yet to be explained. Her family didn't find any blood at the scene, just torn clothes, her phone and wallet. Was she elaborately kidnapped or ran away? Forget finding a rational explanation, the one thing that is certain is that Roxanne is missing and the media would eat up a story like this.

Extra Details:
David Barland - Father
Trish Barland - Mother
Roxanne "Roxy" Barland - Eldest child
Timothy "Tim" Barland - Younger Brother
Randy Cunningham - Vocals
Bella Thornton - Lead Guitarist
Steven "Steve" Bell - Rhythm Guitarist
Cassidy "Cass" Jones - Base Guitarist
Roxanne "Roxy" Barland - Drums

Drinks of choice:
- Budweiser beer
- Long Island Ice Tea
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"Sorry ladies, I'm not related to Keanu; just got lucky in the looks department."
Young Keanu.jpgPublicly Known As:
“Keanu” (In-joke with friends/family/Roxy)
Real Name: Randy Cunningham
Race: Human
Gender Preference: Male
Age: 22

Physical Description: Looks like a young Keanu Reeves. Has black hair that he keeps on the longer side, brown eyes, and a stubble beard. Tends to wear more casual clothes, or dress like a rock star. It's rare to see him in a suit and tie.

Powers: None

Vulnerabilities: Stuff that normally hurts humans.

History to date:
Randy is a boy that grew up in Roxy's neighborhood. They have known each other since elementary school; their bond starting in band class. Randy was also a drummer, but changed focus to guitar and vocals as he was transitioning into high school. It was his idea to form The Rock Dogs. He first told Roxy about it and she quickly agreed to be a drummer. They pulled in a couple of their musically talented friends; even though he could play the guitar pretty well, Randy decided to just focus on vocals.

Band life strengthened the groups bond and Randy was like the group's older brother, but his feelings toward Roxy also started to take a more romantic interest. He should of told her, but he never could find the means to blurt those feelings out despite his rockerboy charm.

Roxy's disappearance was the worst day of his life. He found out from her dad over the phone. "Of course I'll keep an eye out for her," he promised. He was relieved when she was found safe, but felt sad after learning that she was deciding to stay. On one hand he understood it was her life to live, but it is still a bummer that everyone in The Rock Dogs are going their separate ways (especially the girl that he had a secret crush on.) It looks like he's the only one interested in perusing music as a career and is going to college mainly to learn how to produce music, but would love to make a professional band or be a solo act if he ever got the chance.

It's going to be tough being separated from his friends, but maybe the separation will give him the encouragement to finally make his romantic feelings toward Roxy known, before it's too late. Currently he's unaware that she's a werewolf.

Drink of choice: Budweiser beer
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Publicly Known As: Azalea Vargamor
Real Name: same
Race: Tuatha de Danaan
Gender Preference: female
Actual Age: ?
Apparent Age: 28
Physical Description: Slender blonde lady with haunting blue eyes and a deep, musical voice. Seems both delicate and strong at the same time.
Powers: Commune with nature to heal self and others. Charm wolves: assist Lycans to shift regardless of moonlight or not. Wolves trust her as a member of the Pack.

Vulnerabilities: As humans. Silver and magical weapons do extra damage to her.
History to date: Mystic, lounge singer, apparent age 28, has a strong affinity for nature and especially for new werewolves and helping them become established in their new pack. Wolves respect and protect her. Part of her mystic dedication requires that she never become intimate with a man. She often exploits the loophole that this doesn’t apply to women.

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Publicly Known As: Lucaslucas_greymore.jpeg
Real Name: Lucas Greymore
Race: werewolf
Gender Preference: male
Actual Age: 154
Apparent Age: 38
Physical Description: Well-muscled construction worker, dark haired, dark eyed, about 5’10”. As a wolf, has a grey mane around his face.
Powers: uncontrollably shift from Homid (human) form to simple animal form (Lupus) whenever full moon is out. Will hunt and interact with other wolf pack members. When entering into a fight under the full moon, may shift from Lupus to Crinos (wolf-man), a dangerous combat-oriented form. These shifts are still uncontrolled.
Vulnerabilities: Silver, magic and moonlight.
History to date: Born at the end of the civil war, became a longshoreman working with boats. One night at age 25, something came off a boat, slashed out at him and fled to land. He has been a Lycan ever since. Definitely an Alpha, he has fought his way up the ranks to become the Pack Leader. As long as he keeps order in the Pack, the Tribal leaders won’t bother him.
Lucas has a tough-but-fair reputation among the Pack. He will come down on someone if they need to be taught a lesson, but he doesn’t get vicious about it. All in all, a good Pack leader.
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Publicly Known As: Nicolas
Real Name: Niko Lewis
Race: zombie
Gender Preference: male
Actual Age: 25
Apparent Age:16
Physical Description: Niko is half asian, half white. His skinned has grayed since he became a zombie. He has messy black hair down to his neckline and hazel eyes. Niko's preferred style is anything comfortable. Niko stands at 5'6 and he weighs 143 pounds.
Powers: being immortal and enhanced senses(except for eyesight, his eyesight is not the best).
Drawbacks/ Vulnerabilities: choking on his own organs(organs aren't attached to the body), pretty bad eyesight and being relatively childish(because his brain is stunted after he became a zombie).
History to date: Niko was born in 1995 and had a more or less normal childhood. Fast forward to when he was 16. He was at a party and was playing truth or dare with a bunch of other people. His dare was to face his fear: being in the dark, so he went to a cemetery. He was then bitten by a zombie, and he hid from everyone. After many hours, he came to the town where last castle was. His skin was normal at first, but then it started to change. Two years ago, his skin became what is was today. He relies on food by digging through cemeteries at night.
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"Nice place. For a dinky town, there's actually some magic here."
Kuroki Meisa.jpgPublicly Known As: Mai Bennett
Real Name: Mai
Race: Kitsune
Gender Preference: Female
Actual Age: 128
Apparent Age: "It's not polite to ask a woman her age." Mid-late 20s

Physical Description: A kitsune with one tail. In her human form she looks like a young Japanese woman that could be a fashion model. She has a white Kitsune's Ball that looks like a necklace. A Kitsune's Ball is a small orb that a kitsune uses to focus their magic. It doesn't glow. In her fox form, the orb is hidden in the fur on her chest.

Fox fire (Can coat fur with fire in fox form, shoot balls of fire, or just use orbs of fire for light).
- Shapeshifting.
- Suggestion/seduction - A kitsune can use magic to seduce/plant thoughts into a person's head. Stronger willed people or the magically inclined have an easier time resisting.
- Illusion - A kitsune can illusions that can make someone see what a kitsune wants them to see or overlook something. Example: Helping a kitsune hide by placing the illusion of a wall in front of them.

- Magic
- Normal weapons
- Kitsunes aren't physically strong and rely more on magic and agility. They can only use so much magic in a day; magical training helps increase their magical stamina.
- If someone manages to snag a Kitsune's Ball, the kitsune has to do the person's bidding.

History to date:
For 100 years, Mai spent her life living as a fox. She lived in Japan near a kitsune shrine. After those years were over, she gained the ability to shape shift and took on a human form. Taking on the identity of Mai Kusanagi, she started her human life as a child. She lived with her Aunt & Uncle (also kitsunes in disguise) in Tokyo and helped out at their antiques shop while training to be more efficient with kitsune magic. She went to school in Tokyo and learned how to speak fluent English. As far as schooling went, she didn't really have a career path in mind. What she knew was that she could make herself as beautiful as she wanted and when her charisma wasn't enough to manipulate young men into buying her things, her kitsune magic usually was.

About a year-and-a-half ago, a rich and young businessman from America had a business trip to Japan. He ended up visiting the antique store, where he crossed paths with twenty-something looking Mai. She learned that his name was Andrew Bennett and she decided to make him a personal project. She managed to get him to fall for her. She took a liking to high society. There was no love on her end, only mischief; she wanted to see how much she could get him to spend on her. She ran the gambit and he eventually proposed to her. Wanting to see how much farther she could push things, she said yes. She moved to America with him and had a short-lived marriage. She quickly became bored with married life and decided to divorce, taking some of his money with her and keeping his surname.

It was time to see what other amusements America had to offer. She began to travel around, not really having a plan in mind. She felt a tinge of magic and decided to investigate, sending her right to the front door of the Last Castle bar.

Drinks of choice:
- Tom Collins
- Cassis Orange
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Tell me a story, a story of lovers and friends..
Publicly Known As: Sammy
Real Name: Samantha Jones
Race: Werewolf
Gender Preference: Female
Actual Age: 21
Apparent Age: 21
Physical Description: Sam is a short lycan, with freckles adorning her face and body. Her eyes are a deep green that often times turn purple whenever she shifts. 11.Short-Girl-Haircut.jpg
Powers: She has the ability to shift.
Vulnerabilities: Silver, Moonlight, Magic
History to date: She was turned a few months after she turned twenty one, she doesn't exactly remember the date, but she remembers how it felt when she shifted her first time. She remembered the pain of feeling the shift, and often times finds herself dwelling on it, even when she knows its nothing for her to truly worry about. She still can't get the thought out of her mind, and decided to take up a job as bartending, as she did when she was younger. She remembers the bar her parents owned, and how she had to keep her secret from them on every full moon, which was often when they had parties that they wanted her to attend.

When she didn't show up due to shifting, they started to worry about her daughter, but not before she ran away, disappearing into the night and finding herself at the bar.


I thought this might be helpful:

Last Castle NPCs

Nymphs: Nature spirits taken on flesh to become ladies of the evening at the bar

Altheus: dark werewolf, attacked Roxy and Randy, turned her, fought with Lucas and got his paw crunched.

Chuck and Amos: two flirty beta wolves Roxy met at her first pack meeting

Roxy’s brother, mother and father

Mark: bouncer / werewolf at the club

Lucius: 2nd bouncer / werewolf at the club

John McMurtaugh: ghoul working as undertaker, Niko’s new boss

Martin: “unreliable” drummer in Azalea’s backup: haven’t actually met him yet

Jeff and George: musicians at the bar who sub when Azalea has business. Secretly Tuatha de Danaan. Have a “Bill and Ted” schtick they play out…

Rufus (not seen yet): a beta werewolf getting too big for his britches

Shelton: werewolf accountant, Roxy’s neighbor

Wanda: werewolf barfly, Roxy’s neighbor

Jonas: werewolf, Roxy’s neighbor

Krista: flirty beta werewolf at table with Lucas

Across the big table a tall wiry guy in a biker jacket with his hair pulled back in a ponytail sat next to Lucas. He nodded at Randy. “Curtis. War Chief.” From there, introductions went clockwise around the table.

“Dan.” Alpha werewolf at the bar

“Gerald.” Alpha werewolf at the bar

“Isis.” Alpha werewolf: Isis was a tall, muscular blonde sitting almost directly opposite him.

“Rex. Don’t you dare laugh.” Alpha werewolf at the bar.

“Todd.” Alpha werewolf at the bar.

“Albert.” Alpha werewolf at the bar.

Aside from Curtis all these guys seemed well built, looking like truckers, bikers, or football players. Isis was a tall, muscular blonde sitting almost directly opposite him.


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Publicly Known As: Joseph Right
Real Name: Entei Crite (pronounced Cry -ite)
Race: Phoenix
Gender Preference: male
Actual Age: unknown death and rebirtih
Apparent Age: 28
Physical Description: Well built physique (6”), black hair, pretty muscular, about 240 lbs. Friendly innocent appearance but looks can be decieving.
Powers: Immunity to fire, body temperature control, healing (Not instantaneous, and still feels pain), Fire manipulation and generation, and minor telekinetic (hes not jean grey he has minor telekinesis move small objects): Has magical proficiency but has just begun to truly learn
Vulnerabilities: Can be killed, he has enhanced strength but not on par with vampire or werewolf, special enochian symbols can trap him (like angel or devil traps in supernatural) only the oldest beings would know of this weakness
History to date:
Entei is one of few Phoenix's in existence, although he has been around for centuries in a form of pure energy he was spontaneously born into human form during a meteor shower and even he does not know what causes his kind to don human appearances, as he believes it is the will of a higher power. Born from flames in 1690 at first he just traveled observing humanity, noticing that he was not vulnerable as they were his abilities had him vastly superior to humans.
Unfortunately he faced much discrimination due to his skin color and in an effort to learn to become human he eventually decided to keep his abilities hidden from humans no matter what happened as he was killed by humans a few times letting emotions such as rage get the best of him and he did massacre colonist that tried to enslave him.
Entei was worshipped as a Sun deity in the early 1700s but was betrayed by his people in south africa as with religion the people were convinced that his manipulation of fire was a demonic ability so they turned on him. Not wanting to hurt the people he cared for he allowed his death but he saw a man watching him cloaked and he knew that the person who orchestrated this was special like him but he never saw who this person was or knew why they had done this.
Although with death he was eventually reborn and some memories pass onto the next life when he decided to live as a human, not matter what and although he came across malevolent humans he never used his abilities against them only on malevolent supernatural beings.
Over the years he began going by the name Joseph Right as his name did not go with the times and he has learned a lot and came across another Phoenix who told him he has not even come close to his potential, the magical ability alone was unreal and he outclassed Entei in every way.
Last memory he has is this Phoenix burning a symbol into the ground that had him trapped, then another symbol that vaporized him until in a burst of flames he appeared just outside the bar.

special interests: Loves island drinks and loves gambling mainly poker and dice games



Wasn't able to pm Gwalihir Gwalihir if character isn't acceptable I'll make changes or can change character to fit
That's okay. Intriguing concept: welcome aboard. You'll probably be running into a group running out the door carrying a dying old man, unless you move real quick. And the ball is yours...


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Publicly Known As: Brent Andre
Real Name: Bruin The Beast
Race: Vampire
Gender Preference: Male
Actual Age: 1141
Apparent Age: Early 30’s
Physical Description: Dark hair very short, dark eyes, stands 6ft”, medium build. Usually wears all black with a ash grey tank top to show off his muscular physique
Powers: Vampiric strength, celerity, hypnotism. Can shift into a wolf or a huge bat, or swarms of bats or rats. Can fly while still in human form. Powers increase when freshly fed on human blood... one ability unique to him is that before he turned completely he learned how to project memories from the past which is a magical ability
Vulnerabilities: Crosses, silver, holy water, daylight, stakes through the heart, getting head chopped off. Must drink some form of blood regularly or weakens; human blood restores all weakness.

History to date: Bruin was a commoner who idolized the knights. Although he had heard stories he was fortunate to see Thomas of Avalon in battle one fateful day during the first crusade and Bruin wanted to be a knight that would one day surpass his skill so he trained. Kids were cruel and laughed at his dreams but Bruin practiced with a wooden sword daily.

Bruin did not know what was really going truly during the crusades but his father and mother tried to get him to learn a trade at his young age as they felt no common son of theirs would ever become a knight. One day Thomas of Avalon was gone and Bruin learned that he had went to go work under a Baron, but still Bruin's dream did not faulter even with his five younger siblings and him doing his best to be a good big brother and take care of them.

One day Bruin still an adolescent tried to protect his family when soldier set siege to his town, the only saving grace was that he saw Thomas of Avalon and begged him to protect his brothers and sisters and his mother and father. Sir Thomas turned on him, and killed his mother right before his eyes... the shock and horror that went through Bruin as he saw the monster that was Thomas of Avalon and tried to escape with his father and siblings to the river.

Thomas of Avalon was beyond human now with inhuman speed he caught and tormented Bruin by capturing his father first then killing his brothers and sister's one by one as they ran to escape to the river.
Bruin did not have the time to grieve as by the time he made it to the river with his younger brother Tomas and wanted to at least keep him alive, he wanted to be a knight and he wanted to save his only remaining family... but Tom caught him just as they were going to jump in the river but Bruin held onto his brother tight not willing to let go, he was prepared to die. That is when he was bitten and that caused him to release his brother as he fell into the rapids tears streaming from his eyes.

Bruin washed ashore and was nursed by dark shaman's who saw that Bruin was bitten by a creature of the night and in time would turn, they offered to delay the transformation but he would go through literal hell. Bruin did not care as the dark spell they cast delayed the turn but had his soul in the underworld as his body became their enforcer. Bruin retained his memories though he was just souless and filled with hatred.

Eventually he became known as Bruin the beast as his body aged but the dark shaman's began losing their grip on him, they underestimated Bruin's soul and it eventually returned to his body. Bruin killed the Shaman's for taking years from him.. he went to kill the grand dark shaman but the grand shaman pleaded for his life and he offered Bruin a way to gain the time he lost and showed him magic to project and see past events. Bruin learned this magic and killed the Grand shaman and feasted on his blood completing his transformation into a vampire.

Through the years Bruin thought about what he would do to avenge his family but he killed many searching for Thomas of Avalon vowing that killing him would be to generous ... after the centuries passed Bruin heard rumor of a bar for the supernatural... so he used his magic looking through the memories of creatures till he finaly found the last castle

Gwalihir Gwalihir shadowdude505 shadowdude505

* I intend for him to be antagonistic but not immediately he's like the reverse flash he wants Tom to lose everything he's not intended to come in and try to kill Tom he may try to ruin his relationship*


Nicely done, Zenkai27! I deeply appreciate when someone reads bios and takes them into account. This should be interesting...


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Gwalihir Gwalihir
Thanks thought long and hard of how to create a antagonist that would have a purpose behind his actions not jus a general bad guy hes gonna try to destroy everything that makes Tom happy

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Publicly Known As: Markus Fernux

Real Name: Markus 'Fern' Fernux

Race: Human

Gender Preference: Male

Actual Age: 42

Apparent Age: 27

Physical Description:

Body Type: Mesomorphic


Powers: Being Invisible to the regular human eye, and having a slowed down aging process. Also seems to be somewhat liked by Vampires. This is most likely to his Grandfather who had a child with a human woman, Then so on leading to the birth of Markus. Heat-Detection systems and Vampires, Wolfs, and Ghosts.

Vulnerabilities: Anything that can hurt a regular person,

History to date: Markus's Grandfather Marxius Fernux the Second was a Vampire, Whenever Marxius had a child, That passed down a few different powers and such, Then, When Markus was born, He was born Invisible. The Doctors could hear crying but see no baby, But, Then they used their feeling to find the baby. After his birth, His parents kept this a secret and he always had to wear a full-body covering of some sort.
After years and years of wearing a Hazmat suit, He finally settled with a Skin-tight skinsuit infused with leather so it couldn't be seen through. The mask was created with a built-in rebreather that works above and below water, The eye holes being replaced with black lenses. Some people began to make fun of him because he wore this, and he slowly began to retreat away from society, To a small cabin in the woods with his Grandfather. To this day, He keeps his secret safe and vows to never tell.

*Everyone Gets Spiderman Vibes*
"It doesn't matter what ocean, the water always feels like home."
Publicly Known As: Lynn Summers
Real Name: Lynn Aquari
Race: Mermaid
Gender Preference: Female
Actual Age: 25
Apparent Age: 25
Physical Description: A thin and fit young woman. Muscles aren't super toned. Has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Has a summery orange tail in her mermaid form.

Underwater breathing
Superior swimmer
Aquatic translator
Heals faster when submerged in water

Gets sickly if they don't stay hydrated or come in contact with water for a couple days.

History to date:
Her mother, Rachel Aquari, was curious about life on land. Her parents tried to get her to forget about visiting the surface world, but she managed to get a human identify anyway. Taking on the name of Rachel Summers, she began a new life as she pretended to be human; unaware that there was also a new life growing in her. She found out that she was pregnant weeks later. Disowned by her family, she knew she couldn't go back. To make ends meet, Rachel worked as a waitress at a restaurant by the bay.

Lynn lived a simple life. They didn't have everything life had to offer, but they had enough to live. Rachel was a patient and loving mother; she taught Lynn everything she needed to know about being a mermaid; most importantly, that she must keep it a secret.

Lynn grew up with a love for life and water. Although studious, she did have her party girl moments. She worked her way through college by being a life guard and is now a fledgling physical trainer, helping people get in shape.

She was on a ski trip with a female client when Last Castle opened up. It was a mix of work and relaxation. She only recently returned to California and is about to learn about the new establishment.

Drinks of Choice:
Pina Colada
Any beer
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Additional NPCs

Taliesan Merlin: Most famous and possibly most powerful wizard in history, famed for supporting King Arthur's efforts to unify England in the eighth century AD. Placed in a thousand year sleep by Morgan le Fey, now reawakened and currently lodged at the Last Castle.

Taliesan Merlin: his staff: his cane: 1624224441008.png 1616371680908.png

Wizard's Council members:

Abraham: his cane:

John: his cane:

Martin: his cane:

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Real Name: Moira Sunder
Race: High Priestess/Werewolf
Gender Preference: Female
Actual Age: 2,000
Apparent Age: 34
Physical Description:

Powers: Powerful priestess capable of having complete control over her lycan abilities

Vulnerabilities: Vulnerable to Silver although dulled compared to other werewolves and dulled weakness to magic

History to date:

Moira is a powerful High priestess who had a great deal of magic power, she was a prodigy, a great talent that had power on par with the Archons, and the Archons could not stand having a woman even on par with their magic but they monitored her closely. Moira wanted to join the archons and had a theory that although magic is powerful the archons and Priestesses are mortal. Their life can be extended through magic but the werewolves and vampires can lead a immortal life so it was her theory that becoming a part of the supernatural they could gain a power greater then either alone.
The archons exiled her for even suggesting such blasphemy blamed that a woman knew nothing of magic to suggest turning to becoming a unnatural being. Moira joined up with other High Priestesses even though her power was greater then theirs she could not convince anyone that her theory would work except for her friend and lover Isabel .
The Archons did not want Moira to succeed so they put a bounty on her head through the supernatural world so they could still look like upstanding individuals, and many vampires, ghouls, goblins, zombies and werewolves tried to kill Moira and even though she was powerful due to the bounty on her head no supernatural being would help her except for other priestesses.
One night weakened while her and Isabel were on the run Isabel was bitten by a great Alpha werewolf but Moira managed to get her and Isabel to safety... as Isabel began to change something awoke in her a primal power that did more then just increase her power but made her physically powerful as well.
To the point that when the Alpha tracked them down he refused to kill them because Isabel had become one of them.
The alpha named Grave became an enforcer for Moira she wanted to show the Archons what power Isabel had gained and with Grave and his pack assisting them no one stood in their way. Moira thought to take over and show the Archons what real power was but when bringing Isabel to show them that they were wrong the Archons double crossed them and had a great dark baron vampire baron named Drake help kill the werewolves while they did a great spell to seal Moira away as she was uniting the magical world and the supernatural world and as she was being sealed Isabel tried to protect her and in trying to do so she was stabbed with a magical silver blade and although her knew power allowed her to survive she wanted to save Moira before she was sealed. As Moira was being pulled into the seal Isabel managed to reach her and Moira told her to shift and bite her which she did as Moira was sealed away in a mirror dimension and the Archons took the opportunity to have Drake cut Isabel's head off.
Moira was finally freed from the mirror dimension after 1000 years and she vowed to take over the supernatural and magical world knowing that she needs assistance from a monster just like baron drake was. After being released she was surprised to hear that drake and his army was killed by a single great vampire warrior.

Haunted Werewolf form:


One Thousand Club
will add more later
Real Name:Adam Holy
Gender Preference:Male
Actual Age:6,700
Apparent Age: 26
Physical Description:in picture
Powers: Is able to fly with his wings but is able to hide them away on earth. Is able to heal people but gets drained if he uses it to often.
Vulnerabilities: angel blades and holy water fire
History to date:
Adam was born after Lucifer rebellion and when he later learned about it he thought that there was a way to maybe prevent it from happening but people thought he was crazy. He had learn about different fighting styles with his sword and job in training when he got older.
The more interesting stuff started happening when he came to earth during the Pilgrim days in America. He loved those peaceful days. Being able to interact with the children and the believers and to others who don’t believe he’s invisible to them. He watched everything change from wagons to trains and then to the first Ford.
He sometimes helps the humans but usually doesn’t only under certain conditions. He took a vacation because God told him to because he had to observe a war somewhere.
His wings
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“My natural instincts as trash is getting me excited. ”

Publicly Known As:
Vibeke Aksnes.

Horrible Vibeke
Unlucky Bastard
Cursed Child
The Water’s Left Arm (Fae)
Good Human

21 years old.

Date of birth:
28 February.


Blood Type:

Two russian wolfhounds.

Human since birth carrying a curse, she can be considered half-Fae.


Being born under the curse of a malignant horse-like water creature belonging to the Fae race (the each uisge) that took her left arm and then her parents, the girl was granted the ability to bend the water she generates. It is a versatile power with the potential to be both offensive and defensive. However, due to the youth’s intense dislike for fighting, it specializes in defense and blocking attacks.

- Shield in Motion:
Water can be molded into a variety of shapes and can be used to deflect an attack, trap opponents in a viscous body, reshaped and propelled at attackers before they can recover. This diversity and ability to swiftly change to suit the situation is what makes Vibeke's defense so adaptable. Although usually protective, the shield needs some type of compression or else it will not be effective.

- I Am Now, Who Calls?
The bond sealed by her ancestors with the Each Uisge, makes her able to evoke their presence, no matter where Vibeke is. In order to successfully reach the Each Uisge, she will need to say a simple phrase in front of a mirror of still water before the Fae would emerge upon her call. However, because of their somewhat rocky relationship, they have agreed to spend their lives separately and to not bother each other except for very serious matters.

- Hand of Disasters:
Possibly the technique to wield better brute force than the others, Vibeke can alter the form of her left arm to meet her needs, or simply enlarge it in order to improve the strength of the arm in question.
She can shift it to human form, which she keeps most of the time, since let’s be honest, a life with an arm made of water would be a considerable annoyance.

- Water Walk With Me:
Using this technique, Vibeke becomes able to interface with water, enabling her to walk on liquid surfaces.

- The sight: She’s able to see Fae interact with them. As a girl belonging to both sides, she draws attention from Fae and other supernatural entities, and while the majority is peaceful, this can be considered a curse in some way, given that also Fae with ill intentions can come to haunt her.
- Affinity with nature: Growing up in the Faroe Islands isn’t the sole motive for her closeness with natural landscapes. A few drops of her blood possess healing properties, but this is limited to only dying/sick plants.
- Great Versatility: Rather than supporting a separate set of offensive methods, her power employs defensive techniques that can be quickly transformed into attacks and counters, defense into offense. Instead of simply deflecting an attack.
- Physical Prowess: Even without using her powers, Vibeke is extremely quick and athletic, and she’s noted to have a "good punch”.

- She can’t create bodies of water larger than herself, and manipulating the element over a really long period of time is exhausting.
- Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.
- As I said before, she is unable to bend water from already existing sources, being limited to manipulating only water generated by her.
- Her slacker attitude. Rather than go out and beyond to to mature her abilities, she appears rather uninterest to do so, as she prefers to surround himself with strong individuals

History to date:
A plain woman once upon a time, lured in by the charming call of a powerful Fae and then cursed because of it. It is told she made the deal with the ancient creature driven by the loneliness and sadness slowly eating away at her. A mistake she would pay for… The blood of her blood. Vibeke is nothing but yet another child born under the curse of their ancestors, another prey to a demon of greed.

- Her handwriting is notably messy.
- She has insanely high alcohol tolerance. (She’s capable of drinking good quality alcohol from morning till evening and only ending up with a light buzz)
- Vibeke's worst fear is being the only survivor of war.
- She hates sour things, especially when they contain lemons.
- Vibeke is really dense with other people's concern for her.


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