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Realistic or Modern killer times at camp waitiki

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living paradox
I'm Off To Kill.
back to the camp.
1 Welcome recipient! You've been invited to attend Camp Waitiki, a new rehabilitation establishment for the mentally ill & disturbed. Here at Camp Waitiki, we teach a safe and productive way of life for our campers to learn and utilize after their time here; in addition to fun, rehabilitative activities! With just under 70 acres of land, Camp Waitiki offers both Counselors and Campers a unique chance to enjoy the splendor of the outdoors! Lead by Dr. Conors, Camp Waitiki is a place of both beauty and opportunity.

As a Camp Counselor, you're responsibility is to care and look after the Campers; as well as getting them involved in events and activities. Regarding the Camp-goers, they'll be encouraged to partake in social activities that will boost their aptitude to successfully lead a life that is both healthy and normal! We take an immense amount of pride in our work, and we hope that we can continue to dedicate our time and hard work to better the lives of those who have been dealt a 'bad deck of cards'!

2 Alright, so the basic idea here is that this "Camp Waitiki" is established as a rehab center for people with mental issues and dark histories. Amidst all of the camp fun though, people will begin to go missing, and we'll later find out that someone is a killer. We'll also find out that there's more than one reason behind the startup of Camp Waitiki. [and let me just add that this RP is based off of Friday the 13th: Part V & Sleepaway Camp.

This story will take place somewhere in Southern California during June 1989; you'll have the choice of three different types of characters: Camp Counselors (which will be like troop leaders and oversee/plan the group activities), Camp Staff (this includes the Camp's chefs, Medical Advisor(s), Life Guards, additional Psychologists, and Maintenance crew), and the Campers themselves (y'know, the people with messed up pasts and internal struggles). It's up to you how you want to participate in this story.

i am looking for a co-gm or two, so if you're interested in my offer, hit me up.
links: CS link for "killer times at camp waitiki"

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