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Fandom Homestuck Extended: Recursive Anthology

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Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Meta, Multiverse, Platonic, Super Powers, Supernatural
==> act 1: propreantepenultimate New

Eibon Commoriom

A Jenga Tower of Sadness.
Recursive Anthology Logo.png


The day is the 2nd of February, 2020. This is the day four young men and women from across the globe have decided to play a game together, you're all pretty excited. This game is called SBURB, and it's public beta just went live on it's website.

One of these kids will surely do something about that.

==> view roster.log
> Bart Fields
> Anya Carter
> Ciel Sweeney
> Koda Kageura

Venchi1986 Venchi1986 Avi-Sina Avi-Sina SpectrumCrow SpectrumCrow Squad141 Squad141
==> import [RR] New


Senior Member
==> Let's start from the top.

You walk into your apartment and head straight to your room. Like most people you have a variety of interests. Several of which are represented in various forms, from the posters of motorcycles and laser tag on your walls, as well as the comics, videogames and action figures on the shelves.

Your biggest hobby however is videogames, even if most them are pirated and/or modded to work on your pc. Speaking of video games, today the Beta for a new game was supposed to be released. Wondering if you can get it already you turn your computer on and go to www.Sburbbeta.skaia to check if it's up.

It's a bit strange to there are two different files but you don't consider it a big deal. Since you're rather excited to try the Beta out you decide to download the files before Sis gets home and tries to get you to go do something outside. Picking at random you download the file called Sburb Client first and decide to kill some time and maybe find an interesting rpg at Rpnation.​
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==> import [AR] New


evil cringe ass nae nae baby
> Oh?

It's getting a bit cold in here. Almost cool, you could say, though a better descriptor would be chilly. But, while this stoic gal standing around in a bone and hide tent might be a little icy on the inside, fuzzy, soft clothes are keeping her outside rather warm.

What could be the name of such a delightfully dressed individual?

anya name.gif

Hm, looks like that joke flew right over her head...

This young lady has had a name for some time now. She wanders off and never thinks about this again.

> ...Try again?

Your name is ANYA. You are enjoying a bout of extremely hostile weather somewhere in the Alaskan arctic. A snowstorm rages outside, delaying your plans to make a visit to the LAB in order to play a game with your friends. You are stuck.

> Examine room.

For the time being, why don't we examine some of your INTERESTS? The tent you are wandering around in is, of course, your work. You have a knack for MAKING THE MOST out of WHAT YOU ARE GIVEN. You know a whole lot when it comes to SURVIVING under EXTREME CONDITIONS. At the same time, you love learning from the OTHER INHABITANTS of such extremes, styling yourself a bit of an ARCTIC ZOOLOGIST. You're big into controlling your emotions well and breathing them out responsibly. Nothing is more responsible at breathing out emotions than your trusty BALALAIKA, for which you occasionally write long, tragic BALLADS. You sometimes supplement these with a bit of CASUAL POETRY.

What will you do?

> Retrieve arms from nearby stash.

You're really not getting any of these supposed jokes and running gags. Where are they even running to? Jokes are an irresponsible and insincere form of self-expression in your opinion.

> Attempt no further running gag.

Good, you can agree with that notion. For now, you'll just have to sit out this snowstorm. You can only catch a connection inside the abandoned research facility in the middle of the camp, so chatting up your pals is out of the question. You wonder what DOC is doing, but abandon that train of thought fairly quickly. Maybe someone else is having more luck with their plans?
==> import [RA] New
==> Keep it going

You're a young girl, one who already has a name, so there is no point in keeping that gag going.

==> Enter name

Your name is Ciel Sweeney, a girl in a cottage deep in the heart of the United States. On the border of a small town, a large forest, you've grown up here all your life alongside your BRO. A childhood spent in the forests, playing with fairies and dragons, playing make believe by yourself... But that's in the past. What are you going to do now?

==> Install Beta
You're already downloading it, you've been downloading it...your internet is trash. You're currently just standing around in your small room, admiring some of your stained glass pieces you've made... What will you do now?

==> Bake something

Hell yes. That means going down to your kitchen...where your bro might be. Eh, can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs!

==> Bake a strawberry shortcake



maybe we should check in with someone else...

==> Last, but not least....
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==> import [AA] New


The Purple Soul
==> Enter, Sandman.

No, not yet.


Still not correct.

==> You say goodbye, I say...?

Hello, yes, Hi. While now may not seem like the time for such silly references to popular media and music, you don't quite understand why not. After all, it's a relatively nice SATURDAY in TOKYO, JAPAN, and while you should be out shopping or studying at the TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM, you've decided to stay in for now and play one of the long-awaited games you have on your WISHLIST, one of many LISTS you've made to always remember what to watch, read, and eat that you haven't already.

You are currently standing in your ROOM, which doubles and ATTIC SPACE for the building. There are two long WINDOWS to either side of you, and the hatch that leads down to LEVEL TWO sits behind you. In front of you is your BED, DRESSER, and small but functional DESK with your dusty DESKTOP resting atop it, the sunlight hitting the dust particles bouncing off the metal sheen.

On the walls are a few posters, including ones such as SPIRITED AWAY, HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, the WORLD TREE and VARIOUS CREATION MYTHS, the ALL JAPAN ARCHERY FEDERATION, SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI, and JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE. Resting against the wall to your right is your ARCHERY CASE, with a BOW and various PRACTICE ARROWS. The only other notable thing you can (that's not hidden away), is your PERSONAL CAMERA, which is resting on your well-made bed.

You feel a strange sense of finality, after having explained all that to no one but yourself...

Eibon Commoriom Eibon Commoriom
==> chain.log 2/8 New

Eibon Commoriom

A Jenga Tower of Sadness.
==> view [RR]

You play around in a PROBLEM SLEUTH RP for a bit before it dies 26 posts in. You guess a detective team of 6 is unsustainable.

The SBURB CLIENT has finished downloading. You take the time to install it as well.


> SBURB version 0.1.1
> SBURB client is running.

> Waiting for server to establish connection...

==> view [AR]

The storm lightnes up. Not a lot, but enough that someone sufficiently stupid might make the journey outside.

Avi-Sina Avi-Sina

==> view [RA]

Surprisingly, you manage to create the sweet UNHASSLED. You don't think your BRO is even home at the moment.

When you return to your room, the SBURB CLIENT finished downloading, and after a quick installation, you receive a prompt identical to your friend above.

SpectrumCrow SpectrumCrow

==> view [AA]

You proceed to waste 10 minutes standing in place staring at nothing in particular.

Squad141 Squad141

==> view chain.log

> [RR] CLIENT server
> [AR] client server
> [RA] CLIENT server

> [AA] client server


The Purple Soul
Tired of the exposition that is occurring around you, you decide to start getting up and at it for the day. You've already gotten dressed and worked the front desk downstairs until about noon, so you should have enough free time to play with your internet buddies from around the globe for a while. Thinking about it, your copy of the game had been downloaded by a friend close by onto a USB drive for you, since their computers apparently weren't compatible. You wonder if you brought it up to your room, before remembering you left it close by in the small office on the second floor, next to your MOM's room and the DINING AREA.

You venture over to the HATCH that leads DOWNSTAIRS from your room, and open it. You push the small LADDER down onto the carpeted floor, and descend, reaching the second level of your home where the THREE ROOMS intersect. In front of your is the staircase to the first level and store area, while to your right is the door to the DINING AREA and SMALL OFFICE. To your left is your mother's room, and it would be indecent to go barging in without asking her. Turning, you enter the room to your right.

As it turns out, the DINING AREA and SMALL OFFICE aren't actually separated at all. Three-quarters of the floor are tiled, with one small carpeted area on the far wall with a BOOKSHELF and the OFFICE DESKTOP resting atop a wooden desk. The DINING AREA consists of a small island counter, a mini-wooden table with two chairs, and the general kitchen items, such as a REFRIGERATOR and STOVE.

A bit peckish, you decide to stop for a second, and grab a spare box of POCKY, since his mom had gotten together with some friends recently and brought some back as party favors. As you open the box, you look over at the desk, and see the small white ceramic jar where all the USB's are kept, including the one you are seeking.


Senior Member
Well the Problem Sleuth rp was fun while it lasted but you're not gonna cry over spilled milk.

==> Download Sburb Server.

Since the Client File is done you see no reason not too and go back to www.Sburbbeta.skaia to start downloading.

Kill some time with a videogame.

Good idea, you open the Pokémon romhack you've been playing. It's not bad at all, just a bit of a grindfest since it autocratically set to Nuzlocke rules. Despite how much it can frustrate you it's still fun though. After about ten minutes you lost your Seviper thanks to a lucky Crit from a wild Glaceon. You quickly finish the Ice-type off with Wildfire your Ponyta before quitting the game. Since Nagi was your favorite member of your party you browse the internet for a good picture of it.

Once you find one you like you connect your computer to your SIS' PRINTER and print it out.

==> Collect Seviper picture.

You were planning to do that anyway so you get up and head to your sister's bedroom, right next to yours.​
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evil cringe ass nae nae baby
> You hear that?

The snowstorm seems to have died down a bit.

Normally, you wouldn't risk frostbite in such a foolish way, but you made a promise to your friends. This might be a good chance to finally forge some true comradery, through an unidentified "game" you don't actually know anything about. You just hope that your incompetence with technology won't hinder you too much.

> Anya: Crawl through blizzard.

Tucking your coat firmly around you, you crawl out of the tent and into the storm.

The sharp, icy winds immediately begin lashing away at your skin, pushing you around from foot to foot. Shielding your face with a glove-adorned hand, you brace on, making your way through the oppressive, blinding white of the arctic.

> ==>

It takes a while until you inevitably start making out the vague outline of an oval-shaped building.

You'd prefer not the be faced with your unhealthily enthusiastic, egomaniacal uncle upon entering, but it is unfortunately plausible that he also sought out shelter from this hellish weather. The struggle against such harshness is inspiring, you think. Now's not the time for that though.

anya lab panel.png

Eventually, you reach the LAB. Two very faint lights illuminate you softly, a GREEN one and a RED one. This is the facility's security system.

Security from animals, not people. Gaining access is as simple as pressing both glowing buttons at once, which you do. The metal door slides away to the right, revealing a dark, black corridor.

>Anya: Enter facility.

On the other side of the doorway, you flick a switch for a change. The door closes behind you, rendering you free from the grasp of the blizzard. With a brisk step, you begin pacing inwards.
==> Ciel: Let Them Eat Cake

Who? Who would eat cake? You're alone right now, doofus. So, you just eat the strawberry shortcake by yourself... well, you save a slice and set it outside of your window. You used to leave all sorts of gifts for the fae as a kid, and it's become a habit. Hopefully they'll like it!

Since the client is installed...

==> Ciel: Install Server

You might as well, it'll take forever. But now...maybe you'll just...

==> Ciel: Look up tattoos on Pinterest

oh god you're going to be doing this for hours....oh well! There are so many beautiful designs, how could you not waste hours of your life on this?? Beautiful rose designs, other flowers, constellations, moons...so beautiful...

==> Ciel: Shit, let's be Alice

==> execute froggame.~ath RR RA New

Eibon Commoriom

A Jenga Tower of Sadness.
==> view [RR]

Due to the current absence of any GUARDIAN FIGURE, you collect the MEMORIAL PHOTOGRAPH uncontested.

A ping sounds from your room, indicating a connection has been established.

==> view [AR]

You enter the ARCTIC LABORATORY. No sign of your AVUNCULAR GUARDIAN anywhere, but you're not looking for him.

==> view [RA]

While you are browsing he internet, a connection is established.

==> view [AA]

You got the FLASH DRIVE.

==> execute froggame.~ath


The game is afoot.

Venchi1986 Venchi1986 Avi-Sina Avi-Sina SpectrumCrow SpectrumCrow Squad141 Squad141

==> view chain.log
> [AR] client server
> [AA] client server


Senior Member
==> Talk to Ciel.

Oh sure she is your server after all. Still in order to have something to say beyond just hi and stuf like that you check the website out. Unsurprisingly you don't find a whole lot of info on the beta's but what you do find sounds at least somewhat interesting. Confident in that you already know more about Sburb than she does at this point, you open Pesterchum and contact Ciel.

ReadingRoadster [RR] began pestering radiantAgate [RA]

[RR] : Hey Ciel. So you are my server whatever that means.
RA]: Greetings. While we don't know what that may entail yet, I imagine we soon will.
[RA]: I hope you've had a splendid day. I am quite excited to try this beta. It will be nice to actually do something with everyone
[RA]: I haven't found much online yet, but I imagine it's because of the early access.
[RA]: I'll let you know whatever I may find on this subject.
[RA]: I'm not sure if we're supposed to wait for the others, but I can try and mess around with the program to see if anything happens with it, if you'd like.

[RR] : Honestly I would like to start right now but it might be better if we wait for the others.
[RR]:It seems like it's cooperative but i'm sure there is no harm in messing around a bit.
[RA]: Of course. The worst it can do is tell me no until everyone else is connected.

[RA]: Do tell me, were you able to find anything on the internet about this game aside from the official website?
[RA]: I would be lying if I said that I was big in the video game scene, so I thought you may know something.
[RR] : Not much though they do claim the game can edit environments.
[RR]: Probably some augmented reality stuff involving webcams.
[RR]: You know like Pokemon go.

[RA]: Most interesting...

[RA]: I will happily share any information I find in return.
[RA]: Do we know where the other two are at with their installations?
[RR:]No idea.
[RR:] You're the first person I've pestered all day.

[RA]: Alright. I'll see about messaging them when my other download is finished.

[RA]: I'll keep you posted.
[RA]: Stay safe.[RA]: :)
[RR:]I don't think we have to worry about that, you?

==> What is that noise?

Yeah it's kinda odd . At least it doesn't sound like a rat or anything, more like someone is dragging something around.

Okay ghost apparently are real and can mess with the environment. You just have to stay calm and get to safety, getting evidence isn't worth whatever risk is involved.

Wait a sec, "mess with the environment"?
No way.

==> Ask her.

Yeah after you calm down. While keeping an eye on your bed you resume pestering Ciel.
[RR:] Holy ****, how did you just....?!
[RR:] I mean that was you, right? Cause if wasn't I am finally ready to believe in fairies and ghost and whatnot.

[RA]: If it was not me, you would have greater concerns
[RA]: A ghost moving things around like that can't mean anything good, it would likely be a malevolent spirit of sorts.
[RA]: But I am far from a fairy or ghost. Very much alive.
[RA]: I can see you on my screen and I was able to click on your bed and drag it.
[RR]: Okay, still I'm gonna need a minute.
[RR]: Can you go talk with the others while try to find more info about this game?

ReadingRoadster [RR]
ceased pestering radiantAgate [RA]


This.. this is world changing, a game that lets you mess with the real life environment , you can't even consider all the implications.

==> Didn't the site mention monsters and combat as well?

Come on, they wouldn't. You open google and are about to type in Sburb Beta info, when you look at your bed again.

==> Better safe than sorry.

A weapon wouldn't hurt, just in case. You take out your trusty
and wrap it around your arm so it doesn't get in way of your typing.​


evil cringe ass nae nae baby
> Anya: Let there be light.

Ah, you were not intending on keeping it so dark. You retrieve a CRAPPY MOBILE DEVICE from your trusty SYLLADEX. This sylladex operates with the BARE NECESSITY FETCH MODUS, allowing the free retrieval of items based on necessity. It is not at all exciting, but you don't understand why it should be.

The antiquated device is turned on in your hand, its shoddy display casting a small, blue aura.

doc intro.gif

You activate the phone's FLASHLIGHT function.

What was that? You think you sensed some movement in the shadows, but you decide to dwell on things you can actually see, rather than those you cannot.

> Ping!

Speaking of which. Seems like you are already being PESTERED. Ciel is messaging you, most likely about the game you are supposed to play.

Unfortunately, before you can do that, you'll have to acquire a PASSWORD to one of the UNDOUBTEDLY ANTEDILUVIAN COMPUTERS sitting around the lab. For now, you'll just reply to this message.

-- radiantAgate [RA] began pestering arcticRecluse [AR] --

RA: Anya, are you there?
RA: I wanted to come check on you and your installation process
RA: Bart and I have begun the game... and it's strange.

AR: Hi. I am here.
AR: For now. The connection is weak.
AR: Strange? Can you elaborate.
AR: Not too much. The light from this screen hurts my eye.

RA: I'm assuming it's on the lowest setting... do take care of your eyes
RA: Bart theorized that the game was an augmented reality of sorts involving cameras, but I was able to legitimately alter his environment, not just in a virtual setting.
RA: Technology is amazing.

AR: Are you sure?
AR: That seems highly unlikely.
AR: Or maybe that is just me. Most of the computers here still take up half a room.

RA: Yes, I am sure
RA: It is amazing as it can have these properties while being clunky, old, and troublesome at the same time.
RA: Bart was convinced ghosts and fairies were real for a moment there
RA: Sadly, that was quickly changed

AR: I am not sure what to think of this.
AR: I will try to rationalize it before anything else.
AR: Ghosts and fairies can be real just because we believe in them.
AR: Meddling with reality seems a bit far fetched, however.

RA: It does seem far fetched, indeed
RA: You should see for yourself soon enough
RA: Whenever your download finishes, you should connect to one of us...
RA: I don't know if I'll be able to connect to you, since I'm connected to Bart... at least, in the sense that I could alter your surroundings.
RA: Maybe Bart or Koda, though.

AR: Playing games was already stepping out of a comfort zone.
AR: Ekh.
AR: I will think this over while finding my uncle.

RA: Of course
RA: If you feel you need to back out, I understand.
RA: Stay safe, Anya.
RA: I hope you can find him soon.
AR: Thank you.
AR: It is a matter of passwo
AR: Sorry. Passwords.
AR: Poor depth perception.

RA: It's fine.
RA: I am not going anywhere, so message me if you need me
RA: Talk to you soon

-- radiantAgate [RA] has ceased pestering arcticRecluse [AR] --

> Anya: Delve into the corridors.

You continue your journey through the facility, keeping your flashlight close to your chest. Realistically, nothing dangerous should be crawling within these halls, but...

Yeah, actually. That's about all you need for reassurance. At ease, you pass by rooms both empty and filled with all kinds of trash. It'd be a whole lot more useful if it was edible, except it's just a bunch of outdated, soggy technology. Maybe if you were a decade younger.

> ==>

Wedging further through rows of claustrophobic doorways, your quest for a series of stupidly jumbled together numbers and letters will take some time by the looks of it.

You decide to pass it by composing a bit of poetry in your head. Never a better time for poetry.


Don't take yourself too seriously.
> Be the guy.

You are now the guy.


==> Enter name


Whoops, it seems the nameing text box was in the way of the boy's excavation of a nearby geode vein. Lets try that again.

==> Enter name

Dann Duxxert

Yes indeed this was in fact Dann Duxxert, a upstanding lad with a can do attitude and a dream to become so much more. You are a good fellow, kind to friends, always brush your teeth before and after bed, cognizant of mining and excevation techniques and protocol. He loves his gemstones and holds a wide variety in his collection from the various multitudes housed within the stone walls of his home's landscape and while not digging away you practice the art of self perfection, the body is a temple after all.

And like a dragon atop of his horde you should be in top form! If due to the obvious lack of fire breathing.

When not conducting yourself in the ways of self improvement or collecting precious minerals you have a dabbling hand in metalurgy, hoping to one day be able to create works of art from what you find, or hell maybe even play the alchemist and turn lead into gold.

And when not playing with metals, you sit back and relax with a spot of mole keeping, the dirt bois, the diggy bros, the sniffer lads, they are your pets, your beloved little Talpidae buddies are calm today last you had checked, they are often your source of company in this deep dark tunnels, outside of your wonderful array of friends online. Speaking of said friends, you are currently out here finishing up some things as your computer finishes it's own task.

The game that would be the vehicle to your newest conquest, to defeat a game together! With your friends gamer bro, ice queen and rock candy you will do... something. Actually you don't really know what the game is about.

But you will sure as hell win it.

==> Return home

Dann would be returning to his home now, new shiney marvel in his ghostly pale hand, to check on the progress of his computer.

==> Dance

That is against mine safety regulations, however he dose a silly walk to liven his step regardless.​
==> Ciel: Explore the outdoors

After chatting with two of your dearest friends, you decide to go out into the woods while you wait for everyone else to finish their prep for the game... at first, you worry about being out of contact, but then remember it's 2020, you have a cell phone. Literally the worst that will happen is it will be a little slow. Technology has truly gotten powerful.

Your BRO may be out there, but that's fine. The chances of running into him are slim... and you'd like to see the woods before you play this game. Video games aren't exactly in your usual activities, so you feel a bit of anxiety in your chest...

The woods have calmed you ever since you were a kid, and you're sure it watches over you always. You gave gifts to the fae, to the forest, and did your best to cast little protection spells for the forest... as small child trying to care for an entire forest all on her own. Yeah, right. Still, ever since then, you've felt safe and protected... You like to think that the forest knew what you were trying to do, as feeble as it might have been... but you can't say for sure.

==> Ciel: Meditate

Sitting under a tree, the sound of a river in the distance... it's so very calming... you can feel your soul ease, your mind let go of stress... you think you'll just... meditate... but first, you'll message the only person you haven't yet...

radiantAgate [RA] has begun pestering abberantAbilation [AA]
RA: Good afternoon, Dane

RA: How is your download going?
RA: Bart and I have connected and... it's strange...
RA: I believe I am going to need some time to process it, in fact...

RA: But I wanted to check in with you, as I have with Anya as well.
AA: Yo, just heading back to check on it,

AA: Might be online and not even know it.
AA: Take your time and learn,

AA: Gonna beat this game no prob.
RA: Sure, it is not the difficulty that concerns me

RA: Not yet anyways
RA: Quite literally, it can bend reality.
RA: Which... I don't even know how that's possible all things considered.

RA: I will try to take a note out of your book though and be more confident about this.
AA: Confidence is on all pages of my book.

AA: Especially the confidence in friends.
AA: Cause we got this shit in the bag.
AA:...Wait bend reality?

AA: LIke, control the game world? Change gravity?
RA: Not quite.

RA: I am talking our reality
RA: It showed me an image of Bart's room. I was able to directly interact with his surroundings
RA: Not just on my screen
RA: I actually moved things.

RA: He was convinced ghosts were real for a moment there.
AA: Obviously magic
RA: Perhaps.

RA: If it is, I don't think it's good magic.
RA: No one should be able to play god or anything, and we just started, we don't know how far this goes.
AA: As long as we're careful nothing bad should happen.

AA: Not like were throwing bathtubs through walls.
AA: Or yanking up toilets.
AA: But like.... Really though...

AA: You're not playin are yea? AA: shits real?
RA: I am not yanking your chain, no.

RA: Ask Bart if you do not believe me
RA: Even still, you'll see for yourself soon enough if you play the game.
RA: Anya didn't seem as sure about it, especially after I told her that...
RA: I hope she doesn't back out
RA: I understand if she does and such

RA: It'd just be nice to do something as a group
AA: FUCk it, time to play god
RA: Alright...

RA: Blessed be, then, Dane...
RA: I'll be around if you need me.
RA: I need to meditate

RA: This is stressing me out

radiantAgate [RA]
has ceased pestering abberantAbilation [AA]



Senior Member
==> Reveal findings

Honestly you didn't find much but that was to be expected given the fact the game is still a BETA. You have calmed down though and probably overreacted a bit earlier. While Ciel messing with your bed was odd when you really think about it wasn't all that different from your sylladex which allows you to place items in cards and summon an Attache Case from nowhere. Still you have never seen technology used in that way before.

As you wonder whose environment you will end up controlling you hear someone unlock the door of your apartment, which no doubt means your SIS is back from work.

==> Go greet SIS

Since you can't set your pesterchum account to away you just leave it open and push your gaming chair away from you computer, only to hit you bed since you apparently didn't notice it was moved a few inches while you were freaking out. You're gonna have to fix that later. Right now you don't want to explain you're pushing your bed around.


Not bothering to remove the chain around your arm and put it back into your strife deck you leave your bedroom and enter the living room. SIS and you don't exactly have the same taste when it comes to decorating but it could be much worse. As long as you don't break anything you're free to have your room look the way you want after all.



evil cringe ass nae nae baby
> Anya: Get lost.

Inspecting the nearest wall very closely, you realize that you have started walking in circles already. The fact that you've only been at this for like half a minute doesn't help you feel better. The amount of claustrophobic corridors to traverse is overwhelming to you and your preference for simplicity.

You are currently located in some sort of tunnel HUB.

> Anya: Pick a door and go with it.

With an annoyed sigh, you do just that. The light from your CELL grows weaker, the corridors darkening. The scenery of ancient computers and discarded batteries thins with each room. This is probably the wrong way again.

Honestly? You'd rather be skinning seals right now.

> ==>

But, the blizzard would be worse. The lab is just empty and menial, unintent on constantly trying to murder you. It does remind you of the guideless struggle of day-to-day life, however...

Maybe you should occupy your mind somehow?

> The Game!

Of course, the GAME. You don't want to let down Ciel and the others, or yourself for that matter. Altering environments through an interface? That just sounds like a weird, supernatural sylladex. The uses could be numerous, if true.

Ekh. You'll be sure to see it to believe it. Everything has rules, there is no such thing as "supernatural." Looking at everything from a scientific angle allows for many exciting possibilities.

> Anya: Blackout.

What? Why should you-

Oh. The remaining lights. Your flashlight app malfunctions, welcome absolute darkness. You seat yourself down on the wet floor with a light thud.

> [S] Anya: Play a ballad in the dark.

balalaika ballad.gif

The depressing tunnels, the desolate blizzard, the implications and the prospects... Now is precisely the time to weave them into art.

You then proceed to find emotional relief for an unspecified amount of time.


Don't take yourself too seriously.
==> Dann: Head inside.

Technically, you are already inside, in a weird sense, like being outside of your house still means you are still inside the cave, go outside that and then you would be inside the earth, go outside that and then you'd be inside the galaxy, go outside that and then you'd be outside the supercluster, go outside that and you'd be outside your known universe.

You guess then you'd be outside truely.

==> Go outside

You can't escape the confines of your universe.


==> Go into your home.

You step onto your porch, stone flooring making not a sound at your weight. You give a small wave to your buddies across the way, stopping for a second to appreciate your handiwork at keeping them happy and healthy. Your moles, your fuzzy friends, you wish you could keep more animals down here but many animals seem to have this addiction to the "Light of the sun" that seems to burn you pretty handily. Like it seriously hurts after awhile.

God damn his vampirism.

Anyways, Dann turns the nob on the door and heaves the door open, stone doors suck, why he tends to keep them open if hes mucking about but if he dose for to long his moles get in...

heading inside the foyer he graces his eyesight upon, oh look, more stone. like medusa came in here eyeballin all this shit. Why is everything stone? because your dad is a gods forsaken maniac.

And you love him.

If the stonecarving wasn't one to one with most household furniture you'd swear he was just insane. However most of the appliances were actually normal, given he is a stonemason and not an electrician it's easier that way. You however couldn't convince your father to get a normal couch, as the stone one can barely be called a couch... At least the staircase to the upper floor is good and doesn't break under your feet.

==> Go to your room.

heading to a small staircase you enter the first room to your left, entering what is your room and likely the most un-stone part of the whole house. You're bed was to your right, up against the wall with the headboard towards the corner, because only insane people sleep in the middle of the room , or your guess married people, or aforementioned vampires with their coffins in the middle. Over it your have a shelf with various books and next to the bed is your exercise equipments. Upperbody strength is important in a world of stone and digging. Your drill makes the latter portion less troublesome but rocks are rocks.

speaking of rocks, your collection of excavated gemstones were shelved and perfectly alligned so the light hits all their wonderful faucets, causing a miraculous display of light. Lovely, as always.

==> Tough the gems

Absolutely not, they must not be touched or disturbed.

They are more precious than life itself.

==> check computer.

Holding off on the tour for now you examine the download and... Hmm...? The download is frozen!?

Clicking a few times your computer seems to realize it's being watched and catch up, showing that the download is nearly complete, a smidgen of that bar left. You faintly remember Ciel's warnings, the power of god... To flip around and play with reality.

Yea, yea this is gonna only end well.

But given the fact the cork has already been popped you may as well taste some of that sweet succor before god smites you all.

==> impatiently click.

Already on it.​
While Anya makes art, let’s check in with the other girl,


You’re now Ciel again, currently wandering through the woods once more, going back home. Surely that little detour from the game won’t have major consequences, right? Right? Right.

As you arrive back at your computer, you begin to fiddle with the various things you can place down. A Cruxtruder seems to be the first thing you can place… hm… let’s look for a good place to put this unreasonably large machine. Maybe you could squeeze it in between this couch and tv… shit. Well, you hope Bart didn’t want his couch because it is now squished under this Cruxtruder thing.

radiantAgate [RA] began pestering readingRoadster [RR]
RA: I am so sorry, Bart
RA: Just
RA: In advance

Maybe you could… expand the walls? You’ll just...boop. There it goes! Although you seem to have a limited supply of grist to do these things. With the small amount of room you made to the side, you place the other two machines you can in the space. It’s a bit crowded, but it will do.

RA: I uh

RA: Made some adjustments

RA: Please check out the machines I placed in your living room when you can.

RA: I will research how to get more of this building material called ‘Grist’

RA: If you find any, please let me know.

RA: I hope Anya and Dann connect soon…

RA: But right now, see what those machines do

RA: The cruxtruder might have crushed your couch I’m sorry, but it looks like it has a screen on it...


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==> Greet SIS.

You're just about to do that when some strange device out of nowhere crushes your living room couch. You're about to freak out when you realize Ciel has to be messing with the game again , something you decide not to tel SIS as she would no doubt not only forbid you to keep playing it but also ground or something even though it technically wasn't your fault.

While sis is surprised by the sound no doubt more devices appearing in your apartment you rush back into your room and lock the door.

==> Check computer.

Seems Ciel contacted you on pesterchum, not really surprising.

[RR:]Really Ciel, the couch?
[RR:] Well I suppose, I should be glad it wasn't the bathtub/toilet.
[RR:]What adjustments do you mean BTW?

Since you don't hear SIS banging on your door you figure she is currently checking out the rest of Ciel's handiwork. You guess this is a good time to check out the devices in your living room. Remembering what your friend said about a screen that is the device you'll examine first.

==> Inspect Cruxtuder

You have no idea what a cruxtuder is but sure. The fact that it has a screen probably makes it even more important than the other devices and despite your better judgement telling you you to at least inspect the other devices first you can't control yourself. Overcome with curiosity you reach out for the wheel unaware of what events you will set in motion by turning it.
You summon all your strength but it just isn't enough, you can barely turn it even a little.​
RA: I'm sorry, it wasn't exactly intentional...
RA: I was aiming to place it between the couch and tv, but uh...
RA: It didn't work.
RA: As for the adjustments I made, I expanded your walls so that I had more room to place things.
RA: I really did not want to throw things out of the window.
RA: I have already caused enough property damage.
RA: I added the other machines that I was able to along with the Cruxtruder in the space I created.
RA: Can you not open the Cruxtruder? Hmm... I'll look online and see if I can find anything. Hang tight and check out the other machines.

==> Ciel: Research

You use the almighty google and find... not much! The reviews for the game barely have any information. If it's too heavy, maybe you could lift it with something. Who knows how strong this cursor is?

You'll just.... oh lord that screen is making you hesitate. You can't figure out why, but...

RA: I'll try and open it myself
RA: Since the cursor may be able to?

You give it a go, but to no avail. What if you just... dropped a chair on it? That's how things work, right?


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Completely unaware that Ciel messaged you again you decide to inspect the other devices. You decide to start with the device with the two platforms.

==> Stand on the bigger platform.

Once again going against your better judgement you do but nothing happens. You jump off and move to the other device that you don't really know how to describe. Before you reach it though you notice a captchalogue card laying on the floor

Just then SIS enters the living room and says something about the walls having moved. Normally you wouldn't believe her but with everything that happened you figure it's possible you missed it. Your neighbor Mr. Chalmers won't be happy about it though.

==> You don't have much time to think about that though as a chair starts floating and removes the top of the first device, releasing not just a strange flashing ball, and a green chunk of crystal but also starting a timer that shows you have less then two minutes to no doubt solve a puzzle about these devices.


Judging by the size of the crystal you bet you have to grasp it between the vise on the device you don't know how to describe and also do something involving the smaller platform of the final device but what and in what order and how does the captchalogue card fit in?​
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Don't take yourself too seriously.
==> Dann: Finish downloading

Oh sweet, the download finished.

Let's do this thing!


MAn this is alot of animation from a game boot up...

Now lets see what the power of god is like eh?

Need some background music for this shit, time for the manliest shit you can find.

==> Play game

...Uhh... Well.. Uhh...This isn't YOUR room, you thought it'd be your own reality you'd be fucken with instead of somebody else's.

Guess you can deal with this, who are you connected to...?

....Is.. that Ciel...?

Oh shit, your playing god with her shit?

Fucken rad.

But.. She dosen't seem to know you are here, so guess you aren't looking like some big eye in the sky or nothin. So maybe you have a chance to get some shit done? Kinda like getting some stuff preemptively done before the escort quest begins..?

...But first.. You take a moment to look at the stuffed animals and faeries and started placing a bunch of them behind her back, all staring directly at her like some silent hill horror trickery.

Why? Well, no sense not taking advantage of it.

You begin flicking about the collection of stuff you have at your disposal. Grist.. probably the resource. Not sure how to get more but that will come along later.. First you gotta start ploppin down machines?

The fuck is a cruxtruder? What kinda asshole made these names? Most machines should have a name that explains what it does. Does it truder the crux? What in hell is a crux and what is the action that would be described a truder? Unless its a cut of intruder... Then you guess it puts the crux into the situation? ...Guess it means it starts this shit.

But it is kinda big... letts see.. the kitchen has the good amount of space. But that table is... Kinda in the center of it all.

Softly you gentlly move over the table to the side, the glasses atop of it rumbling under your ministrations, you begin to sweat with stress, you will not like them fall. Placing it down softly, you sigh slightly, and go to plop the cruxtruder down... Which makes a big ol "WHUMP" that causes the glasses to fall.

Damn it.

Okay next machine go go go.


Totem lathe? fuck it.

Snap crackle fuck it put it in the hall opposite of the dresser.

Final thing you got that isn't overly expensive, alchemizer, more suitable name, it alchemizes thing, neat... Kinda... no idea what it do.

You slam that fucker outside of Ciel's room, utilizing the beautiful garden.

No time for asthetics, you got goding to do.

abberantAbilation [AA] has begun pestering radiantAgate [RA]
AA: Got in, playing god.

SpectrumCrow SpectrumCrow
RA: I heard as much.
RA: What did you break?
RA: Never mind
RA: It probably doesn't matter.
RA: Just don't break anything else if you can help it.
RA: It's funny, I would have preferred it if this was not your first time seeing my home. As silly as it might be, I have entertained the fantasy of gathering our group together to meet.

RA: No matter, I need to make sure Bart is okay first... countdowns and all.

RA: Can you capturelog the crystal?
RA: There's a machine that looks like it would take it
RA: Hold on, while you check that I'm going to see what in the world this seizure orb is.

==> Ciel: Poke Seizure Orb

Surely the game wouldn't just put this floating entity here for no reason... right? While Bart is distracted with the machines and the card, you decide to see if it will respond to outside stimulus... you'll just poke it with uhhh what's around? Batman figure? Sure. That will work. You'll just... ohgoditateit???

Orikanyo Orikanyo Venchi1986 Venchi1986


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==> Inspect card.

Still unaware of Ciel pestering you inspect the captachalogue card. It seems to be active...in use? It has an item on it but you can't get it out. Hmm maybe one of the devices is supposed to interact with it. You first head to the device with the two platforms but don't see anything to use the card with, figuring that means the device is for the crystal you place it on the smaller platform.
The "arm"of the device responds almost immediately and seemingly starts scanning the crystal. Not wanting to waste time you decide to move on to the next part of the puzzle.

==> Use the last device.

You head to the final device, having completely forgotten about the flashing ball. It does seem to have slot of some kind and it is the right size to fit the card in.

==> Use card on slot.

You do so but nothing happens, looks like you need to use the crystal here as well. Oh well you'll just go get it. You scoot past a bewildered SIS back to the platform device only to find the crystal is gone and a green box has appeared on the bigger platform.

==> Now what?

Not seeing any way to open the box you put it on the floor and head back to the device that originally created the crystal, in hopes of getting another one. Not seeing any other way to interact you try turning the wheel again, something that is much easier now that the top is off. As hoped you do indeed get another crystal and quickly head to the device with the card-slot. At the same time you set the crystal in it's place Ciel, unknown to you, feeds your Batman figure to the flashing ball.


With the crystal in place the device jumps to life and starts carving the crystal. You take the result to the platform device moving as fast as you since you're pretty sure you're almost out of time.

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