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Fandom Godzilla: Multiversal Catastrophe (A Multifandom RP)


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inspired by the All Hail Megatron multifandom RP and the Godzilla IDW comics Godzilla: Cataclysm and Godzilla: the Half-Century War

1954. The year where it should have been peace, even in Japan, but peace wasn‘t that exact fate. Thanks to a hydrogen bomb test by America, a beast has been made: Godzilla. The titanic creature unleashed it’s burning rage onto Tokyo, and though the Military tried their best, their attacks didn’t even harm this “Kaiju.” However, the creature soon met it’s fate thanks to the Oxygen Destroyer, a device made by Daisuke Serizawa, who also sacracifed himself to kill Godzilla in order to prevent his weapon being made ever again.

After that tragedy, many people tried to live on, and it was quite sucessful. Newer generations forgot about Godzilla, probably ensuring calmness and well… peace. Probably.

It was 1999, and Humanity has advanced a lot. It could be proclaimed that the tale of “Godzilla” was completely forgotten, until now. During a typhoon at Tateyama, something has emerged from the ocean. Not just any Kaiju, it was another Godzilla.

This caused great panic, as before, the Military‘s weapons had no effect on the Kaiju, even their new Type 90 Maser Cannons, and only enraged him. Godzilla destroyed most of the Maser Cannons eventually. Panicking, the Japanese Government scrambled trying to find a plan to stop this beast once and for all. They eventually found a solution: the bones of the previous Godzilla, using it to build their newest line of defense, Kiryu, alongside Japan's greatest scientific minds.

Before the mech was exhibited to the community, Godzilla arrived at Japan once again, and his robot clone was deployed to confront him. In the midst of battle, Kiryu was about to use it’s greatest weapon: Absolute Zero Cannon. However, thanks to Godzilla roaring, the spirit of the first King of the Monsters possessed the Mech, and believed it was Godzilla once again, destroying the surrounding city with its payload of weapons. Godzilla retreated in the confusion, while the AMF raced to find a way to shut Kiryu down. Once Kiryu's power was depleted, the project was shelved indefinitely, with AMF and the government reduced to a laughingstock. However, what everyone didn’t know that, even worse things than Godzilla were about to happen..

the year was 2001, and Godzilla was still around, and Kiryu was undergoing upgrades. Nobody knew how it happened, but it did. Around the world, many portals of different sizes appeared, and this didn’t lead to the better, as the first thing that came out of it… was other Kaiju, from other dimensions, with different Godzillas too. Eventually, chaos ensued.

As Godzilla resurfaced in Tokyo Bay and came ashore, the other Kaiju began their onslaughts aswell. Multiple cities were attacked by 3 monsters: the Pollution Monster Dagahra, the Giant Mantis Kamacuras, and Millenian Mutation Orga. Sydney, Manhattan and 1 other city was attacked by the 3 Kaiju, and worst of all, the portals wouldn’t close, eventually leading to some more Kaiju appearing. Due to the great panic of all Governments, including Japan, Kiryu wasn’t deployed to confront Godzilla in Tokyo once again, leaving Tokyo crumbled at the monster’s hands, and as more Kaiju appeared, leaving the other cities at stake.
As Kaijus appeared, the portals also threw in something in this world: Superheroes, Anthropomorphic creatures and more had been sent to this endangered world, leaving them to either fight for it or let it be overrun by these creatures. Godzilla eventually surfaced at Paris, leaving the city in ruins like the others.

there might be enough time, but it is ticking, and ignoring it or concerning it will lead the planets fate. Will you help humanity deal with the King of the Monsters and the rest, or use the state of the world to cause more mayhem. The choice is yours..

Godzilla: Multiversal Catastrophe is a Multifandom RP taking placed in the Godzilla universe, mainly in the Kiryu Saga timeline with a bit of Monster Planet in it, and inspired by the mentions at the start of this. Multiple characters are in a world threatened by Kaijus, which have appeared thanks to the portals. You can either protect the Earth, use the current situation for your evil things, or you are simply the “main” enemy: a Kaiju.

I pretty much play as Godzilla and Kamacuras, but Dagahra and Orga can be claimed

Dagahra 0/1
Orga 0/1

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    • Any iteration of any Kaiju is fine, as long as it isn’t Earth or Ultima.
    • Monsterverse Titans aren’t allowed, but will be later. However, only the M.U.T.O.S can pass without any restriction
    • ABSOLUTELY No Mary sues, incase you’re submitting a OC. Characters like Goku or Saitama are a definite NO, so are the characters from their worlds.
    • No Godmodding or Metagaming.
    • If you have a issue, please talk about it in the OOC
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Hmm, sure? I don’t know anything about WarHammer tho, but that’s okay, I’ll check it once submitted in the CS


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i'm interested! gotta figure out who i'd like to use first


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Okay, the Roleplay has started! Don’t worry, you still can submit a character!

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