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Multiple Settings Life's A Game - Interest Check〖Closed〗


Queen of Hell

  • intro

    this feels like the end

    Nothing But Thieves


    rdinary life for seven college students was obliterated the moment a mysterious holoscreen prompt asked: Which class will offer you the best chance of survival in an apocalyptic world?

    With only seconds to decide their fate, these seven strangers are forced to unwittingly join forces and compete for the ultimate prize where the winner gets to remake the world in their image.

    With the outside world on the brink of collapse, these [un]lucky souls must use their newfound powers to fight against fearsome monsters, complete quests, and satisfy the only clear condition of this fucked up game: surivive.




Life's A Game.

The stakes are high, but so is the


fantasy, survival, horror



spots open


♡coded by uxie♡
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Yaaay! If a few more people express interest I'll go ahead and post the lore page. I'm still working on character sheets so that part might take a minute :-_-lines:
take ur time!! can’t wait to create a character and read the lore 🫡
Should we join the discord linked in the post or do we join that after we post a character?
Yeah, I've been using 5e mainly but if there's another edition that fits better with the character you want to build then you can use that. It's all loosely based on DnD Classes so if it doesn't match up exactly that's okay too. Also, keep in mind that you'll gain skills and abilities as we go so don't worry too much about starting off weak.

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