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Fandom Fandom Cravings- 21+ please-

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Eagle of Masyaf

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Hello there. I'm looking for a partner whose at least 21 (personal comfort reasons and all site rules will be followed). Message me if interested or like this search thread and I'll message you. Do NOT post below.

* I have the right to leave a role play without explaining why. If it says that I left the message, then I am no longer role playing with you. You have the right to do the same. If it says you are gone, I will not ask you for an explanation. If I accidently left the message, I would message you back. Cheers.

  • I have a lot of plots/ideas and I'm unable to post them all here. But I will post a list of all of the characters that I am craving to play.

    Characters- Obito, Kakashi, Iruka, Sakumo, Hagoromo, Hamura, Indra, Asura, Nagato, Yahiko, Deidara, Hidan, Suigetsu

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