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Fandom New Fandom Cravings!

Pumpkin Patch

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Hello Hello!

so, I have a few new fandoms that I Really wanna get into writing and I’m hpong to find some amazing partners to get this going!

So, first off, I’m 21 years old gal who both goes to college and has a job. So, I’m not going to be on 24/7. However, I am fairly active, and can write out a reply at least once a day, or 2 if I get busy. If I get any busier, I’ll totally let you know!
I have at least 5+ years of experience in roleplaying, and I find myself somewhere between Lit – Novella, as I can write from 300 words and up! Although I prefer to just match my partner, that way no one feels rushed, nor burnt out. I also write in 3rd person, and Past tense.
I don’t text style rp, nor do I user the Tupper bot ( I think that’s what it’s called on Discord.
And Speaking of which, I’m completely fine, Roleplaying on here, or on Discord!
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Rose let out a sigh as she stepped into her car after finishing her questioning. The man who made the claim, Todd, had stated that the android had stolen his daughter the night before. While she had read that there was some kind of altercation, but this? She wasn't sure how to proceed. But she was given the location where the bus they had hopped on had stopped for the night. So all she could do was look around. So that's where she went. After a little drive, Rose parked her car and she went to investigate, asking around the places were open. The deviant had no plan, and nowhere to go. So, they couldn't have gone far. Walking out of gas station, Rose glanced around. There was a hotel, and an abandoned building. But the hotel wouldn't let an android in. So, Rose began to make her way towards the gates. She could probably jump that. But what made her more suspicious was that she heard whispering.

-The Owl House ( I just finished the show and I’m really looking to do something with this! I don’t have a set plot, but really hoping to make one up with my partner!)
-How to Train Your Dragon
-Fallout 4
-BG3 ( I'm a bit new but willing to try this out!)
-She-Ra and the Princess of Power (The 2018 one)
-Steven Universe
-Kipo, age of the Wonderbeasts
-Fnaf (Security Breach)
-Detroit Become human
-Welcome Home
-Hazbin Hotel

There are a few things that I require of my partners, but don’t worry, there aren’t many!

Be 18+, at the least. I do not Rp with Minors. I’m Not comfortable, Sorry!

Be somewhat literate. I don’t expect a book. But Quality > Quantity. I want a story that we can love without feeling like one person is always giving more and pulling the plot without any help. This is a 2 person effort, and we need to communicate!

And speaking, about communication, I would really like someone to talk to, share mood boards, gush about our oc’s and/or cc’s. I’d like to make some friends here, so I’m looking for someone who’s not afraid to talk!

I really prefer to have a somewhat active rp. I know IRL get’s busy, and that’s completely fine! But I’m not too fond of waiting an entire week to get one message. After about a week and a half, if there’s nothing to let me know your busy or anything, the rp will be dropped.
As for ghosting, I know it can be hard to really say that something doesn’t feel right. So, as long as you remove yourself from the discord server, or the chat here, then that’s fine!

Lastly! I will require my partners to be LGBTQ friendly. I love me some queer relationships as well as straight ones. But I will not tolerate any hate towards it. Not gonna fly.

Anyways, if this catches anyone’s eye, let me know!
Just DM me and let me know what fandom and if you’d like to double up (Oc x Cc), or just Oc x Oc, and tell me a little about you! I wanna know more about my future writing partners!
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Hello! This account is from when I was 16yo and I would only be able to write 2 times a week. Yet, I love DBH and How to train your dragon altho She-ra and Howl House are awesome too! If interested please reply.

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