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    a low fantasy roleplay interest check.

Bound by Time — a low fantasy roleplay interest check.​

w e l c o m e !
Every second you exist is another moment lost in time. However, not everyone loses that time. Timekeepers—or keepers for short—are a group of people who work underneath father time himself to improve the world at large. Their goal? They're considered a last resort... the ones who have to re-write history to improve the world from the awful wasteland that is the future. As for how they're chosen, it's not really stated explicitly. Father time has mentioned that its because they've played a part in an event that impacted the future. Forcing them out of their original timeline left an impact. For the better is the term typically left unsaid. So, with a team of morally grey members, the timekeepers are changing the world—one moment at a time.

This roleplay is meant to be a group of characters who travel through time to different places in the world to stop or encourage an event to happen. Their main initiative? To finish their mission without getting caught or compromised. There is only so many times Father time is capable of taking multiple people to a certain time frame. After one or two attempts, they must return back to the base to either improve the plan or continue on to their next mission without re-doing their failed mission. In which case, the whole timeline of the world can be rewritten and fall further into chaos in the future.

So... no pressure. ♡

r u l e s.
RULE I. Follow the site rules. Everything should be kept at a PG level rating—including violence, intimate content and anything else included within the confines of the site limits.
RULE II. The limit of characters per person is two. I would prefer that you PM me to ask for permission before submitting another character sheet after you have already posted your first.
RULE III. Please try to post between 1-2+ times a week. I'm very lenient; but, if you feel the need to take a break and/or leave the roleplay altogether after the roleplay has already begun, please PM me first. I would like to avoid any confusion your absence may cause.
RULE IV. This roleplay isn't first come, first serve. This is meant to be a long-term RP; so, this is a character you should be putting effort into. I will be approving characters that I see have effort or some spark behind—most people on here are extremely creative, so I'm not really worried. Just be creative, that's all I'm asking for! ^^

r o l e s.
THE LEADER.The one who helps to implement the orders and helps the others with any of their tasks. 0/1
THE SECOND-IN-COMMANDS. The ones who works with the leader the most to perfect their plans. 0/2
THE ELDEST MEMBERS. The ones who has been around the longest. Gets most of their task done with time to spare. 0/3
THE LOSE CANNONS. The ones who takes the most risks on their missions. 0/2
THE NEW RECRUIT. The newest members to their operation. They're still learning the ropes. 0/2

l i n k s.
OOC. here
LORE. here
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Immensely interested. I've been fawning over time travel as of late.
So our characters would be able to be from any time period? Do you have ideas for plot progression going forward? (i.e. antagonists, etc.)

Anyhow, I'm interested!
So our characters would be able to be from any time period? Do you have ideas for plot progression going forward? (i.e. antagonists, etc.)

Yes, they're from different time periods! However, the characters are meant to work together so I'm also expecting them to know the same language and to at least have a mild understanding of technology. It'll be easier to have all of them interact with one another with those requirements. As for antagonists, that will be incorporated the further we get into the thread. The first mission will be easy—but the further we go, the more difficulties there will be. ^^
I've been wanting to do this sort of concept for ages now. I'm definitely interested.
Considering how many people are potentially interested in this I will unfortunately have to sit out. Looking at the CS thread and seeing anime face claims is a bit of a turn-off too(nothing against anime, I just don't like it as face claims unless I'm doing an anime RP). Have fun, y'all!
I think I'll have to retract my interest too. Not because of content or anything, just because things go busy for me and I don't want to hold up anything or anyone. Good luck!

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