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Fantasy a love/hate relationship

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“I’m offended.” Nikolai huffed, his cheeks puffing out slightly, “You two really think I’m trouble?” The question was mostly directed towards Alexander, since Maire had vanished into the back room, and asked in jest. Before the prince could answer, the woman emerged again, setting aside the small box she carried in her hands.

“Absolutely.” There was no malice in her words, in fact she looked rather amused. “I’ve heard tales of an unruly younger child of the siren royal family. Now it all makes sense.” She added a quick chuckle. Nikolai joined her. It was easy to tell when someone brought up his reputation merely to joke about it, versus when they actually tried to hold it against him. The woman’s attitude towards him hadn’t changed one bit. It was a big relief for Nikolai, knowing that he still had someone out here that he could trust.

He watched Alexander pull off his crown, remembering he too had his. He took hold of both of them, volunteering to put them away himself. “It will definitely be safer here than on your head.” He teased the prince, a subtle jab at how easily distracted Alexander seemed to get when seeing new things. Both crowns were stored in the back room, side by side, where Mairelyn usually kept Niko’s. He turned to step back out, but lingered by the doorway as he listened to the woman’s words.

“Pardon my intrusion, your highness, but I see the way you look at him.” Nikolai could see the slight smile on her face from where he stood. She paused, gently touching Alexander’s elbow for reassurance. “I know traditions are important…but so is change. Do not let anything keep you from happiness.” Her head turned toward Nikolai as he slowly stepped out from behind the curtains, one hand reaching out for him to take. Something stirred within the siren prince. He’d never seen the woman quite as serious as this. With his hands clasped in hers, he felt a sense of peace, yet at the same time there was urgency in her words.

“You will both have hardships, of that I am sure.” She tenderly reached for Alexander’s hand too, bringing the two of them together. “It is important that you face them together.” Nikolai’s eyes searched and found Alexander’s. He swore he felt his heart skip a beat, but he quickly looked away, letting out a quiet breath.

“What’s got you so serious, Maire. You’re scaring me a little.” He chuckled in hopes of covering up the nerves that now swam in his stomach. The woman quirked a smile and let their intertwined hands go,

“Just some words of advice from an old woman, is all.” She then turned to grab the small box she had brought with her earlier and stood in front of them. “Take this as my engagement gift.”

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Alexander raised an eyebrow at Nikolai’s words, though it was clear the siren prince already knew the answer to his question. “I do not think you need my confirmation on that,” He teased gently in response. His own smile was lightening his expression as he gazed towards the other male. “If you do need some examples, though, you stole me away the night we met to go swimming even after I told you I did not know how. I could’ve easily drowned. You also pulled me away from the speech I was supposed to give. I guess I do have to thank you for that though. I do not think I would’ve been able to get through it.” He came to the realization while he spoke, his eyes showing it.

He tilted his head towards Marie when she stepped back out and moved towards them again. “Ah, exactly. Though I truly believe we will balance each other out well. I doubt I would’ve ever done something such as this if it weren’t for you.” His was gratitude reflected in his tone. Nikolai was already introducing him to things he never thought he would’ve been able to experience. He couldn’t imagine what the rest of their relationship would be like if this was how the first few moments were. There was a pit in his chest at the thought. He couldn’t tell if it was nerves or if it was excitement. He was going with the latter.

His cheeks puffed out slightly with his next jest. “It is not my fault that I get distracted!” He called after the other male as he stepped into the back to put them away. His smile only grew and his amusement was twinkling in his eyes. He watched as Nikolai walked away from him, unable to stop himself from admiring everything about the siren. It was shocking just how captivating he found him. It brought him back to that bond he felt between them. He wanted to ask someone about it, ask his parents. But he worried that they would just shake their heads, especially his father. He slowly looked towards Marie then. If he could have a moment away from Nikolai, maybe he could get her opinion on it. He doubted he would be able to for a while though.

His shoulders tended slightly with her words. Had he truly been that obvious? Was the affection that he already felt for Nikolai written on his face? The thought almost brought a blush to his cheeks, but he managed to keep it off. He didn’t want any more of his embarrassment to show. He had already gotten enough teasing about it earlier. He didn’t know if he could handle having it done further that evening. “I won’t. Thank you Marie.” His voice had softened, as did his expression, as he gazed down at her. He brought his other hand up to gently rest on hers for a few moments. He let his hand slowly drop while Nikolai walked out towards them again.

He allowed for his hand to be taken by the shopkeeper as she continued to speak, referring to them both then. He turned his head to look towards the siren prince, catching his gaze when he did. His heartbeat slowed, causing him to swear their hearts were beating in sync for the short moment that they looked to each other. He gave Nikolai’s hand a soft squeeze before letting it drop. “Well I appreciate your words. Any advise from someone other than my mother is appreciated.” It was his own attempt at lightening the air. He believed something shifted for them then. He blinked in surprise as the box was brought forth. “That is very kind of you. Thank you.” He slowly reached out to take it.


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The woman’s words sat heavily in Nikolai’s mind. Something about the shift in her tone gave him chills. Did she somehow know something they didn’t? The witch had been known to look into the future, at least that’s what she had told Nikolai when they had first met. At the time, he took it as a jest. Now, he was starting to believe maybe she was being serious,

‘I see the way you look at him.’

The phrase repeated in Nikolai’s mind more than he would have liked. What did she mean by that! In what way was Alexander looking at him? It brought unwanted nerves bubbling to the surface again. Nikolai was rarely, if ever, nervous. He decided at that moment that he didn’t like how it felt. Luckily, their attention was redirected to the small box. Maire gave the latch a quick spin and popped it open, revealing what looked like two rings sitting on a dark, red cushion.

“I see you have your engagement rings already.” She took one of the golden bands out, placing the box aside, and took Nikolai’s hand. “But these are special.” The band was slipped into the middle finger, right next to the one that held the ring Alexander had picked for him. Nikolai stared in confusion, followed by awe, as the band slowly shrunk to fit perfectly around his finger. The clear diamonds shuffled through a few colors; pink, white, blue, and finally settled on yellow. The prince looked up, the questions clear in his eyes, but the woman was quick to explain.

“They’re encased with bonding magic. The stronger the bond, the more powerful they will be.” She tenderly picks the other ring and hands it to Alexander. “The colors depict your mood.” She points to the band on Nikolai’s hand now. “Yellow means curiosity…but it can also symbolize nervousness.” Her eyes met his, and the siren suddenly felt transparent. As perceptive as he was, Maire was even more so. Thankfully, he didn’t have to come up with an excuse as to why he felt nervous. The woman continued to explain the rings as she shifted her attention to Alexander.

“They are also a way for you to communicate when you are apart” she closed the small box, holding it out for one of them to take. “When one of you is in danger, or feeling anxious, or sad… the rings with let you know.” Nikolai’s head tilted as he examined the ring. They were clear.y special. He wondered why it was that Maire was so eager to gift them to the duo.

”Thank you, Maire” his fingers wrapped around the small box as he carefully took it from her, looking to Alexander as he slipped on his ring.

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Alexander watched as Marie moved to open the box, revealing two golden bands. His eyes widened slightly as he watched her take them out and then placed one on Nikolai’s finger. He didn’t think he had seen it such as these before, but he had heard rumors about them. “Marie, I didn’t know these actually existed. I thought they were just a myth.” He spoke truthfully. He knew rings such as these were rather rare. The magic that flowed through them was complex. He didn’t know a warlock alive that would be able to craft them properly. That was, unless Marie was much more powerful that he thought.

He held his own ring in his fingers, carefully moving it around between them. He didn’t know what to think about this current situation, but he was grateful to have this ring in his possession. It would help when it came to Nikolai. It seemed like the siren prince wasn’t adept at expressing his emotions. He didn’t want to misread situations between them due to it. These rings would be incredibly important in helping him know just what the other male was feeling at a given time. It also might help him understand the pain Nikolai was experiencing. That was the first time it came back to his mind since earlier in that day. He wished he knew how to help him.

He stopped fiddling with the ring as Marie finished her explanation for them. “You will know every time I stumbled or stub my toe now Niko.” He spoke in a joking tone, a light chuckle following. His clumsiness would probably be the death of him at one point, if it were from Nikolai’s teasing alone. He hadn’t even noticed that he used the other male’s nickname. The word flowed easily through his lips while he spoke it. He shifted the ring once more to slide it on the finger next to the engagement ring that he now wore. The ring adjusted to fit his finger quickly before glowing white. “That must be from my surprise.” He noted.

He slowly let his hand drop to his side once more before lifting his gaze to look at Marie. He wondered what other tricks the witch had up her sleeve. He made a mental note not to cross her or get on her bad side. She seemed to be rather perceptive and he didn’t want to know what came with the consequences of upsetting her. “Yes, thank you. It is so very kind of you.” He admitted. He glanced towards Nikolai then, feeling his eyes on him. He offered the siren a gentle smile in return. His entire expression had softened while he did so, the blue of his eyes turning into puddles.

It was only at that moment that he realized this was the way he looked at Nikolai, that this was what Marie was referring to. This unwavering affection that he couldn’t place.


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As beautiful as the rings were, and Nikolai believed Maire gifted them with the good intentions, he wasn’t sure how he felt about Alexander having a window into his emotions. They were often strong, the driving force behind the siren’s actions. Now, the warlock would know exactly what he was feeling regardless of how good he was at evading it. His eyes glanced at the ring on the other’s finger, the white glowing brightly. He huffed a quiet laugh at the thought of his own ring alerting him when Alexander stubbed his toe, the use of the nickname only partially registering in his mind.

“So I can expect to be alerted every five minutes.” he teased, the usual smirk forming his lips, though softer than usual. Alexander held his gaze for a few beats, and for a brief moment Nikolai could feel a wave of what he could only describe as fondness, or a deep affection. It felt foreign, but not in the way of it being a new emotion. Rather, it felt like it wasn’t his own. His eyes widened slightly as he realized… is that what Alexander was feeling? He glanced down at the ring on the other’s hand, now glowing a vibrant pink while his own shifted to the same white Alexander’s had been.

“Oh, wonderful. They work!” Maire exclaimed, her features morphing into somewhat of a proud smile. Nikolai had to tear his gaze away from the warlock prince as he tried to understand what had just happened, his surprise very clear on his features. The witch seemed to take note of it as well. “They don’t always work the way they’re supposed to. There needs to be a strong bond between the two people wearing them.” Nikolai’s surprise only amplified at her comment. A bond? Between them? He didn’t think a bond could be formed that quickly.

Before he could ask any questions, however, the cloaks were pushed towards them. “But I’ve taken up enough of your time. Go on and enjoy.” She took a step back, allowing them space to pull the garments on. “If I’m not here when you return, you already know what to do.” she added, her attention directed at Nikolai then. Part of him wanted to stay longer. He had so many questions for her. What exactly did these rings mean? Why was she gifting them? What did she mean by ‘a bond’? So many things Nikolai had never heard in his life. He wondered if it was simply warlock myths that he just knew nothing about, or if what the woman spoke up was true. But he’d promised Alexander to take him somewhere, and they had yet to reach that destination.

Deciding to leave the questions for a different time, he slipped the cloak over his shoulders and pulled the hood up, its fabric casting a soft shadow over Nikolai’s face. “Thanks, Maire. For everything.” He shifted his attention to Alexander then, trying his best to ignore what he’d just felt/ “Ready?”

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Alexander wanted to laugh along with Nikolai at the teasing the other male gave him. That was until he felt the shift in his own emotions. It was odd how captivated he was by them. He completely forgot that he was wearing the ring for a few moments due to it. It was only when he saw the way the siren glanced down to his hand that he remembered his emotions were now on display even clearer. He glanced down to his own hand, noticing the change of color to the vibrant pink. He mentally cursed and looked away, his cheeks darkening to the usual red that they did when he was embarrassed.

He didn’t look back to them even as Marie began to speak. He couldn’t find it in himself to. He only managed to convince himself to once she mentioned the strong bond between them. He opened his mouth to speak, to question what she meant by it. He truly thought she knew more than she was letting on. He wanted to ask her about all of the thoughts he had been having as he believed it would finally bring him some peace. The time was not proper though. He made a mental note to come back to talk with her about it at some point in the near future.

He grabbed the cloak from her, carefully pulling it over what he wore. He made sure it was tied tightly enough to where it wouldn’t fall off of his shoulders. He then raised a hand to lift the hood onto his head. The cloak was heavier than he thought it would be, but he didn’t mind. He knew it was necessary for them to not be spotted that night. He didn’t want to deal with the formalities that came with people knowing the prince finally left the manor. “Thank you Marie, truly. I might come by some time to talk with you more.” He informed. He didn’t elaborate more on it.

He turned to face Nikolai for the first time since his ring glowed that bright pink. He offered the other male a gentle smile then as well as a nod. “Ready.” He agreed. He glanced back to Marie once more before stepping outside into the night air. Stars were gleaming in the sky above them. There was a cold breeze that blew in between the stands of the market. A small frown flashed across his features for a few moments. It was odd for the time of year. The weather was usually rather warm during the early hours of the night. He knew that he could just enchant the air around them if they both grew to be too cold.

“She seems like a lovely person,” He commented as they began to walk. His thumb twisted the ring that now sat on his middle finger absentmindedly while they did so. “I do not think I have met someone like her before. And these rings, they are incredible. Very rare, but incredible.” His voice had softened then.


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While parting with Maire, Nikolai felt an odd shift when she last took his hand. She gave it a gentle squeeze, and made sure to remind them they were both welcomed back any time. Of course Nikolai knew that. From the moment he’d met the woman, she had been nothing but kind to him. Sometimes scolded him like a mother would their son. The prince knew she was wise. Much wiser than she let on. She was also much more powerful than she allowed to show, according to her husband whom he’d only met once.

“She is something special.” Nikolai agreed, his gaze following the trail of stars up ahead for a brief moment before casting his gaze on the market ahead of them. “She acted like she didn’t know, but I’m sure she knew when we first met that I wasn’t one of your people.” He stated, recalling the first night he’d stumbled into her shop, and how surprised she’d looked then. Much more than she did today. He looked at his own engagement ring, contrasting brightly against the darker gold of the band beside it. He had so many questions. Questions that Alexander probably didn’t have the answer to. He’d just have to drill Maire about it some other time.

The wind rustled their cloaks a little as they walked through the bustling marketplace. No one paid them too much mind, save a few that admired the detailed work on the fabric before moving on with their business. Nikolai made a sharp turn, taking hold of Alexander’s hand to ensure he didn’t get left behind due to being distracted. After a couple of steps, they came to a stop in front of a small shop. The fresh smell of pastries traveled through the air, hitting Nikolai’s nostrils.

“Here we are.” He quickly pulled the thick curtains aside, a smile immediately forming on his face as he pulled back his hood. “I smell freshly baked tarts!” The young boy behind the counter immediately looked up, his face brightening the moment he saw the prince.

“Niko!” His feet immediately hit the ground as he made his way over, wrapping small arms around Nikolai’s waist. The siren chuckled softly as he returned the hug, one hand carefully ruffling the dark curls on the boy’s head. “Hey, kiddo.” As the two parted, a small fist gently hit Nikolai’s chest. The boy’s cheeks puffed, his arms folding over his chest as he complained. “Where have you been!” Before he could answer, a woman swiftly walked out from behind one of the partition walls, her eyes wide with surprise.

“Claude!” She quickly joined her son, placing her hands on his shoulders and pulling him a few inches away from Nikolai. “Your highness, I’m so sorry.” She bowed, and Nikolai instinctively looked to Alexander, assuming the woman was talking to him. He quickly realized that her gaze was poised in himself. “We had no idea, I assure you we would’ve been more respectful-“

“What, no- hey.” His hands rose up defensively with a shake of the head. “Don’t do that, it’s not necessary. It’s still just me.” He glanced down at Claude who seemed utterly confused by the exchange as he explained. “I’ve just been a little busy, I’m sorry. But you know I couldn’t stay away too long.” He looked up at the woman again, who had finally taken notice of Alexander’s presence. Even with the hood on, in this close of quarters, surely she could recognize him.

“Actually, I brought someone along today. I think he’d love your pastries.” He stepped aside, allowing the warlock to greet them himself. It was odd bringing someone else into his usual routine. It was even more odd that these were Alexander’s people, yet Nikolai felt like he was introducing him to his own.

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A gentle smile twitched the corner of Alexander’s lips as he heard his words. It was clear that the other male appreciated Marie. It seemed they had a great bond that he didn’t know had existed between them. Then again, he hadn’t known the other male even came into warlock lands. The moment reminded him that there was so much he didn’t know about Nikolai. The other male hadn’t told him much about himself, hence why he was grateful to have the rings with them now. He only hoped that it would bring them both a balance when it came to their relationship. He made a mental note to ask the other male some things later that night, if he would be willing to answer.

“I have a feeling she most certainly did. I do not think I have met a warlock such as her before. Not even the scholars in my father’s library would be able to make these rings.” He confessed as he glanced down towards the ring that gleamed in the moonlight. “I want to go and talk to her another time. There are certain things that she might know of that could help me understand other things.” He added after a few moments with a gentle hum. He lifted his gaze to look towards the man beside him. He didn’t look at him long, not wanting a repeat of what happened earlier. He ended up looking to the shops that surrounded them.

The changing lights was something that caught his eye immediately. He absolutely adored how they looked. It was enough to make him wonder if he could fashion something similar for his chambers back at the manor. There seemed to be multiple different shops as well, each one making him want to stop and look at everything. He was grateful to have Nikolai with him then. The siren prince was quick to pull him out of the slight trance he found himself in once he took his hand. The light tug pulled him towards where they were supposed to be headed.

The smell immediately hit him once they arrived. His mouth watered at it. “It smells incredible!” He exclaimed. He stepped into the shop once the curtains were pulled aside. He let go of Nikolai’s hand then to pull his own hood from his head, following the other male’s lead in doing so. He assumed that if he felt it was safe, he would do the same. He glanced around the interior of the shop after he did so. He almost didn’t see the little boy run over to hug Nikolai.

“You truly are popular with everyone.” His words were an immediate light tease to the siren prince. He was unable to help himself any. The familiar pang of guilt hit him as he realized that he should be the one who all the citizens recognize and love in such a way. He had been locked up in the manor for such a long time and was unable to experience things such as this. He wanted to change it as quickly as he possibly could. He wanted to be there for the citizens then.

He cleared his throat gently while he stepped forward then after Nikolai mentioned him. The familiar smile came back onto his lips. “Hváe nymiq.” He greeted in the same way he had Marie. He noticed the flash of recognition immediately cross the woman’s eyes. “I am very excited to try the pastries. They smell absolutely incredible and I am starving.” He spoke truthfully. He made sure to not eat a lot earlier in order to prepare for whatever the other male had in store.


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The smell of the baked goods only grew stronger with every passing second. Nikolai watched in silence as Alexander introduced himself to the baker, Anette. Her son Claude watched as well, his eyes darting back and forth between the two princes. “Woah, Niko, you’re friends with the prince?!” he exclaimed. His sheer amazement brought a chuckle out of the siren. Sometimes, he loved feeling like he was just another normal civilian and not royalty. That is exactly why he had never shared his status with people like Maire and Anette.

“Yeah, I am.” the siren responded with a shifted smirk. “But between you and me, he’s not all that great-” his voice lowered to an almost whisper, though he made sure it was loud enough for Alexander to hear. His gaze shifted to the prince then, playful grin still in place. Anette seemed at a loss for words, her hand reaching over to rest on her son’s shoulder.

“Claude dear, Nikolai is also a prince. You should show more respect!” she looked to Nikolai then, an apologetic look on her face. “Your highness, I’m-”

“Nuh-uh, what did I just say?” his arms folded over his chest stubbornly, cheeks puffed in slight annoyance. The woman looked back and forth between Nikolai and Alexander, as if waiting for further instructions. “I would really rather you not treat me any differently than you did before.” he explained, his hands lowering to rest in his pockets. “Please. We’re friends aren’t we?” She remained silent for a moment before a gentle smile spread across her lips/

“As you wish, your- uh- ….Niko.” she visibly squirmed at the use of the nickname in place of the honorifics. Nikolai couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty. Maybe if he had told her from the very beginning things would be different. He couldn’t deny he was afraid at the time. Afraid of being kept at a distance. He hoped the woman would become accustomed to the new information sooner rather than later. She gave a gentle flourish of her arms, inviting the two to step further into the shop. Desserts and sweets of all shapes and sizes adorned the various counters. Nikolai was certain he had tried every single one at least once. “Oh, congratulations on the engagement!” she added, moving behind the counter to look for some serving plates and utensils. “But there isn't usually a banquet right after? What are you doing here?” her eyes widened then, turning swiftly to look at the duo. “Not that I don’t want you here! Of course, I’m delighted! But-”

Nikolai shook his head in amusement, taking a seat on one of the stools by the counter. “There was, actually Alex was supposed to make a speech.” he recalled, the usage of the nickname never actually registering in his mind. “But I figured he’d much rather be here tasting your baking.” he looked to the warlock, taking his hand and tugging him towards the empty stool beside his own. The woman watched attentively, the plates set out in front of the princes as she waited for their choices.

“Alright then, what will it be today?”

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Alexander watched with amusement twinkling in his eyes. The little boy was absolutely adorable. He couldn’t help but think so. This was the first time that he probably ever felt as though he was a normal person and not royalty. Despite the formalities that still seemed to edging their way into place, he was being treated as though he was anyone else at that moment. It warmed his chest to feel this way. He wished that he could be treated like this most of the time. He always hated how serious everyone acted when they realized just who he was. It reminded him of how relaxed he felt around Nikolai.

He hoped that he would always feel this way, especially around him.

His eyes narrowed some as he listened to the other male speak, puffing out his cheeks some while he did. Without a word, he shifted the air surrounding Nikolai and caused for it to lightly shove the other male. Amusement was clear on his expression though. “Do not listen to a word he says. He is lucky to be my friend.” His own words were joking. A smile broke onto his lips, though he tried his absolute best to hold it back. He shifted his gaze to look back towards the woman and her son then.

He nodded his head in agreement with what Nikolai spoke. “Please, there is no need to treat either of us different. The last thing we want is for you to feel the need to use those useless formalities or act anyway other than you normally would.” He added after he finished speaking. He glanced back towards the siren prince once he mentioned them being friends. His expression softened some. It was one thing that he admired about the other male. Nikolai always was himself no matter what the situation entailed.

He slowly stepped further inside. The smell of the pastries were blending together, but still caused for his mouth to water. Despite the time of day, there seemed to be a decent selection left. He looked everything over a few times. It didn’t take him long to realize that he wanted to try each one of the sweets that was in front of him. His stomach let out a soft growl at the thought. “Thank you,” He paused when Nikolai mentioned the speech he was supposed to give. He allowed a soft laugh to escape his lips, shaking his head some while he did. “I would much rather be here. The speech was just something to appease my father anyways.” He commented. He glanced took a seat on one of the stools.

He hummed gently as he tried to decide just what he wanted. His mind kept shifting back to each one of the sweets though. “Would it be too much to ask if I said I wanted one of everything? I truly do not believe I can make a decision when it all looks and smells so wonderful.” He confessed. He looked to Anette with hopeful eyes. He almost felt as though he was a child at the current moment in time, asking his mother for an extra dessert.


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“One of everything, huh?” Nikolai’s comment came with an amused smile. “I’m impressed.” Annette giggled along, but quickly moved to grab Alexander’s request.

“No trouble at all!” She beamed with excitement at the thought of the prince trying her baking. Nikolai watched silently, his eyes tracing Alexander’s every movement as the treats were taken from their places and set onto his plate. Every lift of his brow, every shift of his muscles. The way his eyes lit up at the sight of the pastries. It was endearing, and almost impossible to ignore the slight pounding of his own heart. The siren found himself staring, it was only when he felt a slight shift in his emotions that he seemed to snap out of his own trance.

It was odd, just like earlier. There was a foreign feeling mixed in with his own. Surprise? Was Alexander feeling surprised? He wondered if it had anything to do with how good the pastries were.

“Woah!” Claude’s voice captured his attention as the prince turned to the small boy. His dark brown eyes were large, directly staring at the ring on Nikolai’s finger. “Your ring just changed colors, that’s so cool!” The siren’s eyes widened slightly. He refused to look at Alexander for fear of what he might be thinking. “What’s that mean?” The boy’s finger pointed at the golden band, its crystals now glowing a faint but very obviously pink color. Nikolai recalled earlier, how the warlock’s had turned a vibrant pink. He wasn’t familiar with what the colors meant, but something told him he probably shouldn’t ask.

“It means…” Nikolai’s voice slowly picked up its usual mischief as he attempted to divert the attention onto something else. “You should mind your own business!” He chuckled, making it clear that he was joking with the boy as his hand reached over the counter to ruffle the dark curls. Claude’s laughter matched his own and he seemed to successfully forget about his question. Nikolai took the opportunity then to change the subject entirely as he turned to the baker.

“Can I get one of your chocolate tarts, please? I’ve been craving one for weeks.” He still tried his best to avoid eye contact with Alexander as he waited for his own dessert.

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Alexander glanced towards Nikolai as he heard his comment, a smile immediately coming to his face. “You did tell me to not eat as much at the dinner. Besides, I know I would regret it if I did not try everything. Whatever I do not finish will just come back to the castle with me.” He explained. He tilted his head slightly after he did, his hair falling into his face some. “If you are nice, I will share some.” He teased. His smile had shifted into a small smirk then.

He kept his eyes on Anette though as she moved around to get the pastries for him. Each one looked better than the last and he truly couldn’t wait to try them. He had a feeling that they would be wonderful. He knew his parents used to send out for items from a bakery in the market years ago, but didn’t know exactly who made them. A soft hum escaped him, his shoulders fully relaxing while he did. For the first time in decades, he felt fully at ease. It was then that he realized his anxiety was gone. He normally would be worrying about something happening in the castle, something with his parents being angry with him. All of it was different around Nikolai.

That is when he felt the shift in his emotions, the familiar pang in his chest that had been happening more and more around the siren prince. It almost felt as though he could breath for a few moments, their hearts beating in sync. It was exactly what happened during the dance, only this time he felt is much more intensely than he had before.

His body tensed some while he stared forward. It wasn’t until he heard Claude speak that he realized what had been happening. He blinked rapidly, trying to clear his mind from it. He raised a hand to rub at his eyes for a few seconds. He knew he could blame it on exhaustion from the day if anyone asked him what was wrong. He turned his head to look at Nikolai, wanting to ask him if he felt the same thing. His eyes immediately fell down to the ring that was on his middle finger. His surprise grew into shock at the faint glow of pink. He brought his gaze back up to stare at Nikolai for a few moments. There was no recognition as to what just happened, nor was there any reaction to the ring.

He would be lying if he said that didn’t hurt.

He slowly looked down to his own ring to see that it was fading from the pink it had been glowing. It shifted back to the golden hue it normally has. He bit his bottom lip for a few moments before realizing the sweets were now in front of him. He mustered the brightest smile he could to Anette before trying one. “These are incredible. Thank you so very much.” His voice was gentle then, but his tone had shifted from how it normally was. He refused to look at Nikolai as he continued to taste the pastries.


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Ignoring the rise and fall of Alexander’s emotions resonating within his own chest wasn’t as easy as Nikolai would have hoped. He felt the slight disappointment, no doubt coming from the warlock prince seeing as it wasn’t his own. Nikolai felt a bit guilty about it, but he quickly trained his emotions to settle and focused on the pastry that was set in front of him. There was no doubt in his mind now as to why Maire had given them these rings. She had come to know Nikolai well. She, more than anyone, knew he had a habit of running away from his own emotions.

Clever witch, he thought. She knew exactly what she was doing.

“Mmm-“ his hum filled the space that had been silent for a few beats as a bite was taken from the dessert. “Amazing as always-“ The pride almost beamed from Annette as she watched the princes enjoying her work. Claude, too, decided to join them. He made himself comfortable in the stool beside Nikolai, taking his own lemon tart into his hands and giving it a large bite.

“I want to learn to bake!” He exclaimed after getting halfway through his treat. His mother seemed surprised, but smiled nonetheless.

“Right on!” Nikolai encouraged, gently ruffling the dark curls as he so loved to do. “Maybe you can come live with Alex and I and be our private pastry chef.” He chuckled. The comment was meant as a passing joke, but Nikolai quickly realized what it entailed. He was already thinking about his life together with Alexander. Living together, spending their nights together. The thought brought a faint burning to his chest. He nervously bit his lip before scarfing down the rest of the tart.

“Ooh! Mom could I? I want to live in a castle!” Claude’s enthusiasm brought the smile back to Nikolai’s face. His mother shook her head, amusement clear on her features as she chastised Nikolai to not encourage such ideas or the boy may actually start to believe them. The siren was slightly detached from the conversation in that moment, all he could think about was the comment he made and the odd feeling it brought to his chest. Hesitantly, he finally looked to Alexander. They gaze locked, and for a brief moment he forget they were not the only ones there. All he could see were those bright eyes, and the sudden flurry of emotions that washed over him.

When he finally came to, he could feel Annette’s eyes boring holes into both of them. He blinked, his heart still pounding a bit faster than normal, as he turned to her. “What?” She kept the smile, but her eyes shifted downwards.

“Your rings.” She stated. “I never thought I’d actually get to see those in person.” Nikolai’s curiosity spiked. Alexander had mentioned hearing about them before. Was this a known thing among warlocks?

“This is the first I ever heard of them.” He admitted. Now that Annette knew who he was, at least he could speak freely. “Are they some kind of magical relic?” He probably could ask Maire herself, but he was curious to know how much Alexander knew about them

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Alexander kept his gaze focused forward on the sweets sitting in front of him, finding it to be a better distraction from the whirlwind that was his own emotions at the current moment in time. He almost wanted to pout like a child due to it all, but he knew better than to. He didn’t know why he was upset about Nikolai not confronting what just occurred. Even if it was a slight passing mention, it would’ve made him feel better than just shoving it aside completely. He wondered if that was common with the siren prince. He didn’t know how long he could handle it if it was.

He only lifted his eyes when he heard Claude mentioning how he wanted to learn to bake. His fingers had been carefully ripping a filled croissant in order to pop a piece of it into his mouth. Nikolai’s interaction with the young boy was absolutely precious. Those familiar emotions began to swirl in his chest once more and he had to do everything in his power to shove them back down. He didn’t want for the rings to give away what he was feeling now, especially with what just happened.

“If you can become as good as your mother is, we definitely would love to have you as our pastry chef.” He broke his own silence to agree with what Nikolai was saying then. He knew Anette would probably want to scold him for his words, but he truly meant them.

He didn’t give any indication that his mind was drifting to their future as well. It already had multiple times before. There was a night where he had odd dreams about it. He had done his best to shove it to the side as he hadn’t wanted to let that linger too long. He knew it wasn’t best for him to daydream. He would only be disappointed when everything finally happened and it wasn’t the way he had been hoping for it to turn out. Sometimes he hated his overactive imagination.

Then their eyes met.

He was quick to pull his own gaze away, eyebrows furrowing some as he did so. He quickly lifted the piece of pastry he had pulled off and popped it into his mouth. He glanced around the shop for a few moments as well. If Nikolai wanted to avoid his emotions he would do his best to do the same, even if it was against his nature to do so.

The mention of the rings caused for him to focus back on the conversation. He cleared his throat gently. “They are. I believed them to be a myth until today. They were said to be made by Avrök and Balfë. Avrök is the god of the sun and Balfë the goddess of the night. Since they were true opposites of each other and oftentimes couldn’t see each other, they crafted these rings to help the other know they were there and thinking of them. It was a way to signify their love and their bond to one another.” He explained, knowing this fell on deaf ears. Nikolai refused to believe anything about the gods that he told him. “No one knows when the warlocks were given them. People assume it was after the passing of power, but the timeline is unclear. It was said that only a powerful witch or warlock could reunite the powers that would be strong enough to help the rings work again and that only a great chosen two would ever be able to wear them.”
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The reaction surprised Nikolai. He hadn’t expected the warlock to look away so quickly, let alone ignore what they were clearly both feeling. Part of him felt relieved. If Alexander didn’t acknowledge it, he wouldn’t have to either. But a smaller part felt a bit strange. Why didn’t he acknowledge it? Was he upset? What reasons did he have to be? Did it even matter? The uncertainty made the siren’s head spin. He tried his best to focus on the topic of the rings, rather than what they had caused.

The tale of the gods was interesting. Even if Nikolai and his people didn’t believe in them, it still made for great stories. “That’s quite the tale…” he muttered, his gaze wandering to the ring on his hand. There was no way any of that was actually true. What could be so special about himself and Alex that would warrant being the chosen two to wear such important relics?

“Sirens…” Annette paused at the word. Nikolai could tell she felt odd for saying it. Surely, most warlocks were warned against speaking about them. “…don’t believe in gods, right?” Nikolai’s fingers drummed on the counter. All eyes were on him now. Even Claude who seemed suddenly interested in the conversation. He slowly shook his head, then shrugged slightly, then shook it again.

“Not exactly.” The cultures, the upbringings, the traditions were all so different. How could he explain it all, and put his own species at risk of being ridiculed. He didn’t think anyone in this room would, but the fear always followed him. “Mother Nature is our goddess.” He explained simply, hoping it would help them understand. “Somewhat.” He looked around for any body of water, small as it may be. His gaze landed on a cup at the end of the counter, only half full. Fingers moved delicately as if calling the liquid. It slowly moved from its container, morphing into a clear sphere as it traveled towards the siren.

“We don’t cast spells, and have magic objects like you do.” As the sphere came to a stop, it slowly grew, gradually revealing an image of the ocean. “But we are connected through nature. Every born siren can control the water to some extent. But as we grow-“ the picture of the ocean gave way to a forest, followed by the sky and dry earth. “We can learn to manipulate other elements.” The younger boy’s eyes grew in shock as he stared at the water based sphere, one finger gently poking at it.

“Woah…” Nikolai let a soft smile form his lips as he returned the water to its original spot, before turning to Annette. Though he was answering her question too, he thought it important for Alexander to hear it.

“So to say we don’t believe in your gods is not out of disrespect.
It’s simply stating that we have beliefs of our own that we live by. Who’s to say one is more true or important than the other.” He turned to Alexander then, recalling how offended he’d been by Nikolai’s lack of belief in his gods. “Nature is as important to a siren, as the gods are to a warlock.”

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Alexander wished he could say that Nikolai’s use of the word ‘tale’ didn’t bother him as much as it did. He was well aware that the other male believed the warlock’s gods to be fictional. He bit down on his bottom lip while he thought back on what the siren spoke of before. It took quite a bit in him to not retaliate. He didn’t know where this bitterness was coming from. He couldn’t recall a time where something had bothered him this much. Was it the way Nikolai clearly disregarded the color on the ring earlier? Maybe it was the bond that was beginning to show more and more, only for the siren prince to ignore that as well.

For one of the first times in his life, a wave of anger hit him. He couldn’t force it back and hide it like he would around his parents. It took control of his mind, of his tongue.

“Your tale is not different than my own. Your Mother Nature is very similar to our gods, yet you disrespected my beliefs the first time I told you of them Nikolai.” He recalled in a quiet voice. His eyes were focused on the ring sitting on his middle finger. His other hand was carefully rotating it around the skin. “It does not suit you well to be a hypocrite. I recall you calling my beliefs nonsense during our first meeting.” His words were bitter, a venom behind them that he didn’t originally intend to include. He stopped fidgeting with the ring to look towards him then.

The blue in his eyes had darkened like the sky during a storm. His eyes themselves had narrowed slightly. His expression was stoic, not allowing for any of what he was feeling to show. He refused to let the hurt bubble to the surface, though he was sure his ring was changing colors while he stared at the other male. His one hand clenched slightly. He forced himself to relax then as he recalled they weren’t alone. He didn’t want for Anette or Claude to see this new side of him. He didn’t like this anger. It honestly scared him more than he could say.

He took in a deep breath as he forced himself to look away from Nikolai and back to the remaining pastries in front of him. “I would prefer it if you would not keep face around everyone like this.” He added in a mutter. Despite Nikolai having changed somewhat from the frigid man he met, he knew that person was still there. He had witnessed it earlier that day with the woman in the courtyard. He wanted to believe that the change was easy for him, but there were still clues showing it wasn’t. There were still things that made his mind drift back to those moments. It scared him to an extent.

He worried about falling for the siren when he could act in irrational ways. He was aware he was being quite improper at the current moment in time, but it just felt like something had snapped in him. The emotions were far too strong for him to overcome in that moment. His eyes immediately fell back to the ring on his finger. He raised his other hand to pull it off, the ring dulling as he did so. His breathing was a bit heavier then.


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Keep face?

Nikolai stared in silence at the man beside him, unable to process what had just happened. Each word that came out of Alexander’s mouth stung deeper and stronger than the next. All of a sudden, he was being attacked? In front of people that had nothing to do with it nonetheless. Unwarranted and unprovoked. He recalled their first meeting. Nikolai was angry then, not with Alexander or his family, but with his own father. He said things he didn’t mean, but he also recalled apologizing for it later.

Alexander too, had said some hurtful things when they first met. Nikolai believed they had moved past that, yet here he was throwing it in his face. He supposed he should be angry, but in its place was hurt. A hurt so deep it pricked at the corners of his eyes. He wondered if that’s what the other was feeling as he followed the movement of Alexander’s hand as the ring was take off. And yet, the hurt remained. If anything, it was even stronger now.

There were a few beats of silence. It seemed that no one knew quite what to say. Slender fingers pushed the plate across the counter towards Annette, the sound of ceramic against wood being the one to break the silence. “Well it was really nice to see you both again-“ the sirens words were genuine, but there was a heavy gloom behind his tone that he couldn’t quite shake. He was dumbfounded, speechless and quite frankly a bit heartbroken. Suddenly, he was reminded of why he always preferred to be alone.

“I should really get his highness back to the palace before they send out a search party.” He attempted to joke, to lighten up the atmosphere, but his own heart felt heavy as he got to his feet. He reached into his pocket, pulling out enough money to cover both his own and Alexander’s expenses. “Thank you again for the desserts.” The woman looked as if she wanted to protest, but never did. She simply smiled and bid them farewell as the siren headed towards the exit, never really bothering to check if the warlock was behind him.

The trek back to the palace gave a silent Nikolai. Even as they passed by Marie’s shop to exchange their cloaks for crowns, very little was said from him. The woman took notice. Of course she did. The siren was quick to divert and had them both walking out before she could ask, always with the excuse of not wanting to make the king and queen angry for having their son out so late. The longer they walked, the more the siren thought about the words said in the pastry shop, and the thicker the lump in his throat grew.

He felt like an idiot. He was so delusional to think that he could maybe one day open up to a warlock. He’d barely made the effort to by taking him to meet people that were important to him, but got nothing but hurt in return. His pace slowed as they reached the palace, and for the first time during their walk from Maire’s shop, Nikolai’s head lifted.

“Thank you…” his tone was dry, giving no indication of the heartache he was feeling, though the band on his middle finger glowed a grayish-blue. “For a moment I had forgotten why it’s best to be alone…but tonight you reminded me.” His eyes met Alexander’s and every unspoken word of pain and anger was silently spoken then. The deep, dark eyes had never been as honest as they were in that moment. He looked down at his own hand, taking note of the engagement ring. He had half a mind to take it off, but only the golden band was. It’s crystals slowly dulled to be clear as it was placed in Alexander’s palm along with the small painting he’d received that morning.

“Good night, Alexander.” Before the other could respond, Nikolai was already headed in the opposite direction towards the moon pool. At least deep in the ocean he didn’t have to worry about his tears falling.

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Alexander didn’t know what came over him in that moment, unaware of what provoked him to say the terrible things that he did. He didn’t believe that his beliefs affected him as deeply as they did. This was the first time that he had ever acted in such a way due to them. He believed that it could be due to the fact that every single warlock he knew believed in the power of the gods. Yet, he didn’t know why Nikolai’s words hit him so hard. Regret was beginning to edge its way into his anger, slowly pushing it away to become to main emotion he was feeling.

He noticed the way Nikolai changed in that moment. He couldn’t recall a time in which he had seen the other male so gloomy and dull. Every sense of the teasing joy Nikolai carried with him had faded in a few seconds. The familiar tightness in his chest returned. He couldn’t believe he had allowed for his own hurt to project and to be taken out on Nikolai. He took a deep breath, opening his mouth to speak and apologize but the other male spoke before he could. He blinked in some surprise as he insisted they go back to the palace, making an excuse about his parents wanting him back at a decent time.

He knew in that moment he ruined the progress that they made these past few weeks. He hated himself for it immediately.

His eyes had widened slightly, the blue beginning to lighten with the regret clear in them. He slowly stood, glancing towards Anette and Claude. “I am so sorry. I hadn’t meant to act out on him. Please forgive me.” His words were quiet, breathless. He meant them though. He was quick to follow after the other male then. His steps were light as he worked to catch up to him. He didn’t dare walk beside him, staying a few steps behind him. He kept opening his mouth to apologize, but the words refused to come out.

He didn’t even get a chance to speak about it once they got to Marie. He shot her an apologetic look, one hand still grasping the ring he had taken off. It was almost as if the ring had amplified his own emotions in that moment. He didn’t even know if it was supposed to do such a thing. He knew it connected the two of them in ways they would never be able to achieve without them. It was the only thing that he could think of that would cause for him to act out in such a way.

His regret grew more, filling every pore of his body when they finally ended up at the castle. He turned to face Nikolai then, gazing at him for the first time since he had snapped at the shop. The emotions written in his eyes hurt more than the words he spoke, more than the regret he was feeling. He stood there with his mouth open as the ring was handed to him, watching as he hurried off. “I’m sorry. I am so sorry Nikolai.” His words were a whisper on the breeze that still was blowing that evening. He could feel his eyes stinging then. He hurried back inside, hands gripping the items the other male gave him. It was only when he was to his room that he slid his own ring back on. He knew that it wouldn’t made any difference, especially since he now held Nikolai’s ring.

He placed both of the items carefully on the vanity in his room. His mind was racing through what he might be able to do at that moment. His eyes fell on some paper and a pen. He immediately moved to grab them. He sat then, beginning to write. He knew that Nikolai wouldn’t take the letter if it was given by him. He would have to get one of the maids to deliver it for him. He wrote down how incredibly sorry he was and how terrible he felt. He sealed it up with the ring and small painting inside the envelope with the letter. He only hoped the other male might forgive him.


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The moon pool was quiet this time of night. A bright moon and stars loomed overhead, casting whisks of light through the circular opening of the cave. Nikolai lost track of how long he stared at the sky. On his way to the pool, he’d been angry, heartbroken, hurt… After spending some time in the crystal waters, all of those emotions simmered into disappointment. He was disappointed with Alexander, sure, but mostly with himself.

This was his own fault for allowing himself to let his guard down around someone he hardly knew, and expect things from him without knowing what he could offer. He’d been so caught up in trying to not get attached to the warlock, that he’d somehow ironically ended up attached anyway. It was exhausting, and the siren was constantly reminded of why he never put in the effort. In truth, he hadn’t been the kindest to Alexander when they first met, but it was never personal. Somehow, Nikolai got the impression that they had out that behind them. Clearly, he was mistaken. It wasn’t unusual for people to hold his mistakes against him. He supposed the warlock prince would be different, and that was yet another mistake.

The sounds of the water splashing against the rocks echoed throughout the cave. His own tail lazily floated below him. He had half a mind to take off toward the ocean. To go back home and leave everyone else behind. The only thing that stopped him was Maire. He wanted to personally apologize, because he would not be using her gift. If there really were chosen ones to be allowed to wear them, it clearly wasn’t the two princes.

It was late when Nikolai finally returned to the warlock castle. All lights were off, the halls were quiet, and only a few guards lingered around for night watch. Nikolai was thankful. He wasn’t in the mood to make conversations, or have to explain why he was back so late. He knew where he was to be staying, and could easily find his way to the guest room. Still, he decided to linger, wandering over to the gardens. The different smells hit his nostrils the moment he walked through the entrance. He had to admit, it was rather beautiful at night. He decided to stay there a while, until drowsiness caught up to him.

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Alexander gazed down at the now sealed letter his hands held, a frown making its way onto his lips. He truly didn’t know if what he had written would be enough to convince the other male that he truly was sorry for everything he said that evening. Nikolai was a stubborn man and he was aware that it would take a lot to even get an ounce of forgiveness from him. He just didn’t want for their marriage to be one where they both hated each other. It was something he had been thinking of more and more after the outburst. He believed the two could get along. They had been getting along. He just had been the person to ruin it.

He brought a hand up to rub at his eyes for a few moments then. He was feeling rather exhausted, but knew his thoughts would plague him if he tried to go to sleep. He glanced towards the window that was in his room after his hand fell back onto the desk. The moonlight was streaming in and he could see the stars glittered in the sky. He slowly stood before he moved to finally change out of the suit he had been wearing. He pulled on a loose fitting shirt with comfortable pants. He then grabbed the letter and made his way out of the room. He decided to head to the gardens for a while, knowing it would make him feel a bit better than he would if he stayed inside. He could just slide the letter into one of the maid’s boxes on his way back to his room.

It didn’t take him long to get out of the castle. He knew the quickest route to get into the gardens. He could walk there with his eyes a closed if he had to. He didn’t know the amount of hours he spent in them around this time of night, trying to clear his mind from his duties. He looked towards the sky once he was fully out of the castle. The familiar smells of the flower filled his nostrils, overwhelming his senses. There were multiple that only bloomed during the night. His mother insisted that they be planted when she found of he enjoyed the gardens as much as he did.

His steps trekked the familiar path that led him deeper into them, eyes looking around slowly as he did so. The only sounds were of the fountains still running and of the trees. The fountains had been enchanted to work no matter what time of day it was. The breeze from before was rustling the leaves of the trees. Together both sounds made the tenseness that had been in his shoulders before disappear. He stopped near a wisteria tree, one of his favorites. He looked up at the flowers while reaching a hand up to gently touch one. A sigh left him.

He allowed his eyes to move once again. It was only then that he realized he wasn’t alone in the gardens. He quietly moved to see who was there with him, ready to defend himself if need be. He froze when he spotted Nikolai there. His foot had kicked a pebble when he did so, sending it tumbling down the stone pathway. He mentally cursed. His hand gripped the letter tighter then. “I am sorry. I hadn’t realized you would be out here Nikolai.” His voice was quiet, but the regret was written all over his face. He looked to the letter in his hands. He debated if he should hand it to him then or wait. He decided, in the moment, to do neither.

“I had written this and was going to give it to you tomorrow. I know words will never truly express how terribly sorry I am or the regret I feel for my outburst. I just hoped that this might encompass some of it,” He paused, looking towards him then. “Would you allow me to read it to you?”


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Though he’d lost track of how long he’d been in the gardens alone, Nikolai knew it couldn’t have been that long. He still didn’t feel drowsy. In fact, quite the opposite. The more he walked around, the more his thoughts kept him awake. Alexander’s words turned in his head over and over. The irony of it all. Nikolai was known to act on emotion, yet there the warlock had been bursting at the seams over religious beliefs. He’d made it clear where his priorities lay.

It was much different from Nikolai. He would put those he cared about over traditional beliefs without a moment’s thoughts. Then again, he supposed Alexander didn’t quite care about him enough to do that. It was irrational to think he would. They barely knew one another. The siren wasn’t sure what led him to believe Alexander would care about him that deeply. He, himself, had never come to care for someone so quick. And yet, that didn’t stop his outburst from hurting the way that it did.

Get over it, Nikolai.

The silent scolding was more so for the fact that his main reason for being upset was that Alexander was the one who had said those things. Had anyone else said them, a stranger or any other noble or court member, Nikolai wouldn’t have batted an eye. He thought maybe it was because those things were said in front of Annette and Claude, who he considered good friends. Thinking on it more, Nikolai realized what was said would have hurt just as much if it had been done in public.

He let out an exasperated sigh, worn out by his own inability to detach himself from the situation. He’d hoped walking around the gardens would help get past it, but it only managed to confuse him more. In a moment’s pause, he thought he heard shuffling of feet. It was so faint, it may have been imagined. But shortly after, there was more shuffling, followed by a small pebble that made its way towards his feet. The siren turned, expecting to see one of the palace maids, or perhaps a guard. He did not expect to be greeted by a large pair of blue eyes.

Even in the dim lights of the gardens, Nikolai could pick out his every feature. Had he not known any better, he would have sworn he saw regret. His eyes fell to the envelope in the warlock’s hand as its purpose was explained. Wearily, the siren folded his hands over his chest, his brows furrowed as he stared down Alexander. He had half a mind to turn and leave, afraid that whatever was in that letter would only confuse him further. It’s what he should have done. It would have been the wise decision. However, Nikolai was never one to make good choices,

“I’m listening…”

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Alexander’s eyes stayed focused on the other male for a few moments as his mind seemed to race through everything. Glimpses of the argument earlier came back into his mind. It only caused for the regret on his expression to become clearer. He hadn’t expected for the other male to agree to hear what he had written. His hands fumbled slightly while he attempted to pull the letter out. He managed to do so, clearing his throat quietly before he spoke.

“My father always told me a fool is made when regrettable actions are continuously done. He tried to warn me that I should never allow myself to be taken as a fool and yet, I have done such a terrible thing that it should label me as a fool for the rest of my living says. I had gotten so engrossed with my beliefs and refused to accept your own. I pulled words you spoke to me, words which you had apologized for, and used them against you. There is nothing more foolish than that.” He confessed, refusing to glance up at the other male just yet. His hands were shaking slightly as he read.

“I will never be able to properly express the sorrow and regret I feel for what I have done. You were the first person to show me true kindness. You brought me a freedom I never though I would have lucky enough to experience. You do not deserve for me to turn things around on you,” It was then that he finally looked to him. “I meant what I said in my vows. I want for this marriage to work for us. It seems as though there is something pushing us together. The rings wouldn’t have worked if there wasn’t.” He allowed the hand holding the letter to return to his side.

“I value the friendship that you have shown me more than I can properly express. You do not have to forgive me. I know that I do not deserve your kindness nor your forgiveness. I just wish for you to know that I truly am sorry for what I said,” He finished, biting his bottom lip gently. He looked back to the letter then. He carefully folded it back up and returned it to the envelope. “I have your ring and the painting here if you would like them. I understand if you do not.” He reached a hand out towards the other male in case he wanted to take it.

The air around them seemed to have gone silent after he finished speaking. It was almost as if the breeze had stopped rustling the leaves and the fountains paused. He couldn’t recall a moment that it had ever been this silent in the gardens. Things like this seemed to be happening quite often as of late. It first began during the dance and then continued on for the rest of the day. It was odd.


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He listened in silence. The gentle breeze seemed to stop. The rustling of the trees and bushes stilled. Every decibel of sound quieted, save the rhythmic breathing of the two of them, and Alexander’s read words. Nikolai’s body felt paralyzed in that moment, as if some invisible force was holding him there, forcing him to listen. Mother nature at work, perhaps. It was often said to lead sirens in unexpected ways. Not that Nikolai truly believed this was one of those times. A force so potent wouldn’t be wasted on something so trivial as a lover’s quarrel, if this even qualified as such.

He had things to say, of course. But he wasn’t so rudely inclined to tell them that he would willingly interrupt. The warlock’s words seemed sincere enough, his features painted with regret and sorrow. Still, Nikolai couldn’t help but be skeptical. He’d let his guard down around this man once already and was sorely disappointed. He allowed himself to start growing attached. Hell, he’d even been thinking of their future together. That scared the siren prince more than he’d ever be willing to admit. Even as the contents of the letter cut deep through Nikolai’s thick skin, he held his ground. Keeping a safe distance, like he should have done from the beginning, was the only way to avoid getting hurt.

“I’ve been called many things by many people, you know?” His response came after a short pause, his hands still folded across his chest in spite of Alexander’s offer. “It doesn’t usually bother me.” his gaze danced around the gardens for a moment, the colors of some of the flowers still vibrant even at this hour. He looked at the prince again before continuing. “So, to that extent I should also apologize.” his arms then fell to his sides, features smoothing into a neutral mask. “I expected too much from you, and for that I am sorry.”

His hand reached out then to take back the golden band and the painting, placing them both in his pocket. The sting of disappointment still lingered, but there was no need for Alexander to know that. “It was irrational to expect you to care more about me more than about your beliefs. So…” his chest felt tight at that moment, as if something had been lost or broken. Yet another useless emotion that Nikolai had to force aside. “I do forgive you, and I hope you can forgive me too for that. You’re just doing what’s expected of you…I know that now.” The tightness grew, and despite his best efforts, Nikolai couldn't hide the disappointment that flashed across his face then. He was thankful it was dark and hoped that the warlock hadn’t taken notice. "Anyway, it's late. We should go inside." he turned to leave, expecting Alexander to follow suit.

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Alexander’s eyes studied the other male’s expression after he finished speaking, hoping for any hint he might be able to get about what he was currently feeling. There wasn’t anything though and it hurt his heart even more. He didn’t know why he thought the other male might allow something to flash across his expression. Nikolai seemed to do a wonderful job at keeping everything under wraps. He hadn’t a clue as to why he thought it might change then, that it might change for him. He knew he had broken the siren’s trust completely after his outburst earlier.

He continued to hold the letter out for him, even as Nikolai didn’t reach towards it. He hoped that he might take it still. “You have no reason to apologize to me Nikolai. I am the one at fault here, not you.” He tried to reassure gently. A small lump formed in his throat at the mention of his expectations. “I didn’t mean to fall beneath your expectations. I truly do not know what overcame me in that moment. So much has been going on as of late and I never expected for anything like this to happen. I-I didn’t think I would like you as much as I do.” He doubted it would make the siren feel any better, but the words slipped out before he could stop them.

His shoulders relaxed slightly when the other male took the ring and the painting from him. He allowed for his hand to return back to his side then. “I hadn’t wanted to bring up what you said when we first met. I forgave you the moment you took me to the moon pool.” His voice was growing quieter the longer he spoke. He almost seemed like he was lost in that moment. His hands had moved to be stuffed into his pockets. His eyes still held the sorrow and regret for his actions. This was the most vulnerable he left himself be around Nikolai.

“I am not doing this because it is expected from me. My father had given me the option before the engagement today to break the contract. He was willing to do so. I want to get married to you Nikolai. It isn’t just because it will help our people. I truly enjoy being around you.” His words were a bit stronger, though still soft. He cleared his throat gently, turning back towards the wisteria tree then. “You can go ahead. I will stay here for a while longer,” He paused, glancing back towards him for a few moments. “Thank you for forgiving me. Goodnight Nikolai and sleep well.” He slowly began to walk back towards the tree before making his way deeper into the garden.


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The sudden confession left Nikolai staring in silence. Sure, it wasn’t as deep as love. Even still, he couldn’t ignore the feeling of fluttering in his chest and stomach. He silently cursed himself at the fact he was acting like a teenage girl in love for the first time. It was ridiculous and really inconvenient considering what had brought them to this spot in the first place. He was glad then that he’d decided to keep the ring in his pocket instead of his finger.

“Why…?” The question was so quiet he was almost certain Alexander did not hear it. He quickly dodged any possible response by continuing on. “Alright…I’ll be off then…” the hand in his pocket messed with the small, golden band. It was probably best to hold off on wearing it until his emotions had subsided, perhaps the following morning. “Goodnight then.” Somehow, leaving the prince alone in the gardens at this hour felt wrong. Nikolai forcefully ignored that thought. This was the one place Alexander came to when he was feeling troubled. The siren knew this, and still, he went. Perhaps, deep down, he was hoping to find the warlock there. His presence in the lush spaces of the palace garden alone proved that he did feel the regret he claimed to feel.

Dwelling on that could be a dangerous game. In an effort to avoid the risk of tripping over his own thoughts and once again opening himself up to someone he barely knew, Nikolai forced his mind to travel elsewhere. Maire came to mind, along with the details he’d been told of the rings. If all of that was true, that meant that there was a lot the woman hadn’t told him. Whenever it may be, he would be going back to her to find answers to his questions. It seems they were both hiding their identities. That would explain why she did not get upset by the truth of who and what Nikolai was. It was the only logical explanation.

The castle walls were eerily silent as he walked through them, entranced in thought. Before he knew it, he’d ended up at his sleeping quarters for the night. The warlock palace was so much different than his own. It felt much darker, ominous, shrouded in mysteries. Ironic how the sirens were the ones perceived as mysterious creatures, yet there was so much warlock lore that few people knew about. Perhaps his ventures out into the warlock world needed to be more in depth from now on. Nikolai had always felt an unexplainable pull towards the creatures. It could have to do with how little he knew about them, but that alone didn’t explain it/ With that thought in mind, the siren prepared for bed. It had been one of the longest days he’d had in a while, and he was more than ready to let his body rest.

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